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  1. Well, it was worth a shot
  2. Hey, does anyone have a physical minifigure roller skate (11253) at home? I've got a hunch that the little holes in the hubs of the wheels might work as a connection for a "headgear accessory" pin, but I've got no way to check if its legal on my end.
  3. Hey all, I just finished those pirate decals I mentioned I was working on
  4. Hey, didn't there used to be a helmet piece with a sort of projecting beveled octagonal or hexagonal opening in the front like a weird geometric hard surface parka hood? I think I might actually have a use for it for the first time in the history of mankind, and it seems to have vanished from the parts list.
  5. Yeah, problem is with those old themes is it isn't a real digital dot matrix. It's something someone stamped or stenciled on by hand, or whatever the late 90s industrialized equivalent of that is, and can be really uneven. If I'm doing decals from an period where they used those imperfectly aligned stencils, I don't want it to be too polished, but I also don't want it to be even cruder than the real thing. With most other patterns I can usually thread that needle no problem.
  6. Sounds like a plan. Anyway, while all that other stuff is going on, I've made some Space decals I was gonna do another Space Police II torso and a few UFO guys, but I couldn't find reference photos large enough, and frankly that dot matrix pattern they thought looked futuristic in the late '90s is kind of a pain to replicate. I am working on some Pirates ones, though.
  7. Islander Hair is 6025. Of the holdable shafts that don't work, the bone is 93160 and the samurai horns are 11437, 71591, and 373415 (not sure if that's a complete list). The bucket handle (95344) also does not work. Of the holdable shafts that do work, the cow horns are 87695, the handcuffs are 61482, 97927, and 56619, the Sith lightning is 59233, and the Batarang is 98721. The islander feathers (87696) also work correctly. Neither of these is a complete lists. I just tried all the ones that stood out to be as being about the right shape to look good topping the islander hair.
  8. I've come across another bug. The holder on the top of the Islander hair doesn't seem to want to connect with most holdable shafts, including the bone (which should fit, as it's been used that way in actual sets) and most samurai horns. It doesn't seem to be a collision box issue. It doesn't do the thing where the piece snaps into place where the connection would normally be but then goes all transparent to show it won't fit. It doesn't snap into place at all. I think the connection itself is wonky somehow. The islander feather crest and the cow horns do connect, though, as do some other more offbeat items such as the handcuffs, Sith lightning, and even the Batarang (plus some other things that can connect but don't fit because of collisions). Are there two different kind of holdable shaft connections?
  9. Quick bug report, and unfortunately I've got a feeling this one will be annoying to fix. I tried flexing part 63037 - Outer Flex Cable 88mm and this happened: Evidently there are some edges that are staying put while the rest of the model flexes, though some to seem to be staying less put than others. Not sure what would cause that second part. While we're on the subject of flex cables, would it be possible to add versions of some of them that are pre-bent into certain common shapes (particularly circles)? The flex tool is a lot harder to control than it could be, and it'd be nice to have another option.
  10. Can that be added in the next update, then? And the barrel thing. I know that one's legal.
  11. It is? But they fit so well. Surely that can't be damaging. Is fitting 1x1 round pieces into the 1x1 round piece-shaped hole in the bucket legal? I've definitely seen it used in sets (and I'm pretty sure the hole is 1x1 round piece-shaped on purpose), though the pieces aren't technically connected.
  12. In the next update, could you please make it so studs will fit into round technic holes and the bases various 4x4 round bricks and domes fit onto the tops of 4x4 barrels and other bricks with similar rims?
  13. Looking good. Hey, Quick question. If you're getting those from the game files, do they also have anything in there about the in-game brickbuilt props and scenery elements? I've been thinking about examining some of those a little closer outside of the game to see how they're built and if I could glean anything useful from that, but up 'til now I haven't really had any idea about how to go about that. Doesn't need to be converted into a format compatible with LDD or anything. I just want to look at them. Most of them probably wouldn't have new parts anyway.
  14. Thanks. I realized you meant LIFCreator about a minute after posting my question. For some reason it's not working for me, though. I created the new LIF file with all the new parts in it, but for some reason when I completed the Bluerender render, a whole lot of parts are missing, and I haven't made a complete review of all the missing parts, but the ones I can identify off the top of my head are all from the mod. Do you have any idea what might be going on here?