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  1. A less brighter color. Looks better to me, as a nice alternative (and more expensive one) is using Sand blue.
  2. Lack of original themes

    That would be great. Teasing the Classic Space fans.
  3. Lack of original themes

    I don't know, but Space ships with White/Gray with Magenta, Dark Pink or Dark Purple would be awesome. Minidolls need less space in cockpits, so that should work.
  4. Lack of original themes

    Friends in Space! Space and Castle will not return as big as in the 90's. Now we have Star Wars and soon Harry Potter/Fantastic Beast. I hope that TLG will produce some new Action theme or Western theme. That would be nice.
  5. MOC Attack on Puerto Leon - WiP

    Like thomassio said, this is amazing.
  6. Ice Planet 2002: Astral Quadrant HQ

    Nice! Great use of pieces in the base.
  7. Nice expansion of the set. I think that yellow is to bright, perhaps bright yellow or (dark) tan as alternative.
  8. Small Imperial Armada ship

    @LM71Blackbird Thank you. I'll do my best. @FaladrinThanks. I don't know why I build it so small. I guess I just did. When it comes to ropes, I am terrible with ropes. I see what I can do about the colors and the ropes.
  9. MOC Soldiers Outpost

    That is a good looking outpost. I like the reddish brown addition to the walls.
  10. Small Imperial Armada ship

    Hi everyone, I have build a small ship for a small Imperial Armada layout. I pictures were already posted on LowLUG forum. I received a lot of feedback regarding the lack of color. Tell me, what do you think? For more pictures, see my Flickr album. Sander
  11. Star Wars - Battle of Crait

    That is a great build. Nice work on the micro build walkers.
  12. Moc Jawa Trading Outpost.

    That is a cool build. I like the use of the Sail Barge sails and nice setup of the crates. Thanks for sharing.
  13. MOC: Next Generation Star Hawk

    @LM71Blackbird Thanks. I got the shape of the original set from long ago, but changed the angles a bit. @Digger of BricksThank you. I got more plans for the Unitron, but that has to wait. The canopy is indeed from the Javelin set.
  14. Lack of original themes

    I did not read the whole topic (sorry). But I think that Lego does not produce Castle or Pirates sets, because it does not sell. Looking back at the 2015 wave of Pirates (III) and the Castle wave of 2013, these sets did not sell. Galaxy Squad did not sell as well. I think that TLG has developed a method to introduce themes in a strict way. From 1999 all the series and themes have to sides/teams/fronts: a good side and a bad side. Look at the older series in Castle, Pirates or Space. There was always a triangle and in 1992 with Castle there were 5 teams present in the sets. The setup of the Castle wave of 2013 was very similar to Kingdoms back in 2010. The Pirates wave of 2015 was similar to the 2008 series and those series had a lot of elements of the old pirates series of the 90’s. Galaxy Squad did not sell, because Space in general does not sell. Look at the older sets on Bricklink, Classic Space, Blacktron and a bit of Futuron and Space Police are worth something. All the other sets (with some examples here and there) are easy to buy for a decent price. I would love to see the next adventure of Johnny Thunder and his gang, I would love to see the next mission of Alpha Team. Give me another great Pirates or Castle series, I would buy it. But something tells me that it will not appear as long as the Licensed themes sell.
  15. MOC: Next Generation Star Hawk

    I wanted to build a long time something for the Unitron series. The Star Hawk II was a great model and a few months ago I got the idea to build my own version of it. The Unitron, Intergalactic Strike Force, was organized to deal with the Spyrius, who were rogues of the Blacktron Future Generation. After many searches, battles and many losses the Unitron was disbanded and the Space Police was reorganized. Now the Black Hole Gang is causing trouble in the galaxy and the police force is not enough to stop them. A pilot, who has lost a ship and a lot of money, has found a graveyard of old ships and fighters and build a fighter for himself. He called it: Next Generation Star Hawk. For more pictures visit my Flickr Album. Various Space Creations Feedback and questions are appreciated. Sander