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  1. Hammerstein NWC

    [MOC] Castle/Fantasy Figbarf

    I applaud you for these exciting new techniques! minifgs don’t get a lot of love round here and it’s nice to see something new!
  2. Hammerstein NWC

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

    Delicious! I love me a bit of Blacktron. This really delivers on impact and build quality too!
  3. Hammerstein NWC

    Open questions

    I'm about as non purist as they come. I like to try and make both purist and non purist figs from the parts available. Sometimes Lego hasn't got round to doing things. i think Lego does take note of the customising community - Look at how popular the early superhero figs were before the Batman lego first came out. Another example is of how lego came round to printing tshirt arms. All of these things were massive in the customising community before Lego embraced what people wanted! I say do whatever you like! I love Brickwarriors stuff, however I do agree that sometimes the extra detail detracts from the overall product as it gets lost in the one colour mold. the trident is a good example - it's not an upgrade on the lego one but if the binding came in brown on it I would buy it all day! I guess the thing with these custom parts is there are plenty of people who having used the custom part would make a fantastic job of then painting that detail! I'm also a weirdo totally happy to make non purist lego figs but highly unlikely to use non lego bricks in a build unless for a specific competition!
  4. Hammerstein NWC

    Rankan - tripod

    Fantastic parts use all round and super presentation!
  5. Hammerstein NWC

    Favourite TLM2 CMF Minifigures and Accessories Poll

    I think the series is pretty good, I adore the Wizard of Oz figs. they totally nailed em! I wish they had been out a while back when I did my oz figbarf. I don't like the K-pop style figs but the Oz figs, Abe and Rex Dangervest make up for it. There are some quite cool accessories especially the Abe hat hair and the golf club!
  6. What an absolutely magnificent creation! A true testament to teamwork and creativity! Hats off to all involved looks to me that everyone bought their A-game and individually people hit it out of the park too! Well done all!
  7. Hammerstein NWC

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    Well done to everyone who has an entry - lots to admire 6 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 12 - 1 point
  8. What a fabulous build! You’ve nailed the shaping and all the functions are super! I bet you scored some massive and deserved cool dad points with your son. Bonus points for doing something so organic in technic! I am totally blown away by this! I
  9. Hammerstein NWC

    [Lester] Lesters Cliff Top Copter

    Thanks Pal it was a struggle to get detail in to such a small scale but I am pleased with the result! Thanks Buddy by the time I saw the competition was running there were so many cool cars I knew I couldn't build anything better so thought I better do something different so it might stand out a bit.
  10. Hammerstein NWC

    [LESTER] - The Black Crow

    Super colours! I like all the storage and cool Knick knacks you have crammed in! the awning is also a very nice detail!
  11. Hammerstein NWC

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    Posted mine just now! having some issues with embedding the photo so have put link and pic in post! I am on an ancient mac and it doesn't seem to let me pos the image in the thread. I think I am being stupid! Any help would be much obliged! EDIT: Fixed it! logged in on a pc and it worked a treat! :) stooped old mac!
  12. Letters Cliff-Top copter is great for scouting out routes through the jungle or flying short distances across lakes or foothills. His toolbox has everything he needs including a nice selection of sandwiches! Lester has stopped here to enjoy the view from above a valley and perform some routine maintenance.
  13. Hammerstein NWC

    [LESTER] Adventure Jeep

    It's worked out great for you not having that part. I particularly like the mudguards and the fold down sides! Plenty of storage space and the little petrol can is ace!
  14. Hammerstein NWC

    Contest: Lester's Big Adventure!

    What a fun contest! I'm in! Time to hit the bricks!
  15. Hammerstein NWC

    Unwelcome "Adventurers"

    Sorry Admins I believe I should posted this in GOH?