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Found 43 results

  1. By the fifth year of the Human/Buggoid War, the Galaxy Squad forces had no shortage of tiny vehicles to throw at their enemies, but few of them had any sort of protection whatsoever against enemy fire or combatants. In atmosphere, they take a while to get warmed up and thanks to their lack of control surfaces they are difficult to fly properly; comprehensive studies by the Galactic War Council found that in many cases, the standard-issue speeder so often used by Galaxy Squad forces offered no tactical advantages whatsoever. More often than not, their pilots were killed en masse during any sort of large battle, costing thousands of lives and (more importantly to the Council) billions of dollars. In order to rectify the problem, the Council immediately sought a new design to bridge the tactical gulf between the capabilities of the woefully inadequate speeders and the highly successful but inflexible and plodding larger vehicles. The cheapest and smallest solution was the ARRoW, or Armored Rapid Response Walker. The ARRoW was a major evolution of a design abandoned early in the war, that of the Mini Mech. Thousands were pumped off of production lines overnight and, thanks to their diverse and flexible capabilities, the vehicles were shipped to nearly every Galaxy Squad outpost and base in the Milky Way. The walkers are small and highly maneuverable, carrying a single Galaxy Squad Trooper into battle, reconnaissance, exploration, search-and-rescue, or nearly any other type of operations imaginable. The standard-issue walker possesses impressive firepower, boasting two plasma canons and two swiveling chainguns. Council scientists are working on changeable weapon/manipulator modules to be mounted on the front (in place of the chainguns-and-headlights emplacement that is currently standard) for more specialized missions. Despite their power, the walkers are small and sleek, barely taking up half the hangar space of a ship like the Swarm Interceptor. What makes the ARRoW special is how fully it opens up to allow extremely rapid entry and exit of its pilot. First the rear panels swivel back: Then the windshield and sides swivel down: And the pilot can step outside easily. The process reverses itself rapidly when the pilot is entering the vehicle; under combat conditions, a GS trooper can go from running towards his walker to running the walker out of the hangar in less than five seconds. The walker also features a small storage compartment mounted unobtrusively behind the cabin: Inside, the pilot can access field binoculars, a green rationkit/medipak, and a four-dimensional hyperwrench that can be used to make almost any conceivable repair should the ARRoW break down far from a base. The buggoids don't stand a chance! This MOC came about after I bought the Mini Mech polybag on a whim at Wal-Mart, and decided that while it was cute, it needed a little something more. The guy seemed way too exposed! So I added a bit here, and a bit there, until it was 101 pieces, barely similar at all to the original set, and looking pretty awesome, with a sweet opening transformation.Thanks for reading (or just looking at the pictures if reading my elaborate sci-fi backstories isn't your thing)!
  2. murphy_slaw

    How successful was Galaxy Squad?

    I just started buying Lego sets again after a long dark age, so Galaxy Squad was a couple of years before I started paying attention to Lego. I have some questions about it: How successful was Galaxy Squad at the time it came out? It seems well-regarded by AFOLs now, but did it sell well? Was it planned as a single-year release, or did it not perform well enough in the market to be continued as a line? In your opinion, what does the performance of Galaxy Squad say about the viability of non-licenced space themes in the future?
  3. The Chosen One

    Egg Crawler vs Speedy Scout

    A small collaboration between me and RhymesShelter. Egg Crawler by me. Additional pics: Egg Crawler, Speedy Scout.
  4. Disco86

    RL14 - Research Lab

    After the Silicon War it was nearly impossible to live on earth anymore. But the European Defence Alliance (EDA) already started searching for new habitats in the year 2093. Finally they discovered something in the Andromeda System. There was a planet, triple siezed the earth, that's surface was completely covered with rocks and a black liquid. The first chemical analysis revealed, that the black liquid had huge percentage of water in it and that the atmosphere was nearly full of carbondioxide. The EDA started the first settlement in 2099 on the planet, which was now hopefully called "Terranova". But if living on this planet could be possible was not proofed yet. First they experimented with growing trees and plants, these experiments where complicated but promising. They have not seen any alien lifeform yet, but they also did not know what may live on the nearby planets. So there was stationed a small starfighter of the Hunter Class at every research lab, to be aware of any foreign attack. Greets Disco86
  5. I've been waiting to make a Galaxy Squad moc, I manages to open a box of old pieces and put together this guy, I made him a backstory too. After a deadly battle one abductoid is injured and left by his comrades, however using resources from a wrecked galaxy squad fighter he creates new limbs, painstakingly creating them with only his mouth as a tool, now he seeks revenge on the squad member who shot him down, Solomon Blaze, outcasted from the other bugs he hunts alone...
  6. I'm trying to make some insectoids following the Galaxy Squad color scheme and using some bionicle parts. Here are my first two (click for bigger pics if necessary): And this one, a little inspired by an Exo-Force model: The eyes aren't where you'd think they are.
  7. Blufiji

    Taxylyn Hybrid dropship/bomber

    The Taxylyn is a biological hybrid dropship/bomber used by invading insectoid forces. It can deliver 3 drones and 2 larva from an altitude near the edge of space. Though that may not sound like much, defending forces can be quickly overwhelmed as hundreds of thousands of these craft usually attack at a time. After the intial drop of soldiers, the empty pods are regrown and charged with an unknown biological toxin, which is then dropped by these craft on to worlds under siege. These craft can repeat this process an infinite number of times, so long as they are not heavily damaged. Taking a break from castle, this one was on the back burner for a while. Now its finished and it even has a crude stand. As always C&C appreciated.
  8. An unnamed planet, unless the Swarm gives names to their worlds. Either way, the remains of Galaxy Patrol Troop 783 do not know the name of the world on which they will earn their Grand-Admirals' Stars. Their ranks thinned by the Swarm until there were only three left, The 783 staged their last stand behind the meager barricades provided by the airfoils of their downed dropship. The 783 attribute their survival entirely to the presence of an experimental Galactic-Class Combat Exo-Suit on their mission. Trooper Phillips, who piloted the suit, attributed his record-setting number of combat kills to its agility and incredibly aggressive weapon loadout. "The railgun was a lifesaver. Those plasma pellets could slam through a bug's carapace like it was a wet piece of toilet paper. When I took down the Queen who attacked us near the end, it was emptying the railgun between her eyes that finally got her to stop crawling for good," Phillips recounted. "And that B.R.O.A.D. Sword! They need to start shipping those out to every exo-suit across the galaxy, stat," Phillips continued. "It thinned out troops like nobody's business." (The Sword in question is an experimental weapon. An iron ball is anchored to a super-thin carbon nanotube filament, and then suspended in midair by the projection of super-strong magnetic fields from the Sword's bulky hilt. This draws the nanotube filament incredibly taut, allowing it to slice through most materials with easy. When in use, the Sword tends to glow orange due to the inductive heat generated by the magnetic fields.) "Of course, Luiz played a critical role as air support. He was my eye in the sky. And Kovacs picked up any strays that got by me so that our distress beacon wouldn't get destroyed before help arrived." The three survivors will be commended at a ceremony on Terra next week. Some more pictures of the suit: It can directly hold a Patrol figure! Troopers, meanwhile, have to already be wearing a Gunpack (standard equipment for the Heavy in most squads) in order to slot into the exo-suit. The attachment point on the rear of the Exo-suit can have a variety of additional hardware mounted on it. Engineers are currently trying to give it a jetpack, but for now the standard module is an S-14 Survival Pack. The pack holds two holdout guns should the suit ever run out of power or ammo, along with a buzzsaw for cutting teammates out of wreckage, an antenna to maintain connection with orbiting ships, and a tempered titanium sword as a weapon of last resort. The box on the bottom of the pack further holds a number of tools for suit repair, a water purifier, and enough nutrient bricks to sustain a troop of five for two weeks while waiting for help to arrive. After this great success, be on the lookout for the Galactic-Class exo-suit coming to an active front near your planet! (Notes on the model: it has 12 points of articulation with 18 degrees of freedom (14 of those in the legs!) and is ~140 pieces. Not counting the antenna, it stands around 10 cm tall)
  9. ClassicSmileyFace

    [MOC] Galaxy Squad - Exterminator Eye

    Hey, This is my first MOC I've ever shared. It's made completely from pieces from the Bug Obliterator (70705), which was a fun challenge. It does use a little bit of the Bug Obliterator's build in the wings and the long beams up top. I'm calling it the Exterminator Eye, "eye" for the double-sided bubble windscreens enclosing the pilot, and "exterminator" because... bugs. I also tried to name it using an alliteration like a lot of the GS sets. I think of it more as a type of support/utility ship for the orange team. Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr The eye even tilts a bit: Exterminator Eye by Nimaloo, on Flickr
  10. When I saw the CMF 13 Galaxy Troopers I knew they needed some more formidable weaponry. I set out to create 4 custom weapons and ended up with 12. Energy Weapon Squad - Flamethrower, Plasma Gun, Particle Projection Cannon, Laser Cannon Heavy Artillery Squad Sniper Squad The Arsenal
  11. So I wanted to make something more useful from the spaceship part of the Galactic Titan. It has that big open area in the back where it meshes to the tracked portion, so I thought what if I put a crew compartment there. Apologies if something like this has already been done. The idea is that this is now a dropship used for rapid deployment of an elite squad from orbit to the ground. The landing mechanisms have been modified for more vertical descent and a simple adjustable nose gun added. My personal favorite part is this custom label. Lastly here is a cutaway view of the interior loaded up and ready to roll.
  12. Hi everyone, After another Galaxy Squad topic here let me show you a small creation I made to honor the blue team - the Space Splitter : But why "Splitter" ? Well, most official GS sets had the characteristic to split into separate vehicles and that's what I wanted to enhance here. The main structure can split into different parts : And assemble to have as a result a mini-spaceship, armed mech and a maintenance robot : Everything connected with the use of technic pins and holes like this So we keep a good playability as you can clip/un-clip each part as you want :) Below the 2 mini vehicles in details, starting by the mini-spaceship : And the mech with heavy guns : Do not forget the tiny robot here to assist the blue team ^^ An overall picture to finish : Note - Shape and functionality inspired by the legendary set : Ice Planet 6973 Deep Freeze Defender :) Hope you'll like it, C&C are as always welcome
  13. Hi everyone, Galaxy Squad line is maybe not the most popular one, but I really liked this line, so I created a little battle scene in honor of it for an exposition in France this year (Fanabriques) Poor red team, despite having two mechs the battle is not so easy due to the big larva alien that just appeared from its crater ^^ Some details : And as it was displayed in Fanabriques : I really tried to create a dynamic scene, with flying mosquito aliens and some laser shoots, I hope you'll like it. C&C are as always welcome.
  14. Hello fellow AOFL, I recently noticed a local online store has several, discontinued, Galaxy Squad sets and I was wondering if they are worth to buy. I was away from the hobby when they were first released so I'd like to know if you think they are good quality sets. I'm a huge Science Fiction fan and if they are nice sets I'd hate to lose the chance to grab few of them before they are gone from that store. Thank you very much for your help
  15. Hi everyone, You can already see this creation in the scene presented in another Galaxy Squad topic here but this one comes with a little story :) When I bought 1st wave of GS line, I had to admit something : seems that there was not much budget left for the red team's vehicles : With only this small one, life against the aliens wasn't easy at all : So they hired the best mechanics ... ... and then was built the red battle mech ! Again, I wanted it to keep a good playability so torso can rotate And it has a canon to fight ... ... and seems that roles are switched now, isn't it ? ^^ But it can also fight without his gun : High Kick ! Mission accomplished :) Hope you'll like it, I had as much fun building it than imagine the little story for its presentation ^^ As always, C&C are welcome
  16. delta7890

    Galaxy Squad Star VPRs

    Hey there! After looking at some images of the prototype model of the Space Police III Raid VPR, I decided to build it up and adapt it for the Galaxy Squad theme. I started off with a single Viper, but ended up making a unique fighter for each of the four Galaxy Squad teams. Each team's Star VPR has a little gimmick feature exclusive to their craft. Green Team's fighter emphasizes their squad's role of artillery. This unit features detachable missiles: two high maneuverability missiles and two heavy warheads. In addition to the standard GS rifles, the green fighter's other weapons (inward to outward) are two high-penetration railguns, two high-explosive autocannons, and two rapid-fire vulcan machinecannons at the wing roots. The blue fighter most closely resembles the legendary Vic Viper and is the most technologically sophisticated, reflecting Blue Team's specialty. In addition to flick-fire missiles and the standard GS rifles, the blue fighter is capable of absorbing energy from destroyed Bugoid craft to power itself up with various laser weaponry (fired from the two long forward prongs), shields, and other "optional" features. Red Team's fighter focuses on raw speed and maneuverability. Its supercharged engine and triple thrusters more than make up for its lack of raw firepower. Further, by flipping the wings up, this craft becomes stable enough to perform as a high speed ground attack unit. It features twin laser cannons, while the rear of the craft stows one standard GS handgun and energy blade for the pilot. Last but not least is Orange Team. Sheer firepower is their game, and their fighter reflects this with no less than six plasma cannons with variable modes of fire. Charged energy blasts, concentrated beams, or rapid-fire attacks. A subreactor feeding power directly into the four front cannons ensures that the pilot can keep his fingers right on the trigger. If the plasma isn't enough, the orange fighter comes packing with the same fusion bomblet equipped on the Eradicator Mech, certain to obliterate any Bugoid installation. Hope you guys like these! Feedback always appreciated.
  17. Blufiji


    A galaxy squad submarine.
  18. The Assassin Bug (a.k.a. Wheel Bug) most commonly have an elongated head with a distinct narrowed neck, long legs, and a prominent, segmented tube (rostrum) for feeding and defending itself. These predators use the long rostrum to inject a lethal saliva that liquefies the insides of the prey, which are then sucked out. The saliva contains enzymes that predigest the tissues they swallow. This process is generally referred to as extra-oral digestion. The saliva is commonly effective at killing prey substantially larger than the bug itself. Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug Inspiration by mink66, on Flickr This is a nasty bug! And the perfect model for another Lego Galaxy Squad Alien Bugoid creation! A powerful Bug that strikes absolute fear into any Galaxy Squad Team member especially if caught alone out on the battle field. The Assassin Bug can make a quick meal out of any unsuspecting human, or store it in its purplue coccoon for later consumption or to bring back to the hive. Good luck humans...they will need it! Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr Galaxy Squad Assassin Bug by mink66, on Flickr
  19. Here is my first Space MOC to be posted to EuroBricks. Introducing the Pest Annihilator a.k.a. The Cootie Crusher. This modular ship consits of three sections which can be separated into their individual components. The version in the photos represent version 2.5 of the creation as it has undergone some changes to make the vehicle more stable and kid friendly in the last 10 months. The drive section that contain all the Power Functions features is built on an odd Technic beam basis while the structure around the chassis is an even styled system build. The Pest Annihilator/Cootie Crusher
  20. Blufiji


    I posted this on MOC pages a few months back so it's kinda old but I'd figure I'd post it here anyway. I am eventually going to do a rebuild of this using better SNOT techniques and wanted to get some constructive criticism on it before beginning.
  21. WhiteFang

    Review REVIEW: 70709 Galactic Titan

    Hello everyone, I am very pleased to be given such a wonderful opportunity to review this new LEGO Space theme known as the Galaxy Squad. First of all, a very special thanks you to TLG (The LEGO Group) and Eurobricks Staff for providing me and my fellow staffers an excellent chance to do up this lovely coverage for our Eurobricks Community as well as for the entire LEGO Community. Without further ado, let me share with you the wonderful mechanics within this building set. Name: 70709 Galactic Titan Theme: LEGO System / Space / Galaxy Squad Year: 2013 Pieces: 1012 Minifigs: 5 minifigures Price: USD $99.99, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A Resources: Brickset, BrickLink An original box image of the 70709 Galactic Titan Back view of the original box image of the 70709 Galactic Titan The massive powerful Galactic Titan is here to crush the destructive bugs As the name reckons, the Galactic Titan is the main highlight and the crown jewel of the Galaxy Squad which is a command maneuvering asset for the Blue Squad. The Galactic Titan is the largest set among the Galaxy Squad product range. It is certainly capable of annihilate any impending bug threats by utilizing the state-of-the-art space technology. The TLG product designers have used their creative imagination to conceptualize, design and build to construct this set together. Initially, when the news and rumours of Galaxy Squad releasing in 2013, the community are speculating a saga between the struggle of survival between mankind and the bugs. The first thing that came across my mind is the blockbuster movie, Starship Troopers. Seriously, I am wishing for that similar settings, but still the overall appeal based on what I have seen on the real set images didn't disappoint me much either and more importantly, it still continue to remains relevant as it evolves itself in the long LEGO Space history. So let's focus on TODAY's agenda! Does Galactic Titan really live up to its remarkable name? Let’s find out together. The content of the sealed box Within the sealed box, it comes with seven mint numbered packages, an additional mint package, a sticker sheet and an instruction manual to build up the set. After the building is completed, these are the remaining spare parts in packet 1, packet 2, packet 3, packet 4, packet 5, packet 6 and packet 7. These are the respective parts list located in part 1 and part 2. I must first apologise that in this review, there will be no application of stickers as the amount of stickers is quite taunting and I will prefer the beauty of this set to last longer without the decay of the glued stickers on the LEGO parts. Therefore, this review is only much relevant for non-stickered builders. Sorry guys that I am not able to provide this detailed portion. LEGO Galaxy Squad 2013 At the end of the instruction manual, you will find a total of ten LEGO Galaxy Squad sets which are released in 2013 and four of them are the recent new addition for the second release which can now be found in the Eurobricks Sci-Fi Forum, where my fellow staffers/reviewers had just shared. Upcoming new LEGO Themes In the second half of the year, there will be a treat for the LEGO Lord of the Rings fans, where new sets will be released to further strengthen the license and playability of the Lord of the Rings. In addition, it appears that the LEGO Ninjago is not going to intend to cease after been through a strong three years of being one of the most successful LEGO home-grown product range and your favourite Ninjago characters will certainly be back for another brand new exciting adventure. Blue Galaxy Squad Logo This is the official logo of the Blue Galaxy Squad that sworn to rid of the destructive bugs. There are a total of four squads which are being identified through their primary colour codes such as 'Blue', 'Green', 'Orange' and 'Red'. Each of the colour squad is specialised in their battling warfare. In the official description, the Blue team are the navigators, engineers, and strategic specialists. All teams are equal, but when they tell you to "go", just trust that they know what they're doing, and go! (Pretty interesting to know this fun fact!) Watch out for the strong Blue Galaxy Squad Isn't this box art looks cool with the stunning pose of the Blue Galaxy Squad? The official illustrated box art of the Galaxy Squad minifigures Introducing the new Galaxy Squad Space minifigures Each time a new set is released, lots of attention is dedicated to the LEGO minifigures section. This is no exception. In this set, there are a total of five LEGO minifigures which comprised of two blue squad members, one blue robot sidekick and two alien mosquitoids. This is the only set in the entire Galaxy Squad theme that comes with the highest amount of LEGO minifigures in a single released set. Based on the illustrated box art, I must applaud that the design of this space fellows still continue to remain relevant and sleek especially after I have assembled the actual minifigures that remain to be pretty impressive in its own rights. The elite Blue Galaxy Squad The above is the elite ‘Blue Galaxy Squad’ which is made up of two-man operative cell and a single robot sidekick. As I do not have the background information of these minifigures, I have to look into the recent released sets and view the Shop@Home descriptions which lead me to discover an interesting fact. It didn’t occur to me that each of the minifigure actually come with a name. The left minifigure is known as the Blue Team Leader and his name is Solomon Blaze. I strongly believe that the right minifigure is the new addition to the Blue Squad since there are only two sets that contain them and both sets are the same Solomon Blaze. The minifigures are extremely detailed with fine printing. The azure blue colour scheme for the squad members is very similar to the previous Alien Conquest theme. The minifigures come with back printing. You can see a much detailed back view of the squad members without their helmets on. The squad members also pretty impressive in the front without their helmets on. Changed into their battle mode features Is this the future of the ADU? Introducing the new Blue Robot sidekick for the Blue Galaxy Squad The Blue Robot sidekick is new interesting features where it play an active role in determine the success of the mission in areas where men have limited ability to accomplish the objective. Therefore, this Blue Robot sidekick is meant to complement the human members where some executions such as computer processing or close combat are not quite ideal for our human counterparts to be exposed to such risk. The term 'sidekick' also suggest that the these robots are not just mere machines but involve in many greater roles to ensure various key factors and components to aid the squad mission. You can see from the back view of the Blue Robot sidekick where there is powerful jet pack to assist in their aerial ability. Through this angle, you may notice the side view of the powerful blaster that is held by the Blue Robot sidekick. While in this angle, you can observe the Blue Robot sidekick taking aim through the lens. Putting the Blue Robot sidekick together with the new Robot Mech Front view of the Alien Mosquitoids without the heads attached The fighting cause for the formation of the Galaxy Squad is all because of these dangerous Alien Mosquitoids. It is the sole reason where men and women take arms and fight to preserve peace in the universe. In this case, I choose to discern them into distinct parts. To be honest, I am not a fan of bugs and the appearance of these bugs is the exact sentiments where I will like to use the strength of Galaxy Squad and crush them into bits and pieces. Pretty nasty thought, isn't it? Nonetheless, the details on these bug-like minifigures are incredible. You can see the back view of the Alien Mosquitoids without the heads attached and the back view of the Alien Mosquitoids with the heads attached again. The material of these head pieces are soft ABS plastic rubber material and you can see a detailed closer view of the Alien Mosquitoid. Personally, I am quite fond of the new lime looking bug wings which is pretty cool, instead of re-hash the older looking wings. In addition, I am also quite sure the other new alien bug is not supposed to be known as the Mosquitoid. It does resemble a little like a mantis but I believe we will have to wait for the official naming for this new bug fellow. For easy reference, this fellow will be regarded as a Mosquitoid or bug equivalent. The new space defenders of the LEGO universe The many dangerous villains residing in LEGO universe Everyone is here for the long awaited peace treaty? The building content of Packet 1 The completed built for Packet 1 After finishing building Packet 1, you will probably notice that the remaining six packets are meant to build up the Galactic Titan. The content for Packet 1 is used to build the Alien Mosquitoid's nest and robotic centipede. Please note that there is a new orange brick separator included in this set. Alien Mosquitoid's nest The Alien Mosquitoid's nest may not be the official term for it, but I deem that it is quite possible that it is a place where the eggs are hatched and prisoners are stored. This is the overview of the Alien Mosquitoid's nest and there are two platforms leading to both sections. The one on the left is where the prisoner capsule is stored, while the one on the right is weapon storage and communication receiver. An official illustrated box art of the Alien Mosquitoid's nest Launching of the Alien Mosquitoid's egg At the back of the building, you will find a lever to launch the birth of the egg larval and allowing the egg to break apart where the spawn is born. Don't use it to launch and point onto someone. This is more of a safety message to the children who are playing with such mechanism, similar to the rest of the other firing functions in this set. The Alien Mosquitoid egg spawn In the cocoon stage, the egg larval is nurture in the bright translucent pink shelled egg. I am not sure how long does it take to reproduce but I am quite sure that at this stage, it might not take a long time for the infant to grow into a full scale adult size. After all, bugs are very quick in growing and reproduction. The new alien bug infant is a new addition to this Galaxy Squad theme by providing a better insight in the early growth stage of these alien bugs. The Alien Mosquitoid's Centipede This is a pretty long robotic centipede where the Alien Mosquitoids used it to assault the Galaxy Squad who threatens the birth place of these bugs. The robotic centipede made up of four sections and each section is able to swirl left or right. The front of the robotic centipede is where the Alien Mosquitoid controls the functional gears. The rear of the robotic centipede is the storage of the imprisonment of the Galaxy Squad members that will be placed in the dark blue looking shell capsule. Different view of the Alien Mosquitoid's Centipede We need to prepare ourselves for the impending attack The building content of Packet 2 The completed built for Packet 2 The fun and tedious part begins! Yes, this is the beginning of the Galactic Titan and the Packet 2 content forms the core of the armoured tank base which is made up of plentiful technic parts that forms the gear movement beneath it. The building content of Packet 3 The completed built for Packet 3 The content in Packet 3 is to build and expand the base of the armoured tank where the outer case is currently being formed out there. You will also notice that the built for the vehicle cockpit is now completed. You might also note that there are bricks at the side that will soon facilitate SNOT technique. The building content of Packet 4 The completed built for Packet 4 The content in Packet 4 is the finishing touch to the tough armoured tank by placing all of the tracked wheels together and this monster tank is ready for rock and roll. Judging from the size of it, I strongly believe the design of this armoured tank is well protected from all sides as there is a tough armour at all fronts without exposing any vulnerable components. An official illustrated box art of the Galaxy Squad Armoured Tank playing mechanism Lifting the missile launchers from beneath the Galaxy Squad Armoured Tank No tanks are ready without the deployment of missile or rocket launchers to take down enemies. This is certainly an offensive armoured tank where it will be ready to raid any alien base on any planets. The armoured tank encompass readiness and efficient target setting based on the infrared radar for track and kill purpose. Perhaps, I did make it up. Still, it is the boy imagination where such imaginative role playing comes about and this set is just perfect for young boys who love some sci-fiction action. The process of lifting the missile launchers playing mechanism As you can see from the image above, you may retrieve the missile launchers by pushing it upwards to the rear of the tank until it reach to its maximum length. From there, you may adjust the missile launchers in upward or downward directions. Infrared radar can be released by deploying the radar dish. The missile launchers are capable of 360 degrees targeting without compromising the combat readiness of the armoured tank. Galaxy Squad Armoured Tank Tracks I am not an engineer who could understand the mechanics behind the choice of usage of tracks. In principle, the advantages of tracked over wheeled vehicles are that they are in contact with a larger surface area than would generally be the case with a wheeled vehicle, and as a result exert a much lower force per unit area on the ground being traversed than a conventional wheeled vehicle of the same weight. This makes them suitable for use on soft, low friction and uneven ground such as mud, ice and snow. The principal disadvantage is that tracks are a more complex mechanism than a wheel, and relatively prone to failure modes such as snapped or derailed tracks. (Quoted by Wikipedia). Bottom view of the Galaxy Squad Armoured Tank Front view of the Galaxy Squad Armoured Tank Opening up the cockpit to reveal the commanding driver The building content of Packet 5 The completed built for Packet 5 The content for Packet 5 is the beginning of the building process to assemble the cockpit of the Galaxy Squad Spaceship. The building content of Packet 6 The completed built for Packet 6 The content for Packet 6 is the continuation of the assembling of the cockpit and the rocket engine to propel the spaceship. It seems almost clear that we are lacking of the aerial dynamics factor in this equation. The building content of Packet 7 The completed built for Packet 7 The content in Packet 7 is the finale and the new Galaxy Squad Spaceship is now completed with the equipped aerial wings at the side of the engine fuse. Both the pilot and weapon specialist are sitting in the cockpit to await for further instructions for their next incoming mission. An official illustrated box art of the Galaxy Squad Spaceship Adjusting the aerial wings of the spaceship I love this adjustment of the aerial wings transformation very much. It is totally brilliant. The design is very sturdy and firm. It enables the rotation of the aerial wings to be placed from stand-by position to flying position. This simply add into lots of playability for me who just enjoy some nice sleek looking spaceship. Front view of the Galaxy Squad Spaceship Opening up the cockpit to reveal the piloting crew As you can see from the image above, you will open up the gigantic cockpit single LEGO piece, where the front of the cockpit sits the pilot and the rear of the cockpit sits the weapon specialist that control the missile and firing mechanism. Galaxy Squad Spaceship firing mechanism At the side of the spaceship, there is a firing lasers on both wings and near the landing gear also contain the traditional flick-fire missile as well. Back view of the Galaxy Squad Spaceship Taking a closer look at beneath the Galaxy Squad Spaceship Bottom view of the Galaxy Squad Spaceship Breaking up the Galactic Titan into land and air battle formation This is so incredible. For the price of one, you are able to get two distinct class of combat, namely the armoured tank and the spaceship. Furthermore, to enhance the playability of this set, both of them can be combined together to form the legendary Galactic Titan of the Galaxy Squad to increase the overall appeal. Front view of the Galactic Titan The spaceship's cockpit is the front of the Galactic Titan where the spaceship will be controlling the land mode. The front view of the Galactic Titan is certainly looks impregnable and this is where the transformation will take place for the land and air attack surprise. In the Galactic Titan mode, you can reach out for this set and hold it with your hand and the set won't fall apart easily. I am surprised that the set is very sturdy and firm in its grip. This increases the playability on the endurance. Side view of the Galactic Titan Back view of the Galactic Titan Please do not be mistaken that this is the front of the Galactic Titan where it will be controlling the land mode. However, I do strongly believe that the technology for the Galactic Titan will allow both ends to command the land mode and the one at the back will certainly be assuming secondary position as back up. Bottom view of the Galactic Titan Top view of the Galactic Titan The yellow holders clutch both machines together These are the magical parts that grip both machines together to form the Galactic Titan. The grip is pretty decen and it hold them well and good. Spaceship landing gear that is seen resting on the Galactic Titan This the biggest LEGO Galaxy Squad ever! Let's take out the Alien Mosquitoids! To conclude, this is the biggest incredible looking set for the entire LEGO Galaxy Squad theme. The finishing product for this Galactic Titan has definitely lived up to its remarkable standard. The combination of both the land armoured tank and the air spaceship is one of the most powerful playing elements and the main highlight for this set. There is very high playability with plentiful room of imagination the children to play with. The Blue Squad minifigures are a nice touch and they match very well with the primary colour combinations. The Alien Mosquitoids are a nasty bunch of species in this set. These Alien Mosquitoids are now focusing more on growth and reproduction capabilities. Although the nest and the centipede are not as huge and impressive as the Galactic Titan, but the overall assembled design remain well received. Even though I am not a huge fan of LEGO Space but I remain actively collecting selective LEGO Space sets and thankfully, I had the exclusive chance to look into my favourite looking Galaxy Squad set in this entire series. Despite of the tedious and annoying building process from time to time, since I have not build a set with more than 1000 pieces for almost a few years, this is considered quite a mentally challenging and yet totally enjoyable experience which I will love to relate to you guys. Summary review Playability: 10/10 (Very fun playability with the combination of the tank and ship together plus various playing features.) Design: 8.5/10 (Design of the set and the minifigures are very good and the overall appeal is unique and attractive in its own class.) Price: 6.5/10 (It will be quite costly in other parts of the world, considering that this set is a non-licensed based on the projected USD pricing.) Overall: 8.3/10 (If there is a set to try the fun of Galaxy Squad, then your first choice will ought to be Galactic Titan.) I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. What about yours? I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed. Pictures can be found in My Flickr and My Brickshelf (When moderated)
  22. Hi all, I would like to introduce my first MOC. Billy's new Sidewinder Fighter. Comments and criticism welcome
  23. Toa_Of_Justice

    {LDD MOC} Cosmic Winger

    UPDATE: See real-life photos of this model in the next post. I have been looking at the insectoid forces in sets 70700, 70701, and 70707 for a long time, imagining what it would be like if they were all combined into one large bug. Before building the Cosmic Winger in real life, I decided to design it in LDD. I ended up using every single piece of each insectoid vehicle/creature in my combo model. Click any picture for a larger picture. { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { ^ Extra-large pic ^ } { LXF File } { Brickshelf Gallery } The Cosmic Winger has 4 eyes, 4 mandibles, 2 guns beneath those mandibles, 4 wings, 12 legs, a buggoid pilot, and a crazy mosquitoid gunner wielding two blaster pistols. In addition, I have made a "stinger bomb" out of the pieces left over after building the Cosmic Winger itself (I hope to get got the jackhammer to fit more tightly in real life). When I have time to build, I'll post pictures of the real thing, but if you have any suggestions for the digital model, I can make any necessary modifications before I build it. Bugging Out, -Toa Of Justice EDIT: That big green thing in the back of the Cosmic Winger isn't a cocoon prison. Although it's shaped like one (and could technically fit a minifigure), it's actually the hyperdrive engine, with a thruster at the very end. EDIT 2: See the next post for the real thing!
  24. DarkDruid

    GS Swarm Sweeper

    Lo, and behold. (I've also added the LDD-files, in case someone wanted it.) GS red 001.lxf
  25. DraikNova

    Galaxy Squad set suggestions

    What sets would you like to see in Galaxy Squad? Here are some of my ideas: Insectoid Queen Price: $60-75 Parts: 600 Minifigures: Billy Starbeam + four Larvae Large Insectoid with eight posable legs, two sets of arms (one with claws, the other with blades), a large tail with a stinger and relatively small wings. Also has four of the smaller larvae-containing pods on it's abdomen. Features Billy Starbeam as the hapless victim . Spray-Stomper CLX-57 Price: $40-50 Parts: 450 Minifigures: Billy Starbeam, Red Squad Robot and a new Red Squad member + Mosquitoid and two Larvae Medium-sized Red Squad mech (slightly larger than the Samurai Mech from Ninjago) with flamethrower-like bug spray cannon. Can split into three vehicles: a walker and two fighter jets. Arthropod Annihilator Price: 80-100 Parts: 850 Minifigures: Billy Starbeam, Solomon Blaze, Chuck Stonebreaker, Jack Fireblade and Red, Green, Blue and Orange Robots + Green Buggoid A multi-squad spaceship, with a Green Squad weapons section (featuring two angled turrets), a Blue Squad control deck, an Orange Squad-manned propulsion system and a deck of four Red Squad mini-fighters. Control Base Price: 100-120 Parts: 1250 Minifigures: Billy Starbeam, Solomon Blaze, Chuck Stonebreaker, Jack Fireblade, Ashlee Starstrider, new (Galactic Titan) Blue Squad member, new Red and Green Squad members and Red, Green, Blue and Orange Robots + Red Buggoid, Armored Mosquitoid and four Larvae A large hexagonal base, split evenly into four parts. The Blue Squad area has a meeting room, the Green Squad has a very large turret, the Red Squad has a fighter launch pad and the Orange Squad has a small laboratory. In the center is a large tower, predominantly white, but on each of the four sides it is detailed with the color that part of the base is in. The walls around the base all have small turrets on them. Note: No idea what to put at the top of the tower. Please add your own ideas and have fun!