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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to another MOC release. First, i need to say this MOC was not designed from scratch, it is a modification of my previous original MOC, the "Sand Cruiser", which was a C-Model for the set 42095, but i saw it had potential and decided to expand on its design using extra parts. Since this MOC is based upon another one, it has some weird or uncommon building choices and inherited all features from the original MOC: - Return to center steering using one l-motor and a rubber band mechanism; - Another l-motor powering one of the rear wheels. It's not a technical prowess, but that wasn't also the objective: this MOC is easy and quick to build, doesn't require too many or rare parts, it's light and sturdy enough for a child to handle it, ideal to do some races around the house. Funny enough, although i made this for my son, it is actually my wife who is picking it up all the time, go figure XD If you like my creations don't forget to show your support by following me here, or on rebrickable, or also my page on Facebook where i always share first hand when a new MOC is coming out. Hope you have fun playing with this one. For anyone interested, building instructions are available on this page. Hope you like it.
  2. Hello everyone. I just want to share a MOC i've made recently, it is a c-model of the set 42095 "Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer", so it was designed using only available parts on that set. It is quite a departure from the original, no one would think it was possible to build such a racer with this set. It uses a single l-motor to power one of the rear wheels and the other l-motor is dedicated to steering, which returns to center automatically by using a rubber band. I released free instructions for the steering system i developed for this MOC, check them here. The only limitation are the "tracked wheels", since there is no rubber, they don't have traction on smooth surfaces, this vehicle can only run on rough terrain like dirt, sand and snow, so it is basically an off-road racer. I tried to add as many details as possible given the available parts. The battery pack button is easily accessible, the IR receiver is on top to get the cleanest signal possible and the cabin is used for cable management, giving it a cleaner look. Building instructions are available at rebrickable, i also have a mechanical steering version here if you prefer. It is somewhat big, but lightweight and sturdy, so the l-motors can do their job easily and it runs quite fast. A quick video showcasing it is available here. For anyone who decide to build it, the most obvious modifications you can do is to replace the "tracked wheels" by normal off-road tires; or to apply rubber studs. Everyone feel free to share your opinions.
  3. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    Hello everyone! I´m really happy to present you my next MOC, the Milka truck, which is my 6th remote controlled vehicle at minifig scale! I have built it between December 2018 and March 2019. I have already shown it on two Lego events in Germany, there is an article about it on Zusammengebaut and there is a video on Youtube, in which I am interviewed. It is in German, so if you understand it, it is worth to watch it! Unfortunately I have found only now the time to make some pictures and an own video: The video is a new record from me. It contains the most visual effects among my other videos. I was very happy during the making of it, because last time I have made only rarely videos. It was nice to spend a time again with the camera. It took a little bit longer, as I planned. Because of the complexity I had to record some parts not only once and it was very time consuming to create some scenes on the computer. I´m really proud of the result, hope you will like it, too. Till now it is the most simple and most difficult tiny RC from me at the same time. Simple, because the technic costruction inside is very compact. Difficult, because the modelling of the Scania front and the letters of the word “Milka” meant a really big challenge for me. Now you can find the electric parts just simply near each other in the truck, and the chassis is under the electric parts. It is only 3 studs high. Earlier in the same vehicles you could find 3 pairs of gears, which brought the power from the motor to the wheels. Now it is only 2 pairs. The servo motor for the steering is exactly there, where we need to have it. It can steers the wheels directly, without any long and big construction. The original plane was that I put the receiver or the battery box in the trailer, but finally I found a place for all the parts in the truck. For the chassis I have used a lot of half liftarms and small pieces of rigid hoses. They are very good here, because I can cut them in for example 1 or 1,5 stud long pieces, too. In the truck the battery box is exactly over the driven wheels, so the truck can go very reliable on terrains, which are unfriendly. I mean, it can go up to the pedestrian area in a Lego City and it can destroy everything. The whole truck contains approx. 1020 parts. Most of the bricks are in the body. You can read the world “Milka” on the sides four times, but all the four sides are different. It is changing, how I could fit the side panels, what kind of other parts they have to hold, or how many place I had in the truck near the motors or the other things. During the designing of the cabin, I was afraid, that it will be ugly with the big white panel on the top, but finally I think, it´s ok. If you would like to see and try the truck in real life, visit the Bricky Way 2020 Lego exhibition in Györ, Hungary. It´s not far from Vienna. 7-8 March, 2020! Facebook: These are the infos, which I wanted to share you about my newest creation. Hope you like it! :)
  4. Finished MOC Do you remember my Reform Metrac H7X ? Reform also produces the Muli: As the project of my Citröen DS doesn’t really progresses, I do this project in WIP, to compensate. ^^ The functions will be close to the Metrac ones: 4WD with a 4 cylinders fake engine Steering with 3 modes Front and rear PTOs And I add: A pneumatic pump to add pneumatic tools Central joint (it’s only the front axle on the Metrac) Openable cab with a lever and a pump actionning a pneumatic cylinder. The best function! But this MOC will not be manual, because there is not so much room in the chassis. (I think it’s possible, but the playability will be extremely bad) So it will be remote controlled, using the BuWizz. So: Driving by 1 XL by axle Steering: 1 servo by axle. To have the 3 steering modes: a M motors controls a PFs switch -> it changes the sens of rotation of the rear servo, or it stops it. The pneumatic pump is powered by a M motor That was the start: And now I’m here: On these two pictures, you can see the rear PTO. On this side, the pneumatic pump: And here is the mecanism which allows the possibility to get 3 steering modes: The chassis is very, very compact. I think you can put an elephant on it, it will not move at all. For the tools, I think I’ll make a pneumatic arm (The pneumatic cylinders of the Mercedes truck would be very helpful, but I don’t have this set) And for the front I don’t know, so if you have ideas, tell me!
  5. What do you kindly think? (For God’s sake I don’t think there is an already created topic for this! If there is, I am so sorry, again ) Best Regards, Idris
  6. Hi everyone, Here's my modification of 8416, fully motorized and remote controlled. An additional function is the working & tilting steering wheel. The PF elements used are: - 1 M-motor for driving - 1 Servo motor for steering - 1 M-motor for lifting - 1 M-motor for tilting the lifting assembly. - 2 IR receivers - 1 Rechargeable battery box Rebrickable: Bricksafe: (*.lxf file can be downloaded here). Any suggestions on improvements are very welcome. Happy building!
  7. 8860 Studless remote controlled flashback. 5speed with reverse. I still need seats. This is my MOC, not the one by crowkillers. Instructions is being made and shall be uploaded to rebrickable
  8. Do you know Ken Block ? Here is his car... But in Lego ! The first objective was to build a RC model. I had the idea to inculde a caster angle. In testing the first prototype, I have seen it slipped in end of curve. So I had the idea to improve this prototype. Finally, I did the Ken Block's Ford Fiesta (from 2011, the most beautiful for me). I made custom stickers for a better look. It can really do drifts. The steering is done by a servomotor. The driving is done by 2 L motors with a 3:1 ratio. (24t/24t/8t) The working is similar to that of a karting. There is an important caster angle. When the car is turning, thr rear interior wheel is upped. Thus there is less grip at the rear axle, and the car drifts. The chassis is very rigid to have a good performance. The body is easily removable. The video : I have made building instructions (pictures) : https://www.dropbox.... Block.pdf?dl=0
  9. Finally i found some time to present you my latest MOC here. -> the 34,8 km/h black speed record racer It is the fastest 2-motor LEGO-rc-car until now (june 2017). While developing i was aiming for the highest speed you could reach with only 2 buggy-motors. To reach the goal, i had to: - reduce weight as much as anyhow possible - reduce the rolling resistance as much as possible (using only 3 as thin as possible wheels [only frontwheel could be better for indoor use: 2815 + 4185, but doesnt work outdoors]) - reduce axle-beam friction; just 3 studs in total (5 to protect the motor bearings) - find the best gearing - reduce air-resistance, and keep center of gravity as low as possible -> so here are the specs: Including panels in studs: length 55 , wide 21, height 12 (wheels) -> weigth: 650gChassis only (ready to race) : length 42 , wide 21, height 12 (wheels) -> weigth: ultralight 621g (without speed computer)Ground clearance: 0,5 studsGearing: 2:1 up at the fast output of the buggy-motorsTop speed: 34,8 km/h I know some of you dont trust the LEGO-speed-computer, so i also didnt at first. I startet measuring with gps with my heavy weighted mobile phone (more then 150g), but i didnt like the idea, to add 25% of weight to the model just for speed meassuring. Thats why i decided to buy a speed-computer (21g) [ could get one for 15€] just to try how accurate it is. And SURPRISE... it is really really accurate. I made a lot of comparing runs with GPS-phone (speedo app in 1 second mode) AND speed computer together attached to the car. The biggest difference i could ever meassure was 0,3km/h. You can see some pictures of this at the end of my video. (In my next video i will make some videos of this, not just pictures). Here are some pictures and the building instructions as Lego-digital-designer-file: I hope you like it :) TechnicSummse And finally here is the video :) -> Its the first video i ever made
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a reliable remote controllable 5+R sequential gearbox or ideas how to build one. If it would have a neutral as well it would be perfect. Please share your ideas and if you are aware of any kind of existing solution please share the link. Thanks, Zoltan
  11. Hi everyone, Here's my modification of Lego Technic 42024 Container Truck set. In addition to original functions (steering, outriggers and container lifting) it has: - 6x4 driving, - 90° tilting of the driver's cabin, - Working & tilting steering wheel, - Fake V8 engine (working), - Led lights, and is completely remote controlled. I used: - 1 L-motor for 6x4 driving - 1 Servo motor for steering - 1 M-motor for outriggers - 1 M-motor for lifting the container - 1 M-motor for tilting the cabin - 1 rechargeable battery box - 3 IR receivers - 1 set of led lights - 1 x 20 cm extension cable Bricksafe: (*.lxf file can be found here). Rebrickable: Any suggestions on improvements are very welcome. Cheers and happy building!
  12. Hi, Here's my modification of 42008 Service Truck set, fully motorized and remote controlled. I decided to keep the original functions (including pneumatics) exactly as they are while adding some extra features as well. The additional functions are driving, tilting of the driver's cabin, headlights, steering and working-tilting steering wheel. I tried my best to keep the original looks (with some visual improvements though) and made the structure as rigid as possible. The PF elements used are: - 1 L-motor for 8x4 driving (with single, shared differential) - 1 M-motor for steering - 1 M-motor for tilting the cabin - 1 M-motor for functions (included in the original set) - 4 M-motors for switches - 2 for pneumatic switches and 2 for mechanical switches - 4 IR receivers - 1 Rechargeable battery box - 1 Led light set, - 2 x 20 cm extension cables, one for the large motor and one for the battery box. Rebrickable: Bricksafe: (*.lxf file can be downloaded here) Any suggestions on improvements are very welcome. Cheers and happy building!
  13. Gabor

    [MOC] ICE 3

    Hi everyone! Fortunately I have the time to share here my newest creation! It's a train and it's the model of an ICE 3. It is 196 stud (157 cm) long and contains more than 3300 pieces, two IR receivers, two battery boxes and two train motors. Hope you like it! Oh, and another important information is, that it will be visible on Zusammengebaut 2016 in November and on Bricks am Meer in April 2017 in Germany!At first please watch these two videos! The first one shows a crash. The place, where I made the video, wasn't horizontal, and on the slope the train got a too high speed The records of the second one were made after I repaired the train. Well, I can say it is quite stable construction, despite the building techniques of the front. During the crash, only the boogies fell down! I'm really happy, that it is ready! It took me almost a year to build and become satisfied with the result. You may know, if someone build a train, the front is the most important thing. If it's not good, it's unnecessary to build the other sections. Everything started with an LDD model from a front-idea. I built something in the program, but I didn't like it. Later it came always into my mind and didn't allow me to be calm. So I started to develope the construction. Some month later it looked nice enough to order some parts and make it in real life. It contained so many interesting and strange techniques, that it was a real challenge to put the bricks together in the program, and with real bricks it was hard, too. And the real 3D model was ugly! But I said, that it has to be possible to find out something, which makes the model better. So I made some changes, and some more, and some more, and finally I liked it, and I thoght that I found the maximum! I stored the train (only the front section) and some other parts on the table in the middle of our house. And one night, I couldn't sleep. I woke up and went out to the table to do something. And I don't know why, but I put an element into the middle of the front. And I said 'wow'! It was perfect (for me of course, for you, I still don't know, but I will read the comments :) )! Some gaps disappeared, some sections got new positions. That element made so big changes on the overall look, that it was incredible! I felt high, but next day I was very sleepy. :D More pictures are available here: Thanks for watching!
  14. Hi everyone! I'm happy to present my newest Lego creation, the completely remote controlled K.I.T.T.! I'm still young, but old enough to know and like Knight Rider. It's the reason, why I recreated K.I.T.T., the main character of the series. Of course with a huge amount of Power Functions! Driving, steering, working scanner and headlights. Six motors, two extenision wires, two pairs of leds, two switches, two IR receivers and an AAA battery box. As many electronic parts, as possible! :D It is my third model at a bigger scale. The building was very interesting. There were a lot of technical challenges with the chassis and the body shaping was difficult, too, because usually I make smaller models. Hope, that I can make more MOCs at similar scales in the future. There are a lot of Lego replicas on the net. For example I found out, that I use the black minifig shields for the wheels. After it I saw, that Firas has already done it! The working scanner and headlights aren't new, too. But! As far as I know, this is the smallest K.I.T.T., which contains these functions! At first please watch the video! Below I tell some things about it, and later there are information about the fuctions and technical detailes! Hope you like it! :) At first I send a huge thank you the three persons, whose names are at the end of the video, for lending me some PF parts, a camera tripod and making the music! It's the first time, that I don't use downloaded music, so I'm very happy! :) Kitt has an enemy, called Karr. Karr was the first car, but he was evil. I built at first Kitt, but later it came into my mind, that it would be more interesting and unusual to build Karr. But almost everyone likes Kitt, and almost noone likes Karr. So finally I decided to put more Kitt scenes into the video and upload the car, as Kitt. I started shooting. I brought out to the street two reflectors, the car and the camera. There are scenes, where you can see two cars together. The truth is that I have only one. After every scenes I exchanged some parts of the body, and continued shooting, without changing the position of the camera. Later I cut the pictures near each other. And it was shocking to watch the scenes on the computer! I thought, that the red light in the dark night will be very impressive and will look very cool. But Karr looks much better. The overall look of him, and the yellow light definitely win against Kitt. I went out again, to make some scenes about Kitt, but the result wasn't better I don't know why, but my camera likes the yellow light better, than the red light. The appearance of Kitt is not so strong, as I thought at first. It is weak But the screenplay allows you to decide, who wins! :) Despite the difficulties, I really liked to make this movie and like the result. Hope, you like it, too! Driving: The car is drived by an L Motor, with a gear ratio 1:1, through a differential. Steering: It is very simple, too. I used a Servo Motor. The other two functions are more interesting. Working headlights: I used two M Motors. If I push the button on the remote control, I start to operate both ones. One of them opens the lights, the other one switches them on. It is impossible to push and release the button fast enough, so I had to use slippery mechanisms. For the opening I used a clutch gear, you can see it on the bottomview picture. But at this level of cramming, there isn't enough place for a clutch gear everywhere, so I found out a new solution. Between the two connectors, there is a small piece of rigid hose. If the switch reaches its end position, the hose can rotate calmly further in one of the connectors, and the mechanism waits my reaction time. Working scanner: Two M Motors again. One of them switches on the light and the other motor, which starts to move the light. The switching mechanism is very similar to one of the pneumatic autovalve. After it changed the position of the PF switch, it rotates further and doesnt cause damage. The construction, which transforms the rotation of the motor to the linear motion of the red light, contains three liftarms. More pictures on my MOCpage! Thanks for watching!
  15. Hi everyone ! This is a MOC I made 2 years ago. It is an artulated tractor. It has 2 RC functions : driving by a XL motor and steering by a M motor. There is a 2 speeds gearbox that you can select manually. The articulation allows the 4 wheels still touch the floor. There is a rear lift to hook tools. The PTO can be able and disable by the lever near the seat. Steering : The rear lift : The PTO : (the driving ring catches the bush. The rotation is done trought the rear differential) I tried to do a good design, with a lot of panels. The hood and the seat are red ; the mudguard are black. There is a lot of details like front and rear headlights, exhaust, switches. This tractor has 3 tools. You can see it in the video. :)
  16. Hi everyone! My newest creation is remote controlled! It's a bus and it's my fifth tiny RC at minifig scale! Hope you like it! My previous RCs on Youtube: , , , Of course I visited the intercity bus station with a camera and the bus again, as I did recently! The type of the bus is Ikarus, but only the body is Ikarus, the engine and chassis is Scania. That's why you see the word 'Scania' on the front. It's possible to travel by it in Hungary. At the area, where I live, the bus company has I guess three of them. So we have more chance to catch it, than to catch . If you read the technical things below, you will see, that it has some disadvatages. But I like it very much and I'm really satisfied with the body! It has some crazy building techniques in every directions. As far as I know, they are my own inventions. Maybe they are already exist, but I didn't know them. My favourite detailes are the headlights, the taillights, the upside-down windows near the gear rack, the covering method of the destination screen and the air conditioner. Technical detailes: It is more difficult to build a bus at this scale, than a truck. For example at a the truck we can use five stud wide frame, and after that we can cover it by tiles, so it won't be too wide. But for a bus we have to use panels to make the windows, they are 1 stud wide on both sides, so if we want to stay in 6 studs, the frame can be only 4 stud wide. And Technic prefers the odd numbers... It's not good if the driven wheels leave the ground, so the rear wheels are not completely fixed. Looks like, if I make something better, something becomes worse. It's the first time, that I used servo motor for steering. The steering features are better, the frame is worse. Below you can see an image without the body. You may notice, that there is an arch in the frame, like a bridge. The AAA battery box is at the back, and its weight causes this deformation. Furthermore there's no possibility to fix the body by studs after the servo motor. Therefore the mudguards touched the rear wheels. I had to raise the rear part of the body by half plate. It causes some deformation, too And finally I have to tell you in secret, that the servo motor moves the gear rack on a little bit longer distance, what the inner things allow. So the motor twists the frame. You can see it in the video at . Therefore one of the front wheels sometimes leaves the ground.And almost all of the weight is on the driven wheels, so sometimes the bus wants to go straight ahead, instead of turning. But it's very rear. And finally you can see the small piece of pneumatic hose, which holds the window in upside-down position. The base and the top of the window panel has a different thickness. It depends on its position, in which height the more space in the body is. If I use the window on a normal way, the gear rack pushes it out, during steering. All in all it looks cool and works well, so I'm happy with the result of my fifth attempt! More pictures: Thanks for visitnig!
  17. Buddy010702

    [MOC] Case Steiger

    This is a MOC I have made based off of the steiger line of tractors. I have decided to put this project on Lego Ideas, and was hoping many you could support it. I am striving for this to become a Lego set. I do understand that there is less of a chance for this to become a Lego set because it is Technic. I would appreciate no negative comments about this Technic creation being on Lego ideas. Only constructive criticism please. If you could share this around, or just support it. Every supporter counts! Here are a few pictures of the model: Link: This MOC functions include: Lights All wheel drive Articulated steering Working steering wheel Openable hood to reveal a in-line 6 engine Working PTO A VIdeo of the Tractor: Thanks for the comments and support!
  18. Hi! Sometimes we can hear in different Lego communities, that it's an exciting activity to build out of our comfort zone. And it's completely true! Well, it's my second creation at this scale, but the first one, which is a model of a real vehicle. (My Johnny English Truck was a replica of the functions only.) I'm very curious, what you think about it. The bus is a completely remote controlled 1:24 model. (length: 64 studs, width: 14 studs, height: 17 studs, approx 2050 elements) It's possible to drive it, to steer it, and to open and close the doors separately. You can find the technical detailes and a short text about Credo buses below, after the video. Nowadays Credo buses are well-known in Hungary. They are produced by the Kravtex-Kühne group. At the beginning, the group used a Czech license, but the Econell 12 (presented at the end of 2011) is completely Hungarian development. I often travel by Credo buses between the place where I live and the university. Unfortunately, they are usually older types. But I have already travelled by the Econell 12, its very comfortable. Picture of the real: If you search on Google for Credo buses, you may notice, that the wheels look very small. Its the speciality of Kravtex-Kühne group, some of their buses are produced with smaller wheels, so they are lighter and they dont need so much gas. Big buses with small wheels looked a little bit strange, but I think the Econell 12 looks great with the big black mudguards/fenders. I think the new front and rear panels with the black frames around the lights are fantastic, too. Behind this link you can find a lot of pictures about the real Econell 12 and other Credo models, too. Choose option 'Galéria'! And now pictures: The most tricky part of the bus was the front. It's only 3 stud long, but contains as many crazy building techniques as possible, and one more! I'm really proud of it. I will show you later, how I built it. I think it's the minimum. Technical details: The driving mechanism contains two L motors, both motors drive one axle and this axle drives the differential. I used a servo motor for the steering. The doors are opened and closed by two M motors. The chassis is very long, but I had to put two holes in it, because the doors need space. Due to the holes it was impossible to find place for everything at this level. But there are a lot of space under the roof, so the really interesting things are under and around the air conditioner. The spinning of the motors is slowed down by worm screws. The 1x3 technic half liftarms convert the spinning to horizontal motion. The video shows how it works, these pictures below show how it looks like. More pictures on Mocpages, as always! If you visit Hungary, don't forget to try to travel by old Ikarus buses and new Credo buses! Thanks for watching!
  19. Gabor

    Steam Monorail

    Hi everyone! This is my newest creation, a remote controlled minifig scaled monorail, which is not fast, not modern, not streamlined, but old, dirty and slow. Despite or because of these fact, I hope you like it! The video: Maybe you remember my RC STS crane ( The temperature was +1°C in that video, in this video it was +42°C! The bridge and the other things under the track contains approx 1000 bricks! On the last Malug meeting we made a bridge building competition and after that we got the bricks. What a cool thing, without them, the train destroyed the track. And an advice: if you build a monorail, don’t make the video in a rock-garden. Find a flat and horizontal table, and your life will be very comfortable! :D (to make the scenes with the bridge took more than 4 hours, I had to rebuild the whole track after every failed record) The Track looks simple, but it has to be strong and stable, because the train’s centre of gravity is in a high position. Of course the technic pieces are the best for it! The blue 2L pins are necessary. If we use only the small pins (with stud on one of its ends) the system part of the track can leave the technic part easily. Behind the windows: I found out the method I used, while I was building my RC Mercedes Citaro ( The main feature of this method is that the model has an only-technic module inside, and it is covered by system elements and walls. The inside modul is completely independent, it can work perfectly without the system parts. In my Mercedes I used this only at the driving mechanism. The main advantage of the construction is the stability. The technic pins and liftarms (built in three directions) are strong enough against the forces caused by motors and gear ratio (and crashes…). More pictures:
  20. Hey everyone, As many of you probably already know, I made a WIP topic a while back for a similar kind of buggy, but..... I had not realized all the stuff that I had to do before beginning the buggy project, so finally the weather is getting nicer and I began the project once more. This time, since I've decided to go for a light and durable kind of buggy, I am using 1 L motor directly driving a differential and a Servo motor for steering. Along with a Rechargeable battery box and V2 receiver for the power source. It also has full independent suspension, which needs some modifications at the moment: So that's what I have so far..... The big problem I have is that the suspension is to hard for off road terrain (grass, dirt, small rocks). This needs to be fixed, especially because the chassis is pretty low. Another problem is the tendency to understeer on dirt. I hate understeer so much! Unfortunately I don't have any solution to this problem because I want to keep it as light as possible so adding some kind of weight in the front is out of the question. The only other thing in the front besides the servo, is the receiver which will actually be placed more in the middle of the chassis. ( Also the grey 15L liftarm that is placed over the front axle is just to keep the suspension from bottoming out since there are no shock absorbers at the moment for test driving)
  21. Hi everyone! This is my newest big technic creation, a remote controlled ship to shore crane! The crane is 66 cm high and 107 cm long, it has 8 whels, 4 motors and it contains 34 13L liftarms and 42 15L liftarms. It has four functions. It can go near the water, catch and release the container, rise and lower it and take it between the shore and the ship. I made a video about the crane. The temperature was +1°C, the batteries were weak, so the mechanism of the compressor couldn’t work well, the crane couldn’t catch the container. We had to found out something instead of the original screenplay, and this is the result, a real HD disaster movie in Holywood style! :) (The video is faster, than the real speed.) If you don’t belive, that the crane can catch the container, or you are simply curious about the real speed of the functions, look at this video, too: If you are interested in the boring technical detailes about the crane and its functions, follow this link: Thanks for watching! :)
  22. Tamas Juhasz

    Zis e134 - 8x8 - RC

    Hello! This moc was made a while ago (last year), but I realized, there is no topic about it yet. I wanted to make a heavy and fast trial truck from Zis e134. Original model: My version: folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=496827 Basically, it was built for truck trial race, so it has a "propulsion motor/weight" ratio, each RC buggy motor carries ~ 1 kg. There are 4 buggy motor built in, each axle has one. Only two gearings (40:8 and after that a 24:8 reduction) are in the drivetrain in each axle, so I hadn't problems with efficiency. Total wieght became 4190 g. I used 1957 parts to build it. It's my longest and heaviest trial truck yet, total length is 610 mm (width: 283 mm). The 4 motors give enough power to reach 1,7 km/h top speed (flat surface), I used two RC units to power them. I think the most important part in these 8x8 trucks is the suspension. I tried to make a long travel one, which allows the wheels to make contact with the ground in extreme terrain also. The rear axles are built in a unit, which has a linkage (see pictures). This unit can bend also, but not sideways. The two front axles can bend sideways, and lenghtwise also. So without springs, the suspension does it's job: The second and third axle are connected together with these bars. They seems weak to here, but I can say, there weren't problems with those during the tests and races. They don't hold the axles, only make positioning, but of course, some force can be appear: Bottom: I made some details, like net in the driver's door, flags, grilles to the front: This truck was able to drive in heavy snow. Pictures: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398922 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398926 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398931 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398933 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398940 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398970 http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=5398941 VIDEO: SNOW VIDEO: Hope you like it.