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Found 16 results

  1. +++ UPDATE 27/December/2016 +++ Happy holidays eurobricks! I have some new pictures of my Venator. You can check out my flickr for more pictures. I will upload more as soon as possible. First post also edited. greetings Kommander +++ UPDATE 3/December/2016 +++ Long time no see eurobricks! Today my Venator enters the sky above the ship yards of Rothana Heavy Engineering. As the project manager I proudly present you the capital ship “ATELLES”- a Venator class star destroyer. Back in 2005 when I saw the Star Wars Epi. 3 starting sequence in the theaters – I was like “I really have to build one of these giants!” Then a few years later and already earning my own money I started the wip. The plan was building a venator bigger than the Lego ISD (10030). While processing the project there were 2 points of massive improvements. Each time I change the size and the new version was bigger than the old one. The building time on the last version of the Venator I´m showing you in this thread was only about 2 years. Now be at university the time has come to finish this ship. Over the whole 7 years I ordered about 100 times at Additional to these orders I used a lot of my own bricks in storage. I don’t know how many bricks I used for the Venator. It have to be something above 45000 pieces with a weight of 65 kg. The construction of the inner structure and the frame is basically like the #10030 IDS. A structure made out of technic bricks carrying the whole ship. This technique is easy to scaling up to big dimensions. The Venator´s of Erik Varsegi and Iomedes were always leaders in supersized star destroyers and a good orientation for my project. At one point my Venator should be one of those as well and I destroyed the old version and made a bigger one. This Venator how hitting the length of 220 cm x 117 cm x 68 cm. A bit smaller than the others. However, the thing was building this ship as accurate as possible. Some details of the origin Venator from the Movie has been changed or replaced with own ideas like the frame structure at the surface. The overall impression has to match and looks smooth. For those they want to know about construction details here we go. In the middle of the ship is a massive string - the ship´s “backbone”. Different sections like the hangar or the thrusters are connected with it. The inner structure mostly consists of technic bricks, pins and plates. Simultaneously I build the “wing”-plating because the wedge-plates with their angles restrict the shape of it. And as you know the plating is a bit bigger so it can overlap the frame. The thickness of the plating is 5 layers of plates. One slope underneath and above the string create the first important angle. Each one has left and right technic bricks as well. On those the wings can be attached. Unfortunately I secured the underneath-plating with some wires because the weight was too much and I couldn´t find any alternative to fix this problem. It is the only thing that isn’t Lego. Glue also never touched this project. In every thruster is also a solid string with technic bricks. Rings consists of 8 hinge-elements are the basement for the use of round bricks for the shape. A unique technique which also looks pretty nice. To counteract a misalignment of the long thrusters I decided to install them with an increasing angle upwards. And as expected it works pretty well. The command tower as well as other sections can be detached easy. Reason behind this is of course for the transport. Next step is to exhibit this giant on events in Germany. Maybe I manage to change and improve some things unstill the first event. Finally the last step is selling this thing dissembled in components or complete as Moc. More pictures: - Kommander +++ Original Post +++ Hello Eurobricks, my name is Philipp and i`m a member of (IdS) and of course german :) Today i`m here introducing my work in progress UCS Venator. Some of you maybe discovered my litte turrents on flickr in various groups. At the beginning of the building progress in year 2008 i started with a size around 150 cm in lenght, but by passing the years i scale up the size to the Venator im showing you now. This ship hitting a lenght of 220 cm and has a width of 120 cm. Dimensions like Erik Varszegi`s Venator. Maybe a litte bit smaller. Btw. here you can see a picture of my first Venatorbuild. Looks kinda cute, isn`t it? Most things are finished...thrusters, guns, superstructure. I really can see the finish line. But this update/post is only for an overview. That means unfortunately no closeup pictures. The next and last milestone is the underside armor. In the meantime i`m going to fill the gaps and there`re still bricks that need to be changed. Before i forget; this is my flickr account: and here the original thread on IdS: http://www.imperiumd...estroyer/page-4 - Kommander
  2. Back in 2004 I built an Omega Class Destroyer from Babylon 5. As the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer was released 2 years earlier, I chose the same scale: 1:1600. It stands on my bookshelf for years, hence the pictures. The small ships on the bookshelf are a true to scale Earthforce One from Babylon 5 and a nearly true to scale F-303 Prometheus from Stargate SG-1. I did a lot of research, collecting multiple screenshots of Omega Class Destroyers to get the correct proportions an details but the most important reference was the PTEN model: Some details look a little bit odd today because a lot of bricks, that are common now, weren't available in 2004. For example, the round structures in front of and behind the rotating section consist of slopes. Today I would build them with rounded slopes. Unfortunately I cannot just change the bricks because the Omega Class Destroyer is built completely with old light gray and dark gray bricks. (The six 75 degree dark gray inverted slopes at the front were goddam rare and aren't available even on Bricklink nowadays.) A special challenge was the unavailability of many SNOT-bricks in 2004 as at that time the only SNOT-bricks available were the headlight brick with the setback SNOT and a 1x4 brick. It was a hell of trial and error to get the correct gaps between the 12 red missile pods. Hyperion Class Cruiser an Narn Heavy Cruiser of same scale to come...
  3. Hello everybody! Allow me to introduce my new series of MOC. To begin - Russian frigates pr.1135 (NATO designation - "Krivak"). Built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Frigates pr.1135 - a unique series of warships, held at the Navy of the USSR and then Russia, Ukraine and India since the early 1970's to the present. In total 49 ships were built, and the construction of a serious improvement is still ongoing. "Krivak I" ASW-frigate "Krivak III" coast guard patrol ship more photos and information
  4. Heyho folks! Last weekend I started to built this litte version of a First Order Siege Dreadnought for the "IdS-MiMi 2018 - Minimize Me" contest. Not that huge and heavy like my other MOCs but still fun and engaging ;D In this album you can find more pictures and a breakdown of this tiny ship! Greetings Kommander
  5. UPDATE: Instruction avaiable - at BrickVault UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr Size: 109cm x 52cm x 25cm Parts: 7855 LEGO STAR WARS UCS FO Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Render by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr UCS First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer by Kommander, auf Flickr And some instruction pages. Instruction by Kommander, auf Flickr You can find more pictures HERE Original post: Hey Eurobricks I wanna share with you my new project - a First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer in UCS-scale. To avoid another long time MOC in WIP Nirvana I started this time with little help from LDD. Dimensions, main frame, angles... took me about a year to set these parts. Because of the LDD file I generated instructions and and part lists for me. On the picture you can see an early version of the ship and one of the latest with much more details. For the moment only one digital render of the ship. There will be some adjustments/tweaks in the "real" version but most of it works fine for me. I already finished the main frame with the instructions... and its good! More pictures will be on flickr Greetings Kommander
  6. Texte original en anglais: Bonjour, c'est mon MOC du Destructeur Super Star Executor en lego, commencé en juillet 2016. Je l'ai réalisé en partie avec les pièces du modèle collectionneur 10221 plus une très grande mesure pour atteindre 1,80 m de long. Je n'ai utilisé aucun logiciel et l'ai construit de manière semi-empirique (avec un travail de réflexion préalable, cependant). Du coup, je n'ai pas le nombre exact de pièces, pour l'heure, mais sans doute entre 6 et 7000 briques. Sans compter qu'il est encore inachevé. Pour l'heure, le château arrière et les réacteurs n'ont pas encore été montés. J'ai toutes les briques et sais comment je vais plus à la réserve pour le parfaire. D'ailleurs, il m 'Arriver encore de reprendre et de corriger quelques détails. Mais, dans l'ensemble, et sur le principe, et sur l'essentiel, il est "réglé". _________________ Traduit: Bonjour, ici, vous pouvez voir mon MOC de Super Star Destroyer Executor dans lego, je n'ai pas commencé à construire en juillet 2016. Je l'ai fait en partie à partir des pièces du modèle 10221 UCS, mais l'ai un Changer lourdement Pour le faire 1, 80m de long. Je n'ai utilisé aucun logiciel, je construis tout semi-empiriquement (avec un peu de planification à l'avance, bien sur). Par conséquent, je ne sais pas maintenant que la seule pièce compte à cet instant, mais c'est sans aucun doute entre 6 et 7000. C'est sans tenir compte du fait qu'il n'a pas été encore fini. Actuellement, la ville à l'arrière et les réacteurs n'ont pas encore été ajoutés. J 'Ai toutes les briques et je sais comment je vais continuer, mais je prendrai mon temps de faire tout simplement. Je dois encore revoir et corriger quelques détails. Mais dans l'ensemble,
  7. Hello lego Star Wars fans! I'd like to present to you my new MOC's on Star Wars theme. I have also submited these on Lego IDEAS and I'd be very grateful for each support. If you like it and want to support it, please follow the links bellow the images. There are also more images and informations on MOCpages. MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand MOCpages: SUPPORT on Ideas: MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer MOCpages: SUPPORT on Ideas: Feel free to let me know your oppinions in comments, either here or both on MOCpages or LEGO Ideas I hope you like it and big thanks to everyone who supported! Krištof
  8. Darth Stripy

    [MOC] MINI Death Squadron

    Just want to share to all lego star wars fans my mini sized Death Squadron for those with a limit on bricks.(the executor is a bit too big in bricks but the right proportions in size) And the whole of Death squadron. The ISD Devastator that's all!
  9. Detroitika

    [MOC] Droideka at Minifig Scale

    At the end of 2016 I built this detailed Droideka out of Lego, Brickarms, and Brickforge parts. Droideka by Detroitika, on Flickr The only modified parts are the tips of the blasters. They used to be an old dark gray antenna which I received broken in a garage sale lot. I cut it into four equal lengths and drilled a hole in each. No other Lego, discounting some cut flex tube, was harmed. I tried to build an interior like the Trade Federation ship from Episode I., but tried to light the picture like the interior of The Invisible Hand (Grievous' ship) from Episode III. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Takanuinuva

    Umarak the Destroyer Mods

    Umarak the Destroyer is an ok set but he wasn't bulky enough for my liking. So I've made a few changes to him. They are as followed 1. Completely redesigned the torso so its much bulkier 2. Bulked up legs slightly 3. Removed claw gimmick so he can have poseable wrists. 4. Changed up the horns on the mask. I didn't like how Umarak's horns went away when he put on the Mask of Control so I combined them with the Mask of Control's horns. Umarak's horns are now gold. 5. Moved the jaw up so its not hanging down so far. With that out of the way here are pictures. View from all sides http://www.brickshel...destroyer_1.jpg http://www.brickshel...destroyer_2.jpg http://www.brickshel...destroyer_3.jpg Comparison with my Umarak the Hunter mod. (I've made some more changes to Umarak the Hunter since the topic I posted about him) http://www.brickshel...destroyer_5.jpg Version with the original horns the set had in case someone wanted to see him like that http://www.brickshel...destroyer_6.jpg Lastly two poses. One of him screaming from his transformation. The other holding the trans orange and gunmetal version of his mask http://www.brickshel...destroyer_4.jpg http://www.brickshel...destroyer_7.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated.
  11. Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" with escort ships. Scale 1: 350, LDD. For aircraft carrier group, I used the newly built model aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" and the latest version of my ships project 956, 1135m, 1155 and 11551 built on the scale of 1: 350. More pictures you can see on my page Model aircraft carriers built using a set of documents from the Sluban M38-B0388. Since Sluban uses a large number of original parts, practically the whole ship had to be rebuilt. At the same time, I made a number of improvements to the weapons and design.
  12. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I made post about my MIDI-Scale starships featuring on LEGO Ideas. Lately, I finished this new image showing them in this epic combat from the very beginning of the Episode III. Considering my poor skills in image editing I'm quite satisfied with the result. You can find more info on MOCpages ( More images and informations about both ships can be found here: MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer Thank you for stopping by and special thanks to everyone who bothers with giving a support! Happy building!
  13. Hi guys, So this is my Moc of a imperial carrier. (my apology for the bad quality of the picture and my english...) This is a support ship in the army of the empire. he can deploy more drop ship, soldier , tie figher and more than a star destroyer and can support infantry on ground with is orbital cannon... front view hangar view (and orbital cannon) side view engine view I take the exemple of this ship to do it.
  14. Hello everybody! I love the naval theme, but unfortunately policies pursued by Legonot allow for the production of Lego designers on this subject. That has to do everything myself)) Allow me to introduce my MOC - Sovremenny-class destroyer. Last version built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Comments and suggestions are welcome. More photos you can see on my page -
  15. My English is very bad, I use the machine translator Guns: 4x1 130 mm B-13(Main Battery) 2x1 76 mm 34-K 5x1 37 mm 70-K 2x1 12.7 mm DshK 2x2 12.7 mm Colt-Browning 2x three-pipe torpedo tubes 39-YU Forgive me if i posted this not in the correct place.
  16. Devid

    E-Mote Destroyer

    My E-mote is not very happy to see you... is very angry and dangerous and probably he likes to destroy everything, I would not want to see him more angry than that!!! Put “I Like” on MOCpages or becomes angry !!hahahahh Link to other photo Original "E-mote" is an a idea of Tyler,this is the Link to his page