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  1. Agreed - my word choice was poor, shelf-warming meaning no one is buying. My meaning was that we've been seeing this kit on shelves since January 2015 - and that's a long time. Glad to hear those who have been waiting on it are preparing to buy it before it's retired. Still skeptical about the Resistance U-55 orbital load lifter being a real thing, let me break down why I don't think we're getting one: Lego likes to make sets with play features or good guys/bad guys balance. The only feature of these transports is that they explode (being fired on by the Supremacy). This is too dark for TLG to produce - it's nearly the same as having a Lars Homestead set where you can incinerate Owen and Beru. We already have the Resistance Troop Transporter - 75140 as well as the Resistance Transport Pod - 75176. Do we realistically see another Lego kit with "Resistance Transport" written on it? Marketing-wise, it doesn't compute with that name. I'll eat my hat if they are called "U-55 Orbital Load Lifters." This kit (or the Raddus) should have included Holdo, rather than the bomber kit - a scene which prefaces Holdo's introduction by about half the movie. Lt. Konnix would be a better anyway, she was in charge of the evac on D'Qar. Ideally, this kit would have Ep.8 Leia, Konnix and Holdo. There is an excellent MOC and build video out there by hachiroku24, it is a brilliant little build. I've built one and want to build a few more because they are light on the piece count.
  2. The reasoning is fair enough, but I think IIRC there were some unconfirmed eyewitness reports a few months ago (or few dozen pages ago here) that indicated that a mini Slave 1 build was part of 75222 Cloud City. Is the UCS Slave 1 still warming shelves?
  3. darththeling

    [MOC] SOLO: a Star Wars Story - Mimban

    This is really great because it certainly looks/feels like Mimban, even though in the film, there's not much to see! Mud and some very obscure landscape features in the distance. Anyway, I really love this MOC. Any chance of a Chewbacca cage/pit MOC to go along with it?
  4. Great reference pic, thanks for sharing. I was comparing it to the leaked ugnaught with the one that comes with the carbon freezing chamber 75137. Maybe the blue overalls look is reserved for maintenance workers - the carbon chamber, the garbage incinerator. This new grey tunic ugnaught from the leaked set could indicate a more white-collar type of worker around Cloud City. Agree about the accuracy of the print. These leaks we find online might be the result of someone raiding the garbage from a factory doing quality assurance? This could be an early draft ugly duckling.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I understand the feeling a lot of people here get that the throne room is overpriced and/or underwhelming. Based on the official photos out now I tried building a sketch model of the set and I have to say... it looks bigger and better in person. I think it's going to end up being one of the best sets of the wave... but not one that everyone buys. It reminds me of the old Palpatine's Arrest kit... it was kind of an ugly duckling at the time, but now it's quite valuable. https://brickset.com/sets/9526-1/Palpatine-s-Arrest Agree with others that the swoop bike kit is a must buy... great Beckett fig (Woody!) and the swoop riders are exceptional.
  6. darththeling

    [MOC] MG-100 Bomber (1:250 Scale)

    What a great build and use of pieces! How amazing would it be to have a fleet of these displayed advancing towards a First Order Dreadnought...
  7. darththeling

    [MOC] Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi -AT-M6 Walker

    Great scale and dimensions! The legs are fantastic. And I really love the texture of the ground of Crait.
  8. darththeling

    [MOC] MINI Kessel run Millennium Falcon (Solo)

    Nice work! I like the interpretation and the details like the single gun replacing the quad guns - but the cherry on top is that custom label for the display plate!
  9. darththeling

    [MOC] Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy

    Thank you! There are other builds which really beef up the midsection and front end more but... I'm thinking this is close enough for now. :D Thank you, and yes that's what I've been wondering. All my display shelves are full and it wouldn't fit on them anyway. I think for now I'll just have to clear the rest of the Lego, toys and junk from my desk in the pics and just keep it right there. I can still work at the computer - and as this build is the current apple of my eye, can admire it up close. Eventually I will have to have a First Order shelf and the Supremacy can dangle precariously on the top. Hahaha, it just might! It's very easy to pick up and probably weighs a little over 2kg? It might not go very far mind you ... Thank you for the comments, guys!
  10. We learned about this ship just before The Last Jedi came out and I feel it must be included in any comprehensive First Order display. It's Snoke's boudoir!! Next sunny day I've got to take this outside for better snaps. It seems highly likely that we'll get an official one someday but I'm not one for waiting... The front and bottom are not quite finished. Will update once the parts are in. It's 168 studs long! I wanted it to be slightly longer than the SSD Executor. The 'sandwich' format has most of the ship at a height of 1 brick + 2 plates while the middle part is exactly 3 bricks + 1 plate high at the highest point. I was motivated and inspired by LegoProvoBro's build that he's had on YouTube since the film came out. It's a monster size-wise but also had a really nice little interior so I was trying to pull something like that off. This summer's official Lego throne room set 75216 turned out to be a must buy and therefore I could proceed building a Supremacy MOC without the restrictions of an interior. Since I've been building this in my head for several months it didn't take too long to put it together. It was much easier for suss out the build with a pile of parts than plan out in LDD (which I have been floundering with for months). So I scuttled my Royal Nubian starship moc (which needs to be rebuilt with slopes anyway) and I was able to complete the top layer of plates with that alone. That was night #1. Night #2 I put the wedges in (borrowed from the System Falcon) and flushed out the interior "meat" of the ship with mostly regular 2x2 and 2x4 bricks. Despite being incomplete it is remarkably sturdy. Night #3 Tore apart the 75046-1: Coruscant Police Gunship for parts, as well as a couple of other half finished MOCs. I added the bottom plates and put most of the details in. I'd say it's 98% complete. I need a few more studs for the bridge area and some color-corrected wedges but otherwise she's ready to come out of the Unknown Regions at last and punish the New Republic!! Sorry - these pics are so ugly. My office is messy. Better pics to come and please let me know what you think. I'd be especially glad to hear from others on this forum also working on a MOC of the Supremacy... what kind of scale are you using and what are the challenges and so forth. It was very liberating to approach this project without the need to include an interior (same goes for the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship).
  11. There is something very 'Ronald McDonald' about those Kessel mine workers.
  12. Really impressed with the choices of parts: that engine turbine piece makes a great docking port on either side. Is that custom sticker work on the cockpit piece? I love the blue coil piece being used as the engine.
  13. darththeling

    [MOD 7662] Studless & Bulky

    It looks great! Nice modding. They look awesome together in the glass like that. You can't understate the sleekness of a studless build. Is the old MTT much taller than the new one?
  14. Here's a small playset idea. I've had it on the back burner (please excuse the dust!) not really sure if it 'works' or not, but it's kind of unbelievable that Lego hasn't given us this in an official set yet. This represents a quarter of the room... it would take a minimal investment to create another 1/2 or make a full circle but I'm not sure it's necessary. It was important to me that the senate pods were simple and small. They should be able to to whipped around by Yoda and Palps. I had some color in them but they didn't look right. I think all medium stone grey is the way to go. I'd like to see an official set like this around the $30 price point, a la carbonite chamber. Thanks for looking. Feedback welcome.
  15. darththeling

    The Havoc [MOC]

    A great ship (never seen it) and an inspiring build! Thanks for sharing such excellent photos. Clearly a lot of preening and delicate tile work went into making the hull so smooth - it's very satisfying to look at!