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  1. Hello again Eurobricks!! I've recently finished my latest stop-motion film so I thought that I'd share it with you all. This is Desolate Shrine, the third film in my adventure series. You can watch the first two installments"Desolate Sands" and "Desolate Jewel" through the following links: - Desolate Sands - Desolate Jewel Deslate Shrine, the third installment in my adventure series. Trapped hundreds of feet underground, with enemies closing in on all sides, can our Hero escape the desert tomb and retrieve the artifact intact? Watch using the link below! Please do share your thoughts on the film! I'd love to hear them!
  2. LEGOshibainu

    "Desolate Jewel" adventure brickfilm

    Thanks, awesome to hear you loved it! I'm definitely gonna work on choppy-ness next time around
  3. Hello again Eurobricks! Today I have come to share my latest Lego stop-motion film "Desolate Jewel" it is a sequel to my film Desolate Sands, so I recommend that you watch that first: This sequel Take place immediately after the original, our Hero recollects his previous adventure and it's link to his current one: Please do share your thoughts and feedback on it :)
  4. LEGOshibainu

    Small pine tree design?

    Thanks to both of you these designs are great :) @soccerkid6 Is there a tutorial for building those ;)
  5. LEGOshibainu

    Small pine tree design?

    Hi, I posted this in another subforum and was directed here, I am looking to build some pine trees, I want them to be about 3 minifigures tall and consist of easy to source pieces. Does anyone here have any design ideas to share ;)
  6. LEGOshibainu

    Lack of original themes

    I personally feel as though a lot of licensed sets only sell for the minifigures. *Edited to better reflect my true opinion
  7. LEGOshibainu

    Small pine tree design?

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a setting of a pine forest but I am having difficulty with finding a design for pine trees. I am looking for trees about the height of 3 minifigures that can be made using cheap and readily available parts from Bricklink. Any designs that you can share? Thanks ;)
  8. Hello everyone! I am sharing the first episode of my Insectoids series, based on the lego theme of the same name. Before anyone mentions it I am aware that there are no Insectoids vehicles in it; this is a prologue to the main storyline. Please tell me what you think of this ;) I have made it in a way similar to 1950s Sci-fi films as the Insectoids theme always reminded me of those!
  9. LEGOshibainu

    Do you think we'll get a Shoretrooper squad leader figure?

    Polybag of it discovered!
  10. LEGOshibainu

    What's in a name ???

    My name comes from my desire for Lego to make a piece for the Shiba Inu dog :)
  11. Awesome! thank you so much :)
  12. LEGOshibainu

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Cool! Hmm... hmm,hmm.... It does look cool!
  13. Those are brilliant! do you have a parts list for the smallest one, I would like to buy the pieces to make it
  14. LEGOshibainu

    What is the story behind your profile picture?

    What a great story! Nice! the art style is cool! I can image an army of 100s would be quite the amazing sight!