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  1. Dangers of smuggling

    The wide low arches really add to the sewer look The pipe and plank walkway are excellent as well
  2. Poaching

    Very clever boar design, and I think the landscape is your best yet! Keep up the good work
  3. Lesson one: Distraction

    So the jester distracts the crowd while his partner picks their pockets? Sneaky trick The black border does look nice, as do the wooden additions on top
  4. Scavenging

    Neat landscape set up, with the rock section overlooking the main path Cool wagon design as well
  5. @Hammerstein NWC Glad to hear you're entering, can't wait to see your figs
  6. Another very pretty Elven setting The alcoves and stoned details on the outer section of wall are lovely I also like your use of crystals and gems for lamps, and the SNOT base below the build
  7. Barad-dûr [MOC]

    Tremendous rendition of Barad-dur! The whole build looks like something you could buy in a model shop The various details of the tower itself, and how you incorporated it into the cliff at the back works great
  8. Not the healthiest profession

    Very effective storytelling with the facial expression change, and skeleton standing up The thrown around supplies are great details
  9. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    New freebuild: And I'm starting work on an entry for the Safe Haven challenge. Anyone else working on some new models?
  10. Steinn Fortress

    Micro castles are always something I enjoy building, and this one was especially fun due to being set in the winter. I incorporated quite a few technic parts into the castle itself and was really pleased with how well they fit in. One of Mitgardia's stronger citadels, Steinn Fortress is built into Mount Mitgard and features many soaring towers. Even during the Algus invasion, Steinn Fortress wasn't breached. More images on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism always welcome
  11. Double Trouble on Staor Mountain

    Thanks Kai, those new macaroni tiles are so much fun to mess around with Thanks! I started off planning on having the dwarven fortress in ruins, but liked it too much as a well kept outpost. I like the monotone rock choice in this setting myself, using another color would have either made the tower less distinguishable from the cliff, or changed the mood of the scene. Thanks Gunman! Thank you, I'm glad you noticed that table design Thanks Titus! Another color may have been better for the roof, I really liked how that prefab dome fit in though (and didn't have it in any other colors). Thanks HQ! I often think the lavender comes across as almost another shade of white in settings like these, but a different color may have been better here. Thanks! And yeah, that polar bear blends right in
  12. Braving Nocturnus

    Masterfully done! The colors, shape, and textures of the tower all look amazing together Superb base and fig posing too!
  13. The Vengeful Ranger Ch. 1 - Ruins of Erendir

    I agree with HQ, the archway is my favorite part as well The build as a whole is very well done though. I can't wait to see what your new character does in the future
  14. The Exetrius Saga (17): Grave Discovery

    Wonderful use of those half dome elements! The rows of columns give an ornate look to the space, and it's great to see the mystery man revealed
  15. The Exetrius Saga (16): I found something!

    Lovely combination of parts around the crystal The desert landscape also looks great, and as always the story is excellent