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  1. darththeling

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thank you for letting me know, my PO box was still empty last week of Lego catalogs so I ordered one. Lego's been known to skip catalogs on me before so I feel my paranoia is justified. :) For those of you that didn't know about that service and appreciates having a physical catalog: https://shop.lego.com/en-CA/CATALOGS
  2. If done like in the recent past, first a 2019 Set Discussion forum would be on made and on standby and when the first image(s) from 2019 sets would leak, the forum would go live to all members for discussion.
  3. IGN has some great new angles to see in this review video. It looks a lot more like Cloud City when you see in on a flat angle than the views we've seen so far from the official photos.
  4. darththeling

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Anyone not getting catalogs anymore? I'm on the East Coast of Canada and the last Lego Shop at Home catalog I got was January with the Diner on the front. Summer 2018 catalog didn't come so I requested a catalog in late June via the website. 2 weeks later, the January 2018 one came again, with the Diner on the front. So my question is: Has anyone in Canada gotten a summer catalog? I think it has the Han Solo falcon on the front - and maybe this was sent to only Americans (or some areas of Canada?)
  5. darththeling

    Trench Run MOC to Display Minifig Scale Ships

    Really nice, I especially like the techniques used to create your thermal exhaust port.
  6. What do you like about the new sets? Which 2018 set from the next wave would you say is the best and why? Which 2018 set would you say is the second best? Which of the new sets do you think would be a good Day 1 purchase? Which of the new minifigs is the best out of all of them and ... what's the one set from this wave you think was missing and should have been included? Can't see buying the Porg and displaying it as such... it looks a bit like nightmare fuel, but it has great parts. It might be useful in expanding Cloud City. Is anyone planning on buying several Porg and having... a Porg party?
  7. Yes, you can see a few bits underneath from one of the stock photos. The old Cloud City 10123 had little 'stilts' like that. It helps maintain the illusion that the city floats in the sky. I am happy with the absence of a lower fin holding up the structure - I don't want it to go flipping off the table when placing minifigs inside. Have we discussed handles yet? Because I'm wondering if the Technic pieces inside the four 'spokes' along the top of the walls are in some way able to 'pop out' so you can carry the city around with ease. Otherwise I guess we'll have to scoop up the whole platform from the bottom. How soon until they drop the official Lego Designer Video? Not much more we can squeeze out of these photos for analysis.
  8. That's a good point. Re: The new Master Builders label, I read somewhere* [salt+grain] that the new classification is meant for System scale playsets; leaving gigantic UCS style ships for Star Destroyers, i.e. ships without interiors.
  9. Tell me about it. I'm already jumbling multicolored pieces together from my spare bin to get a sense of the dimensions. For the fussy modder, this set is a hell of a great starting point for an outstanding MOD. Inclined to agree with you, although I read today that the Empire Strikes Back cloud car studio filming model was apparently red - we see orange in it because of the light saturation in the scenes on Bespin - they arrive at sunset. Of course it's confusing because all the Cloud Car toys since then (including the original Kenner toy) appear to be orange as well. Pretty sure they are straight up orange in the videogames like Battlefront. Anyway... for those that prefer orange, they can moc away at it. For me, I've two vintage 7119's that are going in. The landing pad should fit one of them very nicely. On that note - I am really not liking that Slave-1 and will be junking it for parts. Would have prefered -$10-$15 off in relative price value, really. I know why it's in the set but... most of us already have at least one version of Slave-1. EDIT: Just found someone made this, for scale: That extra triangular wedge around CC's circumference really gives it some girth.
  10. Well, you could say that 75222 has the same shape of Cloud City as 10188 has the shape of the Death Star. As long as you admire it from very selective right angles.
  11. Mmm, I had the same thought, I guess it all came down to stability. They probably tried to do that, make a build with a layer underneath. The moment you try to put a figure on the platform, it'll flip over unless it has some ugly pillars for support. Maybe we can see some variations in the designer video when it drops. Anyone have an estimate on that based on previous UCS releases? Not sure about you guys but I've been just eye-soaking this things for the past hour or so. This layout is magnificent. It is a sumptuous feast of delicious details. A lot of posts are talking about the overall package - start identifying the parts that equal the sum of the build. They've got so many things right in the dining room. Wide open spaces: the landing platform is gorge. I won't be using their Slave-1, but I'll be arranging a sqaud of Lando's finest there for secure arrivals. They used the room where C3P0 gets blasted!! Well done I really wasn't expecting that space, but it's a welcome inclusion. The red 'security tower' hall way... excuse me, I've something in my eye again... A BEAUT. That space included in such a correct way warms my heart, guys, we are going to be able to re-create the THIS DEAL'S GETTING WORSE ALL THE TIME scene. Come on! Very few of us with custom mocs have been able to recreate that iconic scene. I pray Lego doesn't alter the deal any further. /Gush Cost is $400.00 for Canadians, if anyone's curious. EDIT: Back view
  12. Perfect. Been waiting for this for nearly 2 decades, so forgive me if price seems irrelevant (runs off to sell several Transformers to pay for this monster!!) It has a whole bunch of things I wanted and some things I never knew I wanted. Quite simply put I am in disbelief because part of me wondered if TLG had something this clever in them, turns out they did. I say this with Assault on Hoth in mind. They had the capacity to over-disappoint. Looks like they managed to squeeze in every room? The design and layout is similar to a Cloud City moc by a builder named iliad2099, His build incorporates a layout so similar to this... one quadrant for the landing platform, one for the carbonite chamber. There is no underside... and I am sure that gives the build some stability.
  13. Agreed - my word choice was poor, shelf-warming meaning no one is buying. My meaning was that we've been seeing this kit on shelves since January 2015 - and that's a long time. Glad to hear those who have been waiting on it are preparing to buy it before it's retired. Still skeptical about the Resistance U-55 orbital load lifter being a real thing, let me break down why I don't think we're getting one: Lego likes to make sets with play features or good guys/bad guys balance. The only feature of these transports is that they explode (being fired on by the Supremacy). This is too dark for TLG to produce - it's nearly the same as having a Lars Homestead set where you can incinerate Owen and Beru. We already have the Resistance Troop Transporter - 75140 as well as the Resistance Transport Pod - 75176. Do we realistically see another Lego kit with "Resistance Transport" written on it? Marketing-wise, it doesn't compute with that name. I'll eat my hat if they are called "U-55 Orbital Load Lifters." This kit (or the Raddus) should have included Holdo, rather than the bomber kit - a scene which prefaces Holdo's introduction by about half the movie. Lt. Konnix would be a better anyway, she was in charge of the evac on D'Qar. Ideally, this kit would have Ep.8 Leia, Konnix and Holdo. There is an excellent MOC and build video out there by hachiroku24, it is a brilliant little build. I've built one and want to build a few more because they are light on the piece count.
  14. The reasoning is fair enough, but I think IIRC there were some unconfirmed eyewitness reports a few months ago (or few dozen pages ago here) that indicated that a mini Slave 1 build was part of 75222 Cloud City. Is the UCS Slave 1 still warming shelves?
  15. darththeling

    [MOC] SOLO: a Star Wars Story - Mimban

    This is really great because it certainly looks/feels like Mimban, even though in the film, there's not much to see! Mud and some very obscure landscape features in the distance. Anyway, I really love this MOC. Any chance of a Chewbacca cage/pit MOC to go along with it?