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  1. As alternative for Instagram. I propose use BriXtar.
  2. Jarema

    Is LEGO Ideas self-promotion allowed here?

    I thinks BriXtar is correct place for self-promotion.
  3. I discover issue with your process of creation. Use only official parts with official colors at all. . When use LEGO Digital Designer, then paint tool help you. When use Stud.io, put mouse on yellow triangle help you. You get message: Color Unavailable.
  4. You Can use LDDManager or BrickStore or another tool. About list the available colors look into BLPriceGuide source .
  5. Request functionality: Import file via Drag & Drop on application window Design number for each element on Part List Page Can arrange vertically or horizontally Part List Page Named Colors in 'Select a color' dialog Progress Bar or information 'Please wait. . .' nice to have et cetera
  6. I actually can create video clip from building guide that LDD generate, after save as HTML Document. Example is here www.jaremaczajkowski.pl/pub/forum/eurobricks/html2video-wall.avi /73.8 MB/
  7. Checking Parts number and/or material number is huge work. And there starts programmer nightmare.... But Rebrickable has the right method of importing LXF-files or the right method to export to Bricklink XML.
  8. How I can create video building instructions, shown above, without capture screen in real-time ?
  9. I would like see this car in action. Are you able to, share anything that would allow us try to build. . . such a model by yourself ?
  10. No one forcing no one to stop using bill of material generated by LDD. This this is just better alternative. XML is universal opened standard. Thanks to eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations for XML. You can get output as you like. Not just binary generated file. CSV format for example, open any known text editor.
  11. Making good building instructions is huge task. So i make my mind to voluntary help with improve it.
  12. Thanks, for your great work. Can you share bill of material. That anyone can build this amazing creation. How much time you spend to build this ?!!
  13. FEATURES: Work as image viewer to list you models in chosen directory and its sub-directories. Change preview of model after work is saved. Monitoring LEGO Digital Designer activity. Show parts list of selected model. et cetera. . .