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  1. I submitted a design (Parts list + custom instructions) to and recently discovered that a user on Ebay is apparently selling the bricks to make the design and then e-mailing the buyer instructions (The listing also uses photos originally from the page). After contacting Ebay's Verified Right's Owner Program (VeRO) with a Notice of Claimed Infringement (NoCI) form, the representitive said that the case as described didn't sound like intellectual property infringement so the listing wasn't taken down. If the seller actually is distributing the instructions I made without permission, then that is against the Digitally Delivered Goods policy for Ebay sellers (, yet that's not for certain and it would be difficult to prove without buying a copy (and because the listing is private previous buyers of the item cannot be contacted to find out the specifics of what's going on). For reference here is the link to the page and the link to the Ebay page where the design is apparently being sold So, what if anything can be done now?
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    Animal Allies: FLL 2016

    I participated in First LEGO League around 2012 (whatever year Body Forward was). Our team actually got the highest score on the table at sectionals but didn't advance to regionals because the presentation and other stuff wasn't up to snuff. another team at the same place (Fast Cats) won the whole competition, and that was cool.
  3. A racing car-like model created for a stop motion that never was. The idea was born out of creating a vehicle with uneven wheel base widths (because of limited parts) and the colors are lime green because those were the parts on hand. The Power Miners stickers actually work towards the model's design in my opinion. The model was reproduced in MLCAD (without stickers) and will be submitted to Rebrickable as well. The windscreen is on a double hinge which allows it to open up despite limited space. The rear compartment is also hinged to allow access to the engine. The car has both front lights and rear lights (on the MLCAD version). Unfortunately, no rear bumper is a weakness of this design. EDIT: I'm also putting a dark blue version of this racecar on rebrickable with pieces that are marginally less rare and (hopefully) less expensive to procure. It looks like a Batman car (whoops :{ )
  4. maybe a render or a screenshot of the part would work. I don't know where to get one of those that is high quality, though.
  5. ok. Thanks for the replies. Selling like new used pieces seems to be the best option.
  6. I was thinking about selling used parts on Bricklink and was wondering if the pieces should be split into grades based on how undamaged/damaged a used part is. The end result would be maybe four separate listings for the same piece with different quantities based on how damaged/undamaged the piece is. Is getting damaged LEGO when buying from Bricklink a big deal; and if it is, is splitting each piece into four grades too much?