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Found 34 results

  1. Hello! This time other fraction, Wolfpack. This is one of my favourite nation of Lego Castle. Maybe that gatehouse will be a part of something bigger :) I want to build big fortress based on modular elements, which could be useable in other models. But I’m not sure that my computer has enough power, we will see ;) Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr Wolfpack’s Stronghold Gatehouse by Ryszard Bosiak, on Flickr
  2. Don't miss Part One. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conrad stood up, walked to the chained man, and slapped his face. The crack would be louder, but the sack on the head absorbed the sound. -"Hmpf.." -grimaced Conrad and sit back to his seat. Again, silence filled the room. The noise of the mice was long gone, maybe their honeymoon was ended, and went back, deeper in the wall. Scarlet watched the mercenary. He looked sad and care-worn. The last few minutes of their shared past left a deep scar in his soul. He just looked out from his head. She felt pity for him, and she was the reason. There must be a way to cheer him up! -"And do you remember..." - she stopped to adjust her dress. -"How we second met?" A small smile appeared on Conrad's face. -"Aye" - he replied. -"You didn't change a bit, like... those years didn't have been passed. -"And how did you found me in Illaryian? I thought I was able to leave everyone and everything behind." -"I didn't go there, to looking for you. I was hoping to recruit some new members to my army, then I heard the familiar phrase, which haunted me for weeks... Do you want to know how I got these scars" -"I remember another thing, which caused more trauma to you" - giggled Scarlet. -"Sorry, but what were you expect, when you walk behind a woman, who is busy with her future client. And interrupt my introduction with: 'Still don't know, but I can carve you another" Unpleasant feeling swept through Conrad's body and stopped at his groin. After many battles, this one kick hurt him the most. Between his legs, and in his manhood. -"I still wonder, how were you able to alert Lok and Zan, to aid you." - giggled Scarlet. -"I was wonder about that too, but the more curious part, how the hell was you so fast in those high-heeled shoes. Zan gives you a good chase if he wasn't able to follow you in the narrow alleys, we would never found your secret hideout." -"Darlin, you weren't the first, who tried to surprise me from behind.That was a night of miracles." - The woman kept her smile. -"But the sewer under Illaryian is a maze! How were you able to follow me down there?" -"Zan's keen nose was able to smell out your perfume in that stench." - Conrad stopped here, to see the woman's reaction. -"But your ripped skirt also helped. We found many shreds of cloth on the way. After a while, we only followed the strange voices." Scarlet remembered as her boss cut many of the bars of the sewer, so his henchmen and girls can move freely under the city. In her hurry, she forgot the sharp edges of the bars, and after a few corners, her skirt just fell off. -"Oh, and ..." - continue Conrad" -"What the hell was Z'avo?" -"No one really knew him." - she replies. -"Someone said this happens, when you flush a snail in the sewer." -"He looked furious." -"No way! And you figured it out on your own?" - mocked him the woman. -"Well, he didn't welcome us, instead he sent his henchmen, to deal with us... Thanks to you." -"For me?" - Scarlet's tone was a bit furious. -"It wasn't me, who arrived uninvited!" -"True, but you showed the way." - smiled the mercenary. The woman's face was red, as her corset. She knew Conrad was right. And this made him attractive. -"Yes, but without my help, you wouldn't hade a chance." - she turned to Conrad and changed her redness into a smile. -"Indeed. Z'avo's life of crime ended on that day, by your hand." - smiled the mercenary. Scarlet saved that day. -"This was the second reason I offered you, to our little brotherhood." -"The second?" - she smiled too. -"What was the first reason? -"You own me something. Either way, you pay it back or give me, what I paid for." -"Here?" - she smiled, as she grabbed her skirt, and pulled a little up, so her ankle become visible. -"Now?" - her tone become much softer. -"What about him?" - she pointed with her head to the captive. -"I think he wouldn't mind it..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And for the fun part:
  3. [MOC] Exploring Enemy Territory, is a small 12x12 vignette of the Wolfpack archer drawing his bow deep in Forestmen territory. I built it back in June for the Instagram 2020 summer joust contest. The rogue archer with the Wolfpack crest from the series 16 minifigures is a favorite.
  4. kahir88

    The Wolves of Avalonia

    Now, I have finished all of my little wolves backstories, it is time, to collect all of them in one topic, so you guys don't have to spend hours to find all of them. The order of the links now in chronological order, not as I posted them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conrad the Sly. Leader of the Wolf Brigade, and Lord Protector of a small Avalonian country: Deep Garden. His story: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II A mercenary's story: Part III A mercenary's story: Part IV A mercenary's story: Part V A mercenary's story: Part VI. Epilogue ------------ Lok the Wild One. Former bandit and highwayman. After Conrad beat him in a duel, he and his crew joined the mercenaries. His story: Taming the Wild One ------------ Zan the Black Arrow. A killer and poacher. Conrad gave him a choice: the gallows, or to serve in his army. His story: I'm not afraid of wolves... ------------ Scarlet. Call her a harlot, or a whore, but know this. She is the only one, who was able to trick Conrad. Her story: The pup and the whore Part I. The pup and the whore Part II. ------------ Boris the Houndmaster. An old and famous bounty hunter. A reliable ally of the Wolf Brigade. His story: The Lone Wolf
  5. Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories: This is the story of Scarlet, the Courtesan. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Click* The door of the small cellar opened and filled with dim light from the other room. Three persons came in and strode down on the stairs. The first with light, soft steps, the second one with powerful steps, like he struggled with something. The third one slowly and accurately, watching to bang his head on every step. Scarlet quickly lighted the candle on the table, and while she lighted every other one in the room, Conrad chained the third person on the wall. - Alright. - Conrad put his hands together and turned to the woman. - Give him the antidote, and interrogate him. Darlin. - Smiled Scarlet. - If he didn't wake up after you dragged him down on the stairs, my potion won't make any difference. Conrad scratched his beard. -And how long should we have to wait? - I don't know that either darlin. He got too much from my cocktail, it would take a while. Scarlet was sure he heard a quiet curse from Conrad. The man turned around, and took two seats and hoarded in front of the chained man, and sit down on one. Scarlet joined him, on the other. They sat there for several minutes. Only the low sound of their prisoner's breath could be heard, and some mice screwing behind the wall. The woman noticed a small smile on Conrad's face, with a little blush. She was almost sure what was in his mind. - This reminds me... - broke the silence Conrad, but turned his head away, so the woman would think he searches the source of the mice behind the wall. His real intent was, to hide his blush and blithesome smile. - Do you remember... - How did we meet? - continue the woman, and she smiled the same was as his partner. - Of course darlin, that was a night, I can't forget easily. - and she winked, then paused for a moment. - I still can't believe, you chose me, to be your first. - Well, me either wasn't sure about that too. - continued the mercenary, and flashbacks came in in his mind. - It was after I received a larger amount of share from a previous encounter. We were in Avalonia, and our leader wasn't pleased with the local garrison status of prisoners. He called the day, and give us free time, till next sunrise. So we could spend some of our money. Back in the camp almost every night the main topic was about girls and women. I felt ashamed, cause I never shared a bed with one. And I taught this is my chance. To become a real man! - So, you walk in our brothel? - Yes, I walked in. The Madam was kind, she showed the establishment around, and started introduced the girls. Before I saw you, I almost choose the red-haired girl. - What? -giggled Scarlet. - Lice Lucy? Woaw, if you had chosen her, you would have been in more trouble. - she kept laughing. - Anyway... continued Conrad - You know the rest of the story. - Oh, I do! - stoped the laughing, but kept the smile on her face." - The last great deception of my life. Or at least I thought it would be that the last one... You could not look away from my breast. As soon as you made your choice, I grabbed your hand and suddenly we were in my room. Do you remember, what did I asked from you? -"Do you want to know how I got these scars." - answered Conrad. - Actually, you never told the story about how did you get them. -None of your business! - she replies - I used, to start the conversation. Like a little roleplay. But you were just stood there and didn't have any idea how to answer back to me. Then I understand the situation, so I changed tactics, and asked directly. But when I asked how to do it, you simply turned to red like a crab. And then you came up with that strange request... Where did you hear about that? - Some soldiers from the camp talked about this... Let's say.. It kept me awake for the next nights. - Truly, you couldn't make my job easier, maybe if you willingly gave it to my hands. - winkled the woman - I just simply tied you to the bed, as you requested and stuffed your mouth... - Catapult... - Conrad interrupted the story. Scarlet looked at him in confusion. - My safe word would be the catapult. Awkward silence. The mice stopped the act of their reproduction. Maybe one of them used their safe word too. - I never thought this could be any worse for you - said the woman, mixing pity and sarcasm in her tone. - Worser then letting me watching you, as you undress, then dress up, packing all your shit in a bag, including my whole payment, and bragging about leaving this hole, cause the Big City Life in Varlyrio. - mimicking the quotation mark with his hands. - I was different back then. I just wanted to leave Avalonia, and all the bad memories behind, and start a new life on the island. Well, I thought I could... - she paused. - In fact, you never told me, what happened to you afterward? - I hade plenty of time thinking." - Conrad recalled most of his thought, how to torture the woman, who robed and humiliated him on that night. Including Whipping, drowning, maybe impaled. - No one was looking after me in the night. Only in the morning, came my boss accompanied by the madam, to find my naked, and tied to the bed. On that day, I learned an important lesson. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here, for part two.
  6. sander1992

    [MOC] Ghostly Hideout

    Hi everyone, It all started with a conversation on the LowLUG forum and someone said that he missed both the Wolfpack sets. I said that a lot of people don't know that there are 3 sets in the Wolfpack subtheme. I bought the set (1596) with 5 other special Castle sets (including Forestmen's Crossing) a few years ago. This is my own version of set 1596: Ghostly Hideout. Sander
  7. A mercenary's story: Part VI (epilogue) If you missed, here is the previous parts: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II A mercenary's story: Part III A mercenary's story: Part IV A mercenary's story: Part V Home sweet home! Conrad returned to his homeland after so many years. While he was away, the local lord gave a name to this region of Avalonia. They call it now Deep Garden, after the place is a bit under the sea level, and full with orchards. Conrad arrived at Rosebury, the biggest town in the region, where he and his father went on markets day. He left his followers here, and he went, to find his parents home. He found it, or at least the ruins of it. He didn't find anyone there, just a sole tombstone. So he went to the nearby farm, maybe, someone could explain what happened here. The neighbor was new too, he bought the farm from the previous owner, Conrad was glad, cause he used to steal apples from that neighbor. But, he wasn't so informative, he told Conrad what he knew about his family. The last three or four winter was really harsh. And the crops wasn't much, in those years. The lord, who named the region, eventually run out of money, after the exports, to keep his subjects fed, and to try grown new crops. One day he disappeared without any trace, some says, he traveled to Kaliphlin, to start over his fortune again. And he left everything behind. The soldiers without their payment left the region, or in the worst case, they went rogue and started pillaging the remaining supplies what we had. And Conrad's family was one of the victims. He heard about two male corpses. When Conrad asked about his mother and sisters and the tombstone, the neighbor knew little about them. The tombstone was raised for a women, maybe for his mother. And her sisters were married to someones Conrad was shocked, he blamed himself for he wasn't here, when the bandits attacked his home. But he quickly realized, he couldn't do anything to save his family, and it's sure, he would be dead too. He returned to Rosebury, to his men. They didn't go for the promised adventure, what Conrad told them. They spend the night here, Conrad wasn't able to sleep, many thoughts harassed him during the night. He felt bad, for what happened here, while he was away, but maybe this was his fate. Maybe every action what he made, lead him to this. Maybe it was the time, to show the world, what did he learn. The next day they armed themselves and rushed into the town hall. The mayor of the town become pale as snow when he saw the armed warriors walking inside in the room, demanding his presence. But Conrad quickly told him, what is this all about, and offered him his help. In the afternoon, all of Deep Garden knew about the new martial law, which was lead by Conrad. He promised, to take the position, as Protector of Deep Garden. He also promised, he would solve the bandit problem, and find a way, so Deep Garden can prosper again! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And this is the end of Conrad's backstory. I really enjoyed the writing, the building, to show you guys, how did I imagine my sigfigs story, and how did he become part of Historica. It took longer than I expected, challenges, CCC, real-life things, but it is finally done! For my next builds and stories, now you know Conrad the Sly, but not yet know the stories of his closes friends: Zan, Lok, and Boris. They all have their little backstories, how they joined to Conrad's army. There will be more twists, more action, more dark humor, and of course, more Builds!
  8. Many of you guys already told the backstories of your SigFigs. Now is the time, to I join too. Hear the story of Conrad, the Sly Many of the ladys and lords of Historica came from great families. Legendary ancestors, heroes, merchants, explorers. But there are, who didn'tcame from a wealthy family, like Conrad. Conrad was a middle child of an Avalonian farmer. His early years, he lived, as the other kids, in the countryside, Helped his family, around the house and farm all day, and sometimes he played with the other kids, like cow tipping, ferret legging. But one night he overheard his parents talk, and he learned that night. The truth. And what fate, his parents planned for him. As the second son, he can't inherit anything from them, cause his older brother will inherit it. They wanted him, to become a priest. "- A priest? -he asked him self...- I show them... I will become the greatest warriorin the world! Not a muttering monk..." The next night, when everyone sleept, he got away. Grabed his slingshot, and jumped over the fence. The night, the wilderness, the thrill called him. "- I will show them" -repeted him, as he gone in the darkness... Follow his story, to learn how this farmboy become a fearless mercenary...
  9. kahir88

    The Lone Wolf

    Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories: This is the story of Boris, the Houndmaster. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conrad was happy like a child. After many years of only hearing about the most famous bounty hunter on this side of the Rakath Mountains, he finally meets him. Boris acquired quite a fame during his long working years. It says if you want to get rid of someone, the hardest part, to find Boris. After that, you can rest assure, cause Boris always finds his target. - I told you, boy! - grumbled the old bounty hunter to Conrad. - I'm not interested in your boy scouts team. Sod off! Conrad didn't intend to give up that easy. If he could recruit the old man, his mercenary army can be more reliable. A famous person in their ranks, he needs to break his stubbornness. - But Boris. Your name is known for decades. But let's face it, you grew old. There will be a day when you won't be able to complete your task, and your fame will pass away. - Conrad grabbed his cape and pulled it. cause a tree branch was stuck on it. - If you join us, you don't have to hunt alone anymore. We can provide you intel, gear, manpower. Whatever you need. - I'm never hunting alone! - said Boris, and pointed to his two hounds. - They always at my side. They are loyal, never whining for a share. - he stopped and looked back to Conrad's escort. - Like most of the humans. - But... - Conrad wasn't able to continue, Boris raised his finger to his mouth signaling to be quiet. Then pointed to one of his hounds. The dog was motionless, her ears were raised, sniffing in the air. The other dog did the same. They were listening to a bush, a very suspicious bush. And then at the same time. The dogs charged to the bush and a shadowy figure jumped out and started running away from the pursuers. - Hah! I knew it! - Boris followed his hounds. - No one escapes from me. I don't need any help, especially from you boy! - We shall see it... - said Conrad in a lower voice, while smiled. Then ordered his men, to follow Boris. The pursuit didn't last for long. The wanted person quickly climbed up to a tree, with cats agility. The hounds followed and started barking at the tree. Soon, the others arrived. - Alright, come down. You can't escape. - shouted up Boris to the top of the tree. - We will see about that! - said the runaway in a female voice. Woah, the old man didn't see that coming. With that said, the woman continued her escape, by jumping to a tree to tree. - As you wish! - Boris puts a bolt in his crossbow and lifts it. - You will be good as dead. - and he aimed. But he was old, as Conrad mentioned earlier. He tried to focus on the women, but she was faster. He scratched his eyes and lifted his crossbow again to shoot, but it didn't help. The woman was a blurred point now. The old man put down his weapon and looked to the smiling Conrad. He was angry. - Alright, alright! - shouted to him. - Don't just smile there, and help me get her down here! - Aaaand? - asked Conrad with a bigger smile. Conrad was victorious once more: - Alright Scarlet, we got him! - shouted to the woman. For Boris surprise, the women stopped and started jumping back. She arrived at the tree, where she started and jumped down. - What the hell? What is the meaning of this, answer me! - he was completely lost. - Calm down, darling. - the women asked nicely, while she removed the hood. She has a scar across her face. Then she turned to Conrad: - Did it worked? Is he with us? - Not yet. But he said, if I get you down here, he will reconsider my offer. - Oh, you son of a ... - a loud bird tweeted not far away. - You tricked me! It was all your plan, isn't it? - Your mind is sharp as ever. - said Conrad, and reached for a pouch of coin, to pay Boris. - She is Scarlet. She works for us too. - the women bowed. - This was the only way to meet with you. I still ask you to come and be part of our army. Now you admit it too, you need some help, and we also need you. Boris looked at Conrad. If you could kill someone by looking... He took the money and grumbled something, then whistled to his hounds and left the mercenaries. - Is this is a yes? - Asked Conrad with hope in his voice. - As I said. - Boris didn't turn back, to answer him. - I will reconsider it. - You know where to find us! - shouted Conrad. Boris stopped and turned back. He also smiled: - I always find who I'm looking for...
  10. frumpy

    MOC - Mill Raid

    Hi All, Here are some photos of a classic castle build I made last year. It is my take on the Village Mill raid set from a few years back but with classic castle factions (Crusaders and Wolfpack). Cheers.
  11. Hello everyone . A week ago I made a new castle wolfpack and I've added things lately . I hope you like it.
  12. Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories: This is the story of Zan, the Black Arrow. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was almost autumn, in the same year after meeting with Lok. Conrad was traveling with some soldiers, to find a new recruit. This time, a psychopath. His name was Zanzarah, he is an expert archer, many claims, he is better than most of the elves. A wanted person, for murdering, poaching and stealing... but mostly for murdering. Conrad was hoping, he would join them, or at least take the huge price for his head. His small party was approaching Zanzarahs last known location, a ruined tower inside the forest known as Deep Grove. The watchtower was built to keep away poachers and keep the forest safe. Ironic, now it is a hideout of a wanted murderer. The tower was in sight, stood in the middle of a grove. When they arrived at the border of the grove unusual sight welcomed them. The place was littered with skeletons, all of them died in the same range. None of them was nearer to the tower. The last victim was a young boy he was picking mushrooms. Looks like he ventured too close to the tower, poor soul. Conrad checked the boy. He was already cold and pale, maybe he was killed in the morning. He wasn't older than Conrad when he roamed the forests. - We will bury him, but first, we have business here. - gave the order Conrad, and slowly started to approach the tower. Suddenly, an arrow landed next to him. It came from the tower, as a warning. And if this wasn't enough, another warning came from the same direction. - That's close enough! - came the shout from the tower. - I already killed today. You should feel your self lucky, Go now, or the next arrow won't be a warning. - Zanzarah! I am Conrad, leader of a mercenary group. I'm here to talk to you! - shouted back to the tower, while he took two steps back. - I have an offer for you! - I don't wanna talk. Go and talk to your man, and leave me like the rest of the world. I'm not afraid of wolves...- shouted back the tower. A tough talker. This taught ran through Conrad's mind. Negotiation won't help this situation, maybe threatening... - You can't hide forever! Sooner or later someone will hire Boris... - Conrad took a pause in his speech, to give a weight it. - He will come for you, and there will be no mercy... Silence, no reply. - Alright! - came the answer finally. - If you can reach me in the tower, I will hear your offer. Before Conrad was able to react, one of his soldier step forward, and offered his service: - Boss, let me help you! - he raised his thick shield. - Stay behind me. - with that said, he started advancing to the tower. He didn't reach the border of the grove. A loud crack and he fell backward. The arrow penetrated the shield and killed the soldier with one shoot. This would be a remarkable feature if this act didn't cost one of Conrad's men's live... - I said, only you alone must come! - shouted the tower again. Conrad had to choose which is deadlier, the arrows, or the threats. - Or leave! To show you how generous can I be, I let you bury the deads. Conrad ordered his man, while he started removing his armor. - Boss, shouldn't you wear any protection against him? - Armor won't help in this situation. - he removed his shirt too. - I must rely on speed, to reach him. He took a deep breath, planned his path and start running. He quickly changed direction and rolled two, to reach a trunk. He was right, the next two arrows landed behind him. Behind the trunk, he panted: "Damn, he is fast..." thoughted Conrad. But before he could continue with his thoughts, he heard a crack above his head. "Damn!" And he jumped away from the trunk before the next arrow penetrated it. He remained out of sight. - Hey Conrad! If you still draw breath, wave out from the tree! Haha! - again, the shout came from the tower. Conrad was trapped. He was sure his next move will be his last. He saw the trunk with two arrows, the path in the leaves from the jump.... Leaves. Got it! He quickly signaled his men and told them his new plan. ... Meanwhile, in the tower, Zanzarah was waiting for Conrad's next move. - Which way will you jump away from behind that trunk? - smiled the archer. - I bet you will go right... They always go right. But something wasn't right. No movement from the leader. And then he saw it. Fiery arrows. Came from the forest, but only reached the bottom of the tower. Not reaching the tower itself. - Amateurs... - thought Zanzarah. - You must come closer to smoke me out of this tower. Sadly, if you came closer, you will die. But this time he was wrong. The dry leaves catch on fire and the dense smoke covered the entire tower. The archer damned their luck, he quickly tore his clothes and covered his face. He tired to look outside, but the smoke covered the place. - Clever move... *cough* - smiled the archer behind his mask. But before he could say another word, down there, the door smashed open, and footsteps can be heard on the stairs. - Damn! -turned Zanzarah around and aimed to the hatch, while counted the steps. The tower has fifty stairs, and a ladder to the top. He knew it, cause he had to climb it every day. - Forty-four.... forty-five... - continue the counting. - Come on thee more! Forty-eight.. forty-nine... And silence... only the crackle of the fire can be heard. He was beneath the archer, only the hatch separated them from each other. Zanzarah was ready to fire his arrow. He held his breath, the next breath would end in coughing. He was wondering, how Conrad wants to reach him, in caution open the hatch with something. Or will he charge in? No one will ever know how the mercenary leader wanted to reach the top of the tower. Zanzarah couldn't hold back his breath any longer, he took his last breath. He was right, and he hated when he was right. He coughed... His location was revealed. But it was too late for him. A loud crack could be heard from beneath his feet, and before he could react, another followed it, and the whole floor collapsed, and both he and the furniture fall down to the next level of the tower. When he freed himself from the debris, Conrad was already there, stand next to him, with his axe. Zanzarah looked around, his bow was far away, and his arrows were scattered. This was truly a defeat. He was escorted down, during that time, the mercenaries take out the fires, and waited for their leader. - So, what's next? To the authorities? - asked Zanzarah. - Maybe. - replied Conrad, while he re-equipped his armor. - Or you can hear my offer. Join us! You won't be a wanted person any longer. Don't have to hide in the forest, and fight for survive. - he paused. - And thanks to you, there is a job opportunity in our ranks. There won't be a next time If you won't take it now... - Then, mercenary life, or the gallows? You gave my tough choice. - scratched his neck the archer. - But sounds good to me this new life. Today, Zanzarah died in the tower. Call me Zan. My friends called me that if I had one...
  13. soccerkid6

    Wolfpack Keep

    This was my eighth entry for the Colossal Castle Contest XVI, in the Classic Castle category. Like the original Wolfpack sets, I used primarily black walls with bley accents, red roofs, and even included a few dark gray parrots. A hinging portion and removable wall give access to the full interior. The bandit wolfpack’s keep is set on a small lake deep in one of Mitgardia's many forests. It serves as their permanent base of operations. A sturdy drawbridge is the only way to access the fortress, and its secluded position has kept it safe so far from any large scale attacks by the jarl’s soldiers. Plenty more pictures can be seen on Brickbuilt. Feedback always appreciated
  14. A mercenary's story: Part V If you missed, here is the previous parts: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II A mercenary's story: Part III A mercenary's story: Part IV Days passed since Conrad had blood on his hands. After that day, he becomes an official member, of the army. The leader employed him, as his squire. He kept his armor clean, and his weapons sharp. He allowed the boy, to sleep in his tent, so the others can't bother him. After the first month, he received his first payment. Conrad never saw that many coins. Actually, he never saw any... In return, later he taught him. First, reading and writing, after that, strategies, tactics, and the arts of war. The boy was happy, after many years, he found his place in the world. After a few months, he was allowed, to train with the other soldiers. Conrad was trained in every type of weapons. From swords to archery, he tried to master them all. He even was able, to learn some use of exotic weapons too. The others started to like the boy. His spirit was inspiring to others too, to everyone become better. Many days had passed, they become weeks, and weeks become months. The months become years, and finally, a decade has passed. The boy was not a boy anymore, but a young man. Trained in the arts of war. Conrad becomes the leaders most favorited soldier. Later he was tasked, to go on recruit missions. During that time, he earned his title: Conrad the Sly. He earned it, with the methods, he used, to persuade the new recruits, to join. Again, another few years have passed. Conrad becomes more experienced and becomes more valuable to the army. The leader even chose him, to become one of his generals. He ordered his own recruited soldiers in battles. In fact, his men were trained not to face the enemies face to face. He preferred a more subtle approach, to deal with his enemies. But every good has to end somehow. A soldiers life is always full of wars and conflicts. It was the time when Revolword rebelled, and he released the elemental monsters to conquer Historica. The mercenaries were hired too, by the lords of Historica to help defeat this threat. For them, it was easier to send former criminals to die, then their own men. A battle against the elemental monsters and their masters was the mercenaries last battle. During their last battle, the leader was killed, and many of the soldiers used this, to abandon the fight in the chaos. After the disaster, the remaining generals of the army wasn't able to choose a new leader among them, so they decided to disband the remnants of the army. Many of Conrad's recruits wanted to follow him. He planned to go home, show his parents what he has become after many years. And after that, he could start adventuring. The story will end here.
  15. kahir88

    Taming the Wild One

    Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories: This is the story of Lok, the Wild One. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few years ago, Conrad was traveling through Avalonia, with some of his soldiers, and two new potential recruits. They had to venture through a small forest, known as the Thin Forest. The forest got its name, by growing along next to a small river centuries ago. The only way to cross the river, on a small bridge. And Conrad was sure, the bridge wasn't occupied, when they crossed it from the other side. A young boy, wearing leather armor customized to fit for his size, stood on the middle of the bridge. -What's the matter, boy? - started Conrad. - Are you lost? - All who wishes, to cross this bridge must pay its toll! - the boy didn't show any fear against the armed men. -When I crossed this bridge not long ago, there wasn't any toll for crossing it. - Conrad tried to resolve this small conflict with peace. He admired the boy for his courage. He reminds him when he was that young. - And what's the toll? - Five golden coins! - came the answer. - Hah, that's not much for... - ...Per person for the crossing! - the boy interrupted Conrad with his sentence. Conrad was amazed. He wasn't prepared for that answer. His pouch wasn't empty, but he could spend that much gold for other things, more important. He turned around and start counting his soldiers, and captives. At halfway he stopped. He felt he was fooled. He turned back to the boy: - Alright boy, here is the deal: let us cross your bridge and we won't slap you, while we crossing it. - Conrad allowed himself a smug smile. - Can you count how many slaps will you get, if you being so stubborn? - Non! - replied the boy with such bravery. - Cause the others will beat the gold out of you! - He whistled, and the Thin Forest filled up with bandits. Conrad was sure, there were more human in this small section of the forest, then trees. For last, a large brute arrived at the scene, wielding a staff. He leads them, Conrad made the conclusion. - Alright... - his voice was calm and powerful. - The toll raised. Handle over all of your weapons, and equipment, and be gone! Conrad was in bigger trouble than this, but he had to think fast. He had to come out from this situation as a winner. He looked around a bunch of lowlifes, dwelling in the forest. Living day by day, with no future. He remembered how harsh was for him. That's it! - And what if I offer you something instead... - the brute raised his eyebrow, above his intact eye. - I'm offering you, and your man a chance. Work for me, I can give you a home, food, and payment. No longer have to live in the forest, rob others to survive another day! I know how hard the forest can be, be reasonable, think for your people! The bandits looked at each other with questions on their faces. Their leader saw them too it was tempting to accept it, but he didn't want to lose their freedom. He also had to think fast: - You say you know how hard to live in the forest. - he took the staff from the boy. - Then you know it rules. We follow only the strongest. Beat me! - and he threw the staff to Conrad. - And we will follow you. - And if you win? - asked Conrad while he put down his weapons and armor. - I guess you still take our wealth and equipment, right? - I heard they give good money for slaves in Varlyrio... - smiled the brute. This gave Conrad the creeps. If the duel was about smiling, Conrad was surely lost it. They stepped on the bridge railing and looked to each other. For the spectators, it felt like an eternity. Then, the brute grabbed the staff with both hands and started swinging wildly. Conrad considers to not parry them, only to dodge them, and find his opponents weak point. After a few unsuccessful strikes, the bandit decided, to change his tactics, he started swinging more rapidly, more wildly. Conrad used this as an advantage and after a dodge, he hit the brutes knee. He roared in anger and pain, then he raised the staff above his head to strike down. Again, Conrad was faster and hit his chin. He lost his balance and to regain it, he had to step back. But Conrad was counting on this, he struck the staff behind his opponent, and pushed him. His own weight does the rest. Birds flew away when the quiet of the forest was disturbed with a loud splash. And another. Everyone was watching the water, under the waterfall. -Bruaaahhh! - surfaced the brute. The temperature of the water surely helped him, not to blown up, from his anger. He swam to the shore, where one of his men helped him out, he looked up. Conrad stood on the conquered bridge. The rest of the spectators, both bandits and mercenaries were looking at him and waiting for his answer. He blow some water out of his nose, he felt the bruise on his chin, but the cold water eased his pain. The others still waited for his answer. - Let it be. - came the answer at last. - If you lead, we will follow you. Both sides started to cheer. Conrad not only recruited new members for his army but found someone who will be his loyal friend. There was one more formality... - We not yet introduced our self. I am Conrad the Sly. The leader of the Wolf Brigade mercenary group. - You can call me Lok. Lok the Wild One...
  16. Barqa is a huge and beautiful city. Full of life, both day and night. Every one in the city can find a way, to entertain themselfs. Like the wealthier, they visit many of the bath-houses in the city, both locals and new comers alike. They come to relax, have conversations, met with important peoples, and so on. Like the four higher ranking gentlemen, they are here to talk to each other, but not about trading, or the daily life in the city. The topic is politics: "- We are in big trouble gentlemen." - the dark skinned man started the conversation. He looked like a retired soldier from old wars. "- If we don't came up with something, Kaliphlin is doomed." "- Not just Kaliphlin, all of Historica! "- corrected the old noble in the green turban. "- Our queen is inexperienced too rule, and she must listen, to her royal council." "- This is the problem! She listens! But not to they, who have lived in Historica for decades. But to a foreigner!" - grumbled the third man, and smashed his fist in the water. "- I agree with Achatius. That... N'ri causes more more trouble, than we could handle." - said the feline, and took another piece of grape, from the nearby plate. "- We got our own problems, and now what? He advised her, to make shows to the public... from our treasury!" "- And she also neglects the problem with the Desert King!" - Achatius smashed the water again, creating small waves, and splatering water out from the bath. "- Keep your temper young friend." - the old noble tried to calm him down. He was cautious. "- We don't want anyone, to know more about our little plot." "- Agreed..." - said again the feline, then spit the grape seed out, before reaching for another one. "- I would say, it's time to take action, and find a way to solve our problem with the Desert King. The queen and the others are distracted with the shows and charity..." "- Yes, but it must be subtle. We already had a civil war, we don't want to start another one." - the soldier leaned back, and stroked his beard. "- If we can hire some one..." "- Excuse me..." - came the voice from behind them. While they were arguing, how terrible the new reign was, they hadn't noticed, some one apprach them. A man, with reddish hair and beard, stood next to the bath. A towel was wrapped around him, and he had left some wet footprints behind him, as he came hastily from the nearby pool. He continued: "- Can I join in?" - asked him. The nobles looked to each other, and then back, to the uninvited guest. the feline answered him: "- Sorry good man, this is a private bath." - and made a hand gesture, to shoo him. "- I meant, in the conversation." - smiled the man. "- I told you to keep your temper..." - whispered the old noble to Achatius, while the four men looked to each other again. "- As my friend, Ja'hirr said, this is a private bath. Are you eavesdropping us?" - the noble raised his voice. "- No, it wasn't my intent, to eavesdrop your conversation, but your other friend made some spectacular show with the water..." - the old noble looked to Achatius with a, "I told you" look... "- I wanted to see it, from the first row!" With that said, he droped his towel, and squeezed in between Ja'hirr and the soldier. He smiled, as he looked to the nobles: "- And also your talking can be heard in the whole bath-house..." - the nobles quickly regretted, letting him in. "- But don't worry my lords, for I can give you a solution to your... problem." "- How?" - asked the soldier suspiciously, while looking to the other nobles. "- We do not yet know you, introduce your self first!" "- I was tasked, not to reveal my self too soon, but..." - he reached for his towel, and took a small insignia, It was a wolfs head on agreen field. "- Let this talk instead of me." "- Wolf Brigade!" - the dark skinned soldier quicky recognized it. "- Mercenaries from Avalonia... What is your business here wolf?" "- To aid you, in your little plot against some one." - he put away his insignia. "- Lets say, hes followers can be victims of a desert bandit, attack. Or some natual disaster, preying animals, and so on. The southern regions of Historica are unpredictable, but you already know this." - smiled the mercenary. The nobles were shocked. They looked to each other, they had questions and opinions, but no one dared to speak. Zan, the Black Arrow looked around in satisfaction. The next task, what was given by Conrad was complet. He reached for his towel once more, stood up and wrapped it around him. The next phase is about to begin... "- I must excuse you my lords, but I can't tell you more here. If you are interested in working with us, we must meet in a not so public place." - he stepped out from the bath. "- Meet with me in the The Tasty Cobra tavern tomorrow at night, and I will tell you more." - with that said, he bowed, and left. The nobles once more looked to each other. What they talked further more, they did in secret. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A long waited building is finally done! I always wanted to build a turkish bath styled bath-house. And also it was a perfect time, pick up again, and continue the little story, I started almost two years ago. And I wanted to share more pictures about the bath-house too. Enjoy: Hydrotherapy bubble bath. His expression tells us everything... Withouth the figs.
  17. Northgrove is a small hamlet, near the north border of the region. The last destination for Conrad, to visits the hamlets storehouse. The Queen's lieutenant came to the mercenary leader, and took half of the winters stock, without permission. Altho, he left some hefty sacks of gold, as payment. "-And with what should i fed my soldiers? With coins" - Conrad's commentary still haunts his mind. The lieutenant didn't looked back with his answer: "- This is not my problem, you got plenty of storehouses across Deepgarden, solve it!" He still grumbled, while got of the cart,with the workers: - Moron, he thinks, i got time for this... Meanwhile, in the storehouse, the keeper just finished the charts. He heard a cart stoping nerby, then knocking on the window. He opened it, a man stood befor him, black hair and beard, wearing armor, with a wolf insignia. He never met with the defender of this region, but he had a guess who stands befor him. - Greetings good man, I would like to see the stocks in this storehouse. - Sure,amoment please. - answered the keeper, and picked up the keys, and went to the door. Conrad came in, signaling to the workers, to wait outside. The keeper ran back to his desk, took the charts and gave it to Conrad. - Is there a problem my Lord? - asked the keeper humbly. - Yes, there is... But a little reorganization could solve it. - and with that, he gave back the paper, and turned to the workers: - Alright boys, load the cart, with the followings...
  18. - Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Knight's Quest! - the men announcing the event, on top of the stage. - I'm your host, Rolet de Rivel, and also welcome Syelrehe! - Hi there! - the elf woman waved, and smiled to the crowd. - We got a specal guest here! - Rolet continued. - The last years champion, of Knight's Quest, Lance A'lot! - Just call me Lance. -Smiled, and waved the young knight. - Alright Lance, lets start it. There are so many, who don't know, what is Knight's Quest. Please, tell us more what is it. The knight coughed, to clear his throat. He was expecting, to introduce the race, but he was a bit nervous, in front of so many people, who came to see the entertainment. - Knight's Quest, is a sports entertainment competition. The competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses, similar what a really knight must face during their heroic quest. - Sounds fun! - said Syelrehe, trying to look like, she isnt here, because she looks pretty. - In deed Syelrehe! - noded Rolet. - but there can't be fun, without a little danger, am I right Lance? - Yes, the obstacles are dangerous, but not deadly. If you are unlucky, you will have some bruises. - Don't worry folks, the previous competitor is good hands, But let see, the next one! He is climbing up the ladder, and ready to go! Lance, can you narrate us through the obstacles, as the competitor progress? - Sure Rolet! - and both the knight and the two hosts turned around, to see the show, and narrate it. - The first obstacle is the moat. You must cross it, on the wooden logs, without falling in the water. - Next, you must climb up, to the tower. The wind working againts you, and you have only a hanging vine, on the walls of the tower. - Now, you are inside, the crumbling castle! Make hast and cross the ruined hall, befor the celling falls down! - Watch out! in the courtyard, there are the lackeys of the Black Knight. You must avoide them! - And the all time favorite, the Pendulum of Death! You must get over it, in the right mome... Ugh.. well, that wasn't the right moment... The herald of the race quickly ordered the troll, to stop the mechanism, so the cleaning brigade can clean up the bloody mess, at the end of the race. - And thats all folks! - ended the grievous moments Rolet. - We thank again for Lance, to come up here on the stage, and tell us more about Knight's Quest! - the knight smiled and went down from the stage. Rolet continued: - and we will stay here, for the rest of the month, so if you think, you are brave enough, comeand try out Knight's Quest! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope most of you will enjoy it, cause I really liked to creat this gauntlet style entertainment. I was inspired, from the "First Knight" movie, where Richard Gere beats it, for a kiss. Oh, didn't I mentioned, the whole race was designed, to move. So, you don't have to imagine the crumbling halls, or crossing the moat part. Checkthis video out: And also, some pictures too: "What dou you mean, You need to be this tall?" "Do you want a lick Mr. Troll?"
  19. I did not lost! Just had a really s#@& years end in my workplace,and also tried to build a couple of entries to the CCC, (if any of you interested) I returned, and I will continue Conrad's strory,but first, the Bread and Circuses Challenge! To understand my C category entry, we must look back to that point, when Conrad ordered three of his most trusty generals, in secret missions. (here is the recap: Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Zan the Black Arrow. Zan was tasked to travell south, to the sandy land of Kaliphlin, with a small company of mercenaries. They traveled in secret across Avalonia. When they crossed the border, they were advised by a merchant, to buy a camel, it will help their journey. - Stuborn animal... Come on! - one of the soldier beging for the camel, while trying to force his will on the animal. - I told you, camelss are different from horses. - the other mercenary tired to caml the other down. - Can you remember the command word? - "Can you remember the command word?" - the mercenary stopped pulling the camels chains and started mimicing the other. - Wanna try it smartass? If Zan didn't arrive, the two soldier surely kill each other. - What are you arguing again morons? We must reach Barqa, as the boss tasked us, and you two thought it woud be a good time, to show which one has a bigger mouth? - he went to the camel, picked up the chains and pulled it. - Hut hut hut! - said the words, and repeated the pulling, and repeated the words again. The camel started to move again, the two soldiers was speechless. Zan gave the end of the chain to one of them, and continued the journey. He looked back: - When this is over, I will advise Conrad, to teach all of you some command words...
  20. A mercenary's story: Part IV If you missed, here is the previous parts: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II A mercenary's story: Part III It was a middle aged man, in a black armor, he greeted the jailor, and started talking. The outside noise was louder, Conrad didn't heard, what was the talk between the mysterious visitor and the jailor. But after that, the jailer took the key from the wall, and opened the door, then escorted the prisoners up, to the courtyard. It was great to feel the sun again, the fresh air too. They were lined up, Conrad noticed, there are others in black armor too. His thoughts was confirmed, mercenaries... Their leader, started walking front of them, and had a speech. He came here, to gave them a second chance, to make things right. His habit, to recruit from prisons, so able arms which can wield weapons, don't wasted. And also, the lords of Historica agreed on that, it's always more expensive to keep up prisons, and to send convicts, to battle, then their own mens. The leader offered them the same: remain here, and die on the next day, or he recruit them, but they must follow his rules. Conrad and some of the criminals accepted the offer, they stepped foward. While they were handcuffed, the leader arranged the paperwork, and they were escorted out from the courtyard. The mercenary camp wasn't too far, they arrived in the afternoon. They were escorted in a large tent, full with other, new recruits, and other soldiers. Conrad sat down in to a corner, hi was tired, he didn't eat well in the last few days. He fell asleep quickly. He was wakedby a soldier. He orderd him, to get up, and go outside, cause the leader wanted him too, to see following event. He went out, and saw the others,gathered. The soldier escorted him in to the front of the crowd. Then he understand whats happening here. He saw the leader, a huge sword, and two, who came with him from the prison. The leader started his speech again: "- Some people don't deserve second chance. It's a shame there is always some one, who think he can outsmart me... Most of you know me, I can't be outsmarted, and most of you know, what will happened next. This is a lesson, for the new commers.-" Then he walked to the trunk, raisedthe sword, and striked down. The hairy head fell to the ground. Conrad wasn't prepared for this. As he saw the sword, raised in the air, he quicky turned his head away. A bad memory came in his mind. A few years ago, he walked in to the barn at the worst time. He saw, as his mother choped down the chickens head. The blood dripped from table and from the blade. On that day he understand it, sometimes where are his favorite chickens... - You there, boy. Come here Conrad becomes pale as a dead, the leader pointed at him. He walked out from the crowd, next to him. He was shaking. - What's your name boy? - Co ... Conrad. - answered. - Here, hold this sword. - the leader tossed the sword,in to Conrads hands. - Can you lift it? Conrad grabed the hilt,and raised it above his head. It was more heavier then the wooden sticks, which served as swords, when he played with his friends. - Not bad kid! I see you aren't a village boy. Where were you raised? - On a farm... - answered the boy, as he lowered the sword. - Tell me, was this your first execution? Your fathr never took you with him to market. - Yes, but he never allowed us to watch it. Killing is wrong. - Your father is a smart men. - the leader walked closer to the boy. - Killing, in deed, is wrong. But there are other things that's wrong. Like the thing, what you commited. The leader stopped, Conrad knowed something bad will happen. - First of all. - started. - This isn't a punishment. I try to help you with this, cause sooner or late, this deed must be done, to become a mercenary. - the leader puted his hand on Conrads shoulder, lowered his voice. - You must kill him. The boy become pale as snow. His heart started beating faster, he felt a knot in his stomach. The leader genty pushed him, towards the tied up ruffian. - Don't worry, only the first one is the hardest. - encouraged him the leader. Conrad tried to not cry. He was sure, if he had some meal, he would throw it up. He stood next to the trunk, raised the sword. He hesitated. - What's the matter farm-boy? -asked him the leader with a smile. - If you have trouble removing his head, imagine him, as a chicken! Chop off the head so your mother can make a good chicken soup! The encouraging words didn't helped him, but caused more discomfort. Bad memories came to his mind. A week later, after the incident, his mother forced him, to chop off the head of a chicken. She told him, he can't have dinner, if he don't do it. The boy hesitated, like now, hi holded the blade, while his mother holded the chicken. "- Come on son, let's get over with. Dinner must be ready, when your father comes home" The situation get even worse, when the other soldiers gets bored, and started taunting him: - Come on! Let's finish him, and we can go to eat! - What are you, a chicken? - one of the soldiers asked him, and start mimicing a chicken, and started clucking. Conrad was wasted. The memory, the words: chicken, soup. The taunting, this situation, all blurred together. He didn't know what is real, and what isn't. His arms was getting tired, holding the sword. He closed his eyes, and start repeating to him: - Just a chicken... Just a chiken... - his vocie become quiter every time. He felt the judging look of the leader, like his mothers. He heard clucking the others, like the rest of the chickens in the barn. He felt the hunger, like on that evening... He didn't wanted to starve longer... He striked. He took one last glimps of the ruffian, befor he decapitated him... ...A chicken... - Not bad kid! - the leader patted Conrads back. - A bit messy, but a little practice will help it. - now, he turned to his men: - All of you it's dinner time, eat well and go to rest. Tomorrow, we de-camp and travel to the next settlement. - now back to the boy. - I advise you, to take a bath before you go to eat too. Oh, and welcome... Conrad didn't heard or felt anything. He was still in the shock. He slowly opened his eyes. The body, head and the blade was already removed from the scene. No one was there either, just he. He felt something warm and wet on his hands. Blood, from the elbows to the tip of his fingers. He look at them, as everything went to black. He fainted... Let the boy rest, cause his adventures isn't ending here!
  21. A mercenary's story: Part III If you missed, here is the previous parts: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II We left the young boy's story, when he entered the local prison, after he was captured after stealing. The guard escorted him in to the barracks courtyard, where another guard escorted him onward. The door opened, the darkness, the scent frightened the boy, but the guard tossed him inside, and down the stairs. - Move on! - shouted to him the jailer. - If you were brave enough to steal, don't be afraid from the dark... The door was locked, and Conrad was locked up, with other criminals. Thiefs, svindlers, murderers, all of them was locked away in this prison, until the sheriff came to town, to judge the criminals of the town. Conrad was never so afraid like now. He wished he wouldn't left his home. He missed the good old memories, when he played and made pranks, with his friends. Fortunately the others didn't bothered him, they took only the food from him, he was starving for days. The days passed slowly, but the final day draw near. Conrad almost lost hope, he was thinking, when he some way gets out of here, he will find the nearest churche, and sign up to be cleric, or a priest. It was the last day befor judgement. The others tired to catch the rat, to have a little fun, Conrad was sitting next to the iron bars. Suddenly the upper door opened and footsteps can be heard. The jailer was also surprised he didn't expect for anyone. He readied his weapon, and waited for the mysterious visitor. Could be he the sheriff, or some one else, who can redeem the boy and the others? To be continued...
  22. A mercenary's story: Part II If you missed, here is the previous part: A mercenary's story: Part I Conrad realised after a several days in the wilderness, there are more sinister foes, which can't be defeted, by sword... Hunger. His dreams to become the great warrior, quickly changed, to be a common thief, who needs to steal his daily meal. First, he took some vegetables and fruits from the local farms, sometimes some eggs. The days turned to weeks, and the weeks to months. He was braver enough now,to go in to smaller towns and villages, to steal from the marketplaces. Bread and meat was back on his menu. For his deeds,he never slept on the same place again. But he become more and more careless, and bolder. He decided, to stop living only for the next day, and live... atleast for after it. And this plan caused his loss. On the marketpalce, he tired to pickpocket a lady. But his fingers wasn't so nimble, and the women cried out for the guards. Conrad was captured, and escorted to the local prison. Will he survive, behind iron bars? Find it out, follow his story.
  23. The busy Eltina shipyards has yet delivered another vessel to the colonial squadron of la Royale. Such speed is only possible with the affluence of new settlers, indeed, the recent event at a former Mardier island has forced many of the "Royalists" to flee to more hospitable lands. This extra of manpower allowed our shipyards to run 24h on 24 to satisfy the thirst of la Royale for mooaarrr ships. Meanwhile, to exploit further the labourers, the owner of the shipyards, Knight Lagaufre, has decided to launch a new frigate, a heavy one. She's built with 5 midsections, length-wise is comparable to a class 7 two-decker, but since she only has one full deck, I plan to license her as a class 6. C&C are welcome. Vive le Roi!
  24. My 11th entry into the CCC XIV, for the ‘Pit of Dispair’ category. Inspired by Marcel's excellent dungeon scene for last years CCC. The floor design was inspired by LL. The one eyed Wolfpack gang had several members captured recently by the Blue Dragons, so Rolf led a breakout. The dungeon sentries were caught off guard and quickly overpowered. Rolf admired some new loot for a moment, and then set his compatriots free. More picture on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  25. Who let the wolves out? Were they ever in? These questions and more will get no follow-up in this new-fangled review of… Set Name: Worriz' Combat Lair Set #: 70009 Theme: Legends of Chima Pieces: 664 Minifigures: 6 Year of Release: 2013 Price at Release: USD 70, GBP 60, EUR 70 Bricklink it! Flickr album! INTRODUCTION Full frontal disclosure: I was never very excited about Chima and I'm not sad that it will no longer be with us. I like the minifigures for their parts, especially the feline faces which look great in a number of custom minifigure applications, but I never cared for the sets. The whole animal-look thing was an interesting concept, but more often than not it seemed to me that the animal-head ate up a ton of parts, leaving the rest of a model to be a bony, technic jumble. I'm mostly a playset kind of guy anyway; if I'm going to like a vehicle, it better have some meat on its bones. How, then, am I here right now, reviewing one of the largest purely-vehicular sets of this entire theme? Easy: sales. I'm a sucker for sales. I've since learned to curb my wallet a bit, but at 40% off the old me would've bought just about anything. Since I own the set, I thought I might as well go through in a detailed review and see if it meets my 'all Chima sets are a crappy bunch of technic with an animal head' expectations. INSTRUCTIONS Usually set artwork ranges from 'inoffensive' to 'quite good,' but I must say they were stretching here to make this set look exciting. They've placed most of the minifigures in physically impossible positions, including a couple of the wolves 'standing' on the truck. Do you see how, on the front booklet, one of the rotors on the helicopter is awkwardly behind those old gun-like pieces? It's like that on the box too. There's really nothing about this artwork that would make me want this set. Even though there are six complete sub models, the instruction booklets still break smack-dab in the middle. Right, makes sense. Remember the old days when LEGO would make awesome displays of whole themes placed together on built landscapes, and then photograph the setups for promotional materials? Actually they still do for City, so that's something, but not for their 'big bang tons of tie-in merchandise' theme Legends of Chima. Instead, we get this supremely cruddy photoshop job of a few sets together. My favorite thing (besides for the magically reversed image of the Lair) is Grizzam (the white gorilla) now swinging off to nowhere. In my head he's saying "F*** this battle, I'm out of here." LEGO's 2D backdrop artists are doing a great job, though. STICKERS Since I bought this set on-the-cheap and will surely break it down for parts, I did not apply stickers. These stickers do actually look pretty cool, and I'm sure would work well in a variety of sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, or other type of grungy setting. I didn't think they'd make or break the look of the set; pretty sure I can give it a fair review without them. INTERESTING PARTS This set does include a fair number of rare, interesting, or otherwise useful parts (for anyone that doesn't exclusively build bright fairy princess castles with studs purely on top). I went through and picked these out based on a combination of personal preference and what I thought other people like. There are a ton of SNOT pieces and tiles, which are always great, as well as a bunch of varieties of slopes. The dark red is in there just because it's cool and I like it. All-in-all, even at full price this set makes a decent parts pack provided you like this type of part. MINIFIGURES Finally, my favorite section!!!!!!!!!1 Like I said in the intro, I do like the Chimafigs. They are absolutely covered in finely detailed prints which inevitably get covered up by other things, so first I'll look at them all decked-out before closing in on the details. These minifigs get some pretty cool weapons - did you know that the trans-red serrated thingies the wolves have only come in this set (in that color)? That's pretty cool! The gun build for Windra, the wolf matriarch, looks great and its main component is quite rare in flat silver to boot! The good guy weapons look great too. I should also mention that the white, jagged cape on the wovles only comes in two sets (and on the SDCC exclusive Collector minifig). For those that cared about collecting the minifigures or cared about the characters, this set was a great way to get most of the wolf tribe. From left to right, you get Worriz (the young leader or something), Wilhurt (the brute-force muscle-man?), Windra (exclusive to this set and the real brains behind the tribe?), and Wakz (the old wizened military commander?). I've added the fifth member, Winzar, on the far right. I happened to have him from a polybag. I do appreciate how much the members of the wolf tribe vary. They fit together, for sure, but they all have distinct differences in their prints down to things like different sizes of teeth on their 'face-helmets.' They're a fun, rugged bunch. Back to just the minifigs in this set… they all have cool back prints too, though I don't think the fur-and-tail detail on Wakz is very successful. The armor plating on Worriz looks simply wonderful, and so useful for castle/fantasy. The daggers on Windra stand out as a fun detail too, making her seem very dangerous. I like the Chima 'face-helmets' for what they are, but what I really love about the Chimafigures is their head-prints. I was so surprised when the theme launched that LEGO had gone all-out on the head prints when the figs were intended to wear their helmets, but I love it. You might not think it, but the more humanoid faces look fantastic in a variety of headgear like hoods, helmets, and the like. My lion-headed green spacemen always bring a smile to my face. I don't care for the bird ones, so Eris' head does nothing for me. Worriz also looks a bit… strange. The other wolves and Grizzam could be quite useful, though. Truly surprising was the fact that not only did the Chimafigs have head prints, most of them had two! You don't want to mess with these wolves when they're angry - they look liable to literally bite your head off. Grizzam looks more like you made a bad play-on-words pun. Eris I screwed up, and put her 'angry' face in the previous picture and her 'happy' face in this picture. If you can tell the difference between the two, you win eternal happiness. THE SET - By Parts Though the set artwork might lead you to believe that the set contains just two models (big truck and copter), the box assures you that it splits into five. I count six. … Obi-Wan: From a certain point of view. … In any case, I'll go through them now in build order before looking at the result of their combination. Athletic Wheelchairs The build starts weak with these two, er, things, that are supposed to evoke wolf paws but to me evoke athletic wheelchairs. No matter their name, they don't look good. Had these been packaged as a set on their own, I believe they would have joined the 'awful tiny set' ranks occupied by the Spider-Trike and Mandarin's Flame-Thrower Lawn-Mower. You will notice the pieces usually used to attach wheels sticking out conspicuously on the back. These hint at a play feature that actually works quite well and is really fun. Bottom line: even though these models tend toward the 'garbage' side of things, they turn out ok in the context of the larger set. Wolficopter After a poor first showing, the build progresses into one of the best models: the copter. The overall shaping looks nice, with a touch of wolf nose on the front. It's not intended to have its rotor folded down when not on the truck, so I had to prop it up with a wolfy friend. Though the set uses a very limited color palette of just light bley, dark bley, black, and dark red (with smatterings of white and red), it still comes off looking a bit jumbled and colorful. I get that LEGO doesn't go for monochrome much, and it might make a set harder to build for the childrens, but eliminating black or one of the bleys would make this thing look much sleeker. Regular red really comes off as unnecessary here against the dark red, and the model would look much better with only the darker shade. What really makes the copter is the fact that the rotor incorporates well folded up and unfolds wonderfully with quite an impressive wingspan. Plus, wolfy is no longer needed with the rotor unfolded - the redistributed weight keeps it from falling back. I guess it's worth noting that in fantasy Chima land there's no need for such physics-necessitated things as tail rotors. But really I don't mind. I'll admit I've been making you wait for it - what REALLY sells the copter is that the rotor spins really, really well. Maybe it's the excessive wingspan, the way it's attached, or something else, but whatever it is this things spins amazingly and is therefore a ton of fun. Truck Flying swiftly along, we come to the beginnings of a larger part of the model: namely, the Wolfy truck part. This isn't the sort of build I enjoy. There's a lot of Technic, a strange slidey mechanism locked down by Technic and SNOT stuff, and a general sense of 'where the hell is this thing going.' The end of booklet 2 (and bag 3) leaves me with this: I wrongly believed that those black Technic beams will become some sort of play feature. They won't. Next comes the head. As usual with Chima, the head displays the wonders of modern, imaginative LEGO set design. Also as usual, there's a crap-ton of parts crammed into a relatively small space that do nothing for the model but look nice. So far, this truck meets my 'bunch of technic with a part-eating head' expectations. As far as the build goes, the instructions next have you make the little side equipment compartments, and then you move on to the prison attachment. However, I photographed the truck with the Wheelchairs already attached to the front, since it really looks a bit terrible without them (yes, I actually did the set a favor). With the Wheelchairs attached, the Wolf Truck really looks quite nice and menacing. Mean-looking head, big rough wheels, some kind of attack paws in the front - nice. You would not want to have this beast coming at you, staring you down. It looks really menacing and ready to flatten you into a road-kill pancake (presuming you're an animal, since everybody is an animal in Chimaland). It also looks fairly decent when viewed from the side, though it becomes apparent that the truck is pickup-style, given that there's not much of anything besides the head. Still, it works. I like the use of the Chi crystals as a sort of super-charged jet exhaust. Even though the whole truck gives off a 'big n tough' vibe, which would usually make it seem not so fast, these engines get you thinking about this thing tearing up some pristine landscapes and leaving them in dire need of new vegetation. But now we come to some issues. Let me pose the question - what does one want out of a truck? I'd say two things: rolling well and space to put minifigures to engage in roll-play. The wolf tribe gets only this as their base, after all, so they better get some room to have tactical meetings and strategize their hits against the meddling Lions, Eagles, Gorillas, and whoever else. ALAS, this truck is just a bunch of gappy technic and other structural stuff. There's no real place to pose minifigs at all. I understand that the helicopter needs a place to rest here (which I will show later on the completed set), but couldn't LEGO have achieved both? Couldn't the designer have filled in some of these spaces with a few plates and added some consoles at which the wolves could work? As it is, Worriz might fall through the cracks and end up roadkill himself. Onto more lameness, we get these storage units on each side that look nice but have very little function. The one that's left empty can't fit any of the weapons included in this set, and the other one has two saws, which I suppose are meant to be repair tools? "Oh hey, the engine broke." "Eh, just give it the ol' saw." Right. Despite its flaws, the wolf truck still makes it into my good book due to its very awesome playfeature (and its general good looks, which I've already mentioned). Seriously, shooting off those wheelchairs and knocking over minifigures doesn't get old. Plus, unlike with most of LEGO's shooters, these projectiles won't be lost very easily since they're so large. This one's a winner. Prison Pod We get a significant down-grade in build size with the next section: this prison pod. The parts use here veers into 'extravagant' territory - it really has more tiles and detailing than a prison pod needs. All those tiles certainly make it look quite nice, but with respect to the set I think the parts could have been better used making the truck less gappy. From a parts pack perspective… whatever, I'll be grateful for the tiles. Unlike the near-useless storage containers on the truck, this prison has plenty of room to do what it needs to do - namely, house prisoners. I even managed to fit Eris in there. Overall - job well done on the prison, LEGO. Cycle What? - you say! Cycles have their wheels facing the same direction as the driver! - Aha! Fooled you again, did I. This cycle can both incorporate into the larger vehicle, and pop off, having its wheels rotate to turn it into a cycle! Vehicles that can fold and be functional always get me. That's part of why I love the copter in this set, and why I loved that Shield car set. For you see, the wheels fold out to make a functional cycle. Just position the gun out a little bit for balance, and it even rolls fairly well and stays standing due to the width of the heavy-duty wheels. Simply put, I dig the look of this thing all around. The asymmetry really works for it; even the side with the technic parts exposed looks alright and I appreciate the tiling. The gun might be ridiculously huge and impractical, but the whole thing is fantastical, so I don't mind. The gun being attached by ball-joint gives it a superb range of motion and makes for fun scenarios like this - 'Ha, thought I couldn't shoot you over there? Guess again!' WHOLE SET Now that I've gone through everything separately, it's time to click everything together and see how the thing stacks up as a huge 'Combat Lair,' whatever the heck that means. I must start off by saying that in person I really don't care for it. All together, it looks like a big bland jumble that's too large and ugly. Some of my photographs make it look much better than it is - looking over my Flickr set, even I kind of like it. But I'll start with a picture that illustrates what you'd be looking at in real life: See? It's quite large, but has no substance. The colors all blend together and almost negate any detail, making even the good sections fade away into the mass. The engines that look cool on the truck part now presumably spit Chi exhaust right on the prison, and there are no additional engines on the back since that's where the cycle goes. The copter just sits on the thing with no attachment points, and it doesn't really integrate into the model. It looks much better on its own. Take the copter off, and the issues become even more apparent. There's just no substance here at all: no place to pose figures, no place for our wolf friends to relax on their ride, no meeting center. What kind of a mobile base is this? LEGO got 'mobile' down, but it seems they forgot the 'base.' Here's my best attempt at getting some roleplay going. I'm really reaching here. I know what some readers may be thinking. Essentially it's a big truck for kids. Isn't it awesome enough that the set makes one huge truck and splits into a bunch of vehicles? Can't kids roleplay with the minifigures on the floor next to the truck anyway? What's CloneyO griping about? Let me explain. Firstly I'm griping about the plain fact that the huge combined vehicle looks ugly. It's drab, it's full of holes. I appreciate aesthetics and have a feel for how I'd relate to a set were I a child, and this set would turn me off. It doesn't scream 'fun and excitement.' Further, even as a child I liked sets that have some interior. I liked trucks, but I wanted to put minifigures in them. The City line has a new Mobile Police Center all the time, and the fun there is having a full truck that also has a fun interior. What I expected out of a big, mobile base was some interior, and that's not what I got here. I got the Chima design brief of awesome animal head attached to gap-filled nonsense. But hey, these low-angle pictures make the thing look pretty decent: CONCLUSION The above picture shows what I like about the set (minus Grizzam - I like him too). Buuuuut wait, isn't that everything in the set? Yes, yes it is. Everything separately has merit. The Wolf Truck looks beastly and has a super-awesome play feature in the launching of the front claw wheelchairs. The copter has a rotor that spins like ace. The prison does what you want a prison to do and gets covered in lovely tiles. The cycle has a wonderful folding feature and an overall fun design. I indeed went about slamming the set as a whole; as one huge vehicle, it's a mess, no way to sugar coat that in my eyes. The basic Chima design principle of 'all look and no substance' gets put on display here in full effect. What's more, the color scheme involves too many colors and still results in a set that's drab and ugly. Yet I like the different components on their own, and the minifigures are a cool bunch for both collectors and customizers. They have neat weapons to boot. Ultimately, I don't much care for this set, but I enjoyed the experience of thinking about it. Chima's over, dead and gone, but with sets like this I can't help feeling that LEGO brought Chima's less-than-Ninjago performance on itself with sets like this. I simply can't see how this set would really appeal to children, being drab and lacking interior as it does. For adults, it's a reasonable parts pack, but not much else.