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Found 8 results

  1. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  2. Let me introduce the glorius guard of the supreme leader of Erotema. Equipped with state-of-the-art AK style gear (including a Dragunov, an AK with a Picatinnoff rail and another one with a grenade launcher). This unit provides external protection to the fence that surrounds the great leader´s countryhouse. If the snipers or troops can´t take the intruder, the barbed wire will. 20210401_104837 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104153 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104121 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr 20210401_104057 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr As they are not expected to find armed resistance, they don´t use any kind of bullet proof vest or other capitalist gear.
  3. Here's a small scene featuring a couple mounties trudging down the lane after a recent snowstorm. I've made a tutorial on how to make these trees here:
  4. dathil

    First snow

    First snow (1) by David de Rijke, on Flickr and a (poorly) edited version, just to try it out :) patrol4 by David de Rijke, on Flickr First snow (2) by David de Rijke, on Flickr First snow (3) by David de Rijke, on Flickr For this one, I wanted to try to make a smooth snowscape. I added the footprints by having a few studs, I think it turned out fine. The fence is a last-minute addition, as I was buying stuff for sinterklaas when I saw black thread, so I bought that. Alas I do not have any kind of photo editing program left on my laptop, yet with the camera of my 'new' used phone I think I did better than before concerning photography :P Also I found some tricks to enhance the lighting in my room.
  5. soccerkid6

    Avalonian Village

    The landscape for this scene was built as a commission, and then I finished the build by adding some houses, the fences, and figure activity. After learning that medieval roads often had fences or walls to allow animals to be moved effectively, I wanted to include that detail here. Brother Steven inspired the woodwork on the water mill. This is an entry into the large miscellaneous category of the Colossal Castle Contest. Market day makes for a lot of traffic on the village road as animals are taken to be sold, or purchased and brought home. The watermill is also a popular location as villagers purchase flour and bring grain to be ground. As usual, there are more pictures on brickbuilt. Your feedback is always welcome
  6. Here's my build for the 1st gatehouse phase in Age of Mitgardia. I wanted to experiment with ground texture, and was inspired by K.Kreations, and Brick Vader. A warrior sets out from one of Nordheim’s outer gates, headed into the tundra of Mitgardia. Gates closed: Thanks for looking, more pictures can be found on my website, link. As always, your comments and suggestions are quite welcome
  7. LittleJohn

    Benoic Farm

    Thanks to de Gothia for letting me put this build in Benoic! As usual on the farm, there’s much to be done: feeding, watering, and milking the goats, feeding the chickens, and most importantly: heading back to the house for some breakfast. Lots more pictures here: Link C&C very much appreciated
  8. My counter attack against Umbra-Manis's guerrilla attack in sector B7. (I think I made a mistake in the title. Whoops ) In response to the Mummy Herding Carts that have been running rampant in Ulander territory, security fences had to be build in order to keep out these carts. The reinforced fences are made of sharpened spikes driven into the ground at an angle. An attempt to drive a cart through the fence will harm and damage the cart, and the fence is only able to be removed from the inside. Also, an armed guard patrol is on the lookout for an invaders or any damage to the fence. Nothing breaches without the Ulanders knowing about it.