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Found 565 results

  1. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part III Desert Illusions Chapter I, Part I - The Wakeup Chapter I, Part II - Arkbri River Oasis The things that happened in the oasis changed the whole situation for Z and the other prisoners. Maybe just running away wasn’t an option. They had to find some other way. But one thing they had learned. Left-Eye told the others that he had some very clear images coming to him when be escaped. The further away from the caravan he came the more images came to him. The images was random and didn't make sense at all. It was clear that the mage had some spell on the prisoners that took away their memories. After the incident Left-Eye started to have daydreams. At first it was abstract things but after awhile he could describe some detailed images of him in some kind of Town or City. Maybe this was memories from his past. They had all heard the guard say "The thief from Sionnach" when he talked about Left-Eye. And the mage anger when he said it. It must have something to do with his past that the mage wanted to hide from them. A few days after the oasis Z was lying in the floor of the carriage trying to get some shadow. The heat in the middle of the day was exhausting, and the water and food was very meager. Everyone felt that they had very little energy and tried go use it with caution. "- Meat, meat, hungry! Kraaah" "- What!" Z lifted his head a bit to see who was talking. Everyone in the carriage was sitting or lying down trying to rest. Z lay down again thinking he must have dreamt something. He closed his eyes again. "- Kraaah, food, food!" Z heard some crackling sounds and some voice in his head at the same time. "- Get away you crazy bird" The guard started to wave his hands in the air. Z sat up again, his head pounding. Something scratched the bars on top of the cage "- Silly man! Kraaah. Your eyes I eat If you sleep". Z heard someone… or something say in his head. He saw a small shadow move on top of the cloth draping the carriage and heard a tapping and scratching sound in the bars. "- Who' s speaking?" Z whispered. No one answered him. Hammer moved a bit in his sleep. And the shadow was walking around on top of the Cage. Could it be a bird or something? Z was thinking. He was a bit nauseous and leaned against the bars. It's silly, he taught, how can a bird talk? Then he saw that the shadow stopped moving around and was completely still. Z squinted with his eyes and looked at the shadow. He saw something round and shimmering in a hole in the cloth where the shadow was. Was it….? No, it couldn't be, he thought. Was it an eye? "- I see you, Kraaah!" The voice came from inside of his head. "- You have meat!?" Z froze. Did the bird just talk to him or was he talking to himself? ”- Hungry! You have meat?" I tried to talk to himself again inside his head. ”- Can you hear me?” ”- Yes, kraaah! Stupid walker. You have meat!?” The bird started to move again. It stopped by another hole in the cloth and looked down at Z. ”- Erm, are you talking to me, bird?” ”- Yes walker! No bird, kraw. Got meat? Got food Kraaah” the bird started to walk around again. ”- Do you mean that you are a crow?” ”- Stupid walker! No meat! Kraaaah!” The crow flew away. Z was in chock. What had just happened? he thought. He felt very tired suddenly. He sunk down and fell into a deep sleep.
  2. adde51

    Tabib's study

    Pondering the challenges presented by a growing city, Tabib D'Odo would often take refuge in his study to find some peace and quiet. His duties and responsibilities had increased dramatically over the past year as Mophet had grown from a quiet desert oasis into a rather large city. The previously scattered settlements and buildings had slowly merged together and a lot of new ones had been built. The walls of older settlements and forts in the region incorporated and renovated into proper city walls and with it, the formation of the official city guard of Mophet. All of this meant that a lot more things needed the attention of the leading members of the community, one of which was Tabib. All was not only pleasant with the growth of the city, as illustrated by the increased number of people with questionable motives that now frequented the markets and establishments. Tabib was especially concerned with the roumors that slave-traders had began to show up, transporting poor souls to who-knows-what. The matter had been discussed at length with some of the other members of the city counsil but some chose to look the other way as the trade did seem to generate a lot of revenue to the city. Tabib decided to write letters to some of the leading members of other prominant cities in Kaliphlin, hoping to gather support for tougher laws against this horrific custom. So this is a small vig I created to show the inside of my sig-fig Tabib's study. I came up with a design for the floor which I rather liked (see below for a small tutorial) and then tried to decorated the room with a few things to make it a little more habitable. Hope you guys like it. cheers.
  3. Throughout Barqa the wealthy merchants and craftsmen of the city like to have a small walled garden on their property. The climate here where the Arkbri river meets the sea is favorable for the cultivation of many kinds of flowers, and many merchants take pride in their collection of exotic plants. Walled garden of Barqa Barqa is known for its black cats, and those who like the cats (or dislike rats?) make sure to have small doors for the cats to pass unhindered. Barqan cat door Additional images: My entry for Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge IV, Category B.
  4. Given the influx of money and resources Mophet had experienced in recent times, a proper city guard was required to maintain the peace. Soldiers were recruited and trained and finally equipped with standard uniforms. Up until this point, the guards keeping some sort of peace in the city had consisted mostly of former soldiers who had ventured south in search for pay, and thus had taken with them whatever armour they had on them. The training was overseen by one of the more seasoned warriors, Muhar'Ib, a man not known for being "easy-going"... Not all of the recruits are quite as brave as the rest... Nor does everyone know how to keep their focus... So this is the latest addition to Mophet. I started out with the aim of making sort of a training ground, mostly because I got my hands on some of those new sheilds...haha! I came up with a design for arches which I was pretty happy with so I decided to add a tower in which to use them. I also wanted to try and use all those maccaroni tiles so I came up with a new technique for a roof which I used for the building on the left side. Anyways hope you guys like it, thanks for watching!
  5. adde51

    Temple of Afe'aa

    One of the more prominent places of worship in Mophet is the temple of Afe'aa. It's primary cartaker is a priestess by the name of Kahina, a woman of strong conviction and compassion. Along with Tabib, she is one of the more well-known people in the city and her opinions carry a lot of weight. Close up of the entrance of the temple where Kahina welcomes Tabib. A shot of the interior which features a large mosaic floor. Had a lot of fun making this temple/mosque. Started with the mosaic on the outside where I based it heavily on a pattern designed by @LittleJohn. For once I actually decided to do an interior, which was a bit of a challenge as I didn't want to compromise the look of the exterior. I then decided to go for a mosaic floor on the inside as well and came up with a pattern I was pretty happy with (small tutorial on my Flickr for anyone that might be interested). Thanks for watching, cheers!
  6. The Desert King has been growing increasingly dissatisfied with his control of Kaliphlin - sand, palm trees, more sand - he wanted something more. Sure, it's nice to relax in the cool of an evening on a rooftop, while being served fruits and star gazing - not to mention the best linens, the seemingly endless riches, and the finest spices in all of Historica - but he wanted more. He wanted control. Control of all of Historica, not just Kaliphlin. He began secretly gathering troops to Al Tajir, near the Avalonia-Kaliphlin border, preparing to launch a surprise attack on Cedrica. He also planted spies in several locations, using the current unrest of the guilds to garner support for himself. As more and more troops began arriving in Al Tajir, some residents of the city loyal to the High Council began to grow suspicious. They soon discovered what the Desert King was planning, and immediately sent word to the Queen and Resistance leaders. The queen gathered some elite Avalonian troops, and had a few of her Generals lead the march to Al Tajir, hoping to catch the Desert King by surprise before he left the city. With the help of the Resistance troops their journey was swift and undetected. Before the Desert King knew what was happening his armies were being slaughtered and driven from the city, while he himself was trapped in the palace. Such a swift and successful strike against one of her primary detractors quickly quieted public disapproval of the queen. Even much of Kaliphlin appreciated her help, as the Desert King was deposed and leadership was restored to the High Council. And while many still were not fully convinced of her right to leadership, no one dared openly rebel against a queen with such solid military backing. There were of course a very few Kaliphlinites who were more concerned with the safety of their goods than who their ruler was... Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. So this is my entry for Challenge IV, Category A. As soon as I saw this category, I knew I had to use the opportunity to at least try to rid Kaliphlin of the Desert King's rule The build weighs in at 34.8 pounds, making it my largest MOC so far both in footprint and weight. Very glad to be done with this though – now our desk isn’t mostly covered by a single build! Well, once it’s taken apart anyways… Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  7. The journey of Parzival Chapter I, part I The wakeup Total darkness. A buzzing sound fills the consciousness. “Where am I? Who am I?” he thinks He open his eyes a bit. A bright white light fills his eyes and it stings and burns. But he really wants to see… He takes his hands to his face. It’s warm and he is sweating. His mouth is dry, but he tries to say something. “- Gahh. Where… who…. Tirsty!” “- He is awake!” a voice says. He opens his eyes again. He can see a bright light and shadows. He close his eyes again and do another try. Now he sees a bright sky between some form of bars in front of him. And he sees shadows… no, it's faces looking down at him. “- Here, drink some of this.” a voice says He feels a warm liquid pouring down his throat. Is smoothing and the pain in his throat begins to decline. The people around him helps him to a upright position, sitting against some kind of bars, they are warm. “- Where am I? Who are you” “- Haha, that's a good question son, why don’t you tell us?” He opens his eyes again and look at the man. He can only see a blurry face of an older man, with some kind of patch over his left eye. “- Who are you?” he asks the man. “- Well, that’s a good question also. We can’t answer that questions ourselves son. But all we can say is that we are traveling through some kind of desert or wasteland.” He covers his eyes and shields away the sun and look around him. They are sitting in a carriage with steel bars and some kind of cloth shielding the most of the sun away. The carriage is drawn by an elephant and in front of that there is a camel with an man in a cape and a hood. He looks around himself and se four other people in addition to the first man, all poorly dressed in rags that only covers their private parts at the most. “- Who are you?” “- Well we don’t really know that. We all waked up here in this carriage and we can’t remember who we are.” “- What do you remember?” He tries to remember something, but his head is all fuzzy. He tries to concentrate and remember something, but the more he concentrate the more some kind of buzz increases in his ears and he feels a pain in his head. He stops and feel more tired than before. “- We don’t know our names, but we got nicknames. I’m called Pointy, because of my point ears of course. The man to your left is Hammer” She points to a man with a black mohawk type hairstyle. ("Hammer") “- The man besides him is Left eye” She points at a man with black hair and moustache and a patch over his right eye. ("Left Eye") “- And I am called Right eye” “- And I’m Hooves. And we agreed to call you Z” “- Why do you call med Z?” “- Well, that’s simple”. You got a Z type birthmark by your dragon tattoo” she points at his arm. Z looks down on his upper arm and se a big tattoo of an dragon on his arm. He looks at his other arm and se some kind of wound, or a mark och brand like the ones used for cattle on his other arm. Z looks up and sees that the other males in the carriage has the same, but not Pointy. Then he sees that all of the males also have a metal cuff on their right arms. “- What’s this” Z hold his arm up and shakes the cuff. “- We all go that so the slave trader can chain us together” Left eye points towards the man at the camel in front of the caravan. “- Slave trader?” Z asks out loud “- SHUT UP BACK THERE!” a man in the front of the carriage yells at them. “- Yes, he is going to sell us we think” she says with a sad face…... Z and his crew
  8. KevinyWu

    Outskirts of Petraea

    The outskirts of the Kaliphlin capitol are as busy as ever, with bustling markets selling everything from fresh produce to weapons. Merchants and travelers constantly come in and out of the guarded gate, hoping to make a small fortune from the traffic of trade. This was built for the Middle Eastern Setting category of the Summer Joust. This is my first creation in the middle eastern style, so I'd like to thank all the Kaliphlin builders for inspiration!
  9. As tensions had risen in Historica, the people of Mophet and its surroundings had grown increasingly nervous. Although accustomed to hardships for generations, the recent inflow of money and resources to the region had meant that the standard of living had risen dramatically. This had led to many of the inhabitants changing their rugged nomad lifestyles into a more “civilized” way of life. Thus, they no longer felt safe as rumors had spread throughout Kali that bands of robbers and thugs roamed freely, taking whatever they desired. There was also a widespread notion that merchants and armies from the north would try to use the current instability to attack and destroy some of the more important cities and settlements along the oil road, in an attempt to establish new trade-routes, thus endangering the position that Mophet now had acquired. Now a central hub along the oil road, the leaders as well as the common folk, realized they had to take steps to ensure they would not be attacked. The city had, until recently, been somewhat unprotected against attack in terms of fortifications and instead relied on good relationships with local tribe-leaders. With the city growing and more of the markets and small farms that made up the outskirts of it being exposed, a decision had to be made. Tabib D’Odo discussed the matter with a good friend of him, a half-elf that went by the name of sir Gideon. Tabib had met him a few times on his travels to Barqa and the two had gotten along very well. Gideon, being a seasoned fighter and now the leader of the neighboring city of Barqa, advised Tabib to immediately start to reinforce Mophet against what might come. “If nothing else, strong walls and towers usually cast some doubts in the hearts of any potential attacker” said Gideon. Being a city that basically had consisted of several smaller settlements slowly merging together, there were already some walls and fortifications in place from times passed. This however provided protection mostly to the inner parts of Mophet, and did little to ensure the safety of the many people working the markets and gardens/farms on the outskirts of the city. Given the good relationship with Barqa, and the income that had been generated through trade, Tabib was able to quickly muster a large number of builders to help the local carpenters and masons already hard at work. They began raising and strengthening some of the larger sections that still remained intact in the outer parts of the city, as well as building entire new sections to make sure the city would be well protected in case of any attack. Towers were built and an increased number of guards also started to patrol the walls as well as the surroundings to make sure none tried to enter without permission. So this is my entry to challenge III (fortifications). Had a blast building this and I hope you all like it :)
  10. The Desert King meets with an impressive group of individuals in a grand audience chamber. "You all know why we're here. Individually we have each caused Historica to tremble, but ultimately have always been thwarted by the united might of the guilds. However with our collective strength we would be unstoppable!" The Algus snarled in reply: "And what conditions do you propose, oh king of the deserts? Though together we can undoubtedly conquer the whole of Historica, will all our efforts only serve to enrich you?" "Indeed, what reason have we to offer you our armies?" added the Drow representative. "Oh it's all very straightforward. As you see there are five of us, and five guilds. After all resistance is crushed each of us will have an entire guild of our own. Commander Basil will naturally have Varlyrio, the Algus Mitgardia, Raavage Nocturnus, and you Drow will finally be able to claim Avalonia." Will these villains accept the Desert King's plan? What hope has Historica in the face of such foes? And is the Desert King really the one behind all of this? Since the Desert King’s return there have been many rumors in Kaliphlin about what or who he really is. The latest juicy gossip reveals what the true nature of the ancient pharaoh is… Merely a puppet for one of the most powerful blackguards ever to rise in Historica: Victor Revolword. Rumor has it he’s been putting together clandestine meetings with the most dangerous of Historica baddies – even those reported as long dead! Here's my entry for category A of Challenge III. I’ve been wanting to do another build for Kaliphlin, and this challenge provided the perfect opportunity. I’ve also been itching to do some floor mosaics after getting a large PaB cup full of tan cheese – which led to me looking for potential designs I could use in this build. After a little bit of searching, I came across this pattern by the Queen of Cheese, Katie Walker. I thought it would fit quite well, and so replicated it, just tweaking the colors to suit our piece collection better. More pictures: Mosaic And there are more images on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  11. Throughout Kaliphlin a rumor is quickly spreading that an Anubian lich is raising an army of undead, from ancient necropoles hidden in the vast deserts of the Siccus Badlands. An ancient necropolis, silent for millennia, has suddenly been disturbed... An Anubian lich, with necromantic powers... The heavy stone slabs covering the sarcofagi are no match for the power unleashed within... A new threat to Kaliphlin and Historica? Hieroglyph panels on the left side of the back wall are sloping panels, which was a bit tricky to angle into vertical walls. But that made some room for a battery box at least! Lighting made with LifeLites; green ModuLites in the sarcofagi and a prototype UV LED pointed upwards behind the central sarcofagus to make the staff glow. Long exposure for the LifeLites + flash to illuminate the rest.
  12. Rogue Angel

    Historican Settlements - HSS

    HISTORICAN SETTLEMENTS Historica is home to many towns, villages, hamlets, and even a few Cities. The Royal Cartographer's Guild of Albion and the Avalonia's foreign affairs minister wish to officially recognize the many settlements of Historica. As a prerequisite to official recognition and inclusion in the "Royal Registry of Historica's Locations of Note" and "Avalonian Sites and Monuments: a comprehensive guide" each settlement must prove that they contain the minimum facilities to provide for their residents. To establish your settlement, you must post MOCs from the following categories. These MOCs CAN be already completed, but they MUST not already be referenced to a different location. (if you try to alter a description of an existing MOC to fit this challenge, you will not be allowed to enter ANY settlements, so do not edit topics you already posted. you can add a post later on in your topic, but if I see that the topic was already posted before Feb 14th, but edited after Feb 13th, it will not be allowed as part of this challenge.) There are a couple of building types that can be counted for multiple types (a Fishery for example can be counted as a nautical AND agricultural). Here are the categories: REQ - Agriculture - Grains & Produce: Farm*, Mill, Granary, Orchard Agriculture - Livestock: Farm*, Cattle/Horse Ranch, Swineherd, Sheepfold, Fishery Nautical: Harbor, Shipwright, Quay, Fishery*, Ferryman REQ - Military: Keep, Barracks, Gatehouse, Tower, Castle, Fort Religious: Chapel, Monastery, Temple, Shrine Medical: Apothecary, Herbalist, Infirmary, Physician Hospitality: Food & Beverage: Bakery, Butcher, Winery, Brewery, Tavern REQ - Hospitality - Lodging: Inn, Stables, Coach House REQ - Laborers: Lumber Mill, Mine, Stone Cutter, Mason REQ - Craftsmen - General Goods: Cooper, Wainwright, Tannery, Dyer, Glass Blower Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith, Bowyer, Fletcher, Armorer Craftsmen/Merchant - Clothing: Cobbler, Seamstress, Furrier, Woolen Mill Craftsmen/Merchant - Specialty: Candle Maker, Wood Carver, Bookbinder, Jeweler, Potter Services: Herald, Cartographer, Money Lender, Scribe, Courier, Shipping House Scholars: Observatory, Alchemist, Philosopher, Astrologer Entertainers: Minstrel, Fortune Teller, Performing Troupe, Theatre Administrative (Town or City only): Town Hall, Chancery, Forum, Courthouse Now, the examples provided are not the only things you can build in a category, they are just options. Also, the build must be substantial - showing an interior of one room, or throwing a bunch of bricks up on a plate will not be acceptable entries. Hamlet - There are 5 categories that are required for a Hamlet (the minimum recognized settlement) - Agricultural (either one), Military, Hospitality (either one), Laborer, and Craftsmen. Village - For a Village, you must meet the Hamlet requirements plus meet a total of 8 of the 16 categories. Town - For a Town, you must meet the Hamlet requirement, plus a minimum of 2 Craftsmen buildings, both Agricultural categories, and both Hospitality categories, plus meet a total of 10 of the 16 categories. City - For a City, you must meet the requirements for a Town, plus one administrative building, plus meet a total of 14 of the 16 categories. Port - For a Port, you must meet the Village requirements, including one Nautical building. For this task, there is no time limit, and again, is open to all Historicans. I will be starting a separate thread for this once I get home tonight where you can post a link to your topics. Each person should have only one reply in this topic, where they will post all of their entries. You can have more than one settlement recognized if you wish. You should only have one post per Settlement Feel free to ask questions, but I will delete them once they have been answered, and compile the answers in the thread below. Do not post for a settlement unless you have a build to post. I will delete any topics that do not contain a link to an existing MOC (no MOCs in progress allowed either) Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. Kai NRG

    Rice as Usual

    On the outskirts of Shinmizu village... ...Guy o' the Wynd plies his scythe as usual... ...not knowing that his life is soon to be turned upside down... Or not so soon. Whenever I get around to the next build. I tried a pink sky before deciding to go with the blue one... then I changed my mind. C&C welcome! Feels good to have a build for GoH again! And if you're interested in seeing behind the scenes of this build, and a few more pictures with the pink sky, check out the post on my blog.
  14. Illaryian, Varlyrio Even in times of peace, it is sometimes necessary to maintain the practices of war. Supano Amancio and his advisors considered ways to fulfill the Queen's decree and eventually had the idea of reviving the old sport of Calcio as a way to not only promote cohesion between the Guilds, especially newly welcomed Varlyrio, but also as a way to keep the warriors of the Guilds doing something where their skills are useful off the battlefield. An exhibition game between teams made up of Kaliphlini and Mitgardian warriors was hastily planned. The warriors, of course, very much enjoyed a chance to meet on any field of honor. It's important to remember that Calcio is a rough game, however, The ball is heavy and must be maneuvered with the full strength of the body. Between the ball and the martial prowess of the players, Calcio often leads to injuries. The Mitgardian and Kaliphlin onlookers react with horror or elation as a Mitgardian player goes down in a spray of blood across the sand. The Varlyrians in the crowd are mostly bemused at the peoples of other Guilds playing their ancient sport. Queen Ylspeth herself has turned up for the exhibition. Though a part of her would rather be walking among the people, taking in their reactions and the general pulse of her subjects, she can't argue with the superior view of the game from the rooftop. She is flanked by Cedrican guards and N'ri, her friend from Mwamba, as well as a young woman from Mitgardia. Alva Tyrnsdottir has walked a long road from Arnarvhall, but she is proud to be in the Queen's service. As trade and travel open between the Guilds, plenty of people from Kaliphlin are able to show up for their team's big game. On the other side of the sand, the Mitgardians have also turned up in numbers. Unused to the heat of Varlyrio, many have shed their furs and leathers in favor of the lighter clothing of their southern territories. Varlyrians move about the plaza where the game has been set. A Knight of Sana Argenta offers water to a thirsty minotaur sailor. Warriors, sailors, and people from all around Varlyrio move about on their business or stop to watch. Crown Knights of Cedrica mix with Varlyrian orders, prominently patrolling in parade armor to show that they are there to keep the peace and promote the mix of cultures. The game also provides a good cover for meetings of import between important Guild Leaders... Supano Amancio and Elon Chorian make no effort to hide who they are, nor what they discuss. For now, this is a chance meeting (or meant to seem like one) which, for anyone who doesn't know Chorian, might explain why he has no guards. Amancio is flanked by two members of other Varlyrian Houses, periodically drafted as ceremonial guards to promote cooperation among the Houses and giving a Rego a chance to get to know rising stars. It seems obvious that these two may meet again. Perhaps with the High Queen. Perhaps not. What might come out of that meeting, however, is anyone's guess... -- Thanks for looking! Builder's Notes:
  15. The wars of Revolword and Raavage were by no means the first time scores of refugees from Nocturnus have found relative safety in the open-minded Kaliphlin. In the barren fringes of the lower Arkbri river valley, where the desert is about to take over beyond the vast irrigation networks, a tribe of orcs have lived for generations. They are making a living out of goat farming, where these hardy animals happily feed of vegetation that most other herbivores would decline. The goats provide the Arkbri orcs with meat and milk as well as fibre for the textile works of Barqa and goat skin which is popular among the scholars of Kaliphlin processed into top quality parchment. So despite living on the outskirts of Kaliphlin society, the Arkbri orcs are still very much part of the diverse mosaic of Kaliphlin. A family of Arkbri Orcs Hearing of Queen Ylspeth’s generousity, the council of Barqa chaired by Lord Gideon definitely did not want to have their traditionally renown generosity to the poor outdone by some young girl from the north! They have therefore decided to open the granaries of Barqa and provide for the poor in the surrounding lands. Now the Arkbri orcs aren’t really are in need, they are carrying along just fine and their simple living has been spared the destruction of all the recent wars. At most they’ve seen a bit of a decline in the demand for good goatskins for parchment. But who says no a free handout of grain? Especially when it’s grain grown on the irrigated floodplains of the Arkbri river, which fed by nutrients from the mountains of Mitgardia produce among the best grain in all of Historica.
  16. On a balcony of Khadira's Temple Palace Complex, Muakhah and an older warrior priest D'uran D'uran await a very important visitor. While the cool evening breeze wafts the oil lamps' flames the two discuss recent events. "Bread and Circuses..." sighed Muakhah, " Bread and Circuses...That's what she comes up with. That's the best she can do? As if we do not know that feeding our people is our first responsibility? And these celebrations... Which of our Queen's mighty achievements are we celebrating?" "She is young, and has strange council from simple folk. I am sure she is unwilling to make misteps so early in her reign." Replied D'uran. "And celebration is not a bad thing." "I know, I know. And would be easier to celebrate the Queen's achievements if she had any. I recall it were the Mages of the Zotharith that ended the threat of Ravaage. And the four guilds fought his armies and allies to a standstill while the Queen snuck into Cedrica." "Tis true. Though we know little of the perils she faced to do so." "Indeed. But I like it not how she has turned completely from Nocturnus towards Varlyrio. And seems to favor that isle of malcontents greatly. I fear that Queen Ylspeth cares for Avalonia and Varlyrio at the expense of the guilds that suffered more in recent times." "As I said, she is young, and seems desirous of peace. With guidance her majesty could become a wise ruler." "Aye, but with whose guidance? There are always those that seek royal influence for personal gain." "Excuse me brothers," interjected an armed and armored Warrior Priest who was to be Muakhah's bodyguard for the evening. "But our guests await." "Ah!" Muakhah replied brightly. "Let us go to them then. The Dragon Queen has never been a patient lady!" "Is there anything I should know?" asked D'uran as they entered a tiled chamber decorated with scenes depicting the ongoing struggle twixt good and evil. "Oh, not really. The Dragon Queen is impatient, quick tempered and suffers no fool, but she is fundamentally sensible and decent. Though she tries to hide it." "Is she really a suitable ally in the great struggle against evil? I hear her methods are somewhat...extreme." "Oh yes. She has a ruthless streak. But considering the recent events in Nocturnus, is that so unusual? But if her power can be temperedby mercy and wisdom, then she will become a strong enemy of evil. As is said, I believe she is basically decent." "And if you are wrong?" Asked D'uran, raising an eyebrow? "I merely ask, just in case." "Then I will have learned much about how to do better in the future. For it would indeed be my own failure. I have managed to arrange the situation so that the Dragon Queen relies upon Khadira for much. Hopefully that will influence her better nature." Meanwhile, a masked assassin has climbed up to another balcony. Listening through the small windows the assassin hears his prey. Hours of stealthy movement and hours more of careful preparation have led him here. Soon the time for stealth will be over. The assassin frowns upon hearing multiple voices. This will make the task more difficult. However this trained killer's prefered method is to burst from concealment and deal a fatal blow before anyone can react. Then a speedy retreat through the carefully prepared route will leave nothing behind but confusion, panic, and death. "You should not be too concerned, D'uran." Contined Muakhah. "The fact that the Dragon Queen is here shows that her paranoia is ebbing. We will discuss how to strengthen the bonds between Khadira and the Lava Fort, and how to spread her area of control in Nocturnus under the guiding light of Mazadar." "Did she really call it the Lava Fort?" queried D'uran sceptically. "You should have heard the other names she tried." sighed Muakhah. Suddenly his face brightened. "Brothers in the Light, I am honored to introduce the Dragon Queen, Lady of the Lava Fort, Mu the Marvelle." "Hail Muakhah, how go things for Khadira?" The Dragon Queen spoke in pleasant tones. D'uran D'uran and the bodyguard felt confused. How could this pleasant and attractive lady be feared as a murderous tyrant, and a dragon to boot? Then they saw her bodyguards and a thrill of fear raced down their spines. "Khadira thrives, for we walk in the light. How fares your domain my Lady? I see you have a new breed of minions." "Oh yes, these are a cruder model. I believe the blood mixture is different. Or so Chen, my Sorceror, tells me. I brought them because they are a bit more intimidating than my other blood born minions. Don't you think so?" "Yes yes, quite intimidating. Are they safe in public? The festivities may be rather busy." "Don't worry, I've trained them well. They are like puppies as long as noone threatens their mummy." The Dragon Queen spoke affectionately as the snarling monstrosities flexed their wings. Their large draconic jaws gaped threateningly. "Uh...yes. Well then. You know I am dubious of Chen's motives, for all that he claims to have studied under Doctor Rod. I believe he has sinister motives for you. Having said that, I am most glad you could join us for the coming celebrations. The people of Khadira would love to see our ally from across the border and I feel this will..." Muakhah was cut off as the assassin lunged through the bead curtain to his left. His bodyguard rushed forward with shield and sword raised but before he could do anything there was a blur of movement, two roars not unlike tigers or lions, a sudden scream and a wrenching, tearing, wet sound. The assassin never knew what killed him. So swiftly did Mu's draconic gaurds tear him apart with their claws and fangs. Shaken the group reassembled closer to the murals of Mazadar and the Great Enemy. "Is that how the citizens of Khadira show their respect for their ally?" Snarled the Dragon Queen. "After all we have been through?" "I don't believe you were the target. I thought the assassin was striking for me." Muakhah spoke quickly but in a calming soothing manner. This couldn't be allowed to derail the plans for the future. "If your beasts had left him alive we might know his intentions, and origins..." "Oh I'm sorry!" Snapped Mu angrily. "In that case my beasts just saved your life! You're welcome!" Muakhah looked across at the bloody and gaping jaws and smiled nervously. "Of course, of course. My thanks to your protectors. However the fact remains that someone tried to kill one or both of us. We must learn exactly who so we may take precautions and strike back." Muakhah's eyes read the Dragon Queen's expression carefully. "I assume, that you would want to take action against such an affront to your person?" "Oh Muakhah, you always know what to say to make a girl happy. Who do you think sent him?" "Well, he was wearing battered old Ulandian armor...but that is easy to come by these days. It could be Ulandus sympathizers or High Council members attempting to sabotage further union under the Desert King. It is well known I am one of his most vocal supporters... He could be from a Nocturnian faction opposed to our alliance." "It is known that Khadira helps my forces. But I believe the factions I am facing are not organised enough to attempt this kind of brazen murder." Mused the Dragon Queen. "It could be this new Wolfpack I am hearing rumors of. They are said to be quite ambitious in their goals. Or even...could Queen Ylspeth want me dead?" "That reminds me." Said Mu, placing a hand atop Muakhah's outstretched one. "I sense the Cult of the Great Wyrm is present here in Khadira." "Sorry what now?" Asked Muakhah confused. "They are a cult worshipping B'deesh. They supported Ravaage in the wars but their main aim was always to free B'deesh, the Great Wyrm, a sort of Demonic Dragon God that seeks to consume all. Oh don't worry, they are far from that goal. But I thought you might want to know I sense they have a presence here in Khadira." "Interesting. I'll have to set Hassan to searching them out. Shall we adjourn to dinner and the details of our plans? And then, tomorrow, the festivities begin!" "I would like that." Smiled the Dragon Queen. "By the way...did you choose a golden dragon to be a symbol of your religion just to flatter me?" "Oh that? Merely happy coincidence."
  17. My entry for Category C of Challenge II. As soon as I saw the back alleyways category for this challenge, I knew what I wanted to build. However, actually making it proved to be quite a challenge. I’m fairly happy with the overall result though. You can expect to see a build log on it in the coming weeks, where I’ll go into more detail on various aspects of the build. After the civil war, the back alleyways of Kaliphlin have fallen into a state of disrepair, and can be a dangerous place to lurk. These circumstances have also made it a place where under the table business transactions take place. Are these two figure shrouded in black cloaks just exchanging money for goods, or is something more sinister at stake? More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  18. Barqa is a huge and beautiful city. Full of life, both day and night. Every one in the city can find a way, to entertain themselfs. Like the wealthier, they visit many of the bath-houses in the city, both locals and new comers alike. They come to relax, have conversations, met with important peoples, and so on. Like the four higher ranking gentlemen, they are here to talk to each other, but not about trading, or the daily life in the city. The topic is politics: "- We are in big trouble gentlemen." - the dark skinned man started the conversation. He looked like a retired soldier from old wars. "- If we don't came up with something, Kaliphlin is doomed." "- Not just Kaliphlin, all of Historica! "- corrected the old noble in the green turban. "- Our queen is inexperienced too rule, and she must listen, to her royal council." "- This is the problem! She listens! But not to they, who have lived in Historica for decades. But to a foreigner!" - grumbled the third man, and smashed his fist in the water. "- I agree with Achatius. That... N'ri causes more more trouble, than we could handle." - said the feline, and took another piece of grape, from the nearby plate. "- We got our own problems, and now what? He advised her, to make shows to the public... from our treasury!" "- And she also neglects the problem with the Desert King!" - Achatius smashed the water again, creating small waves, and splatering water out from the bath. "- Keep your temper young friend." - the old noble tried to calm him down. He was cautious. "- We don't want anyone, to know more about our little plot." "- Agreed..." - said again the feline, then spit the grape seed out, before reaching for another one. "- I would say, it's time to take action, and find a way to solve our problem with the Desert King. The queen and the others are distracted with the shows and charity..." "- Yes, but it must be subtle. We already had a civil war, we don't want to start another one." - the soldier leaned back, and stroked his beard. "- If we can hire some one..." "- Excuse me..." - came the voice from behind them. While they were arguing, how terrible the new reign was, they hadn't noticed, some one apprach them. A man, with reddish hair and beard, stood next to the bath. A towel was wrapped around him, and he had left some wet footprints behind him, as he came hastily from the nearby pool. He continued: "- Can I join in?" - asked him. The nobles looked to each other, and then back, to the uninvited guest. the feline answered him: "- Sorry good man, this is a private bath." - and made a hand gesture, to shoo him. "- I meant, in the conversation." - smiled the man. "- I told you to keep your temper..." - whispered the old noble to Achatius, while the four men looked to each other again. "- As my friend, Ja'hirr said, this is a private bath. Are you eavesdropping us?" - the noble raised his voice. "- No, it wasn't my intent, to eavesdrop your conversation, but your other friend made some spectacular show with the water..." - the old noble looked to Achatius with a, "I told you" look... "- I wanted to see it, from the first row!" With that said, he droped his towel, and squeezed in between Ja'hirr and the soldier. He smiled, as he looked to the nobles: "- And also your talking can be heard in the whole bath-house..." - the nobles quickly regretted, letting him in. "- But don't worry my lords, for I can give you a solution to your... problem." "- How?" - asked the soldier suspiciously, while looking to the other nobles. "- We do not yet know you, introduce your self first!" "- I was tasked, not to reveal my self too soon, but..." - he reached for his towel, and took a small insignia, It was a wolfs head on agreen field. "- Let this talk instead of me." "- Wolf Brigade!" - the dark skinned soldier quicky recognized it. "- Mercenaries from Avalonia... What is your business here wolf?" "- To aid you, in your little plot against some one." - he put away his insignia. "- Lets say, hes followers can be victims of a desert bandit, attack. Or some natual disaster, preying animals, and so on. The southern regions of Historica are unpredictable, but you already know this." - smiled the mercenary. The nobles were shocked. They looked to each other, they had questions and opinions, but no one dared to speak. Zan, the Black Arrow looked around in satisfaction. The next task, what was given by Conrad was complet. He reached for his towel once more, stood up and wrapped it around him. The next phase is about to begin... "- I must excuse you my lords, but I can't tell you more here. If you are interested in working with us, we must meet in a not so public place." - he stepped out from the bath. "- Meet with me in the The Tasty Cobra tavern tomorrow at night, and I will tell you more." - with that said, he bowed, and left. The nobles once more looked to each other. What they talked further more, they did in secret. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A long waited building is finally done! I always wanted to build a turkish bath styled bath-house. And also it was a perfect time, pick up again, and continue the little story, I started almost two years ago. And I wanted to share more pictures about the bath-house too. Enjoy: Hydrotherapy bubble bath. His expression tells us everything... Withouth the figs.
  19. Nothing beats a day at the race track! Ostrich-racing is one of the most intense, and quite honestly, dangerous sports in all of Kaliphlin. Although, with ostriches being fairly common here, there is no shortage of races being organized throughout the badlands. While most races are run with the jockey simply sitting on top of the ostrich (most likely clinging on for dear life...), the race track in Mophet offers spectators something a little different. The track is fairly narrow, and the races are held with small carriges that are drawn by the animals. This makes overtaking another driver a very challenging task, and only the most fearless dare step foot on the track. On this particular day, a very special event was taking place as drivers from all parts of Historica had been invited to what was to be the greatest race in recent memory. The prize-money had been donated to the council of Mophet by an anonymous donor and brought to the city with the help of an Avalonian convoy. Qualifying races had been held for most of the day and finally only three drivers remained. There was Bar-ie, a resident of Mophet (and a bit of a local hero), Godfi'r from the eastern mountains, and Raki from the southern shores. For most of the race, Godfi'r held the lead and seemed destined to claim the prize along with all its glory. Bar-ie was however just on his tail as the race reached the final lap. Just as the two drivers went in to the second-to last turn, Bari-ie performed a move that would lend him a place among the all-time legends of the sport, as he leaned his body to the left and was able to tilt the carriage and overtake Godfi'r. The crowd went crazy and cheered his name (well, not all of them as quite a few had bet their entire months wage on Godfi'r...) as he crossed the finish line! The track with the surrounding road Bar-ie and his daring move to take the lead The track without the road So this is my entry in category B. Probably not going to get any bonuspoints for originality as one of the suggestions was ostrich racing, haha! I was however pretty inspired by that suggestion and decided to go for it anyway. The race track is a bit narrow but I thought it made for a pretty fun story and fitting for the city of Mophet. The road perhaps does take over a bit, and draws attention away from the track itself, but I sort of wanted to frame the scene a bit (and also get my camels in there, haha!), Anyways, hope you guys like it, cheers!
  20. The four Guilds struggle to coordinate relief efforts and aid the lands that are still in need at the behest of the High Queen. However, the High Queen seems to have ignored the guild that is most in need. Nocturnus, the land that suffered the most from Ravaage, and whose mages ultimately defeated him, has been ignored by Queen Ylspeth. Nocturnus does not exist in her councils and seems absent from her thoughts. Not so in Khadira. The strong links between Khadira and the self-styled Dragon Queen remain. The Warrior Priests of Mazadar also seek to aid the Nocturnians whose plight is ignored by those in power. The Desert King's alliance with the Nocturnian Resistance that struggled so hard against evil will be honored. While Avalonia grows rich upon the sales of its grain. While Varlyrio recieves gifts and bribes from the new Queen. While Mitgardia complains of famine yet sends convoys of food south. While Kaliphlin Lords remain divided and squabble among themselves. All the while, Khadira sends aid to Nocturnus, and those who truly need the light, lest they be plagued once more by darkness and evil. Food is packed, ready to be transported across the border to Nocturnus. As well as food Khadira will send gold to invest in suitable enterprises that cn help to restore Nocturnus. Bread, Fish, Carrots, and Gold are prepared in a courtyard, while chickens await their turn to be crated up. Above the supplies flap bunting with the colors of Mazadar, Kaliphlin, and the Desert King. As the windows of the building on the left overlook one of the windows of the building on the right the owner erected a modesty screen. A scribe tallies the quantities and types of foodstuffs to be send to Nocturnus. The Warrior Priest of Mazadar will be responsible for guarding and investing the gold in ways that help rebuild Nocturnus and enable its citizens to turn to the light. He will also entreat others to do good, so that, like the spreading ripples caused by a single pebble, good deeds shall too spread across the world. Khadira hopes that its efforts to aid the Nocturnians will shame the Queen into taking action. After all, were it not for the sacrifices made by the Nocturnians...she would not be Queen.
  21. After the build of the town hall was finished, it became one of the more central places in the city. Roads had been established and more and more travellers came through. Caravans of soldiers, workers and merchants frequently passed through hauling the black oil, and with it came opportunity. It was now common to see people from all walks of life passing beneath the town hall, which stood as a testament to the accomplishments of Tabib D'Odo as well as others who had helped transform Mophet into what it had now become. Trade with other parts of Historica had also begun to take off, as word spread about the city. A caravan carrying the precious black oil passes aoutside the square in front of the town hall Merchants using ostriches, one of the most common animals in this part of Kaliphlin, carry their goods on the way to the marketplace in hopes of making a decent profit. So this is what I had envisioned the town hall would look like when the build was complete and a bit of wear and tear had begun to set in. I redid quite a bit of the walls to give them a more "aged look" and tried to give the whole thing a more finished feel. I realize the original build, showing the building process, did look a bit too simple so it was fun to show it the way looked in my head as the finished article. Thanks again for the feedback I recieved during my first stage of establishing Mophet. Cheers!
  22. I did not lost! Just had a really s#@& years end in my workplace,and also tried to build a couple of entries to the CCC, (if any of you interested) I returned, and I will continue Conrad's strory,but first, the Bread and Circuses Challenge! To understand my C category entry, we must look back to that point, when Conrad ordered three of his most trusty generals, in secret missions. (here is the recap: Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Zan the Black Arrow. Zan was tasked to travell south, to the sandy land of Kaliphlin, with a small company of mercenaries. They traveled in secret across Avalonia. When they crossed the border, they were advised by a merchant, to buy a camel, it will help their journey. - Stuborn animal... Come on! - one of the soldier beging for the camel, while trying to force his will on the animal. - I told you, camelss are different from horses. - the other mercenary tired to caml the other down. - Can you remember the command word? - "Can you remember the command word?" - the mercenary stopped pulling the camels chains and started mimicing the other. - Wanna try it smartass? If Zan didn't arrive, the two soldier surely kill each other. - What are you arguing again morons? We must reach Barqa, as the boss tasked us, and you two thought it woud be a good time, to show which one has a bigger mouth? - he went to the camel, picked up the chains and pulled it. - Hut hut hut! - said the words, and repeated the pulling, and repeated the words again. The camel started to move again, the two soldiers was speechless. Zan gave the end of the chain to one of them, and continued the journey. He looked back: - When this is over, I will advise Conrad, to teach all of you some command words...
  23. My fifth build for the Kaliphlin at Work collab, and the second part of my “From Field to Goblet” entry for the CCC. It was fun putting our flesh colored plates to use again here, as well as a few of our newly-acquired MDF plates. Wahall owns a prosperous goat farm that provides milk and meat for his family with any surplus easily sold in the markets. The dairy goats have their own stable and are milked daily. A stable boy helps make sure the stable is kept clean and plenty of fresh water and food are always available for the goats. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  24. In Kaliphlin, glass making is a significant industry and throughout Historica Barqan glass is a synonym for glass of the highest quality. The making of raw glass is concentrated to some larger furnaces, several of which exists in Barqa fueled by the intense flames of Black Oil and where tons of raw glass is produced. In small workshops such as this one, at lower temperatures the raw glass is then together with recycled glass used to produce the finished glass products. The ingredients of the Barqan glass are: Former - The major component of glass is silica. The best sand in Historica for this is sand from the Kaliphlin deserts, where the softer components of the sand has been ground down and blown away by the relentless winds over the wasteland only leaving the hard quartz. Flux - To lower the melting point of the silica to form glass, soda is added. The source of this is natron from the shores of the Lick of Salt river and the Salt Lake it feeds. Stabiliser - Glasses formed of silica and soda are naturally soluble, and require the addition of a stabiliser such as lime. While glass makers using beach sand get this for free through the calcareous particles in the beach sand (fragments of shells) mixed in the sand, in the best Barqan glass made from mature desert sand lime made from limestone needs to be added separately. Different crop for closeup. Built for the Kaliphlin at Work collab. Photography notes: Lit by 4 x LifeLites inside the furnace and one in the lantern, plus a LED panel behind the wall.
  25. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 0: Heading Home CHAPTER 1: Priestess of the Oasis CHAPTER 2 Memories Past The Maebad Alqamar, or the Temple of the Moon, was the largest building in Wahat Alqamar. It's great golden dome marked the center of the village and many came from far away to seek healing from the priestesses who worshipped here. The gift was found only here, in this remote part of the Siccus Badlands, and only among the girls. No boys were ever chosen, and of the girls no pattern was ever discerned as to who would receive it. Once a local girl experienced her first blood cycle, she was brought to the temple where a kahinat waha would oversee her care during the ritual. Once she was bathed and the rites were performed, the girl would be denied water for two days. Then, once her thirst had set in, the kahinat waha would place 20 closed vessels around the girl and she would have to choose the one which contained water. If she failed to sense water and chose an empty vessel, she would be allowed to drink and then she would be sent home, knowing that she was not chosen for the gift. If she correctly chose the vessel containing water, she would be allowed to drink, and the ritual would repeat. If the girl correctly chose the vessel containing water three times, she would be acknowledged as having the gift and become an initiate priestess. Nolana smiled as she remembered when she became an initiate under Ferenice. These were happy memories. She helped maintain the temple and assisted Ferenice in her healing duties. The power to heal flowed through water and each kahinat waha was capable of light healing through simply touching the injured or diseased person, as the body is made up of mostly water. For more serious injuries or illnesses, however, the person seeking healing would be immersed in the temple bath, to amplify the power of the gift. When not in use by the priestesses, the bath was available for the public to use to maintain cleanliness in the village, though many locals would bathe in it due to superstitious beliefs that somehow the temple bath was special and would help heal minor aches and pains. Shortly after Nolana became an acolyte, Ferenice's brother, Daegal, transferred back from the capital city of Petraea to serve as faris almaebad, or temple knight, under the venerable Captain Horace, in order to be close to his sister. The services of the kahinat waha of Wahat Alqamar were highly sought after by those in power in Petraea with priestesses having left the village to serve in the capital, and Petraea made sure to protect the source of the gift with the elite faris almaebad. Nolana smiled again. She and Daegal had immediately taken a liking to each other. There were no rules against the kahinat waha from having relationships, since the gift was never known to have faded from any priestess, even from those who married and had children. In fact, local customs particularly celebrated the descendants of priestesses who themselves became priestesses, believing these girls to be particularly blessed with gift. Even so, the village was a conservative place, and Nolana and Daegal had moved their budding romance slowly, much to Ferenice's impatience. During that time, Nolana was truly happy, serving under Ferenice as an acolyte priestess and being with Daegal every day. In the meantime, Nolana's younger sister, Soniya, the second of the three sisters, had failed to receive the gift. Soon after, however, Esther, the youngest sister received the gift and became an initiate priestess. Unfortunately for Nolana, it was right at that time when her happy life was torn apart. Raiders from Nocturnus had come into Kaliphlin looking for targets of opportunity and had found Wahat Alqamar. Though they were no match for the faris almaebad, Daegal was mortally wounded by a lucky strike. Ferenice and Nolana had tried desperately to save his life. Ferenice's screams, "Hold him still! Hold him still!" still haunted Nolana's nightmares. It was out of shear desperation that Ferenice, right then, did the unthinkable and used a rite she had learned from the Kitab Mamnue. The Forbidden Book. After the rite was complete, there was a pause, and Ferenice uttered the words that Nolana would never forget: "Something's not right." Fear became panic as they realized what was happening. Daegal was becoming...undead. Necromancy was the art of raising the dead as soulless abominations, golems of flesh and bone created to serve their masters every whim. What Ferenice and Nolana did was far worse. They had turned Daegal into an undead without first killing him. They had trapped his soul in an undying soulless body, a prisoner of his own flesh forever. Their panic was now full blown, and all Nolana could do was to help Ferenice carry her brother's body out of the temple. And they had been on the run and hiding ever since. It was night by the time Nolana and Korbin had made their way to the village. Nolana couldn't help but be drawn to the Maebad Alqamar. Captain Horace spotted her and immediately readied his scimitar. "You have a lot of nerve coming back here, heretic!" He shouted, preparing to strike her down. Nolana searched for words, any words, but could only stammer, "I...I...I...." "Stand down, Captain!" came from a voice inside the temple. It was Esther. Nolana felt her heart jump at the sight of her sister. "How dare you raise your scimitar at a kahinat waha!" Esther continued. Horace was silent. "Nolana," Esther said as she turned to her sister. "I need your help."