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  1. Shinmizu Village

    Wonderful collaboration! You two certainly didn't skimp on details, and it's a pleasure looking through all the pictures. That toy boat design is perfect! The black and white house is especially pretty, as are the little bridges Nice touch with the little cave too! John and I have a tutorial on angled rockwork, that I think uses a similar design to Geneva's and Isaiah's.
  2. MOC - Lichtenstein Castle

    My entry for the Fictional Architecture category of Marchitecture. I chose to recreate Lichtenstein Castle, which is a real building, but is also used as the castle in Dornröschen – a 2009 German film adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. The model certainly had its challenges, but I’m very pleased with the end result. Credit for the bridge design goes to John, who helped me out with that portion. Plenty more pictures are available on Brickbuilt. Feedback always appreciated
  3. Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    And here are the titles some of you have earned! @Gunman has gained the titles of Innkeeper, Protector, and Gatekeeper. @soccerkid6 earned the titles of Vendour, Miller, Lord Mayor, and Agrarian. Also the first post will be updated when Kabel or Ecc has time to post the updated scorecard.
  4. Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Furniture Tutorial #2
  5. [A Safe Haven Cat A] : City of Salonica

    What a massive model It's great seeing your gatehouse with walls around it And seeing some familiar faces hidden in the crowd is always fun! The dragonslayer's inn is really incredible: brilliant layout, color use, and textures. And the cliff side seating is spectacular! Fabulous use of cheese slopes and inverted bows on the stables, along with the barrel beams and SNOT log brick wood beams. It's truly a pleasure to admire creations like this
  6. Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Mill Phase 3: I should be getting a title update and announcement done this week
  7. My first model of 2018, this is based off of the watermill located in Riverwood from the game Skyrim. It is meant to be viewed from all sides, and has a completely irregular border. I took inspiration for the landscape colors from Wochenender and his incredible Jernsteein creation, while the water wheel was based off of Brick’s design. The trees are again taken from the tutorial by Chris. Finally getting around to posting this model here. This completes the small storyline I had started a while ago, as well as finally finishing Age of Mitgardia! Previous story installments: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Dedan, Glorfindel, and a new man dressed in dark blue robes made their way to the watermill at Firoir. A few of the villagers were around, and were obviously curious about the three visitors. Some had heard of a confrontation between Glorfindel and their Lord Tuinis, and wondered what it meant for the Officer of Valholl to have returned. Firm steps could be heard upon the wooden walkway over the river as Lord Tuinis approached, flanked by three Mitgardian soldiers. And it was obvious from the guard's gleaming weapons and armor that they were not any of the local troops under Tuinis' command. As he neared the small group, it was clear to all that his rage was barely contained. "What is the meaning of this, Sir Glorfindel," blustered the man, placing sarcastic emphasis on the term sir. "Invading Firoir with armed troops is no small matter, and I will have you brought before the Valholl Council and banished from Mitgardia!" Glorfindel answered with just a hint of a smile, "That will not be possible, Tuinis." "Further insults! Let everyone here be witness to the fact that this man has not even had the decency to properly address a lord of Mitgardia." "Your status as lord has been revoked, and the Parliament has also removed your control of Firoir." This statement from Glorfindel was brought with a fleeting moment of terror on Tuinis' face, before his usual arrogance returned. "Lies!" He spat back, "You have merely brought some of your own lackey troops, and used armed force to take this town!" At this point the oldest of the three soldiers spoke up: "I am Captain Mattr, and can assure you that this was all done on behalf of the Valholl Council, I am not on any orders from Sir Glorfindel." "You will find all of the legal documents in order," said Dedan, as he extended a sealed letter towards the former lord. "Those papers also instate Vigr here as the new lord of Firoir," added Glorfindel, gesturing the man robed in blue. Tuinis had a nasty glint in his eye as he made his parting statement before the guards escorted him to the prisons of Valholl, "I can see your trickery was thorough, but be assured that you will not escape this debacle unharmed!" The villagers breathed slight sighs of relief at the man's departure, though they dared not hope their new lord was any better of a man. In time Vigr did gain their respect, and also that of the neighboring lord's who were only too happy to see their troublesome neighbor replaced. See more pictures on Brickbuilt C&C always welcome .
  8. [WIP] Still Nocturnian work :-) Orc Fortress

    It is great to see you return to the guilds! Impressive orc settlement you have started The various wood platforms and little tent shelters look great, as does the path up into the mountain.
  9. Congrats guys! And thanks Ecc for hosting a very fun challenge
  10. Unintentional Exploring

    Those rock arches are incredible! Very good landscape layering too, which along with the pretty trees makes for a very compelling nature scene
  11. The Ruins of Lythell

    Absolutely beautiful arch The colors and textures make for stonework that really looks ancient Nifty base and water too!
  12. That is one big sea snail! Neat section of beach to go with it, the palm tree looks very nice
  13. [Safe Haven Cat. C]: The Spirit of Eryos

    A ship anyone would be proud to captain! Beautiful detailing along the exterior of the hull - the dark brown and reddish brown tile paneling looks exquisite The details at the stern are also top-notch, and I was quite surprised to see a full interior inside! So much detail packed in there, the micro ship is a brilliant touch
  14. Very refined minifig combos Champion, Chosen, Pilgrim, and the Wayfinder are my favorites The long spears and banner of the phalanx and voice caster are really neat