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  1. My favourite part of this whole project is actually the way you write your posts, so elegantly worded and managed to get me hyped more than I would've expected for a mod of an existing set. Great job.
  2. Sucram

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Those wing engine cylinder things look soooooo good, in a world with a million different X-Wing MOCs yours truly is unique.
  3. Incredibly late but I agree. I don't mind gappiness if we get a design that actually looks round, but the design of the Interceptor one is way too jumbled. I prefer the more simple approach with 75095. I just wish the windshield piece was trans-black instead of trans-clear, but that applies to every windscreen pieve they do (Millennium Falcon especially!)
  4. Sucram

    UCS X-Wing 2023 - Mods

    Looks really damn good
  5. Sucram Millennium falcon WIP

    This is looking really really good, now wondering if I should hold off on building the Brick Vault falcon and wait to see how this turns out! I assume interior is a no-go on this one?
  6. Sucram

    Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    All good I will figure it out myself like a professional
  7. Sucram

    Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    Sorry to revive an already revived dead thread, but was curious if @ScottishDave had any photos of his new Falcon with the panels removed? Curious how your awesome SNOT mandibles are attached, as well as the other panels in general. Thank you!
  8. Sucram Millennium falcon WIP

    following this on Flickr and its looking pretty great! Big fan of the SNOT techniques for the mandibles and whatnot but I agree with magureanpaul that my personal taste prefers more "messy" Falcons like the UCS. Still looks really good though.
  9. Sucram

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    This is looking awesome, crazy that I remember seeing this thread when it started and you're still working on it!
  10. My favourite part of this is actually the cockpit interior, looks really good
  11. I've been seeing all these giant LEGO sets come out in the past few years like the Titanic, ATAT, Venator, Eiffel Tower etc, and noticed that none of them have those giant spiral-bound instruction booklets that would usually be reserved for the biggest sets. The UCS Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyer from the past decade both had them, but now LEGO seems to prefer to just do several normal booklets instead of 1 giant one. For the Titanic it makes sense since that whole set is built in 3 distinct parts, but why does the Venator have a whopping 4 instruction books? The giant ring-bound books were part of what made the Falcon and Star Destroyer such cool experiences for me at least, so it's a shame Lego doesn't seem to want to do them any more. Any ideas?
  12. I can't even think of 12 but the number 1 is the UCS Falcon, which I doubt will fit in any of those cubbies. Snowspeeder is cool though.
  13. Sucram

    What was your first LEGO Star Wars set?

    UCS Millennium Falcon
  14. Sucram

    UCS 75313 AT-AT Modding

    Damn that is an incredible display.
  15. Sucram

    Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    Those mandibles and underside are the stuff of legends, damn good Falcon