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  1. ZetoVince

    [MOC] Asterix & Obelix on LEGO Ideas

    Thank you all for the great comments and the support! Let's hope there are more of us fans of lego and Asterix and they would like to see this as an official product! For now I have the "previlege" to have them here on my desk and make my day!
  2. It all started with the Obelix bust I created 2 years ago. I knew I would eventually build his partner Asterix, since they share many critical characteristics as the helmet, the nose, ears and cheeks. Then I decided to suggest them both as pair on Lego Ideas because I feel they might generate a lot of interest from big Asterix & Obelix fans like me! If you feel like it, take the time to support in on Lego Ideas to become an official Lego set. Support on LEGO Ideas
  3. One of the most iconic and for me the most beautiful generation of Porsche 911 is the 1973 Carrera RSR! It is made of 779 parts and it features full interior along with opening doors, hood and trunk, spinning wheels freely despite the aggressive negative camber which makes me very happy! I had the pleasure of making the yellow one out of lego around a year ago but I hadn't posted it before for a couple of reasons. I wanted first to collect the parts needed to build all of the available color variations. That is yellow, white, black and light bluish grey!Unfortunately it is not that easy to find nor to afford some of these parts so I have only made a white and a yellow one so far... Then I wasted 2 weeks of my life trying to take decent photos of that damned white and yellow colors! And then I tried to submit it on Lego Ideas over and over again under different names because of the new rule that doesn't permit any project that uses a third party brand that TLG has already established assosiation with. THAT FRUSTRATED ME A LOT! If you want to make your own 911, there is an instructions set on Rebrickable.com
  4. This is my take on this iconic and all time classic scooter! Because of its very sturdy construction (a technic subframe support it underneath) and a great reception from my lego mates when I first introduce it to them, made me to take my chance and submit it on Lego Idea! Please support if you like it! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/165775
  5. ZetoVince

    [MOC] Ford GT

    And a short video to showcase some of the most interesting parts of the construction Racing version
  6. ZetoVince

    [MOC] Volksrod

    Since i got my hands on this beautiful quarter dome piece i knew that sometime i was going to use it in a little Volksrod but everytime i was trying to build the rest i couldn't get past the cabin section! Then out of nowhere, Calin https://www.flickr.com/photos/_tiler/ posts his beautiful Volksrod https://www.flickr.c...ler/24838347625 and without knowing it he solves my riddle!! That chair is exactly what i needed! The rest you can see it! Just because it wasn't very time consuming, there are some instructions...
  7. ZetoVince

    Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    17. VW-Wing Starfighter by LegoJunkie (1 vote) 81. T1 Cooking Van by Skalldyr (2 vote) 83. Jabba the Van by Brick Laboratory (1 vote) 86. VWinnebago by midi (1 vote) 98. Shark Bus by Wachutu Chief (1 vote) 99. Vammoth by Brick Laboratory (2 vote) 160. Friendly Butterfly Camper by Kristel (1 vote)
  8. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    Thank you, i'm glad you like it that much! There are no instructions for the revised model, i haven't made them and i don't know if i will in the future, it isn't an easy nor a joyful thing to do. But if i do i will inform you here and on my flickr page. About the Cuusoo, i don't agree with the general concept so i will not add it there. For your information, TLG is a company that produces toys so every set that designs needs to be playable! The level of detail that i put into my models and the playability factor CANNOT get together! So it will be vain to try such thing you are suggesting.
  9. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    Thank you! I hope you manage to build one! Send me a message here if you want one: zetovince@yahoo.gr
  10. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    I made a revised version which is sturdier with a slightly different front bumper, new detailed interior and new rear section including exhausts and no rare parts!
  11. ZetoVince

    MSFC Voting Thread

    13. Invasion! - 4estFeller - 1 point 15. Landing on Xurus - K.Kreations - 1 point 53. Zaude - Yacapo - 1 point 83. Dark Shadows Over The Colony - Mr.Brickman - 1 point 85. Metropolis Movie Poster - aemil - 1 points
  12. ZetoVince

    FAPC Voting Thread

    52. Ivory Poaching - Ecclesiastes - 2 points 26. Deep Space Recon Raptor - Rook - 2 points 17. Attack of the Fish - cmaddison - 1 points
  13. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    Thank you, i hope you have them, there are a couple of rare parts but these days i'm working on a revised version which will not need any rare part and it will be easier to build too! Thanks! no there is no room for 2 passengers, only the heads of the minifigs. It's impossible to fit 2 minifigs in a realistic 6-wide lego car.
  14. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

  15. ZetoVince

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    Thank you guyz, your kind comments are really appreciated! You can ask the builder obviously. There is a link to my page and a link to an e-mail address if you wan to contact me.