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  1. Lovely layout with the winding stairs and bridge leading up to the manor The little wooden dock with boy fishing, brick built goats, and house interior are my favorite details
  2. soccerkid6

    Smugglers path

    Very pretty landscape with the separate bases working nicely Excellent birch trees too
  3. Very fun to see a Nocturnus setting again! Lovely swamp with the numerous cattails and rickety wood bridge fitting in perfectly
  4. I really like the style of rockwork you used here Nice nod to your previous Ice Dragon build, and the dwarven pillars are excellent Good selection of weapons inside, and the stalker is a fun unique dragon concept
  5. soccerkid6

    Walls of Crasonne

    Thanks man! At times I got a little frustrated with this model, so it's great to hear you like it so much. Aw, thanks Thanks Kai! Certainly the largest walls I've built yet Thank you dalle, I rather liked how the bley popped out on the dark bley but I can see what you mean. Thanks Thanks en_zoo, I like layering arches that way when I have the space to do so. Thanks dG, though I'm afraid it's quite unlikely I'll build the tournament. I've done a few before, and they're not my favorite build subject matter Thank you! Thanks Gideon, the SNOT tile design handles curves and angles smoothly which is a big plus. Thank you mccoyed. I enlisted John's help with the outer wall, and we were then able to pump out most of that in a day. The back wall however took me several days of placing oh so many 2x2 tiles and 1x2 tiles Thanks HQ. The walls were so high it was tricky to get good street views and the very back of the model was unfinished. Though I do have a shot of its rainbow glory that I'll use in the build log Thank you Grover. I got the rounded roof to fit together pretty well, but it being black definitely helped conceal any little gaps it had. Normally I would use cheese slopes to bevel the arrow slits, but didn't have enough with using so many to cap the battlements as well.
  6. soccerkid6

    Apple Picking

    Thanks! Thank you, that bird design is an old one that I first saw used by Eklund. Thank you Thanks, and you're right about the squirrel. Probably should have moved him a little away from the tree trunk, I just liked the idea of him being ready to scamper up if the dog came any closer Thank you, I hoped the exposed ground layering would work well in combination with the terraces. Thanks! Thank you en_zoo - though I'm a little curious which squirrel you prefer. The one in the tree on the right or the one on the ground? Thanks, it was a bit different than my usual rockwork designs. Thank you dG Thanks HQ! Yeah, I still enjoy using brick built animals if settings like this even though they're a bit flawed. Thank you Grover. It took us quite a few years to get a good selection of landscape parts in colors like dark tan and dark green, and it's certainly enjoyable being able to use them now!
  7. Good to read another installment in your story! I like the mix of olive and dark bley for the ground, while the fantasy shrooms set a great atmosphere The humanoid mushroom is a super fun design and I'm interested to find out what other unusual things they will see next!
  8. soccerkid6

    On Shifting Sands

    You've got a knack for creating lovely shapes and patterns in your buildings The SNOT slope corners and curved slopes under the dome look great. And good work with the desert scenery - thought it could probably be further improved by having less long straight edges in the plate layering/border edge.
  9. soccerkid6

    Wolfpack Keep

    Thanks! Thank you Garmadon. Working with black is definitely a challenge. Thanks mccoyed I'm glad you like how the base worked out as it was fairly time consuming to build. Thanks, and you're welcome! It's where I first found the online LEGO community and is certainly a good forum to know about if you like LEGO Castle Thanks man! Thank you, and yeah gotta love those old parrots Thanks Grover. You're right that the feathers look a bit out of place style wise. We got a bunch of them from LUGbulk and I was eager to try them out. Thanks en_zoo, it would be so nice to have some official LEGO castle sets again. Thank you Gideon, I'm a big fan of the Wolfpack faction. Thanks HQ! I tried to break up the black with a fair bit of bley, but it is still pretty dark.
  10. soccerkid6

    A mercenary's story: Part VI

    Solid conclusion to your background story for Conrad. The low stone wall looks great especially with the vines growing over it
  11. soccerkid6

    A mercenary's story: Part V

    Cool tents in the first build and you did very well showing Conrad's age progression through various versions of the fig The various minifig scale golems are excellent, but the big rock one steals the show
  12. soccerkid6

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Dormer Roofs Tutorial
  13. soccerkid6

    Avalonia Book III task II and Task III part 1

    I like the very wide yet not overly deep base - and how that shape is somewhat reflected in the cottage also being fairly wide and low Lovely irregular base and path texture! Plenty of nice details right around the cottage and it's fun to see a small section of cow pasture included too
  14. Cool! Looking forward to seeing your mostly finished build Hehe, with tech like that Mitgardia will be able to handle any threat with ease Very cool sci-fi models, I would post them in the Sci-fi forum. Glad to have you I saw your sigfig on flickr earlier and it looks like you have a good free build done already too! Mitgardia has a few community projects going currently: Landscapes of Mitgardia, Dwellings of Mitgardia, Age of Mitgardia You're not required to participate in any of them, but hopefully they give some inspiration for future models. Right now there isn't an actual challenge going so you have some time to develop your character and make free builds
  15. soccerkid6

    Taming the Wild One

    That apple archery target practice looks a little stressful! Always good seeing more of your storyline, and like HQ I appreciate all the effort you put into posing for different shots