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  1. This is my first moc entry in Nar Eurbrikka so if I do this wrong can someone let me know? Thanks! Marching orders: With my 3 moves We are going 1 Left and 2 down to D22. As a group of troops were sent out to receive supply's from a nearby drop ship, the odd one out gets stuck with the work. Troop discrimination is something that the empire is struggling with at the moment and the emperor is giving monthly lectures on the topic and...look this months guest speaker is Darth Vader himself (He knows a lot about discrimination, specifically age discrimination)
  2. Location: Coruscant This takes place immediately following my Episode XVI entry. Part of this build was featured in my episode entry, so this is probably only eligible for partial xp... So … the rumors were true. Apparently. This holoimage came to me this morning, from one of my deep cover agents within the rebellion. How long have the rebels had it? Not long, as far as we can tell. How long until they attack? Days; maybe less. You’ll be shipping out after this briefing. So … our target is the rebel command ship? Not quite… No, of course not. With Grace, things are never that simple. This is the same Ops Room that Grace and I met in a month ago, when I first came to Coruscant. I’d come directly from Saleucami, with Tyria, two of Grace’s men and her droid. Then: A naval trooper offered to show Tyria to her quarters, but 2B said he’d been ordered to take me directly to the Ops Room. Courtesy requires me to warn you: if you attempt to draw any weapons in the presence of my mistress, I shall disarm you. In a very literal and permanent sense. Sergeant Kirana reporting for duty, ma’am. Sergeant Kirana, come in. We’re nearly finished. I follow 2B into the room as everyone turns back to their monitors. I’m a little thrown off balance. The last time I saw Grace in person she was coming off an extended deep cover op, posing as a civilian. She looked harmless – well, right up to the point where she stepped out of cover and killed a rebel gunner. Still, in my mind, I’d been picturing her as an innocuous older woman, not the no-nonsense ISB officer currently commanding the room. It looks like they’re running a joint operation with the Navy – a rare thing these days, when it seems like each branch of the military is out for itself, fighting to secure funding and territory against their rivals. The naval officer outranks her, but it’s obvious that Grace is in charge. Everyone knows it – except for the naval man - which is no doubt why he’s here. They wrap things up about 10 minutes later, and everyone slowly files out of the room, leaving only Grace and I. Tank Bait The Damsel in Distress. You look terrible. Yeah, well … it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Get used to it; it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I do have some good news – you’re not on any official ISB hit list. So … the Imp Cruiser that tried to shoot us down over Commenor? Gunning for Agent An, but once they saw you there, I think they decided to try and tie up loose ends. I got away, though. Am I still a loose end that needs tying? Negative. Turns out, the ISB Colonel who set you on Agent An’s trail was acting on his own. I’m not sure why he wanted Agent An dead, but he frakked up. He either didn’t realize, or didn’t care, that the Royal Guard was also looking for Goatm. They didn’t want him dead, though. They had other plans for him, poor bastard. Ok, so the mission against Agent An is a no-go. Won't the Colonel still come after me? He’s dead, Kirana. Along with his family, and most of his staff. The Royal Guard does not screw around. Ah. Roger that. So … what now? Now, you work for me. Work turned out to be more varied than I’d expected. A few big, joint ops like the battle at Xizor’s palace, and plenty of the kind of ‘deniable’ jobs that I’d gotten used to with my old SpecOps squad. But, we also spent a surprising amount of time doing what seemed like public relations work. Bringing medical supplies to an outer rim colony, evacuating refugees in the path of a planetary storm; we even trained a local security force that was having trouble with raiders. I don’t know if the ‘hearts and minds’ jobs came from up the command chain, or if they were Grace’s own initiative, but one thing was clear: she was playing a long game. Which brings us back to today. Now: This is Lieutenant Thrace Jepson, currently assigned to DS2 as a Weapons Officer. He needs a ride off the station, and you’re it. Um - we’re sort of overkill for a taxi mission, yeah? His father’s an admiral. Loyal to the Empire, but worried that the battle station is going to become an unsafe work environment for his only son. Probably soon. Can’t his buir get him transferred off? And look like he betting on a rebel victory? Not a good career move. But getting an admiral in your debt would be a great career move for you. I like it. I don’t know, ma’am. Sneaking onto the battle station and helping an officer go AWOL seems like… … treason? Oh, that’s rich Kirana, especially coming from you. What’s that supposed to mean? Last month, when you thought ISB forces were trying to kill you, what did you do? Did you turn yourself in, trusting in Imperial justice? No, you called me to come save your shebs, and I had to call in more favors than I like to do it. Why do you think those people owed me favors? You think they get assigned randomly each month? This is how the game is played, Kirana. There are no heroes here. No villains. It’s all shades of gray, and everybody’s doing what they can to take care of their own people. Get your kit sorted – the shuttle lifts off in 20. You'll get the details en route, but we're up against the clock. The rebels are coming.
  3. Lego predicts the future!

    Back in 2007 (a great year for lego Star Wars in my opinion) Lego released some ads to promote the first wave of sets, which included the first ever battle packs. However, they had to put the Clone Trooper battle pack in an ad featuring OT sets, considering the Droid one was done in a different ad. To get around the difference in the eras, Lego decided in the ad to give the stormtroopers clone markings and have them ride the speeds. For a few seconds at the start you can see a Imperial Shocktrooper leading the charge: Years later EA feature shocktoopers in their Star Wars Battlefront game, and lego makes them as figures!: It's a pretty crazy coincidence that amuses me greatly, i had to share it! Here is an image of the troopers using the speeder:
  4. Hi, Here I'm presenting a modified unit from the Dark Trooper Squad that I created several years ago. This is a small sample of a much larger project that I'm working on based off of the Dark Forces video game, which was released way back in 1995. It might be too Warhammer-ish for some folks, but thats ok, enjoy! Dark Trooper Heavy Flamethrower 2 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Dark Trooper Heavy Flamethrower 1 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Dark Trooper Heavy Flamer Thrower 3 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr
  5. Note to judges: please don’t include these elements as part of my build for judging purposes: Rebel blockade runner - not a MOC, just a picture of 10019 that I found online and cut out Mini TIE interceptors – used in a previous build Approaching target - Careful, she’s moving fast - I can see that, watch your damn sector! Hey quit bickering on this channel, some of us are trying to sleep. Shut up, and brace – making final approach. Ah, another glorious day locked inside a metal tube, trying to hang on while our pilot matches speed with another ship, and then runs ours nose-first into the side of it. Officially, it’s an “Echo Class Assault Shuttle” but “Mynock” fits the ship too well for us to call it anything else. Larger picture on flickr Larger picture on flickr There’s a jolt as we make contact with the blockade runner and engage the magnetic clamps. Good lock, good seal! You boys are lucky – looks like she’s pressurized today. Starting torches. Blockade runner interior: We’ve been at it for two weeks now, first practicing on stationary platforms, then slow moving ships, fast moving ships, ships firing at us, ships trying to evade us. Two weeks. At least we have gravity today – and a pressurized target. Last week, The Mynock pulled away to simulate a battle loss, and poor Arjun got sucked right out the hole. He was fine, of course – our suits have a few minutes of air. Still, it seemed risky for a training exercise. Grace has something big planned, that much is obvious. We've been laying bets on what our final target will be. I've got 50 credits on a MonCal cruiser; Tyria's sure it's a Reb Space Station. I don't really care, as long as we get to hit it soon. We've got a briefing tonight - we're all hoping for new orders. Later... We're ready ma'am - do you have a target for us? Yes, Arjun, I do. Oh, shab ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for viewing! C&C always welcome - additional / larger pics on my flickr. Additional ship pictures: Behind the scenes:
  6. Ep1 Ep2 As we came back from the battle of Coruscant, we had a few days spend in the "regular" ways. But we just got the order to send our troops to Endor. Our ship, which could serve both firepower and transport, is an LT 995. It's a prototype vehicle, named LT 995 Transport Cruiser. It's developed to bring troops to dangerous situations, so it has 2 pilot seats, 2 gunner seats and 8 passenger seats.
  7. Hello Guys ! I show you my MOC of the Speeder Bike 614-AvA seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has closed dimensions of the minifig's scale (a little bigger) with 88 bricks. It's not perfect but better than the 75090 set I think. And next to my minifig's scale ITT (building instructions will come soon!) You can find my first tutorial to build it on my YouTube channel ! Link to Rebrickable : https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-9726/BricksFeeder/speeder-bike-614-ava-from-starwars-rebels/#comments If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! You can see my other topics : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  8. My first and hopefully not last MOC of 2017, enjoy!!! Detachment 1 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 2 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 3 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Detachment 4 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr
  9. Service Status: Still looking for somebody to perform this task. Hello, as the title states; I am for looking for somebody who can digitally design me a imperial base with a budget of $300 in total as well as create a list of bricks to purchase from bricklink so I can build it myself. I expect the model to be detailed, high quality, and look good. I never made any builds digitally so I'm not sure how I would be able to rebuild it from a online model but I'm sure you can help with that. Total build budget is $300. You get paid the remaining amount after cost of bricks. So for example, if the build costs $200 from the bricks, then you get $100 as payment. You may use any software as long as it can be easily reproduced physically. I think stud.io would be a good software to use as it links with bricklink to buy parts easily. Here are the specifications and features of the build. Also includes picture examples from similar MOCs and feedback on them. This document has been recently revised with more detail on 7/24, https://pastebin.com/9FDgvCRB Post here or PM me if you are interested in doing this service.
  10. [SoNE Freebuild - XV-I] Recognition

    Note - this build takes place immediately after my Episode XIV build. Saleucami Spaceport Too many people – way too many people here, I’m a sitting nuna, what the hell was Grace thinking, making me wait here in the open? Okay – calm down. If Grace thought the ISB was actively looking for me, she would have picked a better RV – she’s not stupid. Just need to relax, blend in, put a dumb smile on my face like I’m a normal civilian. That’s right, ignore me, I’m just your average ignorant yokel. What Galactic war? Huh? What’s for lunch? There, I make a great civilian. You make a lousy civilian. You need to slouch more. Tyria, what are you doing here? Same thing as you, obviously. Tyria and I had gotten off to a rough start. An ace TIE pilot, she'd been called in on her day off to fly me around Commenor, looking for fugitive ISB agent Goatm An. That flight came to an abrupt end when unknown Imperial forces tried to shoot us down, and after we'd escaped I had a flashback and tried to disarm her. We came to an understanding during our couple of days hiding out on Kuat, though. And by “understanding,” I mean that I apologized profusely and repeatedly, and she promised not to shoot me again unless it was absolutely necessary. Not sure why your friend picked such a crappy planet for the meet, though. Probably because this is my home planet, so I was already here for a visit. Oh. Oops. So, how was your visit? Ok, I guess. I mistook a thunderstorm for incoming – it got a little hectic. I hear that. I’ve been in lockup the past three days. What for? Got into a fight with a constable about whether traffic laws apply to me. Why wouldn’t they? <shrug> ‘Cause I’m really good at flying and – what wrong? I hear the distinctive march of stormtrooper boots a few seconds before they come around the corner. For an instant, I see the troopers the way others must see them. The way others must see me. Skull-like mask, empty eyes, unknowable and unstoppable. Then the moment passes, and I notice all the other details. Lazy formation. Dirty weapons. Half alert, at best. It’s a good thing they’re not here for me – I could draw my blaster and drop at least 2 of them before they got a shot off. They’re not here for me, though. Looks like an escort for some banking clan bigwig. Probably a good call; people here don’t have fond memories of the separatists. One of the first lessons I learned in SpecOps was not to look where everyone else is looking – if something is causing a scene, assume it’s an intentional distraction. The stormtroopers probably aren’t a staged scene but they’re a distraction all the same, so while all other eyes are on the troopers bullying their way down the hall I spot the real danger, gliding through the crowd behind them. It’s nothing a civilian would have spotted. Just two men dressed as mechanics with no visible weapons, but there’s something about them – the way they move, maybe, and the way they scan the hallway – that makes it clear what these men are. They’re killers. Just like me. They notice me at the same time I see them and I tense, waiting for a sign. A gesture from one to the other, or a casual drifting apart, something to indicate that they’re about to draw the weapons I’m sure they’re carrying. Instead, the one with long hair moves his hands away from his sides – just a few inches – and goes back to scanning the crowd. The other one, carrying what looks to be a tool case, nods once without looking at me. Heard you’ve got a mynock problem. I relax a bit more. It’s the recognition code Grace gave us. I’ve got three in the airlock – can you take a look? I can spare a minute. Ship's transponder? Zulu eight four kilo whiskey. Alright, let's go.
  11. [MOD] AT-ST

    While Googling images of walker MOCs for inspiration I found this older post by @DarthTwoShedsJackson showing their build: Naturally, it wasn't wobbly, I mean poseable enough for my tastes, so I made some modifications with ball joints and changed a few details. It can be put into some nice dynamic poses now, although you have to be really careful doing so. Only time will tell if the click hinges are going to be bent due to the angled positions. Anyway, hope you like what I did with your design!
  12. Coruscant. Sub-level 19. Pump station FK-523b. An osik place for guard duty. The pair of Black Sun goons with hand torches shine them nervously back and forth, trying to push back as much of the darkness as possible. They know someone’s coming for them. They’re expecting rebels, maybe pathfinders, so they’ve got full coverage of the two service walkways leading up to the pump station. They can almost be forgiven for overlooking the discharge pipe which empties out 12 meters above them. Especially considering that the pipe’s next closest opening is six kilometers away. That’s right, six kriffing kilometers through a pipe almost, but not quite, big enough to stand upright in, knee deep in osik all the way. Arjun's operating our probe remotely. He's had it hugging one of the hot water pipes, to make sure it doesn’t get picked up by the guards’ thermal sights. I project its display onto my helmet’s HUD to make sure the targets haven’t moved too far, check my rappelling line one last time, and signal to Kom’rk that I’m ready. Maze drops a stun-grenade down the hole and, for the Black Sun guards below, the darkest night becomes blindingly bright and the sound of rushing sewage is drowned out by an incredibly loud explosion. Note: the remaining images have been light-enhanced for clarity. One one-thousand. As soon as I hear the explosion I drop, firing straight down. Somewhere behind me, the heavy gunner blindly opens fire. Two one-thousand. I've rhapsodized before about the beauty of stun grenades. The rodian and the nikto are going to be blind and deaf for at least a few more seconds, but the gunner’s NVGs should recover pretty fast. My feet hit the walkway as the heavy gunner tries to bring his weapon to bear. Three one-thousand. Even though I’m expecting the second stun-grenade, there’s still a moment of fear when my vision whites out completely. Keeping a firm grip on the rail, I make my way toward the ladder as my teammates drop down like avenging angels of death. A burst from Kom’rk’s Deece-17 takes care of the heavy gunner and his assistant, and Maze’s slug-thrower … well, it’s extremely effective at close range. My optics reset in the few seconds it takes my teammates to descend, and I stop the rodian’s panicked flight with a quick burst of weaponized light. “Arjun, where’d the lizard go?” "Moving the probe - stand by." I'm already starting up the ladder. The service entrance to Xizor's palace is just half a klick further - plenty of places for the missing trandoshan to hide in the dark, but the dark is my ally too. The lizard's already dead, it just doesn't know it yet. Kom'rk puts out the comm call. "Shadow 2-1 to Shadow Actual. Pump station has been neutralized, proceeding into the palace." "Solid copy 2-1. Good hunting."

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  15. Standing 58cm tall and 59cm long, this AT-AT from Star Wars is probably my largest robot to date. It is controlled by an EV3 p-brick, and is capable of walking, turning its neck, and shooting balls from a twin-ball launcher located inside its head. Here is a list of the functions of the robot: - Walking: 2 EV3 large motors - Neck turning: 1 EV3 medium motor - Shooting: 1 NXT motor Also includes an EV3 IR sensor for use with the EV3 IR remote. After getting the BWE, I had a plentiful supply of grey beams and panels, which I used in the aesthetics of the model. The head design was the most tricky part of the build. I needed it to look good, while at the same time have enough space for the twin-ball shooter with magazines. However, I'm happy with the end result, as it looks quite accurate to the actual thing. With the amount of pieces I had, I was also able to achieve a (almost) full body cover, which although adds to the weight of the robot, looks really nice. There are also two flaps on top of the head that can be lifted up to access the ball magazines. Walking was especially tricky to achieve in this model, as it was so top heavy. Rubber bands had to be used to help pull in the legs when they bore the load of the robot, otherwise the motors would not have enough torque. All legs are controlled simultaneously by the two motors, so the robot theoretically can't turn. However, I doubt the robot could turn even if the two sides could be controlled independently, since it is so top heavy. The EV3 brick can be accessed through opening of the panels on the side of the body. This was the easiest way to access the electronics while keeping a full-body cover (The real AT-AT in the movies also had opening side body panels). Here is a video of the AT-AT walking, turning its neck, and shooting. More information about the robot can be found here: https://www.us.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/community/robot?projectid=afba4def-3b6b-49f3-8e0f-f964224763d9 Hope you enjoyed this robot!
  16. Xizor’s Palace, on the planet Coruscant…. [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Had somebody told me three rotations ago that the Empire and the Rebellion would be “working together” to take down one of the most powerful crime lords in the galaxy, I would have laughed and called them crazy. But that’s the position I find myself in now. Command put me in charge of a small squad of soldiers to assault Xizor’s personal palace, an epic, heavily fortified structure just smaller than the Imperial Palace. Legend has it that if you spent a whole year inside the palace, you wouldn’t even see all the bathrooms inside, let alone every room. Thankfully Alliance Intelligence had kindly given each soldier a holo-map of his palace in order to more efficiently find Princess Leia and not get lost within its hundreds of rooms. While other members of both factions infiltrated up through the sewers, my particular squad rappelled from a U-Wing onto one of the many balconies lining the edges of the structure, after a fly-by shooting insured that we would encounter minimal resistance on impact. The balcony, adorned with exotic plants and greenery, lead to a long hallway in which we met our first foes. Near a door at the end, a small barricade had been set up by Black Sun mercenaries using various crates and cylinders. Once the mercenaries spotted us, they immediately began firing across the room, lighting it up with various red and green laser flares. I ordered my men to hug the walls and wait for pauses between firing to advance up the expensively decorated hall. One of their men unwisely decided to try and advance the hall to us, in which he was quickly cut down by fire from my rifle. Now outnumbered, one of them, a Rodian, ducked behind the barricade, where he could be heard saying- “We need reinforcements! The rebels are advancing on corridor 2C on route to the detention levels.” “What do you mean you are too preoccupied with the Empire?! Ok, I suppose sentry droids will work….” With the majority of the mercs distracted I signaled to the trooper closest to me to dash out of hiding quickly and fire. He nodded and pulled out a thermal detonator, intending to get rid of the barricade once and for all. We both ran out about ten feet in front of the barricade and shot the remaining mercs into cover. When they popped up again, I provided cover fire for my companion while he pushed the trigger on a thermal detonator and threw it, causing a small explosion that took out the last of the mercenaries. Only a whole palace left to go…… [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  17. [-Accessing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files……RYN-01……Complete-] Lieutenant Ryn Shenuri was born on the planet Saleucami around the beginning of the Clone Wars. His parents were an important Commerce Guild member, Yuno Shenuri, and an heiress to a ship building empire, Aisha Su. He didn’t lack for material possessions as a child, and was isolated from most other children. His father’s prominent position in the Commerce Guild and his highly anti-Republic stance made him many enemies in the Galactic Senate. He also managed to sway many a greedy senator to the Separatist cause with his promises of riches and fortune. A young Ryn was sheltered into believing in the Separatist cause and held a deep seated hatred for the Republic. His father and the majority of his material possessions were rapidly taken away from him at the end of the Clone Wars with the disbanding of the Commerce Guild with the development of a new Galactic Empire by Emperor Sheev Palpatine. The whereabouts of his father are currently unknown – he may still held in an Imperial detention facility, or more likely, was executed for treason against the Empire for his role in the Separatist movement. The Empire seized control of his mother’s ship building assets for their own gain, leaving Ryn penniless and mostly alone. A young adult Ryn began organizing anti-Imperial operations on Saleucami as revenge, ranging from simple graffiti and propaganda to sabotage and assassination. His actions caught the attention of the local Alliance to Restore the Republic cell, who got him to reluctantly join with a promise of additional resources and training. Although hesitant about the Alliance’s goals to restore the Republic, he seems to be committed to the cause and willing to fight the Empire at any cost. Current Mission: Ryn Shenuri was sent to Sullust along with a small squad of Rebellion ground forces to extract intel on Imperial shipyards on Corellia, where fuel mined on Sullust was being sent. Instructions were to get in and strike fast to leave the Empire with little reaction time. [-Closing Alliance to Restore the Republic Files…..RYN-01……Complete]
  18. I was hesitant to buy the Imperial Assault Hovertank for some time but I caved and finally did a week ago. Its a great little vehicle in the movie, I actually think it blends really well into the Imperial War machine. For thirty dollars USD its a great value, but this isnt a review. Even as good as the set is there is a lot of room for improvement. What stuck out to me most prevalently is the top hatch, whereas in the movie its just a little hatch in the set its the entire cockpit's roof that opens. I know Lego's version is the hover tank variant but I really want to squeeze in tracks. I also want to rework the cockpit to fit three figures and if at all possible make another hatch for the spotter to stick his head out. Last year there was a wonderful thread full of fantastic modifications to the AT-ST released this past fall. While the AT-ST is a far more known and beloved part of Star Wars then the GAVw "Occupier, I would love to open this thread up to any modifications the community has. If you've modified the Imperial Tank, please, feel free to post your pictures. Lets try and improve an already great set to the best it can be.
  19. Personnel Files: Previously, http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/139781-sone-ep-xiiii-e10-commendation/.... Currently, in the city of Harnaidan on Muunilinst... Just so you know, I could order the driver to return and pick us up. There's no reason we should have to walk there. The last time I was home was before I graduated from the academy, father. I just wanted to take our time and see the neighborhood. See? Here's a bank branch that mother used to oversee. <sigh> Your mother would have been proud of the both of you. I know, father. I miss her terribly. Though I was forced to recuse myself from the investigation, the Imperial ministry still keeps me updated on their progress out of courtesy. I suspect it was these Muuns. They would do anything to make a profit, and I bet that your mother discovered that they were illegally offering credit to those rebels during an audit. There's still no concrete evidence, father. We don't even have names. Any word from Sindeen? I haven't heard from your sister since she left Imperial forces to track down your mother's murderer. Such a waste, too. She was just promoted to captain and threw it away to become one of those bounty hunters. If only she were more like you and put more trust in the system. She was always too impulsive. Sometimes the system works too slow. Great. You're starting to sound like your sister. Speaking of throwing careers away, you do realize that I could have you reassigned to a more prestigious unit? This Razer Squad sounds like nothing but butchers. I'll find my own way, father. And now you sound like your mother. Anyway, father, let's move on. It would be a shame if they closed before we got there. Now you're in a hurry? I could order the driver... We just need to pick up the pace a bit, father. I never understood your fascination with this cafe. It's the only place around here that offers the blue milk drink I like so much. Come come, let's move on. Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  20. Grace was true to her word, and a few days after completing a "job" for one of her associates I found myself traveling cargo class, leaving the Kuat system hidden in the hold of a merchant vessel whose captain owed Grace a favor. There seemed to be a lot of that going on lately. I assumed she'd be bringing me to her, but she said she wanted a few days to research Agent An, and to see if the ISB had been trying to kill me, specifically, on Commenor, or if I'd just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the meantime, she sent me to the last place I expected: home. My folks had long since moved into Taleucema City, but my sister Alauni, my brother A'den and his husband Lon still managed the family farm I'd grown up on. How long since I've been on the farm? The last time I was here Lon was just A'den's new boyfriend, Alauni was out racing swoops most nights, and I was back from my second tour of duty aboard the Vigilant, taking a week of leave before I was supposed to transfer to a new battle station they were calling the 'Death Star.' Everyone was glad to see me, but it sometimes seemed like there was a kind of distance between us. Like I'd changed so much, that they didn't recognize me all the way anymore. It was good to see them, though. Really good. They joked about how pale I'd gotten, and only half believed me when I protested that most of my jobs took place at night, or required a helmet. I joked about how they were uncultured dirt farmers that were already turning into our parents. They did not joke about how I now carry a blaster with me at all times. They did not joke about how the first crack of thunder, from the daily storms that occur during the wet season, sent me diving to the ground, eyes darting wildly while I tried to determine where the artillery was coming from. They did not joke about how long it took me to stop shaking after that...
  21. I never thought I had a place to go for the leave time I had accrued. Regardless, the Empire quietly discouraged taking time so it was just as well that I didn't have a family to go home to. Then the sergeant asked if I was heading back to Tython for the break. Tython? Why would I go there? Turns out the Empire knew more about me than I did. Apparently my family left to colonize Tython after ditching me at the academy. The weather was suppose to be erratic, but better than it had been in centuries. Besides, it would be nothing the Zabraks weren't use to. When I got there my sister was the only one happy to see me. I wasn't allowed to stay. My mother had died. She was mostly human and couldn't take the climate. My father blamed me for forcing the family to move.
  22. MOC: Scavenging on scarif

    This is my first moc topic here on eurobricks even thought I joined a while ago, I hope I am doing this right also if you want to understand why the resistance exists and isn't just the new republic I recommend the book Bloodline cause episode 7 does a bad job explaining it plus its a great read. 'Astounding, what are the chances of finding a moron stupid enough to think its worth while to kidnap a broken droid ,well about 0.5%' yes I know k-2s0 should be dead and exploded but just ignore that :P
  23. [MOD] Stormtrooper Swimming Pool

    The title says it all! :) I modded the Imperial Hovertank set and this is what I got: Who doesn't like a good swim after a space battle? ;)
  24. I've become quite a fan of the new Shoretroopers from Rogue one and look forward to obtaining them in Lego form, there is 3 varieties of Shoretrooper; Soldier, Squad Leader and Captain, so far we've had Captain (http://brickset.com/sets/75154-1/TIE-Striker) and Soldier (http://brickset.com/sets/75171-1/Battle-on-Scarif) do you think we'll get a Squad Leader figure, possibly with dual-moulded arms and a skirt piece? what are your thoughts?
  25. Hello guys, I have finished now the Imperial Shuttle I started already a while ago: Now all of the functions actually work, and the details of the ship have been finished so that everything should look as smooth as possible. The work was pretty hard balance between accurate looks, working functions and durability, and I am now quite happy with the result. ^^ Here is a video showing the functions that include: - 2 x lasercannons - 2 x missiles - Backcannon All of the cannons are launched by pressing different buttons at the bottom of the ship. The mechanisms behind this are rather complicated and they are based on the use of fishing wire that delivers the force to the right place. - Wings automatically turn the landing gear open and close. Also, the white covering plates of the landing gear open and close automatically. The wingcannons also turn up and down automatically, though on the video they are a little jammed. - Boarding ramp and an opening and accessible hatch. - Removable walls, wall and cockpit canopy. - Cockpit seats 4 minifigures, the interior has 2 seats, but can accomodate a platoon of up to 8+ minifigures or even more, if you don't care about comfort. - Samppu