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Found 1 result

  1. soccerkid6

    An Embarrasing Encounter

    The wonderful story you're about to read, was a collab effort. See if you can guess the authors (Setting: A simply but tastefully adorned room in a chateaux near a lake at the border of Kaliphlin and Avalonia. A young lady leans on the windowsill. Enter spy.) Spy: (bowing) Good day. Lady: (turning) How is it you are back already? Why, you're all wet! Spy: (embarrassed) Yes...yes... but I think I have discovered what you were looking for. Lady: Well? Spy: Early in the morning, just as the sun peeked up over the horizon and shot a gleam of its crimson rays across the dark and foreboding sky, kissing the golden dome on top of the magnificent stone edifice that loomed... Lady: I've seen the castle. There's no gold dome. Spy: There isn't? I was so intent on my task I hardly noticed, you see. Never mind - as I was saying, early in the morning I began to climb the walls, hanging at times only by my nose to the jutting angles of the stony walls, scraping my arms and knees, my heart thumping in my chest for fear I should fall. Once I looked down, and a cold shiver ran through me... Lady: You're making that up too. Spy: (embarrassed) Yes, I was. Well, to proceed. I climbed the walls and got in through one of the windows. It was an incredibly tight squeeze I assure you! Not only is the window itself tiny - as I'm sure you noticed when you visited (with a bow) - but the bars that crossed it were so small I had to exert all my strength... Lady: Really, can't we get on with the story? There aren't any bars either! Spy: I'm sorry. I had no idea you were so observant! Lady: (in an aggrieved tone) That's not the point! I didn't send you so I could hear some fancy story! I want to hear about his day. Spy: I promise, I'll stick to the story. Lady: Then begin! Spy: Over the wall, in the window. I was on the top of the castle, and could just peek over into Chillon's bedroom - he was just getting up... Spy: (grunting) So there he is! He sleeps in late, I'll say that much! Chillon: (stretching) Welcome morning! (jumps out of bed) Ouch! Canopy beds! (rubs head) (yawning) Caleb! (snaps fingers) Where's my breakfast? Caleb: Right here, sir Chillon. Chillon: Ah, delicious! Lady: (interrupting) What was his breakfast? Spy: Cherries, apple, and chicken. Lady: Hmm. That's an interesting breakfast. Spy: (shrugging) Probably part of why he's looking for a wife! To continue - Spy: (twisting) What is that in the corner? A second ago it looked like another bed, now - goodness, it's a mirror! Chillon: (humming to himself) Thank you! (continues to hum while walking toward the mirror) So far so good! Here, help me with the rest of my armor. Spy: Well, whatever you can say for the master the serving-man is even worse! The clown is putting the armor on backwards! Chillon: (angrily) Whatever is wrong with you, Caleb? You put it on backwards! Caleb: I'm very sorry. Just a minute sir. (fumbles with the straps) Chillon: There! You've knotted the top left to the bottom left and the right bottom to my belt! Oh, let me alone, I'll do the rest myself! Caleb: (penitently) I'm very sorry, indeed. Let me fix it (advancing). Chillon: No! Go downstairs and tell Mathew I'll be down for a sparring bout in just a minute. Caleb: Yes sir! (disappears down stairs) (after fixing his straps, Chillon walks over to the mirror and makes sure everything is just right) Chillon: Much better! Ah - my cape. (Caleb returns) Chillon: Did you tell him? Caleb: Yes. Chillon: Here, help me with the cape. Caleb: Of course (advances, stumbling over chair). Chillon: Never mind! Spy: (to Lady) You see? He certainly needs a wife! Lady: I'll have to admit that much. But I don't know that I'm so desperate! Spy: It gets better. Chillon: (fumbling with the wrong side of the cape) I could use some help! Lady: I thought you said it gets better... Spy: I meant, in a little while. Lady: Go on, then. Spy: (clears throat) Caleb: (picking the chair up) Coming! Spy: At last! Perhaps we'll be able to see the 'sparring bout' now. Spy: I noticed as they left that he hadn't eaten the apple or the cherries. In fact they might have been fake. Lady: Nothing but chicken for breakfast?! Spy: Nothing but chicken! Continuing - I snuck down the stairs after they left and got down to the armory just when the sparring match started. Chillon: There's nothing like the sound of steel clashing on steel! Matthew: You're right there, sir Chillon! Chillon: (waving his sword wildly backwards) Here it comes! Matthew: Watch out sir! The candle! (Chillon's sword cuts through the wax and the candle crashes to the floor.) (A long pause.) Lady: Well, what happened? Spy: (awkwardly) I think I laughed. Lady: You laughed? What kind of spy are you? Spy: I know, I know, but it really was funny! Matthew was trying to beat the flame out with the sword, but Chillon hadn't noticed it yet and he was attacking Matthew... Matthew: Sir Chillon! What are you doing! Can't you see you cut the candle down? Chillon: (in surprise) You're right! I knocked the candle down! Ha! Eat dust, flames! (Chillon runs to another candle.) Take this! Matthew: (running up) Sir! It's just a candle! (laughter from behind pillar) Chillon: What was that? (spots spy behind pillar) Look! A spy! An enemy at last! Get him! (runs after spy) Spy: (apologetically) Of course, I turned around and ran. I couldn't let him catch me. Lady: Of course not. Spy: So I went up the stairs. Lady: Naturally. Spy: And Chillon followed me. Lady: Not surprising. Spy: Then I went up the ladder. He kept following. Lady: Proceed. Spy: He's very fast. Lady: What is that supposed to mean? Spy: He caught me. Lady: What?! Chillon: What on earth are you doing here? Spy: Sir, I assure you my intent was friendly... I.... um... Lady: I hope you didn't tell him why you were there. Spy: (clears throat) Um... Lady: You didn't! Spy: (hurriedly) No! No! Not at all... er... at least... not all... Lady: Tell me what you said. Spy: I think I said... that you sent me... and... that was all. Chillon: Really! How did you get here? Spy: See that boat? Chillon: Can you swim? Spy: Er... yes. Chillon: Then do so! (throws spy out window) Chillon: (shouting) And tell your lady that I'll be there in an hour to see if it's true! Lady: What?! Spy: (apologetically) That's what he said. (enter Serving-man) Serving-man: (announces) Sir Chillon! ... More pictures of the build: This build was based off of the real Chillon Castle from Switzerland, in particular this section: link It's the first castle I've done that is pretty realistically scaled. On the first floor is an armory, and on the second floor is Lord Chillon's room. The layout was rather challenging, as were the roofs, but I'm pleased with the final result. The thick walls let me use some new window and arrow slit designs. I experimented a bit more with a SNOT wall design, as the tower gradually gets thinner. The bartizan (overhanging corner turret) is my first, and I'll probably be doing lots more of those in the future. Hope you enjoyed the story and you can see lots more pictures here: link C&C always appreciated