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Found 5 results

  1. socalbricks

    [Freebuild] The White Wyrm

    Built for Brickscalibur (Medieval Micro category) Legend spoke of a massive citadel within Enchanted Isles. Crafted from obsidian, it served as a brutal prison for particularly dangerous inmates. One such inmate was an elderly sorcerer. Worshipping the almighty White Wyrm, he prayed for salvation and a chance to escape from this awful fate. His prayers were answered in a dramatic fashion...
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Jörmungandr, the Sea Serpent

    “We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature”, said the Elders in a time long gone. With the drop of the first snowfall, came the season of shortage, when not a seed grew from the soil and men would hide within their homes. In need of stockage to go through Winter, men raged against each other in pursue of a better crop, a better land, a better life. But as years passed, Winters became longer and colder, and the Elders presumed it was a curse from the Gods. “We do not live in harmony with Mother Nature, who gives so much, but asks so little in return”, they proclaimed, convincing all men to establish a ceremony of appreciation, hoping the Gods would be pleased enough to end the Winter season. For seven days, a selection of the most dexterous, cunning, strong, and sharp men were set to battle each other in a series of games for the appreciation of the Gods, to thank them for sharing their knowledge, protecting the mortals, and providing for the crops. By the end of the seventh day, guided by the ancient Elders, all men were sent to the seashore, where the golden sun would set on the horizon as a white mantel of snow covered the rocks. There, the results of the games were shared with the public and the man with the lowest scoring was pushed into the waves, as an offering to the Gods. Facing the edge of the world, to the eternal sea, the Elders called upon Jörmungandr, the sea serpent, and offered him a cleansed soul. But snow continued to fall. The second man with the lowest score was sent forth, and as the Elders proclaimed the sayings that would wake the giant serpent and bring an end to the cold winds. But once again, snow descended from the sky. This time, Fiandr, the strongest of all men, most dexterous and cunning, winner of the Games Ceremony took the lead. He walked along the rock wall up to the highest cliff, where a lonely tree hung with white leaves. Fiandr faced the eternal sea and called the serpent. [We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for we do not seek your guidance, but our own foolish desires. We apologize, great serpent of the seas, for what we do cannot be undone. But here I stand, devoid of arrogance, proud or greed, offering my life, if you are merciful enough to take it. Take my flesh, for it does not suit me anymore. Take my blood, for it does not serve me anymore. Take my soul, for it does not scream, anymore. Take my life, and I will swim alongside you in your castle under the waves, protecting the world of the living and nurturing a life of balance and harmony until time stands still.] Fiandr screamed at the waves, his breath a smoke of frost. He took his knife, gleaming with the last light of the sun, and with a sharp movement, he cut open his wrist, letting a red current flow like the northern rivers. Before the first drop of blood reached the ground, a blue serpent emerged from the frigid waters of the eternal sea. As fast as its head left the water, it dove back in, taking with it the soul and flesh of the most skillful of the mortals. The Elders stood as the last snowflake detached from the grey ceiling that covered the world, and a warm breath of wind caressed the land. From this day on, when the cold winds blew and the Season of Shortage began, The Games Ceremony took place as a way for the mortals to show their appreciation for the Gods, for the winner to claim its rightful place alongside Kevin, the Jörmungandr, sacrificing his life, and for the Gods to show their mercy. “We apologize, for we do not live in harmony with our Mother Nature” _______ Louis of Nutwood. _______ Really hope you all like it. Skol!
  3. The Serpent Slayer - One of the most fearsome Longship in history, with an impenetrable dragon armour bestow by the ancient dragon God, it goes around the Seven seas and slaying all the sea serpents, making the Seas safer for the other vikings to trade, commerce, exploration, and even warfare. This Vikings Longship MOC is bulid in conjunction with History Channel Viking Season 3, MOC contest, held at the Vikings Village from 26th February to 1st March at Marina Square, SIngapore.
  4. Digger1221

    MOC: Hunting in the Loch

    Here's one of my most recent MOCs, Hunting in the Loch: The man grasped his spear tightly. Squinting his eyes, he peered carefully into the dark, swirling water. Something dark seemed to be moving about under the water…or was that just a reflected raincloud? A bright flash of lightning broke through the cloudy sky, and the rain began to beat even more heavily on the hunter’s head. Suddenly the water in front of him exploded into the air, and a black, writhing shape burst out. The man never saw its head; by the time the immediate shock had passed all that was visible was its scaly back, capped with large, menacing spikes. Shaking rain out of his eyes, the man prepared to throw his spear. Soli Deo Gloria! Thanks for viewing! :)
  5. Sometimes, you find yourself on the wrong end of the food chain! A lone orc finds himself in a fight for its life as a giant serpent like creature emerges from the swampy waters in Nocturnus