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Found 62 results

  1. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] First Order TIE Whisper

    Hi! Design of my new MOC is ready! First Order TIE Interceptor - UPDATE 13 Oct 2019, New design and official name - TIE WHISPER! from Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker Main functions: - 876 pieces, - Minifig scale, - 1 minifigures - display stand can be connected - a lot of details Instruction - LDD file - read description on my YouTube movie, link below. Review on my YouTube channel - Edge of Bricks [ENG Subtitles]
  2. It is my second try at creating a model the way Lego does but at the same time being as sleek and faithful to original as possible. It is not a 100% MOC, because it incorporates some basic structure techniques of 75101 mixed with 75211. 759 pieces plus 56 for a display stand. Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on FlickrImperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by Barney Markowski, on Flickr
  3. Hi! This is my first moc from The Rise of Skywalker, Episode 9 - First Order TIE Interceptor! Now is only in LDD design, I'm still thinking if I should build this or wait to official premiere of this vehicle. 904 pieces, a lot of details, I based only on movie trailer What do you think? More on my YouTube:
  4. Hi! My new MOC is ready! Very quick and easy build, just only 683 parts on board Quick and easy design, prepared in 3-4 days. I managed to improve the joining of the wings, I added the brackets, which makes the connection very strong. Soon I will add information about the instructions, a list of parts and a review on my YouTube!
  5. barneius

    [MOC] TIE Bomber

    The third model in my classic imperial TIE class ships line up. Both hulls are based and joint together with a technic frame which makes the model rigid and solid. The panels are built with the technique I've introduced in my TIE Interceptor. That makes the upper and lower parts of them locked securely in place and with the right angles, as I pay much attention to the proportions. All of the details are intentional - they are supposed to resemble the real built of this very interesting ship in Star Wars universum. Shaping of the front of the bomb hull was obviously inspired by Jerac (credits) yet it is definitely different built. It is pretty heavy as for its size - the piece count is 1643. There is a tight space for a minifig pilot in the cockpit. More pics on my flickr account here. If you like it, you may find pdf step-by-step instructions on rebrickable. TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr TIE Bomber LEGO MOC by barneius heavy machinery and vessels industries ltd., on Flickr
  6. barneius

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    After learning some basic skills on modifying First Order TIE Fighter and designing Imperial TIE Fighter based on official LEGO sets, moving on to TIE Interceptor was an obvious and natural choice. I really like the ship. It’s shapes are way more interesting than the standard fighters, yet the Interceptor is stylish and what is even more important for me - 100% classic. Basically all I had to do was to create it’s panels. My first decision was to abandon the use of locking hinges because the angles of the upper and lower parts of the panels are significantly and visibly bigger then 45 degrees and my priority was to get the best proportions. I ended up with this solution and I’m satisfied with it. The angles are just right and the upper and lower parts are locked securely in position. Even though it is a display piece, the model is solid and swooshable. I’ve also managed to include lots of important details. I am aware there are imperfections mostly regarding details but I think I got it just right as for minifig scale and classic build which matches well official LEGO sets. The piece count is 774 + 50 for the stand. More pics on my flickr account here. If you like it, you may find pdf step-by-step instructions on rebrickable. TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr TIE Interceptor Lego MOC by barneius, on Flickr
  7. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] TIE Advanced X1

    Hi! My new project - TIE Advanced X1 685 parts, made in LDD but soon I'll start build real one :) Work in progress, it's not final design :) On the top I use 4x4 dish from 75211 Tie Fighter set, probably I use another canopy - the same like in set 75150, size 6x6. - number of part 18675pb01 Connect of the wings has several improvements and reinforcements, you will see it after building :) How do you like it? Any ideas to impreve this MOC? :)
  8. This is the final version of my Imperial TIE Fighter based on original LEGO sets. I've made PDF step-by-step instructions as well. If anyone would like to build this one, instructions are available at for 6,99 Euro here: Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr Imperial TIE Fighter Lego MOC / MOD by barneius, on Flickr
  9. ClassicLook

    [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    Hi everyone, I'm a big fan of the SW UCS theme, especially of the TIE Fighters. My first UCS set was the 2000 TIE Interceptor. I was very proud to have it. However, as I get the Vader's TIE and the new TIE Fighter, the TIE Interceptor didn't match to them at all with its blue and dark gray colours... I decided to replace all blue, dark and light gray parts to light and dark bluish gray. I haven't found a modification like this on this forum, so I'd like to share with you what I came up with. My purpose was to create a nice display modell, which fits to my taste and is faithful to the original set as well. On the other hand, I wanted to customize it to be more appropriate to the film version. I used the elements of the Vader's TIE to build the cockpit (octagonal pieces and the hatch). In addition, I carried out some minor changes on the wings as well (1x8 dark bluish gray plate on the sides, replacement of the hinge bricks to plates, light bluish gray "stripes" on the inner sides). The interior got also an unique colour. It can't be perfectly appropriate to the film version, mostly because of the the inadequate angles of the wings, but I'm satisfied with the final result. Hope, you like it. Thanks for stopped by!
  10. And it's here! After an hour of hard work (not really) I present to you a Tie Interceptor!!! Made out of only the bricks from 75211 with 8 pieces to spare. Here is a pilot for scale Edit: The 2 light bley 1x6 tiles aren't part of the set The wing connections are very sturdy but the sharp pointed panels aren't really. Any suggestions? These are the spare pieces Some more pics on different angles The cockpit also stays the same Just made a stand for it Let me know in the comments of what you think Thanks for looking!
  11. I came out of my decades-long Dark Age in 2009 and missed out on all the big LEGO UCS TIE fighters. So, I am really looking forward to the new UCS TIE (75095) designed by Olav Krøigaard. I'm impressed by the size of it, the engineering and ingenuity it takes to build larger structures in LEGO, and it looks nice overall. It's got an accurate shape, proportions, and details that captures the classic TIE fighter design. I've been collecting, building, painting, destroying, and playing with TIE fighter toys and models since I was a kid back in the 70s, so to me, the TIE fighter looks a certain way - a combination of a round ball and straight edge angular pylons connected to big solar panels. I think Jerac nailed it in LEGO. Ever since I saw Jerac's TIE, I've wanted to build a LEGO TIE fighter like it, but just never got around to it. The new UCS TIE (75095) got me motivated to plan a build inspired by Jerac's and Olav's work. I wanted to replicate the differing shape of roundness versus angular edges on the TIE: WIP LEGO 75095 UCS TIE cockpit modification by SPARKART!, on Flickr. After a bit, I got bored with just a seat in the cockpit, so I put a minifig in. That didn't look quite right to me, so I made a brick-built pilot: WIP LEGO 75095 UCS TIE modification by SPARKART!, on Flickr. The brick-built pilot is "permanently" placed, not designed to be removed. I lined the inside with white LEGO to bounce around what little light can get into the cockpit. When I build this for real, I hope the pilot can be seen. WIP LEGO 75095 UCS TIE modification cutaway by SPARKART!, on Flickr . The pilot in the cockpit is about 1/20th to 1/24th scale, based on the assumption that the standard LEGO minifig is about 1/48th scale. WIP LEGO 75095 UCS TIE modifcation sizing by SPARKART!, on Flickr. What scale are LEGO minifig helmets? by SPARKART!, on Flickr.
  12. Yet another LEGO TIE Fighter. How far can this classic design be pushed? How many ways are there to build an eye sandwitched by hexagonal solar panels? Is there a perfect design already? This is where beauty of LEGO as form of modelling strikes with full power, as answers to these questions are: Very far, infinite ways, and no, there is no perfect design available and never will be. In 2014 I have built this: It worked, and I think for 2014 and what was available back then, it was pretty good. It had obvious flaw though: no space for a minifigure, and it was also a little too small in scale. I was limited mostly by the fact there were no proper cockpit pieces, and my attempt with literally the only other one was... not spectacular, not to mention it needed painting with A LOT patience required. The new model takes advantage of this cockpit piece, which allowed me to push that original 2014 design further. I know, I am late to the party, years - literally - behind other designers of great TIE models, like Bricks Feeder or Rebel Builder, yet I hope I can bring something new into the T/F building scene. Originally I thought I would just stretch the build here and there but no, heheh, no way. Literally the only unchanged parts are the eight quarter (or one-eighter?) dome pieces, which are to me still the only way to have smooth and roughly spherical design without holes all around. Unfortunately when we look at a closeup of a real movie-filming model of the T/F we see how far are we from true modelling but I say we're collectively inching towards it pretty nicely. I have said this plenty of times but original designers of TIE Fighters really did all they could to make them unbuildable properly, naturally unknowingly - who would think adult guys 30 years in the future would try to recreate the design using perhaps the weirdest medium available?. The T/F is just a sphere, two struts and two flat hexes. Except: 6-diameter central cokcpit piece would require a 9-diameter ball, minifig-scaled TIE would require an 8-diameter ball and don't even get me started on sources for TIEs dimensions. If you think that Illustrated Guide To Star Wars vehicles is helpful, well, not much. I dare to say this book did awfully lot of harm to LEGO Star Wars MOCing scene. So is my TIE perfect? No, not yet. I promise though, I did all I could to make it as good as possible, with no compromises made. And this time it houses a minifig! The design is super sturdy to my standards, nicely swooshable - for a reason, but I will get to that later. Naturally having a T/F built opens a way towards the Interceptor, which for me is among the best looking spaceship designs in any sci-fi. While the core design is similar, the ball has some differences, mostly to accomodate longer struts. This is because LEGO curiously didn't develop 2x9 plates and for once I was in a situation where I can't really replace 2x9 plate with anything without compromising structural integrity. Having that solved I went onto the wing design and OH GOD INTERNET WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. If anyone knows angle on the panels and can prove it, gets a free beer. With shipping. Because the wings are angled in all dimensions, good luck guessing proper values from photos. Because of the IGTSWV book, half of the models (and I don't even mean LEGO models) existing are wrong. And then because of SW animated series, the other half of the models are also wrong... my source of reference was this: Then after having all that done, I experienced another unexpected problem: The ship is top-heavy and won't stand straight. I added tiny legs on the bottom edges of wings which help a bit, and because the design is quite sturdy, the T/I requires no stand. There you have it. Yet another T/F and T/I. I hope you like the designs and I hope I managed to introduce something new to the very competitive scene. Enjoy! ...but wait, there is more! I would not build these models if not a commission request from BrickVault: Originally it was meant to be just a few TIE models based on the 2014 design I had, just LDD files, but over time we developed a much more interesting designs and... instructions for each of them! The instructions are paid and please understand, it took weeks to develop them, error-proof, make the experience enjoyable and builds sturdy enough to be handled easily. Normally I do not make instructions, as I prefer to build with real bricks than to do electronic designs. The instructions are designed to have dozens of simple to follow steps with just few pieces per step, have submodels where needed, parts list for each step and a total bill of parts at the beginning. Additionally, in few places, there are notes to watch out for some particular details. I can fully understand now what LEGO designers go through and I can imagine amount of effort required for making instructions for larger and more complicated designs. I am pretty sure it took more time to design instructions for the recent UCS Millennium Falcon than to design the model itself. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year!
  13. Hi! I want to show you my new project! First Order Elite TIE Interceptor! Design is based on concept arts and contains 1066 bricks! The main part donor is FO TIE Fighter 75101, soon I'll prepare list of parts. I will build this after doing the instructions for my AT-M6 ... :) More on my YouTube!
  14. From the designer of the most famous AT-AT MOC comes a UCS Tie Defender. The MOC contains 1,676 pieces in total. Despite being a relatively simple design consisting of a base with 3 identical wings, the model itself does not disappoint in terms of both accuracy and detail. There is an instructions bundle available for this MOC which includes a 162 page pdf instruction manual, a parts list, and LDD files. All we ask is an exchange of 20 U.S Dollars ($20) for the entire bundle. For more details about purchasing the bundle, please either PM me or contact me at via email. For the sticker, I recommend printing it at 122mm width by 61mm height after downloading the original file in the bundle. Here are some images from the manual that show the design and completed model: The Rebrickable listing will be approved soon for an easy to access parts list. Please use this topic to discuss anything about the MOC including the building process, questions, part substitutions, etc.
  15. Arthur Schopenhauer

    [MOC] Vader's TIE advanced x1

    Dear LEGO and Star Wars enthusiasts, I'm glad to present to you my first MOC attempt, Lord Vader's personal TIE advanced, made in February. Last December, due to TFA hype, I've rediscovered my long-dozing passion for Star Wars and so/also, after more than 12 years, I restarted to build Legos. I was very disappointed, though, by TLG's 8017, and so I decided to design & build a TIE advanced, one of my favorite iconic starships, on my own. A great help came from the new cockpit parts (and sketch) from 75082 (Inquisitor's TIE advanced), which made everything simpler. Also, after discovering EB, I was able to admire many great MOCs, and certainly was influenced by many of them (moreover, discovering bricklink was quite like finding a goldmine). I've tried my best to obtain a balance among movie accuracy, playability and extreme SWOOOOOSHability. The model is in minifig scale, and even if it's quite big (with respect to 8017 and 75150), it's very lightweight. Piece count is about 500. I hope these photographs will give you a quite faithful portrait of my model, anyway I find their lack of tridimensionality disturbing. (Imgur album: As regards the wings/solar panels, I tried to make them look as streamlined as possible, in contrast with the popular thick-contoured solution as seen in 9492 TIE (I was happy to see that TLG used a very similar approach in set 75150, TIE advanced + A-wing from Rebels). Rear views: Having a closer look to the central "core": i decided to use those smooth quarter-of-half-sphere pieces for the rear part of the cockpit. To recreate the gradual emergence of the central rectangle on the back, i placed small sloped pieces by its side, as you can see. (You can see that the wing/solar panel attachments are really solid. In fact the model is extremely swooshable and it won't come apart even in performing the most extreme flying maneuvers :D :D) As regards the front of the cockpit, I tried my best to give it a spherical outline: Inside of the cockpit (partially disassembled to look better inside): And finally the underside, showing the play features: laser shooters, activated by sliding with a finger on the round valve, and the engine-hyperdrive compartment with a special place to clip Vader's lightsaber. Unfortunately, i'm missing the minifigure of Lord Vader himself. When i'll get one, i'll update this post with a photo of him inside the cockpit. I hope that you will appreciate my little model, and I can't wait to receive your feedback and suggestions. :)
  16. Hello Guys ! I show you my MOC of the TIE Fighter with the STARWARS REBELS Design. I'm inspired by the awesome "TIE Fighters short film" on YouTube too. I'm trying to be the more "accurate" I can! I'm proud of my cockpit design which has a very good shape! :) I regret just a small space between the canopy and the rest of the cockpit. Moreover, the panels ("wings") are relatively heavy for the structure. The consequence is this creation is NOT for playing! Because the structure is a little bit too fragile for that! If you are interested, I sell the building instructions (PDF + Partlist.xls) 5 euros. I have to finish these instructions. My instructions are not free to help me a little to continue to build other things and to "protect" my work... I hope you understand. My website : On Rebrickable : UPDATE (30/10/2017) : With RUSTINIDIEL, we found a way to improve the strength of the structure. Now, You can grab the TIE By the cockpit (not by just one wing) and put in on the air and different positions. BUT be careful ! You still have to take it not as a brute or too quickly. This TIE is still made for dioramas, or collection (static positions) An updated building instructions was made. For the person who already bought my instructions, I will send the updated version for free. :) My YouTube Video : See you soon! :) You can see my other topics : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech Speeder Bike 614-AVA : [MOC] Speeder bike 614-AvA
  17. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my MOC of the TIE Advanced Prototype (aka The Sith Inquisitor's TIE) seen on the SW Rebels series. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the original LEGO set 75082. The "wings" were directly inspired by this forum on Eurobricks ( I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. For that point, I'm inspired by the awesome TIE Fighters short film. I'm trying to be "accurate" but it's difficult when you found pictures of a subject with different "shapes" or variations of shape between them. So I based my model on the first appearance of this fighter in the Rebels Show... I made a second version with some upgrades of the articulations of the "wings" to get it stronger. Moreover, I change all the back! I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;)
  18. Yes, ANOTHER thread with MOD´s of the Imperial Shuttle and First Order TIE. :) Well I thought I´d share these anyway. The Imperial shuttle is one of my favourite vehicles of the OT, so what started with a couple of tiles ended up with a couple of Bricklink orders. The wings are made in the same way as the top fin (and UCS wings). Bricks and Technic beams. The end result turned out very nice. The cockpit needed to be thinner when made out of all white parts. The designers of 75094 and 10212 used gray in a very clever way to make the cockpit look thin yet still hold figs. In my flickr there is a before and after photo of the cockpit during the mod. There is no room for a copilot anymore but the troop area remained unchanged. Alot of tweaks and rebuilds later I feel finished. There is room for improvement but at the moment i´m satisfied. b] shuttle01 by mordatre, on Flickr shuttle03 by mordatre, on Flickr shuttle04 by mordatre, on Flickr shuttle08 by mordatre, on Flickr And now the First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101. Main differences are the now white wings and the inner spokes on the wings. The inner spokes are, as you know a problem since the first TIE Fighter released. I am satisfied with the solution I came up with using technic connectors and axles. I tried using longer axles but then they bent outwards because of the plates, so I used the shorter ones for a sleeker look. The top cannon got rebuilt to look more like the one on Hasbro´s model. I also extended the main body so the model is two studs wider than the official set. FOSpecialForcesTIE01 by mordatre, on Flickr FOSpecialForcesTIE02 by mordatre, on Flickr FOSpecialForcesTIE04 by mordatre, on Flickr There is already a great version of the standard FO TIE in this forum by user belkor. He inspired me to make my own. I based mine on 75101. I´m currently awaiting parts to incorporate the spokes on the inside of the wings as I did on my Special Forces TIE. Other than that this one is also two studs wider. FirstorderTIEfighter02 by mordatre, on Flickr FirstorderTIEfighter04 by mordatre, on Flickr FirstorderTIEfighter03 by mordatre, on Flickr
  19. Councilman 1 - "Guardsman An, I do believe we've found a suitable home for you. You won't remember this, but it has been a while since you've flown as part of a unit, but we believe you will be quite comfortable here." Goatm An 4-61 - "Yes, councilman." Royal Guard TIE Interceptor by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Councilman 1 - "The starfighter is not entirely custom, but unique to you're new billet. Dedicated personal hangar and crew. Prestige. Purpose. With all of your running around I assume you missed those the most." Goatm An 4-61 - "Yes, councilman." Royal Guard TIE Interceptor by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Goatm An 4-61 - "Councilman, if I may, I am honored to fly such a fine craft in service of our Emperor." Councilman 1 - "Yes, An. They've even interfaced your targeting computer with your ocular interface. Royal Guard TIE Interceptor by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "Full atmospherics and hyperdrive are also available if you find the need to pursue the fight past the initial engagement. Your panels are also tighter than other models to give you more speed and maneuverability to nearly match the A-Wings we are expecting. But your squadron commander is most anxious to see what you can do against the modified freighters and various rabble brought forth by the rebels. The Executor is standing by to upload schematics of the rebel fleet as soon as it comes available. Your cybernetics will allow you to process this information immediately, giving you quite an interesting advantage. Only our Death Troopers can act on field intelligence so quickly." Royal Guard TIE Interceptor by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "But of course you know this. I'll have to get use to talking to half a droid." Goatm An 4-61 - "You wisdom is always appreciated, Councilman. I am receiving orders to man my post. The fleet is expected soon. May we discuss this after the battle?" Councilman 1 - "Guardsman, I eagerly await your ARR. Contact my office as soon as you land." Royal Guard TIE Interceptor by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Goatm An 4-61 - "Yes, councilman."
  20. Recently I've been building all of the tie variants. After a long series of delays( bad design, wrong proportions, narrow body and the occasional missing parts), the entire collection is almost ready! Some are undergoing remodeling and will be ready soon! Currently, I don't have enough parts and they are only in LDD models. these below are the canon tie variants the tie fighter the tie interceptor the tie bomber the bomb bay the tie defender tie boarding shuttle(with landing gear) coming up are most of the legends tie variants.( Still building some!) the tie VIP shuttle tie aggressor tie avenger tie sentinel coming soon tie oppressor tie interdictor tie heavy bomber royal guard tie interceptor and here are the tie experimentals tie experimental M1 tie experimental M2 tie experimental M3 coming soon tie experimental M4 coming soon tie experimental M5 And that's all of them! Let me know if i missed any tie model in the imperial navy(not the Astragon navy) below. Hope you all will appreciate the work I've done here! (Although I used the first order tie fighter for the M2 and tie fighter with minor edits and as the cockpit base for the fighters without hyperdrives) For the mini fighters(compatible with 75106 assault carrier), I will post them soon!
  21. roadstermatt

    [moc] Tie Bomber

    Hi with a big nod of recommendation and inspiration to Carnage717 with his work on his Tie Bomber using 75150 rebels set vaders tie fighter / a wing & 75154 tie striker so I got 2 tie strikers (with no figures for less that 1 complete tie striker) and the Vaders tie fighter /A-wing set when it was half price and set about building my own Tie- Bomber with some guidance from Carnage717 many thanks again for your help I had to buy a few extra bits so please feel free to click on the link to my flicker album and pass comment hope you enjoy
  22. Reputator

    [MOC] TIE Imposer

    What is a TIE Imposer you ask? Well, this: So, obviously something completely made up! That's what it looks like in its combat mode. This is its flight mode: I also made a video, which is easier than reading! (please pardon the amatuer style) The design of this was obviously heavily inspired by Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle, as well as possibly an enemy from Galaga or something? Not sure. I originally sketched out the wing shape on a piece of scrap paper while bored at work, then filled the rest in when I started designing. For those who can't watch the video for whatever reason, I'll recap some things. The "transforming" feature of the wings is facilitated by those heavy-duty ratcheted technic joints typically in use in things like the AT-AT. So they hold very well, but make for a somewhat strenuous movement (for the model especially). The side guns are using locking turntables, the large brick-sized sort that come available in a few more colors than just black and white but are somewhat hard to come by. The hull itself uses much of the same build as the Advanced Prototype 75082 set, with some colors switched out. The knob-turning missile-firing feature has been retained, much like with my TIE Interceptor, although extended quite a bit further back. And yes, it's swooshable! Fanon Backstory (If anyone cares) OBLIGATORY CHEESY PHOTOSHOPPED ACTION SHOT Now before anyone asks.... HERE'S THE LDD FILE! (click the download button at the top of the page) Thanks for looking!
  23. LiLmeFromDaFuture

    LDD TIE Fighter Project

    So for an evening and a late night's work, I decided to make this TIE Fighter from modifying the body of Darth Vader's Tie Advance (75150) & the wings of the First Order Special Forces (75101) into what you see now. I believe I have done satisfactory work translating the ball shape into LEGO with brick elements, and, refining the design of the wing with less studs and pieces whilst maintaining the sturdy structure, as well a strong connection to the body—have a look! Many thanks for taking the time to check this out, and I appreciate any comments you have! Outside wing detail Left side ball detail Inside wing detail Backside detail Topside detail TIE Fighter on tripod stand Offered below is the LDD file, and the BrickStock part list. The LDD file consists the model, grouped into sub-assemblies and separated into sections, with functioning instructions for building convenience. Despite what many users commonly experienced, accomplishing a working generated guide is manageable through grouping the model into sub-assemblies, otherwise the program will falter and fail to generate the building steps properly. Though oddly as well, the program cannot process various connections properly, resulting in model being separated into the sections as shown. These difficulties can be noticed when the program chokes at some point of the process bar, then begins to skip around—this model experiences this in a certain area. The difficulty in particular occurs around the steps for assembling the arms, which will anchor the wings, but this is the only error in the guide and small enough to pass over without frustration . However if you are not convinced enough of how decent it works, try the file yourself, the model still should be grouped in sub-assemblies when opened . lilme_tie_fighter.lxf
  24. Gouniaf

    [MOC] Y-Tie advanced

    A few weeks ago I got myself the 75150 set, as I wanted to have the latest version of the A-Wing. I also built the Tie-advanced, although I'm not fond of Vader's ship. Then, I discovered Veynom's Y-Tie and I wanted to have my own. First, I've built a Y-Wing cockpit from spare parts, trying to get as close as possible from the incoming 75172 Rogue One's Y-Wing. After that, I removed some bricks from the Tie front part. A long Technic bar connect the both parts. It replaces the missile-launching bricks, beneath the Tie's cockpit. Then, I've rebuilt the top face of the Tie, replacing the hatch by the canopy, so one caracter can take place, as a passenger or a gunner for the Y-Wing's turret. I'm rather satisfied with my Ugly, but I think a few details could be improved. For example, the lack of landing gear (It's a recurrent issue with the original Tie-Advanded), and the turret's design, a bit too simple. Also, I wonder if I should replace the top canopy by the original hatch. What do you think ?
  25. Inthert

    [MOC] TIE Fighters

    These TIEs have already been up on Flickr for a little while but I thought I should put them up here too. Not a lot to say really, we all know what a TIE looks like after all. This is my version, it (comfortably) fits a fig, has an opening top hatch and even the rear window seen extensively on ILM models and in the Rebels TV show. It's also surprisingly sturdy, I made sure the cockpit was built for strength (less for looks as you may tell form the amount of studs) and in that it can keep up with my X-wing's tight manoeuvres in a hand-held dogfight :D TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr TIE Fighter (cockpit) by Inthert, on Flickr I've made an LXF file for the cockpit if anyone's interested: TIE Cockpit.lxf (I had added this to my X-wing topic but its obviously more appropriate here ;) EDIT: I've competed the full TIE in LDD as requested. Enjoy!: TIE (complete).lxf UPDATE: I've been informed there may be some pieces missing in the from of 4 2x1 grey plates (used to close the hexagons on the insides of the wings) so just keep that in mind when using the file ;) I also noticed that some parts were omitted from the first file so I decided to re-try the cockpit, seems to be okay in the complete TIE file just so you know. I couldn't just have one imperial ship around to blow my X-wing and Falcon to bits so I made two! This a mining guild TIE as seen in Star Wars Rebels, its a fairly simple modification on my imperial tie, just a few colour changes and what not but it does the job ;) Mining Guild TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Let me know what you think, I'm sure they're far from perfect so any suggestions will be welcome :)