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Found 9 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Avalonian House

    This was one of my small contributions to the Guilds of Historica display at Brickworld 2018. Kevin had extra space on his island, so I built this and one other house to fit in an Avalonian setting. We had some lights left over after making our realm for the Tree of Worlds, which allowed me to throw some inside this house to light the stained glass windows. Despite the plentiful timber in Avalonia, stone is a common material choice for the more expensive homes. If the building looks familiar, it utilizes many of the same designs as our previous Nordheim Armory. See more pictures on Brickbuilt. C&C welcome
  2. My 6th entry for the Colossal Castle Contest, this time in the Archery Tournament category. I enjoyed getting to use our sand green plates for the landscape. The annual horseback archery tournament in Avalonia is always a popular competition. Since Avalonian archery is generally more focused on long bow use, its usually a close contest between the four guilds.Spectator stands are placed around the range, while wooden stakes mark how close archers are allowed to get to targets. More pictures, here. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions welcome
  3. LittleJohn

    Lír Teilien

    My second entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XIV, for the Medieval Archery Tournament category. It was quite fun building all the angles and curves in this build, as well as trying to capture the elegance of Elvish architecture. The elves are renowned for their skill with the bow, and often hold archery tournaments to maintain their mastery. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  4. soccerkid6

    Leanorll Manor

    This was a commissioned model based off of Leanan Manor. This version is a bit larger and features a full interior that can be reached via lift off floors or the hinging function. All the doors and window shutters actually open and close. It is also an entry into the small miscellaneous category of the Colossal Castle Contest. Leanorll Manor sits on a rock island in the middle of a placid lake. This morning, one of the servants brings in fresh water and kindling while the cook peels an apple. Lord Leanor makes his morning rounds and checks in with the roof top sentry. While the area has enjoyed a period of peace, terrible rumors from Nocturnus keep everyone on edge. See more on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, another Avalonian build is coming soon
  5. soccerkid6

    Avalonian Village

    The landscape for this scene was built as a commission, and then I finished the build by adding some houses, the fences, and figure activity. After learning that medieval roads often had fences or walls to allow animals to be moved effectively, I wanted to include that detail here. Brother Steven inspired the woodwork on the water mill. This is an entry into the large miscellaneous category of the Colossal Castle Contest. Market day makes for a lot of traffic on the village road as animals are taken to be sold, or purchased and brought home. The watermill is also a popular location as villagers purchase flour and bring grain to be ground. As usual, there are more pictures on brickbuilt. Your feedback is always welcome
  6. Deep within Lavenwood Vale is a magical lake, of which it is said was formed when the gods of long ago hurled fireballs from the sky in great anger. The waters of the lake glow and shimmer brightly against the night sky, and every tributary from this lake do the same. The light from these water ways is so bright, that travel at night through the vale is possible. A lady ranger makes her way to the nearest village, using the water way as a path. A small build and expeirement with lights. Thanks for stopping by!
  7. soccerkid6

    Benoic Watchtower

    Thanks to de Gothia for letting me place this watchtower in Benoic. Having recently acquired quite a few dark green plates, I wanted to try a landscape in that color and chose to put a small tower/cottage combo on it. There is a full interior, though because of the small size the furnishings are fairly frugal. Both doors are functional as well. The corner stonework was inspired by Dwalin Forkbeard, the cottage was inspired by Legopard, the ‘gear’ mushrooms were borrowed from Captain Flint, and the tower windows were inspired by Gideon. Benoic has many stone watchtowers within its lands to provide warning in case of attack, and also as bastions of defense. This particular tower also has a small cottage to serve as living quarters for the soldiers stationed there. More pictures can be seen on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, your comments and suggestions are always appreciated
  8. On their way to join the fight in Nocturnus against the Black Spire, small units of Avalonians were ambushed along the dusty path by remnants of the Hand of Corruption. But two soldiers, Jacen and Volnen survived to gallantly fight side by side against the overwhelming numbers. Backed against the edge of a cliff, a lone tree grew out of the overhang. Here the two made their heroic stand. Jacen was one of the most skilled archers in the land. Known for his speed and accuracy he could fire three times the arrows of a normal archer with deadly precision. Volnen was known for his prowess with the longs sword and great shield. The enemy feeling confident in their superior numbers rushed the two looking to finishes them off quickly. But Volnen stanchly defended the base of the tree as his foe’s bodies piled up at his feet. Jacen killed many with his bow while perched in the tree. Eventually they vanquished the enemy, and word spread of Jacen and Volnen deeds, creating a new pair of Heroes in the fight against the Black Spire.
  9. Zach Mills

    Damned Elves

    The elven bureaucrat who's name I believe to be 'Elidor' is to traveling to the pearl city this mourning, in order to finalize a trade deal between the Avalonian government, and his clan. Unbeknown to the Avalonians, He has only the intention of murdering our leader, as the start of a long campaign to overthrow the government. His intention was to open the gate for an attack squad, so that they could take down the city from the inside, leaving Avalonia divided for them to conquer. It's no secret that Elves consider themselves smarter than men, but this particular elf must have thought than all men were idiots. Otherwise, he may have at least tried to hide the fact that he payed off Albions gate guards. I'm going to finish this before it becomes an issue.