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  1. Unwelcome "Adventurers"

    Sorry Admins I believe I should posted this in GOH?
  2. Black Falcons CMF

    I do purist sets as well but I think the key is in what you have said yourself "limit" - I do purist builds for competition and when it works but these figs are better for the extra options available here. I wanted more tattoos and some little extra's. I totally understand other peoples preference but why paint in black and white when you have so many other colours at your disposal I will be producing a purist collection of 18 for the GoH anniversary challenge soon. I hope you like them! Most of the custom parts here are for flourish - truth be told I made a lot of them purist first but the diversity was far less striking and the colours just aren't available. e.g. I started with all lego capes at the start and plainer arms and hands. Didn't really like it. I have 1000s of minifigs so I cycled through all manner of bits and bobs before I got here. I prefer to use the best bits I can (in my eyes) rather than settle for less interesting parts just to conform. I guess its all a matter of taste.
  3. Unwelcome "Adventurers"

    One of the perils of owning a golden minotaur skull, is that you tend to get "adventurers" dropping by. When someone breaks into your house and starts stealing your stuff people usually call that burglary but if you are an "adventurer" its just collecting Loot. Think about it, if a horde of Lizard men come to your village and take your livestock though that's a rampage... Double standards that's what it is..
  4. Who's Laughing Now?

    Gigs in Nocturnus are difficult to come by. The crowds if not hostile are generally just plain weird. It is a universally accepted truth that fart jokes are funny and Olly the jolly jester was counting on it.... He had forgotten the one exception to the rule - which is that you don't make a fart joke at the expense of a Lord... Still on the upside he now had a lot of time to write plenty of new material...
  5. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    I'm in! what an adorable Challenge!
  6. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Great news on the extension! I have builds to photo sorting them out tonight but one is a bit shabby so glad I have time to go back and do some more work on that!
  7. "Leaders and prominent people of Veta, vol. I"

    A very intriguing collection of figs! I like them all but I think my favorite is Death! That's one scary mofo!
  8. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Coolio. No 3rd party parts just need a little flex :)
  9. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    Is cut flex tube allowed? I believe it used to come uncut in old technic sets but purist fanatics may have different ideas? I would like to use some tiny elements of it on one of my figs but again don't want to break any rules. I'm still battling to make my four mocs to qualify in the first place
  10. Black Falcons CMF

    Feedack always welcomed. I quite liked it - took several swings at it before I decided on that one though so I can understand your reservations
  11. Black Falcons CMF

    @AmperZandThe ramhead legs are from a*cough* clone brand fig of mr fantastic. I got it for the woody length blue arms. Thanks for the kind words are tried hard to give them personality but be easily identifiable as black falcons. @MABThe hands are customs from eclipsegrafx, Victor Fernandez has had custom hands made out of a slightly different plastic. They accept the paint a bit better than lego and are digitally printed. The clutch on em is up there with Lego and they click fit nicely.
  12. Black Falcons CMF

    I'm glad you liked those! We're there any you feel could have been improved? @durazno33 thanks I went on a massive hunt to get everything just right. :) @Littleworlds black falcons are my favorite castle faction - I really appreciate your kind words. @BobbtomErasmus is a regular fig with extra 1x1 player under his legs, I then added black teeths his shoes. His arms are the cmf bad robot arms with mechabrick robot hands in them :) The duchess hair piece is from Lashina, one of the villains from the DC super girls line. :)
  13. Black Falcons CMF

    As a warm up for the Historica CMF competition (and also for my buddy big Poppa Nerf's 100 followers contest, I put together these Black Falcon minifigs I hope you enjoy them. I am frantically working on freebuilds so I can enter the g0H five year contest! A Black Falcons Collectible Minifig Series. Top Row Bladesman Heavy Infantry Deployed in small skirmishing units these skilled axemen target high value heavily armored elite enemies. They receive special training to neutralise Cavalry with matador like expertise. Sentinel Royal guardsman armoured in ceremonial gear their heavy shields and Long Halberds make them slow but enduring fighters. Half Ogre Ramhead Unlike their larger dumber ogryn cousins, the Half ogre shows a fair amount of cunning and can remember even detailed tactical orders. their strength and size see them fight in the Vanguard. BannerMan Only the bravest and strongest fighters are offered the chance to carry the heraldry of the Falcon legion. Heavily armoured the Bannerman will fight til his last breath to keep the colours safe at the very front of the Vanguard. Row 2 Deathshead Archer Not averse to using poison to incapacitate their enemies even a knick from one arrow can be fatal! Deployed as scouts these eagle eyed infantry are a boon to the falcon legion. Chaplain The Wisest head in the Falcons army, with tales of battles long forgotten by most, the Chaplain can offer insight across many battlefields. His mace is also used to administer the last rites to those who won't make it back to the field hospital. Headsman The Executioner keeps the troops in check acting as unofficial enforcer for the falcons upper echelons. He can take a head with a single deft strike, or if he is told otherwise can make it messy and drawn out... Quarter Master This grizzled veteran keeps the army equipped and moving. With enough time, he can acquire you anything from a powdered unicorn horn to 10 minutes you won't forget with a saucy wench. Rum is his favourite currency! Row 3 Bladed Fury A lethal combination of enthusiasm and martial prowess beware the whirling web of death! trained from infancy these unpredictable weapon masters are a real wildcard in the Falcons pack. Tribal Bezerk - From the Skylands mountain pass. The most savage of the bezerks eschew armour in favour of agility. Calling on the power of the wild they froth at the mouth and literally go Berserk! Bucaneer These flamboyant characters are expert florentine fighters who love the cut and thrust of combat. Often the buccaneer is a successful retired pirate who has made his fortune and is looking to transition into the nobility by proving his worth on the battlefield. Herald These artisans can be found across the battlefields although most consider them blowhards they are not averse to sticking the knife in when an opponent is not looking. Bottom Row Lester the Jester his repertoire is mainly limited to fart jokes but his sense of humour is generally as cruel as the knife he wields in combat. The Duchess Plucked from the Mountain tribes the duchess is Lady to Erasmus the black, an expert with blades and poisons, not just a pretty face. Many a man has underestimated her and paid the ultimate price. Paladin Duke Erasmus the Black The present Falcons Master General. He is a fearsome soldier and expert fighter - he fights without mercy! heavily armoured his sword carries a blessed purity seal which deals extra damage to chaotic or evil creatures. Brody the Squire He carries his spare weapons and maintains the Dukes armour and equipment. Although not a proficient swordsman he is lethal with "Old Faithful" which is Erasmus trusty Mace.
  14. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    One way is to think about how historica has four/five distinct guilds, there's nothing to stop you doing the same in your new land? ,I have broken up my new people into distinct regions of a new place. I guess aswell it makes sense to think of the land in more than just terms of their armies :)
  15. Challenge: "A safe haven"- Celebrating five years of GoH!

    That's super! Does this build count? https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/87242-nocturnus-tribes-a-murder-of-black-crows/&tab=comments#comment-1707152