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  1. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Lucas

    A small and kind robot who's always happy to lend a helping hand... If he could just get over his crippling anxiety. More photos A little robot I've had sitting around for a while. nothing super special but he is kinda cute.
  2. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Thank you! Armstrong's yellow eye bothers me since Pinhead has no yellow, but it was a necessary sacrifice if I wanted to keep the mohawk. Thanks! Armstrong was indeed made with X-pod pieces. They were the only round red pieces I had in that size.
  3. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Leroy

    Thank you! I wish LEGO would too. Maybe someday... Thanks! I'd be lying if I said I didn't enhance the colors a lot a little during the editing process, but thankfully he stands out in person too.
  4. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Pinhead and Armstrong

    Pinhead, the brains of the group, cares little for his simpleminded partner Armstrong's constant rambling about rabbits... More photos Two MOCs who weren't originally meant for each other. Armstrong was originally meant for a group build and Pinhead was originally named Plague Mech: Fire Ant.
  5. Mitch Henry

    Pikotu Beetle [BIONICLE MOC]

    These MOCs are just wonderful, and the 01 style box art gets me all nostalgic. I'm curious, do you have a Flickr or Instagram account? I'd hate to see these MOCs get buried in a forum forever.
  6. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Leroy

    A small but hardworking toxic waste disposal droid. When he discovers life growing in the most unusual of places, he vows to protect it. Imgur album Leroy was an unusual build as he began as something a bit more sinister. Original I wanted to make an evil brain in a jar, but it wasn't turning out like I hoped. When I noticed that the round shape of his body gave him a softer, gentler look, I decided to give him a little flowerpot to really push it.
  7. Mitch Henry

    Krikuva Mantis [BIONICLE MOC]

    I'm in love with these g1 rahi MOCs. To be completely honest I thought the last one you posted was from the master builder set. Keep up the great work!
  8. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Rhinoceros Beetle- Plague Mech: Beta

    Thanks! Simplicity was the goal. The horn was what kickstarted this whole MOC. Those Mctoran arms are difficult to use so I'm glad you think it turned out well here.
  9. Mitch Henry

    Spider — Plague Mech: Xi

    Finally, an entry that looks like an actual hybrid of mech and insect. Everything here is incredible, I especially like the eyes, hotdogs in the legs, and those spiderweb bombs. I'm a bit salty that I won't be winning the team artillerix side of the contest, but you've absolutely earned it.
  10. The smallest of Team Artillerix, designed for reconnaissance missions. The horn packs a powerful punch, and can easily flip mechs much larger than itself. Imgur Album Built as part of Jayfa's plague mech contest on Instagram. It's not a very impressive MOC, but It was fun to build. I took inspiration from the Japanese Rhinoceros beetle (and more than a little inspiration from the Pokemon Heracross).
  11. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Zeren

    Thanks! I love the color scheme too haha. I'm really glad you mentioned the sawed-off since nobody else mentioned his weapons yet. Originally I wanted him to have a new pistol. I was reluctant to build the shotgun since I figured it was too specific to Doomguy, but the pistol I built was so large that it started to look like a shotgun anyways. I've been dying to use that Metru thigh armor for a shotgun slide for some time now and I figured this was the perfect MOC to do it. Glad you like him so much! I was afraid people might say he's too thin this time around since his last version was built like a truck. I think what kept the bulk was a technique that @Constraction Deva used on his MOC Solis. The bracket/boatstud combo fills in that ugly blank space underneath a CCBS shell beautifully, and with some tires to squeeze them in they fit perfectly. The underside of the forearms is a different story though. I've got an idea that could fill them in but i don't think it would look very good. we'll see what the future holds.
  12. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Zeren

    Armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a powerful sniper rifle, this intergalactic bounty hunter is prepared for any threat. Imgur album A MOC I've had since early 2010, finally looking like he belongs in 2018. I really doubled down on the sci-fi soldier influences for this new version, pulling from Samus, Doomguy, Master Chief, and the Titan Spectre armor from Destiny. Special thanks to L.A. Miranda, Constraction Deva, and Djokson for helping to bring this version to life. Their input and techniques went the longest way for this new version, and I couldn't be more grateful.
  13. Mitch Henry

    MOCing Advice & Ideas thread Chewbacca's Bowcaster looks pretty good, and if its not the right size im sure you could make a similar alternative
  14. Mitch Henry

    [Galidor Category A] The Creature From Beyond

    This Galidor contest has been the highlight of my month. Love this entry so much
  15. Mitch Henry

    [MOC] Solis

    I love the brackets + boatstud combination to round out the ccbs shell the most.