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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, In theory, should be coming a new update for LDD, no?? Someone knows something about that?
  2. Hello guys , I desperately need a expert's help : I am doing builds for Star Wars factions using LDD and and I've stumbled upon some roadblocks in my use of Namely : 1) I cannot find any way to make parts that are supposed to be dual-molded be two different colors. For example I want a minifig's legs to be tan in their upper area , with dark bluish grey as the "boots"/lower part. Another example is a doctor who sonic screwdriver - I want the "body" to be pearl grey but the "light bulb" on top to be a trans green or trans blue . Is there any way , direct or indirect , to achieve that ? 2) What I also looked for , but could not find , was a way to use my own custom decals on , say a minifig torso . Is there any way of accessing the decoration/decal database of the programm and adding my own / replacing an existing one with my own ? If this has been answered / covered elsewhere , feel free to lock / delete the topic and point me to the right direction. Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help.
  3. I compared the different LEGO rendering engines available through LDD, Bluerender and Have a look at the results:
  4. Darthmarty

    Hello from Massachusetts!

    Hello, I'm new to this community, but have been building Lego my whole life. My favorite themes when I was growing up in the late 80's and early 90's were Castle and Pirates. In recent years, my favorites are the Star Wars UCS sets, though I'm especially impressed with some of the MOC's both of Star Wars and in general. I first found this forum when I was wondering why Lego hasn't done a set for the Star Wars Nebulon-B Medical Frigate from the Rebel flleet. A google search turned up the absolutely AMAZING MOC of the Nebulon-B by Mortesv, and as I read more about that I of course found a thread or two talking about it in this forum. Over the last few years I've become very impressed with the online tools we have thanks mostly to the ingenuity of the Lego community. Most people, even probably a lot of people that have Lego or buy sets for their kids, have no idea that sites like Bricklink, Brickset, and Rebrickable, exist. The sheer number of online store fronts on Bricklink, and the enormity of how many individual parts there are just boggles my mind. The amount of data that Brickset can tell me about my collection is fascinating. I am now trying to learn about the Lego design software that until a week ago I wasn't aware existed. It seems like Lego Digital Designer is kind of broken and not supported by Lego, yet it seems like folks are still using it? What about Is that more or as popular? Or is there other software besides those? I feel like I am just scratching the surface of the new things I want to learn about - and this forum seems like a great place to figure it all out! Looking forward to participating in this community, almost as much as I am for my two year old getting old enough to graduate from Duplos into Lego!
  5. Lamborghini Waffle Sauce

    [MOC] Lake Forest College - Young Hall 1:350

    I present to you the main academic building at Lake Forest College, in Lake Forest, IL, USA, built and rendered with Building this in 1:350 scale was tough because it's hard to capture all the shapes and details at such a small size. I used bricks in existing colors in hopes of one day physically building it, and also incorporated very complicated techniques that I never knew I could even attempt. The inside is a mess of supporting the outside, and I made sure it is stable enough but in digital form, who really knows? All things considered, I'm very proud of this, and looks just like the real thing. There are more shots in the flickr gallery and I can make more on request.
  6. Hi I'm new. I'm working on some recolor/modifications to the official A-Wing (75150) and the T70 X-Wing (75149) designs. I started off using Beta to recolor the 75150 and 75149 that I found in the LDD gallery, and that quickly evolved into some subtle modifications. What you think? Are many people on here using I'm finding it much more intuitive and stable than LDD. -AZiltz T-72 X-wing rev2
  7. Hello all, I'm a beginner in rendering LEGO models in a mac OS system. I discovered that makes its renderings using POV-ray (a software for rendering) and that you can export .pov files for render externally in the POV-ray software itself. The POV-ray 3.7 has not graphical user interface (GUI) for mac OS X, and can only be executed in the command line. The render is controlled in a text file with the .pov extension. I installed POV-ray 3.7 with the sotware mac ports: [ The command is: sudo port install povray @ ] Then I modified the file /opt/local/etc/povray/3.7/povray.ini adding the path to the LGEO libraries, which were already installed by Library_Path="/Applications/" Library_Path="/Applications/" Library_Path="/Applications/" Also modifying the Width and Height parameters. Then in the mac terminal I ran: povray Nova_AlexandriaFrontal_10.pov The result is similar to what I have obtained in renderings. Now I want to improve the renderings learning to use POV-ray. First step learning about lights. Which I will update in this post. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, which will be included here. Solution Update: .pov files exported from give me some trouble, so instead, from I export a .ldr file, which then I open in LDView, and from there I exported the .pov file. This also allow me to select the perspective of the model, and automatically translated to the .pov file (Which I could not do it in At first time the .pov file exported from LDView has mismatch colors, that was fixed updating the file /Applications/ NOTE: I will eliminate this topic to create a new one with the focus on mac OS related issues of POV-Ray Rendering. Working with a iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB.
  8. We have a [KEY TOPIC] Official Lego sets made in LDraw , and a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in LDD .. Is there/will there be a [KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in ? has the nifty feature that you can import an official set.. but all it does is import the correct amounts and numbers of parts from the Bricklink Cattledog. (which in itself is a time consuming job taken care of..) Given the ease of import and export to/from both LDraw and LDD, I think it may be possible to combine the entire contents of the other Key Topics into one. Anyone have the appropriate amount of cloud storage and time to import/vet? (just askin', not volunteering)
  9. Hey all, I organised an LDD contest on my youtube channel and I've received some designs in LDD and format. The ones from LDD (*.LXF) can be opened in, but not the other way around. The winning design is a file. I've uploaded it to a Bricklink Baseplate but I can't find anywhere how to generate a building guide. I can click "step view", but it doesn't do anything (the desing appears to have 2 steps with all the changes in the first step). Is this where the building guide should be?? 1. Is there a way to generate a building guide in, if so how? 2. If I can convert the file into an LDD file, I could open it in LDD and use the Buidling Guide view mode but it seems this is not possible? Do you have encountered this problem? I really need a solution, since the design has over 1500 parts I hope you can help me out!
  10. Sarles

    Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Starting on a personal project. I've never built a LEGO Train before so I'm basing my boggies and trucks on the LEGO set 60052 and will start to build from there. My hope is to build a model of the Paducah GP10 locomotive that was built in my fathers home town of Paducah KY. Illinois Central Paducah Built G10 Locomotive #5 by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  11. This is a design I've been working on for that last year or so. I meant to have it built for the 2016 Brickfair Virginia but wasn't able to quite pull it all together in time. So I brought it out for this years Brickfair. I originally designed the building the Lego Digital Design (LDD) software. I had the design even built. Once I switched my primary software to bricklink;s I tested out the rendering package in on this build and it sold me on the switch to the software package. I started to evaluate the design a bit further for this years Brickfair and wanted to add some lighting which cause me to really work through some redesign efforts in the roof and foundation pieces. the final design from ended up looking like this. Now it was time to build and light. I am really happy our this all came out.
  12. Sarles

    MOC- WIP Pusher Sea Plane

    I've been working on this, today. Trying to come up with an interesting pusher plane design that has influences back to World War II. This first picture is from from where I was blocking in the hull of the design. This shows a bit more design work with the addition of a different windscreen as well as the support pylons for the wings to the man fuselage. I'm still thinking of whether or not to add wing tip pontoons. Feel free to add any comments you have for additions to this design.
  13. Drawing cylinders in seems to be easier than in other software due to the ease of using their hinge tool and how it interacts with connected pieces. The attached folder has some basic instructions and a straight wall ready to turn into a cylinder, a completed example and one of my modified cylinders. Included is a pdf with a table of angles necessary to use in the hinge settings to get a perfect circle of varying diameters.
  14. I decided to rework my baseball field to a different scale. I was having a hard time fitting that stadium on the Micropolis Standard so I think I will go a bit bigger but it still will be Micro as to try and keep the part budget somewhat achievable. The park will also not be a major league field but hopefully NCAA or MiLB A/AA size. This is still a WIP and would love to get feedback.
  15. I'm working on at Micropolis Baseball park. I want to see if I can get a three tiered stadium on this and add an interesting design of the ball park. Ball Park Study Size 1 by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr Ball Park Study Size 1_Progress by Benjamin Sarles, on Flickr
  16. I'm working on a design a week in the micropolis scale and hopefully I will be able to pick one or two models to display this year at Brickfair VA. Please feel free to comment or suggests edits on the designs as I want to put my best foot forward since this will be my first time displaying at a show. This week I wanted to incorporate the rounds along the top edge of this building and I like the look of the "Wraps" along the front columns and over the roof. I'm not sure about keeping the poles in the back but I didn't have time to really work on that area this weekend. I like building at this scale because it's not a part's hog and it gives a newer builder more exposure to building techniques with out having the entire build designed around that technique. Again please feel free to comment on areas where I can improve. Micropolis Tower _White by BSarles, on Flickr
  17. This is a new building that I'm working on but I haven't picked what direction I want to go on the colors. I'm hoping to have the design finalized and bricks ordered in time for BrickFair VA 2017. I think I'm about 90% done with the building itself. I have the roof detailing to complete, plus adding more detail work but want to put this out there for comment. I have two working color schemes I'm looking at and would love to hear feedback on which one to go with. Option 1 Office Tower by BSarles, on Flickr Option 2 Office Tower (2nd Color) by BSarles, on Flickr The design is created in Bricklink's design tool called . There is a lot I am liking about this software over LDD. Maybe I might write a post about another time.
  18. I have a problem with building in - every time I try to build or import, all the bricks are transparent: Does anyone know why this is happening?
  19. I use Open Beta v1.0 (21) with LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.10. This digital model is under Creative Commons license. Did use out-of-date ldraw.xml or I should wait to next release ?!! FIRST IMAGE Import into as LDD model. SECOND IMAGE Import into model after export from LDD using updated ldraw.xml as LDraw model.
  20. astroknight

    Official Space Set Renders

    I've been practicing using by following instructions on Peeron to build official sets, and then making some renders. I'm starting with Classic Space and plan to work my way through the themes in the order they were released, making a few sets each for everything from Classic Space to UFO. Click here to see all my official set renders together on Bricksafe. I'm interested in improving the quality of my renders, and would love to receive any critique you might have. I absolutely plan to make more renders and post them here. If anyone would like me to skip ahead and render a specific Space set, feel free to ask! (Spoilers because renders are fairly large) 497-1: Galaxy Explorer 1498-1: Spy-Bot Thanks for taking a look!
  21. I was wondering if anyone has tried exporting files from and importing them into Blender and if you were successful. The main reason I use LDraw is to create stuff I use in Blender, and looks interesting. But if it doesn't work with Blender there is no point in me using it. Also, if I get around to creating LDraw parts and I use, then I wouldn't be able to use those either? I read that uses the LDraw libraries so it should work... Thanks!
  22. Hi guys for all this time when I think of making a moc I never build digitally. Now I think that building digitally first before trying to build it in real life is a good method to start mocs. I have built in LDD once but that was 2 or 3 years ago. Now i want to know what Lego digital building program is the best. I want something to begin with. My choices are LDD or or Ldraw . Ldraw seems to be a bit advanced but i don't know that if it is that advance. I might go with but I'm slightly not sure if it has technic parts but I am most sure it has While LDD doesn't have some parts ex:- Pneumatics. Tell me your opinion. P.S. Sorry for the bad English