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  1. SteampunkDoc

    Smugmug acquires Flickr

    Hmm...I first used Photobucket, then switched to Flickr hoping it would be a better, more stable, and more reliable service. And then I got the desperate email. I totally understand a business wanting to make money. But the obviously desperate email just seemed like an unprofessional way to raise it. Plus, if they're doing this badly now, I have to wonder about their longevity for all members. LegoFjotten is right, if Flickr goes under, Lego forums would be in a bad place.
  2. Things go awry in the department store when Santa doesn't show up as promised. Youtube Link An Entry into the 2019 Christmas Brickfilm Collaboration! … llab-2019/ Story Prompt by Plastic Point Productions: "Santa replaced after incident with a fake in elaborate coverup!"
  3. SteampunkDoc

    [MOC] "The Lord of the Rings" Skylines

    Fantastic! You did a fantastic job with making these recognizable and incredibly detailed. For some reason, I'm drawn particularly to the FOTR "skyline." Perhaps because it has more locations and while Weathertop seems a bit oversized, it still fits well enough. Each location feels distinct, yet with the nooks and crannies fitting together and flowing from one another. The others, while obviously limited by the book content, seem far more dominated by completely separate models that happen to share a base. That's not a bad thing, but it does make the FOTR model shine a tough brighter as a whole display.
  4. Youtube Link Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the NX-01 crew answers an urgent distress call only to quickly find themselves deep over their heads on a planet without any land mass. A Pritchard Studios Production. For more information, and to follow the progress of the film, see here. For some time I've been developing the idea for a Star Trek fanfilm. It's finally to the stage where I have something to show off! While the teaser here is entirely CG, the film itself will be mostly stop-motion, with effects shots and scenes of the ship rendered in Blender.
  5. SteampunkDoc

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Prize D just arrive here in the USA!
  6. SteampunkDoc

    Sauron - non-purist MOC

    I was thinking the very same thing when I saw that helmet. Very nice minifigure! I like the 1x1 plates on his feet giving him the much needed height boost.
  7. SteampunkDoc

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part I'll spare you any extended and spoiler-y analysis by simply saying it was a worthy sequel. It took me a few views to truly appreciate the first Lego movie, while I quite enjoyed this one right off the bat. While the "twist" isn't executed well, leading to some strange inconsistencies, the overall product has some great humor, some excellent easter eggs, and tackled the issue of maturing and changing quite well. After being somewhat let down by the Lego Batman movie, I'm happy to report this outing returns to build on the strengths of the original.
  8. SteampunkDoc

    MOC: The Moth-Mobile

    Haha! I love it! It's a wonderfully quirky ride for a wonderfully quirky villain. The running commentary with the pictures was an added treat.
  9. SteampunkDoc

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    Ah! I had forgotten that. Good point. I'm remembering years prior when a minifigure here and a minifigure there were revealed, even as the calendar was still running, to whet the appetite and stir up anticipation.
  10. SteampunkDoc

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC winners thread

    So...Any chance we could get a hint or two?
  11. SteampunkDoc

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    Thanks! I've actually got them both (1701 and NX-01) built now in real life. The NX is one solid, rugged hunk of a ship that looks and feels great. The 1701 looks very elegant and streamlined, but has a couple serious weak spots. It's also not nearly as sooshable. Sorry it took so long to post these pics! (I didn't take many since I don't have a good set-up, and the renders display the details just fine.) Physical Enterprise Fleet by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr 1701 Enterprise (Physical) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Also, does anybody have any idea why there are so very few Trek MOCs? I've heard two reasons why, but neither convinces me. First, unlike Star Wars, there simply isn't an overlap of interest between it and Lego. Supposedly, few Trekkies build MOCs, and few MOCers like Trek. Honestly, until somebody can provide proof, that seems bogus. I'd say there is a huge overlap of interest. The second is simply that Lego has never released Trek sets, so it hasn't taken off like Star Wars has. However, builders draw from all sorts of themes that Lego hasn't done. The whole point of Lego is being able to build whatever you want, not just stuff that Lego has officially released. Unlike Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, each with a myriad of recognizable and distinct locations and characters and scenes, there aren't a lot of iconic things that can be built outside of the ships and the bridges. Yet, I'd imagine the huge variety of beautiful star ship designs alone would be a treasure-trove of inspiration for Lego lovers.
  12. SteampunkDoc

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Sounds awesome! As much as these minis are pretty cool, a bigger scale would allow much, much more detail. Can't wait! Enterprise D is an obvious choice, but what other ships were you thinking of? The Defiant? The Enterprise E?
  13. SteampunkDoc

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    I never thought of using a minifigure screwdriver, that's a great idea. But is that even available in pearl gold? Honestly, you may be right about the proper scale. What's the technical division between the two? I picked it because it seems closer in physical size to the midi-scale sets Lego released a while back, as opposed to the mini builds like those found in the Advent calendars. Do mini and midi refer to the scale to the real thing, or the size of the model regardless of scale? Thanks! The outer SNOT was inspired by Paulygons, though I heavily modified the upper and lower sections of the saucer. I'm so happy with how smooth and stud-less it looks. While the studs add a nice texture to the NX, one of the defining traits of the 1701 is the refined, polished angles. It took a while to find the just the right parts for that. Thankfully, they were available in light gray.
  14. SteampunkDoc

    Midi-Scale USS Enterprise (TOS)

    Lego USS Enterprise (TOS) by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr Designed and rendered in Bricklink's Studio 2.0 10.5" Long, 4.5" wide, 3.1" tall 176 pieces Built to (very roughly) 1:1000 scale The USS Enterprise was commissioned around 2245, being one of around a dozen Constitution-Class starships. She was one of the most famous vessels of her time, much of that earned under the command of Captain James T. Kirk. She was destroyed in 2285 to avoid capture by the Klingons. Here's the fleet so far, with this ship along the NX-01 MOC I designed earlier this year. TOS and NX Enterprise Comparison Shot by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr
  15. SteampunkDoc

    [MOC] Star Trek vignette

    Fantastic work! Instantly recognizable, with perfectly captured details, even at the small scale. I'm particularly drawn to the Borg cube, as I was just thinking about how to build one on a small scale this morning. The vent pieces were a perfect choice to add texture. Mixing in the other plates and tiles was a great idea that further highlights the random design of the "real thing." While tiny, the Enterprise also looks great, with the perfect selection of parts. As another Lego Trekkie, I'm impressed. Great work on one of my favorite sci-fi franchises. Keep it up!