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  1. Count Sepulchure

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Hi guys, not sure if this was discussed on EB, but recently published was a rare glimpse of Lego's internal tool, the holy grail of all digital builders. It actually resembles other building tools in its UI colour scheme which is certainly easier on the eyes. Hence my question - could it be possible to change LDD's background colour to assist during those long building sessions? And as a separate fix, to change the default colour of the Extended bricks from red to another one, again for the same purpose? This would be a life-saver. On a side note, I remember seeing the GPU assist on/off button somewhere, but all I can see now is the toggle for specific features instead. My GPU is a bit useless but my CPU renders like a champ, so I was hoping I could run LDD with enhancements enabled but without overheating the GPU? Thanks in advance.
  2. Count Sepulchure

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Halloween bunch looks.. alright, I suppose. Have not been to BAM in ages, yet yesterday's visit was the first time I was REALLY struggling to find anything useful for me. Oh and they now cost 2 quid per fig. Well, at least we can now assemble our own figs again!
  3. Good day dear reader, Having adopted Lego minifigures as a hobby, the lovely back-catalogue of pieces demanded that I run a Town subtheme of my own, an outlet and simultaneously a harbour for yellow-coloured pieces and earthly ideas and characters (as opposed to aliens and such). It seemed logical to adopt the name of the short-lived and long-defunct pre-City line - World City, thus paying tribute to and occasionally ruminating on the concepts of this rather unique, strangely moody and overall fascinating theme. At some point I also realised that minifigures can help me channel some of my writing energy, and thus character stories now go hand in hand with most of my posts on Flickr where you can also find the entire selection of themes and genres that I happen to delve into from time to time. I do not shy away from Lego-compatible products but keep their use sparse and in a way that complements what is already there. My World City is a melting pot of movie references, cultural icons, the occasional real-world stereotype, original Lego characters and simply some good plain old-fashioned fun with minifigures. Bios are written left to right, and I invite you to join me on my journey! World City Blues 1. Brickster has risen through the ranks of the underworld and now lives a rather comfortable life which is about to be shaken by the appearance of two international criminals in his city. 2-3. A pair of undercover secret agents who followed a lead and are currently investigating a plot involving... 4-5. Mr. Ogel and his distant cousin Mr. SeƱor Palomar (now communist) both came to the city and are plotting something... big. Interpol is keeping a close eye on both, their age notwithstanding, but no meaningful intel has been gathered yet. World City Hues 1. The mechanic fixes that which ain't broke and then charges for repairs - twice. A fool-proof scheme indeed. 2. An 80s-revival fashion model. Colour was never out of style, it was just muted. Time to crank it back up again! 3. A gymnast in all the classic shades. Nothing's classier than classic, and any arguments to the contrary will be quickly outclassed. 4-5. A pair of hipsters. Or are those hippies? The city might have done some smart rebranding there. Either way, they seem to have attained a higher degree of Perception than us common folk, and can now hear colours and smell sounds. Great hair day The Great hair day is a special day in World City. Some get to have a blast, others not so much! One may opt to extend the day into a whole week or longer, although in most cases involuntarily. Read the label when buying your hair dye! The colour rebellion 1-2. Prison rebellion - in prison, inmates have been spotted trying to get their hands on whatever piece of colour fabric they can procure. Smugglers have never been busier! 3. Leisure rebellion - as if he needed a reason, Izzy himself went all-out with his style. And go he did! 4-5. Workplace rebellion - honest working citizens too have uptaken gaudy coloured garb. initially started off by the self-employed crowd, but contract employees are also catching up now, much to the dismay of their bosses. The bootleg saga On a studio lot not too far away... The yellowlings rebelled and shot their own saga! Actor 1, the alien. Nobody remembers inviting him to the set, and nobody has seen him in the final cut either. Actor 2, the pilot. A full-time stuntman, he seems alright. Actor 3, the princess. She navigates her starship using what looks like a map plastered across an aluminium sheet. Actor 4, the hero. Charismatic and a little out of touch with the script - he does come from a different video industry after all, one where plot takes a backstage. Actor 5, the survivor. Feels a little overdressed for her role, but thinks of it as necessary cosplay. Actor 6, the star denizen. She actually came off a different studio set, but still got a part in the movie. The cartel drama On a studio lot right around the corner... You may just catch a glimpse of the latest "cartel drama" in the making! The director shies away from no topic, genre, or parental rating. He welcomes all sponsors and can be found involved in up to twelve projects at a time. Regardless of what it is you want immortalised on reel, he is your man! Green screen man is always there on the set, but never in the final cut - except for the occasional editing mishap (check the "goof" section). Actor 1, the Warrior Woman. Her brief was short: a scantily-clad warrior, a golden weapon and for some unknown reason a mandatory tiara. Which scene are you waiting for the most? Actor 2, the shopkeeper. What started as a lukewarm tale of a guy running his candy store quickly spiralled into a bloody whirlwind of cartels, acid, blow and an exuberant parade of facial hair and period hairstyles. Actor 3, Richie. As with the aforementioned "bootleg saga", this actor also came off the lot of another hyper-violent picture, and fit right in with the current production. This kind of thing just happens around here, you know! The cultured folk 1. Firearms enthusiast - believes that a good gun can fend off many a malady, Corona included. 2. Sunbathing diva - is well-versed in the brands of sunscreen sold in Poundland and listens to Lorde all day long, every day. 3. Trailer park diva - loves dancing and fashion and is having trouble deciding which one she likes more. 4. Tracksuit lad - also knows a good deal about fashion, his hobbies are: having a drink; whistling at ladies. 5. "The man" - buys his milk with cheques and drinks it straight from the bottle. That is it for today - I will be uploading more on my Flickr and may occasionally add it here. None of the above is to be taken seriously and is intended as a parody only. Peace!
  4. Count Sepulchure

    Custom LDD bricks and fixes

    Been closely following the progress - the work you guys are doing is astounding, not to mention vital to the community. As a side-effect, extracting the DB.lif makes LDD load pieces much faster, so I really couldn't be happier! So far I moved some pieces around according to my preferences, but might dig in deeper later. I tried to list missing pieces in order of importance (subjectively), and if anyone could have a crack at these it would be amazing: 4081a - the queen of SNOT 4263 - mighty useful 46296 - provides a legal connection due to its thickness Minifig hand - maybe add as a separate part? 48995 4865 - was in LDD a long time ago, but then Lego removed it... 2711 28974 3839a 2513 - not structural, but hey :) Thanks in advance.
  5. Count Sepulchure

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    Man, I love how every themed world maintains its own atmosphere, and some are full of cliches which are oh-so-fitting here. The Friends, P-Miners and George chapters were absolutely hilarious! Also enjoying the twists and turns. Among all the comedy, that cat suddenly picking up a rod was something else...
  6. Count Sepulchure

    [FIGS] Vintage Droid CMFs

    That's the fun part - digging up obscure pieces! .) Mine were green Insectoids, such a stellar design! I knew I had to do them too at some point, so there goes... Left to right: - Airborne assault. Bigger gun is all I need for my spirit to be freed. - Turret operator. Here goes BOOM and there goes BLAM... you won't hear the second one! - The commander. All my troops are well prepared - I shall take some rest instead. - Chemical specialist. I can smell a funny gas, though I doubt that YOU will last... - Recon drone engineer. Bats can see you everywhere - very soon you'll not be there!
  7. Count Sepulchure

    [FIGS] Vintage Droid CMFs

    @Peppermint_M, thanks very much, both for your comment and your suggestion. I have some very good news! Fist off, I already did a tribute to Ufonauts before by equipping them with third-party accessories. Second, I tried your suggestion and came up with these two. Not much of a departure from originals since I wanted to keep their key features intact, so basically just some equipment slapped onto them, using the same minimalist approach employed in building the trio. Similarly, both bots were significantly promoted in rank... tough times call for drastic measures! Enter the Ufonauts! The humorous abduction idea adopted from Pico's UFO Raptor. Left: Chief Abduction Officer. Such tactics are only a little demeaning - "Abductor 3000" is doing the cleaning! Right: Long Range Support. Sniping low and sniping high... plasma blade is also mine!
  8. Count Sepulchure

    [FIGS] Vintage Droid CMFs

    Hi all! Recently I cooked up something unusual. What happens when you put together the new and the old? Pieces and ideas, that is? I have never owned any of the droids or even been into Space sets and whatnot, so wasn't infatuated with these three classic buggers until I picked them up very recently. I also own UFO droids, but those aren't as charismatic or distinctive. By combining mostly vintage Lego pieces and sneaking in a few new ones, I made a custom "VHS" trio complete with printed stands to resemble the CMF series. One thing to note: times have changed, and so has the trio's purpose... First: the white Exploriens Droid. Enemies will not be walking - heavy hammer does the talking! Second: Insectoids Droid. The menacing cannon's electromagnetic, the enemies better be very athletic! Third: Spyrius Droid. Tracking foes with recon bot, slashing them with plasma sword! That's it, folks! Weaponizing the trio was not my aim, but it just so happened that everything fell into place this way. Cheers, and comments are welcome!
  9. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Agents: the Glowfish

    Hello everyone! My quick entry into this year's Bio-Cup miraculously granted me a pass into the first round. I finished 70 out of 81 in the Preliminaries and in the first round was to compete against two other builders, including, ahem, the leader of the preliminary match. So I decided to give it my best shot. The theme was Agents/UltraAgents/AlphaTeam, and luckily found a link to the beautiful glowing octopus from set 8636, the one that also features my favourite minifigure, the Slime Face. The link allowed me to bring forth all of my glow-in-the-dark pieces (I do not own much Bionicle or CCBS otherwise, so this was a life-saver) - 40 "marbled" ones in total. This was also my very first figure-building experience, so keep that in mind please. Thank you! Much like the Octopus, the Glowfish is not intended as an antagonist, despite its, well, creepy mouth. The tails (tentacles?) are fully flexible, although only in one plane, but the foremost pair can also hinge up and down slightly at the base. I think it complements the set nicely, adds immense playability and overall serves as a good tribute to the glowing Octopus. The "glow shot" was a must and I think it turned out passable. Thanks for viewing, I really enjoyed building this!
  10. Count Sepulchure

    A turkey that loved turkey

    Hello, everyone! The turkey body piece. What does one use it for? I came up with a character using only 4 pieces. Mr. Reykut is pleased to meet you! He is already greasy in anticipation of what's to come! And he sure loves turkey! "Follow me, for we shall head for the kitchen!!" "Welcome to my place, do make yourselves comfortable." "The star of today's show - the turkey!!" "Man am I going to enjoy this... I added some extra grease today!" "Please don't mind me, housekeeping ain't doing itself, you know..." "I always say that the floor should be as shiny as a freshly-roasted turkey..." "About time to turn it over. I can smell the juicy meat" "Let's grill this turkey for good!!!!!" "Yeeeaaaahhh, baby!!" And now - for some proper action!! "Nothing beats a large greasy turkey! Gravy is for wimps, enjoy the meat!!" "Shall we go for some more?" Thank you for your attention! x)
  11. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Barbinator the fairy

    Hello, my dear visitors! Have you ever dreamed of a fairy paying you a visit? Well, you may want to reconsider. Such amazing! So mobility! Much wow! "A modern toy". This action figure is meant to illustrate the sorry state in which the child and teen entertainment industry is finding itself in our age. My intention was to leave as much humanly features as possible, overlaying them with the sheer inhumanity of modern toys and games. If you think that parents can effectively shield their children from corporations who employ flocks of shrewd marketeers, then think again. There's only so much one can can do, and this is where we are headed. Leg movement animation. Click here to see my attempt in composite animation which was too heavy to be embedded. An angelic "Kill Teal" version. A dangerous kind of beauty... isn't she?? Thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoyed her company! x)
  12. Count Sepulchure

    [9v MOC] CMF vig: March Harriet

    Hello everyone! What kind of ideas pop into your head when you hear of a "cmf 8x8 vignette contest"? Mind you, I eventually thought of Micromotor, 9V, Fiber Optics and a matching figure capable of delivering the goods (hint: it did). Here's what came out of that idea... Just a dance club, folks! Nothing to see here, carry on... It is fairly tall for a vig, but it certainly works give the space restrictions. The dim lights were a pain to film in my setting, although I tried my best. The show must go on, no excuses allowed! And no regrets for that matter. Welcome the Catwoman from the Batman Movie franchise! Double the fun!! Some technical shots. The old 9V system is invaluable for how smoothly it integrates into Lego System. Fitting the fiber optics element into 8x8 was one hell of a task. At times I felt like a car thief on a job... The floor, oh, the floor! Don't even ask. Some bits and pieces. The pole absolutely had to be chrome - a choice afterwards regretted... I dare you to find a sound, functional and purist solution of proper length if you don't believe me. A rubber wheel was the only option of attaching the piece as far as my knowledge of pieces goes. ...And the heat goes on... Now that's a club I wouldn't at all mind visiting... Hope you had a great time here, be sure to visit soon! And something tells me you might just do that... Thanks for your attention! Let me know if you had as much fun as I did! x)
  13. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Tiny Turbos, anyone?

    Thanks for stopping by! Folding racetrack was an amazing idea, yet not very practical for many reasons including their perishable and unruly (hard to keep flat) nature. Now, if only they came as multiple molds rather than just one - not that would've been epic! And Dimensions would be fine for play, but would need some tweaks for display.
  14. I can confirm that a portable version of BR works like a charm on computers where you do not have admin rights. Bringing both Java (if required) and LDD on the memory stick is key, and modifying the .batch file (as described on previous page) takes care of discrepancies. Just make sure that Java is the correct version (32/64bit) for best results. My thanks once more goes to the kind people in this topic. Keep on rendering, everyone! .)
  15. Count Sepulchure

    [MOC] Tiny Turbos, anyone?

    Hello folks! Tiny Turbos - does anyone remember this somewhat hit-and-miss Racers theme? Despite its discontinuation, moderately small interest in the 4-wide scale still persists on Flickr and MOCpages, and new pieces released are fueling fresh ideas among builders, myself included. One may find building a tiny car a very fun and rewarding experience - the key point to keep in mind is avoiding the overly dull and generic results, which sadly happens on many an occasion. Now, I am not too familiar with MOCpages, but this Flickr pool is a great place to start if you're looking for inspiration. Normally I wouldn't bother with creating a separate topic for such a car myself, instead turning to Flickr, but this one is somewhat special. Since I was building for a contest, I went all-out on it, made a bunch of renders and maximised the capabilities of virtual MOCing. The car is made up using exactly 60 pieces, and as far as I can tell should be adequately sturdy IRL. I used Metallic Sand Purple, which is a beautiful official colour that can be found (by legal means) within the depths of LDD. Rendered using Bluerender. Under-the-hood trickery included! Some obligatory animation, for there is no better way to showcase a car. A couple more "panoramic" images. Hope you enjoyed your stay and feel free to join in the fun! .)