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Found 26 results

  1. I had an idea of making a small baja-truck for some while and with the Artic vehicle contest it was a perfect match. Here is the concept, made in a Studio file. So, the ”functions” are those of a normal RC car - detachable body, steering and forward/ reverse. For this, the model has 1x servo-motor and 2x buggy motors; with 1x battery hub, it should weight around 800 g or about 28.21 oz. I still didnt found a secure way to attach the battery hubs in the back but I am already thinking of making frames only for BuWizz 2.0 and the MouldKing 4.0 hub, because BuWizz 3.0 has a greater chance of hitting the motors and takes more space too. Also, the suspension travel is pretty big in the front and in the back too, although I have reduced the travel for the front arms because of the over-steer. Here is the almost finished front of the original variant of the model, which had a big over-steer issue. I had to modify the motor frame too. The first 2 images are the concept version and the 3rd image is the last variant, with longer liftarms that allow the suspension to work (you can see the swapped 5L liftarms and the soft springs, which were too soft, obviously). I dont like the current body-work, so the amin thing on the ”to do list” for the Ice baja is to modify the body-work as much as it is possible. 2 days I kind of managed to finish the chassis. As I only have one buggy motor ”functional” (is partially burned too), I cant test it properly, but I will see what I can do; until then, I am pretty pleased with result of the chassis. More photos will follow with the progress of the new body-work at least, but if I find something to improve on the chassis, then it will be with the chassis too. (The tires in the last 2 photos will be replaced with official Lego ones in the next photos; also, those tires are messy, so sorry for all of that :/ )
  2. Sérgio

    [MOC] Volkswagen Beetle - Baja

    After my rusty train, I was wondering if I can give the same treatment to a car. I wanted to build a beetle for so long, but I don't wanna copy other's work, and also wanted to make some weird stuff, it's a kinda trademark that I have :P After Several hours of designing, I came out with this Baja Rat Rod based on a Beetle The suspension and steering are fully articulated and posable, but they won't work as real suspension/steering, considered this more like an action figure that you can do some dynamic poses to take some cool photos. Even though most of the car is gone, I tried to keep the recognizable beetle profile.
  3. Hello everyone. This is a story of my mid-scale RC baja truck called “Phantom”. The beginning. I always had a strong desire to go fast. For that reason I made my Red Roadster powered by Buwizz motors (See my Profile for dedicated post). But this sport car has one significant disadvantage - it requires a very smooth road! So I decided to build a trophy truck. I learned a lot about trophy trucks made with Lego. Best of them had 2 Buggy motors for propulsion with a direct connection to the rear wheels. So I decided to build myself a similar setup. First trophy truck I designed in big scale (~1:10) but Buwizz motors were struggling with a load from big wheels (and that is not a problem of motors, but a problem of construction). So I made a portal reduction and the problem was solved. After that I build an ultimate dune Buggy “Dragonfly” with independent suspension driven by couple of Buwizz motors. The result was great, Buwizz motors allowed to drive it very fast on 85 mm wheels. So I decided to build a trophy truck with them. Such wheel size is the smallest one which could be used outdoors. Smaller wheels does not provide enough of ground clearance to go full speed on bumpy terrain. Photos. Front axle. I started the build with the front suspension. A technical task was the following: - to use big Lego wheel hubs - double steering rack - positive caster angle - ridged suspension arms I took many ideas from the front suspension of my Dune buggy and tried to make it smaller. Dune buggy used 9,5 L shocks so I decided to change them to 7 L shocks. Also I was able to avoid ball connections, since they struggle a lot at bumpy roads. Here is the result. The steering motors should get connected to the vertical black axe (on the first picture). The key idea was to place steering arms horizontally and in a slight diagonal way. Such placement caused some friction in the steering system, but from the other hand it reduced the wobbling to ZERO! Also there is a 3 studs distance from the connection of steering arms to the wheel hub and the pivot point of the hub (see picture 2). It reduces the maximal steering angle, but strengthen the steering system and make the control smoother! Rear axle. A technical task was the following: - direct mounting of Buwizz motors to the rear axle - Long suspension arms and long travel - Suspension with progressive hardness I decided to make it simple without any articulation, though there was some provided by bending of plastic parts. There are two sets of springs used. Small vibrations of the rear axle get absorbed by a soft 9.5 springs, while hard bumps compress the rear axle stronger, so the set of 7 L springs does their job. Finally, there is a couple of Lego rubber elements which play a role of fenders. So there are three stages of compression. First stage. Soft settings. Second stage. Hard settings. Third stage. Rear axle touches the frame. Frame of the car and bodywork. A technical task was the following: - two layers of frame - use the roof of the car as structural element - minimalistic bodywork The space frame of the car consist of two layers. Roof of the car tighten the upper layer in order to bear the load from the rear springs. The middle compartment is dedicated to power sources. The "new" cross-beams (15L and 11L) were very helped a lot. The bodywork is made with several panels which can be easily detached for servicing the electronics. Electronics. On photos above you can see a custom Lego-compatible RC unit equipped with two high power cells 18650. It provides more power comparing to Buwizz 2.0, but it is not enough for two Buwizz motors. It get overheated quite fast (5-10 mins). One may ask me, why I use it. Actually, the first version of the Phantom was powered by two Buwizz 3.0 units, which provided a plenty of power to the car. But I managed to drown the car at first outdoor driving test! So I bought replacement for them since there was no possibility to purchase new Buwizz units in Russia. Here is the video of an accident: This month I bought a different Lego-compatible RC electronics from a Russian AFOL, it is called "Wixy". It plays a role of the controller for RC motors and allows to power my cars with 3S Lipos! WIth 3S Lipo I forgot about lack of power and was able to ride the Phantom for miles and miles... Conclusion. The car Is made for outdoor driving. It has a decent speed and a good control. Though there are several weak places of Phantom which can not be fixed with plastic Lego parts. The dust is very annoying, especially on county roads! It fills all holes of the car, most importantly plastic wheel hubs. I destroyed all the wheel hubs I own and there is no way of fixing the problem... Also the car has slight problems with ground clearance - it is acceptable for city roads but too small for stony surfaces. Finally, the Truck can not go trough the tall grass with such small wheels and RWD.
  4. Buggy only from parts of 42077 set looking like Baja Class One Unlimited Buggy or Dakar SSV more photos for all 4 versions here >> using 84% of parts from 42077 dimensions 40x21x16cm 2 main objectives: 1) maximalize suspension travel 2) prepare RC version manual HOG version: * HOG front wheel steering * front suspension, axle with positive caster * rear suspension ***v1 linked wheels + 6-piston engine connected to rear axle via loom bands ***v2 independent suspension for left and right wheel, dummy engine without movement 2 RC versions: * bigger tyres *** 54120 Tyre 94.8 x 44 R Balloon *** 92912 Tyre 94.3 x 38 R * servo motor for steering * enough space for any kind of battery on co-driver's seat *** 8881 Power Functions Battery Box *** 88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box *** 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box *** Buwizz *** CaDa * 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick) * motors for propulsion: *** 2x 99499 Electric Power Functions Large Motor *** 42908 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor (+ 32270 Technic Gear 12 Tooth Double Bevel needed!) * dummy engine without movement Version with 2L motors and BuWizz weights 1121g Any combination of power and motor configuration is working my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  5. Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! I'm glad to introduce you a modification of @Didumos69 Greyhound buggy Yeah, "Mad Max" inspired vehicle again First idea was just "increase durability and add some crawler abilities", but result exceed all my expectations. Adding planetary gear reduction 4:1 to all wheels increase offroad capabilities to sky high (keeping in mind perfectly working suspension of original) And final step - I decide to prepare for summer offroad Lego event in Moscow and for future festival, so I reworked exterior in postapocalyptic style. Other photos Here is LDD model of front hub with planetary gear reduction I used in my modification. Rear hub is done similarly, except for black connectors to suspension arms and without U-joint. Bonus: video from "King of the Hammers" race event in Moscow and photo from "Summer Brick" Lego festival in Taganrog, Russia Thanks to @Didumos69 for his amazing buggy and instructions, and also to @Shurik & @VerSen for cool photos! Hope you like this rusty piece of metal!
  6. Hey guys! I present my new model, a BuWizz 2.0 powered Baja Truck! It features: Independent double wishbone front suspension, with servo steering and positive caster for better return-to-center Live axle rear suspension, powered by a buggy motor and BuWizz 2.0 My goal with this truck was to make a small, lightweight truck with excellent offroad capabilities and smooth suspension travel, while also giving it a realistic look with the least number of pieces. Overall I'm quite satisfied with the result! Here's a video: And more photos: More photos can be found on the BrickSafe page: Hope you guys enjoyed! -Teo
  7. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it was possible making a bike that was fun to drive around while keeping it low price so i came up with this: it's a baja bike, it runs on an L motor geared up 2:1 and like the other bikes i've been making it shares the same principle to keep it upright. These new tires are awesome, they have an amazing grip and the rounded shape makes em really good for motorbikes! I hope you'll like it, here are some pics and the video i shot :)
  8. Hi everybody, I always wanted to make Madoca1977’s Baja Trophy Truck or something similar…. Well here’s my result. Now here you can see it in action…. I wanted to use buggy motors to drive the Baja buggy. (Unfortunately I only have 1 Lego Buggy motor, but for this model I bought 2 buggy motors from CADA). The front of the Baja Trophy Truck's chassis is the same as Madoca. The rear wheel drive is my own design. This also applies to the seats and cabin. The cabin is not as strong as Madoca's and also lacks the roll cage. I wanted to see if this model has a bit of speed and agility. As it turns out, I can barely drive the model because it is so fast. It drives on all kinds of terrain. The buggy drives fine with the normal 1.2 volt rechargeable batteries. But driving through the grass is a bit difficult. I once read a topic on this forum about lifepo4 batteries and thought let's give it a try. And to my surprise, it really drives everywhere like crazy. Topic "do-you-use-12v-or-15v-batteries" The buggy has : 1 Servo motor for steering 2 Buggy motors for driving (1 on each rear wheel) SBrick for control Battery box with 3x LiFePo4 and 3x dummy batteries (Work also fine with normal (reachable) batteries but has not much speed when driving through grass or very rough terrain) Building Instructions Nowadays I want to be able to rebuild my own models when I break them down, so I make a digital copy of the model. I always did this in LDD but since it is no longer updated I switched to It took some searching but now I am able to build the models and making the instructions is also easy. Here are some examples Since Madoca has provided his Baja Trophy Truck with free instructions, I want to share my Baja Buggy's instructions with everyone for free. Here you can find the Building Instructions and Studio file I'm not good at designing beautiful bodywork, but building this Baja Buggy has given me hours of building fun. Making the instruction toke me a lot of evening hours, but I like the result. Sorry for the experienced builders, the instructions are step by step as Lego does nowadays, this means that there are a total of 663 steps (about 500 pages). It is certainly not a professional design, there are some steps in the Studio file that do not fit completely, but it fits perfectly when building. Some work in progress Compare Here are some pictures showing the model compared to the famous 8466 4x4 Off-Roader and the 42110: Land Rover Defender. And a few renders of the Baja Buggy More pictures can be found here.
  9. Trophy Truck just from 42077 set (+ Power Functions motors and battery or Buwizz)looking like Baja/Dakar Trophy Truck or Stadium Super Truckusing 88% of parts from 42077dimensions 46x24x21cm3 versions:v1 servo + 2x L motorsv2 servo + 2x buggy motors + Buwizz (for best performance)v3 manual HOG2 main objectives:1) maximalize suspension travel2) prepare RC version manual HOG version:* HOG front wheel steering* front suspension, axle with positive caster* rear super soft suspension 2 RC versions:* front suspension, axle with positive caster* rear super soft suspension* bigger tires*** 54120 Tyre 94.8 x 44 R Balloon*** 92912 Tyre 94.3 x 38 R*** 23798 Tyre Tractor DiA. 107X44* servo motor for steering* enough space for any kind of battery behind cabin*** 8881 Power Functions Battery Box*** 88000 Power Functions AAA Battery Box*** 8878 Rechargeable Battery Box*** Buwizz*** CaDa* 58123 Electric Power Functions IR Receiver + 58122 Electric Power Functions IR Remote Control (where it makes sense, or sBrick)* motors for propulsion:*** 2x 99499 Electric Power Functions Large Motor*** 2x 42908 Electric RC Race Buggy Motor* 8869 Power Functions Control Switch (to invert one of motors when using with LEGO PF)Version with 2 buggy motors and BuWizz weights 1407gAny combination of power and motor configuration is workingWith standard lego battery it is slow and runs mostly on flat surface and small hill, on the other hand Buwizz runs smoooth on any obstacle my other models from 42077 set (can be found on rebrickable and bricksafe):
  10. The latest incarnation of my VW Beetle MOC, in minifigure scale. Incorporating new backend shaping to assist with the difficult matter of the curves. Enjoy
  11. Hello Guys, My new RC vehicle. It's such a mix rally / baja / trophy truck. - suspension: front: independent / rear: dependent - front wheel steering: servo motor - rear wheel drive: L-motor - 3 pairs of PF led lights
  12. Dear moderators, please rename this topic to [MOC] Trophy Truck "Double Trouble" Hi everybody! Video is available, enjoy and comment! Here comes double trouble. Twin powered double trouble True liftarm energy! This is my new Moc. And it is ready: I am working on photo/video. UPDATE Here is some photos and info while you wait for video. Specs: Soft long travel suspension. Front independent with postive caster Rear live axle with built in Buggy motors. Rear wheel drive Self made stickers Tires RC4WD Dirt Grabber 1.55 (74 мм) - thats a copy of real BF Goodrich AT tires Spare tire RC4WD Mickey Tompson Baja MTZ 1.55 (83 мм) Weight is 1100 gr Electrics: Steering SERVO, Flying Propulsion 2x Buggy motors Fueled by 2xLiPo 3xLED lights Controlling thru 2xSBrick Internal space is filled with electronics. Unfortunately there is no free space for cockpit. Love this suspension, its articulation is great for me. I am happy seeing how it works) Suspension travel is about 4L. I will drop down and show it on video later. You know, LEGO suspension is always jerky, so you cant make big mocs drive straight, especially when it is fast and big. Positive caster helps to return wheels in center postition and fights with steering system backlash. It also makes shock absorbers work smoother and softer, IMHO. I dont like demonic "Monster" theme that is everywhere now...but this is good) Very good and realistic tires. Sad that there is no similar proportions tires in LEGO assortment. These are 75 mm with wide almost equal to medium 43 mm racing wheel. Spare tire is another type, cause I dont have 5-th Dirt Grabber. These 83 mm tire also fit in the arches, but they are bigger and harder for LiPos to rotate without stress... Model is driving fast enough for its weight and even drift donuts indoor, but outdoor shows the the weakest part - LiPo. I should try to lock differential thermistor for insane driving. After "baja" outdoor drive I replaced all damaged wheel axles and going to film its indoor's donuts and at asphalt outdoor to reach maximum speed. I hope it can reach at least 10 km/h. So "why double trouble"? - it is hard to fuel buggy motors. And here we have double of them. Here is full photo album http://www.bricksafe...rm8/BajaTruckDT
  13. Hello! I would like to present my first MOC, which i was tempted to build since a while. I was always more a "fan" of Class 1 buggies ( https://en.wikipedia...i/SCORE_Class_1 ) over Baja trucks, and I also couldn't find any LEGO versions of them, so i decided to build... and failed, built again, and failed..., built again, and so on... The long travel independent suspension with driving was really a challange, finally I found a solution, which works... kinda. I reached my goal, to make this thing move, but I must admit, the driving performance is poor, as the suspension arms are still not rigid enough, so the rear wheels start to lean. It moves, but not what i would call: clear run. Still, i thought, maybe it is worth to share, because the rest of the car is OK. I also would like to inspire others to build such MOCs, i would be happy to see more (and better performing) unlimited buggies! Building instruction (V3): here And now... the pictures (edit: no more video will be made, lack of patience and knowledge) - fixed: EDIT: as updated version is available, old pics and video removed. Pre version pics added. V0 - sketch model: V1 model with XL motors - not really good performance... V2 model with L-motors: Update: V3 is ready - see page 2. A clever patch by @Didumos69 for the rear swingarms, now they can not disconnect at all!
  14. Started to build some kind baja car Battery wont be there forever U-joint once popped out. Need to gear down at motors. Won't be so fast ...
  15. Hello all, Today I present my newest MOC: a c model of the 24 Hours Race Car, a Baja 1000 Buggy based off Agrof's Class 1 Unlimited Buggy. It has independent suspension, HoG steering, a seat, lights, and custom stickers. I created the stickers by copying the ones that came with the set, printing them on sticker paper, and cutting them out. The steering has a little bit of toe-in, but it works fine. I also used tires and wheels that didn't come with the set to make it look cooler. Here are some more pics of the WIP stage and how it looks now: Please tell me what you think and have a great day! Edit : 1 more picture.
  16. it'll be so nice to finally be able to work on something else for a change... btw this is really a show model so don't expect crazy performance. here's another one. thank zux for it
  17. Hi all Here is ICON FJ Baja edition. Well, actually this is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ, but in real life there is almost nothing common between them, except design. While designing first Toyota FJ in 2013-2014, I found many clear pictures of what is called ICON FJ. After my searches of high quality blueprints did not find success, I wrote to ICON / TLC, and was surprised by instant answer form CEO and designer of ICON cars - Jonathan Ward. He can't help me with blueprints, but it was nice to meet him. After meeting with ICON cars closer, I fell in love with ICON values. I decided to do some of ICON models after classic FJ. ICON is boutuqe-garage that recover Land Cruisers and produces small quantities of hand made restomods (or modified classic cars). Garage is situated in California. Final products are not cheap, usually from 100k $. And you should wait for your model for 1-1,5 years. One more fact: Jonathan Ward and his garage reputation grew so big, so he became consultant for Toyota, an even Mr. Toyoda asked him to build first driving prototypes of Toyota FJ Cruiser, that was produced till 2016. ICON FJ baja - is not the only FJ in ICON model line. They have "classic" trims that are very utility vehicles: pickup FJ45, long wheel base 4-door 6 seat FJ44, middle WB FJ43 and short FJ40. Baja - is trim that is possible only for FJ40 and FJ43. But there is nothing impossible - ICON can do everyhing you want, except crocodile leather and diamond decoration. Utility and functionality only. LEGO model have some details that match real vehicle. Custom stickers, color palette of BAJA trim, rollcage, interior details, mirrors, roof lights, front bumper. Front axle is modified - now it is 4 link triangulated. No pan-hard here. Rear suspenison is 3 link with pan-hard. In fact, real model also was with pan-hard int he beginning, and after some time they moved to multilink supsended axles. No leaf spring at Real vehicle - only coilovers, so LEGO shock absrobers are realistic this time (comparing to my classic FJ40 that should be with leafs). . winch is not included for this type of bumper, but you can modify it and there is still free space for 2x extra motors in the chassis Model was finished far ago, but I thought how to present it more interesting: not only for LEGO fans, but also for 4x4 fans, who never have experinece with LEGO. Presentation is the cover for Fifth Gear TV show with similar scenario and original soundtrack. more photos http://www.bricksafe...m8/icon-fj-baja AND here is ORIGINAL video Thanks for watching
  18. Hello all, I present to you my newest MOC, a trophy truck, called Firestorm. I started this project recently, and decided to share it on EB. It is still a work in progress, so not everything on the truck is final. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. The model has: adjustable caster angle (thanks for the idea Sariel), connected independent rear trailing arms, a Servo for steering, and 2 L-motors for drive. I am also working on 2 other chassis that are still in development.
  19. This is our first attempt to organize this type of event (unfortunately only 5 members). Here are several models of the participants: This is heir to Black 13 And our track (with jumps ) Repairing)) The video will be , but not soon. I hope you like it)
  20. This MOC was an idea that i had revisited after a year. I originally made the chassis to be a stand alone model, but then I added a very simple body. The bodywork is not modeled after any buggy in specific. Specs: -2 XL motors -1 servo -1 receiver -1 aaa bat-box -RWD And the two XL motors, one for each wheel, they are not connected. Any feedback would be dearly appreciated.
  21. Hello everyone! My new creation is a big scale Baja Truck. For the first time, I used two SBricks for better control. Weight is 1920g. It is almost the same as gsia17's awesome Trophy Truck. Since I do not have RC buggy motor, I had to build it using PF motors. Honestly body color is not the best. I just have many red #3 connectors and wanted to use white 19L softaxles. I think it is easier to build it in all white. And using stickers will make it look better. (Though that's not my way:) This Truck is powered by two 8878 rechargeable battery boxes, and propelled by four L motors geared 1:1. Two for each side of rear wheel. Left side of drivetrain is connected to fake V8 engine. Steered by Servo motor, which is connected to steering wheel. Two pairs of LEDs are put behind the front lights. Adding more LED for roof light bar is possible. I tried to make suspension movement like real Trophy Truck. Front module including independent suspension is connected to main chassis at positive caster angle. Rear suspension is solid axle with long trailing arms. Front suspension travel is about 5 studs long, and rear is 7 studs. It was challenging to achieve proper driving speed on bumpy ground using PF motors. The result was not the best, but was acceptable to me. Sbricks did their job so well. As expected, some parts in drivetrain got worn. Especially knob wheels. While I was shooting the video for two hours, they did not affected driving performance. So far they just made noise which is heard in the video. But someday they will certainly be damaged too much and need to exchange. EDIT: I have fixed the problem of knob wheels. Improved drivetrain doesn't damage any gears. :thumbup: Building instructions and more pictures: Rebrickable: https://rebrickable....uck-with-sbrick I hope you like it!
  22. Hello everyone! I want to show you my MOCs. My first successful project is a Rallycross car. Rear-wheel drive by two L-motors, opening doors and hood , and a detailed cockpit . The model has already dismantled , there are only pictures. And my last project is somewhere between Class 1 unlimited buggy from Grof Peter (front suspension and general form) and Baja Trophy truck from Madoca. That's why I named my model "truggy" (truggy is a portmanteau of the words truck and buggy). These two models have inspired me. Creating a movie is in full swing, and more pictures are coming soon! P.S. Sorry for my bad English, from Russia with love!
  23. Hi all, Here's the first moc from my side to present here. As the title says, it's a Trophy Truck, which is a known phenomena by now I guess, seeing all the technic trophy trucks appearing lately Mine however, is supposed to be a little different from the rest, since I like a small technical challenge. I let the pictures speak for themselves first: Trophy truck WIP by Thomas Joling, on Flickr The first mock-up with the initial design ideas visible: pneumatic suspension, 5 RC motors for propulsion. Proportions were out of sinc though; Trophy truck WIP 2 by Thomas Joling, on Flickr Pneumatic suspension discarded to be added again later on. Fixed the proportion issue by shortening the middle part. The front RC unit is now to high up and to much upfront to be properly hidden by any bodywork. The steeringoutput of the unit couldn't be connected to the gearrack either, so a servo had to be put underneath the unit, raising it even more. As it turned out later on, the RC units output wouldn't have been powerfull enough to make the thing steer anyway, due to the combination of the large caster angle on the front wheels and the weight of the unit itself. The large caster angle is achieved by tilting the whole suspension backwards. This was also the reason why the steeringoutput of the rc unit couldn't be connected to the steeringgear. Anxious to try if 2 rc units pack enough punch to power 5 rc motors together, I let the aesthetic issue of the front rc unit for what it was, figuring I could solve that later, and put the thing on the street. Turns out rc units are designed to power 2 rc motors, THAT'S It. The 5 motors caused some unexplainable behaviour from the rc units (sometimes it seemed like one of the units couldn't make up its mind whether it should drive forwards or backwards, regardless of me giving the signal to drive forwards ). This stuttering has caused some broken U-joints in the meantime. This made me try out different driveshaft designs, including springs to keep the darn thing in place; no success either Eventually I found that 2 POOP U-joints together with an extendible axle made of a portal axle hub and wedged belt wheels worked the best without having to use non-lego parts. Now I could definitely see 5 rc motors were really to much for the rc units; the thing could bearly start up without the power shutting down, and once rolling it could only just surpass normal walking pace (instead of ). I decided it would be best to remove 1 rc motor. This would improve reliability, (hopefully) performance and because I could build the middle part more compact, it would improve the aesthetics as well; the front rc unit could be moved backwards and lower down. I put on some unimog tires on 41999 rims for that actual trophy truck feel I turned the units and battery on, put the truck on the ground and slowly moved the joystick forward, and.... nothing! Apparently I already drained two sets of batteries while testing before (i bought them new) so I now have to buy new batteries before continuing.When I've done that, the story will continue
  24. Hi everyone, Last night I finished building my entry into the TC5 contest. It's a Baja SAE racer, with a few improvements. It combines the 9392 Quad Bike and the 42021 Snowmobile. If you're not familiar with this type of car, here's a picture of one in action: And here's the Technic version - with a matching number: Bonus accessory - Car Jack Leftover parts:
  25. So here it is, my Baja Truck: It's good for indoor and outdoor use, and was built in about a day or so. Uses an L motor, Servo motor, Rechargeable battery box, and V2 receiver. More info and pics at my website.