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  1. The background is definitely the best part, but not quite sure if it justifies the price of admission. Plus I like to be able to do mods and whatnot to my sets so putting them in a glass box probably isnt for me anyway. Good review.
  2. Sucram

    [MOC] [WIP] Doom train for Spooktober 2022

    This looks amazing! The skull design is very creative
  3. This is beyond outstanding. Wish Lego would make some official tanks
  4. Sucram

    LEGO Atari 2600 Set

    This set looks amazing, minus the sub builds and interior inflating the price more than necessary. They gotta do a SEGA Genesis / Megadrive next
  5. Sucram

    UCS 75313 AT-AT Modding

    Wow this display is next level.
  6. This is the most incredible thing Ive ever seen
  7. Sucram

    My first post

    What is it
  8. Very nice A-Wing, good to see some ST era builds
  9. Sucram

    An Excess of X-Wings!

    These all look great, first one is my favourite
  10. Sucram

    Custom UCS Stickers

    Very well done indeed
  11. This looks so good especially the mandibles, is it just tiles on top of the originals or SNOT?
  12. I was wanting to buy a prop Assault Rifle from Halo to run around with, and then thought I could just build one out of Lego. What I ended up with is something that's a bit too heavy / fragile to run around with, but it does look pretty cool. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The build is inspired by Nick Brick's MA37 build, which I used as a guide to get the proportions and sizing right. Mine isn't as complex as his, but I'm not nearly as good a builder as him. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The ammo counter is Nick Brick's design, it's pretty faithful to the games. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr The mag is a lot smaller than it should be, but when I was building the gun I didn't have the foresight to make a hollow space to allow a larger mag. LEGO MA40 Assault Rifle (Halo Infinite) by Marcus H, on Flickr I also made a video that shows off the features and has some dramatic recreations of the 1st person view of the games. This was super satisfying to make and I definitely want to make more Halo guns, once I can find the space (and money) for them. Top of my list would be the Sniper Rifle, Commando, Sidekick and Battle Rifle.
  13. Sucram

    [MOC] BTL Y-Wing

    This is astounding, especially the cockpit section. Makes the UCS look like poo in comparison.