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  1. @Ben S Those challenges have never been closed, so feel free to participate in them. As you say, they've been dormant for a long time but there's no problem doing them now. Freebuild registration isn't necessary anymore as we have not been scoring freebuilds for the last few years. Simply post them in the forum as their own topic, and you may also post a link here if you like so it's easy for other Mitgardians to see what has been built for the guild recently.
  2. soccerkid6

    Summer Joust 2024

    Summer means it's castle building time! The Summer Joust is an annual medieval themed building contest with 7 unique categories, and more than 20 prizes. Open from June 1st - August 1st, there's plenty of time to join the fun. See all the details in the flickr group.
  3. Welcome to Mitgardia! Glad to have Elric guarding our northern border.
  4. The votes have been tallied and here are the results! 1st Place: Tayaya with Elven Trading Post 2nd Place: Gideon with Toll House in Barqa Random Draw winner: jtooker with Batuhan Trading Post Congratulations, and please send me a PM with your shipping details so we can get your prizes delivered And another well done to everyone who participated! Always a treat seeing so much life in the guilds and locations being fleshed out with new models and stories
  5. soccerkid6

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Bit delayed due to a busy week, but voting has been closed! We will compile results and post the winners soon
  6. soccerkid6

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Captain Flint - 1 point Aurore - 1 point Gideon - 1 point
  7. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    Thanks Slegengr! Appreciate your detailed thoughts. You're right about the wheels, I considered swapping to the orientation you suggested at one point, but ultimately left them as you see now. I think because it made them look more circular - though that might also have been before I added the third stud of width with alternating direction. There is indeed a working 'hydraulic' cylinder, not really stable enough for play but the rod does slide in and out of a friction pin to allow the arm to swing in or out. Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised to find an easy way to integrate it in this orientation. Thanks! The drill arm was one of the last things built, and needed some time and referencing real life excavators Thanks, I wanted to try some brick built wheels for a change and was happy with how these turned out. Glad to hear you like the opening cockpit! I was thinking about how would someone be able to get in, and this sort of opening hatch came to mind from spaceships. And after thinking of it, it seemed too fun not to include Many thanks!
  8. soccerkid6

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    An Ice Planet truck for Febrovery. The general chassis and shape came to mind quickly after I got the wheels together, but completing all the details took longer than expected. Has a few functional bits as the drill arm is articulated and the cabin opens in such a way that the driver could actually board the vehicle. More images available on Brickbuilt.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out so quickly. I had been looking in the sub-forum as well, but somehow missed a whole bunch. Aurore kindly sent me a list which I edited in now, and will double check again tomorrow to see if any are still left out.
  10. And the voting topic is now open!
  11. Voting is only open to members of the Guilds. Enjoy examining all the entries, then cast your three votes. You are permitted to give a maximum of two votes to a single entry, and the voting deadline is Wednesday the 21st of February. Examples of allowed votes: Derfel Cardarn 1 point Zcerberus 2 points OR Si-mocs 1 point Derfel Cadarn 1 point Zcerberus 1 point Entries (follow the links to topics so you can see additional photos): Aurore Elmire's Couture House bmohnsen The spy Ethelfieda Captain Flint Foenwor Mine Gideon Toll House in Barqa Grover Bob the Unemployed Avalonian Plumber, Trading Post Grover Trade in Prenmôr jtooker Batuhan Trading Post kahir88 The trading post near Owhur LittleJohn Katoren Trading Post MrLind Cattle market outside Faeril Petric_G Surprise at the Cattle Market Puvel Mitgardian ales Simon_S Blueberry Liquor soccerkid6 Nordheim Lumberyard Sympatik Brick The herbalist’s cart T-86 (swe) Tranquil tasting TalusMoonbreaker Porto Nascosto Tayaya Elven Trading Post If you find any errors or missing entries, please let me know and I will correct them as soon as possible.
  12. Thanks everyone for your great entries! The challenge is officially closed now, and we will open a voting topic soon
  13. My contribution for Challenge 11. It’s a simple build that brought back a lot of memories as most of the techniques are things I used frequently years ago. Which made for a straightforward and relaxing build process. Timber is in high demand as the guilds rebuild. Leading to many new lumber yards popping up in Mitgardia. Located along trade routes and near sawmills they constantly receive new loads of wood and in turn load caravans traveling between the guilds. Additional photos on Brickbuilt.
  14. New deadline is end of day February 1st 2024! Countdown timer here. Make the most of the extra time and get to building