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  1. "Desolate Jewel" adventure brickfilm

    Thanks, awesome to hear you loved it! I'm definitely gonna work on choppy-ness next time around
  2. Hello again Eurobricks! Today I have come to share my latest Lego stop-motion film "Desolate Jewel" it is a sequel to my film Desolate Sands, so I recommend that you watch that first: This sequel Take place immediately after the original, our Hero recollects his previous adventure and it's link to his current one: Please do share your thoughts and feedback on it :)
  3. Small pine tree design?

    Thanks to both of you these designs are great :) @soccerkid6 Is there a tutorial for building those ;)
  4. Small pine tree design?

    Hi, I posted this in another subforum and was directed here, I am looking to build some pine trees, I want them to be about 3 minifigures tall and consist of easy to source pieces. Does anyone here have any design ideas to share ;)
  5. Lack of original themes

    I personally feel as though a lot of licensed sets only sell for the minifigures. *Edited to better reflect my true opinion
  6. Small pine tree design?

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a setting of a pine forest but I am having difficulty with finding a design for pine trees. I am looking for trees about the height of 3 minifigures that can be made using cheap and readily available parts from Bricklink. Any designs that you can share? Thanks ;)
  7. Hello everyone! I am sharing the first episode of my Insectoids series, based on the lego theme of the same name. Before anyone mentions it I am aware that there are no Insectoids vehicles in it; this is a prologue to the main storyline. Please tell me what you think of this ;) I have made it in a way similar to 1950s Sci-fi films as the Insectoids theme always reminded me of those!
  8. Do you think we'll get a Shoretrooper squad leader figure?

    Polybag of it discovered!
  9. What's in a name ???

    My name comes from my desire for Lego to make a piece for the Shiba Inu dog :)
  10. Awesome! thank you so much :)
  11. What is the story behind your profile picture?

    Cool! Hmm... hmm,hmm.... It does look cool!
  12. Those are brilliant! do you have a parts list for the smallest one, I would like to buy the pieces to make it
  13. What is the story behind your profile picture?

    What a great story! Nice! the art style is cool! I can image an army of 100s would be quite the amazing sight!
  14. Lucky LEGO finds

    I won this amazing Ebay auction a while back, only 2 studs were missing from the set