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  1. Woohoo! Super cool stuff guys
  2. soccerkid6

    Challenge I: Grahark [Guild Ch 2D]

    Excellent choice of colors for the wastelands The tents fit well with the orcish style, and I really like the look of the tan 2x2 boat tiles and white dinosaur horn assembly. Do you plan to show the finished trading post in another build in the future?
  3. Glad to hear several of you have challenge builds nearly completed! @Puvel We'll be glad to have you back officially
  4. soccerkid6

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    And Gideon is back... Stop making the rest of us look bad The temple can look deceptively simple at first glance, due to its large size and clean style. After looking closer though you can see all the subtle textures included, especially in the run down areas, and admire the flawless handling of way too many angles Absolutely stunning architecture with just the right balance of detailing and color It's also apparent that you spent a lot of time on the minfigures and their activities to really bring the model to life. One small detail that I really admire, is the tree with roots breaking out of its stone planter
  5. soccerkid6

    Scouting a Site

    Very unique rockwork style, and it works super well! Excellent water technique as well, even in the main overview I can see the shading near the shore to show shallower water And that micro ship design is super clever
  6. Welcome @Drawd! Don't mind @Henjin_Quilones, he must be getting lonely in Avalonia Dward looks like a perfect fit for Mitgardia
  7. Glad to have you in the north. @A_Goodman Contrary to what Kai and HQ said, you certainly joined the right guild Andros has been added to the member index, and I'm excited to see his story develop!
  8. soccerkid6

    Freebuild : Harvest season in Avalonia

    A busy time of year! You did well handling the round roof between the stone and wood portions of the windmill Good minifigure activity throughout, and that's a very clever sickle design. Nice way of showing the roots for each of the trees too
  9. Good combination of bley and tan They are colors I like to use together but need to be balanced properly or it ends up looking strange. The curved portion and half stud offsets work quite well. I think the inclusion of a bushy shrub by the streetside was a good idea, as otherwise that portion of wall would look very boring. As HQ said, a bit more depth to the shrub would improve it though. And of course the story is excellent and promises plenty more adventure to come
  10. soccerkid6

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Al-Danah Tower Design
  11. soccerkid6

    A mercenary's story: Part II

    Conrad's story is already developing well! Lovely cobblestone in the market scene, and clever awning too. The tree in the swamp has a marvelous trunk, though the abrupt transition from large trunk to small branches could be improved. Another very good cobblestone technique for the pickpocket moment, and the prison cell makes a strong finish for this installment of the story. The staircase and hallway lead the eye nicely to the barred jail with ruffians inside
  12. soccerkid6

    Freebuild - Kaliphlin Cog

    Top notch ship. The hull is lovely, rigging superb, and the Kaliphlin colors fit in beautifully Very cool wave effects for the water too
  13. This is one of four models that I built in 2016 for a book with a LEGO scene for each US president, that unfortunately didn’t work out. Portrayed here is Calvin Coolidge’s Address to Congress, which was the first in the US to be broadcasted over radio. You can compare it to this reference image: A non-immersive picture of the build can be seen on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  14. soccerkid6

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    The mix of dark red and black works so well Very organic shape, especially for the back half of the dragon, and that lava base is spectacular I feel like it might look better if his head tapered a bit towards the nose, as it looks a bit blocky now with the whole head being a pretty consistent size. Overall, another fabulous dragon
  15. @ZCerberus I really liked those construction vehicles too! It seems some themes just aren't generally received as well. Especially if you don't specialize in that particular theme And since we're on the topic of Sci-fi builds Now that I finished my SHIP, I'll be posting a new Mitgardian build soon.