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  1. awesomenessborn

    Dullahan of Ireland

    Hello again, David B)
  2. awesomenessborn

    Dullahan of Ireland

    The Irish legend goes, if you hear your name called out in the night, the Dullahan has come to collect your soul. Made for Bio-Cup 2020: Round 2 Theme: Western Europe Enjoy! Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more! Flickr: Insta: ~Borne
  3. awesomenessborn

    The Queen’s Emissary

    Hey thanks! I unfortunately don't have any more pictures. Would have been great if I took some de-cloaked ones to show off the wings, oh well. I just updated my instagram handle to not have the hyphen. I've edited my post with a working link. I'm glad you like the stuff I make! ~Borne
  4. awesomenessborn

    The Queen’s Emissary

    Here is my round one entry that allowed me to advance to the second round in the 2020 Biocup. Enjoy! Check out my flickr and Instagram pages for more! Flickr: Insta: ~Borne
  5. awesomenessborn

    Koziq [new member]

    Thanks Xcod and DraikNova!
  6. awesomenessborn

    Koziq [new member]

    Hey, this is my first MOC post and would like to share my bug-like creature! :D I would like critique to help improve! Enjoy! Link for more:
  7. awesomenessborn

    Hello everyone!

    As everyone can tell, I am new here and I don't know what to expect. I want to "get out there" and get some advice on some stuff I post. I mainly post Bionicle, but I'm starting to get into system. Here are my mocs if interested :D ~awesomenessborn