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  1. [MOC] Zeren

    Thanks! I love the color scheme too haha. I'm really glad you mentioned the sawed-off since nobody else mentioned his weapons yet. Originally I wanted him to have a new pistol. I was reluctant to build the shotgun since I figured it was too specific to Doomguy, but the pistol I built was so large that it started to look like a shotgun anyways. I've been dying to use that Metru thigh armor for a shotgun slide for some time now and I figured this was the perfect MOC to do it. Glad you like him so much! I was afraid people might say he's too thin this time around since his last version was built like a truck. I think what kept the bulk was a technique that @Constraction Deva used on his MOC Solis. The bracket/boatstud combo fills in that ugly blank space underneath a CCBS shell beautifully, and with some tires to squeeze them in they fit perfectly. The underside of the forearms is a different story though. I've got an idea that could fill them in but i don't think it would look very good. we'll see what the future holds.
  2. [MOC] Zeren

    Armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a powerful sniper rifle, this intergalactic bounty hunter is prepared for any threat. Imgur album A MOC I've had since early 2010, finally looking like he belongs in 2018. I really doubled down on the sci-fi soldier influences for this new version, pulling from Samus, Doomguy, Master Chief, and the Titan Spectre armor from Destiny. Special thanks to L.A. Miranda, Constraction Deva, and Djokson for helping to bring this version to life. Their input and techniques went the longest way for this new version, and I couldn't be more grateful.
  3. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread Chewbacca's Bowcaster looks pretty good, and if its not the right size im sure you could make a similar alternative
  4. [Galidor Category A] The Creature From Beyond

    This Galidor contest has been the highlight of my month. Love this entry so much
  5. [MOC] Solis

    I love the brackets + boatstud combination to round out the ccbs shell the most.
  6. [MOC] Aranya

    I present to you this little spider monster, simply named Aranya. It was an absolute nightmare to build but the end results were worth it. I think it might be my best MOC to date. Something thats a bit unusual is its front claw/pincers. The whenua claws are dented ever so slightly, and as a result, the pincers click together and stay closed at any angle. You can check it out on Flickr or take a look at the Imgur album for more photos if you like what you see.
  7. [RUMOR] Bionicle might be returning in 2019

    My thoughts exactly. I'm probably just being hopeful for a new constraction line, but its possible that whoever wrote it didn't know/care to use constraction and used Bionicle instead. It probably wouldn't have the same response as saying "hero factory 2019" even though it would be more likely. Its still unlikely but its more likely than another Bionicle reboot
  8. Star Wars Buildable Figures Wish List

    I'd say Mace Windu, I'm sick of tan ccbs builds but the purple lightsaber piece would be nice
  9. Does Falconfan1414 have a good track record with these kinds of reveals/leaks? I wouldn't take some random post as gospel truth unless he's known for this.
  10. I've never found this difficult to pose since the gears aren't very loose, but the functions are easy enough to remove. most of the figs with swinging arms have the function limited to one arm and use This piece to keep the other arm stable. If you have some extra of them lying around you can remove the gear function entirely.
  11. Gorp

    the head is built mainly from two small ccbs shells around one of these The bottom shell has an HF waspix head attached
  12. Nothing official for Solo specific sets, but there's supposedly a Super Battle Droid and a Trooper with AT-RT(?) No photos of those actual sets, though we're pretty much certain about the Super Battle Droid.
  13. Future Constraction Lines

    Update, I bought 2 of the sockets with 2 length axles. Not bad on the cheapest option, but i imagine the highest durability would be best, as the cup stretches a bit when you add a mixel balljoint.
  14. Future Constraction Lines Fellas have I got the shapeways products for you