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Found 75 results

  1. Justus


    I have to admit that I haven't been very active here in the past months, but I'm back now with a little ROTJ-Scene to celebrate 40th anniversary: Hope you all like this little vignette!
  2. Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Shield Generator Bunker, Forest Moon of Endor 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. A_Goodman

    [MOC] Patrol on Endor

    A couple Scout Troopers Patrolling the Forest Moon of Endor, 4 ABY. Patrol on Endor, 4 ABY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  4. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endor Landing Pad

    This is the endor landing pad from Return of the Jedi that I designed. I made it to fit the play-scale sets that Lego has been releasing like the AT-AT walker, TIE fighter, and Imperial Shuttle. But the UCS Imperial Shuttle does fit quite nicely on the pad as well. The whole build is a little over 7,000 pieces. The height is just right for the AT-AT walker to stand right next to one of the six hallways. The landing pad is the bulk of the cost because its mostly light bluish gray bricks which can get very expensive. The actual landing platform is about 4 studs tall, and is made up of mostly 2x4 and 2x8 bricks along with other bricks and plates as well. This helps the platform stay together. The platform rests on top of the 2 "towers". The best place to put a UCS shuttle would be right above the towers so that they can easily support the weight. But a play-scale size ship would pretty much be able to stand anywhere on the platform since it is so light. And I know that the landing pad is supposed to have 2 yellow circular outlines on it, but I left it out because doing it with bricks would have looked too blocky. Making and printing a large sticker would probably look much better and cleaner. This model would go great with an endor forest moc. I do plan to design the endor bunker and shield generator for the death star in the future. I am also currently working on a larger version of this landing platform that is more to scale with UCS builds like the Imperial Shuttle and possibly even the rumored UCS AT-AT. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on that so I'm not too sure yet. But anyway, here are some images of the build: pad with vehicles by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_3 by ice chips, on Flickr test_2 by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_2 by ice chips, on Flickr I made instructions for this build as well and linked them below. There are also some more images and angles of the build in them as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this build!
  5. Scout Trooper Brix

    [H16 -Endor -TT] The Last Stand

    *Your entry has earned 3 xp* I remember looking up above the trees, where I saw the Death Star, The Empire's biggest weapon, explode in the sky. Years of work had just been destroyed, and we never even got to see it finished. The happy cries of the ewoks and rebels rang out, and they began to hunt us down one by one. We fought back with all our force, but it was useless, we were helpless. The rebels surrounded us, never stopping firing at us, trying to destroy us once and for all. Very few survived. - Splinter, Imperial Jumptrooper.
  6. dmaclego

    [MOC] Project: Endor

    Guys, Some of you may remember my AT-AT model, some of you may know my Lambda shuttle and some of you may even have heard these were crucial parts of my crazy idea called Project:Endor. Well, it's done. Thirteen years ago I started working on a virtual LEGO model of the Imperial Shuttle. It took me 6 months. Then I spent another year building it with real bricks. And when it was completed, I heard - from LEGO designer Adam Grabowski, whom some of you may know as Misterzumbi - that maybe I could build a small scene for that model. Well, I took the idea to my heart - as you can see today ;) . As time went by, my shuttle became set 10212, over 1 meter tall trees grew up one by one and the platform slowly took shape. Ultimately, "the small scene" became some 200 kg of bricks, set upon 48 baseplates. I have no idea how many bricks are in it. Fortunately, neither has my Wife ;) . I won't bore you with minutiae - if you have any questions (about electric functions, details or anything else), just shoot. In this gallery you can find a photographic history of Project: Endor - pics of the finished project can be found, of course, at the very end. In time, there will be more of them; they just need editing. Also, I'm slowly working on a movie presentation but that will take quite a while, since some of the mechanisms were damaged during recent exhibition. Have a good time watching the pics and please, feel free to leave comments if you wish. 072 - Seriously happy by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr 077 - Endor by night by Maciej Szymański, on Flickr
  7. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Endor [1] by simulterious, on Flickr "Hey Santar, you ever feel like we're being watched here?" "It's TK - 194, and we're not allowed to chat during our shift, remember?" "Oh give me a break! We've been standing guard for an hour staring at trees - and I'm telling you someone is watching us!" "Have you not heard of those ewoks? I hear they catch stragglers in patrols and eat them!" "Oh come on Santar I've seen a dead one once. They're like little teddybears!" "I don't know... Hey did you just hear some rustling?"
  8. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Endor Motorized

    Hi! One year ago create this MOC. You can see working in Thanks!?
  9. These are original trilogy themed scenes for my Kinetic Balancing desk toy with Interchangeable scenes. Here is a video of it in action and photos/more info below : LEGO Kinetic Balancing Desk Toy by Sandlot Creations, on Flickr Lego balancing Desk Toy - Star Wars themed scenes by Sandlot Creations, on Flickr Lego balancing Desk Toy - Star Wars themed scenes by Sandlot Creations, on Flickr If you would like to make the Balancing Desk Toy concept into an official Lego product please consider voting for it on Lego Ideas here: Every vote counts! You can also see the other scenes I've created for this on the Lego Ideas Page! Also, Let me know any scenes you would like to see created for this project! Thanks for watching!
  10. "Many Bothans died to bring us this information" Hello there, I proudly present to you my MOC "Home One Briefing room" It has been on Flickr for a bit now, but hadn't gotten around yet posting it here. Hope you enjoy! Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Quite satisfied how this one turned out. Was a fun little MOC to do, some of the angles really gave me a headache, but it worked out in the end. In real life the gaps are less then they make it seem in the picture actually! I'm not really happy how the table turned out, but I consider this a nice practice MOC anyways for when I'll build a bigger Home One room Some detailed shots: Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr Without figs: Home One Briefing Room by TWP., on Flickr A bit more pics on my Flickr. Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to comment if you like it!
  11. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE] A day long remembered...

    ///Transmission Received///LOC:ENDOR/// The Death Star is gone. After grueling months of battle for soldiers of both the Alliance and the Empire, the battle is over. The Rebel Alliance are closing in on the dwindling outmanned and outgunned Imperial forces both in space and on the ground. The Empire is left disorganized and in chaos as the chain of command is all but wiped out. 00:00 - Zero Hour Alarms ring aboard the Medical Frigate Consolation. Failsafe orders are beginning to be distributed from the Emperor with his final orders, yet still most aboard cannot even comprehend what happened moments ago. The new Admiral of the freshly christened Consolation stares in disbelief out the bridge of the destroyer. Admiral Horche: Karabast. Move us away from the debris field. Emergency Code 0-33 is now in effect. Status report! NOW! Lt. Roex: The Death Star is gone, a few transports away... The Executor is down... Troops on the moon falling back.... Rebel fleet closing- Wait! Massacre was just caught in the debris field. She's gone. What's left of Imperial upper command is jumping. Rebel fleet closing in... This is bad. Admiral Horche: Get Bludgeon away from the debris field now! Deploy all rescue parties, get those transports in the air! And raise me all wing commanders in our frequencies! Lt. Roex: We have our orders sir, to fall back to rendezvous point S-15. Admiral Horche: To Kessel with it! Other destroyers are staying, and you said yourself command is gone, that is an order. I refuse to leave our men out here. Lt. Roex: Understood, deploying transports... 01:00 It was a trap. The trail was too perfect. The Rebels had, with the help of the natives, set multiple traps throughout the region to draw troops to be captured or killed. The rest of Beltar’s and Marc’s unit were killed. With the destruction above, Beltar and Marc began falling back to the evacuation points, in hopes of catching a transport before it was to late. TK-1702: Beltar, move it! Evac point is just ahead! Beltar: I'm coming.... Watch it Marc! TK-1702: Rebels incoming! Get to the barrier! TK-1702: It's just like Yavin all over again. Beltar: But the Emperor…. Shadow-Trooper: Go soldiers! Beach point is just ahead! Beltar: So this is how the Empire comes undone, think of all the soldiers we know- TK-1702: No time for that kind of talk. We can mourn friends and leaders later. 02:00 Admiral Horche of the Consolation, scrapping up all resources, has ordered as many TIE transports as he can to the surface, but with the rest of the fleet disoriented, there are few commanders and squadrons able to provide air support for the evacuation on the ground. Admiral Horche: Commander, I want you to cover as many transports as you can down there. We are going to try to evacuate as many men as we can from the moon, our scanners show Rebel fighters enroute to evac points. Alyin: Roger that Admiral. We'll take care of the any unfriendliness up here. With all due respect sir, with the fleet in full retreat, they might call you a traitor and a fool for staying. Admiral Horche: I'd rather be a fool or traitor than a coward. Onward commander! Alyin: Aright, this is no time for sorrow or revenge. We need to cover what's left of our soldiers down there. Valkyrie-2: We've got your back commander. Admiral Horche: Be careful out there soldiers. 03:00 On the beach, Commander Kirk who was redeployed on Endor, is now facing immense odds as the Rebels close in, with few options of escape for the soldiers on the ground. Commander Kirk: Captain, report. Officer: Outer defenses in our encampment are crumbling. To the Rebels, it's line shooting womp rats in a barrel. Commander Kirk: Indeed. We've lost so many today... Any word on how many men we can evacuate? Officer: Unknown, the remaining Admirals are diverting as many resources as they can, but the Rebels are pressing hard up there. Commander Kirk: It's going to take a miracle to get us out of this one. === Officer: Put you blasters down grab a ration pack, and await your turn to get on a transport! We are all getting of this moon! Beltar: Like hell we all will. I imagine our fleet is near gone by now... TK-1702: I think a meal will be fine for starters Beltar, afterwards, we'll find a shuttle, get of this mudball. Have some faith, will you? Suddenly, alarms ring, as the sound of an Alliance vessel closes in. Officer: Bombers inbound! TK-1702: This is your cue! Beltar: This is pretty bad for these guys, I think I can- Officer: No, I want you two to find a transport now. Let the Rebel's deal with the injured... Beltar: But- Officer: Go! TK-1702: She's right, there's nothing you can do for these guys without a medbay. Beltar: We can't just leave them- TK-1702: The Rebels will save them, "its what they do". [SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on Flickr d[SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on04:00 Alyin: I got 4 on my scope. 1 friendly 3 hostile. Bomber going after one of ours. I'll take the Leader, 2, 3 have at the fighters. Valkyrie-3: roger. Alyin: Three, you with us? Syd-? Two did you see a shute or ejection? Valkyrie-2: Negative. Negative. Ah, too many loses today. Should we turn back? Save ourselves? Alyin: We have got to push forward. Karabast, Beltar and Marcus. Please be alive. 05:00 Lt. Roex: Admiral, the Rebel Alliance have nearly cut off our jump routes! And-and their sending boarding parities to capture the destroyers and frigates, we are losing ground and cover! We've got to go soon! Admiral Horche: At ease son. I reckon there's at plenty of platoons still on the moon, and we'd be lucky to get a few more. And when we're gone, I doubt the Command will care to deploy again for those boots on the ground. Lt. Roex: I... I understand sir. But with our casualty rates today… We should cut our losses and leave. Admiral Horche: Not just yet... But- prepare escape vectors in case. 06:00 Alyin: another squad coming in mark 3. Valkyrie-2: On it. After this we should head back to the fleet. At this point we may be jumping. Alyin: I've got soldiers I know down there Kye, I’m not leaving them behind. Alyin: Kye! Valkyrie-2: I'm going down! Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie-2: On it! 07:00 Officer: Shadow trooper fortifications on the south western bank have just fell. At this rate we will be overrun in the next few hours. Commander Kirk: Such is the case. I want you on the next transport. Officer: Sir? Commander Kirk: You heard me. You've got some promise kid. I'd rather die with the Empire today than pick up the scraps. You have a future, be a senator, or something. Make a difference. TK-1702: Come-on Marc! We are cleared for this transport! Beltar: Incoming! TK-1702: Aha, air support! Beltar: Those markings- That's Alyin! TK-1702: You two can catch up later. Let's get moving. Beltar: I'll try my old comm frequencies, see if I can reach her- no! TK-1702: She just saved our lives, Beltar. We can't do anything. Beltar: We're not leaving her behind! TK-1702: We are going, now! If we don't go, we'll be captured for sure! === Rebels: Do you see any survivors? Rebel: Negative... Wait. I got movement in the Wreckage! Alyin: Rebel...Scum… Rebel: Freeze! You're coming with us! 07:05 Lt. Roex: Beach flanks have fallen, the Rebels are taking prisoners by mass now. The last transport available is about to make it onboard. Admiral Horche: Good, set coordinates. What about our air support? Lt. Roex: All wing commanders confirmed down, most as losses. Admiral Horche: Align trajectories... By the Emperor. Lt. Roex: So much destruction, so much loss... Jumping momentarily. Admiral Horche: Where do we go from here? === After arriving on the Consolation, Beltar and Marc found themselves following the crowds: to the list of casualties and MIA... TK-1702: Ah don't beat yourself up, there was nothing you could've done. We're lucky to have escaped with our lives, we were in the one of the last transports... Beltar: We lost so many good people today. TK-1702: I'll be at the barracks. Don't worry man, I'm sure the Admiral has a plan. Beltar: They never did train us for a day like this. TK-1702: Beltar look here- Beltar: The entire crew of Massacre, The Executor… TK-1702: Well, looks like we all just got promoted if the Uppers are gone... Beltar: I’m going to get some rest. My blood is boiling for a fight, might as well prepare. TK-1702: See you around, the Empire got a whole lot smaller today. ///Transmission Ended///LOC:UNKNOWN/// This is a bit overdue, since the episode ended months ago. SoNE 1.0 was a ride, and it's odd to see it the 'original' SoNE gone, but 2.0 will definitely be exciting! And I can't wait for it to begin! Anyways this build right? Clearly I was kind of inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk in the way the story was organized, kind of. I wanted to try to get closer to something like the movie, like more wide shots of beaches with Stormtroopers boarding shuttles, but well, parts. I would've done digital, but this is it for Beltar's story in 1.0, wanted to do something physical. It is not as 'large' of a build as I would have liked, or had planned in my sketches, but this will suffice. Try to take some liberties with the story, the way I format these doesn't allow to much for me describing what is happening around the scene, nor am I very good at describing it anyways, but things are happening! As I was sorting some of my parts (Which I've been saying I've been doing for the last 4 years, I actually made progress this time!), I came across my AT-MP, so that ended up in this build, I even found part of my first SoNE build! Hopefully you enjoyed this picture heavy build, which was more focused on wrapping up Beltar's story than being impressive builds, as a lot of parts got stuck in a cycle of recycling because of limitations, which can be seen in that one big tree that is in practically every one of my Endor builds. If the judges have the time, I would appreciate this build to be judged! If not, no problem. Anyways, with 2.0, we'll see what happens! It's going to be good! Long live the Empire.
  12. craigslegostuff

    "X'Wing Crash On Endor!" - pics
  13. craigslegostuff

    X-Wing Crash On Endor!

    Photography fun in the garden...
  14. After one of our squads found the SG Switch and shout it down, the way to the Generator has come free. Finally we have reached the border of the base, where the force field has already been turned off. Shock Trooper - It looks like there is no friendly or enemy activity. We should find out what's going on. BN-0303 -Sir, maybe I can get some information from that console. BN-0303 -Sir, I found a bunch of classified infos, which we do not have access to. But there are some accessible ones: The the base was evacuated and all remaining units were ordered to leave the moon. Shock Trooper - In that case we need to found the way out here. BG-0329 - I think, That might help us: Switches clicking, generators starting, computers beeping. Pre-departure checks Please judge.
  15. This takes place immediately following my last freebuild. Incoming assault shuttle, we have you on our scopes, please identify. This is assault shuttle Mynock requesting a docking bay. Transmitting clearance code now. Assault Shuttle Mynock, you do not appear on our list of approved arrivals. We’re going to need to divert you to the Avenger for inspection. Negative. I need you to check that ISB prefix on our clearance code, and then consult your list of ships on top secret missions. Mynock, I don’t have a list of ships on top secr- … ah. Mynock, stand by. In a healthy organization it wouldn’t have worked, but the ISB’s been running unchecked for a long time now. Mynock, switch to heading point seven one five and proceed to docking bay two two eight. Acknowledged. Mynock, out. I've got a bad feeling about this. Very excited to share this build - I'm really happy with how it turned out. Full sized pics on my flickr. See below for an in-depth discussion of WIP, planning and behind the scenes shots.
  16. "oh dear..." ENDOR MOUNTAIN CYPRESS by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  17. "This is Commander Ulric, we have broken through the rebel line." "Very good commander. My team will meet you 3 klicks from your position. Keep pushing forward." "Copy that. The rebels will have no idea whats waiting for them. They're finished." "Affirmative commander. This war ends today."
  18. We want to move down. We still haven't found the switch to shot down the force field, so all squads are searching for it on different areas. Incoming Orders: To all squad leaders. The enemy found the security switch. All troops move on to south immediately! Shock Trooper - Squad! The rebels found it and possible they have already turned off the force field. We need to hurry, they can reach the generator any time.
  19. Movement: We'd like to move one up to D18, one right to collect the bonus on D19, down 4 to H19, right 2 to H21. (total of 8 moves through revealed squares) Edit - here is the recommended soundtrack for this build: The scout trooper's tale: Down by the Lake Distant Stations Firebase Pfilbee For one of us, it was the first time. We were somewhat surprised to find that it felt different from killing the bears. Not bad, but … different. There are many more where this one came from. Their strike team has reached our position. We are certain that by the end of the day, we will not feel anything. Overall: Full-sized pics on my flickr
  20. We want to move right to collect the bonus on G13 and than on D19. Our squad have find and followed a path trough pains, to cut off the road. We need to be careful, because these paths are used the native ewoks and if we meet them they could pull back us... BN-0303 - Sir, it looks like it's some kind of a raft made by the natives. Shock Trooper - Probably we could use it to crossing the Lake.
  21. The Rebels had stumbled upon a reconnaissance troop of Imperials. They had managed to shoot most of the scouts before they got away, but not all of them. Now the Imperials were back in full force, chasing the Rebels. The Chicken-walker was coming!
  22. Movements: We want move left to Q9, than up to F9, go left to collect the bonus on F2 and use the remaining movements to go as close as possible to the Shield Generator. "It really wasn't my fault. My squad was on long range recon and they told me to find some supper. I was out for hours before I happened upon this great, fat wild boar. Only it wasn't a boar. Just a piglet. And after we cooked it up and the squad had their fill, the sounder came around looking for revenge. There's only two of us now, but it doesn't look like it'll stay that way for long. Lucky for me the other guys didn't let me eat yet, so I've been a lot faster on my feet. Right now I'm not sure which is going to be worse - this mad momma pig or reporting back to the platoon. I guess we'll see. :(" Endor Boar-Wolf by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr
  23. Movement: We'd like to move straight down, with the preference being down and right. The Empire had them on the run! The Rebels had crossed back over the mountains heading south when they stumbled on an Imperial patrol. The terrain was broken up and made it difficult to flee and keep ones footing. Thankfully for the Rebels, it was easier to watch your step without body armor on. They were able to soon leave the Stormtroopers behind.
  24. We want to move right to collect the bonus on R22 and go back to Q19. Previous: We don't have much information about the status about the rebels, but our intelligencerepurted that they're near to reach the shield generator. So we're trying to move faster. Our team just reached an unexpected obstacle... TG-0222 - Sir, It looks like our intel was inaccurate. This mountain should be further. Shock Trooper - Yes, it should, but we could find a safe path to move cross. BN-0303 - Sir, I just received an incoming message: All the troops have to turn back and move back to the Generator on the easiest way. Shock Trooper - In that case, let's see the map.
  25. Movement: We would like to move toward the bonus on R-22. For our first move, we'll move through two revealed squares to end up on R20. For our second move, I'm not sure if we can get to R22, since R21 is already revealed. If not, we'll end on R21. Pfilbee Jhorn, oh Pfilbee Jhorn, you came, you saw, you failed to warn! If I live through this tour, I’ll find you someday, you’d best watch your back when the drums start to play! -The Ballad of Pfilbee Jhorn, written by an unknown Scout Trooper stationed on Endor, 4 ABY We live off the land as much as possible, but there are some things that can't be gleaned or grown. When the time comes, every week or two, we load up the "bantha" with fruits and greens to trade, and make the trek to Firebase Pfilbee. The troopers there are happy to trade extra fuel and supplies for anything that makes the Imp Standard Rations more palatable. We also exchange news, and revel in the feeling of safety that comes from being surrounded by duracrete walls and fixed E-webs. The visits always seem to end too soon, but we know not to linger. It's unwise to be out in the open after dark. ------------------------------ Overall build: Base Details: The "Bantha" :