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  1. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Most of the Imperial troops are near the Generator, as well the rebels. Our squad just reached the sector with a little difficulty. Shock Trooper - We need to find a way bypass this lake. The good news, we can see the shield generator from here. TG-0222 - Yes finally we're so close to the objective. BN-0303 - Sir, I receive an incoming message. the enemy has reached the generator and it activated the security systems. So our troops need to find a base and switch off the force field.
  2. Moving: We want to use our 2 points to move 1 square down and 1 left to end up on E20, if its npt possible, than 2 down to F21. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 The operation on the forest moon of Endor has begun. As all or the available troops on the plane, we got the order to reach the shield generator and protect it from rebellious terrorist. After rushing through the forest our squad reached a river and now we are following it as long as possible.
  3. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 2] Troop Discrimination

    Yeah thanks, Its solved. The problem was, that accidentally I wasn't in the PM.
  4. [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 2] Troop Discrimination

    Where should I find it, could you help me please?
  5. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    And what if our team has multiple entry's for the same week, we both should use the same xp from last week?
  6. Someone could send me the link please?
  7. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    I would like the tag, please. Thanks for this cool episode.
  8. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Here is my build finally finished:
  9. Ep1 Ep2 As we came back from the battle of Coruscant, we had a few days spend in the "regular" ways. But we just got the order to send our troops to Endor. Our ship, which could serve both firepower and transport, is an LT 995. It's a prototype vehicle, named LT 995 Transport Cruiser. It's developed to bring troops to dangerous situations, so it has 2 pilot seats, 2 gunner seats and 8 passenger seats.