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Found 195 results

  1. Somewhere in the Great Northern Ocean, Summer 620 The wind blew wild, as it probably did since the beginning of time at that latitude. Despite this, the sails were still more or less intact, waving in the cold air as if they were still pushing the ship towards the horizon, something very sad to see for a sailor. In the temples, the preachers always described Tartarus as a desert of fire and flames… probably because they had never been so far in the North! It had probably been an Oleander ship, a small but elegant schooner: "Le Terreur", according to the copper plate on the stern. Surprisingly, it didn't seem fit for fishing or whaling, the only two things that people could do in those waters. "Nobody on sight, Captain!" Yelled a sailor, trying to overcome the continuous whistle of the wind. It was midsummer, but that only meant that freezing to death was a little less likely. "This ship must be here since the last winter, or they wouldn't have abandoned it yet." Sometimes it happened that imprudent whalers didn't leave the northern waters soon enough, and they remained trapped in the pack. When this happened, their only chance of survival was remaining on their ship, trying not to starve and hoping not to be crushed by the sheer force of drifting ice. Most often, ship and crew simply disappeared, and some whisky was poured on tavern floors in their memory. "Probably even longer. No big thaw has occurred since the 617, probably it was trapped that year, when the long night came back again. And only Zeus knows where it happened... those blocks of ice are alive, and when they grow southward they can carry anything with them." Probably they were just high tales, but the captain remember well the stories about polar bears or whole native families that drifted on icebergs as South as Pontilla. "But don't get distracted again, Tom! If the natives stole our boat we would be in a real mess!" The captain continued: "They must have left the ship when the food started running low, but I wouldn't bet a coin on their survival. Even if they were near to the Northern Coast, they could have been at least five hundred miles far from the nearest civilized settlement. But, if they were lucky, they could still have found a native village." "If natives didn't slit throat to them all first when the ship was trapped. Like rats in a barrel" Unsurprisingly, this comment came from Arana, the tattooed harpooner from the Unconquered Islands… probably not a nice place to visit, considering how lightly he talked about killings and violence. "Maybe there are no corpses because the natives ate them." Nobody really wanted to know why, now and then, Arana talked about cannibalism, but probably it was a reason more to avoid his motherland. "Mmm, I don't think so… we have found some supplies, down in the hold, and everything seemed in quite good order. No, the ship wasn't sacked! Wait… I think I've found something!" A little envelope of oilcloth emerged from the snow covering the deck. On the wax seal, a little crown and a Fleur de Lys flanked two crossed anchors. Every sailor in Halos would have recognized that little symbol: that unfortunate crew was on a mission for His Majesty the King himself, and for sure not for some fishing! "Guys, the whales will be safe for a while! We must return to the motherland as soon as possible!" The sailors replied with some grunts… losing a whaling season could mean hunger, but the captain usually knew what he did. For sure, that little envelope jingled as if it contained some shiny, glittering doubloons... handling it intact to a crown officer, however, could be even more remunerative! This is a little anticipation of my AMRCA, which will probably be frozen (sorry for the bad pun) until the end of the challenge! It will start with the search for a lost expedition, somewhere in the icy North!
  2. I’ve been thinking about making my own USS Enterprise/Voyager-type ship with figures using the Futuron torsos, as with certain changes I think they’ll be most fitting for Star Trek-type outfits. Have any of you done something like this, thought about it, or know of someone that has? I think it would be quite neat and all the detail that one could fit in to the bridge with all the space and technology pieces over the years would be fun to make and play with, along with making one’s own crew. There are also figures that lend themselves to being different species that could be encountered, such as the CMF Series 9 Alien Avenger or the Series 8 Evil Robot, and older space factions/subthemes such as Insectoids and UFO.
  3. Arrival in the New World, Central America 1500s Exceptional water technique from Faebricks Arrival in the New World, Central America 1500s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Arrival in the New World, Central America 1500s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Arrival in the New World, Central America 1500s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Arrival in the New World, Central America 1500s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  4. TheLordOfBricks

    [MOC/Collab] The Lost City

    A collab for the Silhouette Category of the 2023 Summer Joust with Sean Mayo, Carter W, Eli Willsea, Micah Beideman and myself. Loosely based off of some concept art released with the announcement of Alto's Oddysey: The Lost City. Instead of making a 6 stud depth build myself, I thought it would be fun to have 6 builders build 1 stud depth "layers" and then compile them into one seamless image, and this is the result! The layers were built by the builders as follows: Dk Brown: Sean (Because Grant had to bail last minute) Reddish Brown: Me Dark Tan: Carter Sand Blue: Eli Medium Blue: Micah Medium Azure: Sean And now that I've dissed Grant for bailing last minute, I can also thank Grant for "breaking into" Eli's house and taking pictures of Eli's layer while Eli was out of town so that we could make it by the deadline! To Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior be the glory!
  5. Horlack Bricks

    [MOC][Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship

    Futuron - Retro Space Solar Ship [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== The beginning/Genesis : ================================== At the beginning of September, I re-watched the old animated as X-Bomber at 43 years old ! It was my birthday this month. Don't ask me what went through my mind at the time, I don't know at all! I wanted to go back to childhood, because I have the impression of having aged. I had to straighten "the bar", lol ! Seeing these old Retro solar boats literally “blew my mind”. I never realized that a lot of anime from that era had a "strange spaceship" conception, transforming old 14-18th century ships / galleons with engines for space. Yet it was so obvious! And it was there, that suddenly, I remembered Jayce, Cobra, etc ... In short, I saw all the ships of the anime of that time scroll through my head, like a comet in front of my eyes (which booms crashing into my head). And no one had done this in Lego. At least I don't remember. In itself, the beginning of an idea or impression that smelled good, and / or had potential. It was the very beginning of the inspiration and brainstorming in my head for Lego Classic Space ! ================================== The concept : ================================== I did something unusual, non-conformism, eccentric, disconcerting and crazy at the same time. I make a double combination and double ration, animated 70-90 which it was the fashion of space ships and Lego Space Futurons 87-90. For a good Retro nostalgia I combined elements of the Azuris ship from « Message from space : galactic wars », the Cephalus ship from Star Fleet X-Bomber, Glory of the universe of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and the Solaris of the Mysterious cities of Gold ! 2 periods 70-90 in 1! Fashion Geek powa, total ! ================================== Animated Wikipedia source: ================================== ================================== Youtube animated credits for the nostalgic: ================================== Message from space : galactic wars / San Ku Kai Star Fleet X-bomber: Jayce and the wheeled warriors : The Mysterious Cities of Gold : ================================== I took again in inspiration: ================================== - The front and landing feet of Glory of the Universe. - Sails and propulsion reactors of the Cephalus. - The front spur and the hexagonal solar sail at the top of the Solaris mast. - Part of the sails and the structure of the Azuris. ================================== Remarkable elements, NPU, conversion of parts, techniques : ================================== I converted parts #4346 and #4345, in all directions, with levers, for the machinery. Part #44938 bionicle shield, with a "mechanical" aspect converted into an energy capacitor. Various parts of Droids (starwars) converted in the machinery and on the outer deck. Bionicle Shield #45275 converted into deflectors, on the deck of the ship. Kind of like "Viking ship/longship" shields. Big Trident Bionicle #40339 = excellent for large boat emblems in general. I used a slope technique for the sides of the hull. For the rear canopy in the hull, I used a SNOT technique with part #30249. ================================== Physical information : ================================== - 7,082 parts for 854 lots. - 2 weeks of brainstorming, intellectual reflection or "total blank" ...: passive or empty work. - 3 to 4 weeks of active work. - 60.8 studs width, 101.8 studs length, 78.7 studs height. - 48.7 cm width, 81.5 cm length, 63 cm height. - 5.77 Kg. ================================== Global : ================================== All Futuron figures, including the green Lego City minifigure and the lesser known "Educational & Dacta" minifigures. 9 crew members, 3 teams of 3 watch members. ================================== Exterior/outside: ================================== - Solar sails with 3 intermediate lookouts. They can rotate a bit. - Futuron logo, in stickers, on the sails. - 2 radars at the top of the masts. - Long electromagnetic barrel at the front. - 2 small laser cannon turrets at the front. - 2 large turrets at the rear, pulsed radius. - Wings with stabilizers at the end. - 2 small rotating turrets under the wings. - 4 landing feet. - Various elements of machinery on the deck of the Boat. - 8 deflector shields on the sides (Bionicle shield converted). - 2 large propulsion reactors. - Cockpit. ================================== Wheelhouse: ================================== - 1 captain / watch officer seat. - 1 seat Transmission of orders to machines. - 1 navigation control seat. - 1 communication control seat. - 1 alarm control seat. - Walkie-talkies, fans, fire extinguishers, binoculars, cups, etc. ================================== Interior/inside hull of the ship : ================================== - Small storage room at the front, with a ladder to grab onto the deck of the solar ship. - 6 beds with drawers below. - WC / toilet. - Sonic shower. - Kitchen / Cantina: sink, water, oven, cupboards, cups, bottles of food. - Table, bottles of food. - Machine room: control bar, control panel, turbines, fans, transformer, energy condenser, energy pressurizer, cooling circuit, heat transfer fluid, warning lights, ladder to climb to the cockpit, tool kit, tools behind the ladder. - Rear canopy - SAS by energy barrier. ================================== Conclusion: ================================== I built in a perspective of pseudo-realism, pseudo-likely and pseudo-consistency, with compromises with the Retro concept of the animated ones of the years 70-90's. I wanted something playable and fun at the same time. I had a lot of difficulty and trial and error, because I had never done a Lego boat. I worked several times until 4am ! I often work like this: as long as the inspiration is there, I must not lose it, and I work until I no longer see the time passing. But the opposite has also happened to me several times: several times the symptom of the "blank sheet" for 1 to 3 days, without knowing how I was going to build, find inspiration, think about the logic of the construction, etc. . This feeling of "emptiness", that you feel something is happening, and you have it on the tip of your tongue, but it does not come out! Annoying and horrifying sensation ! :) The inclination of the walls gave me intellectual problems. It took a long time to build the engine room. I had to redo it at least 3-4 times. I wanted a maximum of diversity and complexity at the same time. The confined space of the hull gave me difficulties: how to integrate "likely" elements in so little volume ? I have lost my hair several times. Just those damn shower and toilet, I had to spend 3 hours each, to do, undo and redo in all the sauces. Like a little monkey who tests all combinations. Shouldn't bring me a banana at this time, because I think I would have been screwed to make a monkey cry as a bonus .... lol [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 6144 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) Shiptember 2021 [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== Source / reference on my project (progression in the time) : ==================================
  6. Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s A group of British Regulars accompanied by their Frontiersman Guide, head west, from the colonial towns of 18th Century America, into the unexplored territories to the west. Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Venture into the Interior, North America 1700s by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  7. [MOD/MOC] Lego City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab Built based on 2x 60225 Rover Testing Drive, 2x 60227 Lunar Space Station, 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport on theme : Lego City Mars Exploration - Rover - Drone - 2 articulated arms: grippers and drill - Radar antenna - Various tools - Spacesuits / airtanks - Scientific analysis equipment - Microscope - 2 retractable berths - Cockpits NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr ============================================
  8. [MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x 60227 I transformed the lunar space station into a Martian land base for colonization The blocks / modules are perfect. I also made a small NPU with train part number 55768. It makes excellent glass roof/skylight :) Picture on high quality 4096x3072 on my flickr [MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x60227 by Horlack, sur Flickr
  9. The Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket by LEGO Ideas users saabfan and whatsuptoday been confirmed, and is being released as 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V! Full details in this Ideas blog post. 1 meter tall (over 39 inches) (!!!) 1969 pieces (we see what you did there, LEGO! ) USD 119.99 / EURO 119.99 / GPB 109.99 (wow, amazingly inexpensive, all things considered) Available June 1st, 2017 Original Ideas submission image: Announcement video:
  10. Willem Guilder stood before the table and carefully spread open a group of maps on the table. The maps were well aged, and he handled them with care. “Gentlemen, a few months ago, Commodore Hammish Grei shared with me some very interesting maps that had come into the possession of the Crahaish neh Triuri.” “The Crahaish neh Triuri?” interrupted Philip Janszen, captain of the Far Horizon. “Yes, I know," replied Guilder immediately, before Janszen could continue. "Don’t get me started.” Guilder composed himself a bit as he regained his train of thought. “These maps are more than 250 years old, and they describe a group of islands surrounding a sea far to the east. After some time spent studying the maps, the Crahaish were able to identify Corrington’s Celestia and Oleon’s Ile d’Or on this map.” Guilder pointed to a corner of one of the maps, and the gathered men leaned in for a closer look. “When put together, these maps detail the islands around a large sea southeast of Ile d’Or, which we are calling the New Haven Sea, based on our best efforts to translate what text we can from these documents.” “Not all the maps are written in the same language,” noted Thaddeus Calvo, the somewhat well-known Eslandolan explorer. “If I’m interpreting the scale correctly,” interjected Captain Janszen, “some of those islands are far bigger than anything discovered in the Brick Seas to date.” “Astute observation, Captain,” replied Guilder. “You are reading the scale properly. There appear to be at least three islands far larger than anything Halosian explorers have discovered, and three others that rival the largest discoveries to date.” "What languages are these" asked Calvo, looking at a couple of the maps in particular. "I have had success translating other pieces of text similar to parts of these maps, languages similar to those encountered among natives in the Prio Seas, but none of the writing here appears to be an exact match." “The Crahaish neh Triuri have identified and translated parts of the text written in Cymgrii script," answered Guilder. "Ah, Cymgrii!" Calvo nodded, turning over in his mind what he knew of the language. Guilder continued: "The sea encompassed by this ring of islands appears to be described as fairly calm. With so many islands of such size, and a large navigable sea, you can see why it is imperative that we learn more about the area. It could contain unimagined resources. So,” Guider continued, “I propose that we send an exploration fleet to the New Haven Sea. Our first targets should be the group of three islands so near Celestia and Ile d’Or, directly to their east and southeast. Two of the islands are similar in size to Celestia, but the other is quite small. I suggest that we circumnavigate these three islands, discerning what we can about them and confirming the accuracy of these maps.” Janszen and Calvo nodded in agreement. “Then, we set exploration parties ashore on each and gather what information we can, but we keep it brief. After that, I’d like to see the fleet proceed to the two largest islands in the western half of the sea and conduct similar navigation and exploratory efforts.” “Governor, how many ships are you considering for this fleet?” asked Captain Janszen. "I have managed to put four ships at your disposal," replied Guilder. "What do you think of that?” "My disposal?" stuttered Janszen. "Yes, captain," replied Guilder with a grin, "at your disposal. Cornelius Reyngout always spoke highly of you, and you have performed admirably as you have worked your way up the ranks of the MCTC. But I suspect you have more to offer than merely being a good merchant captain. You will be overall commander of this expedition as well as the ultimate authority on the sea, but I would advise you to also lean on Calvo's expertise." Guilder then turned to Calvo. "You are to lead any forays onto the islands. I am depending on your experience. And I expect you will counsel young Janszen here capably as well." Janszen struggled to keep his emotions in check. “What ships?" he finally managed to ask. "You’d need at least one or two well-armed ships to protect the fleet, and I’d suggest having at least one smaller ship that could venture in closer to the islands without risking the larger ships on hidden shoals or such. And we'd need ample cargo space to bring back any discoveries and room for some troops.” "I think we have exactly that," replied Guilder. "You and Calvo are to go with all haste to Poorvintia, where you are to assume command of La Contessa de Victoria. Escorted by the Blood Diamond, you will proceed to Hojaroja, where you will rendezvous with the carrack Hidalga and the armed sloop Esmerelda and pick up a company of my troops there. From there, proceed to the northwestern islands of the New Haven Sea and begin your expedition." "La Contessa de Victoria?" stammered Janszen. "Yes, she is quite the ship, but you have earned it." "What about my first mate, Anthony Crol?" "He will take over as captain of the Far Horizon," replied Guilder. Janszen would miss sailing with his longtime friend, but knowing Crol would finally have his own command softened the blow. Guilder then pulled a key from his pocket. "You will also need the expedition treasury. I have a chest in the next room with 1500 DBs for your use. Here is the key. Don't spend it all in one place!" joked Guilder. Janszen laughed a hearty laugh, a needed break from thinking about what was ahead. "If you run into any problems on the expedition," Guilder continued, "Fatu Hiva and Jameston are both near, but do not discuss your mission with anybody there. If you find the need to return to friendlier confines, I will have someone in Fuerte Unido you can talk to." Pip Janszen took a deep breath. The next phase of his life had begun. He was ready for the challenge. --- Map of the New Haven Sea: .
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, BEHOLD: The Mighty MAZ 7310 Uragan Cargo Truck, in LEGO! This massive set, which I have designed over the course of two years, stands almost ten inches tall, two feet long, and is comprised of almost 7,000 pieces. I sat at my computer for hours a day, sometimes, surfing the web, looking at blueprints, building, deleting, building some more, etc. And now, finally, I can reveal my masterpiece to the world! Bwa-ha-ha! Okay, anyway, I have designed my set for maximum playability, stuffing it full of all sorts of awesome goodies, like opening hood, doors, tailgate, and utility boxes. A removable roof, folding rear seats, free-spinning wheels (including the steering wheel), two Diesel engine options, a generator, compressor, radiator, Master Mechanic's Toolkit, fuel and water drums, 12v batteries, large cargo container, winch, wide-load flags, roof racks, warning beacon, fog lights, two sets of mirrors, lightbars, and more! (Whew! I'm out of breath!) Now, for the real machine: The MAZ 7310 (Minsk Automobile Plant, in Russian), was a large 8-wheeled Missile Transport truck built in the 1950s and 60s. Soon after, people started using them as cargo trucks, tankers, tow trucks, and airport fire trucks. Alright, that's it! Thank you all for looking at my LEGO creation! If you have any questions, comment, I'll do my best to respond ASAP. Happy building and have a great day! Update: Also, some of you may have noticed that the cab of the real vehicle is slightly longer. This is true, I had to shorten the LEGO version out of necessity, as the extra length could’ve affected my MOC’s stability and structural integrity. I suppose I could probably figure it out eventually, but I like it how it is. Thanks for understanding!
  12. htorto

    My take at a polar convoy

    Hi guys, It's my first post on the forum, so I hope I'm not messing up with the system. Just wanted to show-off my first set on LDD and get your feedback and ideas to improve it. It's a polar convoy with a robust, four-belt truck pulling a mobile scientific base and a sliding container to park a three-wheeled snowmobil in. I submitted it to Lego Ideas, so you can get more pictures and details there: Enjoy!
  13. Captain Mutant

    LEGO Ideas Project: Planetary Outpost

    Hello everyone. As a huge lover of Classic Space, I have made a LEGO Ideas proposal to celebrate its upcoming 40th anniversary. I would love to hear from anyone who has something constructive to say about my design (I'm new here so please be gentle ;), and if you like my project, well, I sure could use all the support I could get :) I hope this will spark a positive discussion about Classic Space and LEGO's sci-fi-non-Star Wars themes :D
  14. Hello hi, i decided to build ship for my Submarine. Here are some photos from work in progress. Based on 60095 two "floors" and crane 20180128_141926 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr 20180128_141920 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr Stern section for submarine 20180128_141909 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr 20180128_141812 by Wiktor Boroń, on Flickr
  15. A little southwest of Camp Isaac, at the bank of a small creek right within the jungle, elevated upon four logs stands a small cabin. This cabin is owned by Felicia Sandalo (a scientist and explorer sponsored by Román Fontonajo), as a starting point for all her scientific adventures to explore the wonders of Cascadia. And Cascadia had many of these, with her most recent favourite, the yellow wide-mouthed frog. Only some more observations, and she was ready to share her insight with the members of the Royal Society that currently resided in Camp Isaac. Unfortunately she had not yet had the chance to observe any of the large carnivorous wild cats, which were rumoured to wander the jungles of Cascadia, and were possibly also responsible for the cultural decay of the recently discovered Myzectlan. Little did she know that she was in fact the one being observed right now...
  16. This is the Asp Explorer spaceship from the video game Elite: Dangerous. Made from over 1400 parts, this model is built to 1:219 scale. It has a nice chunky tactile feel. The Asp featured in the classic 1984 space game "Elite", and lives on with style in the 2014 reboot "Elite: Dangerous" and "Elite Dangerous: Horizons". In-game images of the Asp Explorer Here and some info Here. This was a really fun project. It is a challenging shape to recreate, with all the awkward angles! I tried to get as much detail in as I could, and use the Lego parts in interesting ways. Particularly the thrusters on the underside which face the opposite direction to the surrounding studs. It has a fairly intricate internal skeleton to hold everything together. I have added it to Lego ideas. Please do support it. Thanks!
  17. Professor Thaum

    [O - H04] Caught somewhere in time

    LOCATION : CROFTER'S RIDGE H04 TAGS : Land Vehicles, exploration // personnal log of Hadvice FOURFREE, professor Thaum's personnal assistant // The professor is a true father for us all, I find this file, in Igor's data bank, we can see the professor teaching BC 122 (now Viktor, tanks to the mimetic poly alloy) it was 3 weeks ago. <boiiing> <boiiing> Pr Thaum : Look BC 122, it is coming, out of the soil, it is a monster vermin ! BC 122 : The heap here ?? Pr Thaum : Yes ! Beware ! <boiing> BC 122 : I'm ready !! <boiing> <boiing > M.O.U.S : Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik ! BC 122 : Uh ? Pr Thaum : Here it is !!! it's a MOUS (bloody bug I hate them) !! Kill !! ! Kiiiiiiiiiill !!! BC 122 : A mouse ? <boiing> MOUS : Iiiiiiik ! Pr Thaum : You're a bone... you're a tin can head BC 122 !!! It's a Maul Of Unusual Size ! Kill it ! BC 122 : it is so cute professor, and seems very harmless... MOUS : iiiiiiik ? Pr Thaum : KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL !!! <boing> BC 122 : bloody fool, take that ! <piuwwwwwwww> Pr Thaum : Aaaargh ! <gzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz> Pr Thaum : OK BC 122, you're ready for an honorable fight ? BC 122 : Honorable ?!! With you !! Rot in hell !! <piuuuwwww> <gzzzzzzoiiiiiiik> <piuuuuwwww> <kkkkkshhhhhhhhhhhhhoiiiiing> <piuwwww> <tschak> <piuuuuw> <tschak> <piuuuuw> <tschak> <piuuuuw> <tschak> <Piuuuuwww> <piuwwww> <piuwwww> <piuuuuuwwwww> <PIIIIIUUUUUUUW> <tschak> <tschak> <tschak> <tschak> <SCCCCCHHHHLAAAAAAAAK> Pr Thaum : Fought well you have, my student, but... Pr Thaum :... it's time to finish <KRRRRRWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING> <blonk> Pr Thaum : The lesson is over BC 122, you succeed ! BC 122 : succeed ? Pr Thaum : Sure, you strike the more powerfull opponent, instead of a feeble one... Pr Thaum : When you engage in a battle, always strike were your opponent feel the more self-assured... If it has a strong arms... break its wrist If it has strong legs, break its knee... It would me twice more devastating, as it strikes good spirits. BC 122 : Twice the pride, double the fault... Pr Thaum : Right ! Exactly !! Good, you're ready for the next stage... we will get you a body back ! BC 122 : Professor ? you really hate these animals ? Pr Thaum : Sure !! When I was young, it destroys several of my sand castle... What a pity... C&C welcome, bonuses later
  18. Professor Thaum

    [ O - F10 ] For a few creds more

    LOCATION : Arium Major F-10 TAGS : Land vehicles, Exploration, Evil meeting. Arium Major, Evil Road 666, nowadays... WOOOWWOOOOOOMWOOOOMWOOOMMMWOMMMMM ROOOOOOOOONROOOOOONWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAMMMM : Our evil escort is late !!!! Where are them ?? I hate waiting !!! : I had our grogs on my scope Profes... Errr... Evil Master ! They're just behind us ! vrrraaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOMMMMMMMM BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BRELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM ! : Evil escort reporting, Evil Master !! : Close escort !!! WAAAABRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAABROOOOOOOOOOOO : Here we are ! The rendez-vous point, quick secure the perimeter ! And unload the boxes. : All is ready... Evil Master, we're waiting for her. **** A few minutes later... **** : A spaceship just landed few hundred meters away, the colors are in accordance with what was announced by our new business customer. : She's coming ! : You can open the presents, Barney. : Sure sir ! **** Some clawbar strike later *** : Ah !! Nice to see you dear evil new friend ! : Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer hyer hyer. : Your name is Tracy, and you are appointed by your evil CEO to meet evil investors, for your new evil corporation. : Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer. : You wanted me to prove that I'm truly evil... mmmmmh... well well well... Look at me, I have a red elongated helmet to hide my distorted head, that is really evil, for the heroes are very cute, and I'm wearing a red indented cape, the heroes never wear such indented clothes. They always wear nice shiny one. : Hyer hyer hyer. : Errrr... Our speeders looks Octan's... mmmmh... Sure my friend ! We have them stolen to Octan a few days ago !!! That is indubitably evil... And look at my grogs... they have an evil look, haven't they ! : Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. : You want an evil outfit as befits to an newly evil deputy CEO... No problem, I think I can help you... There are new shoes, an evil cape, and even a mask for you Tracy... What do you think about ? : Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer. HYEEEER ! hin hin hin hin ! : Glad it please you my evil new friend. It is true you look really really evil : May I add that I'm scared ? : Good, no that you sure I'm evil. Let me show you what we have for your new evil Corporation. I can have more creds and if you want more and more staff, I can purchase it for you... No problem. : Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer hyer hyer. Hyer. Hyer hyer. : That's all good !! May I offer you a snack... Barney, please !! : Sure Master ! <fart> <sploosh> <fart> <sploosh> <sploosh> Comments and criticisms are all welcome! Bonus later, only the 2 speeders are to be judged ... the toilet, the trailer are without any importance, and the motorcycles are Lego standard.
  19. Professor Thaum

    [O - E03] Red Baron

    LOCATION : ERTAUQ - E03 TAGS : Exploration, Airplanes, WWI, Fokker Dr I Janurali 3817, Ertauq, vertical of St Eloi Mount, somewhere above the clouds : RAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN RAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN : What's the program, professor ? : You start your sensors and you seek Hadvices beacon, this is your target for today... BC 122 : Those planes are very maneuverable, I feel good on it ! Pr Thaum : You're making progress BC 122, you're handling your state better and better. BC 122 : I like to fly professor, it's magic !! I'm the plane !! YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAa ! VRRRRRRRRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRRR : Hadvice ? You're OK ? : Yes professor, I'm in position. The beacon is started, I'm awaiting. : Roger ! We're on our way ! BC 122 : Ha ! There's a signal professor, I've locked it some miles away... Follow me ! Pr Thaum : Good, BC 122, very good ! I like your new self confidence ! I follow you in close escort. Beware of the peaks through the clouds ! BC 122 : These pitfall are quite easy to dodge professor ! BC 122 : OK, we're close... You're still here Professor ? Pr Thaum : Of course I am... Hadvice: Professor, I have two red spot right in my 12 Pr Thaum : Indeed Hadvice, here we are ! BC 122 : Here he is professor !! We've found it !! BC 122 REACH NEXT STAGE !!! WOOUUUHOOOOOOOO !!! VRRRRRRRRRROOOOAAAAARRRRRRR BC 122 : YEEEEHAAAAAAAA !!!! EASY !!! THAT WAS EASY !!!!! Pr Thaum : It is so impulsive, isn't it ! Hadvice : Sure professor, but it is making really good progress... Pr Thaum : Indeed... C&C welcome Bonuses later
  20. Professor Thaum

    [O-E03] Early plow

    LOCATION : ERTAUQ - E03 Tags : Land vehicle, airplane, exploration RHAAAAA KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WOUUUT POUT POUT POUT KRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG RRR RRR VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPOOO !!! : We've planned a straight line, BC 122, haven't we ? : This bloody machine took a bend by itself !!! RHAAAAA KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WOUUUT POUT POUT POUT : Sucky controls !!! : You're the controls BC 122, keep calm and try again ! : Gni ??? : Yak gara tekh ! Degamer vren bar treppanez pa ma jutos ! : Yap ! : What's the hell is this... thing ? : Hadvice, what is this funny creature saying ? Should your in-suit computer translate please ? : Errrr... yes yes, professor. : Ma jutos !!!!! Treppanez bez paz !! : WAUGH !!!!!! : Er... Seems that BC 122 is wrecking their family sugar beets field professor... the children are very angry and the... "father" beg BC 122 to stop... C&C welcome... Bonuses later
  21. Jody Meyer

    [O-F04] The Big Fish...

    Title: The Big Fish... Planet: F04 Tags: Civil, Building, vehicle, Submarine, exploration Well Hans and Bob have been shipped to Illustria to help out with an exploration rig in one of the many vast oceans... PANEL18 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL18a by Meyerj, on Flickr The Fish is from Atlantis set 8080. The smaller sub is a work in progress but started from set #6559 Platform also work in progress, started from set 4210 Cheers Jody
  22. NB : the boat qualify easily for a SHIP built (about 2800 pieces, more than 110 studs long, about 50 high) LOCATION : F04 - Illustria TAGS : SHIP, submarine, spaceshift, exploration, Octan, civilian building Hadvice : Where shall we go professor ? Pr Thaum : We go to Illustria, Hadvice. I had great news from our research ship over there. Hadvice : Why is it a bunk only for you in this shuttle professor ? Pr Thaum : This shuttle don't need two pilots, so the other passenger don't need a seat... and why not a bunk... much more comfortable... And you're a great pilot Hadvice... Pr Thaum : ... Could you please shut off the com, I will have a small siesta... the whole path is recorded in the main computer. *** a restorative power nap later, over Illustria main ocean *** Hadvice : Professor, here we are... just over the SHIP. We are going to land. The sea is fully striped with green sargasso weeds ! Pr Thaum : Sargasso !! Yeah !! Luckily I have my special outfit !! Pr Thaum : an this outfit, is really what I need today for what is going to happen !!! That will be a great day Hadvice !!! All is already prepared, I just have to speak with professor GRANT and you could start the submarine... Hadvice : er... a submarine ? Pr Thaum : Yes Hadvice, a submarine ! *** just a few moment later *** Seaman : Hi Mr FOURFREE, your submarine will be ready to board as soon as we have dropped the pilot boat... : Glups... this... this si my submarine ? Seaman : Indeed, Sam will put it slowly on the plateform with the crane. Pr GRANT : I have prepared this lookout, as your request Berthold. And Selim will record the whole mission. Pr Thaum : Nice, Miles, I would like to see all by myself, the submarine, the sea, the sargasso, underwater... I'm very excited !! Seaman 2 : The submarine is ready Mr FOURFREE, and Youri will go with you until the submarine properly enter the water : Er... I feel ill professor, I have seasickness ! I'm not sure I can go underwater ! I'm nauseous ! : Don't forget to roll up your visor in this case ! It's OK Karl, let it go, Sam, you can lift ! Youri, ready ? deepsea diver : OK Professor ! : Have a nice trip Hadvice !! And don't worry I'd brought the freezer, Selim will protect you if it's needed. : Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!! PLAAAOUF ! Youri (deepsea diver) : Sub released, OK Sam, hook free. Pr GRANT : All the sensors are OK Berthold, sonar, radar, and the sub cams. Pr Thaum : I'm so excited !!! What a pity we don't have a rhum bottle !! Hadvice !! could you hear me ? We have locked some steel structure behind you... could you see it ? Hadvice : Yes professor, I can hear you, the fall is controlled, - 425 feet... and yes my sonar indicated that the ground is not far, and that something metallic lies just beneath I will start the flash lights. Hadvice : A ship wreck professor ! I'm just above a ship wreck ! Seems to be an old one ! : Good Hadvice !!! Good, quick, you have to stow on it and bring it back !!! I'm so excited !!! I'm so excited !!! Hadvice : Seems to be a LL 918 or a LL 924 old space classic cruiser... : We... We just received the image from your onboard cam !! That's it !! That's it !!! : Uh Oh ! : Er... professor ? : Yes ? : Seems that I'm not alone here... and I'm not sure that I'll catch your wreck safely... : Rhooo, Hadvice, what a tiny concern !! You're afraid with some littles fishes... The sonar dispalys some moving biological bugs... : The fishes seems to pilots underwater scooter and even a submarine professor, and they seems really unhappy... : Bring back the wreck up !!! I will figure the fishes problem out ! Hadvice : you're the boss, Boss... Hadvice : The wreck is fasten, I'm going up... with friends... Beware everybody... At least 4 friends going up with me ! Manta Alien : Fatghn fatghn !! sroooofff Fatghn !!! <piuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww> Pr Thaum (waving is lightsaber on) : <Fsssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh> Treasures everywhere !!! I'm so excited <SCHLAK - back piuuuuwwwwwwwww> Well done Hadvice !!! Selim, freeze me this one up ! Selim : Yes Professor <SHWWAAAAAP> Shark alien : Fatghn !! Gaaargllll ! Pr Thaum :♫ Here we are ♪ !!! Born to be kings ♫!!! Pr Thaum : ... ♫ We're the princes of the universe !!! ♪ Here we belong... !!! *** a one way carnage later *** Pr Thaum : Now, we can open the hold ! Quick Barney, quick, I'm so excited !!! Barney (starting the blowtorch) : Let the game begins ! Pr Thaum : Youri, take care of my new experiment living subject, please ! gnerk gnerk gnerk Otto : There's a container inside... sealed ! Pr Thaum : Please, Barney, will you... Barney : A child's play ! Barney : done... Pr Thaum : Youhouuuuuuuuuuu !!! Another one !!! That's another piece !!! hin hin hin hin bring it to my shuttle please, I will leave as soon as possible. I have to retrieve the second one from the treacherous Dr Long... Pr Thaum : Hadvice, you can load my 2 treasures into the shuttle Hadvice : sure professor... Pr Thaum : And have a particular care of the second piece.. We go back to the Axle quickly !!! *** the precious load carefully stowed into the shuttle *** Pr Thaum : I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD !!! WHOUUUU WHOUUUU WHOOOOUUUUUU !!!! Hadvice : Professor, be carefull !! I'm afraid you may have an unexpected dive ! C&C welcome... a throng of bonus pics coming soon
  23. Norseman

    [O - F04] Ride the Comet

    Log Entry Begin user://AdenCorso Water is sometimes tricky. Shipped in liquid form, it sloshes around and can throw even the most finely-tuned set of compensators into chaos. It takes up more volume than when frozen as well, which means your profits will be marginal. Getting liquid water from a planet's surface also means burning a brick-ton of fuel, which means those marginal profits are now minimal (if you even manage to break even). This is why most ice-mining takes place in any particular system's asteroid belt. Every ship and every station needs water to function - either for its crew to drink, or separated into its constituent parts of O2 and H, the one for breathing, the other for reaction mass. walk by Norseman, on Flickr Given that those same asteroids are often well-patrolled to stem off illegal mining operations by the system's parent Corp explains why I am currently riding a comet headed out-system at more than 40 kilometers per second, more than 3 AUs from Illustria's star. You see, this far from a sun, any water on a comet has frozen and is no longer billowing out in its telltale plume. Comet tails are formed when rising heat from nearing a star causes ice to evaporate, the resultant ejecta always pointing away from the sun. I should be safe this far out from any surprise geysers under my feet. At least I hope so. Although... Flyby by Norseman, on Flickr Apparently I'm not far enough to avoid every MANTIS patrol... Luckily it's an older ship, a Lycidae-class corvette. I've flown against them before, in the Milky Way. They were outdated even back then. Now they are positively antiquated. Their sensors rely mostly upon line-of-sight LADAR, but their resolution is poor and my thermal signature is small enough to hopefully pass without notice. With my ship hidden away in cold sleep mode deep in a fissure, all I need to do is tuck myself against this wall and... hide by Norseman, on Flickr All clear. searching by Norseman, on Flickr I have nothing against MANTIS. I run across them here on the fringe all the time. They run Illustria now, after all. But just because they tolerate my being here as an Octan contractor doesn't mean that I won't come across some loose-cannon, fly-boy captain who would rather shoot than take a bribe. As it lies, every bribe I need to pay cuts into my profits even more, and my profits on this already won't be anything to brag about. The penny-pinching administrators of Port Farhome will see to that... ice by Norseman, on Flickr Here we are. cutting by Norseman, on Flickr Now all I've got to do is do some clever carving... Don't want to bury myself in ice after all, or my popsicle corpse could be part of the comet's tail the next time it swings back in-system in another four hundred years or so. I'd much rather avoid that. spoils by Norseman, on Flickr Alright, two blocks down, only about twenty to go. This is going to take a while, I think. Luckily, I've nowhere else to go, nowhere else to be. Log Entry End This is my first entry, so I'm still a bit unsure of what tags I should include. Can I get a bit of help? Also, pardon the cat hair. It gets everywhere!
  24. Henjin_Quilones

    [K-C09] The New Recruit

    The New Recruit Location: C09 - Orinshi Tags: Exploration, land vehicle "Join Kawashita Group, they said," muttered Henjin Quilones as he trudged through the swamps of Orinshi. "See the galaxy, they said. Earn pride and glory, they said. Ha. Pride and glory my #@%. All I get is a miserable little scooter and this walkie-talkie thingy with a minor upgrade, stuck on the homeworld. I hate this swamp. I've got a bad feeling about this mission." The green ooze of the swamp clung to his boots. He had to duck under the low-hanging branches of the pinkberry tree while avoiding another puddle of ooze. Henjin continued to complain. "And it's not like I'm the first one to explore this part of the planet, anyway, seeing how there's a beacon placed over there. Some job this turned out to be. I was better off fighting space pirates in the Sagittarius Sector, or before that when I got to excavate those Black Sun ruins on Ord Mantell. Sigh. The good old days of space grave robbery and space piracy. Now it's just swamp trudging for the latest son of the illustrious line of the Quilones. What would my great-great-great-great-great grandfather have said if he could see me now?" Suddenly the screen of his walkie-talkie started making squiggly lines and a series of beep-boop noises. "What the...?" the explorer said in surprise. "Awesomnium lode detected," a female/robotic voice said, like the one on the Galaxy Positioning System in his ship that was always telling him to 'turn right'. "Awesomnium lode?" Henjin repeated. "Here? I thought this area had been gone over before, probably a hundred times. Is this a new lode? One not on the charts?" "Cross-referencing the database now," the walkie-talkie voice said. After a brief pause, she continued, "This lode has not been placed on any Kawashita Group database. It is a new lode." "Praise the maker!" Henjin cried. "Maybe I'll get a cooler spaceship now, and more exotic missions, too! Walkie-talkie voice, do you have a name?" "Yes, Henjin, I am Kiri, your personal assistant." "Alright, Kiri, radio this one back in to HQ and let's get out of here. I need a hot bath and a massage." "Of course, Henjin. Messaging headquarters now."
  25. robuko

    [K-G10] A West Side Story

    Location G-10 Tags: exploration I was finding more and more of these biomechanical creatures throughout the system. These ones appeared to be involved in some kind of ritual. Their robotic moves were hypnotic. They must have evolved to survive by ingesting silicon...and each other.