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  1. Prelude: The Spring of Hope | soccerkid6 | Mitgardia The Winter of Despair | soccerkid6 | Mitgardia Loads of Apples | soccerkid6 | Mitgardia
  2. Well done Mitgardia earning the most gold once again!
  3. @LittleJohn and I just posted our last build of 2019:
  4. soccerkid6

    Sabishi Monastery

    A collab between John and I for the miscellaneous category of the CCC XVII. The build was inspired by this stunning concept art. It weighs in at 41.2 pounds, making it our second largest build to date, behind only Life In Nordheim. Credit for the deer design goes to Grantmasters. We hope you enjoy our last build of 2019! Sabishi Monastery is located high in the Heavenly Mountains of Mitgardia, leading to a very secluded life for the monks who reside there. Still there is plenty to do, and the scenery is beyond beautiful. See more images on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year
  5. soccerkid6

    Riddlers Guild

    Hilarious story The build itself makes excellent use of those printed stone panels, and I like the loose parts for the floor
  6. soccerkid6

    Ambassador Gisela

    The story provides a great read, and it's really cool to learn more about Lady Gwenllian's past. Each scene fits the story well, and I have to echo the praise of your pig pen. You made fabulous use of what dark brown elements you do have! Nice detail touches with things like lanterns and maps hanging on the walls
  7. soccerkid6

    Prelude: The Spring of Hope

    Yeah blue is very fun color to incorporate for more classic settings. Thanks Kai! Thank you Eoin Thanks, it's fun seeing what plant elements combine well in different landscapes. Thank you Basiliscus, glad the classic style was conveyed clearly Thanks Grover!
  8. soccerkid6

    Prelude: The Winter of Despair

    Thanks so much Eoin! Thank you, I had fun working with the newer wedge tiles in the Dwarven build Thanks Etzel I had a lot of fun with the bandit scene's landscape, so it's great to hear you like it! Thank you Aurore, hopefully Mitgardia will stand united through these difficult times. Thanks Basiliscus, and yes these were Challenge 4 preludes. Probably should have stated that in the topic itself Thanks Kai, good to know you noticed the snow on the tent. Seemed like there would have to be some there with as much snow as the rest of the scene has. And it gave a nice convincing dip in the tent fabric too! Thank you, good to know it's accurate to real northern settings Thanks! Well a bit under a year actually And @Henjin_Quilones handled the story writing for these two. Thanks Louis! Many thanks Grover
  9. soccerkid6

    Bad News At Olav's Hall

    Well done Eoin! The path winding between rocky terrain looks very good, and the trees add some nice height to the scene. The wooden walls and furniture make a distinctly norse setting inside
  10. soccerkid6

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    The arch technique is top-notch, particularly for a ruined stone building. Combined with the droid arm vines and eye level perspective it makes for a super convincing scene. Sweet 3x3 columns too
  11. The slave wagon and desert landscape are both very nice, but I really like how you built a scaled up crow for the close shot Very gripping story as always!
  12. Excellent! Glad to have both of you back building for the North
  13. I should be able to participate during the weekend at least
  14. soccerkid6

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Thanks everyone for sharing more angled connection tips Round Tile Cobblestone Tutorial
  15. soccerkid6

    Tabib's study

    Nifty floor pattern using curved and inverted slopes! The stripes in the walls add some nice touches of color, and the variety of details included in the study are excellent