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Found 8 results

  1. I am pleased to share with all of you a brand new Ldraw-based digital designer for iPad that I have spent many hours over the past few years on! Masonry is a 3D brick creation app with access to Ldraw's 5000 part library and it supports freeform editing and step creation. I've got a video of it in action, and you can see more details at my website: Thanks!
  2. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:
  3. Hi all I'd like to present a viewer for LDR/MPD files on Apple devices. The idea is to open files which are already present on device in Dropbox, Google Drive, email and so on. App allows to view model from different angles, zoom, rotate or "disassemble" it to view internals. Line to iTunes Opinions and/or complains are welcomed
  4. Missing Brick

    Shame Yahoo had to break Flickr on iPad2

    So, having worked perfectly for years, it seems Yahoo decided it would be a good idea to break flickr a couple of weeks ago - so it doesn't work anymore on anything but the very latest browsers. I'm running Safari iOS5.1 on an iPad2 and now I get an 'unsupported browser' message when I go into the photo preview page - so I can't comment anymore. Kind of annoying since I've never encountered any other page anywhere else on the internet that doesn't work with Safari 5.1. 'Why not upgrade to iOS7 or iOS8?' I hear you ask. Because they run like treacle on iPad2 with more lagging than my loft. I also hate the 'every-app-looks-the-same-flat-white' style that Johnny Ive imposed after Steve Jobs died - and the confusing way the wifi networks jump around when you click them. Anyway, guess I'll have to get used to using flickr on my tiny Android phone screen. /rant
  5. I am a big fan of controlling those little Power Functions motors in every way possible ( and I like making apps :) ), and with that in mind I created this lovely iPad remote that connects to the EV3 and with it’s help and the two well known IR sensors ( PFMate and IRLink ) controls Power Functions motors ( and EV3 or NXT motors ). This is a little demo of it in action: And explained in words, starting from the left: NXT motor connected to Port A EV3 motor connected to Port B Small PF motor connected to channel 3 and to the blue connector on the IR Receiver on the left ( on top of the battery box ). The EV3 sends the IR signal through the IRLink sensor ( connected to port 3 on the EV3 ). The power in this setup comes from port D on the EV3, going through a x1676 Conversion Cable + extension wire ( 8886 or 8871 ) to the battery box, and then to the IR Receiver. Of course the power to the motor can also come straight from the battery box ( with batteries : ) and no other conversion , extension wires...). It really isn’t a good idea to power so many motors from one EV3 port, I was short on battery boxes so… XL motor connected to channel 1 and red connector of the IR Receiver on the right ( top of the battery box ). IR signal received from IRLink ( connected to port 3 on EV3 ) XL motor connected to channel 4 and red connector of the right IR Receiver. IR signal received from PFMate ( connected to port 2 on EV3 ) the commands can be recorded and played back ( even in reverse ) all motors can be powered at the same time ( use different EV3 ports!, or battery boxes with batteries directly! ) - it can handle 16 motors ( 2 screens ) of course control speed, direction, label buttons, motors, save remote... and even a servo motor option for EV3/NXT motors. And here is a short video with it put to good use with a 42006, 3 motors and IRLink :) : The app can be found here: There is also a version for the NXT ( it is actually my initial app PFremote ), but that one requires a server app ( MAC, PC or Android ) to act as a bridge between iPad and NXT ( not complicated, but not as convenient as a direct connection to the EV3 ). The EV3 WiFi came in very handy to make a direct connection to the brick ( YES ! :) ).
  6. Out of necessity, I designed and built this Lego Ipad stand using a total of only 18 Lego Technic parts. It is designed to collapse and be portable so it may be folded up to fit in my carrying case or even my pocket. This means it is small and light weight but is still functional to hold an Ipad 2 in either profile or landscape position. At my house, it is used everyday. Below I have produced a video of the stand doing its job: The key elements to the design are the Technic liftarms with fan (part 32177) and the Technic liftarm bent 1x9 (part 32271). These parts are also available in many different colors for a person to express their own tastes or compliment their own style. The design can be small and still functional (without adding weight to the base) by the simple mechanism of shifting the center of gravity (maybe not the right term) on the rearward legs in front of the connection (pivot point) where it attaches to the rest of the frame. The rear legs also sit slightly lower on plane than the front legs, making it lean slightly forward that aids in making it more stable and less prone for tipping.
  7. I just stumbled upon this on a Mac News site. This guy build a machine to repeatedly and continuously tap his iPad to keep a freemium game active. It seems as he is using a simple excenter wheel to lift and lower the tapping arm. I especially like the aluminum foil for providing conductivity for the touch. The iPad is set on old style tires and moved left and right. The builder uses this to earn the in-game currency overnight, so he can spend it in the morning not having to pay "hard" money. I think it's brilliant. Having twice the fun (Gaming & LEGO) and "screwing" those annoying needs to earn in-game currencies to make some progress in the game.
  8. WhiteHexagon

    iPad Heroica?

    I'm just emerging from a LEGO dark age after a 4 year break, mainly due to 2 relocations and not having enough space for my LEGO until now! Anyway after grabbing a couple of new sets, I have decided I want to get back to doing some software. Mostly I've been inspired by Heroica, since it reminds me of the Quest part of my Java game I was previously developing. I'm interested in what people think of the official Heroica game system, is it too basic? or does it have lasting appeal? Really I just want to be able to build simple MOCs on my iPad, but the thought of adding a simple game system like Heroica also has a lot of appeal :) I see from the forums here that part of the community have already extended the basic rule set into something quite interesting. I'm wondering if something like that would even translate into an online turn based game, or would it take the fun out of it? I'm just interested in opinions at the moment! The fact that Heroica has been discontinuued is a bit discouraging...