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  1. Zotharith: The outskirts

    Great to see such a large chunk of Zotharith at once! The various wooden bridges tying things together, angled buildings, and small details really bring the village to life. Some nicely incorporated interiors too, despite the limited space you had to work with
  2. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    And another build up:
  3. The Streets of Daydelon

    My 5th entry for the Colossal Castle Contest, into the Village Life category. Credit for the pine tree design goes to Chris Maddison, who recently shared his design in a tutorial here. The build fits on a 48×48 baseplate, and three of the buildings have interiors (pull out rooms). Daydelon has plenty of excellent shops to meet your various needs. Brianna’s Bakery, Tryggr’s Supplies, and the Toy Shop are all located on the first stretch of the main street. Even in the winter the city keeps bustling, with the frozen river providing a great place for children to skate and the snow covered streets still see plenty of traffic from dog sleds and others. And as usual, you can find plenty more pictures on brickbuilt. Thank you for looking
  4. AoM Storehouse Phase 1: Taking Stock

    The storehouse is very nicely incorporated into the hillside It would have been really fun to have a cut-away in the back showing the provisions inside
  5. Prologue: Dangerous travels

    Glad to have you in Mitgardia! Very good snow effects, and the dynamic pose of Amalthea and the bear are great
  6. Prince Kevin the Navigator and The "Compass"

    Lovely ship, I haven't seen many that look so nice at this scale Your character looks to be a very promising one
  7. Eryosmith Band

    Even if it is a bit big, I quite like the string bass design Quite a comfortable looking inn with the flower pot, raised area for performers and most importantly: plenty of food and drink
  8. Journey to Eyros

    Nice path design, I like how the reddish brown plates look below the round tiles The bamboo plants remind me of when I had just gotten a bunch of them off the PaB wall myself, I used to use them so much
  9. Eryos Castle

    Tremendous castle layout! The angles and various bridges give a very unique look Quite a pretty landscape with the various trees and flowers - perfect for Avalonia. Great to see you fitting interiors in! I love the storage cave, and winding path down to the beach
  10. AoM Farm Phase 2: Setting the First Row

    Those trees do look great, I'm surprised how well telescopes work for the trunk Clever use of the large blade element in the plow
  11. AoM Farm Phase 1: Clearing Fields

    The tree is excellent, and the little stone wall looks quite realistic Neat hoe design too. And as someone who has picked rock out of fields, I fully understand his expression
  12. [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    What a first MOC Lots of absolutely gorgeous designs on display here! Those trees, and the the stonework of the tallest section are especially pretty Have you considered joining Guilds of Historica?
  13. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Glad to hear that, Dathil New freebuild:
  14. Nordheim Watchtower

    This was my fourth entry into the Colossal Castle Contest, for the Video Game Castle category. This model is based off of the watchtowers in Riften from the game Skyrim. The birch trees are versions of John’s tree design shown in our tree tutorial. I did include the stairs that make up most of the tower’s interior, though I wasn’t able to get a decent picture of them. Nordheim has various large watchtowers along the main roads leading to the city. Sir Glorfindel is on his way to visit the dwarves there, and bring them news from their kin in Hradcanny. More pictures on brickbuilt. As always, comments and suggestions welcome
  15. AoM Barracks Phase 1: Sparring by the Sea

    You're off to a great start with your AoM builds! The green or blue (?) underneath the trans clear plates gives a nice sense of depth and the overhanging cliff face certainly would be a dangerous setting for a practice fight Neat way of attaching the leaves, though as HQ pointed out, the bottom section of the trunks are a bit thick. Maybe just use 1x1 round bricks there instead of the slopes? Can't wait to see what else you come up with!