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  1. There is a video about the Conveyex too, looks a bit weird, but good news, the range troopers has new helmet mold I think. The hauler can lift the second part of the train, andt there is the gunner figure too. By the way, I love the At-hauler since the first pics of the actual ship and I'm satisfied with the lego one. I like how they tried to put most of the functions to the set, but I'll definitely modifying it. The figs in both sets are nice, but i would like to see Dryden Vos instead of one of the henchmen.
  2. Here is my final Endor build as a Freebuild:
  3. After one of our squads found the SG Switch and shout it down, the way to the Generator has come free. Finally we have reached the border of the base, where the force field has already been turned off. Shock Trooper - It looks like there is no friendly or enemy activity. We should find out what's going on. BN-0303 -Sir, maybe I can get some information from that console. BN-0303 -Sir, I found a bunch of classified infos, which we do not have access to. But there are some accessible ones: The the base was evacuated and all remaining units were ordered to leave the moon. Shock Trooper - In that case we need to found the way out here. BG-0329 - I think, That might help us: Switches clicking, generators starting, computers beeping. Pre-departure checks
  4. Gubi0222

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Thank you everyone who participated in this episode, this was a really great one, with a lot of cool builds and stories. This Episode was very inspiring to me and I've been getting more and more ideas over the weeks, which I was able to accomplish.
  5. Gubi0222

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Here is my entry:
  6. I really like the Battlefront series since Bf and Bf2. I spent a lot of time with the 2015 version of the series and one of my favourite map in Walker-Assault game mode is SoroSuub Centroplex, which takes places on the planet Sullust. Here is it: Full MOC:
  7. Gubi0222

    [Ep XVII Freebuild #1] Distant Stations (reprise)

    The mosaic is beautiful. It could be a great wallpaper.
  8. We want to move down. We still haven't found the switch to shot down the force field, so all squads are searching for it on different areas. Incoming Orders: To all squad leaders. The enemy found the security switch. All troops move on to south immediately! Shock Trooper - Squad! The rebels found it and possible they have already turned off the force field. We need to hurry, they can reach the generator any time.
  9. I was curious about the Imperial Hauler and I wanted for my Imperial troops. I like the original look and I thoght maybe I could turn it some kind of transport for my imperial squad. I'm expected a bit bigger thing, but I like that it isn't a huge build. I hope it could fit 3 or 4 figs.
  10. Sorry that was an accident, could you remove it please?
  11. Gubi0222

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 21] Crossing the Lake

    Thanks, and only that is not enough to hold the flame properly, you need a tube with a hole inside instead of a normal bar piece.
  12. We want to move right to collect the bonus on G13 and than on D19. Our squad have find and followed a path trough pains, to cut off the road. We need to be careful, because these paths are used the native ewoks and if we meet them they could pull back us... BN-0303 - Sir, it looks like it's some kind of a raft made by the natives. Shock Trooper - Probably we could use it to crossing the Lake.
  13. Gubi0222

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 19] Turning Point

    Yes, that is a little complication in the plan, but the direction is fine. If I'll build another one, than I'll try to fix it.