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Found 26 results

  1. I wanted to make a Beetle for a long time... But, as usual, not a normal one. This is a RatRod/Slammed/Rockclimber/Flamethrower beetle. Minifig Speed Champions Scale The custom rims are made by Brickthebrick
  2. legomanijak

    [MOC] Volkswagen Beetle

    My attempt at making a minifig scaled Volkswagen Beetle, couldn't do it all in red like I Initially wanted, but I think this colour combo makes it looks sporty. One minifigure can be seated inside although I did not provide proof of that. Lego Volkswagen Beetle by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Volkswagen Beetle by legomanijak, on Flickr Lego Volkswagen Beetle by legomanijak, on Flickr
  3. Sérgio

    [MOC] Volkswagen Beetle - Baja

    After my rusty train, I was wondering if I can give the same treatment to a car. I wanted to build a beetle for so long, but I don't wanna copy other's work, and also wanted to make some weird stuff, it's a kinda trademark that I have :P After Several hours of designing, I came out with this Baja Rat Rod based on a Beetle The suspension and steering are fully articulated and posable, but they won't work as real suspension/steering, considered this more like an action figure that you can do some dynamic poses to take some cool photos. Even though most of the car is gone, I tried to keep the recognizable beetle profile.
  4. I built 2 pickup alternates from Creator Expert sets. The first one is from the 10265 Mustang set, and to keep within the theme and time period I decided to go for a Ford F100 from 1970. The model includes steering by HoG, opening bonnet, doors and tailgate, a detailed interior and engine. Once done I thought why not try to build a pickup model from the 10252 Volkswagen Beetle too? So that's just what I did with this vintage American pickup truck somewhere from the 1930's. It has similar features as the 10265 alternate except for the steering function, which was not possible. Some pictures: Pickup trucks from 10252 and 10265 by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10265 Pickup Truck by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr Pickup Truck guts by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10252 Vintage pickup truck by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr 10252 Pickup truck rear by Nathanael Kuipers, on Flickr More information and pictures for model 10252 and 10265 at In case you want to build your own copy building instructions are available at
  5. Here's my MOC (rather old, actually) – VAG BUG (vw beetle buggy) Features & Functions: Opening doors (with locks), cabin interior with roll cage, v8 fake-engine (operates via M), very soft independent suspension. PF: 4L (single motor for each wheel), M, servo, 2x LiPo, 2 sbrick, 3x lights. Video: More images:
  6. The latest incarnation of my VW Beetle MOC, in minifigure scale. Incorporating new backend shaping to assist with the difficult matter of the curves. Enjoy
  7. _TLG_

    [MOC] Rally Bug

    Baby Porsche or VW Beetle tuning? This is a fictitious race car, I hope you like it :) You can support it on Lego Ideas: It is a studless build in Speed Champions scale, but with City wheels. I used only standard LEGO elements, the slopes with stickers are part of the set called 1968 Ford Mustang. Baby Porsche 01 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 02 by László Torma, on Flickr Baby Porsche 03 by László Torma, on Flickr
  8. bamsham363

    [MOC] VW Repair Shop

    A new home for my VW Collection, be it old or new or rodded, enjoy
  9. i suprised myself with a new version, with opening bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk), and of course doors, as per prev models roof can be hard top or soft top and fits 2 mini fig in front and one in back, 2 at a push if roof is down, comments thoughts welcome, is a work in progress as would like to enhance the engine/roof etc etc
  10. My version of the famous bug, Wip, as never satisfied, so keep on updating This is based on my real build beetle moc, all comments welcome, old rear end. rally version (i believe this is Gulf oil racing colours) classic version
  11. bamsham363

    Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    Ive built a vw beetle minifig scale, just ordered all the parts so will post pics when i get to build it for real, but am having difficulty with joining the roof parts, the scale is great but am needing thin plates to join them, are there such pieces? images from bluerender can be found at this link its almost 100% complete however im about 1/2 a flat out on getting a minifig in with hair, bald hes fine, its now bugging me, as doesnt look so good if raised one thin sure ill get there but its at that stage where its bugging me, and wishing lego could invent a new piece, so all help comments would be appreciated.
  12. bamsham363

    [MOC] Space bug/beetle

    The future version of the vw beetle, "The Space Bug", travel for the future
  13. This is a redesigned, custom version of Creator Beetle (10252), which I've wanted to do since it came out. A lot of people complained, saying the Lego model looked more like a Citroen 2CV. I personally think it's a great model, with all its details. I have nothing against it. That said, I do think the shaping could look more a little more like the real thing and I wanted to give it a shot. It's quite the challenge, with all its curves. There are only so many dark azure pieces to work with. I figured lowering it as much as possible would also add to that difficulty (not to mention it's hilarious). It took a lot of time and figuring out, but this is the result, which I'm mostly happy with, considering what I had to work with, the goal, and the comically large new fender pieces. All chrome is original Lego, except the wheels. They're real Lego wheels, chromed by another company (randomly found browsing Bricklink one day). The 8-ball shifter knob is from Killer Croc Tail-Gator (70907), the shifter stick from Frightening Knight (CMF s15), the tinted windshielf from Mini Cooper (10242), and the "love" tile on the dash is from the Yellow Submarine (21306). These pieces are unique to those sets and relatively recently produced for the first time, along with many of the Beetle's dark azure parts. Meaning this car couldn't have been built at all a couple years ago.
  14. badchriss

    Lego City Future - Surfin Beetle

    Well,technically this isn`t a MOC but rather a Mod....well,heavily modded if i may say so.The lovely little VW Beetle you currently can get in Lego Stores was sitting on my Desk for a few Days now and i really like it. The bright Blue is really an Eyecatcher.I thought about modifying it so a Minifig can sit in it,but this prooved to be quite hard,all i could fit in was an armless Torso with a Head. Well,while the Beetle was already into Pieces,i decided to spice Things a bit up (also,i needed those Wheels) and turned it into one of my "Lego City Future" themed Builds. 20170408_154745 20170408_154758 20170408_154806 20170408_154828 20170408_154848 20170408_154901 As you can see,i added the usual Hovercar Stuff to the Fenders. I also wanted to make the Beetle look old and rugged so i put in some mismatched Parts.The rear End got a classic "Stinger" Exhaust with a Pedestal on it so you can either sit on it while hovering over a Lake or the calm Sea and so you can also reach the Junk on the Roof. But don`t worry,all original Parts from this Set are safely packed away in a little Ziplock Baggie. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  15. Here's what I know! - Set # is 10252 - $100 - Release in August, July VIP pre-sale That is about it. I'll post more info when I have it. Enjoy!
  16. soccerkid6

    Insect Terrarium

    This was an entry to the 2016 MOCAthalon. I took inspiration from Sean and Steph Mayo’s terrarium and insect collection builds. The terrarium contains a beetle, two ants, a millipede, a butterfly, a ladybug, and a stick bug. There are lots more pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  17. ZetoVince

    [MOC] Volksrod

    Since i got my hands on this beautiful quarter dome piece i knew that sometime i was going to use it in a little Volksrod but everytime i was trying to build the rest i couldn't get past the cabin section! Then out of nowhere, Calin posts his beautiful Volksrod and without knowing it he solves my riddle!! That chair is exactly what i needed! The rest you can see it! Just because it wasn't very time consuming, there are some instructions...
  18. In this thread, I will share my experiences (and sometimes struggle) for finding and buying the bricks for building the Volkswagen Beetle 10187. At Bricklink, this set is available starting at 450 euro's (used) or about 600 euro's for a new one. It is a challenge to find and buy the separate bricks and have it cheaper than a used set. If there are particular questions, please let me know. More to come later. /Hans
  19. Here is my lastest car. The classic Volkswagen Beetle, officialy called Type 1, or informally in some places around the world the VW Bug. This car received a lot of modifcations and improvements along the years, I have built the 1967 model. This car is made in scale 1:7.8. The total size is: 65 studs of length, only 25 wide and 23 of high (50x20x18 cm) The weight is 2.5 kgs, with around 3000 parts and 5 motors. As always it includes some remote controlled functions: - Steering (M motor) - Drive (2 XL motors) - Sequential gearbox (PF Servo motor) - Brakes (M motor) The sequential gearbox is a modified version of the Mustang's gearbox (3rd Gen V2), with 4+N+R speeds and as always with auto-clutch. The speeds ratio: R - 1.25:1 1 - 1.25:1 2 - 1:1 3 - 1:1.33 4 - 1:1.67 The max speed in 4th speed is 4 kph (~2.5 mph) It has a gear indicator in the interior, between the front seats. Boxer-4 fake engine under the rear bonnet. The bodywork Also you can disassembly the bodywork removing only 5 pins, do it is very easy and fast. A complete bodywork with openable doors, front trunk bonnet and and rear engine door. Also the doors have lock, you need turn the door handle to open it. It has 4 full size seats and folding front seats. The suspension is based in the real one: front rigid beam independent suspension axle and rear swing axle. Also the front axle has stabilizer bar. The steering has ackerman geometry and working steering wheel. The car also has working brakes in all wheels: disc brakes in the fron and drum brakes in the rear. In addition it includes functional brake pedal. Now the "most wanted" picture for technic fans. Like the Mustang the instructions will be available coming soon Finally as always a little video: As always for more info visit my website:


    Searing red As always, no real back story to this guy, I just wanted to build something dynamic with loads of red. The Carapace opens up in the back to reveal a jet thruster as you can see on the pictures. The finished product kind of reminded me of something you'd get as an enemy in some Japanese shmup or something so I looked up a cool sounding phrase and the name stuck. I really like the contrast of the tiny skinny frame and limbs against the big hollow shell. So yeah, your comments and criticism is welcome, as always.
  21. andybear@hk

    VW Beetle

    <MOC>VW Beetle Hi all Here brig my new work VW Beetle Which is make i 4 studs wudth. One of my favourite car. Really thanks for your watching and kind comments.
  22. imvanya

    [LDD MOC] City style VW Beetle

    It's been a while since I last posted, but I wanted to share this VW Beetle design I've come up with: It's really straight forward and simplistic, but I still find it unbelievably cute. The color scheme is an obvious nod to the 2008 Beetle LEGO produced. As you can see, it's very NPU- and SNOT-light. That's because I wasn't trying to capture some of the more intricate shapes, but to get the overall look of the Beetle using basic City-esque technics. Anyway, all comments are welcome and feel free to follow this link and get the .lxf file
  23. Legopard

    [MOC] Volkswagen T1 and Beetle

    Hello The two classics from Volkswagen: Camper and Beetle All Details on MOCpages Which one would you choose? Jonas.
  24. rongYIREN

    [MOC] Battle Beetle Mk.2

    Hello, Here is my latest mecha, a Battle Beetle à la Galaxy Squad. Below is a LEGO "sketch" for a diorama that I'd like to put together using more SNOT... just waiting on the bricks to get started. (with the Beetle Mech damaged the only option left for our Buggoids is escape!) Top ( flight mode) Bottom As usual, feedback is welcome. I still consider this to be somewhat of a WIP. Thanks, rongYIREN