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  1. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Archimedes

    A wise old robot seeking greater knowledge. He does have a bad habit of rambling on though... More photos An older MOC of mine. sort of a followup to Lucas, he's another silver robot, but this one has a bit more of a theme. Can you tell that it was built around the time of the saints collabs...
  2. I appreciate it. The colors a bit boring but I did my best to organize them as such. The spiked motif with the stronius armor with the kk armor was absolutely intentional, but the textural inconsistencies would be the difference between the super smooth upper arms and not-so-smooth lower arms. I don't really dislike it, I just think its a boring MOC and it doesn't have the personality that my more recent MOCs do. I can recommend a few servers if you like. There's a lot out there but only a few that I would recommend for good feedback.
  3. Yeah, MOCpages is in a bad state right now so it'd be best to avoid it. There were good builds there but I'd bet most of the best people on MOCpages were originally from other websites/communities. I can't say I've ever used ReBrick. Quite frankly I've heard next to nothing about it. Flickr is typically where MOCists like to go. If you do get back into MOCing the best thing to do is get really involved with the MOCing community, and I think that's easiest if you join Bionicle discord servers. Then it doesn't really matter what website you post to.
  4. By MOCpages, I'm referring to the kind of style of building that MOCpages, either intentionally or unintentionally, tends to produce. It typically involves masked humanoid Toa MOCs with an inconsistent use of textures, poor color blocking and layering with two-tone colors schemes, a misunderstanding of proportions, blocky builds with heavy technic frames, "heartlights ftw", using story to justify bad designs, and a reliance on telling the character with words rather than showing it through the build. it's mostly a byproduct of the community there since they don't like to give out criticism and they generally don't handle feedback well either. Since there's little constructive criticism going around, they end up with weak builds that often aren't aesthetically pleasing. I defined this MOC as MOCpages since its a Toa moc with the two-tone color scheme, subpar texture and color work, with no personality in the build. I know that sounds like me whining about a MOC that I don't like but I don't really mind it. I just think its a bit lacking compared to my other builds.
  5. A wandering Toa, haunted by the deaths of his fallen comrades... more photos A MOC that I've had sitting around for about a year now. I didn't put it up since I have much much better MOCs sitting around. I figured if I didn't post it now then I'd never get around to it. Its veeeeeeeeery MOCpages but that's the style I was doing when I built it so whatever lol.
  6. Mitch Henry

    its a bug

    its a bug
  7. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] The Necromancer

    Though he may appear gentlemanly, the necromancer always has a trick up his sleeve... Flickr post More photos Originally built for the Knight's Kingdom open collab on Flickr. When I realized I no longer had my Vladek head, he was transformed into what you see now. Heavily inspired by Patrick Bigg's Nuju.
  8. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Lucas

    A small and kind robot who's always happy to lend a helping hand... If he could just get over his crippling anxiety. More photos A little robot I've had sitting around for a while. nothing super special but he is kinda cute.
  9. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Thank you! Armstrong's yellow eye bothers me since Pinhead has no yellow, but it was a necessary sacrifice if I wanted to keep the mohawk. Thanks! Armstrong was indeed made with X-pod pieces. They were the only round red pieces I had in that size.
  10. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Leroy

    Thank you! I wish LEGO would too. Maybe someday... Thanks! I'd be lying if I said I didn't enhance the colors a lot a little during the editing process, but thankfully he stands out in person too.
  11. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Pinhead, the brains of the group, cares little for his simpleminded partner Armstrong's constant rambling about rabbits... More photos Two MOCs who weren't originally meant for each other. Armstrong was originally meant for a group build and Pinhead was originally named Plague Mech: Fire Ant.
  12. Mitch Henry

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    These MOCs are just wonderful, and the 01 style box art gets me all nostalgic. I'm curious, do you have a Flickr or Instagram account? I'd hate to see these MOCs get buried in a forum forever.
  13. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Leroy

    A small but hardworking toxic waste disposal droid. When he discovers life growing in the most unusual of places, he vows to protect it. Imgur album Leroy was an unusual build as he began as something a bit more sinister. Original I wanted to make an evil brain in a jar, but it wasn't turning out like I hoped. When I noticed that the round shape of his body gave him a softer, gentler look, I decided to give him a little flowerpot to really push it.
  14. Mitch Henry

    Krikuva Mantis [BIONICLE MOC]

    I'm in love with these g1 rahi MOCs. To be completely honest I thought the last one you posted was from the master builder set. Keep up the great work!
  15. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Rhinoceros Beetle- Plague Mech: Beta

    Thanks! Simplicity was the goal. The horn was what kickstarted this whole MOC. Those Mctoran arms are difficult to use so I'm glad you think it turned out well here.