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  1. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    Tremendous collaborative battle scene! The landscape is quite good: in particular the various slopes, and river/swampy area impressed me Beautifully detailed buildings as well, their small size helps the build look appropriately large
  2. In the Halls of Power

    Pretty neat setup with having all the rooms be part of one model I like the strip of log bricks alternating with SNOT 2x2 tiles
  3. Island Outpost

    Thanks! No part count limit, just had to fit within the footprint of official sets Thank you! Thanks!
  4. Island Outpost

    This model was inspired by a LUG challenge focused around the Pirates theme. While I usually only make a few Pirates builds each year, it has always been one of my favorite genres. The one limit for the challenge was that your entry had to be no bigger than the largest official Pirates set. I have always been more attracted to the islands, forts, and land settings than ships themselves, so I settled on building a small fort on an island. A single 32×32 baseplate served as the foundation for the model. For once a peaceful day with no pirates, or enemy ships in sight of the small Imperial outpost. Which makes it a fitting time to restock with some fresh supplies. More pictures are available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  5. Which AFOL Builders do you Admire or Aspire After?

    Some more builders who continually inspire and amaze me. Littlehaulic: @Cecilie Wookieewarrior:
  6. A journey to Mitgardia

    Quite a beautiful castle, dG! The winding path through the rock reminds me of ZC's work Excellent snow work too, the little touches like brown carrot tops peeking through in various spots are great details. The various additions and niches in the fortress really bring it to life, and it has a great rugged aesthetic So many details packed inside too!
  7. The South Gate of Lleidr Castle

    Great use of color in the landscape, and I love those trees The wall texture is certainly intense, and matches pretty well with your teammates. Perhaps using slightly fewer different types of parts for the texture would be more cohesive as a whole. The dark tan path looks a little jagged in spots, with how you've arranged the wedge plates. Often laying them all in roughly the same orientation works best: Still a very good build, and congratulations once again on your team's success!
  8. Waldred the War Master

    Red and dark red make such a pretty roof The timber portions up top are incorporated nicely, and I like the addition of the small tree on the right
  9. Which AFOL Builders do you Admire or Aspire After?

    Great idea for a topic, I've already found a few top-notch builders whose work I hadn't seen before I'll start with just 3 of the builders who inspire me most. @Legopard Jonas Kramm's builds are always magnificent: @Rolli Markus Rollbuhler also builds incredibly beautiful models: @Xenomurphy Thorsten Bonsch is another builder who does absolutely mind blowing stuff:
  10. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    Besides the wonderful crumbling walls, and leaning tower, I'm very impressed with the landscape. The trees are all excellent, and the addition of a rotting tree trunk on the ground helps convey the forest setting
  11. [AoM]:popcorn, anyone?

    Very clever use for the corn guy's suit I also like how you used fishing poles for the cart hitch.
  12. Theme-tation

    Mainly a Castle builder, but Sci-fi, Pirates, and even Town all are themes I really enjoy seeing well built models in
  13. HA(ppy) (mo)UNT(ain) Abandoned Theme Park

    Congratulations to the whole EB team for pulling off another massively impressive group layout! I plan on attending Brickworld in 2018, and would love to contribute if EB will be doing another collaborative display
  14. Foyodran Tower, The Void Valley

    You've made black look amazing Creepily cool architecture style, and the massive lava pool and rock slab are incredible
  15. Lleidr Citadel

    Plenty of excellent stonework to admire, and I like how you included a couple different shades of green as moss Lovely tree too