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    Lego :-P , Castle, Pirates, Star Wars, Classic Space, Classic Town. Well to many.
    I also like playing computer games and reading books, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy/Historic.


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  1. the Inventor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    This time of year already here is my entry: A Fabuland Christmas
  2. the Inventor

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    It was a bit dark to photograph last minute, but anyway: Happy Halloween!
  3. Bat Santa saves the day: Bat Santa by Ids, on Flickr Thanks CopMike for holding this raffle every year.
  4. the Inventor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    A Winter Stroll the Inventor
  5. the Inventor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2015-Your ideal Christmas tree - Winners

    Mine also arrived today. Thanks CopMike.
  6. The Romans have a new formation to try out: The Christmas Tree formation. the Inventor
  7. I also received mine yesterday. Thanks CopMike.
  8. For Christmas I want snow and ice, so I can go ice skating: the Inventor
  9. the Inventor

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    A Castle and Kingdoms themed Christmas tree ornament: the Inventor
  10. the Inventor

    TOR III Entry (R3): An unexpected turn(coat)?

    Well, the biggest object with both of them is the boat and when the alligator spotted such a large blue object behind the red boat, he went to attack them. Because his second training learns him that he should not attack red with a bit of blue, but the opposite. the Inventor
  11. Well, here is my final round 3 entry. A bit late and rushed, but well I didn't have any time the last couple of weeks. But I still hope you'll enjoy it. C&C welcome the Inventor
  12. My TOR III comic for round 2, enjoy : For those who haven't yet read my first entry: My entry for round 1 the Inventor
  13. [pid][/pid] I present to you my entry for Tor III, I hope you all like my comic. the Inventor
  14. the Inventor

    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    Doctor Who Christmas special: invasion of the Shadow Troopers the Inventor
  15. the Inventor

    Tournament of Retribution III Avatar Authorization

    Here's mine: