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  1. Brick Architect

    Lego Police Chase

    Hello! I've made a funny video based on the 60128 set: Police Pursuit. The Lego Police Chase Enjoy!!
  2. Hi everybody! Have a look at my last Parody in Lego about the song "Sorry" from Bieber. Enjoy.
  3. Brick Architect

    Lego Donald Trump Parody

    Hello, Here's my last Funny Video in Lego. It's about Mr Donald Trump. Enjoy!
  4. Brick Architect

    Funny Camping Day!

    The little Bricks Family is going Camping! Let see what happens... (Movie based on the Set 60117 Van & Caravan Lego City) Enjoy!
  5. Hey! Here's a new Short funny Movie about the Lego 60126 Set : Tire Escape. Enjoy!!! You can Visit my Channel for more fun: There is quite of an [unwanted] Easter Egg in this movie... I will let you find it.
  6. Hi There! I'm Brick Archiect and I really love Lego System. I like to see Brick Film and personal builds! You can visit my YouTube Channel at: Enjoy!!!
  7. Brick Architect

    LEGO Star Wars Funny Rey's Speeder Short Film

    Thanks, Yes it's Funny. And well sorry for Rey but this Unkar's Thug guy is quite stupid! More to come in February!
  8. Hello users! I'm glad to show you my first lego movie: A funny short film about the Lego Star Wars 75099 set: Rey's Speeder! Enjoy! More to come!