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Found 12 results

  1. DwalinF

    [MOC] Steampunk Beetle

    Take a look at my updated version of mechanical beetle. This time I'm trying to realize it as a LEGO set. Vote for it on IDEAS if you like it and share with friends. I'll be very appreciated! Features * Opening Elytra * Wings move when you press the lever * Detachable wings * Flexible joints on the legs * Display stand and tool kit to look after the mechanism Part count General 447 Beetle 383 Supporting tools 64
  2. Hi ! I've built a half-man half-mosquito half-alien MOC this week, called Aristote Paxeros : He's an alien gastronome who travels the universe to taste the blood of different species. Of course, he's civilized, so he collects his food with a special syringe. The vials allow him to store up to two separate meals : When he arrived on Earth, he became friends with Diogenes Trexler, the most powerful wizard in the world.
  3. LegoJalex

    [MOC] Butterflies

    Here are models of three butterflies I have built. They exist in reality and are called Peacock Butterfly, Menelaus Blue Morpho and Cethosia Cyane. These models are also uploaded as a project on LEGO Ideas, so if you like them it would be appreciated if you gave it your support! As shown in the video below, the butterflies can also move their wings automatically if you have an antenna piece connected to them and then tap on their wings.
  4. Hello everyone! Today I come bearing a MOC of mine built for an insect contest. It's a golden tortoise beetle (charidotella sexpunctata) made up of just two pieces, sitting on top of a strewn pile of fresh leaves. Here we go! Here's the reference picture. Even the scale is close to the original! Thanks for your attention!
  5. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Prehistoric Dragonfly

    Hello, a prehistoric dragonfly. The size has changed, but not the shape! Oh, and it is well ballanced and stable without a stand!
  6. One day I went to the natural museum with my family, my wife asked whether I can build some insect with LEGO parts, and the goliathus was picked. I spent 2 days to build it, and for more fun I put it on the photo frame which from IKEA. Let's see how it looks. When it was took out from the frame, it looks like a real insect. Front view Back view, you can see all the studs are removed. The photo frame is from IKEA, Gunnabo, 13x18cm The introduce video Thanks for watching. You can send email to me to buy the instruction via
  7. soccerkid6

    Insect Terrarium

    This was an entry to the 2016 MOCAthalon. I took inspiration from Sean and Steph Mayo’s terrarium and insect collection builds. The terrarium contains a beetle, two ants, a millipede, a butterfly, a ladybug, and a stick bug. There are lots more pictures available on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  8. BaneofSeagulls

    [MOC] Insects

    Hi guys, I'm new here so I thought I'd share my Lego ideas submission: insects! So far it includes a praying mantis, an Asian hornet and a centipede. Please check it out! I only included a picture of the mantis because the others were too large. I may post them separately, however.
  9. [Challenge 1] Birth of a Fire Wasp on Guinevere This is probably my favourite build in AG (by myself that is ) so far! Getting everything to work together took a lot of tinkering, but the end result ended up looking almost exactly as I had planned, so I'm very happy about that. The build clocks in at exactly 1000 pieces. EDIT: Seems like I misinterpreted the rules as only being allowed to post one rendered image. Since that doesn't seem to be the case (as Bob uploaded a couple of renders), I added a few low quality renders under the spoiler button. --//Private Log Begin. Date: 2006(38)15. Scramble code: None.//-- *Sigh*, this is my first private log since arriving in the 'Gates. Now, I generally consider myself a pretty level-headed guy, most problems can be fixed with some smart thinking, a mech suit and a few building bots. But seriously. I hate Guinevere. The whole planet is a big heap of sand and dirt, and the little places that aren't are instead covered with fire- and lava-spewing volcanoes. Sure, those biologist wimps say that the "bio-life is really interesting here, we can learn a lot from it!", but seriously guys, who are you trying to kid? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Guinevere's extremely rich Gold veins. Now, on top of the environment in general being among the s*ckiest imaginable, there are all sorts of things trying to kill us here, ranging from sand worms to M.A.N.T.I.S. to whatever other godforsaken thing you can imagine wanting to kill you. And then there are the Fire Wasps. [Attached: Video.of.Fire.Wasp.Being.Born.ahqv] Seriously, these things are like the unholy offspring of fire and death itself. They are born from eggs which their mothers lay in volcanoes, godd*mnit! If that doesn't make you sh*t your pants, consider that they are around 8 meters tall, have an absurdly strong exoskeleton (it has some sort of nanotube-like structure, which is the main reason why the fire wasps have managed to grow so big while still having exoskeletons), AND have a burning core in their tail, making them both almost completely fire resistant (including our laser weapons) plus having the ability to shoot fire/lava instead of poison from their stingers. At least the fire wasps mainly eat sulphur based creatures, so we aren't seen as food (yet). However, they are extremely territorial, so as soon as we get anywhere close to their nests (which is basically within a couple of kilometers... they have really good hearing/sensing)), they start attacking fiercely in large groups. God, I really wish we could get off this planet soon. Q, out. --//Private Log End. Signature: Q. Scramble code: None.//-- Thanks for reading/looking, C&C always appreciated! More pictures/comments under the spoiler button!
  10. I want to share with you a model of a Caterpillar. Not of the yellow colored Machinery Brand but of a more natural kind. I started with the idea of the "wentelteefje" by Escher but as that proved to complex regarding the feet movement, it evolved into a more classic Caterpillar. It is operating autonomous with an XL-motor, a switch and a winch/rope mechanisms to operate it. Best way to see it's real operation it by viewing the youtube video. More information and free instructions on how to build it can be found on rebrickable: http://www.rebrickab...ous-caterpillar Hope you like the model! Martijn
  11. Siercon and Coral

    MOC: Insect Collection!

    This is the collection of 10 parts from the "Creepy Crawly" category for the MOCathalon 2013 (team Clutch Builders: Si-MOCs, Blake Baer, Legonardo Davidy, K.Kreations) So after building one bug... there was just no stopping, and this is the end result! Lots of inspiration was taken from various builders as battle bugs and lego insects have often been explored. I tried to tag a few key people in the evolution and inspiration of our lego bugs Doctor Mobius, Lino M, ROOK, and Sir Nadroj. Thanks so much for paving the way! If you are a Lego bug fan, take some time to check out their photostreams! Panoramic View Praying Mantis (Family: Mantidae) Purple Flora Butterfly (Family: Nymphalidae) Black Wolf Spider (Family: Lycosidae) Black Millipede (Order: Diplopoda) Hornet (Family: Vesipidae) Burying Beetle (Family: Silphidae) Walking Stick (Family: Phasmatidae) Other species included in the collection! :) Hope you've enjoyed!
  12. rongYIREN

    [MOC] Battle Beetle Mk.2

    Hello, Here is my latest mecha, a Battle Beetle à la Galaxy Squad. Below is a LEGO "sketch" for a diorama that I'd like to put together using more SNOT... just waiting on the bricks to get started. (with the Beetle Mech damaged the only option left for our Buggoids is escape!) Top ( flight mode) Bottom As usual, feedback is welcome. I still consider this to be somewhat of a WIP. Thanks, rongYIREN