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  1. Gubi0222

    Economy Contest Voting Thread

    I vote for #5 and #7
  2. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone recon mission

    Yes not the best position, but I needed him in this angle for the front shot, And I hate discinnecting legs.
  3. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Byblos - TT] Clone Infiltration Unit

    It's a very well thought out build. The layout, the colors and the used parts are pretty much perfect. the balance between the cleaner builded sections and the smaller detials is also great and the story is neat too.
  4. Gubi0222

    [Q10 - Deysum - TT] The Hunt Begins

    I really like, how you combined the different shades.
  5. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone recon mission

    Thanks! Actually I'm planning a bigger build of a city battle for the future. That will have much more ruined buildings, inspired by war movies, such as Stalingrad.
  6. Gubi0222

    [L9 - Coruscant - CS] Clone Patrol

    I like the height of it and there are some really nice parts usage. The bike looks cool and that Train Pantograph piece is a good idea, but would use a bit more black and white on it to make the whole vehicle feel one thing. The dimension stands, giving a modern feel to the background and the sloped white lane on the floor is quite unique looking too. The grey and blue is great together, but the upper part of the wall seems a bit grey, maybe some white on the walls could help. And as it's Coruscant, you could use a lot of neon colors too. The figures are also well made.
  7. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone recon mission

    Thanks! I just wish, to have those bars in dark red.
  8. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    Thanks guys! I'm pretty happy, that you like it so much.
  9. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Commanders and Generals need the best possible information about enemy positions for their proper decisions. Recon units, such as ARF Troopers, can find all hidden droid outpost, by approaching they unnoticed. During the battles on Exodeen, ARF troopers were scattered among the ruins of the buildings of the old city, to locate separatist patrols and convoys. "These clone troopers were often tasked with scouting out the enemy position on the battlefield. Although stealthy and well-trained, recon troopers' duties differed from that of Clone Commandos or Advance Recon Commandos as their focus was on gathering information about the enemy or carrying out surprise attacks."
  10. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    Lighting is not the best, but hope this helps: The 1x1 stud is the one with the hole in the middle.
  11. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    Thank you! I'm glad, you like it so much. I just got a good amount of ice cream pieces, so I'll use it more in the future. The base piece in the launcher is a black 60849 backwards. I can make a breakdown, if you wish. actually the launcher is based off this: I used normal blue, beacuse the parts are available in it and Ilike it, dousn't wanted to mix 2 different blues. And i think it still could fitt to other dark blue vehicles.
  12. Gubi0222

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Due to it's important position in the core, Exodeen was the location of many battles.Both sides wanted to take control of the planet and this did cost the destruction of the main cities of the it. Clone units needed take every opportunity to disable droid patrols. "The troopers learned to incorporate their jetpacks in battlefield tactics, sometimes mounting ambushes like the Mandalorians who had trained them."
  13. Gubi0222

    [L9 - Coruscant - CS] March of the Clones

    Nice use of the allowed space, but the colors and shapes reminds me a bit more to Kamino, than Coruscant.
  14. I like the dragon and love the rustic, dirty looking back ground. That tunel and the runoff on the wall is just You just need to be carefull with the contrast, when you using black on the walls. In the case of weathering, you should try make them with smaller parts nad not too many. And if they are details like grill or other machinery, I think, you should make some sort of a pattern to it.
  15. You captured the place very well. The sape of the chair and the desk is looking nice and the details on the corners of the bookshelves are perfect.