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  1. soccerkid6

    Landscapes of Mitgardia - (MCB Book II)

    Glad to see more of Mitgardia developed! @Aurore @Eoin Wallace Your builds have been added to the first post
  2. soccerkid6

    AoM: Stables Phase 1 - Frost Elves on Patrol

    Interesting choice to have a bit of an irregular base, but with only very simple blocky steps. It works well here, and the color choices are exquisite That tall thin tree technique is one I'm sure to use myself at some point, and I'll have to experience with some light aqua in my landscapes too
  3. soccerkid6

    A Stroll By The Sea

    Very good mix of techniques to make a convincing scene. My personal favorite is the technic road, though your sideways rockwork and tree are also great Good ground layering at the model edges
  4. soccerkid6

    Morty's Traveling Puppetry

    Impressive functionality! Both the wagon and play scenery and well crafted, and I like your simple wooden benches for the crowd
  5. soccerkid6

    Wyvernstone Village

    The sand green roof is gorgeous. Especially your use of various cone elements on the tower roof I love how you reference your fig scale models back to the micro version of Wyvernstone, and the busy minifigures really bring the scene to life. My favorite pose is the blacksmith shoeing a horse. And the cheese shop is fabulous all around - will have to borrow some of your various cheese techniques at some point!
  6. Very cool to see Irissa's story develop The build itself is fantastic. Great use of color, and I can easily see Blufiji's influence, yet you maintained your own style well. The rather blocky rockwork is a nice choice around the tower. Top notch hut designs!
  7. soccerkid6

    [MOC] The Spirit of the Standing Stone

    These sorts of builds make me oh so happy You created a very believable, yet obviously fantasy setting. The standing stone itself is superbly crafted, and the use of the transparent deer is very fitting. Lovely landscape, and I enjoyed the botanical notes! Great to have you building in the guilds
  8. soccerkid6

    Finding a profession, first try

    That's the perfect torso to show someone knitting! Lovely furniture designs, and it's fun to see Ronan without his signature cap The sideways tile floor gives a great plank effect too
  9. soccerkid6

    AoM Tower Phase III-Escaping Mitgardia

    Great build to highlight the usefulness of wedge plates! Both for the dwarven detailing on the tower, and setting it at an angle in the landscape Lovely rockwork too
  10. soccerkid6

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 3: The Kitchen of Druidham

    Fabulous interior, once again. It's good to see you keep trying lots of new lighting solutions. Wooden rafters make for gorgeous ceilings, and the high ceiling setup allowed you to incorporate some neat details like chandeliers and a storage loft The variety of food items plus a large cook staff all hard at work makes for a very lively scene
  11. soccerkid6

    Mesozoic Tax Collector

    Another brilliant addition to your Mesozoic series! Excellent color choices, and I love the little wooden awning The exterior stairs, balcony, and hanging lanterns flesh out the scene very well
  12. soccerkid6

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    How to Angle Buildings Apologies for the slow update. Feel free to post a reminder about adding new tutorials if we haven't put one up within the last week or two. It's easy to forget about adding them here when things get busy
  13. Prelude: The Spring of Hope Life in Avalonia had seldom been better. Even the old-timers, grey of pate and dim of eye, could not recall a time of greater flourishing. The scars of the wars were healing and fading, the fields were producing better than ever, and gold was flowing freely from Cedrica to Albion and down the rivers to the isles. The trade routes to Varlyrio had enriched almost every coastal lord, and by extension, the coastal cities. Inland, the towns were seeing a greater demand for their goods and better returns on their investments. Merchants were selling new and exotic wares from the far west, and even from the south new goods were arriving as the cities of Kaliphlin began to recover some semblance of order. Deep in the forests, the bandits who made a living off of the rich were themselves becoming rich, and had no lack of food. Their fortresses and lairs were better than ever, rebuilt after the devastation of the Drow, repopulated after the plague. And if life was good for the bandits in the forest, it was even better in the cities and towns. Everywhere there were festivals and banquets, often given in honor of Queen Ylspeth, the most blessed woman in all the lands. The number of girls named Ylspeth, Elspeth, Elisabeth, or some other variant had exploded, as had the population in general. Everywhere there were new mouths to feed, but at the same time there was enough food to feed them all, and then much left over to sell to the Mitgardians and Varlyrians at a hefty profit. The generosity of the queen was toasted at each table, and the new king, the old de Gothia, was much beloved and much praised. "Long live the Queen! Long live the King! Long may the Dragon fly!" was heard echoing through the lanes and byways. But in the halls of lords, their were rumors of troubles ahead; not from within the guild, but from without. Mitgardia was restless, it was said. Varlyrio was quiet on the surface, but there were rumblings of new alliances that did not bode well for the stability of the island. Merchants brought word that Kaliphlin was still trying to figure out what was happening with the Desert King's rule. And Nocturnus was far too much of a mess for anyone to even begin to discuss. The added gold was being spent building defenses and training new armies, getting ready for any eventuality. What would the armies be needed for? No one quite knew, but the leaders of the guild knew that they would side with Queen Ylspeth if any threat to her young reign should arise. More pictures of the forestmen hideout can be found on Brickbuilt. More pictures of the picnic here.
  14. Prelude: The Winter of Despair All across Mitgardia, rumors and rumbles were rising and bubbling. In the far north, the weather was beginning to turn cold, but hearts everywhere across the guild were becoming cold towards Queen Ylspeth in Cedrica. Many said she was deliberately weakening the northern guild in favor of their southwestern neighbor, lining the coffers of the treehuggers, building up their walls, nourishing their fields, while at the same time turning an icy eye towards the struggling farmers of the mountain valleys. Lords were plotting rebellion against the leadership in Valholl, vassals against yarls, friend against neighbor. Many an old alliance was being cast aside as the new political climate became clear: it was every Mitgardian for himself. The Dwarves in particular were feeling slighted and overlooked. Humans in charge of everything was beginning to get old, since humans only ever thought of themselves. "How can she claim to be the queen of all Historica, when she does not even begin to understand the many races in the realm?" they were saying. "We need to cast of the shackles that the humans have placed on us and be independent once again. Perhaps the Drow - may they be eternally cursed - have had it right all these years, fighting against the Kingdom of Historica and acknowledging no overlords." And so, in deeply delved tunnels and hewn halls armies were forming. Bands of Dwarves, even independent of any king, gathered to perfect axe throwing and other ancient arts used against taller races in war; for they would soon be needed again. Rumbles in the deep were felt throughout the land as the engines of war began to churn once more. But in the mountain passes, once the lifeblood of the trade routes into the southern markets, brigands were also gathering. The inability of anyone to drive them out or keep the merchants safe only furthered the discontent against the crown. "How can she claim to be the queen of all Historica, when she does not even bother to protect the Queen's Roads or protect us from highwaymen?" the people were saying. "It is because she is young and weak, and a woman. We need a strong man, a true warrior, on the throne to drive away the bandits and restore trade, and through trade bring prosperity back to us common folk. Mitgardia needs to be great again." There were even talks of an independent Kingdom of Mitgardia, rather than just a guild, with a king who understood the needs of the northern people. And so, from the deeps to the heights, all of Mitgardia was astir. Something was about to change. Something had to happen. Things could not remain as they were in this winter of despair. More images of the dwarven scene available here. More images of the bandit hideout here.
  15. soccerkid6

    Map of Historica: Challenge III Prize

    Thanks for posting a pic Etzel! Now my curiosity is satisfied