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Found 1124 results

  1. Blackfalcon81

    [MOC] Endor Motorized

    Hi! One year ago create this MOC. You can see working in Thanks!😊
  2. Reekardoo


    Hi After checking out the so called " cubistic ion cannon" in the new UCS Echo Base set I decided to give it a go and try to create a more worthy design. Here is the result: What do you think? Is it any better? Let me know what you think. Also, If you want to help raise attention to this please support the idea in lego.ideas: CHEERS! Thanks!
  3. thenightman89

    [MOC] "The Mandalorian" Skyline

    "This is the way." This build is done in the style of the Architecture skyline series and features the most iconic locations from the first season of "The Mandalorian." - Unidentified Ice Planet - Arvala-7 - Navarro - Sorgan - Tatooine Step-by-step instructions for this build can be accessed here and on If you love "Indiana Jones," I'd love your support on Lego Ideas! Please share this link to help spread the word!
  4. Hello Folks, i was so disappointed by the official Lego B-Wing. I really like this underestimated spaceship.In my opinion LEGO did a gerat job to capture all the details of the asymetric design in the UCS model. But 75050 isn't the UCS version . The main differences lies in the shape of the wings. They are so thin and looks cheap in comparison to USC. This was the reason to modifiy my B-Wing and I would like to share these changes Here we go... LDD-File (lxf) Original vs. modified Modified version: rendered using Bluerender(0005) and SunFlow MOD and the real guy... B-Wing_75050_Modified_V17_LarsInteractive.lxf
  5. Mick's Story:Corellian Security (CorSec)Building AlliesIntelligence ConnectionsJunction MurderCorellian Apartment PartyInterferenceClandestine MeetingInvestigation in the SandA Turn of EventsSnark Gundark (you're here!)TBA Later Story Entries: Mick and his CorSec crew left Gradalla's fortress as fast as they could. Personnel Files: A few dunes away was the CorSec ship Mick's crew had been given for their mission to save him. The Snarky Gundark was a Galaxy Class freighter first in production during the Old Republic. It's hull design had recently come back into style and CorSec had purchased a few for reconnaissance missions. Hugo had stayed with the ship will the rest of the crew went to save Mick. They didn't want any bands of Jawas disassembling the ship for parts. The ship had many features that made it perfect for a team like Mick's. Separate crew quarters for both men and women, a large mess hall, a mechanic's bay, and plenty of room in the cockpit. It also boasted a central turret and two side turrets in case of combat. There were separate quarters for the captain (Mick in this case) and a fully loaded med-bay. Mick would have to get the full tour later. Right now they needed to get airborne right away. Hurry! Scanners picked up a swarm of TIEs headed our way!
  6. “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” Instructions are over on Rebrickable I’ve been working on this Micro Millennium Falcon for about three years now, in that time she’s evolved from a simple modified Microfighter into a chunky little micro build. I wanted to get the proportions as accurate as possible but couldn’t resist throwing in an interior. I tried to incorporate as many of the Falcon’s distinguishing features as I could, like the exterior holes, coloured panels and vents, interior layout and most importantly the Dejarik table (I always let that Wookiee win). I built it so that both halves are studs-out and there is as much detail on the underneath of the hull as there is on top. The upper and lower hull sections interlock in a complicated way and are held together by the side docking rings. The sandwiching adds a surprising amount of strength to the the weaker areas of the upper half as well as adding a fun challenge mid way through the build, there’s no room for mistakes or wonky 1x1 plates! This MOC is a final update to the Micro Falcon I posted earlier in the year, it still looks similar but has a much stronger structure and some improved cosmetic details in a ridiculous attempt at movie accuracy. My biggest sticking point over the year was coming up with of a better way to represent the tunnel. The 2x2 round-topped brick only ever fit at a 45 degree angle (not quite right for the ship) and because of this the cockpit was too far forward. In the end I just gave up and replaced it with some wedge plates which I think look good enough and if nothing else help to improve the strength in that corner. And this is one of the many dirty render and research collages I’ve stared at thoughtfully and scribble illegible notes on. So that’s my Micro Falcon done and dusted. It’s been a fun project and I’ve learned a lot about putting together instructions along the way. I hope you get as much joy from this little Falcon as I have from working on it. Now, Chewie, punch it!
  7. Hello everyone. After a long time I have returned with a “new” MOC. The idea came some years ago, when I noticed the several inaccuracies in the official X-wing models. I already had the first two sets, but at some point I realized that the official models have enough inaccuracies to justify upcoming re-releases. So I started to think how a proper LEGO X-wing should be for me. I began with a simple LDD file which I showed two years ago here in EuroBricks. But after that I noticed my model was really unstable, so I decide to redesign the entire MOC until I was happy with it. And was very hard to be happy with the WIP, because that redesign took me a lot of time, and the final result has almost nothing in common with that first .lxf file. After delaying more than two years, that amount of time even looks wasted if you take in consideration that I still have the official versions. And the MOC is nothing new due the high number of great T-65 MOCs around the internet. Here are the pictures: -The cockpit can be opened and you can sit a minifg inside. There is also a targeting computer adapted for minifigs. -The S-foils can be opened manually like the first LEGO X-wing. -The landing gear can be retracted from the nose and the wings, like the “real” one. -The cargo bay door can be opened, although there’s no so much space inside. Thanks for your time, I hope you like it. As always, every comment is welcome. Gallery: Version 1.0 (2010) Version 2.0 (2012)
  8. LEGODrongo01

    [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    What originally started out as a bigger version of 7665, (same crappy proportions and stuff) turned into a (almost) fully fledged MOC using techniques from 75105 and the UCS set, witha bit of my own ideas mixed in. But enough chitchat, here it is: falcon cool view by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr I highly recommend checking out my flickr for high res pics, and more of them. falcon top by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top view falcon back by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr falcon underside by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr underside (UNFINISHED) falcon docking port by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr docking ring(s) (PLANNING ON CHANGING) falcon turret by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top turret, featuring LEDs falcon mandibles by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr mandibles falcon cockpit by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr cockpit and i STRONGLY SUGGEST you watch this video i put together showing all the LEDs in action: Thanks for looking, I hope for some feedback!
  9. Hey everybody, I'm new to the community but I've been MOC designing for sometime now and I have finished my massive project. I've been working on it for just under two years, The ISD II The Eviscerator. It sits on a single removable stand measuring at 148 studs long with 19,225 pieces. I really wanted to capture that "It doesn't look like Lego" feel and try to give it a studio model vibe. One of my goals for this build was to have only one stand that the model sits on securely. This was an incredible challenge due to the size and weight of the model. In fact, it's what took the most time to develop through out the build. Overall, I'm satisfied with how the model turned out. This is more accurately representing an ISD II Destroyer. I tried to pay attention to every detail I could, based on a couple of star destroyer sources. It's a very modular build making it easier to assemble and disassemble. There is no interior in this model. Just pure structural integrity throughout the entire inside. Just the frame and stand are 6,000+ pieces, but this was my goal. Create as accurate of model as I could, displayed on one removable stand, and not having to limit detail because of weight and size. Anyways, enough rambling: You can view the rest of the photos here: Flickr Album Now here is some great news. If you want to build one yourself, you can! I have made instructions for this build that are available at
  10. These aren’t the droids your looking for by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Mos Eisley Teaser 2 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr A New Hope Moc More photos to come
  11. I like looking through the Purist Superhero Thread and seeing and the custom super hero figures people make, and I just thought that there shouldn't just be a thread like that for Superheros, and that there should also be one for Star Wars figures. If there is already a thread like this, then sorry, go ahead and delete this.
  12. PixelProtectors

    [MOC] HWK-290 - The Moldy Crow

    Hello everyone! This is my first submission to showcase one of my first MOCs I ever worked on a few years ago of the HWK-290, The Moldy Crow, from the video game series Dark Forces / Jedi Knight. I noticed that another user has recently posted their own MOC, @millenniumf and has done a fantastic job with theirs. Some aspects of their creation have me itching to revisit this design and make some modifications. You can find their MOC of the Moldy Crow here. My model is pulled straight from the design of someone named Suboken, that can be seen here on previous 2015 EuroBricks post. More images of his Moldy Crow MOC can be found here on Flickr. My version was a little modified on the outside appearance. I chose to go with a dark tan instead of dark orange as the pieces were much more accessible in that color. I modified the exterior with small panels to make it look quite a bit more rough instead of the smooth exterior of the original design. I also made the model a bit more functional by adding a few features. I hollowed out the tops for some small storage room. Then I installed a slide-out panel from the side that holds several tools / accessories for our heroes. And on the opposite side I installed a launcher that pops out. None of these things are from the actual ship... I just wanted something a bit more unique and detailed and fun. I hope you all enjoy my MOC! Would love some constructive criticism and suggestions. Sorry the images aren't exactly the best - just taken with a mobile phone camera. But hopefully this gives you an idea of what I've created. I am considering fixing the angled windows on the sides. I first was thinking to use stickers but had NO IDEA how to do that. One of the worst features of my version is the windows are boxy haha. ENJOY! My custom Kyle Katarn minifig I purchased from here at Firestar Toys. My custom MOC Weegee droid from the video game, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. Belonged to Kyle's father, Morgan Katarn.
  13. Hello AFOL's, i want to show you my new Moc of the Pelta-Class Frigate from Star Wars Rebels. It has Parts: 5722 Lenght: 122cm Width: 86cm Height: 27cm Building Time: 2 Days I would be happy for feedback.
  14. Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here but I have been following some of the amazing minifig scale Star Wars MOCs' on here. I have been fascinated with them and decided to give them a bash. So far the rebel fleet includes UCS Slave 1, UCS Falcon (2017), Most recent A-Wing, I have made Intherts' X-Wing, U-Wing, as well as created a Y-wing using his cockpit and reverse engineered the main body of the ship form images. SO, to add to the fleet the Rebel scum have stolen the plans for a Lambda Shuttle.(I) They have gotten pretty far with the rebuild/reverse engineering of the design from the images on Marshal Bananas' Flickr but I have gotten stuck with the landing gear and how to connect the cockpit at those angles! I have started ordering parts for the real build. I'm about 50% delivered and will be starting on the cockpit first to try work it out in actual bricks. Would welcome your comments as well as any advice you guys may have about the build. MB Lambda Shuttle by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr MB Lambda Shuttle #1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture4 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture5 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture6 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture3 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Capture1 by Hamish Dobbie, on Flickr Thanks! Hamish
  15. drakmin

    [MOC] 1400mm X-wing

    Today I started a new model. I'll build it mainly using light bluish grey Technic parts. Here's a first sketch to plan Bricklink order:
  16. For Download an INSTRUCTIONS see this POST stifos - Millennium Falcon - Brickbuilt by sti fos, auf Flickr stifos - Millennium Falcon - overview side by sti fos, auf Flickr download model on page 2 Hey there! finally I am able to share my first Lego MOC. Which started as modding the original 7965 Set ended up a with a little more changes than expected. first of All big credits to Kit Bricksto (did the Falcon ever finish?) , Inthert (Systemscale and interior), Joerg Kuehni (Mandibles), Fenk512(docking rings) which inspired me most and many of their details ended up in this Falcon. I also love to see what people do in the great UCS Millennium Falcon Mod Topic. Well, the reasons for choosing the Falcon in systemscale are quite simple: Not enough Money for the UCS; Not even enough Space in my flat for the size of the UCS and I wanted to fit the Falcon to the other Lego sets I own from back in the days. So I try to stick with the original size. I know there are proportions that don’t really fit, e.g. the size of the window at the gun turrets or the size of the access bays of the mandibles… But in the end I wanted to get the most iconic details into this one so this is how i dealt with it. I also began with the interior which i will upload later.
  17. "This is the way." This is my MOC of the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. Features opening cockpit, opening side and rear doors.
  18. I started my MOC year 2018 by making the cheapest TIE craft in the Imperial fleet, and now I end this year by making the most expensive one. The TIE Defender only recently made it into canon, but back in 1994 when it debuted in Lucas Arts' TIE Fighter game, it was a beast. Faster than an A-Wing, tougher than a B-Wing and more manouverable than the Interceptor, the Defender does all a starfighter does, just better*. Now I have it in LEGO form... which was pretty interesting to get to. Because since there is no true canon representation of the ship except for Rebels... which I'll get to in short... I could give myself some leeway when it comes to accuracy and give it the coolest shape I could think of while still preserving core features. The Defender as seen in Rebels has slightly different shape: Much like... well, almost everything, Rebels took a nice design and changed it... for reasons unknown. Let's just say I am not a fan of this rear-heavy design, nor do I like the tall-neck ISDs or featureless toy-looking basic T/F line fighters. Not to mention if I went with this one it would tip forward because the center of mass is further to the front than the furthest flat piece of the wings. Instead I based my design having this one in mind: The only real alteration I did was making top guns a bit different to distinguish them - after all these are supposed to be ion cannons, and added visible missile launchers in a place which made at least some logical chance - on the panel centers. Anyway no matter which design you pick, the Defender is an odd one. The ball is just tacked on to a triple support base, panels are bent in wrong way and it is always going to look top heavy because, well, it is. Engines were contested point between me and BrickVault. We tried several solutions, but the final fight was between these two: I still believe the Defender, being THAT FAST should have large, prominent engines, but eventually we picked a less-in-your-face design as seen on top, while still making more sense than what Rebels did with theirs. Structurally this design perhaps the toughest one of all the ships to date, except maybe the Bomber. But it is hard to compare something to the Twin Flying Brick, This is the first TIE in my line which has an interior, thanks to Inthert for inspiration! It fits any kind of TIE pilot and altough you need to remove the quarter dome pieces to put him there, they are lightly attached on one stud so this is super easy. Tell me what you think! This build, as usual this year, is available through http://brickvault/toys as instructions, which you can get to support us! *When it comes to OP starfighters, the Defender is the top dog - with sole exception of the Missile Boat which is as ridiculous compared to the T/D as the T/D is to anything else. To put it shortly, Missile Boat is almost twice as fast, holds enemy ships in place with tractor beams and carries ten times the ordnance count of what B-Wing carries. And the MB is pretty small ship.
  19. Finally, an official addition to your Rebel Fleet is here! After over a year of tweaks and specifics, mortesv's CR-90 Corvette is officially ready to be released to the public! The MOC itself contains 2,808 parts, and its manual is 133 pages long. The MOC is built to the same scale as the Nebulon-B, making a perfect addition to a rebel fleet. Lots of interest has been generated for this MOC, and mortesv and I are really glad to make its release to the community! Looking forward to seeing all of the improved fleets as well as those that will begin with this ship. If you would like to build this MOC, we are happy to share it with you in exchange for $30. Included is the pdf instruction manual, an xml part list, LDD files, and any help you need throughout the process of making the MOC. For more information please PM me or contact me at A rebrickable page will be available soon, but for now the xml part list will be included Here are some pictures of the MOC and of the pdf manual:–-blockade-runner-tantive-iv/
  20. BrickChampsCOM

    [MOC] M12 Power Walker

    I made this custom Walker for my nephew's 12th birthday (hence "M12"). It takes inspiration from the Power Miners theme (hence "Power"), set 8957. I released the .io model on Star Wars Day 2019 on Bricklink here. Please let me know if you like it! I will post some pics of the real build on wednesday.
  21. Several months ago @Brick-Wombat (Philip) completed my Venator Star Destroyer and decided to build a few more scaled ships to accompany it. When I saw his pictures, I knew the fleet deserves to be made into instructions. I reached out to Philip and we decided to first publish the Arquitens. After some back and forth design collab, aiming for increased sturdiness and better buildability of the model, I think the result is quite pleasing :) Obviously, the model is very small and simple and most of you would be likely able to build it just by looking at the picture, but I took it as a chance to try out some new features in and hopefully get better in making some more substantial models in near future. You can check out the free instructions here! All feedback is appreciated!
  22. smokebelch

    Star Wars LEGO Photography

    Hey all, Thought id share some of my photographs of some of my Minifigs, really gotton into photography the last year or so- and my star wars lego has been really fun to shoot 'The Duel' 'Imposter!' 'Uncle Owen!... This R2 unit has a bad motivator!' loads more up on my flickr & RedBubble pages
  23. Hi everyone, About a year ago I was inspired by @obijon’s amazing and very extensive collection of micro builds to start working on my own micro versions of my favourite Star Wars ships. I think I have enough of them now to get all cocky (what’s that Han?) and start sharing instructions on Rebrickable so here’s the first wave, the Rebel Starfighters. Update: I’ve thrown together some Resistance variants too! The X-Wing, A-Wing and B-Wing are fairly solid little builds, at this scale one-stud connections are inevitable but luckily these are still kind of swooshable, as long as you’re careful! The A-Wing is my favourite, I went through so many real and prototypes trying to get the shape, fins and connections right that I’m so pleased I finally ended up with a strong and recognisable build. The Y-Wing is the most fragile of the group, it’s almost all one-stud connections, particularly to the centre of the hull, so unfortunately it’s only suitable for display. I’m aiming to build several of each fighter as part of a micro Rebel hangar display and with that in mind I tried to stay away from rare/expensive parts. Having said that I couldn’t resist using the skate helmets on the Y-Wing and my liberal use of those little curved slopes with notches pushes the cost up a bit too. Oh well, you can’t build a rebellion on peanuts! Back in the spring my first attempt at making instructions in was actually this U-Wing. I managed to build the rear of the ship so that the wings fold out but there are so many weak connections that it means the wings are very fragile. I also have to admit that I cheated when connecting the engines, to keep those wheel pieces in place I wrapped a layer of tape around the internal 3L bars and pushed the wheels on. I’m still on the hunt for a better (and legal) solution and I’m open to suggestions! Update: I’ve just finished a few Resistance variants of the Starfighters, almost in time for The Rise of Skywalker. The B-Wing involved a lot of guesswork as it’s only very briefly seen in the film and trailers, but it was the same with the old B-Wing and Return of The Jedi so I suppose it’s a Star Wars tradition that’s been upheld. Overall I’m really pleased with how all these little ships have turned out and especially how they look together as a group. I’ll share more micro starfighter instructions (the next is the Millennium Falcon) when I can and if we get a good look at the new B-Wing in TRoS I’ll be able to finish the Resistance version of the starfighter group too. All my MOC and MOD instructions so far are here, I’m always grateful for any comments and criticisms. Thanks for looking and down with the space nazis!
  24. Hop in for my 25th RA review -- LEGO 75256 Kylo Ren's Shuttle. Take note that I have not watched Episode 9 yet so this review is purely based on what I have seen on the trailers and marketing materials, including other toy references. Before I start, I know that only a Sith deals with absolute. So, when I say that this version of Kylo Ren's shuttle looks better in black, what I really mean is that I am very glad I am reviewing Kylo Ren's Shuttle in its more appropriate colour. I don't even own the older version so I cannot draw any comparison. For what it's worth, this could be the only version you need if you missed the older one. Also, please avoid going into that SJW thing. Not my cup of tea. Just enjoy the LEGO set and the movie folks. Thanks. Overview Name: 75256 - Kylo Ren's Shuttle Theme: Star Wars / The Rise of Skywalker Year: 2019 (2H) Pieces: 1005 Minifigures: 6 Price: GBP 99.99 / USD 129.99 / EUR 119.99 / SGD 219.99 / MYR 649.90 Introduction I remember several years ago, I wanted to get the first version of Kylo Ren's Shuttle but I was reluctant to own it because it is not accurate to its on-screen counterpart. At the same time, I already have 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle which is visually as stunning as Kylo Ren's Shuttle due to its wide wing span. I kept on delaying the purchase until it got retired and became harder to find. Long story short, I did not own the first release and I have no plans of owning it anymore now that a newer version is out, in black! For that reason, this review will not draw any comparison to the first version apart from the colour which I already mentioned in the paragraphs above. So, to begin with the review let's get rid of the boring part first. Front box panel This is a simple box art that speaks for itself. No fancy and confusing illustration in the background or distracting images that might confuse potential buyer, which I hope TLG will do more often. I also like that the minifigure version of Kylo Ren is the banner for this wave because it's been a long time since we last saw such artwork. Back box panel Likewise, the back box panel is really well presented with key play features which I will discuss in more details below. Now, let's proceed with the unboxing. Box content There are plastic bags numbered 1 to 7 with 1 instruction booklet that is also sealed in plastic. I am pleased, and surprised at the same time, to discover that there are no sticker sheets even if it is a relatively large set. Well done TLG! Instruction Booklet Here is a good look of the instruction book. Nothing extraordinary. It's just a simple perfect bound booklet. For this review, I am reshuffling the order a bit as I know a lot of people are interested about the Knights of Ren and the Sith Trooper included in the set more than the actual model. Minifigures There are 6 minifigures included in the set namely, in order of appearance below (L to R): Kylo Ren, Knight of Ren "axe", Knight of Ren "club", First Order Sith Trooper, First Order Stormtrooper and General Pryde. For the sake of brevity, I will use the short form KoR to refer to Knights of Ren. Note that the names of the Knights of Ren are not even provided by TLG but other toy makers such as Funko Pop shared some monikers for the Knights of Ren based on their weapon of choice. So instead of calling them generic names, I will use those monikers. Front view First thing you will notice about the minifigure line up is that we only have a 2 Knights of Ren included in the set. How awesome it could be if TLG put all the Knights of Ren in this set -- but no, we can't get that luxury at all. The remaining Knights of Ren will appear in other sets next year but it is unclear if we will eventually get all of them as it appears TLG is allocating at least 1 new mould for each new KoR minifigure. KoR "axe" has a new hood in black. Later on, the same hood is used on Obi Wan in set 75246 Death Star Cannon but in reddish brown. As for KoR "club", the helmet is exclusively made for this minifigure and it looks awesome. Speaking of helmet moulds, Kylo Ren has exactly the same helmet but with red welding or some kind of space lacquer. For the uninitiated, Kylo Ren destroyed his helmet in The Last Jedi but then in the TRoS trailers, it is shown being welded or glued together with a red binding material. As already confirmed in several articles, this is akin to the Japanese art of kintsugi which is all about mending broken pottery, treating the breakage as part of the history of an object, highlighting the repair that has been done instead of hiding it. The idea is that just like a broken pottery put back together, Kylo Ren has undergone transformative repair. I have yet to see the movie but I was very stoked when I learned more about this art being adopted in the Star Wars universe because it speaks so much about how people go through physical and emotional traumas and how these scars make us who are today. So perhaps, it's not about forgetting the past entirely after all. It is about respecting the past no matter how damaged and imperfect it is. Now about that red FO Stormtrooper, also known as the Sith Trooper. Remember that version from Star Wars The Old Republic with flat short-muzzled face which looks like a pug nose? I think I prefer the First Order design more because of the sharper edges of the over all armour. Unfortunately, this new design does not translate well in the minifigures because instead of using a new mould, only graphics is used to mimic sharper edges and lines of the helmet. It seems to work from a distance because you cannot really discern the details from half a meter away. And for that, I think it's okay. As for the standard white FO Stormtrooper -- it is the same design from previous Star Wars wave. I am glad that there is no micro-adjustment made for the prints so it will be a good addition to your existing FO Stormtrooper army, that is, if you are even army-building. TLG please take down notes. Here's a theory -- if people are serious about army building, they would have amassed a lot of this FO Stormtroopers already by means of buying battle pack, cheaper sets, or Bricklink... Perhaps now that you own Bricklink, too, you will figure this out eventually. So, frankly speaking, no one cares about generic Stormtroopers in bigger sets. I would trade this regular FO Stormtrooper for another FO Sith Trooper any time of the day, please. Now, at the time of this review, I don't know much about this General Pryde. What I am sure of is that this guy and Kitty Pryde are not related because they belong in different universe. But from what I can tell, the face print and torso is new. I am just not looking for more information in the web to avoid spoilers. 3/4 Side Profile with weapons The front torso and leg prints are excellent in all minifigures but I find the lack of any arms and legs side-printing disturbing. I think at this price range I definitely want to see more side printing for Star Wars minifigures just to add more incentive on buying a set at this price range. I don't know about you but I think a lot of AFOLs will agree with me when I say, a boring minifigure line-up can make or break the set. Kylo Ren is equipped with the same trans-red lightsaber with cross-guards and the 2 Knights of Ren has an axe and a club made from standard LEGO elements. When I was looking at the parts, I could not believe that this is only the 2nd time we are getting a red 3L bar element. The first time this element appeared in red is with the release of CMF series 19 Monkey King a month earlier than the release of this set. You would think that because it's one of the most basic bar mould available that it would have been released in most colours already, and yet, it's considered a rare colour for this part at the moment. On a lighter note, the blaster used by Sith Trooper is the same one used by CMF Series 13 Alien Trooper, except that it comes in black colour for the first time. I am also surprised this mould has not been produced in more colours too, until now. Back view The back view of Kylo Ren's helmet further shows the imperfection of the helmet. Meanwhile, the back prints on Knights of Ren and Sith Trooper are also excellent. Front view without headgears/hairpieces With the helmets and hair pieces removed, we can see more prints on the minifigure heads. KoR "axe" head print is really nice, and technically, its face print is the mask under the hood. Sadly, the KoR "club" is just a plain black head piece. Take note that at this point, we don't even know any much about the Knights of Ren so keeping them plain black is probably a good idea. Alternative face prints The face print in this variant of Kylo Ren is the same print used in 2018. Therefore, everything is the same for Kylo Ren except his helmet. The rest of the minifigures has no 2nd face print except General Pryde. So, does that mean this character is important because he got 2 face prints? Frankly, I have no clue. Another thing that I want to highlight is the colour of KoR "axe" head piece. I thought it's black but it's actually pearl dark gray after taking a closer look. Other versions of Kylo Ren Left to right: Kylo Ren from this set, Kylo Ren from sets 75196 and 75216, Kylo Ren from set 75139 Build Now let's go through the building process. Bag 1 This bag includes the minifigures Kylo Ren and General Pryde. Bag 1 build progress The frame is using boxy technic frames. It's a standard approach to make sturdy builds. There are 3 seats available and from this alone, you can tell that it won't be a roomy spaceship. Bag 2 Look! A Technic 6.5L shock absorber. Only a few non-Technic sets has this and it is integrated very well in this set for the wing mechanism. This is the view of the sub-assembly before putting inside the back side of the shuttle frame. The shock absorber provides the tension needed to push liftarms outward or pull it inward while holding it in place when the axle is turned. Bag 2 build progress The mechanism for the wings is already well hidden at this point but there is so much more to build. It it starting to look like Kylo Ren's shuttle. Bag 3 This bag includes the 2 Knights of Ren. Bag 3 build progress A lot of smooth tiles were used at the sides. Bag 4 This bag contains the parts used on the right wing. Bag 4 build progress Now it is starting to look like an Upsilon-class shuttle. Unlike my initial perception, the building process of this wing is not cumbersome at all. Bag 5 This bag contains the FO Sith Trooper and FO Stormtrooper. This left wing sub-assembly is a mirror image of the right wing. It is not surprising that a lot of technic parts are used in the construction of the wings. Bag 5 build progress The beauty of the process is that you can immediately appreciate the purpose of the shock absorber once you put the left wing sub-assembly. Twisting the right knob (shuttle jet exhaust) is such a satisfying experience because you can see how the mechanism works perfectly to move the wings in flight-mode and landing-mode. Bag 6 This bag contains the parts for the hatch cover Bag 6 build progress Almost there... Bag 7 The final bag contains the upper portion of the wings. Completed Build Finally done with the build. It's a very enjoyable build for me because I really like the simple mechanism used to make the wings move. What makes it even more enjoyable is that when you lift the command shuttle, the wings automatically spreads out due to the weight of the wings. It is so brilliantly designed. Because of this, the swooshable factor of this set is very high. I also feel that for its price, I get a reasonably sized volume and weight. Below, are my additional comments after playing with the shuttle. There isn't much space to open the bottom ramp so you need to lift it up to make room for minifigures. I had to use some transparent supports to make the picture above possible. There is a clip inside the cockpit and that is meant to store the extra spring shooter dart. Very convenience but I don't think I will ever use that to store the extra dart just because the space is already limited. This isn't the most spacious shuttle since it can only fit 3 minifigures using 3 seats available. So, can we even fit 6 minifigures here? You can't see the 3 minifigures clearly in the picture above because they are all in black, but they can comfortably fit inside the cockpit. You can still fit 6 minifigures -- but you need to be creative. Looking at the back profile of the command shuttle, maybe it's just me but when I look at the back of the shuttle,I can see a droid face with this neutral expression... 😐 It's quite tall The wings are 49 studs tall (+1 rounded bottom 'boat stud') so it looks impressive. Most impressive on display. Although it is very accurate compared to the actual on-screen model, several things that slightly ruins the look for me is the gap in the middle of the wings to make way for the swivelling upper portion of the wings. On top of that, there are no landing gears which I find odd because every X-Wing and Y-Wings as of late have those. This and the gaps can be qualified as nitpicking because they are very minor and can be easily added by a simple mod. These 2 are not really an issue for me but I just need to mention these shortcomings. Going back to how impressive this command shuttle is, it is also impressive that I can balance this shuttle upside down. As I have mentioned, the build is very sturdy and the strength of the wings can support the weight of the entire airship. At the bottom, you can see how the spring shooters are well hidden beneath. If you don't want the transparent bright green spring shooter dart, you can remove it so that all you have is a dark ominous look of the shuttle. The wing retracts downward guided by several Technic liftarms and at this position, the wings look chunkier than usual due to how the wings are constructed. This is fine with me because I rather have strong and chunky wings than sleek but fragile. In order to lock the position of the wings, there is a locking mechanism that uses a towball (part # 6628) which then connects to a 1x2 modified plate with horizontal clips (part # 60470). It looks discreet and does not look out of place when the wings are fully extended but when the wings are folded down, it is not fully rotated downward so it looks slightly awkward when viewed at the back. The image above is an exaggerated view of the locking mechanism that sticks out awkwardly at the back when the wings are folded down. Parts There are a lot of black parts in this set. If you don't even like the set, the set can easily lend many useful black parts for other creations. Here are several notable parts in my opinion: Part no. 32828 - Plate Round 1 x 1 with Hole and Horizontal Bar (Plate 1X1 Round with Horizontal 3.2 Shaft), black x2 + 1 extra Part no. 36840 - Bracket 1 x 1 - 1 x 1 Inverted (Plate 1X1, with 1.5 Plate 1X1, Upwards), dark bluish gray x2 Part no. 18754: Sports Ice Skate - Black (Minifigure, Skate), black x2 + 1 extra If you ever wonder if there is any difference between part no. 93555 and part no. 18754 -- they look very similar ice skates mould at first glance but Part no. 18754 has a sharper edge at the back of the ice skate blade. Part no. 15445 Weapon Gun Automatic Pistol with Top Clip (Rifle no. 3 with 3.2 Shaft), black x1 Capes from Bag 1 The 2 capes used in the minifigures in this set are the old starched fabric and they are packaged together in a small single paper box. I am getting more used to the soft spongy capes used in other sets and I don't understand the going back and forth starched fabric and the new spongy capes. Anyhow, this is fine I guess. Parts listing from the manual Conclusion At the beginning I already mentioned that there won't be any comparison with the previous version and I firmly believe that it is easy for me to ignore the predecessor because 1) I am not a completionist, 2) I don't find value in owning both, and 3) I own this set now. In summary here are the things I like about this set: The minifigure selection is almost perfect. Very swooshable. Not worried that it will break apart in heavy and rough play. Very accurate to its on-screen appearance, after the 2nd try. Great detailing without any stickers. What I don't like about this set (in a very nitpicky way): Gaps on the wing could have been easily covered by adding other moving parts. Omission of landing gears which also lends to the lack of space for the ramp below the shuttle. Star Wars tax. If you happen to own the other Kylo Ren's Shuttle in gray, I think the accuracy of this set alone is worthy of your attention. Personally, I bought this set because this came with a great offer and I thought that I could not skip this since I already skipped the first one. The addition of Knights of Ren also enticed me to buy the set, and to me, it is one of the most appealing factor as well. Review summary Playability: 10/10 - I am going to make this my first perfect score for playability because I really enjoyed swooshing this set. The kids love it too! Design / Building Experience: 9/10 - Apart from my nitpicking about the gaps and landing gears, the build is excellent. The mechanism to make the wings slant outward is very well designed and executed. Minifigures: 9/10 - Almost perfect. If the FO Stormtrooper was replaced with an FO Sith Trooper, or maybe another minifigure is added (e.g. other Knights of Ren), it will be perfect. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - For what you get and able to enjoy from this set, I think it is more than just fine. It is very good. Overall: 9.25/10 - I feel no remorse skipping the predecessor of this set. I have spoken.
  25. Hinckley

    [75059] Sandcrawler

    75059 Sandcrawler™ Ages 14+ 3,296 Pieces US $299.99 - CA $349.99 - DE 299.99€ - UK £249.99 - DK 2,799.00 DKK *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing. Collect a true icon of the classic Star Wars™ universe – the mighty Sandcrawler™! Recreate unforgettable scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope with this amazing LEGO® incarnation of the Jawas’ desert-going vehicle, the Sandcrawler™. Turn the knob at the rear and steer the Sandcrawler into position, lower the front ramp and offload the droids using the 2 working cranes. Luke Skywalker™ and his Uncle, Owen Lars, are sure to be impressed with the selection on offer: there’s R2-D2, an R1-series Droid, an R2 unit, R5-D4™, a Treadwell Droid™, Gonk Droid™ and even C-3PO™. When the sale is complete, lift the side panels and top to reveal more great features inside, like the engine, storage bay, cockpit and more. There’s even a speeder bike for when the Jawas need to venture outside. Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker™, Uncle Owen, C-3PO™ and 4 Jawas™, plus R2-D2™, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid™, Gonk Droid™, R5-D4™ and a Treadwell Droid™. Travel the dunes with the LEGO® Star Wars™ Sandcrawler™ with working cranes, detailed interior, 7 minifigures, 5 droids and lots more! Includes 7 minifigures: Luke Skywalker™, Uncle Owen, C-3PO™ and 4 Jawas™, plus R2-D2™, R2 unit, an R1-series Droid™, Gonk Droid™, R5-D4™ and a Treadwell Droid™ Features 8 tracks with steering function, lowering front ramp, opening side flaps, removable top, working cranes, speeder bike, opening hatch for easy access to the boxes, attachable handles for lifting boxes, and a detailed interior including engine bay, storage bay and cockpit Also includes stock for old droids and droid parts Weapons include a lightsaber for Luke Skywalker™ Sell droids to Luke and his Uncle Keep your droids well maintained Pretend to suck R2-D2™ up into the Sandcrawler™ – just like in the movie! Own your own iconic vehicle from the classic Star Wars™ universe Relive classic moments from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope Measures over 9” (24cm) high, 18” (48cm) long and 6” (16cm) wide Available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning May 2014 via, LEGO® Stores or via phone: US Contact Center 1-800-453-4652 CA (English) Contact Center 1-800-453-4652 CA (French) Contact Center 1-877-518-5346 European Contact Center 00-800-5346-1111 LEGO, the LEGO logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2014 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. STAR WARS™ and all characters, names and related indicia are © 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved. Designer Video: *all pics link to high rez. From TLG regarding packaging: The decision has been made to change the packaging for future “LEGO® exclusive” Star Wars™ sets to include the UCS seal and de-link from the core Star Wars packaging. In addition to the packaging change an update has been made to the building instructions. The building instructions will have additional pages detailing the model’s connection to the movie and its development process. Much as the Creator Expert badge differentiates the larger models from the core assortment the goal of this change is to better communicate to builders that these sets represent our biggest building challenge in the LEGO® Star Wars™ theme.