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  1. Not ten months after I gave up the idea of doing a System scale Naboo queen's cruiser with space for minifigs, hachiroku24 knocks it out of the park with his excellent build, Nubian Royal Starship MOC. This video is his build: Using spare parts and wrecking my old build, I pounded my version of this MOC out last Saturday, squeezing some light grey bits from other builds. Even though I've only used about maybe 60-70% of the original build, the result is stunning. A long awaited piece for the Phantom Menace display. I am sorry that I forgot to remove the distracting blue decals from the Mandalorian speeder parts while taking these pics - will take more pictures soon of this build as I try and swap out parts to improve it over time. I was able to get the base pretty close (except the nose) and the top, but took many liberties, especially with the underside and interiors. As for the middle, the original build uses two plates for reinforcement but since I am desperately low on light grey wedges I tried to make it work with only one plate thickness. Really happy with the 4 small interiors - throne room (Queen Amidala from Gungan sub can only lie down with the lid closed), cockpit for Ric Oliee, Droid bay with a little hyperdrive build in the middle and the loading ramp. I sacrificed a bit of slope here to accommodate my interior. Still need to install some landing struts for the underside. Love hachiroku24's use of the flat 3x3 macaroni piece on top and bottom of the cockpit. It really pops from all angles and this build is swooshable as hell! Looks so great next to the N1 cruiser. This is an inspired build, and I'd like to send a special shout out to hachiroku24 for sharing this and other fine builds on his channels.
  2. darththeling

    75217 Conveyex Mod - full length train

    Totally love this, was thinking of something similar or at least buying one additional kit and having them displayed back-to-back. Did you buy a bunch of kits on sale or just Bricklink each middle carriage/car individually? 75217 never gets enough love so it's nice to see a moc like this. Thanks for sharing!
  3. darththeling

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    They aren't for collectors like us who already have them... the re-releases are primarily for the young kids starting out as Star Wars fans or new fans that don't yet have an X-Wing, a Falcon, etc. Additionally, I get a lot of pleasure in scrapping old builds to replace new builds. For example, I love the look of the 20th anniversary Slave 1... so I'm already planning on building something else with the parts my old Slave 1 from 2007. It's a win-win. As far as taking a break (from releasing Star Wars kits) is concerned... shareholders in the company would be baffled if Lego paid the extreme Lucas/Disney licensing and then sat on the IP and did nothing to profit from it for an extended time. It seems like a really bad business decision. But the criticism that Star Wars ST doesn't do enough to come up with fresh designs - there's certainly some validity in that observation, but the onus is on the people that make Star Wars rather than Lego to provide new designs. For the ST, I felt the Resistance bomber, quadjumper, Rey' speeder, island of Atch-to were good, fresh shelf pieces that add variety to my display. The weakest probably the Battle of Crait and Han's freighter (Rathtar escape) but at least both were new designs.
  4. darththeling

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Ahem, death sticks They surely appear to be, maybe Imperial-I class? In a brightened image, you can see they've been retrofitted with
  5. darththeling

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Lt. Connix in the A-Wing. Not the end of the world, but I think this means we aren't getting an official U55 orbital loadlifter (transports from Ep. 8) Yoda: cover art is kinda nightmare fuel, but then again bricks ALWAYS look better in person, in 3D than 2D photos. I can't believe I am going to have to buy another Y Wing! At least it does deviate somewhat visually from the OT era starfighters. Speeder Chase: It's okay - I am intrigued by the minimal 'kiosk' looking build behind it; always interested in building many of these kinds of things to populate displays of frontier worlds. Falcon: An easy pass, but I'd like a closer look at the bug eyed alien. Death Star Cannon - A surprise to me, looks like they are making a bunch of DS scene for those with smaller budgets, great. Wonder if they'll do just the trash compactor. Laughed when I saw Kylo's shuttle in black with the correct wing configuration. Almost as if they'd been reading our incessant complaining about it (previous shuttle) since 2015! IX Speeder, Mando AT-ST are day 1 purchases for me. Great wave.
  6. darththeling

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Agreed, getting A New Hope Leia in 75229 at a great price point at last was a relief. Surely there's a TROS Leia coming someday. I would hold out hope for a TLJ Leia as well. Maybe not as part of a Resistance orbital load lifter set but something else. The lifter would be great and I'd buy two of them, but I don't see TLG making one where they can instead make the bridge of the Raddus at a much lower piece count, still include Connix and push us another Poe and C3P0 (and action feature to launch Leia Poppins into the cosmos). Like the layout of Home One 7754. Were there any early 2019 TLJ set rumors that dried up completely? The only two I remember reading about here was the U55 Resistance transport (load lifter) and the Escape from Canto Bight set - fathier horses and a police speeder.
  7. darththeling

    [MOC] Sienar Systems TIE/LN "Eyeball"

    Excellent balance of scale and dimension with the smooth parts. Things line up very nicely.
  8. darththeling

    [REVIEW] 75216 - Snoke's Throne Room

    Never have I seen this playset look this good. Awesome snaps, makoy. Another vote here from someone who greatly prefers the traditional text&photo review to video reviews.
  9. darththeling

    [MOC] MINI Mining Guild Tie (Rebels)

    Love it. A simple build, but instantly recognizable from the Rebels episode The Call. The custom decals are terrific!
  10. darththeling

    [MOC] Rebel Munitions Speeder (& Crane)

    Skillfully constructed and they look at home in the SW universe. The missile racks are great addition, reminds me of the crew of The Ghost going on raids to find explosives. Thanks for sharing.
  11. darththeling

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    At that size, he looks like maybe 1:1 scale with the 'real' Yoda. "Judge me by my size, do you?" - Master Yoda
  12. darththeling

    [MOC] Yavin IV Rebel Base

    Here's my rendition of the rebel base at Yavin IV's Massassi temple. I was working from the sketch model as an inspiration from the DK Star Wars Lego: The Visual Dictionary from 10 years ago. This one isn't as big or fancy, I didn't make the exterior of the temple with quite as many radial outcropping as the 'real' one and instead opted for a simpler, square-ish approach. But getting all the important locations in there was key - briefing room, command center with map of Death Star approaching, medal ceremony hall and of course the trooper from Alderaan in the watch tower.
  13. Years ago I shared this build - The updated build is a complete rip-apart and rebuild of that one, save the engines which are nearly the same. I've abandoned the System-scale 'must fit minifigs' into my current builds, especially for such a swoopy, curve-heavy shape of a ship. Instead, I tried getting the overall shape as close as possible, without worrying about throwing heaps of parts at it. The result is a build that is what, about 250-300 parts? For your limited budget. It is GREAT to get this ship on the shelf. You can't have a complete Phantom Menace without it. I don't have instructions for this but I think you can see from the bottom and top there's nothing too fancy. And maybe there are some angles where I can make better choices. But I can't figure out what to do about the windscreen. There doesn't seem to be an appropriate transparent part at this scale and I'm not feeling using 1x2 grill plates. So for now the viewport is... not there. A down side (besides having no interior) to this scale is that it doesn't scale well with existing system scale N-1 starfighters, which are about the same size.. Lots of fans love this iconic ship. It's time for Lego to make one at or around the $100-$150 mark.
  14. darththeling

    [MOC] Yoda vs Palpatine Senate Chamber Duel

    Managed to 'round' this build out a bit more with a trip to Bricklink: Thanks! The senate pods are very lightweight and low piece count so The Emperor can throw them around. I tried using transparent parts but I felt it was getting expensive, so I am trying staggering the pods on two levels to give it some feeling of depth. Now every pod has a balcony to dock with. I tried using screen-accurate colors on the pods, but they just look better in this simple build all one color, I think. Cheers, I was thinking launching pods might be too parts-heavy for a little build like this, but maybe not. A simple, well placed lever could do the trick... it would be hilarious to go around the whole arena popping them all off at Yoda [Palpatine laugh]. A set with an epic duel like this should have an action feature, too. I'll see what I can do. I'm not even against flipping Yoda into a flashy red Bail Organa speeder for a getaway... now that we're apparently getting a Bail minifig. Thanks! I really enjoy your Geonosis Arena set, too!
  15. darththeling

    [MOC] Lothal Market feat. Meiloorun and Jogan fruit

    Thank you for the feedback, GuyDudeMan27 and Fuppylodders. Although I doubled down with using a yellow base for the vendor kiosks for now, I do now agree with you both about using a tan color for the ground (and grass) of Lothal. Adding buildings was an excellent idea, too. With some help from 1070 parts pack with some new pastel colors, this build finally got upgraded. Added some buildings to make the scene more 'urban' and included a civilian speeder based on the RGC-18 landspeeder shown frequently in Rebels & The Clone Wars. I realize that the color scheme on Lothal's skyline is a lot more grey but I have more color than I have grey at the moment. In the show, the accent colors on buildings are often the result of posters and murals - so I'm trying to go for that flavor. The buildings don't have finished backs or interiors but they should. Been enjoying a Rebels rewatch lately - it stoked me to push this build. What an excellent show. Here are a few configurations: ^ Obligatory 'menace the jogan fruit vendor' pic. There's more to come on this build, it needs a bit of highway now so I can fit a bunch of Imperial troop transports in there somewhere.