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Found 38 results

  1. A_Goodman

    [MOC[ Tantive IV Hallway

    "I have traced the Rebel Spies to her." Tantive IV 0 BBY "I have traced the Rebel Spies to her." Tantive IV 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale TIE Advanced

    As an absolute fan of the original trilogy, I had to build more Empire ships in Midi-Scale. I decided to start with my favorite TIE model, the TIE Advanced. This 496-piece TIE Advanced features a fully SNOT and detailed surface. It also includes rear engine thrusters at the back of the cockpit dome. Most importantly, being able to design smooth but razor thin wings was the key to making this build look proportionate and realistic. The same applies for the rear section of the fuselage which, being only 1 tile-high, ended up looking just a thin as the original prop model. Logically, the ship scales well to my previous TIE Reaper - I'll keep exploring more of these in the same scale, and maybe one day have a whole fleet of Midi TIE ships! ► Instructions will be available at Rebrickable soon. More pictures on my Flickr page. ♥ Patreon ♦ Instagram ♦ Rebrickable ♦ Eurobricks ♦ Reddit
  3. Hey everyone ! It's been ages since I took part in a Eurobricks contest of any kind, but when I stumbled upon the Concept Art Contest this Friday, I knew I had to cook something up, no matter how little time remained, since I am a huge fan of Ralph McQuarrie's art. About half of the wall space of my house is filled with framed posters of his drawings, as I am simply in love with his ability to capture the feeling of each location - you can almost feel how it would be like if you were there. My favorite work of his is all the ROTJ imperial imagery, like the super industrial proto-Coruscant that Vader escorts Luke through to get to the Emperor, but Palpy's throne room itself takes the cake in my opinion. The final movie version of the room onboard the DSII is iconic to be sure, but to me this version of it is an amazing, super Star-Wars-y location, and perfectly matches the Emperor's character and the tone of the sequence. My build is quite simple, as the platform and throne are quite simple, sharp and bold shapes themselves. For the lava, I wanted something a tad more realistic and interesting than trans-orange tiles on a baseplate, so I employed the classic idea of a net piece sandwiched between 1x1 plates and 1x1 tiles on the bottom and top respectively, which gives the ability to curve and shape your surface, and created a subtle wave pattern. Due to my time limitations, I switched the camera's angle to be higher up to avoid building tons of rockwork on the back, but I included the small parts near the platform using the new-ish beehive part,BB-8 heads and barraki eyes, so you can get an idea of what the rest of it would look like. So, here goes, please tell me your thoughts and critiques !
  4. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  5. By dint of seeing my son play this game where campers and tinkerers try miserably to fight by jumping in all directions as cocaine addict chihuahuas. I told myself why not send Lord Vader and his galactic henchmen to kick there a.. (how 100 players can get in a bus of 25 seats ?) All pics here :
  6. Hi everybody! Together with my son we built our version of Vader's castle on Mustafar from R1. We tried to make it UCS style complete with a micro build, UCS style sticker and a booklet. The base (the lava field) is 96x96 studs; the total height is approx 125cm. It includes six minifigs: two imperial guards, Vaane - Vader's servant, Krennic, and two versions of Vader - one in armor, and one in the bacta tank. For the bacta tank version we used the torso from the collectible minifig gargoyle. We built it last autumn, but worked on it since; and now got around to take some decentish photos. Hope you'll like it. Here's the link to the flickr album
  7. darththeling

    (MOC) Malachor Sith Temple Duel

    From Twilight of the Apprentice: Here's a *mini* playset inspired by the climatic duel at the Sith Temple on Malachor - only Vader and Ahsoka's part of the duel for this one. No Inquisitors or moving platforms. I only used spare bits and scraps from my depleted brick stock, so that's why the build is kinda small and not really accurate with the real exterior form of the temple. If I get more black slopes for the base I can probably finish it someday. For now, it gets a great Star Wars location represented on the shelf. The SW Rebels shelf: sadly lacking in location playsets. Sorry for the quality of these snaps, my lightbox is in the shop. ;) So we've got part of the base of the temple leading to the tip of the top where there is a bit of Tron-style redness. A couple of ground features: a rectangular slab and one of those petrified black figures. Would look nice with three or four more similar features surrounding the temple. The tip of the temple lifts off revealing a very small play area, only enough to fit (cram) Vader and Ahsoka in there. There's a little Sith holocron attached to a 2x2 plate with stud in the very middle. It's a free build. I wanted to keep the color scheme limited to match the temple from the episode. Just black, dark red and red with trans-red. I used a bit of purple for the ceiling of the top of the temple... in the episode there's this awesome purple glow that coats the room when the obelisk starts sparking up during the duel. However I'm not satisfied with the application of the trans-red features here and will be trying to re-jig those over time. Maybe there should be more grills and they should be placed in rows for maximum Sith-Tron effect. Maybe someday we will see a really intricate and huge MOC based on this temple with all the trap and stuff with Maul, moving platforms, etc. For now I just wanted a space to display Vader and Ahsoka together from (A-Wing vs Vader's TIE) together. I also really wanted to place the obelisk (which speaks to Ezra and Kanan) but it just wouldn't fit at this reduced scale. I did manage to get the Sith holocron in there, something for Ezra to take. TLG has poisoned me into adding the obligatory play features! Feedback of any kind for this little build is encouraged, but I've even more stoked to see someone else take a stab at this scene/playset. Since Rebels is ending Monday, now is a great time to pay tribute to a series that gave us some great new Star Wars builds to play with.
  8. Arthur Schopenhauer

    [MOC] Vader's TIE advanced x1

    Dear LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts, I'm glad to present to you my first MOC attempt, Lord Vader's personal TIE advanced, made in February. Last December, due to TFA hype, I've rediscovered my long-dozing passion for Star Wars and so/also, after more than 12 years, I restarted to build Legos. I was very disappointed, though, by TLG's 8017, and so I decided to design & build a TIE advanced, one of my favorite iconic starships, on my own. A great help came from the new cockpit parts (and sketch) from 75082 (Inquisitor's TIE advanced), which made everything simpler. Also, after discovering EB, I was able to admire many great MOCs, and certainly was influenced by many of them (moreover, discovering bricklink was quite like finding a goldmine). I've tried my best to obtain a balance among movie accuracy, playability and extreme SWOOOOOSHability. The model is in minifig scale, and even if it's quite big (with respect to 8017 and 75150), it's very lightweight. Piece count is about 500. I hope these photographs will give you a quite faithful portrait of my model, anyway I find their lack of tridimensionality disturbing. (Imgur album: As regards the wings/solar panels, I tried to make them look as streamlined as possible, in contrast with the popular thick-contoured solution as seen in 9492 TIE (I was happy to see that TLG used a very similar approach in set 75150, TIE advanced + A-wing from Rebels). Rear views: Having a closer look to the central "core": i decided to use those smooth quarter-of-half-sphere pieces for the rear part of the cockpit. To recreate the gradual emergence of the central rectangle on the back, i placed small sloped pieces by its side, as you can see. (You can see that the wing/solar panel attachments are really solid. In fact the model is extremely swooshable and it won't come apart even in performing the most extreme flying maneuvers :D :D) As regards the front of the cockpit, I tried my best to give it a spherical outline: Inside of the cockpit (partially disassembled to look better inside): And finally the underside, showing the play features: laser shooters, activated by sliding with a finger on the round valve, and the engine-hyperdrive compartment with a special place to clip Vader's lightsaber. Unfortunately, i'm missing the minifigure of Lord Vader himself. When i'll get one, i'll update this post with a photo of him inside the cockpit. I hope that you will appreciate my little model, and I can't wait to receive your feedback and suggestions. :)
  9. R5-N2

    [MOC] Camping Wars

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... (Actually no, it was this summer on the Côte d'Azur ...) After a fierce fight against the rebellion, it is time for paid leave for DARTH VADER. On board the IMPERIAL DARK NAP, armored intergalactic camper-van with all options, he goes to the "Camping du Gai Pinson". The arrival of the Evil Lord and the henchmen of the Galactic Empire will not go unnoticed. Welcome to the Dark Side Camping ... All pics here :
  10. spirogero

    [MOC] Paternal care

    What we haven't seen from the duel of Vader with Luke on Bespin: when Vader slashed Luke's right hand, he offered him some... treatment (a-la Sith) for the wound. A Hansaplast band (with his photo on it)! Luke: Dad... You slashed my hand! Vader: Shut up, son. Here... Take this. father&son1b by Spiros Geropoulos, on Flickr More on FlickR. MOC inspired by the Star Wars branded Hansaplast bands. I used sets 75110 and 75111 and built the environment to scale (quite large).
  11. Darth Stripy

    [MOC] MINI Death Squadron

    Just want to share to all lego star wars fans my mini sized Death Squadron for those with a limit on bricks.(the executor is a bit too big in bricks but the right proportions in size) And the whole of Death squadron. The ISD Devastator that's all!
  12. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Darth Vader

    Darth Vader. Fully poseable, made from the Constration figure a good friend got for me in Malaysia. Two Kylo Rens died so that he could be built... Mostly for the tabbards... Totally worth it. The fabric used in the Constraction line clings to itself electrostatically, so even though there's only a single attachment point for the cape, it can be shaped. Lightsaber and belt details. "Come with me." Thanks for watching.
  13. tfcrafter

    [MOC] UCS Imperial Shuttle

    This is my take on a minifig-scale UCS scale Imperial Shuttle from Return of the Jedi. Since I wasn't sure where to start, the worm gear mechanism is loosely based on the official set. However, the rest is a mix of my design with subtle cues taken from Marshal Banana's MOC and 10212. It features gear-driven wings, detachable landing gear, poseable weapons, and an opening canopy with room for 4 minifigs.
  14. Sorry if this has been seen before on Eurobricks, but I just came across it and thought it was absolutely amazing! Wish I had this kind of talent! Power of the Dark Sideark Side-2 by LEGO 7, on Flickr
  15. I'm new doing Mocs and this is my second moc ever, it is the final scene in rogue one with Darth Vader fighting the rebels who tried to scape. I like so much RO and this part too, it's so epic and i haven't found any moc yet. I need some feedback to improve :)
  16. **Not official** The storm troopers are out on patrol duty when they come across a very different kind of Darth Vader...
  17. Darth Brik


    Hello, I'm Darth Brik, and I'm a new user. I need help to be a good "post". To help type a reply please.
  18. These MOCs are made from 50 pieces, no more, no less. Click on the images to get a breakdown/parts list, and you can make them for yourself!
  19. After years of turmoil between his parents, young Ben Solo has reached a turning point in his life. The strain of training to be a Jedi under his Uncle Luke's wing has been unbearable. The legacy of having the blood of royalty, evil and greatness tears at him. After a rigorous day of training with his Uncle and the other students, Ben Solo leaves the temple grounds on a worker transport platform. Passing the lush jungle and natural landscapes of Yavin 4, Ben felt a cold chill up his spine. A mysterious haze of curiosity and calmness overcame him to find the source of his experience. Looking below the short cliff, he found a waterfall that seemed to be calling to him. Banking hard and fast toward the waterfall, Ben felt a heightened state of anxiety, anger, and fear. Drawing his custom lightsaber while approaching the waterfall Ben Solo stood in cautious while peering into an apparition of his own likeness. Masked by the mist of the waterfall, a robotic voice called to Ben from beyond its own darkness. I have not participated in any of these contests before so I hope I'm doing this right. This small MOC sits on a 32x32 baseplate.When I first read about this contest, this image popped in my head and I thought it would be interesting to visualize. Creating the rockfaces on boths sides is a technique I do not normally employ, but decided to challenge myself and try for this.This was built very much with a perspective and point of view in mind. One look from another angle the internal workings and behind the scenes become visible. Here is the picture unedited. The picture above had minimal editing of some sharpness, color and brightness correction based on the angle of the lighting and camera positioning. Here is a zoomed out shot of the entire MOC. I don't know if this is frowned upon or not, but here are the behind the scenes Pictures Top Down shot showing the wiring for the lighting running from the waterfall to the platform. [ Shot of the open back panel to control lighting and revealing our apparition from behind the waterfall. I achieved the silhouette of the Vader Force ghost by shining a bright white LED straight at the background white board which in turn caused a soft white reflection of light on Vader creating his shadow on the waterfall. That took countless attempts to get it to look halfway decent. I contemplated removing pieces of the waterfall to expose him but ultimately decided against it. So I hope you enjoyed. Like I said this is my first time doing this so input on what is expected and what is wrong is appreciated. I hurried to get this done as I will be traveling for a portion of the month starting next week. I look forward to participating in more of these. My Flickr
  20. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Planetary Battle On Eriadu

    hey everyone hope you enjoy this small MOC I threw together (based on empire at war) to break some of the thin ice between the season finale of Jabiim season I and the start of Jabiim season II.
  21. A lighter side of the dark side :) Vader's puppies by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Swimming on the dark side (3) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Swimming on the dark side (2) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Swimming on the dark side (1) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr Swimming on the dark side (4) by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr
  22. Brick Architect

    Lego Donald Trump Parody

    Hello, Here's my last Funny Video in Lego. It's about Mr Donald Trump. Enjoy!
  23. Hello! This project took me around 1 month to finish. One month for 50'ish seconds movie. That includes 5 days of actual shooting. Thinking, planning, writing, editing, montage and of course building took the rest of that time. Warning! I suggest to watch movie before continue reading because text contains spoilers. Ah, and it might be worth to watch 2 times, because action is pretty fast and can be hard to notice all the flavors. Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Brickfilm MOC: K4L Shuttle Transporter, escape from the Vader Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  24. When I saw the preliminary pictures of the new TIE Advanced vs A Wing, I was very excited for the new TIE, and not so happy that the A wing made the price substantially higher. I might still cave in and but the set when it comes out, but for now, here's mine. You can find more pictures on my Flickr page. Leave a comment on what can be changed or improved.
  25. This is mini diorama I made for Polish LUG contest. The task was to build scene from the Star Wars universe. It had to be scene from movies or extended universe. Additional requirement was to fit it in 16x16 studs. Read more Tie Fighter cutscene for reference: Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - Star Wars - Vader kills Admiral Harkov Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.