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Found 12 results

  1. Based on "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" by C.S. Lewis. Enter the brick-built world of Narnia! If you like it, please support this project at Lego Ideas: WATCH THE MOVIE: More pictures on my flickr Let the imagination (and Aslan) win!
  2. Hello, dear friends. I've been a fan of the Technic series for a long time. For all the time I can remember only a couple of sets that go beyond construction equipment and cars, one of which 4958 - Monster Dino, from which my acquaintance with the company's products began in ancient times. With my idea, I want to new wave a series of Technic and show that these are not just machines. The proposed model is driven by two pull-back motors. While driving, the bug slowly accelerates and runs a distance of about two meters. Starts with a traditional rollback. After start, the beetle does not just go forward, but moves its legs and moves its head. Vote and join if you also think it's time to add something new to the series of Technic. Support this MOC in Lego Ideas if you like and share my philosophy.
  3. All mechanical and 100% LEGO Ball Counter. Numbers do not always line up perfectly because of backlash in LEGO gears but it counts every ball. I tried to minimize amount of gears but as many of you know, backlash is almost unavoidable. The wheels can be taken out the GBC to set to zero. 1:10 ratio mechanism by Parax77.
  4. Like many people, I regarded steam locomotives as rather dark and monstrouos machines untill I first saw their early iterations. It was a novel technology at the time, so embelishing them for the amazed crowds and potential contractors should have been appropiate. The mechanical detail is more aesthetic than plausible. Yet, there are elements taken from what an early steam walker should have looked like, besides the vibrant colours. Most of its inhards are shown, there are very few largue pieces of metal, structural elements take over shape design. It is somewhat outlandish, taking a mechanical shape similar to that of many tin toys. Even if it seems to be something rather decorative, there are a few tricks to make it more resistant than it seems. Legs rest directly over the axle pillar and the superstructure it hides. Feet are also anchored to the base to avoid deformation.
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering how the majority feel about controlling their mocs or purchased sets. Do you prefer your legos to be mechanically operated by pushing levers or spinning gears? Or do you perhaps enjoy radio controlling your mocs? Maybe you're the small category that likes both and uses hybrid techniques like radio controllable tracks but manually operated arms on an excavator? Cast your vote. [There is a great option for polls at the EB site itself! I just helped you with that. No thanks. JopieK]
  6. Inspired by the Kinetic Device the "Lift", made by Jennifer Townley. I made it by Lego Parts. The pictures Side show A little detail And the most important, the video, the link is attached for backup. The mpd file was attached for anyone interested :) 999-Lego Kinetic Device with
  7. After 1 month of building this beast I'm proud to present Dug's build that is completely modular, has 1 l-motor to raise the rear wheels and 2 m-Motors to raise front wheel 5 studs higher, 1 servo for steering and 2 XL motors for drive, working V8 and fan at the engine. Designing and creating this truck was the most satisfying so far. 77 studs long x 39 high x 23 tall (slammed) Weight: 3kg = 6.6 pounds Slammed ride 100% modular Rear air ride
  8. Bricksmith

    Working Signal Box MOC

    Hi all! This is a small idea that I had quite recently as an item that could be found in a set that added playability to a Lego train set. It's less for show displays and more for a child's little Lego City oval of track in their room. There's no electricity, just a mechanism that'll hopefully make it feel like the operator is a signalman! It's not based on any particular signal box, but the signal is very clearly an old British design. The box is cut in half to reveal the interior of the box and to provide access to the lever of the mechanism: It's a very simple set-up, with the mechanism being the most complicated aspect to it. Here's a (VERY) quick diagram of the mechanism: I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions to improve this! I might put it forward to Lego Ideas in the near future, maybe with a little train to go with it! Many thanks, Isaac
  9. After months of building (well, life got in the way) I've finally finished building my biggest, most complex GBC module. It's a hybrid GBC (uses both mechanical and pneumatic functions) of a construction site-like-crane operation. Here's the video. A detailed description of how the crane works is written below The 6 step movement of the crane is done without using any sort of programming and no mechanical timers - it uses 3 differentials (one heavy duty) to power 4 outputs: 1) The crane rotation 2) The crane's claw (a pneumatic switch) 3) The crane's boom (a pneumatic switch) 4) The PF switch used to reverse the motion The 6 step movement: 1) Close the claw 2) Lift 3) Rotate 4) Release 5) Rotate back to original position 6) Lower So how does it work? Differentials send the power to the 'easiest' output. So the first, easiest function is to close the claw (rotating an axle which then changes the position of a pneumatic switch) -to grab the crate The second easiest is to open the boom's pneumatic switch -to lift the crate After that, the crane rotates until it's blocked at it's final position (the drop position). The power is then sent to the PF switch, which reverses the movement: -The claw opens -The crane rotates -The boom lowers Notice how the boom lowers AFTER the crane rotates back to it's original position (while it lifts BEFORE the crane rotates) - this is done so the boom won't lower in the wrong position (where it drops the crate) - a rubber band mounted on the boom's switch makes sure this happens: -It's easier to change the switch to it's lift position than it's to rotate the crane -It's harder to change the switch to it's lower position than it's to rotate the crane back. There are many (really, many) more small mechanisms in this module, but I think it's better to see those in the video :) Thanks for watching!
  10. Hi all, It's Brick Studio And this our new MOC "Dwelling with mechanical door "
  11. I have found this clever creation (by aeh5040) on youtube: It is not new (video added in 2011) but I haven't seen it before. This is so unconventional MOC!