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  1. High in the mountains sits a small temple above a serene lake. Disturbed only by the sound of the falls, the mountain is home to a peaceful tribe of monks. This is a very large piece that I've worked on for several months now. See the flickr for more information: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nxtquy/31952169970/ Other side and overview shots:
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  3. quy

    MOC: Kinkaku-ji

    Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr Hey all, I just wanted to share the architecture model I created and finished as the Architecture contest comes to a close. I saw some very incredible entries and while I regret not entering myself, I was very inspired to build, something I have not been doing much this year. A few days ago I started building Kinkaku-ji, a building from Kyoto, Japan that's very well known. I saw both CarsonBrick's and Cecilie's models, which I thought were great at the Lego architecture scale. Unfortunately, I don't have much skill building small, so I went a little bit bigger with my rendition. The name means Temple of the Golden Pavilion, so like most of the builds of this famous temple I used yellow to get the bright golden color. This model was originally built for the contest, but during the build I decided to deviate from the standard Lego architecture style and just build it in my own style. I still use a few details typical of architecture sets such as the tiled border and the center nameplate. Main view. Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr Back view. Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr Close-up detail. Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  4. Oh, what an absolute beauty! You captured the building so well in bricks, and it looks so much like the Lego architecture style. Great job, and good luck with the contest!
  5. 20) Artist Entry (Build by lisqr) 2 points 30) The Monster Entry (Build by CorneliusMurdock) 1 point
  6. This is a creation that took about a month to complete. It is a diorama-sized minifigure scale interior of part of a building, measuring approximately 50 studs long by 20 studs deep. It is a peculiar subject since it was adapted from the unpopular anime series GOSICK, set within a fictional European country in the 1920s. This particular building is a tower library, with a circular interior, and what is shown here is just a section of the top floor of the tower. Most of the top floor is covered by a botanical garden, with a wide variety of plants. The stairs lead up to the top floor from the next lowest floor. 図書館 & 植物園 by quý, on Flickr The top floor is lit by a wall of windows. You can also see the elevator well from this angle. Above shot. The elevator and wood furnishings. Reference picture for the elevator. Here is an overall shot of the entire creation. 図書館 & 植物園 (2) by quý, on Flickr I know this creation isn't perfect (there were many places where I didn't have enough pieces to fix ), but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Have a good day!
  7. The winners have just incredible creations! I had no doubt that these entries would win. Now that the contest is finally over, I would like to point out that it probably wasn't the best idea to have a Direct-to-Customer design contest centered around the action themes, because D2C sets are more for adult fans and action sets are more for children and younger kids. However, I think that with so many kinds of entries (some focused on action, others on building technique) it certainly made the contest much more fun. I really hope that Eurobricks will have contests like this one in the future!
  8. Musketeer entry, built in an early-modern-period european-style theme. musketeer_vignette by quý, on Flickr musketeer_vignette by quý, on Flickr That was very fun, I must say for something so small!
  9. quy

    D2C Contest: PQ Museum Raid

    I agree that it should be kept without tiles. It would probably look much better with tiles, but as you pointed out most official sets don't have tiled interiors. The interior is designed very nicely even without tiles, but I especially like the work on the front of the building. That window in the center is great!
  10. That transforming play feature is the best! No, really, that is just genius.
  11. This is one of my favorite entries. I actually do recognize this from some reference material on the Ninjago website. There is lots of nice playability, and the layout is just fantastic. Some of the tiling is unnecessary (as it is not very visible). I particularly like the idea of splitting it into four modules.
  12. I think it would be easier for you to just edit your entry and put your second pic as your first.
  13. This is a work of art, a masterpiece. Many people seem to think that these entries need more action because they are in action themes, but before that they are direct to customer sets, which are aimed at older audiences. Wth the contest nearing a close, I feel like the focus on designing a realistic set that could actually have a high chance of being sold as a Lego product is being ignored in favor of what the older audience (us AFOLs) would want to see being sold. Great job, it seems like a wonderful size for a direct set.
  14. quy

    Stockholm Metro!

    I like the train, but mostly this creation just makes me really appreciate the amount of details you put into making this realistic and simply enjoyable. The platform is my favorite part, it just makes the whole thing complete.
  15. I agree. Lego designers need to start thinking big in order to sell to the older audience. As for this creation, you did just a wonderful job. The diorama fits perfectly (even if it is not part of the actual set).