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  1. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    I would like the tag, please. Thanks for this cool episode.
  2. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Here is my build finally finished:
  3. Ep1 Ep2 As we came back from the battle of Coruscant, we had a few days spend in the "regular" ways. But we just got the order to send our troops to Endor. Our ship, which could serve both firepower and transport, is an LT 995. It's a prototype vehicle, named LT 995 Transport Cruiser. It's developed to bring troops to dangerous situations, so it has 2 pilot seats, 2 gunner seats and 8 passenger seats.
  4. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Yeah, Thanks!Usually before building I have ideas of the small details already and I start with them. Then comes the tricky part, combine all of this to one model. I'm doing this type of building because I'm a little limited with parts and want to use the right parts for the planed details. Here are some more WIP pics as examples:
  5. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Here is my first, low quality #WIP picture of my build: More progress:
  6. May 2017: Star Wars Thrawn Contest

    Here is my finished entry:
  7. [Thrawn] - Shadow Strike

    Yeah, thanks to reminding me. I just want to do a small update before that.
  8. [Thrawn] - Shadow Strike

    Thank You! I'm glad you liked it.
  9. [Thrawn] - Shadow Strike

    ShadowStrike After several conflicts around imperial bases on Rodia, Grand Admiral Thrawn visited the main imperial complex of the planet to take control. "Sir we've received a coded rebel transmission about a planned attack. We have not much information, but we know, a small group of soldiers will try get in one of our research base. We don't know which one and what's the goal." "Well. General do we know who will lead the mission?" "Yes Sir, a rodian rebel named Tweel Jaz." "Interesting, Did you know Phoolgee was the home city of the Jaz family. This is a part of the city's destroyed main building. We have a base there, haven't we?" "This painting was paint by the rodian Wonst Blar, is symbolizes the rodian stealth. Our rebel, Tweel Jaz usually lead small raids, so now we know what to expect. Send out probe droids for all the possible entry points of the mentioned place and leave them hidden." "Yes Sir!" The general leaves the room, and Thrawn start to listening an old rodian music. "Sir one of our droid spotted some activity at landing pad 9." "Good. Now, General send out the shadow troopers at the nearest entry and done it quietly. And prepare the units to capture the terrorists. I want Jaz alive." End
  10. HELP! ! !

    Yes I have, but I don't want fill my photostream with a lot pics of my MOCs keep separated on an other site, that was brickshelf. Now I think I will use bricksafe too.
  11. HELP! ! !

    Thanks, I just made a Bricksafe account and uploaded all those pics, and i just realized that I have a MocPages already.
  12. HELP! ! !

    Please Help me! I can't insert pictures from brickshelf. I have done it before several times, but now after I paste the URL the small circle started spinning than stops and nothing happens. I tired with several pictures but nothing worked for me. What should I do?
  13. Ep1 After a small time spent with patrolling and exercises all over again, we finally got an order. Most of the available troops were sent to Coruscant for a secret mission. We had not too much information about it, but we will be some sort of backup. When we arrived the main forces are already started the operation. They sent me to a team led by a shock trooper. I didn't know anything about our objective yet. I met them at one of the smaller entry doors of palace. Shock Trooper - I'm ST-0513 and I lead this small team. Our objective is to protect this Entry Door and secure to escape. We must stop any Black Sun mercs, but we must try not to kill any rebel terrorist and we didn't get permission to open fire first. Understood? Team - Yes Sir! Shock Trooper - Good. And now we moving in. One of the troopers moved to the controlling panel of the door. He entered the code number into the red display of the console and the door opened immediately. They all went in on it and it closed back. There has been nothing for a while and they just waited there. Then suddenly they heard steps approaching fast. Shock Trooper - Get ready, quietly and don't forget not to shoot first! Shock Trooper - Stop, don't Move! Put down the weapons and we don't hurt you! The door slides... And the leader of the group collapsed. Some Black Sun members arrived and they opened the door from outside and fired a shot. Then everybody opened the fire for the gang members. TG-0222 and the other two stormtrooper trying to get cover, but one of them got a shot in the back. The Imperial and Rebel troops Together were stronger and shortly they defeated all the mercs. TG-0222 - You should leave, hurry! Rebel - Thanks. Everybody go! Stormtrooper - Where are the rebels? TG-0222 - They were more than us, we couldn't stop them. End.
  14. [MOD] Nick Fury's SUV

    Hi everyone! After seeing CA: Winter Soldier for the first time back in 2014, I decided to build Nick Fury's SUV from that awesome scene. I always loved the structure of city cars and I don't want to build a completely new build. I want to build a car look a little like an official set, so I started search a city set and I have founded set 60058 SUV with Watercraft . I waited to buying it in sale and at that time I started modify the set in LDD, using the scene from the movie as reference. So when I finally bought the actual set, I have almost compete design for it. I planed not to make a lot of changes to keep the original feel to it. The final model uses only the parts of the original set (except the tires). I am really happy with the final model, mostly the front bumper and the look of the whole back. I'm enjoyed the building and happy to finally have a mostly accurate car for Fury. So here is it and I hope you will like it: Album (I have to update the LDD and after that I will upload it too.)