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Found 464 results

  1. My mods of the Series 25 Collectible Minifigures as well as minifigures that have benefited from some of the series' new parts. Note: Three parts - one of the mushroom-man's rhizome stalks, the ipotane's shield and the harpy's wing-clips - are non-purist. Also, I removed the print from the mushroom-man's torso and arms. All other parts are purist. The goatherd, mushroom sprite and barbarian (Red Sonja) are as sold - no mods (unless you count the additional goat for the goatherd). Count Batlord is basically as sold. I just swapped the haft pieces around, putting the pointy one at the top and removing one of the axe heads. LEGO's choice of colours for the harpy was too busy in my view, so I muted them. I also changed the hair to one I like more. Sorry about Spider-man Noir in the shot. I didn't place the minifigure there. He must have snuck in while I was busy setting up the other minifigures. I would have included related minifigures from my display collection including a shepherd, the original Count Batlord and a couple of fright knights, three other barbarians, the forest elf (acorn boy), and a t-rex dino-man, but that would have been too many. You wouldn't have been able to see them all. I hope to be able to picture them as separate groups in due course. Comments? Questions? Myconic mysteries?
  2. AmperZand

    [Mod] War Machine Mech

    I slightly modded the War Machine Mech (76277). I'm not a big fan of the oversized shoulder-mounted blaster, so I got rid of it and mirrored the mech's left shoulder instead. I did add a couple of blasters using the existing angled parts that are supposed to keep the cockpit shut (but aren't needed for that - the cockpit remains closed without them). I slimmed down the upper arms so that they can be brought closer to the body, allowing the forearm blasters to point more-or-less forward. Some greebling added to the knees, elbows, forearms and coccyx, not all of which is visible in the picture.
  3. I picked up a complete in box copy of the best hospital set Lego has made over the summer! I've been working on MILS-ing every one of my MOCS and I really wanted this in my city... so I made it a complete building! Something weird is going on inside though... Set 6380-1 Emergency Treatment Center!
  4. Robert8

    Ideas for CMFs

    Hello everyone! Welcome to this thread Here you'll find my wishlist for CMFs, which I illustrate with drawings. I'm not a professional designer but an amateur and I do this just for fun. The CMF theme is one of my favorite LEGO themes ever and collecting Minifigures is one of my favorite hobbies. I'm always looking forward to get some feedback which helps me to improve. SERIES A SERIES B SERIES C SERIES D SERIES E SERIES F SERIES G SERIES H SERIES I SERIES J SERIES K SERIES L SERIES M SERIES N SERIES Ñ SERIES O SERIES P SERIES Q ADVENT CALENDAR SERIES R SERIES S SPOOKY CALENDAR ADVENT CALENDAR 2 SERIES T SERIES U SERIES V SERIES W SERIES X SERIES Y SERIES Z --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, here is the first wave. Let's call it SERIES A. Hope you'll like it Enjoy exciting, new adventures with Series A of the Minifigures collectibles. This series includes the Gymnast, the Giraffe Suit Guy, the Troll, the Architect, the Southern Businessman, the Crossing Guard, the Town Crier, the Lifesaver Guy, the Piper, the Mime Girl, the Galactic Traveler, the Skydiver Girl, the Robotics Engineer, the Harpist, the Puppeteer and the Organ Grinder. Inside each ‘mystery’ bag you’ll find a minifigure with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collector’s leaflet 1. Gymnast Part assorment: New hula hoop piece, the S3 Sumo Wrestler hairpiece, regular head, torso and legs. 2. Town Crier Part assorment: New combo hairpiece: tricorn hat + ponytail, a new handbell, regular head, torso and legs. 3. Crossing Guard Part assorment: The Series 9 Policeman hat recolored in black, a 4L bar, a 2x2 octagonal tile with a clip, regular head, torso and legs. 4. Harpist Part assorment: New harp piece. Padme Amidala's bun hairpiece, regular head, torso and slope 5. Galactic Traveler Part assorment: New molded head: head + bubble combo, ray gun piece, 1x1 translucent stud, regular torso and legs 6. Southern Businessman Part assorment: New 10 gallon hat piece, 2 revolvers, the mustache piece, regular head, torso and legs 7. Mime Girl Part assorment: New hairpiece: beret + hair combo, regular head, torso and legs 8. Troll Part assorment: New molded head, club piece, regular torso and short legs 9. Lifesaver Guy Part assorment: New duck lifesaver piece, Poe Dameron hairpiece, flippers, regular head, torso, and legs 10. Puppeteer Part assorment: New Classic King puppet, new Jester puppet, top hat. Alfred's coattails cloth piece. Regular head, torso, and legs 11. Skydiver Girl Part assorment: S10 Skydiver helmet, parachute pack neckpiece, regular head, torso, and legs 12. Architect Part assorment: Gail the Construction Worker hairpiece recolored, suitcase piece, 2x4 tile, regular head, torso, and legs 13. Giraffe Suit Guy Part assorment: New giraffe mask, new giraffe tail, regular head, torso, and legs 14. Organ Grinder Part assorment: New music box neckpiece. Beret, classic monkey, regular head, torso, and legs 15. Piper Part assorment: Hunter's hat in dark blue, large feather, mouse, short cape, 3L bar, regular head, torso, and legs 16. Robotics Engineer Part assorment: Emmet's hard hat piece recolored, 1x1 round tile (x2), walkie talkie piece, S16 Babysitter's baby recolored, regular head, torso, and legs. And an extra head for the robot with red eyes Extra pic! The little robot's alternate head: And here is the group pic! The color is lavender, of course! This Series A would introduce 14 new moulds: hula ring, harp, duck lifesaver, beret+hair piece, music box, Classic King puppet, Jester puppet, ten gallon hat, tricorn hat+hair, handbell, Troll molded head, Galactic Traveler molded head, giraffe mask and tail Leaflet: Box distribution (60 minifigures) So, that's it for now. I expect to post more of these later this year SERIES B
  5. "You are now entering the Blacktron sector! This is the absolute limit of the Classic Space quadrant! You have been warned!" ...sorry about that. Had to get the legal stuff out of the way first! Anyway: Blacktron long-range fighter "Buzzard" Above is one of the two copies of the Blacktron XL-15, now dubbed the "Blacktron Buzzard". So back in January of 2023, I decided to convert the XL-15 spaceship from the film "Lightyear" into original Blacktron colors. You can see the original model's boxart above. The blue became yellow, and white was turned to black, with all the trans-green changed to trans-red. I added laser blasters under the wings where some technic pins are and put a different control tile in the cockpit. I was thinking about building a second ship, but then again, getting some of the parts from Bricklink was a total pain due to extremely low quantities in the needed color. (I'm talking about you, 3 x 3 wedge plate in yellow!) Thankfully, I bought one too many of both kinds of the yellow 12 x 3 wedge plates, as they are very rare as well with only one store selling four of each kind in the USA. (more pictures of the Buzzard to come as soon as the second one is built) Blacktron command vessel "Executor" In addition to the two Buzzards, I wanted a Blacktron capitol ship. I had no ideas of my own ship, so I spent most of the afternoon of 10/5/23 taking Benny's beloved spaceship from The Lego Movie and corrupting it into a twisted, evil version. I revamped the nose, removed the expanding wing assembly and snub fighters. Of course I then recolored it almost exclusively in black and yellow. (some gray was unavoidable!) I armed it with a turret on the top rear where the sensor array once was, and put the commanders office below where the wing mechanism used to be. To keep with the one-word naming scheme of the original Blacktron, I borrowed the name of Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, decreeing this ship the Blacktron Executor. I struggled to think of an engine flame color that fit OG Blacktron. I eventually settled on trans-blue. (it looks like trans-light blue here, but it's not!) The rear-most section lifts away, but the rest of the roof sections are supposed to fold open. The ship seats seven troops and 1 commander. Blacktron asteroid outpost "Omega" This model was built from an 2002 Alpha Team set 4795 (Ogel Underwater base and AT sub) but heavily modified to fit into the Blacktron I theme. I had to fill in the spots where the flexible plastic "window' pieces were, replace the skull logo with the upside-down Tri-Force logo of Blacktron I, find ways to make the model almost totally "air tight", and add on a radar dish instead of a harpoon gun. As on the original set, the logo folds down, where it can be used as a ramp. Also as on the original set, the MOD folds open to access the inside details. Special shout out to Jon Mo who designed the brick built Blacktron logo I used on my model. Also, thanks to EliteGuard01 for finding that logo design and recommending it to me! The rear of the model. I took out the fancy spinning wall of the original set and replaced it with a bank of windows. The inside was very hard to figure out, as most space furniture is for me. I decided on four computer stations and a desk for the commander. Another source of trouble was to make the building open cleanly and close without holes. The original set struggled with this, and it failed miserably. However, I feel I managed to fix that. Blacktron Light Runner space car Recently, while I was on my Blacktron kick, I decided I needed a vehicle for the commander. So, after a few false starts with other models, I dusted off this old TRON Legacy Light Runner model and went to town modifying it. The model originally was made five years ago (was 2018 really that long ago?!?), and is based off the two-seater TRON set 21314 MOD that was made by BrickBrosUK and posted on Brickset here. After I was done modernizing it in original Blacktron colors, I realized I needed to get some new wheels on it, as I knew the old ones don't roll that well. I looked around and found some brand-new 2023 wheels inspired by the space ones of old. Sad news was, they weren't in LDD. Thus, I asked my brother (who uses Studio) to please convert my car into that program, add the wheels, then render it so I could see it. As you can see, he went above and beyond that - adding wording to the picture in postproduction, and making it generally look AWESOME! Thoughts? EDITED 11/11/23: The Blacktron command ship and second Blacktron Buzzard are built, but not complete in real life... I made a few mistakes, and the correct parts are coming with the Light Runner, which was ordered 11/10/23. The space outpost will be ordered as soon as the car's parts arrive.
  6. I am happy to present my MOD (actually two MODs) to Lego set 76423, Hogwarts Express with Hogsmead Station. As you likely know, last month Lego released their 91st version of the Hogwarts Express. I think this one is the nicest standard gauge version Lego has released so far. Yeah, that is not saying much, but I think the engine is very well proportioned at 6 wide. That means it feels even smaller scale than the city trains, but if you ignore the fact that it is tiny next to a minifig, it has good proportions and I like how they hid the flanges on the drivers. I've now made two MODs to the locomotive that retain the general appearance but enhance it in various ways. The first MOD is simply cosmetic, adding side rods to the locomotive. I really wanted to also add connecting rods but the locomotive is just so tight at 6 wide that anything to add connecting rods has too much of a trade-off. Either going over 8 wide on such a short engine or adding a few studs between the driver wheels and the cylinders. The latter is definitely doable, but it would be a much larger reworking than what I was aiming for. The second MOD is more ambitious... ... I know, doesn't look much different in pictures, but that's because pictures don't move. A Circuit Cubes motor fits nicely in among the drive wheels And the Bluetooth controller/battery fits within the space of the existing tender The power cube easily pops out for access to the power switch and charging port The spacing works with the stock Circuit Cube wire I did make one purely mechanical mod to the tender, removing the center axle to facilitate rounding R40 curves while retaining the wheel holder to maintain appearances. Access to full instructions for both MODs can be found here for free Enjoy!
  7. This post last updated: 24th February 2017 with LXF file of 90% complete outer hull and Engines. LXF files can be found at the bottom of this post. I started this project in 2010 with a Bricklinked UCS 10179-1 Falcon. I immediately started building a full interior, heavily inspired by Matt De Lanoy's Falcon (not a mod of the UCS Falcon, but very nice). Most recent overall pictures Engine modifications WIP photos and comments: This is a a strip of 18 cool white LEDs on a 30cm sticky-backed strip: they cost about £8. As you can see, I’ve stuck them in at about 10 studs from the engine “grilles". They look great when lit, both in full darkness and with the room lights on. The LEDs are pointing straight at the grilles and there are lots of them. Sorry to any purists reading that they aren’t Lego LEDs, but 18 power function LEDs and a battery box would have set me back about £150! The rest of the LEDs are a LifeLites eLites Advanced 2 kit bought from in France. These LEDs are designed to be compatible with lego bricks, e.g. they are 3mm wide and the switch box sits on a 2 x 4 lego Technic plate. I plan to use them for floodlights, landing lights and interior lighting. I haven’t fitted them yet. I’ll post more pics when I do. Since I now have a nice curve on the engines, I decided to take advantage of it to get the "Thrust Vector Baffles" sorted out: I borrowed the idea wholesale from Matt De Lanoy, once again (I really need to buy that man a beer sometime). The alternatives which I considered were this by OceanBlue77, or this by Brian Tobin. Since I was doing the engines anyway, I redid the entire rear hull: More pictures are available on my Flickr set. Comments, criticisms and - especially - ideas on how to improve this model are all very welcome. LXF files: Added 24th Feb 2017: Complete Top and Bottom Hull plus Engines Added 13th October 2015: Engine Mod and Rear Hull as pictured above. Upper Docking Tunnels (From OceanBlue77's mod): Port Starboard Episode VII (The Force Awakens) Radar Dish (see seperate thread) Upper Gun Turret (no major mods, just a re-skin) Landing Gear(template, really need to finish this) Added 17th Jan 2016: Brick-built round dish (LXF) Added 26th Feb 2016: Engine mod - just the engine grille (LXF)
  8. Pirean_Grammaticul


    things changed: -lowered cockpit down roughly 1 brick, changed build around cockpit region to slope into wings, taper into body, round out the rear to more accurately reflect the shape of the model in canon -filled in gaps with 1 tile width across whole body; requires some gaps in wing construction -replaced guns for accuracy; subject to further change to reduce conspicuousness -cut up stickers to apply across model -cut cockpit -nexo tile at front to hammer in the point :) working on instructions if anyone's interested. if ur curious on scale it works like this
  9. according to the 8110 modification collectors thread we should do the same with the 42009 mobile crane Mk2. and i start with some small modifications on the undercarriage. my first modification adds steering functionality to the flashing lights the second change is widen the body to the width of the stabilizers and chassis comments, critics and your own modifications are welcome.
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    Emerald Night MOD

    So as promised I finally got some pictures of it on a layout. But first some back story. The EN was released during my dark period and I had no idea it existed till early this year. I was fortunate enough that a coworker was getting out of Lego's and got one for a decent price. So I dug out an oval of track and much to my dismay the engine ran horribly or simply derailed. It was a good looking engine so I pulled the PF and made it a static model. A month went by and I had decided I will make this train run come Brickworld Ft Wayne. I tried the motorized tender option but did not like the look. So I ripped the thing apart and put her on a diet all the center section came out and a L motor went in. A custom "gearbox" needed assembled. I rebuilt it 13 times before I found a solution I was both happy with overall speed and torque, also that didn't blow apart after an hour of running lol. The front trucks have been reworked to not derail and @zephyr1934 worked with me to get his custom rods and valve gear running good. After many hours on the test oval I felt she was ready for the show. Once at the show I soon discovered she hates switches... So much help was needed getting her on the main off the siding. Then I found she hates uneven track lol so I did some more reworking and that solved most of the wheel slip (the front and rear boogies would lift the drive wheels) allowing the front to pivot seemed to resolve most of this. So it ran around our Lugs layout and ran into the first issue (my train was the first steam train to ever run on this layout) the rods hit the station platform! So we moved it a stud and a half back and it was good but then it came to the elevated section. It ran up the hill (fairly steep) without issue but once at the elevated station its canopy hit the light guards then the rods the platform. So it was committed to a siding as the elevated would take too much rework. Fortunately another steam display was willing to let her stretch her legs. First we ran it with the stock car that came with the set ... then we hooked her up to a rake of coal. (I won't mention his name as I'm not sure if he's OK with being mentioned but I'm sure many of you know him... Hats off to you sir) It was great to see her run and my boys loved watching it run! Again thanks to all! I am working with a light company to light the firebox and the rear tender. Now to work on my Lug to increase track clearance for steam lol. Update: as she currently sits. Added brickstuffs custom lighting. Replaced the original pf lights with LEDs' installed flickering fire in the firebox and a rear lamp on the tender.
  11. I made this for a project where I accidentally built the axles 4 studs too wide on each side so with this I'm halfway there if i use this hub and the landrover rims. here's the link to the video
  12. One of the reasons I'm excited about the 2023 Hogwarts Express is that I hope it gets people into building steam locomotive MOCs. This happened for me by modifying it's predecessor, 75955 20230508_162151 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr I got two copies of 75955 cheap on eBay. My aim was to make the locmotive look more like a GWR Hall Class, whilst keeping it "LEGOish". I wanted it to be able to run on R40 tracks, with power functions. I also wanted to mainly use parts from the sets, with some from my own collection, and not have to Bricklink anything. This meant it had to be 6 wide, and use a similar boiler design. Also no custom wheels/rods/stickers. 20230508_162212 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The original locmotive's proportions were rather tall and not long enough. I extended the boiler by 4 studs, and the firebox and the smokebox by 1 stud. I need to take a better photo, but I'm quite proud of the taper on the boiler. It extends by 1 plate, over 12 studs. The rear of the boiler is clipped to the firebox and the smokebox. The smokebox is not attached with studs to the running board, but on a Technic axle, so it can legally be a fraction of a stud off grid. I also added droid arms to create break rigging and sand pipes. 20230508_162243 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162447 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162508 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The biggest challenge was getting the pony truck to go around R40 curves, and not interfere with the cylinders. This was an absolute headache - a lot of MOCs I've seen in recent years, are designed for wider curves, or they have the second set of pony wheels fixed, and only have one set of flanged drivers. I didn't want to do this so I created a pony truck with a sliding front axle. The pony truck can pivot to a fixed angle, than there are stoppers under the cylinder, which stop it moving any further. As the axle is free to move axially, it will un-centre itself to go around the bend. It works, but looks a bit strange, and is something I want to improve on the next version. 20230508_162221 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr Tender has all the PF components. Again for simplicity, I used the normal train motor guards (and mimicked the design around the front wheels), but I want to improve this in my next version. Also, for part reuse, I'm using the trap door from the original's tender to mount the train motor and thread the cable. 20230508_162629 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20230508_162711 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The coach isn't meant to be a BR Mk1. I don't have any dark red parts, so I just decided to extend the official coach out to use a proper train base, whilst keeping the removable wall from the playset. I also have some older windows in my collection which were quite useful. If interested, their are more photos on my flickr. When I have the time, I'd like to do a full rebuild in 7 wide using custom wheels, with dark red Mk1s. But for now, I'm happy with this - I'm glad LEGO's play set was mis-proportioned as it inspired me to do this. Already working on a proper MOC now . References A lot of inspiration was taken from Phil B's incredible MOC/MOD @Phil B, particularly with the tapered boiler using the original set's design
  13. At first when the images for the Imperial Light Cruiser were released at first I was very excited, because I didn't have a Star Destroyer style ship, but once I looked more closely, I was quite disappointed at how it looked. I understand it's a playset first etc, but the biggest issues to me were how wide the front gap was and how high the bridge was. Mixing between the Arquitens and the 546 Cruiser is understandable at this scale, especially if using promo images etc, but the proportions were so off for both. I also wanted to retain the DNA of being a "LEGO playset" and I felt the back half of the ship made poor use of space. 20220119_224320 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_222455 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_220934 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221542 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr The TIE Fighter launcher has been taken out and the front gap is smaller and has trans blue tile details. I've tiled off more of the surface of the cruiser. The canons are now much smaller as they don't have spring shooters. 20220119_221534 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_220951 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221006 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr 20220119_221045 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr I wanted to better utilise the space in the middle of the ship and make it more accurate so the bridge and "spine" have been completely redesigned. The spine is now 3 studs wide and the bridge is lower. I refuse to use stickers so for the windows I represented them with clips. The ship is already very sturdy and can be "swooshed" by holding the sides so personally I didn't see the need for the handle taking up all the space in the bridge (and making the proportions off). The bridge is held on with 2 studs and inside there is enough space for a couple of figures sitting down. I haven't decided what to do with it but it will either be Dark Trooper storgage or Grogu's cell. I wanted to keep the spirit of being a playset so I tried to find a way to add a Dark Trooper drop mechanism but due to the large wedge tiles making up the base, there was no room for an opening door. You can also see I have tried to angle the ship behind the docking bay a bit more. I used a mix of artistic license between the Arquitens, class 546 and the shape of the set to compromise. 20220119_220717 by Sam Szeto, on Flickr Interior remains the same, with a few different consoles. More photos on flickr
  14. So I built my expanded modular Pixar UP house, but the box it's going in has room for another building of 16x32 size. Instead of just making another building from scratch, I decided to transplant Edna Mode's fashion shop onto a modular standard base. You can see the results below. This model was partially inspired by the both buildings in set 10308 - Holiday Main Street from the Winter Village collection. I added a back to it, changed the color scheme around and fixed some areas. I also replaced the original toys with clothing items for sale to make it into a shop for fashion designer Edna Mode from the Incredibles film franchise. (Apparently she has branched off from superhero costumes into the regular fashion market.) The rear has a delivery entrance and a simple porch light on the first floor, while the second / third floors have the chimney flue. On the inside, the lower floor has the shop full of items for sale - from tiaras to top hats, pants to suits. Upstairs is Edna's workshop, complete with sewing machine and long folds of different-colored cloth. I also have a heater / cooker, and a bunch of drawers full of patterned cloth pieces and clothing designs. The vintage sewing machine was from free instructions seen on Rebrickable by user @Scarlet_Patronus. (The lower floor's display cases were also based on items from this talented builder.) The third floor contains Edna's office complete with vault filled with gold, a desk with two chairs, some green kryptonite in a lead-glass case, (a gift from Batman) a old-fashioned TV on a bunch of cabinets, and a Superhero phone on a printed wall piece. This fabulous 1951 Hudson Hornet was originally a @hachiroku design of a Hudson Hornet that I modified quite a bit to be Edna Mode's car. The reason for this specific design is I was struggling to come up with a good 8-wide 1950's / 60's car design for her for use with the tailor shop. Then I remembered I had this design of a blue Hudson Hornet, (extremely similar to the one in CARS) and it just clicked. The car fit the era nicely, and it was high-end enough for Mode to drive without it seeming too odd. You can find the original builder's version here. The rear of the vehicle. The roof is removable and can seat a single mini-figure. EDIT 5/17/23: third floor finished, and all-new pictures added! Thoughts?
  15. I see [TC6] has heated the atmosphere quite a bit, so I propose a run in the snow, for relaxation purposes :) One of the best choices for this activity is my Dirt Crusher MOD, a snow-ready half-track beast that I named Tracker, for kicks. It's based on the amazing Prowler (RC), built by the one of the best Lego tank creators in the world, Tommy Styrvoky! Thank you, master ;) Photos of the beast after some test runs: YouTube video of it's first run on snow: The 2nd video, filmed closer, and after reinforcing the treads: I still have no clue how to embed a video on these forums, who can help me out? :) You will notice Technic bricks flying off in a spectacular fashion, it seems the half-stud pins are not the best choice for this powerhouse. But I do need some way to increase traction on soft or thick snow, so if anyone has any idea what to replace them with, please let me know, thank you.
  16. Hello and welcome to the page! One of my favourite sets ever! It became a part of my collection in a veeery long and hard way several years ago. I was thinking to motorize it several times. Simply install several motors was easy deal, but I wanted a suspension also. This requires fully rebuild the chassis. So, initially I built a completely new scale RC chassis, then adapt it for 8285 outriggers, that adapt it for the 8285 crane then adapt it again for the 8285 cab. I tried to keep as much from original iconic 8285 as possible. None of the 8 PF motors is visible One BIG battery box + 2 sBricks OR two sbricks 2.0 can be used to manage al 8 channels. The only manual feature is a pneumatic polarity switcher, because it would be a 9th channel. Full suspension, rear based on 42043 Arocs set. Servo for steering 2 XL for drive M for outriggers L for pump M for winch L for crane raise L for boom extensionin Please enjoy! Truck now uses 6 soft shock abosorbers. To keep it higher it will be enough to replace first rear axle to yellow shock absorbers.
  17. DeanLearner

    Boutique Hotel Mod

    Here is an electronic version of a Boutique Hotel mod I’ve been working on. My objectives were: 1. Increase the overall building height to one more fitting with its function, and the height of other modulars 2. Maintain the overall feel and style of the original 3. Give a bit more warmth to the colder blue/azure tones of the gallery 4. Conceal some of the awkward gap on the left-hand side 5. Avoid having to buy an entire second set, with repurposing of as many parts as possible to keep the mod budget vaguely reasonable Modifications include the following: One brick extra height to the ground and second floors, and two brick extra height to the first floor; the total height is now one plate below the height of left-hand building in assembly square. Interior details (including stairs) are also amended. Additional detailing to try to avoid the extra height becoming too plain; this was ultimately reliant upon the slightly clichéd 1x1x1 scroll bricks. White was used on the second floor to provide a greater range of parts, while the extra light nougat was almost entirely sourced from the second floor or right- hand wall. A semi-legal (only one stud connection) was used to fill the gap with the roof) I’ve played around a bit with the other colours (including the flowers), though I’m not entirely sold on this. I’m aiming for a slightly Morrocan/Moorish style tiled look for the fountain. I had a go at changing the tree, but any other design ended up far too wide for the space. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. I also have mods of Assembly Square and Palace Cinema completed in bricks (the latter in a full Art Deco style). The LDD files were sadly lost though.
  18. I recreated set 40586 (Moving Truck GWP) in blue, and changed the wheels, rear-view mirrors, front bumper, and a few other things. You may be asking why I chose blue for the truck. The answer is simple: I had two blue wheel arches lying around unused, and this neatly solves that! The rear of the truck. The roof comes off and the ramp slides out. Also in this picture you can see the cabin door opens. The roof of the cab section also comes off to seat a driver at the wheel. Thoughts?
  19. Hey everyone, for a couple of months I've been working on a lego technic camper module that fits on Lego 42129 easily! After a lot of designing, I have come up with a design. I've made a video for all to see and please let me know what you think of this model. This model doesn't affect the Zetros's ability to move in any way (however just to be safe please consider reinforcing the rear axle). It has the following features: Awning Interior with dedicated seating area, bedding and kitchen (kitchen has to be built with bricks haha) rear compartment storage along with a lock Openable windows for ventilation Flexible but sturdy structure for offroading openable door Additional step ladder that can be used to enter the unit Additional storage on the door side of the unit that has a separate compartment to the rear storage space for jerry cans Space for extra wheel
  20. Hello everybody, I didn't notice yet any MOD page of the Volvo EW160 excavator. I find this a really good set and as I'm an excavator lover, I couldn't resist to add a few modifications. I have already done 2- 3 and I have others in my mind. Here are the first ones I took away the cab elevating mechanism. I find the excavator better proportioned this way. It looks a lot more like the real machine and IMHO also a lot nicer. The cab was in the original model too much forward and got in the way of good playability. I still have to get rid of the grey beam behind the cab. I also put a swivel and turning mechanism on the grab, which also looks better and approaches the looks of the real machine. The mods I'm planning is to arrange the hoses on the boom and add rigid hoses.
  21. It began with @mcphatty's excellent mod for this set (check it out on his rebrickable if you're interested). Adding the inner wing pylons really helped, as well as some of the more minor changes he made. I was still unhappy though, and wanted to push for further accuracy. First up was some minor colour changes of pieces, mainly removing any dark bley, replacing it with either light bley or black, where appropriate. I ended up figuring a solution for the famous inset "exhaust" at the back of the cockpit - although this shape is sometimes referred to as a window or hatch instead. Regardless, I managed to capture the shape pretty well and am happy with how that turned out. Next was a slight change to the "arms" that connect the cockpit to the wings - I ended up reverting some of ron_mcphatty's changes, so it became a blend of the set, and his mod. The biggest change of all came in the form of the cockpit and it's interior - taking inspiration from the @BrickVault / @Jerac model, I changed up the controls. I then added the dark bley paneling at the front of the cockpit window, something which has been omitted from almost every version of TIE Fighter I've seen. I like to call it a dashboard. Overall I'm quite happy with this mod, although I still think it could be improved further in future... Maybe one day. Also happy to take suggestions if there is anything you want to point out for me to fix/change! The model, built and rendered in studio. They aren't the latest renders, and have not been updated with the dashboard in the cockpit interior. The dashboard on the interior of the cockpit viewport. It just fits and allows the window to close 99% fully. Reference photo of an original studio model. Visible is the dashboard.
  22. Well I didn't see anyone else try and fix the bikes in this set when I searched for it, so I thought I might as well try to do it myself. After being disappointed with how blocky the front of the Batcycle was from the 76179 Batman & Selina Kyle Motorcycle Pursuit set (along with how it used a sticker for the headlight instead of trying to make it brick built), I knew I had to find a way to make the Batcycle look a lot more sleeker. Luckily, I stumbled upon this video showcasing their own custom Batcycle MOC and the front was absolutely perfect, I just had to borrow it for my version (along with how the side exhaust pipes were built). Combining that with the bike frame design of the 2014 Ninjago X-1 Ninja Charger instead of using those inaccurate dark bluish grey "Vehicle, Base 2 x 2 x 2/3 Wheel Fork with 2 Arms and Pin Holes" pieces, managed to give me this as the final result when I finished the designs using the software. With Catwoman's bike, the same frame was combined with the general design that was used for her bike in the original set except with a brick built headlight over a sticker, horn pieces instead of two wonky looking antenna pieces for handlebars, and reworking the rear entirely to look like the design from the film that featured two baskets on either side of her bike that was used to store her cats at the very end of the movie. Overall, I have to say I'm very happy with how these turned out, and just for comparison's sake, I included a picture of the actual bikes to see how they look side by side. Thanks for looking!
  23. Few months ago I modified the set 42138 with one BuWizz motor for driving the rear wheels, one PU motor for steering and a BuWizz 3.0 to power the model. This MOD was really fun and all BUT, deep inside I knew I can do better, especially after being inspired by upcoming Bolide (and a bit frustrated by it's lack of AWD). So after a lot of trial and error, fiddling and trying literally all kinds of component placements, I came up with the following MOD: So you may be thinking, It's a different color, so what? It has a fancy diffusor, spoiler and a few body mods but what's different? Well... The answer hides on the underside photo: Yes, this small 1:16 model has all wheel drive with differentials! Not only that, but the rear axle allows for torque vectoring which allows me to fine tune handling, especially adjusting understeer/oversteer. The model has been assembled and tested with real bricks, I will post more media soon. AllI can say for now is that performance is excellent, there is plenty of torque to spin all 4 wheels and it can even do AWD powerslides.
  24. Hello all, I found the latest iteration of the material handler a bit flimsy, and esthetically not so nice and I also didn't like the wheel base. So I decided to mod the 42053 material handler to beast mode. It has the latest control+ XL-motor with the dumb battery box and one small pump. The cabin of the 42053 is reused without modifications, the grabber is reused with a bit of modifications, and the design of the aft section is also reused. For the booms I used the 42144 design. The crane uses ballast in the track section and in de crane body. The ballast are small metal bearing balls in the LBG-boxes, which are easily removable It's an 'electrical' excavator with external power supply, the cable is reeled in and out together with the movement of the tracks In total there are 6 cylinders and 1 small pump (should have been 2, but there was no room in the body) a few openable hatches I hope you like it, due to time restraints I couldn't eleborate the design more, I will make I claw grabber in due time
  25. Hello everyone, I have recently picked up a 42054. Immediately I noticed the insane amount of backlash and resistance in the steering system. Here's how I fixed it: 1: Finding the problem: The problem was one of these: It was adding lots of friction which caused the grand majority of the backlash. It is added in this step (step 57 substep 2): 2. Replacing the piece. This was relatively simple, I replaced it with one of these: I had to hold the other piece in before placing it into the assembly, but it was totally worth it. There is little to no backlash and resistance. So, that's it! Thanks for reading! BrickbyBrickTechnic