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  1. This was originally made for idea D&D contest, but after talking about the gelatinous cubes I made for this in D&D thread I realised I never posted it here. Sadly enough I think it never even made it to voting stage as though I uploaded it before the deadline (only just), I think it had to be verified or whatever before the deadline too. These pictures are relatively low res as I had originally rendered it at too high a quality for ideas and I might have over-compensated when rerendering. The idea was to have a functional DM screen (a screen used to hide the game master's plans and dice rolls form the players) with integrated dice tower (a way of rolling dice, you drop them into the top of the tower and they are knocked on bumps on the way down that helps give a random roll), that also function a minifig scale D&D display. Also included are a dice tray (styled as a magma pit) for the players to roll their dice into, 6 player minis (though I've never actually used minis when playing D&D), 9 monster minis, 2 brick built D6s and a large selection of additional parts and accessories to customise the minis. The main build of the DM screen has a cave dungeon a base with the ground above and a tower with some minor fortifications built atop of that. The left side of the tower functions as the aforementioned dice tower, whilst the right side has storage space inside for the surplus accessories not currently in use by the minis. The owner of the tower is a pale Tiefling nobleman inspired by a particularly memorable session of D&D that I played. I've decorated the ground around the tower with plants, and a washing line. Here's a back view of the build. The curved sections of the roof can be opened to put the dice in, and the will come out in the tan courtyard area on the ground level. There is a goat, that is a given in any ideas project I submit where one could possibly fit, and actually I've included 2 here, the other one is round the front nibbling on the washing line. The amount of spare parts for character customisation is definitely far more generous than Lego would actually ever be. Here are the Minis! (Well actually I forgot one, I was rendering this in quite a rush at the time, but its a goblin (you can call him Boblin) and can be seen in the other images). First up the player minis, the default selection is a tiefling rogue, a human bard, a half-elf ranger, a water genasi sorcerer, a half-orc wizard and a dwarf paladin. the monster minis are a skeleton warrior, a Storm Dragon (It's called dungeons and dragons so I had to include both a dungeon and a dragon.), 2 gelatinous cubes, 3 Kobolds, a Beholder and the aforementioned goblin. Of course the build can be enclosed, the small area with the crates is attached with axels allowing it be moved for a fully shut shape but there are also a few other places it can attach. here you can also see a better look at the dice tray with a golden statue that may well be the treasure our party of adventurers is seeking. talking about the adventurers here you can see that I have remixed them using the surplus parts and accessories that I've included. And here is a look at it enclosed from the front, where I think it makes for a decent display set, as well as being functional when opened up. Finally we have look at how everything included looks head on.
  2. This is the Medieval High Street, mostly it is a labor of love. This MOC combines portions of three of my previous MOCs (Medieval Butcher, Medieval Library, Medieval Miller, all designed back in 2021 and submitted to Ideas) and several small builds (vineyard, tree, barrel) to create the "High Street" of a medieval town. I started working on this in 2022 but left it behind. The recent announcement of the Medieval Town Square spurred me to try my own hand at a similar scene. The nice home on the left is a nobleman's house, the house on the right (red with tan thatch) is a trader's store and house. The tower in the center is the town watch. Many of the elements included do not exist in these colors (it uses the "Main" palette in Bricklink Studio). At some point in the future (some version) of this might appear on Lego Ideas or in the Bricklink Designer Program. More renders are on Flickr and I'll probably keep posting updates to IG. Contains 3600 parts, no interiors yet. What do you think? What should I change, add or remove? If this ever appears in a program like the Bricklink Designer Program, I'd love to have some input from the EB community to make it better. Medieval High Street by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Nobleman's House by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Nobleman's House Detail by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Trader's House Detail by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - the hunter and his sidekick by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Trader's House by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Woman in a Vinyard by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Friar and Woman by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Rear by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr Medieval High Street - Town Watch by Arselus Bricks, on Flickr
  3. MaximB

    [MOC] North Tower

    (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) After the end of the war, the question arose about the need to build guard posts along the border of the kingdom. One of them was the North Tower, which is located near the village of Kvynn. Its garrison consists of a dozen soldiers under the command of the always grumpy Sir Norman. While Sir Norman scolds the warriors for the chaos, Vigmar cannot contain his joy when the supply wagon arrives. And there will definitely be a bottle or two of Ormston wine in it! Technique:
  4. Well, since there is no "real" castle (spare me the discussion about Nexo please) in the next months, castle-loving AFOLS will increasingly have to resort to other themes for their historic needs. Since there is a thread for the impact of CMF on historic, I figured it might make sense to have a wider thread for parts from all the other themes. Up to now, it has been common use to post this in the respective threads, now I suggest to collect that here, too. CMF can remain in the thread already existing. So let us see how this works out: Let me begin... New tall skeleton in Minecraft There is a new, quite tall black skeleton in the upcoming minecraft sets. A worthy addition to the abundance of skeletons already available. It is particularly the legs which are longer. New shield in Elves New shields can make new characters, regiments or even factions. This one is beige and gold with a red gem on it. New shield in DC licenced Wonderwoman has a new shield as well, it looks somewhat white and metallic.
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] Repairing the wall

    The wall got damaged with a previous attack on the city, now the workers are hard at work to repair the damage. -- This was build for the CCC XXI, "Medieval Maintenance" category. Repairing the wall by Ids de Jong, on Flickr C&C always welcome, and thanks for looking.
  6. Made for the CCC XXI, "Truly Classic Castle" category, with using only parts pre 1996, except some new reddish brown and bluish gray. This was fun, although difficult as well sometimes. I had to substitute a number of green plates with smaller ones, because the bigger ones didn't exist yet in 1995 or earlier. And a couple of bricks/tiles that I used had to be removed after checking their introduction date again... The Classic Knight's Castle by Ids de Jong, on Flickr The window is constructed like this: Thanks for looking, C&C is always appreciated.
  7. HarrisBricks

    [MOC] Gyldenspir Castle

    This build is Gyldenspir Castle, inspired by 375 Castle but reimagined as a renaissance era palace using the range of pieces and building techniques now available. You can read about my aims for this project in the blog post I wrote when I started (though ignore the bit about curves, as I changed my mind about that ;)). More photos here if you are interested:
  8. Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Merchants of Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate 819 AD by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  9. (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) The marketplace has always been one of the busiest places in the city. Here you can find anything you want - from food and equipment to adventures on your head. More pictures:
  10. Follows Closely

    Shield Collection by Year

    Edit: Show the most recent photo. Over the past 6 months I have been pulling all the shields I could find from my collection. I am 56 shields shy of having a complete collection. I have created a bricklink wanted list and am considering sourcing the remaing shields that are priced under $10 (all but one of them). I also need to source some more number tiles. The black 2x2 radar dish and the black 3x3 disk pieces are placeholders for missing shields. The black 1x1 round plates are placeholders for missing number tiles. Details of each shield can be seen here:, the site has the same layout as the above image. Use the toggles on the top to show/hide and to break on year.
  11. DISCORD: 2018 Note: Unsurprisingly, there have been a few minor changes since 2014 - RA 2014 Note: Since it has been mentioned various times that Guilds of Historica is "hard to understand as a new builder" I thought I would revamp this a little. I originally wrote it before I was one of the guild leaders, and it is still unfinished, but any comments on things to add would be appreciated. 2013 Note: Since this has been mentioned countless times in the last two weeks, I started it. It is not finished, I just wanted to get the basics up. Please feel free to comment critique, and to add to it. I will try to keep it regularly updated. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide Hello fellow adventurer, it looks like you have decided to move to the land of Historica to join us in our quest to flesh out one of the greatest Lego stories ever told. I have prepared this guide to help “ease” you into the guilds project. Perhaps the first question we should answer is “What is the Guilds of Historica?” The simple answer is that it is a building community on Eurobricks that is open to all who wish to join. We tell stories about a land called Historica which currently has five guilds. Each member joins a guild, and builds to win points (Gold Darics) for their guild and to better their building skills. At any given time of the year there may be one or more building challenges that a builder may win recognition and sometimes prizes for themselves. The current official description by ZCerberus is: “The Guilds are a Castle MOCers paradise where builders can connect with other castle fans to build in a connected world of five distinct Guilds, each with their own territory, history, and geography. The world grows as builders compete in challenges to win prizes, enhance their building skills and progress the official lore of Historica. Guilds score gold by competing in challenges and by "free building" in their own guild to grow their world.” Table of Contents 1.0 Choosing a faction 1.1 Choosing a Signature Figure 1.2 Common starting questions 2.0 General Guilds of Historica Guidelines 2.1 Where are we now? 3.0 Some links to important Guilds of Historica information. 1.0 Choosing a Faction The first thing a new builder needs to do is choose a faction. Currently four of the five guilds are open to members. Avalonia – A land of that reminds us of Arthurian legend and classic European medieval style. Kaliphlin – A land where desert culture has become king, but also one of the more diverse styled guilds ranging from Mediterranean to Middle Eastern, and from the Far East to pre-Columbian American. Mitgardia – The northern guild, which is more akin to Norse tradition along with some of the other northeastern European styles. Varlyrio - the western island guild, similar to the Mediterranean on the east, dry wasteland in the west, the Venetian capital is closer to Renaissance in feel then the rest of the Guilds. CLOSED GUILDS - While members can still build here, new members can no longer join this Guild, and it is no longer included in challenge participation. Nocturnus – A guild of pure and dark fantasy for the most part, but elements of each of the guilds in its own twisted style. As a new builder you should decide to join the guild which you feel the most akin to. Are you looking to step outside of your building comfort zone? Are you looking to stay within the bounds of your own collection? These are all questions you might want to ask yourself. For example, conventionally, you may need a lot of tan pieces to build in Kaliphlin, you may need a lot of white pieces to build in Mitgardia, or a lot foliage to build in Avalonia. (There is no rule that says you need any of this, but there is a common consensus that these elements make it easier). If you think your lack of a certain type of piece will slow you down, maybe another guild is right for you. I personally would suggest joining the guild that most interests you and to start building your collection in that direction. Others will suggest the opposite. Varlyrio is the newest Guild, first opened to members in mid-2018 1.1 Choosing a Signature Figure After choosing a guild, it is time to choose your signature figure. This figure represents you in the builds that you will be making and in the builds of others (with your permission, of course). You will need to introduce your signature figure in a post in the homepage thread of your chosen guild. Most members post a backstory to their “sig fig” in their initial post. This can really be anything, that is the beauty of the Guilds of Historica – although there is some “cannon” history, it is open enough that whatever you make can stand. IF you want to be an ex-slave looking for a new life, you can. If you want to be a high lord of Avalonia, you can! If you want to be a peaceful farmer, you can! Please remember that your signature figure doesn’t have to appear in your builds, but you do need to have one for scoring purposes. (It is also good to have an “In Character” voice to speak with.) 1.2 Common starting questions: Can I have more than one character? Yes! Although one should be your sig fig, and your main character, you can have as many other characters as you wish. The world needs populated after all! Can I join Nocturnus? No, Nocturnus is no longer available to new builders. That guild is available for anyone to build in, but it does not have an open membership. This Guild is no longer included in the active Challenge and Build system of Book III. Can I be a wizard, mage, witch, omnipotent death god? Well, errr…. Yes? You have to remember since this is a community, it might be hard to get everyone on board with a superhuman being that could “consume the Avalonians with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his bum.” ~ Victor Revolword. Which guild is the best to join? They are all the best! Pick whichever you have the most interest in. What kind of challenges are there? 1) Overarching story line challenges are: civil war in all the guilds in turn which give you a couple of months to build. 2) "Mini challenges" set as a contest within your guild in between the civil war challenges, with lower stakes (?) And typically shorter deadlines, such as the Sultan's Gate community build. 3) Ongoing skills development challenges like the ages of Mitgardia or the Albion community build. These are basically open ended and which are measured by your own progress rather than in competition with other builders. Participation in any of these is entirely optional and up to you. Some people do all of them, some do one only, some do one and skip a few and then do another. I am lost, there is so much history to learn! There is already a lot of history, but the Wiki along with our very helpful membership base is willing to help you out along the way. Also, as I said before, there is so much Historica, if you just start creating, it is unlikely you will come into conflict with other storylines. Lastly, there is always some good bedtime reading buried in the many threads of the forum. Wow, I want to get into GoH, but I would like to learn more, where can I go? I am glad you asked, here are some helpful links: Some people here have a shield tag with the colors of their guild. What do you have to do to get such a tag? Those builders participated in Book I challenges. We are currently in Book II, but those who participate in these challenges should also have a chance to earn a special shield. The Historica City Guide The GoH Wiki(not a Eurobricks link) Nice Marmot's map-making guide A good post by Gabe on how to get your small collection to a more useful collection when just starting off with GOH Some fun, ongoing projects that you can join right away! The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program University Tracking Thread Age of Mitgardia List of Historican Settlements Current Gold Standings for the Guilds (As of Bk. III Ch. III FB Period 3 8-4-2019): Avalonia: 678 gold Mitgardia: 501 gold Varlyrio: 409 gold Kaliphlin: 331 gold
  12. (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) King Edric called a runner and gave him an assignment - to go to Kvynn, find Gerard there and give him a letter. The messenger soon reached Kvynn and began asking where he could find Gerard. Naturally, every local knew where Gerard lived, but they could not deny themselves the pleasure of chasing the messenger through the village. Running from house to house, he still managed to find the right one and convey the message.
  13. (Afoland Castle Game. Meronia) For a couple of weeks, King Edric had not seen his archmage, Odrimorn. He decided to visit him in the tower and find out what caused his absence. Entering the wizard's room, the king found Odrimorn, who was fumbling in the notes and muttering something. He kept talking about something inevitable, not paying attention to the king. Edric went up to him, touched him by the shoulders and asked why his old friend was so worried. Odrimorn came to his senses and told the king about his fears. All these days he has been haunted by disturbing dreams in which the lands of Meronia are in danger. Unfortunately, the source of the threat is not visible and there are no leads. Various spells and ancient scrolls also did not help shed light on the threat. One thing is clear - these are not just dreams, but something really is coming. We need to prepare... At the end, Odrimorn added: “You know who we need!
  14. The fantastical feast is held each year, at Majisto's castle, and no party is complete without a few uninvited guests. Ogwen the dragon has escaped the dungeon and decided to also partake, because the guards were also at the party, Ogwen was only noticed when trying to enter the great hall. -- What better theme to build a party for, then for the Dragon Masters which have their 30th anniversary this year. Majisto and the party of dragons by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Majisto and the party of dragons - overview by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  15. The night elves their home "A'slion Dorthore" build into the holy tree of life, deep in the forest of Ardabor. The water of holy tree connects the whole forest, which the night elves use for transportation and keeping the forest safe. A'slion Dorthore - 'The moonlit castle' by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  16. gilderoy_blockhart

    [MOC] Castle and Griffin Stairwell

    Please to share with you a castle MOC I made that is draws some inspiration from Hogwarts. The build started with a technic mechanism to make the griffin topped stairwell appear and rise (see animated gif). The height of the castle was a result of trying to hide the mechanism which ended up being far larger than I had first thought it would be. The raised gallery on the side was added to balance asymmetry of the Headmaster's towers on the right. This is my largest build to date, but I think I'll stick to more manageable sized builds that can fit on my desk in the future. Finally, I've included my IG profile that has more videos/photos Front view by Alex Lam, on Flickr Side View by Alex Lam, on Flickr Arcade by Alex Lam, on Flickr Technic stairwell mechanism by Alex Lam, on Flickr Griffin stairwell animated gif by Alex Lam, on Flickr Dumbledore's fold out office by Alex Lam, on Flickr
  17. Prince John Sits inside his lonely castle with everything he could possibly want. Money, Power, Land, Loyal Servants. But he is unsatisfied, craving only the death of the bandit Robin Hood. Meanwhile Robin Hood is enjoying a party with all his friends. He is an outlaw who owns nothing but the clothes on his back and his trusty bow. He gives away all the money he ever gets. And today he is happy, dancing with his one true love Maid Marion while all his friends dance play and sing around him. My goodness this took forever to edit. Stupid Leaves. Built for the "Light & Shadow" Category for the 2023 Summer Joust. Hopefully this is the right forum, it could also belong in licensed themes, but I figured it was a better fit here. I did enter it in the Summer Joust after all.
  18. Hi! Today I start my new project: Winter in the Raven's Wharf This will be my biggest MOC to date and there are quite a few topics to cover I plan to build a medieval port somewhere in the far north. I did surveys on YouTube and Instagram, I asked what season to choose... ...Winter won! The project will consist of several parts, the whole thing will be divided into several baseplates. The size of 60x150 studs is planned. On the waterfront, I will want to build a lot of buildings for residents, but also military ones. The main attraction, however, will be the large ship I'm already building There are several inspirations, I will definitely turn on the Witcher 3 game more than once to explore Novigrad and look for interesting ideas. The main ship will have about 1500 parts and I will definitely make a PDF instructions for it. I've already built a small boat for a fisherman, I'll probably build more of these. I'm going to need a lot of parts, especially for building water. Since I'm building winter, I'll want to use the new animals from the City Arctic series - I'll add some seals, but I'm tempted to add a killer whale as well. You can learn more about this project from my video, link below. I will be glad if you write what you think about this project, but also write your ideas what I can build here :) In the next episode I will definitely want to show the finished ship, I will have to make sails and instructions.
  19. Hi all, In advance, sorry for my english... For the 10th edition of Fana'briques exhibition which took place near Strasbourg - France, 26 to 28 June 2015, my friends Jerome (Kloou), Sweetsha (Florian), Eric (N3rik68) and myself, had the idea of a collaborative display presenting different ©Disney worlds and iconic characters. In this project, we wanted at least one piece attracts the visitor's eye ,from a distance. And I had this "wonderful" idea to propose the building of this castle, almost 1 m high and 90 cm wide and 55 cm deep, and more than 8,600 pieces, for a little more than 450 hours work. If you have not noticed, or if you don't know, it closely resembles that found in Disneyland Paris. It is unfortunately still in WIP and will be presented complete in the coming weeks. It lacks even two towers and the roof of the ballroom. The approach of this kind of project must meet minimum targets to be usable on exhibition, including the main criteria: modularity and size retention. We didn't want to exceed a depth of one meter, so you can chat with visitors . The castle has necessarily been "compressed", ie shallower than the true. But I wanted a maximum of items are present: almost every round towers - it definitely miss one, the ballroom , the various buildings, ... It is built in two modules of 48 x 48,to be more easily carried. He must be as light as possible : hollow structure, technic beams and various BURPs bear most of the buildings. It must then take into account all the constraints and there is one that I had forgotten when I launched the idea : color. Yes Yes! the castle is pink! And when I started to see the catalog of this color on Bricklink , there I somewhat disillusioned. There is extremely limited, and round parts are almost nonexistent. Argh, the castle has got many rounded towers ! Especially the parts are expensive ... To limit weight and costs to a minimum, I went on a strong operation of SNOT. Because the bright pink tile 1 x 2, for example, is very affordable. Another constraint : roofs. After some tests, the classic blue was not a nice rendering . So I turned to the dark blue. And you know what? Although this time the rounded parts exist, they are expensive too... And given the number of roofs to build... At the top, of course, there are decorations in pearl gold color. A beautiful selection of parts, including minifigs accessories that allow the NPU very easily, but few plates and expensive cost. In short, you'll understand that this creation has exploded the budget I had set myself. Fortunately in these cases, the service "Bricks & Pieces" from Lego is a great help for significantly cheaper than what you can find on BrickLink on many references of rare colors. And it also gives access to all parts of the new year, as the new golden gates of the range Elves. I worked on documenting myself on the Internet. There are many pictures of the castle, but which often represent the front and left side of the castle - when you're facing him. Nothing for the right side. Closer research work took me on the blog of a railway modeler who integrated the castle in his diorama. So I went to his pictures - the representation is more simplistic - to assemble the missing side pictures "official", with which I have taken some liberties like to remove the bottom of the tower and incorporate a small balcony worked to make it a little more airy visually. How did we build rounded towers when we haven't got adapted round parts ? Many thanks to the cheese slopes ! This is the part that allows for a round with the most "facilities" possible. So I imposed this constraint with light bluish gray towers, to keep some overall harmony. I deliberately kept the simplistic style of the rocky parts to respect the style of the amusement park. Reliefs kept to a minimum, without major frills. From the front, I tried to respect the style . Few SNOT, except at the top - to save bricks, worked a little kick - and some angles formed by the wedges. But I am allowed total freedom with the small water fall and vegetation as it allows to highlight other skits in a different setting. In terms of adjustments between buildings, there will be some pieces to pick up. Just having finished for the exhibition has not helped to refine, and while working on half stud is like something easier, working on third or fourth stud, that's another story... But the castle had to be presentable for exhibition. Ultimately, what makes me most proud of in this project, is not so much having to present it in time for Fana'briques exhibition, and celebrate as it should be 10 years with friends - it was a pleasure - that have is a tribute to my daughters. Just seeing the look of my great daughter, every day watching the build changes, and see his eyes shining, to tell me that, that's it the more present I could have back. And if you ask yourself the question, the answer is yes, it will stand and above this is my gift to them. More photos on my Flickr stream ;) I really hope you'll enjoy it :)
  20. Classic_Spaceman

    2023 Majisto GWP

    A GWP for later this year has been announced on r/LegoLeak, and I was able to find out a bit more information about it from u/FluffySky6. Based on the description, it sounds like a remake of 6048. Discussion of this set:
  21. According to Promobricks, one of the LEGO 90th anniversary set's will be a Castle set, inspired by the 1984 set 6080. Set number: 10305 Name: King’s Queen's Lion Knights' Castle Piece count: 4514 Release date: August 8 2022 (August 3 for VIP's) Availability: probably LEGO exclusive Price: 349.99 399.99 Euro Size (closed up): W = 44.5 cm, H = 38 cm Nr. of minifigures: 21 (Queen, Majisto, 9 Lion knights, 3 Black Falcon knights, 2 Forestmen, a young female forest ranger, maid, farmer, baker, boy) + 1 skeleton Animals: tan horse with Black Falcons barding, dark orange horse with Lion Knights barding, dark tan cow, white lamb Accessories: A variety of swords, axes, maces, lances, bows and shields, various helmets and breastplates, as well as a trumpet, a lute, a drum and several flags. LEGO Designers: Mike Psiaki & Milan Madge *castle seen in the DeLorean commercial is only a prototype version of the castle Official images:
  22. I don't know if this has been done before here or somewhere else, but I thought it could be fun! Just post some pics of your Castle army. You can include old skellies in there too! The best way to do this is always in some kind of diorama! So, let's see some armies! :skull: I might post mine soon as well!
  23. Dear Eurobricks community, it’s time again! Like every year, locals are as excited as hobby knights and maids from all over the region: The Medieval Spectaculum at the Museum of History opens its doors! A festival where young and old can relive the Middle Ages. The narrow, cobbled streets are packed with lovingly and detailed designed market stalls and attractions. Heart of the event and central place is the old Museum of History - located in a restored building that is several hundred years old. Whether it was once a prison, a town hall or something else (no one knows for sure) in any case it is the city's favorite. It offers culture-loving visitors the opportunity to explore the medieval world, while the little ones invent their own knight stories in the outdoor area. Of course, under grandma’s supervision. [Front: The facades should be designed differently, as you can see in the pictures. In addition, the outdoor area should appear lively - highlighted by children playing under grandma's supervision, lots of plants and other details to explore.] [Inside: The interior was used as a homage to the Classic Castle era. For example, you can see this by the designed tiles on the upper floor. There are also a few smaller functions built in.] At the juggler's stage, spectators can admire some wonderful, more or less dangerous performances and watch the fireworks every evening. On the ship swing, children can prove that knights can also be great sailors. The Night Watch at the well loves to delight interested people with scary and funny anecdotes and to accompany them on a journey through time. (A well, a fire hydrant and a street lamp...his loyal, yapping companion obviously lives in a paradise) Finally, the market is a great place to stroll. In addition to the merchant with her (mainly wooden) replicas of medieval equipment, berry juice, wine and other delicacies can be bought from the winemaker. Archery and ax throwing skills can also be tested here. About my intention: While visiting a similar festival with friends and family, the idea was born that it'd be a great opportunity for a new building project. I found it challenging and fascinating at the same time to combine my favorite theme (=castle) with a modern touch (=city). A combination that is probably not that common and that hopefully many people can enjoy. For me personally it was a nice change. Examples of the modern touch are the fire hydrant, the bird house, wearing glasses, visitors dressed in modern clothes and much more. Of course, it was also important to me to incorporate a lot of details and maintain an own style. The interior of the museum in particular gave me the space to show my love for the classical (castle) era. About the project: As some of you probably already guessed It's submitted to the Bricklink Designer Program (Link below). As always, I built it physically first. It took several months from the first brick to the completion of the instructions. When I transferred it to digital, I was curious to see how many parts it has. In fact, I had to reduce and ended up using around 3800 parts. 12 minifigures and four animals are included. There are also some stickers for the first time: 17 pcs. with 14 different designs. Due to the amount of detail, it is probably more suitable as a display set, but some functions are also integrated. The sensible reduced range of parts was challenging, but could mostly be solved. --- Thank you for taking the time to look into this project. I hope you like it and I'm happy about any kind of support - that includes a vote, feedback... but also criticism! Otherwise, I'm glad that the Medieval Spectaculum is growing and that I still have a lot of ideas to expand the festival. Accordingly, see you soon. Link to BDP: (Ofc your support and a short comment greatly appreciated :)) Keep building while having fun! Yours, Tobi aka MontyMatte
  24. So I’ve always flip-flopped between sci-fi and fantasy themes. After spending several years firmly building spaceships I’ve decided to give a castle and medieval village build a go. My style is always with play in mind and some leeway towards historical accuracy. This is very much a work in progress. My aim is to make something sort of modular, not just to rearrange but to make it easier to move to allow my kids to play with it. I have another experimental build I tried, a half timbered house in the black and white style that I want to try and incorporate. Thoughts and comments very welcome! So you can see the overall plan, a quadrangular castle with a central keep, able to be closed up and opened. All off the corner towers and wall sections are connected with pins. Gate section. I intend to add a drawbridge style gate to the front. With chains if possible. Apart from some small variations in the colours, all four corners are the same. The two side walls again are quite similar. The SNOT bricks I plan to use for some kind of climbing foliage. I also plan on making small sub builds to connect to the inside of the walls; a forge and smithy, a pig pen, a small half timbered lodge, a storage pile etc. Something to give it some life. The longer of the two rear wall halves has the bridge to the keep. And the keep itself. I plan on another floor, which may have some half timbered extensions, and a roof top access. Interior-wise, the bottom floor has the dungeon and cellar. The middle will have a small hall and for the top I think a bed chamber makes sense. I want to add details to this section like torches on the walls, trophies, other decorations. I’ll add more pictures of the half timbered house I’ve started, as well as other sun builds and progress pictures as I go, as well as the figs I think will inhabit here. I welcome feedback and suggestions for other details and sub builds. Thank you for taking the time to go through this.
  25. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a fantasy novel by C. S. Lewis, published in 1950. It is the first published and best known of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia. I have built this LEGO layout together with my mother Anne Mette: Link to photos on Flickr: It will be exhibited at Skærbæk Fan Weekend 23. - 24. of September 2023.