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  1. BrokenEye

    Building help - sloped rotunda

    Damn it, I think I'm gonna have to start over. The stud holes on the straight sections of the walls don't line up with one another.
  2. BrokenEye

    Building help - sloped rotunda

    I think I've finally got it. I'm gonna keep this thread open in case someone comes up with a better way of doing this, but for now, this is what I'm going with.
  3. BrokenEye

    Building help - sloped rotunda

    Getting there. I'm gonna try it with the 2x2 wedges later on.
  4. BrokenEye

    Building help - sloped rotunda

    I'll definitely give that a shot. I'd have to put some more thought into the support structure below the plates, but then, the crude, flimsy supports I'm currently using was never intended to be anything more than a placeholder. I've seen some creations with frigging flawless, seamless, perfectly rounded domes. I don't know how they do it, when even just the one little angled slope is this hard.
  5. BrokenEye

    Building help - sloped rotunda

    So I tried your suggestion with two adjacent slopey bits just to see how it works, and it's much closer, but still not quite. This is as close as they're gonna come.
  6. So I'm working on a LDD build based on Number 2's office from The Prisoner. The various minifigs and props I've built and have come out great, and I've gotten started on the room itself. I don't have a tremendous amount of experience building... er... buildings (as opposed to vehicles and props, etc), but building the walls of the room went alright until I got to the slopey bits at the bases of the walls/edge of the floor. As you can see, the current arrangement I've got for the slopey bits--4x8 plates flanked by 8x3 wedge tiles tilted "26.7" (I don't know if that's degrees or some other unit of measurement, but it's the number displayed in LDD's hinge tool)--doesn't fit at all, and trial and error hasn't been going great, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me figure that out. I have any specific requirements for how steep the slopey bits should be or how much room should be left for the flat part of the floor, but I want the edges of the wedges to be flush with one another so the bottom edges create a circle for the floor, and I'd prefer the slope be at an obtuse angle. There's probably math involved, but I'm at a loss as to the specifics. I don't math good. There are twelve wall pieces, each with a footprint of 1x12, and the hinges between them are rotated 30 units (again, according to LDD's hinge tool). By a sheer stroke of luck, this turned out to be exactly the right size, so I'd like to not mess with that part too much (I'm probably gonna redesign the purple bits so they have the correct number of black lines later on, and to add a door and some sort of mounting arrangement for a viewscreen, though those things won't require and changes their dimensions). The floor will probably be much easier, since there's only one axis of rotation and I already know what the angle is going to be for that, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  7. Could you do a version of the folded umbrella (27150) with alternating panels in four different colors and the wrapped scarf (25376) with three-colored vertical stripes? I'm working on a The Prisoner set and I want No2 to look right. I'm willing to settle for only two colors each, if that makes it easier. Thanks Also: Does the color I made his hair and beard look right? I've been debating changing it to a dark grey or a low saturation brown or something, and it'd be good to get a second opinion.
  8. Bit of a complication. I no longer have my 4.3.11 installer, and it looks like Lego has finally updated the LDD page on their website, and the download they offer is no longer 4.3.11, but 4.3.12. Which is amazing, but not really helpful to my specific situation right now. Do you know where I can find 4.3.11 again?
  9. I don't know how to check the number of the brickset, but the version I currently have installed is definitely 4.3.12.
  10. Recently upgraded to Windows 10 and re-installed LDD. After resolving an unrelated error having to do with my graphics card, I succeeded in booting up the program and opened one of my old build files to discover that an incredibly large number of bricks (mostly ones with moving parts) were refusing to load. Additionally, three of the brick categories in the sidebar were displaying with a bugged icon and a handful more, including hats, heads, and handheld props, were missing entirely. Finally, numerous bricks from these and other categories has been randomly redistributed to incorrect categories, as seen in the minifig parts catagory here. I haven't yet determined whether all of the parts from the missing categories are still present. What's going on, and how do I fix it? I've already tried all the solutions in this thread, in the belief that it was about the same issue I'm experiencing, but in retrospect it's very likely that it isn't.
  11. That's where I meant to post, anyway. I had both threads open in separate windows.
  12. Hey, could you please add the extra long minifig arms (973pb0636c99) and legs (970c99pb01) from that one Toy Story set? Also energy effects 35032, 65726, and 50663c08
  13. I recently got some help solving this exact problem on another thread