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  1. Yeah, that seems to have fixed it for me.
  2. Hey, 18168 (that half-cape I got excited about) isn't showing up for me. Even if I plug the number into the search tool, nothing comes up.
  3. Some mighty useful lookin' parts in this update. I know what I'm doing this afternoon.
  4. I'm no lawyer, but that sounds potentially problematic from an intellectual property standpoint.
  5. I could see that coming in very handy.
  6. Alright, I've finally done it. I've finished every single Nexo Knights power shield decoration, and I'm here to present the final two sets. Firstly, there are the purple power shields. You'll notice that the designs on all of them are inverted. In heraldry, an inverted coat of arms is what's known as an "abatement", one of several non-standard features that heraldic authorities can order you to add to your coat of arms to signify to all who see you that you've committed certain particularly dishonorable crimes. In particular, inversion signifies one who is guilty of treason against his king. Seeing that all of these power shields are associated with villains who oppose King Halbert (I know almost nothing about Nexo Nights lore, but I can only assume that Halbert is the true and legitimate king of whatever realm the story of the theme takes place in), I'm curious whether this was a deliberate reference or if it was a purely aesthetic choice. In either case, here they are. Next are the gold shields, which seem to be extra special, though I'm not really sure what their powers are. They're all just names of weapons. Maybe they're ceremonial? Anyway, I wasn't sure if the gold trim was the same gold as the backgrounds on these, so I made two versions of each. And for my second type of decal today, I've done 11477 (Slope, Curved 2 x 1 x 2/3). Like the round brick last time, these are all pulled from scans of the decal sheets rather than photos of the brick, so there shouldn't be any problem with them fitting correctly. Some of them may be the wrong way 'round, though. It's kind of hard to tell from the photos which end is the thin one. And though I didn't plan it this way, all of these are symmetrical sets of two.
  7. Alright, got some white p—oh wow, no. Absolutely not. Let's start again. I've got some power shields that are white. Anyway... That just leaves the purples and the golds, which I'm probably going to do together since they're both relatively small sets. And on a subject that's sure to involve significantly fewer troubling noun-piles, I've also done some 2x2x3 round brick decals. These will likely need to be adjusted, because I had neither a vector map nor an aspect ratio to work with, but I was able to find scans of the original decal sheets, which took most of the guesswork out of the actual shapes.
  8. More Power Shields. This time I've got the blues (don't groan. Making that pun deliberately was the only way for me to avoid making it accidentally). I've also done a few baby minifig torsos, including two Baby Yoda torsos to go with @jester's new Baby Yoda head. These may need to be adjusted, since I had no map to work from and no way of testing them.
  9. Alright, I've got some more Power Shields for you. All the green ones this time. I've also made a triangle sign that I forgot to do back when I did all those triangle signs, and a baby face that's been released in the time since I did those baby faces.
  10. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for that chinless hood. And half capes? You rock.
  11. Only a few of them are showing up for me. I assumed it was a work in progress.
  12. @Calabar So, say, the red rimmed signs in one group, the yellow-rimmed signs in another, the black-rimmed in a third, and the miscellaneous signs that don't fit any of those molds in a final grouping, something like that? And I suppose I can figure out something similar for the power shields. Yeah, I can make that work. I'll even go back and edit it if you like.
  13. So f'rinstance, putting the Power Shields from this last post behind one spoiler tag, and putting the triangular signs behind a separate one?
  14. So remember how I said I was going to take a break to focus on other projects? Well, that's not how things turned out. Here are all the yellow Nexo Knights power shields, and also a handful of decals for 30259 (Triangular Sign W. Snap). Lemme know if you want me to go back to using spoiler tags, by the way. I'm just doing what I see other people doing, and have no idea what the best practices actually are for this.
  15. Hey, you know how 2489 (Barrel 2 x 2 x 2) and 15395 (Brick, Dome 2x2, Inverted W. One Stud) have that rim at the top that other round 2x2 bricks can connect to? Currently only 4150 (Flat Tile 2x2, Round), 14769 (Flat Tile 2x2, Round), 15535 (Flat Tile 2x2 Round W. Hole), 18674 (Plate Round W. 1 Knob), 30033 (Parabolic Ring), 75937 (Parabolic Ring), 98284 (Plate Round 2x2 W. Ver.Shaft), 14918 (Nosecone 2x2x2), 3942 (Nose Cone 2x2x2), 28598 (Design Brick 2x2x3, No.1), 74698 (Round Plate 2x2 W/Eye), 2376 (Round Plate 2x2 W/Eye), 2349 (Dustbin), 15469 (Plate 2x2,2/3 W/Khridshul& Crown Leaf), 19798 (Undercarriage 2x2x2), 3940 (Undercarriage 2x2x2), 69073 (Design Brick 2x2x2, W. 1 Knob Minion), 68986 (Design Brick 2x2x1 2/3, W/ 2 Knobs, No.2 Minion) and 2489 itself can actually connect to it. I'm pretty sure that all 2x2 round pieces with that same sort of bottom--that is, unless I've missed any, 6143 (Brick ∅16 W. Cross), 92947 (Bruck ∅16.83 W. Cross), 18841 (Final Brick 2x2, Tr), 30367 (Final Brick 2x2), 98100 (2x2 Round Slope Brick W. Knob), 30151 (Glass Case), 30106 (Crystal Globe), 4591 (Rocket Step 2x2x2), 74169 (Design Element 3x4x2/3 Mickey/Disney Ears), 92962 (Dustbin 2x2x2)--should be able to. I definitely remember a Fright Knights set from my childhood where 30106 was connected directly to the barrel so that a skeleton head could emerge inside the crystal ball when you pressed a little lever (god knows why I remember that, when I barely even remember what my house looked like). I also think whichever sort of connection allows 1x1 round pieces to connect to the top of 68504 (Utensil Sherbet / Sundae dish) should be replicated in 6269 (Cup Without Wreath), and 33061 (Drinking Glass), since I have definitely seen these connections in the past, and possibly 3899 (Mug), 38014 (Minifig Cup with Bar Handle), 68495 (Minifigure, Utensil Stein / Cup), and 33054 (Mug), which appear to have the same sort of top but which I haven't actually seen this connection on and can't currently confirm. Adding this same connection to the inside (rather than the top) of 12884 (Bucket Straight), 95343 (Bucket), 4529 (Pot), and 98374 (Mini Pot) may help emulate the way in which 1x1 round pieces fit easily inside these containers without actually connecting to them, which is sometimes used in builds.