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  1. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 19] Turning Point

    Yes, that is a little complication in the plan, but the direction is fine. If I'll build another one, than I'll try to fix it.
  2. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 19] Turning Point

    I would say left, and I think our team will be ok with it, there isn't a big difference.
  3. We want to move right to collect the bonus on R22 and go back to Q19. Previous: We don't have much information about the status about the rebels, but our intelligencerepurted that they're near to reach the shield generator. So we're trying to move faster. Our team just reached an unexpected obstacle... TG-0222 - Sir, It looks like our intel was inaccurate. This mountain should be further. Shock Trooper - Yes, it should, but we could find a safe path to move cross. BN-0303 - Sir, I just received an incoming message: All the troops have to turn back and move back to the Generator on the easiest way. Shock Trooper - In that case, let's see the map.
  4. Actually the imperial emigration officer has a bit different torso (on the back too) than the imperial ground crew. Btw I really like it and will be very useful in the future.
  5. Lego just posted this video, unfortunately it's not a real stop-motion like the older ones, but Is it a possible throne room set hint or even a Canto set with that new fathier?
  6. Very nice photographing of a cool looking build. I wish, I have this much patience to taking such arranged pictures.
  7. We want to move right and up to collect the bonus on P14. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 As the search any switch to shut down the forcefield lasts for a long time, the movements of our troops getting less week by week. Our squad, as others are getting tired and can't move forward as much as required. We are passing through forests and plains for weeks with, but it's racing with time and the enemy.
  8. My birthday presents:
  9. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 13] Bunker 0225

    Thanks! This diorama was my very first idea for this whole episode, so I've been thinking about the details since then. I tried to do the best I can and I'm so satisfied with the end result.
  10. And mine also hints it a bit. It's such a week.
  11. Movement: We want to move one square left to U11. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Our team finally found a promising outpost to find a security switch. The place, Bunker 0225, is surprisingly calm and EMPTY... BN-0303 - Sir this control panel is damaged and sparklin heavily for some reason, I'm not sure we could use it. Shock Trooper - Looks like this damage could have caused by a blaster, but by whom? If you can't enter the main computer, at least open that door. BN-0303 - Yes Sir, Just a minute! BG-0329 - What happend here? Shock Trooper - It seems something exploded. Shock Trooper - There was nothing left here, just ember and ash. TG-0222 - Could it have been an accident, or perhaps an ambush? BN-0303 - This and the traces inside are pretty suspicious. I think it must be a pretty heavy explosive installed properly to cause such damage. TG-0222 - Look! That's all that remained. Shock Trooper - We need to report it and move further.
  12. 75149 (42% off) 75177 (50% off) /76073 36% off/
  13. 3 : 10 2 : 6 8 : 4 10 : 3 5 : 2 18 : 1