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Found 22 results

  1. Hello Folks, i was so disappointed by the official Lego B-Wing. I really like this underestimated spaceship.In my opinion LEGO did a gerat job to capture all the details of the asymetric design in the UCS model. But 75050 isn't the UCS version . The main differences lies in the shape of the wings. They are so thin and looks cheap in comparison to USC. This was the reason to modifiy my B-Wing and I would like to share these changes Here we go... LDD-File (lxf) Original vs. modified Modified version: rendered using Bluerender(0005) and SunFlow MOD and the real guy... B-Wing_75050_Modified_V17_LarsInteractive.lxf
  2. Before you read any further: I want to give massive credits to RenegadeClone (or his brother.. or both.. it's confusing) for coming up with this great MOC and leaving enough instructions for me to reconstruct the model. My version is 90-95% the same and I can only take credit for making the model and some small differences in detail (I'll get to those later). RenegadeClone's done a great job. You can find the original topic here. Having said that, things are easier to build when you have an LDD file. A small introduction I'm Krispy. I've been lurking here for a while, taking in ideas and techniques. Now that I've started building again, I figured it's good to share. I'm a big fan of Star Wars universe starfighters, but only the classic trilogy and the stuff after that. I love space sims and "Tie-Fighter" in particular; I've wasted half my childhood on that game . And now I've decided to collect Lego version of the starfighters from that universe. In minifig-scale. I was a little bummed out that TLG doesn't have a proper B-Wing set. Bummed out until I found RenegadeClone's MOC. The Model B-Wing v1.1 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr There she is, rendered using LDD2PovRay. Total part count: 951. Ouch. There are small differences with the RenegadeClone's original; most concern the cockpit: The cockpit is all light bley; this meant using some different parts The rear cockpit section (with the curved slopes) is completely different in internal construction. The slopes are now attached using 3 stubs making the use of rubber bands unnecessary (I dislike rubber bands). The pilot now has a seat (in dark green!). Flying a B-Wing is tough enough without the physical discomfort.... or so they say. The internal structure of the main wing and the engines is different. I only knew the outside dimensions, so I had to reconstruct them on my own. Internally this B-Wing is probably rather different. Below you will find all the files you need to source the parts and make the model. The LDD model is made using LDD 4.3.5. The partslist spreadsheets was made using LDD Manager, but I've added some extra columns to keep track of the parts that you have ("Have" column) so you can see which bricks you still need. For those of you who don't do LDD, I've exported the instruction to html and put them in a zip; they should work on any browser. The Files The LDD file: v1.0 / v1.1 Partslist (v1.0): XLSX (office 2010) / ODS (openoffice) Building instructions in html (v1.0): link LDD file of the display stand: link If you want to figure it all out yourself, stop reading and start building. Below I've posted some notes on sourcing the parts and building the model that you may find useful though. Sourcing the parts Please note that there are a small number of rare-ish parts used in the model, so check if you have these or are able to order them before you start your Bricklink frenzy: Large hard plastic wheel in classic grey Wedge 4 x 4 (Slope 18 Corner) in light bley; you'll need 4 Most parts in sand blue 4L bar in dark grey/dark bley; dark grey shouldn't be too hard, but dark bley is rarer 8.5L Hose in classic grey Also note that if you need to source almost all parts (like me; my lego is older, so I only have classic grey), this beast will set you back considerably. It has almost 1000 parts. By my estimation I've spend somewhere between €100 and €120 on parts (about $125 to $140). It's not cheap. If you use LDD Manager to check if you can do other colours instead of sand blue, you will only find a small number of basic colours. This is due to this brick. If you want to know what your real options are, paint this brick black in the model. If you are having trouble sourcing sand blue parts (I'm looking at you fellow europeans), dark bley offers a good alternative though your model will look more like the UCS B-Wing that way. Building considerations It's possible to build this model using the LDD generated instructions. I've done so, proving they actually work, but they are a bit weird and unlogical. The LDD model has been grouped in to logical groups, so you might want to check those. As reference, I've rendered a picture showing these elements. Minifig-scale B-Wing v1.0 in parts by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Below I will note some things you want to look out for. Engine covers by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Build these engine covers seperate and add them to the model later (after step 180 or something). Engine (build this first) by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr That means you want to build this engine part first. Exhaust close-up by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Note that the technics half pins do not go in all the way. That's not a bad thing though: you now have the option to add a 2x2 dish giving your exhaust the same look as the offical TLG sets (eg. the 9493 X-Wing). Technics tubing not in instructions by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Note that this piece of pneumatic tubing is not on the LDD model. The holders are though; look at the completed model (all the way below) to see where it slots between the two torpedo launchers. Fix for curved plate problem by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr I had a problem with the narrow 1 stud wide cover plate for the rear of the main wing: it curved outwards (to the left in this picture) because a 1x12 plate I used wasn't straight!! Using this modification at the bottom of the assembly, I was able to hold it in place. Cockpit axle mount thingy in place by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Notice that I used old school connectors with studs on the side. This means the model is a bit sturdier on top (also I have, like, tons of these parts). Cockpit section by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Cockpit with seat. Notice that the headrest has two 1x1 dark bley plates instead of one in the LDD model. This depends on what helmet your minifig pilot is wearing. Build complete! by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Build complete! It's big, it's heavy. If anyone has suggestions on a stand that works for this beast, I'm all ears. I hope you've enjoyed this little write-up. Good luck and happy building if you're going to attempt one... trust me, they are worth the effort: the build was definitely one of the most challenging I've done so far! update 13-01-2013: A stand I've updated the files section with a LDD model of the stand I came up with (see picture below). It's bulky, but sturdy and allows you to show off the model with open s-foils! Stand - front by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr update 19-01-2013: version 1.1 I've updated the model to 1.1. Grab the new model file from the files section above! What is different you may ask? Well, there's somewhat less studs on the outside of the model. Oh... and the lower part of the internal skeleton has been redone completely. It definitely feels more rigid now. Check out the differences below! Even if you don't want to update your model with loads of tiles, I would recommend redoing the skeleton. B-Wing v1.1 Skeleton update by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr
  3. Gray_Mouser

    [MOC] Rebel midi squadron

    I spent some time designing midi versions of the rebel fighters (OT). As is usual for me, I didn't start from scratch, and ripped off borrowed ideas from other people: x-wing: based on Pasq67's MOC y-wing: based on Tim Goddard's MOC b-wing and a-wing: based on SPARKART!'s MOCs I had already posted renders for the x-wing and the y-wing, but I finally could build them with real bricks. And now they are accompanied by the b-wing and a-wing. I'm glad to have them out of my system (and on my shelves); I wasted far too much time on these.
  4. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi! I want to show you my new project of B-Wing Starfighter! I just finish design in LDD, maybe on 99%, I still working with details. There are +/- 1450 parts, I use only popular and easily availalbe on Bricklink, which influenced a few design decisions. Main engine was inspired on Inthert design, but I change many parts, colors and I've improved a few connections. Orange signs would be changed, I add this only for renders :) Soon I'll make more renders, and start checking my parts to build real, final model!
  6. This is my entry in the Brickset Star Wars 'What's Missing?' building contest. 75213 Blade Wing Starfighter - £69.99, $79.99, €89.99 - Hera Syndulla, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, Quarrie, BG-81 This set contains 704 parts. - Fly into battle aboard the prototype Blade Wing Starfighter! - Open the dual cockpits to seat the pilot and gunner inside. - Convert the Blade Wing from its landed configuration to flight mode. - Rotate the cockpits as the starfighter manoeuvres. - Fire the spring loaded shooters. - Includes Blade Wing Starfighter and five minifigures!
  7. I picked up my new B-Wing a few days ago, and after building it I was left a little underwhelmed. The overall design of the model is OK, given its size, but there was something about it that really bugged me,,, The wings. They seem out of proportion to me, too large for the scale of the ship, and it makes the final model look rather spindly. I've already modified mine to reduce the size of the stabiliser wings, and to let them sit closer to the body when folded. However, this is what I have planned (if I have the necessary parts that is): After making an LDD model of the B-Wing using the official build instructions, I've been having a bit of a tinker with the ship, and I think I've made a few improvements. Modified B-Wing .lxf file Changes... Shortened the s-foils. Redesigned the wing-tip cannons (and got rid of those irritating missile shooters). Shortened the main wing and gave it a straight edge, mimicking the UCS version. Moved the weapons pod a little higher up to make it look a little more sturdy. Altered the lower wing mounting points so that the wing is now aligned with the axis of the ship. Bulked out the body in a few places, and filled the void behind the engines. Things to do... Thicken the 'neck' where the cockpit joins the rest of the ship. Increase the size and move further forward the flare between the cockpit and the two cylinders, to match the flare on the main wing. I'm a loooooooooong way off from making anything as impressive as Jerac's Chimaera, but we all have to start somewhere .
  8. Hi everyone, About a year ago I was inspired by @obijon’s amazing and very extensive collection of micro builds to start working on my own micro versions of my favourite Star Wars ships. I think I have enough of them now to get all cocky (what’s that Han?) and start sharing instructions on Rebrickable so here’s the first wave, the Rebel Starfighters. Update: I’ve thrown together some Resistance variants too! The X-Wing, A-Wing and B-Wing are fairly solid little builds, at this scale one-stud connections are inevitable but luckily these are still kind of swooshable, as long as you’re careful! The A-Wing is my favourite, I went through so many real and prototypes trying to get the shape, fins and connections right that I’m so pleased I finally ended up with a strong and recognisable build. The Y-Wing is the most fragile of the group, it’s almost all one-stud connections, particularly to the centre of the hull, so unfortunately it’s only suitable for display. I’m aiming to build several of each fighter as part of a micro Rebel hangar display and with that in mind I tried to stay away from rare/expensive parts. Having said that I couldn’t resist using the skate helmets on the Y-Wing and my liberal use of those little curved slopes with notches pushes the cost up a bit too. Oh well, you can’t build a rebellion on peanuts! Back in the spring my first attempt at making instructions in was actually this U-Wing. I managed to build the rear of the ship so that the wings fold out but there are so many weak connections that it means the wings are very fragile. I also have to admit that I cheated when connecting the engines, to keep those wheel pieces in place I wrapped a layer of tape around the internal 3L bars and pushed the wheels on. I’m still on the hunt for a better (and legal) solution and I’m open to suggestions! Update: I’ve just finished a few Resistance variants of the Starfighters, almost in time for The Rise of Skywalker. The B-Wing involved a lot of guesswork as it’s only very briefly seen in the film and trailers, but it was the same with the old B-Wing and Return of The Jedi so I suppose it’s a Star Wars tradition that’s been upheld. Overall I’m really pleased with how all these little ships have turned out and especially how they look together as a group. I’ll share more micro starfighter instructions (the next is the Millennium Falcon) when I can and if we get a good look at the new B-Wing in TRoS I’ll be able to finish the Resistance version of the starfighter group too. All my MOC and MOD instructions so far are here, I’m always grateful for any comments and criticisms. Thanks for looking and down with the space nazis!
  9. Retro

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Hi All, So this is a mash-up of Renegade Clone's B-Wing (70%), Xiei22's B-Wing and 75050, with a few bits of my own (the chunky 1980's-looking bits). **** After a short stay, Boba is regurgitated by the Sarlaac, his armour bleached by the digestive juices. He needs a new ship since Slave 1 has been stolen in the meantime by some Weequay Pirates. Thankfully, the Jawas owe him a debt and furnish him with a modified, heavy B-Wing. This version can land on its back instead of its side, for quick getaways. It comes with storage for your personal possessions (this scene is not real - it is Boba daydreaming about former glories)... well as an astomech housing compartment. The astomech was thrown in for free. The space for all this is achieved by replacing the normal four engines with two high-powered Rodian power units. The cockpit has been altered to fit two people, but Boba tends to fly alone and slouch back. The casing has been removed from the high-powered lasers on the wing tips, to avoid over-heating. Taking a test-drive. Flying in the outer-rim. Manoueverability is good. Bit hard to spell. Customer satisfaction.
  10. My first custom moc. Started out as dismantling and playing with parts from another set. Evolved into this beautiful beast. Sorry for the quality of pictures, they were taken with a phone. Thank you for checking this out!
  11. I just found out the B-Wing only lasted a year before retiring: I am really surprised! It's the UCS set with the shortest lifespan! Even Assault on Hoth, which is so explicitly hated by most people, lasted longer. Does anyone know / remember why people disliked the UCS B-Wing so much?
  12. Second set for separation =) Like, comment, subscribe if You enjoyed this video.
  13. I was always very fond of this oddball Rebel Alliance starfighter... A very bold but also sleek and streamlined design. The system scaled version, I bought last year, was nice but didn't quench my thirst... I knew, there was an UCS out there, but I read very bad reviews and a lot of rants about it... and the cockpit area wasn't really "good" to say the least... I got an offer for a sealed set at 250 Euro shipped, which seemed decent, but I already had my mind set on doing some small and some major changes to the set, so the premium to get an original was imho wasted money! Bricklinking!!! I kind of like Bricklink and even if its tiresome at times you can always get great stuff from a lot of nice people sharing the hobby or the business... my last project was the UCS Deathstar Hangar... So I decided on getting the parts I needed which took about 3 months and I started looking for applicable mods, but there are only a handful... finally I found a great cockpit mod at fbtb that I wanted to integrate, and I made A LOT of smaller changes as I went along lengthening building time to about 2 full days. After all I got all the parts plus spares, original instructions, canopy and stickers for around 175 Euro... I really like the result, and think its a great rendition of this classic trilogy ship. See for yourself: What did I do? - the cockpit was completely reworked to get the look and the size about right... I put in Ten-Nunb to have a pilot working there, even if he's not in scale... - backside of the cockpit was worked on, some of the gaps were closed, the tan-colored parts were swapped for DBG - the neck was streamlined and plated and I added greeblies - the round parts in front of the engine, that are known to leave nasty gaps were closed with small technic pins and a clever plating design... - the topsides of the wings were plated (one sloped tile is still missing, because one of my BL-orders was short one piece...) I left the undersides without plating to keep the perfect shilouette of the wings intact... plating would make the too chubby, imho. - I tweaked a lot of fine details with small greebling parts, making it more interesting to look at - Used some old gray and old dark gray parts to give it that used-universe look - I switched all colorful parts that would be visible in the finished model to gray, which makes it much more realisic... (I kept some of the peeking parts in tan in, because I think it fits nice to have some discoloration here and there...)
  14. nerdsforprez

    Last time I try to decorate.....

    No worries.... I will get her back by sabotaging her shoe collection......... Full details at:
  15. Regimus

    [MOD] 10227 - UCS B-Wing

    As much as I love 10227, there were areas that I felt could have been done much better. Unlike other sets in the UCS line I have seen very few mods, and those that exist have few details. I now feel I have addressed all of my gripes with the model, including a stand that lets me invert the ship, a whole new cockpit and plated S-Foil undersides. Unfortunately I didn't make my album with EB in mind (I'm sorry guys ), so my images are probably too large to embed. All I have for you now is this imgur album and I may add some images to my post later. I'd like to add that I'm not happy having the MF print on the cockpit, and the half cone doesn't come in clear without a print on it! It looks OK, but does anybody know a good way of removing the print? I know many have done so with opaque parts but not trans.
  16. AYB 10, is the Hal Datta clan's classification of ugly made up of two B-Wing airfoils attached to a Y-wing cockpit by a TIE frame, and powered by a dangerously overclocked A-wing fusion reactor. The reactor feeds two relatively underpowered ion engines, upgraded from stock TIE fighter engines. The majority of the power goes to exciting the tibanna gas held in the tip-tanks, which consequently lets out an incredibly powerful blaster bolt that can penetrate every grade of armor up to that found on AT-ATs. In addition to that, it has twin proton torpedo launchers in the nose, and two high-intensity rapid lasers in the wingtips. The AYB 10s are only sent into battle when accompanied by either airspeeders or YB-3030s, depending on whether or not the battle is in-atmosphere. This particular AYB 10 belongs to a skilled Duro pilot by the name of Gleska, meaning "free-spirited sky". She lives up to that name by being the top AYB pilot in the entire Hal Datta fleet. More images>>>
  17. More Uglies of the Hal Datta clan, these portmanteaus are designed to operate in pairs. While the pilots have permission to modify their ships, they must retain their hyperspace capabilities, have sufficient armaments, and be able to reach a top speed of mach-5 in standard Coruscant-tier atmospheres. Their gyroscopic cockpits allow for surprising maneuverability, even without the salvaged Y-wing engines having conventional steering vanes. These ships are the backbone of the Hal Datta clan's intimidation machine. All YB-3030 pilots must wear pressure suits capable of keeping them alive in a vacuum for up to three weeks, fed via intro-vascular protein drips. Their suits are fitted with two homing/scanning devices, one in the helmet, and one in the armored breastplate. They can identify whether or not the wearer is dead, and pinpoint their exact location so long as it is between two or more homing beacons. More images >>> Crits and comments please! <3
  18. The Rebel forces, under the direction of Admiral Ackbar, began construction of a new starfighter specifically designed to counter Imperial capital ships. At last, a prototype was built on a secret base and ready to be inspected by the famed Mon Calamari tactician. The rebel crew carefully maintained the new "B-Wing" starfighter on an awkward, yet stable docking platform. Visiting Rebel pilots were also introduced to a new "A-Wing" starfighter which could back up the B-Wing on its attack runs by intercepting TIE squadrons. Admiral Ackbar and his entourage were on site to inspect the production and get a glimpse of the new starfighter. The delegation was greatly impressed and some thought that Ackbar even teared up, but none could be sure because he generally looks wet and emotionless. As he reached out to touch the starfighter that could mean the liberation of the entire galaxy, two ISB saboteurs put their month-long plan in to play. "46-2, this is 46-1, do you copy?" ... "2 copy" "The fish is in the barrel, repeat, the fish is in the barrel, what is your status?" ... "Diversion 1 in place, I am moving into position with the secondary charges." "Good work 2, I'm in position behind the upper level guard and ready to take the keys, detonate when you are ready." ... "Roger 1, good luck." "Thanks 2, get home safe." ... "In 3 ... 2 ... "...1" The ISB saboteurs detonated a bomb to cause a diversion and disable the nearby A-Wing crew. Taking advantage of the diversion, Goatm disarmed the upper level guard and threw him to his death. The mechanic's next task was to free the lower docking mechanism of the B-Wing. To do this he slid a second bomb past the nearby Nautolan and kicked the feet out from under the nearby Rebel guard. After disabling the guard with a wrench, the mechanic took the guard's blaster and eliminated the Nautolan witness. From above, Goatm saw the 2nd blast out of the corner of his eye. However, he is too busy eliminating Rebel pilots to check on his mechanic friend. Unfortunately the nearby A-Wing was disabled by blast. The mechanic would have to find a new route home. The mission also failed to kill Ackbar as his assistant's face intercepted the blast intended for the back of the Admiral's head. Goatm was able to obtain the B-Wing prototype and pilot the awkward craft to a secret location for inspection and analysis. While losing the prototype is merely a setback for the Rebellion, the shock to morale will have strong repercussions. SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 40 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 41 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 31 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 32 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 30 by goatman461, on Flickr SoNE Freebuild - B-Wing 33 by goatman461, on Flickr I would like for this freebuild to be judged. Thank you in advance. C&C always appreciated.
  19. Lately, there have been surfacing some great mini models here. Please take your time to accept my micro (not just mini!) models here as well. Because finally, after half a year of sweating, I can proudly present these micro ships to you . I've been wanting to make these guys ever since my A-wing, to expand my lines of micro SW ships. But it didn"t proove to be easy. [MOC] micro B-wing & Y-wing by Bert.VR, on Flickr I had already built a Y-wing with 5 pieces, but didn't consider that as what I really wanted . So I sat down again to play with all kinds of pieces. The idea of using Technic axles for the columns was what sparked the Y-wing. It also offered a chance to use my favorite part, the wrench. It may look a bit skinny, but at least a sence of greebling is there. The hardest part was the head of the fighter. I really wanted that sloping form, and it had to be thicker than the body (that wonderful SNOT brick). I came up with the frogman's foot inserted in a claw piece. And tada, a 15 part Y-wing is born (16 parts if you would like to add a minifig hand on top to simulate a cannon)! In my opinion, it's much better than the version from the advent calendar... [MOC] micro B-wing & Y-wing by Bert.VR, on Flickr A B-wing had never been featured in the advent calendar (the scale I aim for), and pretty soon I discovered why. To make it look good in this scale, it has to be as thin as a single plate, and studs would completely ruin the model . So I was left with all those specialty pieces. I scrolled through the whole part inventory of LDD multiple times, only to find nothing. The B-wing remained unbuilt for several months. Do you know that feeling when after a very long time, you finally find what you are looking for? Well, imagine the feeling I experienced when, completely out of the blue, I stumbled across THE piece for my B-wing . Recognized it already? The piece that makes the central wing of the B-wing is... It had everything (apart from not being produced in grey) to make my B-wing look good. Some claw pieces, and my favorite wrench part soon snapped into place. The wings were a bit tricky, but I'm satisfied with the minifig neck pieces. The hole in it can be assumed to be that logo on the wings. They're not foldable, but can be swapped out easily with normal 1x1 plates to go to landing mode. The B-wing is my smallest model yet, with only 8 (!) pieces . I hope you can enjoy it nonetheless. It's not buildable in real life, unless you want to paint a Buzz wing. The Y-wing is buildable (hurray!), if you go with regular yellow instead of cool yellow, and pick the technic axles in dark grey. so in fact, you could put it next to my x-wing, or any other micro's you might have. [MOC] micro B-wing & Y-wing - exploded by Bert.VR, on Flickr I hope you like it. Comments are always welcome, as well as suggestions for further micro's. Because Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you ?
  20. Hi yep, another B-Wing topic :( I was in the Berlin Lego store today, asling for the B-Wing, did not see any of them. The alego rep told me they are not onyl out od stock now, but also completely replqced by the X-Wing. At first i thought this only happens to get more space in the shelves but he said they got no more B-Wings anymore. Only at S@H (germany) is the B-Wing still available until it runs out of stock. The rep told me there will be no B-Wing production anymore. So for all potential B-Wing buyers: Do it now, it will discontinue soon. Dino