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Found 64 results

  1. We have a [KEY TOPIC] Official Lego sets made in LDraw , and a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in LDD .. Is there/will there be a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in ? has the nifty feature that you can import an official set.. but all it does is import the correct amounts and numbers of parts from the Bricklink Cattledog. (which in itself is a time consuming job taken care of..) Given the ease of import and export to/from both LDraw and LDD, I think it may be possible to combine the entire contents of the other Key Topics into one. Anyone have the appropriate amount of cloud storage and time to import/vet? (just askin', not volunteering)
  2. This was my first concept for a series of 4-person SxS vehicles but it came out to 8 wide, which seems excessive. So I am going to try a few techniques that were suggested by my lug for narrowing it down. SxS Offroad vehicle by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  3. Took this time some inspiration from @johndrinkin and his art deco/retrofuturistic trains and some existing trains with smooth "bathtub" cowl appearance. Here few versions of it with a slight forward and backward cowl and with standard parts and customs wheels that suits better With custom wheels that are slightly bigger XLL With standard partlist Due too similarity of them here some other photos and angels Hoses job (it was painful and full of struggle but I`ve made it! ) Size comparison between desighn with custom wheels and sandart(sorter) Been working on this for way too much time but got a few new ideas and some of them use as improvements for PRR GG1 family Maybe will try to make a "tank version" based on some German/Dutchland streamlined train (if not fall fully insane)
  4. Hey everyone! I’m happy to share with you a little something I’ve been working on. It’s one of the commuter (cercanías) trains we have here in Spain. I’m the most familiar with the units in Madrid, so that’s what I’ve tried to recreate. They’re nicknamed “El Buque” (The Ship). I can’t seem to get a reason why they’re called this, my theory is that they wobble like a boat does, and the single round window on the coaches reminds me of a ship as well. The 450s are some of the oldest trains in this service still around, and unfortunately, they will probably be retired relatively soon. There aren’t that many left running around Madrid, so they’re the least common ones you’ll find pulling into the station. As you can see they're double decker trains, and if I’m not mistaken, they were the only units with two floors in the country until the arrival of Ouigo’s Euroduplex. And to be honest, employing double decker trains for commuter services wasn’t that good of an idea, since each car only has a couple of doors on each side but twice as many seats, getting off and boarding at rush hour at a crowded station is a pain, so it’s probably for the better that they retire these units. Funnily enough, despite being old and a bit clunky, these trains are the fastest in the cercanías services, reaching 140km/h. Although they have a terrible acceleration, so they take a long time until they get there. And since they’re stopping and leaving constantly their average speed might be the lowest in the cercanías fleet. To be fair, in my opinion, these trains are perfectly good and reliable, the thing is that they just aren’t suited for the services they got designated to. In the outskirts of Madrid, where the distances between stops are much longer and there aren’t as many passengers to clog up the doorways, they really get their chance to shine. These trains used to be pulled by a regular locomotive, and on the tail end coach they had another cabin from which to control remotely the locomotive at the other end when traveling in the opposite direction. That way, there was no need to uncouple the locomotive and shunt it to the other side or employ two engines on either end. Later, in an effort to modernize the fleet, they got rid of the locomotive altogether and fitted the coaches on either end with all the necessary components to make the train run by itself as a single unit. The transformation wasn’t all the way though, and in a way, the unit still behaves like a conventional train being pulled and pushed at the same time by two locomotives that happen to be able to carry passengers too. You can tell at simple glance by the fact that both motor-cars carry their pantographs up when running, since there isn’t a high voltage line connecting them like modern units have. All in all, I find this train with all its quirks very interesting and loveable in a way, even if it’s begging to be put out of its misery… Which is why I tried to recreate it in lego! :)
  5. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] Challenger

  6. Darkkostas25

    [MOC] Budd Metroliner

    Finally, I have made one of my favourite American(and iconic) trains (Electric multiple units) one of the last streamliners. Attempted to make a high-speed train sadly in struggling and deteriorating infrastructure At the end of their life as EMU are still in use but only as passenger coaches Budd Metroliner Example of usage one of the engines that were used with them was GG1 Modules Original
  7. *A Lego IDEAS submission* Frankie's Farm by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Welcome to the farm! This is a farm-themed freight train set that features the small diesel engine Shiro-chan. Shiro-chan v2 (front) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr There are three freight cars to transport cargo from the farm to your LEGO town. These are an all-purpose gondola, a tanker car, and a wood-paneled livestock car. Gondola (v2) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Tank Car by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Stock Car (open) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr The farm consists of a barn with a loft, a mini tractor with a trailer, and a raised goods platform with a crane hoist. Barn Full by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Tractor (front) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Farm Platform by Nick Jackson, on Flickr In the barn's loft there is a spot where a minifigure can take a quick nap next to the hay! Barn Loft by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Barn Open by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Drive the tractor and trailer to haul crates' worth of goods and supplies between the barn and the platform. The cargo platform has attachment points in the base which allow you to rearrange the ramps and staircase. The barn can also attach to the platform. For minifigures, there are two train operators, three farmhands, and an assortment of farm animals including cows, chickens, dogs and cats. Barn, Tractor, & Minifigs by Nick Jackson, on Flickr I built this digitally via, but I have also built Shiro-chan (the engine) in real life. Depending on how the support campaign goes, I will attempt to construct the rest of the set. Not all of the parts exist (yet) in the colors depicted however. Thanks so much for taking some time to look at my project! **UPDATE** 6/28/22 So, I ordered some parts and set about building this in real bricks! I think the set turned out rather well! Can you spot the differences between the renders and the irl build…?
  8. From left to right: Jergen Behrens (drums) Axel Beritung (synth) Martin Tychsen (vocals)
  9. Hello guys , I desperately need a expert's help : I am doing builds for Star Wars factions using LDD and and I've stumbled upon some roadblocks in my use of Namely : 1) I cannot find any way to make parts that are supposed to be dual-molded be two different colors. For example I want a minifig's legs to be tan in their upper area , with dark bluish grey as the "boots"/lower part. Another example is a doctor who sonic screwdriver - I want the "body" to be pearl grey but the "light bulb" on top to be a trans green or trans blue . Is there any way , direct or indirect , to achieve that ? 2) What I also looked for , but could not find , was a way to use my own custom decals on , say a minifig torso . Is there any way of accessing the decoration/decal database of the programm and adding my own / replacing an existing one with my own ? If this has been answered / covered elsewhere , feel free to lock / delete the topic and point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help.
  10. The Galactic Plastics Volkite is a LEGO spaceship originally built by Nick Trotta ( As with all creations by Nick, the Volkite uses clever building techniques to achieve unusual shapes and angles. I have now created a digital version of the Volkite: Galactic Plastics Volkite - starfield by Brick Random, on Flickr In addition to rendering the above pictures, I've also used to digital model to create step-by-step PDF building instructions and a full parts inventory. My next step will be to actually build a real life version! The free step-by-step building instructions and the parts inventory for the Volkite are now available on Galactic Plastics Volkite
  11. Hi, In theory, should be coming a new update for LDD, no?? Someone knows something about that?
  12. I've been googling for an answer, and I can't find any. I'm fairly new to, so that might be part of the problem. The problem I have is that some LEGO colors don't show properly in Instructions mode. I worked on a mosaic design in, creating this Pink planet, and while I tried to make instructions for it (for my personal use), I couldn't get the colors right. Lavender (BL color ID 154) looks white in the top view. At the same time, the colors are shown properly in the angled view. I found a similar issue for another mosaic project in, and it's bothering me. I'm trying to make a mosaic as a gift and would be great to include the top view pictures as instructions. However, the colors again do not show properly. In this case, light nougat looks like tan. It's not a problem per se, as there are no tan parts, but I'd love to find out what I'm doing wrong. So if you know any tips on how to solve this, I'd be all ears. Thanks.
  13. Hello, i am now learning how to design in, and, up to now, everything went well. Until i had to put one PU motor (well, indeed, 8nof them), and found that, at least in the version (updated today) i have, they are not included in the pieces database. Then, i ask, is it possible to import it from somewhere else? Many thanks in advance!
  14. Christians Trains

    Medium Small (MS) Wheel .dat file?

    Hi, I'm wondering If anybody has a place I can download MS wheels from (in .dat, .idr, or .obj,) size being the same as the MS wheels from brick train depot - - It doesn't matter if it has the pin hole or not mainly just that it is the same size.
  15. Astro61201

    4-8-2 Frame Design Feasibility

    Hi, I'm currently designing a 4-8-2 Gresley design on with the vision of building it in real life and as such I want to make it able to traverse various radius track curves, however I also want to retain a cohesive look for the chassis. I'm not overly concerned about the tightest of curves but I would still like to go as tight as possible without compromising aesthetics. My current design consists of: 4x - 20.8mm (MS) leading wheels Double Pivot 8x - 42.3mm (XXL) Driving Wheels 2x - 24mm (M) Trailing Wheels Tender. I was wondering about the feasibility of the design and if anyone has a similar setup, what curve sizes is their loco able to traverse?
  16. The actual update 2.2.4 (1) makes some problems. it seems all parts from the ldraw library seem to be corrupted in rendering. my selfdesigned customparts seem to work, but the part size is gigantic. this 16 tooth gear is zoomed out to the maximum.
  17. Has anyone used the part designer for I find it a pretty interesting and potentially powerful addition (even though it's a bit ridiculous to have to "design" parts that have been in LDD for a decade) to, But I can't figure out how to use it properly. So far I've simply been importing unofficial ldraw parts and tried to add connectivity information, which is indeed a great possibility! However, the part designer would let me move the connection points only by rather chunky steps, so they cannot be adjusted properly to match the actual holes and snaps of the parts...
  18. Hello, I would like to show you my last digital project: The EL 4 was built in 1903 for the "Trossinger Eisenbahn" one of the first ever electric Railroad Companies in Germany. It was founded by the citizens of Trossingen especially by businessmen who needed a connection to the state railway that was about 8 kilometers away instead of bringing their goods there with coaches. Trossingen is best known in Germany (and abroad) being the city of harmonicas (Hohner). The Original is still running, it might be one of the oldest working electric Locomotives of the world. If you like to know more: I hope you like it. Best regards, Volker
  19. One of my first posts on Eurobricks was of a Metroliner inspired high speed train I designed on LDD nearly 5 years ago. It has existed with minimal revisions for years, but something that always bothered me was how jagged and pointed the nose was. This actually lead me to nicknaming it "The Metro Dagger", which is a rather silly name if I'm being quite honest. Here are some before shots with the ones in actual bricks sporting some custom stickers. Either way, I felt the design needed some revision. For the moment, I just wanted to focus my attention on the locomotives, though I may change the passenger cars later on. In addition, I wanted to still keep the simplicity and durability of the locos intact, as well as use that long windscreen piece, so those would factor into the redesign as well. I think the old cars and the new locos work well together, though the club car striping could use some work, now that I'm looking at it. Also, when I've run the current full train on track, it tends to move quite slowly. I'm thinking of making a dual motor mod to the power car later on. Old design is on top, new one on the bottom. The new loco is nearly 3 studs shorter, so hopefully this fixes its ridiculous overhang on R40. I would love comments and suggestions on how to improve the locomotive, cars, (Or name!). Especially curious to hear @Murdoch17's thoughts on it as he helped me so much in my original design. If anyone wants to tinker in the file, here is the link to my folder. This file is under the name "MD21"
  20. How much weight do you give is it when assessing the stability of your design? I don't have any stability issues, but I do have 20 or so warnings.
  21. RoxYourBlox

    [MOC] Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

    My latest creation, Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse, reflects a desire to create an autobiographical MOC to share joy and pain non-verbally. It was inspired aesthetically by Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior, thematically by Voyage of Life (1842) by Thomas Cole, and structurally by Obelisk Overpass, Boulder Dam, plus an early draft of River Wheel (featuring pirate ship gondolas rather than lumber). In fact, the 96 x 96-stud plot vacated by the dismantled River Wheel fed my drive to combine structures absent from my Lego city—a bridge, dam, and Ferris wheel. As you may imagine from the photos, a hilltop lighthouse teeters over an ocean, beneath a collection of galaxies spiraling through the nighttime sky, while a shooting star passes overhead. The light and dark figurative sailboats represent positive and negative memories, while the logarithmic spiral of galaxies in the sky is reflected in the earth below by the failed attempt of humankind to overcome the nature of life itself. Stats 26400 pieces 75 lbs (34 kg) Footprint: 96 or 128 square studs Volume: 156 x 156 x 176 studs Timeline Phase 1 Idea conceived: January 2020 Digital design: 8 weeks total Wheel: 2 weeks Lighthouse: 2 weeks Bridge: 2 days Cliff: 4 weeks Shipping: 13 weeks Building: 2 weeks Phase 2 Digital design revision: 1 week Shipping: 4* weeks Building: ongoing *Multiple international part orders in October never did arrive and had to be repurchased domestically. For more, follow me on flickr, instagram, or ideas.
  22. I recently installed LDD and on my new laptop and ran into issues with both - only 4.3 would install from the lego site so I tried downloading from another source, but 4.3 (I believe this was up to date around 2012) is the only version I could download. On, I had issues with connection - plates often do not align without making sure they slide completely down the studs without clashing which is annoying, and minifig arms do not connect to torsos without being aligned perfectly with the hinge tool. I believe this has only been an issue since the most recent update. Any help with either issue would be appreciated!
  23. Hello! I've been playing around in and part designer making some custom figs, and I really want to get them into blender so I can animate them. Exporting to Ldraw and mechabricks doesn't work, the only things that stay are official parts. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  24. This has been my first LEGO MOC, I designed this on BrickLink after Porsche collaborated with Star Wars to make their own spaceship. When I first saw their design I instantly fell in love with it, and I thought I might just make that in LEGO. Thanks to everyone for taking a look. Pictures
  25. More renders can be found here: