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  1. the Inventor

    [MOC] Space Police Vic Viper - the Zephyr

    And a picture from the front:
  2. the Inventor

    [MOC] Elena's Herb shop

    @GeoBrick Thanks, and I see what you mean about the lower wall, only with those SNOT bricks you have less space for other colours without it looking a bit strange, maybe if I designed some part differently it would better fit. The torso can be found in this collectible minifigure:
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Elena's Herb shop

    @MayItBe Thanks for the comment, yes a roller skate make a perfect door handle. @zoth33 Thanks, the roof is actually brown and black, I have color corrected the photo, it was a bit too yellow for my taste comparing it to the actual model (that's what you get for taking pictures with lamp light when its dark outside).
  4. the Inventor

    [MOC] Elena's Herb shop

    On the corner of marketstreet and kinglane stands Elena's small corner herb store. Elena is a well known herbalist and is always traveling between the city and the woods and fields to gather herbs. Build for the vignette (12×12) categorie of Brickscalibur. Elena's Herb shop by Ids, on Flickr
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] Space Police Vic Viper - the Zephyr

    @DelQuinn Thanks, I always loved trans-red canopies, especially for SP1. @Lyichir Thanks, I agree that you see this less often, but I had too, when I wanted to use those pieces to make the cockpit, which was the start of this build. And about the lighting, i's all practical effects, three lights, a black matte-screen TV as backdrop and a wooden table that gives the brown gradient effect, reflected in the TV (to think this wasn't planned but came out when I took the pictures, I'm really happy with the effect).
  6. My first ever Vic Viper, in my Space Police 1 colors, dark blue, dark red, black and trans-red (see my album Space Police). Build for NoVVember 2021, in little more than 1 hour, taking pictures almost took longer, which was difficult because of the dark color scheme and reflective surface of the build, especially the cockpit.NoVVember 2021 - NCSP - Zephyr Let me know what you think.
  7. @teyubi Yes I'm still planning to build a Japanese street (not historic per se, but can include some historic buildings) someday and I will definitely not use this scale, as that would require everything scaled up (and use a lot more bricks ). Good luck with some improvements that you are planning to make. Maybe you should make your photos public on flicker, so more people can view them (instead of only via the direct link in this topic).
  8. Great work, it looks really well and captures the look and feel of a real traditional Japanese house, all important exterior parts look great. I don't think I would build in this scale as other building would require the same scale, but as a model of one house you did really well.
  9. the Inventor

    [MOC] Treat or get tricked (Halloween in district-7)

    @Feuer ZugThanks for the comment, and those ghost legs have indeed more potential than only legs.
  10. the Inventor

    [MOC] Fantasy figs of the Whispering Woods

    Thanks, I started with the Wizard for the first set, glad you like him.
  11. the Inventor

    [MOC] M1A4 Juggernaut from 86 -Eighty Six-.

    @apemax Really well done, you have captured the source material very well. Looking at the space for the driver, does it fit the arms of a minifig?
  12. With my latest part of some figs build for my Whispering Woods themed builds, I wanted to also share the previous parts: Fantasy figbarf - the Whispering Woods by Ids, on Flickr A figbarf of some forest dwellers and visitors of the Whispering woods, from left to right: Aht Leading the expedition through the forest. Kay The ranger of the north. Eliot A young knight. Raelyn A half elf who is traveling with Elwyn. Elwyn One of the last Ash wood elf's. Little Mikja The forest guide. Duirda A woodling living deep in the forest. Siet The old wizard living in the woods. Steinder A cold man, maybe because he's made from stone. Egil Who calls himself Fenrir, the werewolf, he lost his ability to transform and is a hybrid form between wolf and man. and the last: He calls him self Jörmungandr, not much is known about him. Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods II - the Wood Elves by Ids, on Flickr Just a bunch of different wood elves inhabiting the whispering woods. Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods III by Ids, on Flickr From left to right: Surts A black fire demon. Aras A brave warrior of the Retenia scouts. Valdemaras The leader of the Retenia scouts. Tomas The archer of the Retenia scouts. Aron A strong warrior in search for the next dragon to slay, wandering the Whispering Woods to find one. Elduin An old and wise elf who has lived for nearly 5 centuries. He traveled from Álfheimr to the Whispering Woods to visit his old friend Elwyn, who gave him an Ash wood elf shield. Widogast A monster hunter, slaying monster is his passion and job (what counts as a monster may vary). Fantasy figbarf - Whispering Woods IV by Ids, on Flickr Another figbarf of some forest dwellers and visitors of the Whispering woods, from left to right: Duiro Another woodling living deep in the forest, friends with Duirda Minke She fought in the battle of the north, now back home, Aht requested that she came to strengthen the party to explore the Whispering Woods. Tyrox A beastly centaurus of the clan of Taurus, a centaur with the head of a bull. Ada Friends with Siet the old wizard, living in the forest. Felys and Ferrel Also known as the Catz, little helpers of Ada. Originally from a southern country called Felisia. Gnird A helper of Svyatobor. Svyatobor An ancient Leshy, always appears if the forest when the forest need protection or when it is irritated with all the noise visitors make. With it's power to control plants and animals, it is a fierce adversary. Can also shapeshift and change its appearance based it's needs. Grubs Another helper of Svyatobor.
  13. For Halloween I built a smal MOC set in my fictional cyberpunk city district-7. Beware of what lurks in the sewers of district-7, if not enough food gets supplied, be prepared to get tricked. You don't want to get tricked. Treat or get tricked by Ids, on Flickr
  14. the Inventor

    [MOC] Castle party

    @jtooker Thanks, this technique for the floor fits such a scene very well, I tried to give it a different pattern than my previous MOC: [MOC] Ebba monastery kitchen - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums @Feuer Zug, @wanderer1980, @evancelt Thanks. @LEGO Train 12 Volts Thanks, yes a scene in a castle requires a lot of candles. The beer in the glasses are a new part from Harry Potter:
  15. the Inventor

    [MOC] Castle party

    Commander Aht has just left to the Whispering Woods and some of his men finally see a chance to organize a party, inviting many guests and a jester, although there are more visitors than expected. A 16x16 vignette, depicting the life in a castle, build for a Lowlug contest. Castle party by Ids, on Flickr For other "Whispering Woods" creations: The Whispering Woods | Flickr, the magical forest that draws all kinds of adventures for its hidden secrets. (MOCs of mine (loosely) related to each other, some more than others...)