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  1. sander1992

    [MOC] Trouble in the City

    Hi everyone, I had a few ideas with the Super Warrior figure from the latest CMF series. I present to you my latest build. Trouble in the City A time traveler is in the city and is causing havoc. The Red Warriors have come to deal with this time traveler. For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album.
  2. sander1992

    [MOC] The march of the lion

    Thanks! The 'new' leaf part is in my opinion the worst plant part. I prefer the old leaves. But I wanted to experiment with it to make other kind of trees.
  3. sander1992

    [MOC] The Bear's Fortress

    Thank you, @Gunman.
  4. sander1992

    [MOC] Black Monarch's Return

    Thank you both! @Grover, I know there is a tutorial of someone to build that kind of trees. I made this by using a few Castle Wheels and a lot of clips. @Lyichir, I think that you're right about the roof. It is way to smooth.
  5. sander1992

    [MOC] Forestmen's Hideout

    Thank you all for the kind words.
  6. sander1992

    [MOC] Approach/Landing Pad 1

    Great platform! Thanks for sharing.
  7. sander1992

    Spyrius Collection

    A great theme within Space! I see you got even the 1785 Crater Critters.
  8. sander1992

    [MOC] Space Station Radon

    Hi everyone, This is another build for the Space contest on the LowLUG forum. One of the oldest stations of the Unitron. This base has excellent communication systems and has an aerial defence system. Spyrius is on his way and the men are preparing an assault. For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album. Sander
  9. sander1992

    MSFC: Spyrius Intelligence Headquarters

    I agree with the others. Nice representation of Spyrius.
  10. sander1992

    (MOC)-Classic Space - Some MOC

    A great industrial setup. It really works with Classic Space.
  11. sander1992

    [MOC] Exploriens Research Outpost

    Hi everyone, For an Space Contest on the LowLUG forum, I've build something in the Exploriens theme. A small outpost of the Explorients to conduct research on objects found on the planet. A Hovertron is on his way to another outpost. For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album. Sander
  12. sander1992

    [MOC] Forestmen's Hideout

    Hi everyone, This is the only Castle build, that I haven't shared yet. A small hideout in the forest. There is a small cave to hide crates, barrels and chests. One of them has prepared some food at the camp fire, while the other forestmen return from scouting. This is a combination of two Forestmen sets (6054 and 6066). For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album. Sander
  13. sander1992

    [MOC] Godric's Castle

    Nice! Can you tell what you used inside the castle to make those squares?
  14. sander1992

    Shrine of Sir Simonochrometrical

    Woah! That is very impressive. I am curious about the technique behind the build.
  15. sander1992

    [MOC] The march of the lion

    Thank you! I know that if i wanted to see the entire army column, I have to remove some vegetation. But I wanted to show a glimse of the army column to get a more forest feel.