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  1. soccerkid6

    Everdell Chapel [MOC]

    Thanks! It's discolored white. Always nice finding a place where those old well used elements fit well Thank you very much! Thanks The animals are part of the appeal of Everdell - rather than human characters it's animals that have different professions and take care of the world. Thank you. Everdell is a worker placement board game centered around anthropomorphic animals. Thanks so much! Many thanks
  2. soccerkid6

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Great to see so many builders continuing to share their designs! Here's a guide for a nice fireplace:
  3. So good to see you return! I posted another freebuild myself:
  4. soccerkid6

    An Exotic Feast Part 1

    As has become customary, I built a series of vignettes as prizes for the the collaborative category. And of course I had to set them in the guilds! Here is the first, I will try to get the others posted before long. The Adventurers Guild in Alnya has a long standing tradition of a grand feast during the summer solstice. It’s not just a celebration, as their extremely competitive mindsets saw it quickly develop into a challenge. The master chefs, some of whom are capable adventurers in their own right, select teams of the most skilled and daring heroes to gather the rare ingredients needed to create dishes of exquisite flavor. The team responsible for creating the most delectable dish is rewarded with a generous bounty of gold and also first choice of quests until the next annual feast. Rogdul, a vaunted goblin burglar, was tasked with obtaining some of the rare mushrooms only found in the deep caverns of Nocturnus. Equipped with a dagger and good supply of torches, Rogdal ventured for hours through dark, claustrophobic tunnels before coming across a small stream that led him to discover a cavern and most importantly the coveted mushrooms! Few more images on Brickbuilt. Always feels like coming home to post in the guilds
  5. soccerkid6

    Everdell Chapel [MOC]

    @LittleJohn and I worked together to create another Everdell scene, this time based off of the Chapel card. We built it in about a week working on it sporadically. John primarily handled rockwork, animals and some small details, while I built the chapel and helped finish the landscaping. John also handled the photography and photo editing. It’s always a treat building together, and I’m super pleased with how this came out! Our source of inspiration: Plain background overview Details and Characters: There are a few more shots on our website, Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, your feedback is always welcome
  6. soccerkid6

    GoH Book III

    Need some extra incentive to get back to building for the Guilds? Then maybe the Summer Joust is just what you've been waiting for! Quite a variety of categories this year See all the details on flickr.
  7. soccerkid6

    Summer Joust 2022

    The 2022 Summer Joust starts today! The Joust is a large scale castle building contest that has been an annual event since 2016. Builders of all skill levels are welcome! This year it's back with loads of new categories, a huge prize pool, and unlimited castle building fun! See the full details in the dedicated flickr group:
  8. @The Stad Yikes! That's frustrating. Don't recall any arms breaking on the viking torsos I had swapped them on, but dark red especially from that era is certainly prone to cracking. New little freebuild up:
  9. soccerkid6

    A Snowy Stroll

    A vignette with just 99 elements for the RogueOlympics. Always good to build in Mitgardia again, and this time I even gave Glorfindel an outfit change Sir Glorfindel enjoying the frigid beauty of Mitgardian winter. Thanks for looking, feedback appreciated
  10. Welcome Flaming Bricks! After you've created your character and introduced them, these ongoing Mitgardian Challenges are a great place to start: Community Build: Landscapes of Mitgardia, Dwellings of Mitgardia Mitgardia free-build-challenge: Age of Mitgardia
  11. @Celebrian Telrunya Welcome to the North! Glad to have Celebrian in Mitgardia, and just let us know if you have any questions
  12. soccerkid6

    Life in Allanar Forest

    Thanks a lot! Wasn't sure we would have time for an interior, but I made sure to design the house with space for one. And fortunately it didn't take long to flesh out Thank you Thanks Geneva! Full credit to John for those gorgeous trees, would never have attempted some like this myself Many thanks! The well went through a few iterations before coming to this setup. Thank you! I was pretty happy with the fireplace and bed designs, especially considering how little space they occupy. Thanks! Thank you Louis We started the scene with a little bell tower construction instead of the well, and that had some purple banners which led me to use purple for the cottage door. Then when the bell tower was removed the door color stayed Thanks Aurore! Dark brown is one of my favorite colors, and it's great to see the parts library expanding over the past few years. Thank you We almost always use dark brown and lime green for Alnya settings, as we really like that combination and the fantasy air it helps establish. Thanks! Glad to hear you appreciated the base, I went to the trouble of rotating the two layers off of each other using technic bricks though that didn't end up being very noticeable Here is a link to John's original Alnya post describing the land and peoples in more detail.
  13. Apologies for the very slow reply, don't know how I missed your question. I can't recall much being developed regarding the lore of Mitgardian religions yet. Would love to see you bring the Isles of Solitude to life in some builds! New freebuild that I built with @LittleJohn over the holidays:
  14. soccerkid6

    Life in Allanar Forest

    One collab wasn’t enough, and we just managed to squeeze in a second build before Isaac returned to Denmark. It’s yet another scene set in our Alnya, and we returned to our roots by making it viewable from all sides, and even including a full interior! It fits on a 48×48 baseplate and is an entry in the Civilian Building category of the CCC. Extra credit to John for handling the last details and photography! Allanar Forest is home to one of the largest Dwelf communities in Alnya. Its beautiful trees, plentiful wildlife, and rich soil are a perfect match for the Dwelfs favorite pastimes of raising livestock, nurturing gardens, finding new uses for herbs, crafting beautiful cottages, and of course eating. See more images on Brickbuilt. Always feels good to post something new for the Guilds
  15. Huge congratulations to the winners, and well done everyone with their entries! Great to see so much life in the Guilds again