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Found 8 results

  1. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  2. Canada Post Mail Truck Promotional set 107-2 from 1985, mocked as I would loved it to be re-produced by Lego, built in 4-studs wide (5-wide for the semitrailer) in order to fit better than the today's City vehicles on the Classic Town Legoland road plates. 01 - 2 by George Legoman, on Flickr 03 by George Legoman, on Flickr 04 by George Legoman, on Flickr 07 by George Legoman, on Flickr 08 by George Legoman, on Flickr 01 - 4 by George Legoman, on Flickr
  3. How much trouble have you had getting LEGO by mail? I once ordered a few parts on BrickLink from a seller in the Netherlands. He sent them by airmail the day after receiving payment. They took five weeks to reach me in the UK. Five weeks! It's hardly any distance at all. What took the Dutch/British postal systems so long? I thought that was bad until today. I received a BrickLink order this afternoon that was sent airmail from Germany. It took over seven weeks to reach me. Seven f"([<!~9 weeks! Unbelievable. What do British/German postal workers do all day because it certainly isn't collecting and delivering mail? In both cases, the item was addressed correctly, had sufficient postage and was going from a major city at the sender's end to a large, easily reached UK destination.
  4. __________________________


    Hello! I am mostly new to EB. I have a long history of building MOCs and modding sets. My Flickr page is . Some WIPs are only posted on EB. Have a good day!
  5. I know what you're thinking: this is simply a renamed Winter Village Post Office. Well, you'd be half right. It IS a post office mod, but only because I was struggling to come up with a use for this building, as I already have a Post office for my town. I finally came up with this: a old fashioned newspaper store. (NOTE: There are supposed to be printed 1x1 tiles saying "LEGO NEWS" on the 2x4 bracket seen in the main picture.) Welcome to LEGO NEWS. We stock many newspapers and magazines from all over the LEGO realm. We have the City Financial news, (crucial to any businessman) the Old Times, (for any nostalgic mini-fig), the Night Out, (catering to the denizens of the Monster Realm) and even the original LEGO News. (for just about anybody!) We also stock the Daily Prophet & the Quibbler (for any witch or wizard of any age), the Daily Bugle, (for your superhero fix) Yoda Chronicles (for your galactic news) and of course we have comics for the kiddies. Here we see the rear of the store, where newspapers are sorted and tied up for their deliveries to subscribers houses. We also see the car and camera of the lead reporter: she's the one who covered the Alien Conquest fiasco in 2011. Close up of the newspapers. Here we can see Night Out, City Financial News, LEGO News, & Old Times. LDD file: Thoughts, questions, & complaints are always welcome!
  6. The future. The world is overrun by zombies. (We're talking 28 Days later/World War Z zombies, not slow stumbling ones.) How can I keep my gf and two dogs safe??? My first thought is either by air, or by sea... A flying boat it is! I made this over the past month or so, I hope you like it! C&C welcome and appreciated (Sorry for the picture quality!) The Pelican On either side of the fuselage is an escape hatch, and a canopy Powered by two massive custom engines, with wide props designed for maximum pull In between the engines on the top of the plane is a custom quad-tank Nitrous injector which feeds directly into each engine. Quick getaways are a must when there are zombies in pursuit... Also helps in situations where there isn't much water to take off from. Behind the Nitrous injector is a small communications array In the rear is a ramp which descends to unload the Rhino (we'll get to the Rhino in a bit) In between the engines is the observation deck/quarters On the right is a computer, in the middle is the bed, and on the left is a telescope for making sure there is none of the undead lurking on the shore... The Interior In the front of course, is the flight deck On the left of the interior is the armoury On the right is the medical station, with a stretcher and the critical syringes of anti-bite for when a zombie gets a little too close... In the rear is the Rhino bay What could that small opening above the floor be??? That's right! You guessed it! The doghouse! Let's open the hatch and have a look inside... Half of the inside is the doghouse, with an A/C/Heater unit. There is also a food dish, and a water bowl which feeds from a tank in the cabin The other half is shared by the Nitrous tank recharge station, and the safe. (I know, who needs treasure in the apocalypse, but whatever!) The rear section is reserved for my all terrain vehicle, the Rhino. The Rhino The engine, as you could have guessed has a Nitrous tank for quick boosts of speed when needed And away we go! Thanks for looking! To end things off, I made a small diorama so we could slaughter some zombies... I prefer the shotgun approach... While my beb prefers the flamethrower Thanks for checking it out!!!!!
  7. WhoKnowPaper


    I don't like showing my official name on *le internet, but i love LEGO, and i make a lot of mocs and i'm 13. I make quite advanced mocs, when i build, i am here on Eurobricks because i thought you guys could help me when i am wondering about things. That's basically it! :D