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  1. sander1992

    Various Castle Builds

    Thank you both!
  2. sander1992

    Classic Knights reimagined

    These figures look great!
  3. sander1992

    Various Castle Builds

    Hi everyone, To make it easier for me, one topic for all my builds. Just a small overview of my builds of the past few years. To celebrate the anniversary of Knights Kingdom. My own version of the set Ghostly Hideout. And of course Forestmens' Hideout. A small confrontation between two wizards in the forest with the Forestmen watching from a small distance. The return of the Black Monarch to the western border of their lands. A small castle for the Black Crows. This was build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. Battle of the old ruins of Lyon's Keep. The Storage of Rayne the Red. This was also build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. On the road! The carriage of the Black Knights on the road. Be aware of the Wolfpack! My two new additions to the list. A small cart for the "Bear" Knights of the CMF series. And my own interpretation of the Dragon Wagon. For more pictures please look into my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome.
  4. sander1992

    Aquazone builds

    Finally, my landscape is completed. It took some time. I was a bit struggling with the Aquanaut Submarine. And giving the subs a place in the landscape was a challenge as well. For more pictures, look into my Flickr album. The landscape was shown at LOWLUG XL last month. At the end of this month it will be present at Skaerbaek Fanweekend.
  5. sander1992

    LOWLUG XL 2022

    Hi, It was held in Meijel. Some advertising was online (Facebook and Instagram, I think) and local area.
  6. sander1992

    LOWLUG XL 2022

    Hi, Last weekend was the event of LOWLUG in the southern region of the Netherlands. The first day (saturday) was a meeting for the participants. Various activities were held from 10:00 to 21:00. On sunday was the hall open for public from 10:00 to 16:00. A few pictures of builds at the event: For more pictures look into my Flickr album. Sander
  7. sander1992

    Aquazone builds

    Thank you both! I have finished my Aquashark. The model should have something of the big shark from 1996. I want to bring the Aquazone layout to Skaerbaek (event in Denmark). On Saturday is a dark hour. I have added light to the shark and hopefully I am present during the dark hour to turn them on. Feedback is appreciated.
  8. sander1992

    [MOC] Micro Eagle Command Base

    Great job on downsizing the set. Good luck with the contest.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been building the past few weeks. For Skaerbaek (event in Denmark) I want to have a small landscape inspired by the catalogs. I've build a Shark Scout. The first module for the landscape is finished as well. I wanted to create the rocks from the catalogs. This module can be taken apart in smaller modules for transport. Feedback is appreciated.
  10. sander1992

    [MOC] Various Space Builds

    Yes, eventually. I'm waiting for 1 part to finish it. When I received the part, I will post some more pictures of the build.
  11. sander1992

    [MOC] Various Space Builds

    Hi everyone, It has been some time that I've posted some builds on Eurobricks (sorry about that). After a two events in Belgium and Norway (both great events by the way), I've been working on a Classic-Space base and landscape. But with COVID, hayfever and a builders block as delays, I forgot to post some updates. At PKH in Norway, I had a small Space build with me. After the event I had to work hard to finish the base for the Classic-Space collabration. With a few of the LUG (LOWLUG) we wanted to show a landscape at an event in Germany. My part wasn't finished, but was OK enough to show to others. This was my part for the Classic Space collabration. More pictures of the event can be found here. My plan is to add a observation point in the middle at the top. Where the car is at the right, will come a ramp towards it. Some details will be added to the landscape. The platform on top of the base will be altered and placed a bit more to the front. This Spaceship will be on top of it. Feedback is appreciated.
  12. sander1992

    Deep Freeze Scavenger

    That is a wonderful build. It is very sleek and it looks big. Thanks for sharing!
  13. sander1992

    [MOC] The Floating City

    That is a nice micro model. Great use of the Nexo Knights parts.
  14. sander1992

    [MOC] General Lee Outta of Space

    Nice! I really like the idea of a recognizable car in space.