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Found 48 results

  1. (This may have been done before but I’m not familiar with any previous endeavor so I will make and post this nonetheless) LEGO SPACE, beginning in the 1980s, has had many factions, some being Blacktron, Spyrius, UFO, Space Police and more. Since beginning in 2010, the LEGO theme “Collectible Minifigures” has had many figures belonging to different space factions. However, not all of them belong to a pre-established faction, so this post will be made to not only detail the different space factions that have appeared in the various CMFs but primarily to assess those that are NOT preexisting factions, many of which have still not been given names as far as I’m aware. Since many figures are a part of factions one can posit that all space figures derive from and are representative of a particular faction (they don’t have to be but I will consider them as such for this post.) First, there are the: PRE-EXISTING, ALREADY ESTABLISHED, LEGO SPACE FACTIONS: Standard LEGO Space Agency (identified by the classic space logo): S1 Spaceman, S6 Intergalactic Girl, S7 Galaxy Patrol (dubbed “Space Marine” by some), S12 Space Miner, S15 Astronaut, S21 Space Police Guy, S22 Alien Creature, S22 Robot Repair Tech*, and S24 Brown Astronaut *The Robot Repair Tech’s look is complete enough and technologically advanced enough that it could not be made by someone or something without the necessary resources (they have a mining operation in space per the S12 space miner (perhaps a space-offshoot of Rock Raiders and Power Miner?)); it has a general, almost “focus-tested” look, like a modern civic/mainstream look (even arguably trying to look “cutesy”), like those of town/city buses, advertisements, maybe even streaming services, etc.; it is not Blacktron, Spyrius, or any other faction as its colors most align with the variety present in the standard space agency’s output; many have theorized that the standard space agency has a very wide reach (S22 Alien Creature shows that non-earth beings are enlisting/joining) and may even be rather fascistic and/or totalitarian (semi-jokingly but Space Police 3, Alien Conquest, S7 Galactic Trooper, and Galaxy Squad do put forth much compelling evidence: (some of these elements are now diminished a bit due to the existence of the S22 Alien Creature)); taking all this into account, the faction with the most reach, necessary resources, and that would have presence in the civic sphere, would be the standard space agency. Blacktron: S3 Space Villain, S11 Evil Mech, S19 Galactic Bounty Hunter Galaxy Squad (presumably an offshoot of the standard space agency but I will include it as its own faction since no such figure has the standard space agency logo): S13 Galaxy Trooper; this figure has on its chest armor, in the same places as all human Galaxy Squad minifigures, the same, exact symbols as them, except the symbol on their left has a gap in the middle of it (this symbol is present on the back of the S13 Galaxy Trooper’s armor as well.) I have never seen this mentioned anywhere before which is a bit disappointing. Alien Conquest aliens’ faction: S8 Alien Villainess UNESTABLISHED LEGO SPACE FACTIONS FROM THE CMF SERIES (I’m not familiar with every symbol used by a LEGO space faction so some of these may actually be from preexisting factions): S1 Robot: This could just be a helper robot made by the standard space agency. If it is representative of a species or faction, then the colors of their ships and overall aesthetics would presumably be light gray and silver with very plain/non-intricate designs. S3 Alien: It uses the Sqidman/Squidtron head but doesn’t seem to be of that same species (and according to the lore, Squidman may by the only alien of his kind (which is why he created Squidtron.)) It is most similar to the Alien Conquest aliens’ faction. Assuming it is a part of a faction and like the other factions their outfits and even skin colors match their vehicles and overall aesthetics, the ships for this species would be lime green, purple, gold, light gray and/or dark gray, and maybe silver and a light blue (perhaps just as highlights.) S6 Classic Alien: Assuming its ships are those of what is commonly ascribed to it, they would be modern-looking UFOs, retro UFOs, or anything apparently sighted. S8 Evil Robot: This could be an unaffiliated character, perhaps an experiment gone wrong or something of an outlaw, but assuming it is representative of a particular faction, then the vehicles and overall aesthetics would be black, red, and gunmetal. They almost seem like the LEGO space equivalent of the Borg. S9 Alien Avenger: The “Avenger” in the name relates to this description I found on (and the Portland version too) which reads like an official LEGO description so I’m going to post it here: “This alien species is constantly being bullied by others, but enough is enough! The Alien Avenger has bulked up, collected armor, and fashioned his own laser pistol to take out those who would threaten his home world!” It sounds like this species has been hurt by and/or caught in the fights of the standard space agency, Blacktron, Galaxy Squad, etc. This fits in to the overall situation of LEGO space, which is many space factions most of which competing or at odds with each other. This makes this avenger species seem more pacifistic from the start, donning their weapons as a means of defense. I personally am rooting for them. Their ships would presumably be bulky, consisting mostly of dark gray and bronze with silver highlights. Before knowing the figure’s official name and reading its description, to me this figure looked like it could’ve been a part of a species that was the LEGO space equivalent to the Klingons or the Star Wars EU/Legends’ Yuuzhan Vong. S9 Battle Mech: This figure doesn’t have any of the Galaxy Squad symbols but it looks almost exactly like one and it came out in the same year, included in the year’s first CMF. Though it lacks any symbols, it may be a part of Galaxy Squad and simply something similar to the S12 Dino Tracker, S19 Jungle Explorer, or even S9 Mr. Good And Evil, where the figures either belong to a theme or are remakes of older figures; S12 DT is a part of the Dino theme, S19 JE is Johnny Thunder, and arguably S9 MG&E is Monster Fighters, which is arguably further supported by a cover image used for the LEGO Worlds Monsters pack (even the S2 Witch and a differently-colored variant of the S1 Zombie were arguably, retroactively made into Monster Fighters minifigures with the set 850487 Halloween Accessory Set/Pack, whose box-art is very similar to if not exactly that of the Monster Fighters sets.) S6 Clockwork Robot and S11 Lady Robot: These are likelier to be none-space figures but they still could be considered or classified as such. The aesthetics of their vehicles would be blockier, feature gears, dials, cogs and lights, and colors such as light blue, red, gray, silver, pink, purple, and yellow. S15 Laser Mech and S16 Cyborg: These are seemingly both of the same faction/kind. These figures stand out from the others in that they are the only non-established faction to have two, different figures (not counting the possible S6 and S11 clockwork robots, but they are just differently gendered versions anyways) and to have a figure referenced in a rather substantive way; the Cyborg is on the S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover. The aesthetics for this faction, assuming they are not a part of a preexisting one (addressed soon), would be primarily light blue and black with lime green highlights and maybe some silver. If these figures are a part of an already existing faction, then they would seemingly be a part of the 90s Insectoid faction in a way similar to the aforementioned S9 Mr. Good And Evil, S12 Dino Tracker, and S19 Jungle Explorer, where they are made intended as certain figures and/or belonging to certain themes but are not explicitly mentioned as being such; the aesthetics of the Cyborg could be considered an updated version of the Insectoid faction’s aesthetics (Roboforce is second likeliest but Cyborg’s aesthetics feel more Insectoids-like.) S17 Retro Space Hero: This figure is either an unaffiliated hero or a part of an older/retro version of the standard space agency. Its aesthetics, which would carry over to its vehicles, are those of old, science fiction pulps (pulp magazines/comics) and serials. S21 Alien: This alien appears to be in a prison jumpsuit (it may not be but since it was in the same series as the Space Police Guy and was seemingly intended as a companion minifigure, I assume it’s a prison jumpsuit.) If it is a part of a group or faction, then per Space Police lore, especially that of the most recent incarnation of the theme, this alien is a member of Brick Daddy’s Blackhole Gang. S24 Robot Warrior: This figure may be Earth-based, seemingly being from an anime-type vein or a Japanese media vein like the S20 Super Warrior (“Super Sentai” it has been fittingly referred to) (both figures are “[blank] Warrior”.) Its aesthetics are those of common, action-oriented anime stories, similar to how the aesthetics of the S17 Retro Space Hero are old science fiction pulps and serials; I don’t think I have to explain what colors or styles it would consist of then. FIGURES THAT DO NOT COUNT BUT WILL BE MENTIONED SINCE THEY ARE RELATED TO WHATEVER DEGREE: S17 Rocket Boy S23 Cardboard Robot SPACE REFERENCES PRESENT WITH OR ON OTHER FIGURES: (Already mentioned) S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover S20 Space Fan’s shirt has a classic space spaceship (there is also a saturn planet sticker on the pants which may or may not be a reference to the standard space agency’s logo) S21 Violin Kid’s shirt is white with a small, black collar (or that’s just the neck opening and a shadow), covered with Blacktron logos FIN If there is anything I didn’t mention let me know
  2. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-R "Viper"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The Red Squad’s speedy streak continues with the GS-R “Viper” Orbital Velocity Striker, a unique starfighter model developed for a variety of missions, ranging from rapid strikes to rescue ops, including a recovery bay behind the pilot’s seat, and clamps to secure cocoons to the lower fuselage, where cryo-plates slow the harvesting process to improve chances of survival. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Tech-NIK’s U-JT joint tech is in full use here, allowing the dual engine & blaster units to rotate for maximum maneuverability & control in space. This transformative technology was developed with their biggest attempt to integrate the AI Assistant Robot drone with the new model range, as the Red AI drone is fully capable of taking control of the ship for close quarters combat, allowing the Red Squad pilot to focus on rescue missions or additional firepower support. NoVVember 2023: GS-R "Viper" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr The drone is still able to disengage from the ship and function as a speeder drone for fast retrieval or hit & run missions. I've been so busy with work that I forgot to post it here right at the end of Novvember - The Upgraded Galaxy Squad is now complete, but they still need a threat to fight soon...
  3. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-O "Arcangelo"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr With a heavy focus on offensive capabilities, the GS-O “Arcangelo” Armored Suit unit was uniquely developed for the Orange Squad to improve the mobility of their defensive/offensive capabilities, pushing to the limit the range of Tech-NIK Corp’s R-T Heavy Load joint system in conjunction with tube armor framing, a practical design choice from a previous model. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Their PI-O Modular Connection system is also in use here to equip the suit with Railgun and Electro-blade attachments, on top of the shoulder mounted rocket pods, with more modules in development to provide support for a wider range of missions. Mechtober 2023: GS-O "Arcangelo" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Where it lacks in aerial mobility the AI Assistant makes up for it, with the brain module inserted into a Flying Wing drone, able to integrate onto the Arcangelo’s shoulders to provide additional armor and visual feedback from the head unit, as well as improved transport capabilities thanks to its VTOL thruster units. Continuing my Galaxy Squad series with Orange Squad and Mechtober, now with the Red Squad left (Novvember), and ending the year with an insectoid...
  4. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-B "DuneRunner"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. Febrovery 2023: GS-B "DuneRunner" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr At the forefront of this is the GS-B Light Reconnaissance Vehicle for the Blue Faction, nicknamed “DuneRunner” for its superb and speedy performance over the rocky dunes of outer space, thanks to the TT Suspension technology by Tech-NIK Corp. Febrovery 2023: GS-B "DuneRunner" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr In an attempt to gain a significant edge over the insects, the AI Assistant Robot program is also undergoing an experimental upgrade, inserting their AI brain modules into full-sized drone vehicles, which are fully integrated into the newest machinery. Febrovery 2023: GS-B "DuneRunner" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr Febrovery 2023: GS-B "DuneRunner" by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr A build for this years' Febrovery (a bit late, I know) and as a homage of 10 years since Galaxy Squad - more builds to come!
  5. admiral_typhoon

    [MOC] GS-G "MagnaKoma"

    10 years on, the fight of the Galaxy Squad Corps against the Buggoid swarm rages on. Over the years the Corps have upgraded their machinery to repel the increasing enemy forces, and in 2023 the Tech-NIK Corporation produced a brand-new upgraded line-up of vehicles to assist in their fight. Marchikoma 2023: GS-G “MagnaKoma” by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr As the main line of defence, the GS-G “MagnaKoma” Heavy-class model was uniquely developed for the Green Squad to improve the mobility of their defensive/offensive capabilities, making efficient use of Tech-NIK Corp’s R-T Heavy Load joint system and their BB tyre model. Marchikoma 2023: GS-G “MagnaKoma” by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr It is equipped with a frontal beam Gatling gun, a pair of mechanic arms, and a missile launcher pod module. Marchikoma 2023: GS-G “MagnaKoma” by Admiraltyphoon, on Flickr To further support the defensive and offensive capabilities of this mobile tank, the Green AI Assistant robot’s brain module was duplicated and placed into 2 artillery drones, integrated within the MagnaKoma‘s “abdomen” module. A build for this years' Marchikoma challenge, and in homage of 10 years since Galaxy Squad!
  6. By the fifth year of the Human/Buggoid War, the Galaxy Squad forces had no shortage of tiny vehicles to throw at their enemies, but few of them had any sort of protection whatsoever against enemy fire or combatants. In atmosphere, they take a while to get warmed up and thanks to their lack of control surfaces they are difficult to fly properly; comprehensive studies by the Galactic War Council found that in many cases, the standard-issue speeder so often used by Galaxy Squad forces offered no tactical advantages whatsoever. More often than not, their pilots were killed en masse during any sort of large battle, costing thousands of lives and (more importantly to the Council) billions of dollars. In order to rectify the problem, the Council immediately sought a new design to bridge the tactical gulf between the capabilities of the woefully inadequate speeders and the highly successful but inflexible and plodding larger vehicles. The cheapest and smallest solution was the ARRoW, or Armored Rapid Response Walker. The ARRoW was a major evolution of a design abandoned early in the war, that of the Mini Mech. Thousands were pumped off of production lines overnight and, thanks to their diverse and flexible capabilities, the vehicles were shipped to nearly every Galaxy Squad outpost and base in the Milky Way. The walkers are small and highly maneuverable, carrying a single Galaxy Squad Trooper into battle, reconnaissance, exploration, search-and-rescue, or nearly any other type of operations imaginable. The standard-issue walker possesses impressive firepower, boasting two plasma canons and two swiveling chainguns. Council scientists are working on changeable weapon/manipulator modules to be mounted on the front (in place of the chainguns-and-headlights emplacement that is currently standard) for more specialized missions. Despite their power, the walkers are small and sleek, barely taking up half the hangar space of a ship like the Swarm Interceptor. What makes the ARRoW special is how fully it opens up to allow extremely rapid entry and exit of its pilot. First the rear panels swivel back: Then the windshield and sides swivel down: And the pilot can step outside easily. The process reverses itself rapidly when the pilot is entering the vehicle; under combat conditions, a GS trooper can go from running towards his walker to running the walker out of the hangar in less than five seconds. The walker also features a small storage compartment mounted unobtrusively behind the cabin: Inside, the pilot can access field binoculars, a green rationkit/medipak, and a four-dimensional hyperwrench that can be used to make almost any conceivable repair should the ARRoW break down far from a base. The buggoids don't stand a chance! This MOC came about after I bought the Mini Mech polybag on a whim at Wal-Mart, and decided that while it was cute, it needed a little something more. The guy seemed way too exposed! So I added a bit here, and a bit there, until it was 101 pieces, barely similar at all to the original set, and looking pretty awesome, with a sweet opening transformation.Thanks for reading (or just looking at the pictures if reading my elaborate sci-fi backstories isn't your thing)!
  7. murphy_slaw

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    I just started buying Lego sets again after a long dark age, so Galaxy Squad was a couple of years before I started paying attention to Lego. I have some questions about it: How successful was Galaxy Squad at the time it came out? It seems well-regarded by AFOLs now, but did it sell well? Was it planned as a single-year release, or did it not perform well enough in the market to be continued as a line? In your opinion, what does the performance of Galaxy Squad say about the viability of non-licenced space themes in the future?
  8. The Chosen One

    Egg Crawler vs Speedy Scout

    A small collaboration between me and RhymesShelter. Egg Crawler by me. Additional pics: Egg Crawler, Speedy Scout.
  9. Disco86

    RL14 - Research Lab

    After the Silicon War it was nearly impossible to live on earth anymore. But the European Defence Alliance (EDA) already started searching for new habitats in the year 2093. Finally they discovered something in the Andromeda System. There was a planet, triple siezed the earth, that's surface was completely covered with rocks and a black liquid. The first chemical analysis revealed, that the black liquid had huge percentage of water in it and that the atmosphere was nearly full of carbondioxide. The EDA started the first settlement in 2099 on the planet, which was now hopefully called "Terranova". But if living on this planet could be possible was not proofed yet. First they experimented with growing trees and plants, these experiments where complicated but promising. They have not seen any alien lifeform yet, but they also did not know what may live on the nearby planets. So there was stationed a small starfighter of the Hunter Class at every research lab, to be aware of any foreign attack. Greets Disco86
  10. I've been waiting to make a Galaxy Squad moc, I manages to open a box of old pieces and put together this guy, I made him a backstory too. After a deadly battle one abductoid is injured and left by his comrades, however using resources from a wrecked galaxy squad fighter he creates new limbs, painstakingly creating them with only his mouth as a tool, now he seeks revenge on the squad member who shot him down, Solomon Blaze, outcasted from the other bugs he hunts alone...
  11. I'm trying to make some insectoids following the Galaxy Squad color scheme and using some bionicle parts. Here are my first two (click for bigger pics if necessary): And this one, a little inspired by an Exo-Force model: The eyes aren't where you'd think they are.
  12. Blufiji

    Taxylyn Hybrid dropship/bomber

    The Taxylyn is a biological hybrid dropship/bomber used by invading insectoid forces. It can deliver 3 drones and 2 larva from an altitude near the edge of space. Though that may not sound like much, defending forces can be quickly overwhelmed as hundreds of thousands of these craft usually attack at a time. After the intial drop of soldiers, the empty pods are regrown and charged with an unknown biological toxin, which is then dropped by these craft on to worlds under siege. These craft can repeat this process an infinite number of times, so long as they are not heavily damaged. Taking a break from castle, this one was on the back burner for a while. Now its finished and it even has a crude stand. As always C&C appreciated.
  13. An unnamed planet, unless the Swarm gives names to their worlds. Either way, the remains of Galaxy Patrol Troop 783 do not know the name of the world on which they will earn their Grand-Admirals' Stars. Their ranks thinned by the Swarm until there were only three left, The 783 staged their last stand behind the meager barricades provided by the airfoils of their downed dropship. The 783 attribute their survival entirely to the presence of an experimental Galactic-Class Combat Exo-Suit on their mission. Trooper Phillips, who piloted the suit, attributed his record-setting number of combat kills to its agility and incredibly aggressive weapon loadout. "The railgun was a lifesaver. Those plasma pellets could slam through a bug's carapace like it was a wet piece of toilet paper. When I took down the Queen who attacked us near the end, it was emptying the railgun between her eyes that finally got her to stop crawling for good," Phillips recounted. "And that B.R.O.A.D. Sword! They need to start shipping those out to every exo-suit across the galaxy, stat," Phillips continued. "It thinned out troops like nobody's business." (The Sword in question is an experimental weapon. An iron ball is anchored to a super-thin carbon nanotube filament, and then suspended in midair by the projection of super-strong magnetic fields from the Sword's bulky hilt. This draws the nanotube filament incredibly taut, allowing it to slice through most materials with easy. When in use, the Sword tends to glow orange due to the inductive heat generated by the magnetic fields.) "Of course, Luiz played a critical role as air support. He was my eye in the sky. And Kovacs picked up any strays that got by me so that our distress beacon wouldn't get destroyed before help arrived." The three survivors will be commended at a ceremony on Terra next week. Some more pictures of the suit: It can directly hold a Patrol figure! Troopers, meanwhile, have to already be wearing a Gunpack (standard equipment for the Heavy in most squads) in order to slot into the exo-suit. The attachment point on the rear of the Exo-suit can have a variety of additional hardware mounted on it. Engineers are currently trying to give it a jetpack, but for now the standard module is an S-14 Survival Pack. The pack holds two holdout guns should the suit ever run out of power or ammo, along with a buzzsaw for cutting teammates out of wreckage, an antenna to maintain connection with orbiting ships, and a tempered titanium sword as a weapon of last resort. The box on the bottom of the pack further holds a number of tools for suit repair, a water purifier, and enough nutrient bricks to sustain a troop of five for two weeks while waiting for help to arrive. After this great success, be on the lookout for the Galactic-Class exo-suit coming to an active front near your planet! (Notes on the model: it has 12 points of articulation with 18 degrees of freedom (14 of those in the legs!) and is ~140 pieces. Not counting the antenna, it stands around 10 cm tall)
  14. ClassicSmileyFace

    [MOC] Galaxy Squad - Exterminator Eye

    Hey, This is my first MOC I've ever shared. It's made completely from pieces from the Bug Obliterator (70705), which was a fun challenge. It does use a little bit of the Bug Obliterator's build in the wings and the long beams up top. I'm calling it the Exterminator Eye, "eye" for the double-sided bubble windscreens enclosing the pilot, and "exterminator" because... bugs. I also tried to name it using an alliteration like a lot of the GS sets. I think of it more as a type of support/utility ship for the orange team. Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr The eye even tilts a bit: Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr
  15. When I saw the CMF 13 Galaxy Troopers I knew they needed some more formidable weaponry. I set out to create 4 custom weapons and ended up with 12. Energy Weapon Squad - Flamethrower, Plasma Gun, Particle Projection Cannon, Laser Cannon Heavy Artillery Squad Sniper Squad The Arsenal
  16. So I wanted to make something more useful from the spaceship part of the Galactic Titan. It has that big open area in the back where it meshes to the tracked portion, so I thought what if I put a crew compartment there. Apologies if something like this has already been done. The idea is that this is now a dropship used for rapid deployment of an elite squad from orbit to the ground. The landing mechanisms have been modified for more vertical descent and a simple adjustable nose gun added. My personal favorite part is this custom label. Lastly here is a cutaway view of the interior loaded up and ready to roll.
  17. Hi everyone, After another Galaxy Squad topic here let me show you a small creation I made to honor the blue team - the Space Splitter : But why "Splitter" ? Well, most official GS sets had the characteristic to split into separate vehicles and that's what I wanted to enhance here. The main structure can split into different parts : And assemble to have as a result a mini-spaceship, armed mech and a maintenance robot : Everything connected with the use of technic pins and holes like this So we keep a good playability as you can clip/un-clip each part as you want :) Below the 2 mini vehicles in details, starting by the mini-spaceship : And the mech with heavy guns : Do not forget the tiny robot here to assist the blue team ^^ An overall picture to finish : Note - Shape and functionality inspired by the legendary set : Ice Planet 6973 Deep Freeze Defender :) Hope you'll like it, C&C are as always welcome
  18. Hi everyone, Galaxy Squad line is maybe not the most popular one, but I really liked this line, so I created a little battle scene in honor of it for an exposition in France this year (Fanabriques) Poor red team, despite having two mechs the battle is not so easy due to the big larva alien that just appeared from its crater ^^ Some details : And as it was displayed in Fanabriques : I really tried to create a dynamic scene, with flying mosquito aliens and some laser shoots, I hope you'll like it. C&C are as always welcome.
  19. Hello fellow AOFL, I recently noticed a local online store has several, discontinued, Galaxy Squad sets and I was wondering if they are worth to buy. I was away from the hobby when they were first released so I'd like to know if you think they are good quality sets. I'm a huge Science Fiction fan and if they are nice sets I'd hate to lose the chance to grab few of them before they are gone from that store. Thank you very much for your help
  20. Hi everyone, You can already see this creation in the scene presented in another Galaxy Squad topic here but this one comes with a little story :) When I bought 1st wave of GS line, I had to admit something : seems that there was not much budget left for the red team's vehicles : With only this small one, life against the aliens wasn't easy at all : So they hired the best mechanics ... ... and then was built the red battle mech ! Again, I wanted it to keep a good playability so torso can rotate And it has a canon to fight ... ... and seems that roles are switched now, isn't it ? ^^ But it can also fight without his gun : High Kick ! Mission accomplished :) Hope you'll like it, I had as much fun building it than imagine the little story for its presentation ^^ As always, C&C are welcome
  21. delta7890

    Galaxy Squad Star VPRs

    Hey there! After looking at some images of the prototype model of the Space Police III Raid VPR, I decided to build it up and adapt it for the Galaxy Squad theme. I started off with a single Viper, but ended up making a unique fighter for each of the four Galaxy Squad teams. Each team's Star VPR has a little gimmick feature exclusive to their craft. Green Team's fighter emphasizes their squad's role of artillery. This unit features detachable missiles: two high maneuverability missiles and two heavy warheads. In addition to the standard GS rifles, the green fighter's other weapons (inward to outward) are two high-penetration railguns, two high-explosive autocannons, and two rapid-fire vulcan machinecannons at the wing roots. The blue fighter most closely resembles the legendary Vic Viper and is the most technologically sophisticated, reflecting Blue Team's specialty. In addition to flick-fire missiles and the standard GS rifles, the blue fighter is capable of absorbing energy from destroyed Bugoid craft to power itself up with various laser weaponry (fired from the two long forward prongs), shields, and other "optional" features. Red Team's fighter focuses on raw speed and maneuverability. Its supercharged engine and triple thrusters more than make up for its lack of raw firepower. Further, by flipping the wings up, this craft becomes stable enough to perform as a high speed ground attack unit. It features twin laser cannons, while the rear of the craft stows one standard GS handgun and energy blade for the pilot. Last but not least is Orange Team. Sheer firepower is their game, and their fighter reflects this with no less than six plasma cannons with variable modes of fire. Charged energy blasts, concentrated beams, or rapid-fire attacks. A subreactor feeding power directly into the four front cannons ensures that the pilot can keep his fingers right on the trigger. If the plasma isn't enough, the orange fighter comes packing with the same fusion bomblet equipped on the Eradicator Mech, certain to obliterate any Bugoid installation. Hope you guys like these! Feedback always appreciated.
  22. Blufiji


    A galaxy squad submarine.
  23. The Assassin Bug (a.k.a. Wheel Bug) most commonly have an elongated head with a distinct narrowed neck, long legs, and a prominent, segmented tube (rostrum) for feeding and defending itself. These predators use the long rostrum to inject a lethal saliva that liquefies the insides of the prey, which are then sucked out. The saliva contains enzymes that predigest the tissues they swallow. This process is generally referred to as extra-oral digestion. The saliva is commonly effective at killing prey substantially larger than the bug itself. Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug Inspiration by mink66, on Flickr This is a nasty bug! And the perfect model for another Lego Galaxy Squad Alien Bugoid creation! A powerful Bug that strikes absolute fear into any Galaxy Squad Team member especially if caught alone out on the battle field. The Assassin Bug can make a quick meal out of any unsuspecting human, or store it in its purplue coccoon for later consumption or to bring back to the hive. Good luck humans...they will need it! Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr
  24. Here is my first Space MOC to be posted to EuroBricks. Introducing the Pest Annihilator a.k.a. The Cootie Crusher. This modular ship consits of three sections which can be separated into their individual components. The version in the photos represent version 2.5 of the creation as it has undergone some changes to make the vehicle more stable and kid friendly in the last 10 months. The drive section that contain all the Power Functions features is built on an odd Technic beam basis while the structure around the chassis is an even styled system build. The Pest Annihilator/Cootie Crusher
  25. Blufiji


    I posted this on MOC pages a few months back so it's kinda old but I'd figure I'd post it here anyway. I am eventually going to do a rebuild of this using better SNOT techniques and wanted to get some constructive criticism on it before beginning.