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Found 1174 results

  1. Hello everyone, today I present you a small review of my section of the Dowager Queen (MOC-53798 from 6211 on rebrickable:, which I have rebuilt as an extension to my 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina. Since some parts were not available in the right color, or only at highly overpriced prices, I decided to change the colors and give the Queen my own personal touch. I am very happy with the result and on top of that - behind the Cantina in my showcase - it looks great. The following are some of the key points of the MOC: 541 pieces 1 hour construction time 13cm deep x 20cm long and 25cm high In short, 6211 has chosen the perfect dimensions to fit into a diorama consisting of the Queen and the Cantina. The version of the Dowager Queen is the version from the Battlefront games, not the one from the movie. But that doesn't bother me personally. Quite the opposite.
  2. Just wondering if there are more people who collect battle droids? At this point I guess, I whould have around 200 of them. Let me share you, some pic's a year ago. And here as they are right now:
  3. For ages known as Zebra (a code name before release, similar to banana for Hidden Side), TLG officially announced today (July 1st) the new LEGO Art theme, starting with four sets: 31197 Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe 31198 The Beatles 31199 Marvel Studios Iron Man 31200 Star Wars Sith Each set makes one of 3-4 mosaics, with the Iron Man and Sith sets being combinable to form a mega picture from 3 sets. With one set you can make 1 Beatle, 1 Marilyn Monroe, etc. The prices for each set are US$120/€120/£115. These will be available from August 1st everywhere excluding US and Canada for The Beatles, Marilyn Monroe and the Sith. Iron Man is available universally on August 1st. For those thinking this has been mentioned before, it has, but not in its own deserved thread, and basically only names of sets + theme. There was never the deserved own thread, and no pictures, which is why I’m creating it now! I don’t know about everyone else but I’m hyped for these - though disappointed at the price... Discuss here.
  4. rx79gez8gundam

    Star Destroyer - Set 75055 UCS Mod

    As beautiful as it is, not everyone has either the funds nor the display space for the UCS Star Destroyer. To that end, I offer a highly detailed yet modestly sized alternative that is a modification of an existing set, 75055. This is a model of Vader's Imperial-I class Star Destroyer Devastator as seen in Rogue One and A New Hope, but can also be reconfigured using easily swapable modular parts into an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer as seen in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The original set has had the internal playset removed, a complete ventral hull added with main hangar, detailed engines, and two new command towers. The model has been slightly enlarged to 1/2700 scale and is 23.5" long. The command tower, main batteries, and dorsal axial cannons are modular to convert between versions. The Mk I also has removable waist mounted quad cannons and engine thrust vanes. Completing the model is a display stand and a microscale Tantive IV Corellian Corvette, that while slightly overscale still fits perfectly in the main hangar and can be attached there. I used photos of the original Devastator filming model from A New Hope and the larger Avenger filming model from The Empire Strikes Back as reference. More pics available at Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr LEGO Star Destroyer - 75055 Mod by Justin Davies, on Flickr
  5. Just something fun I whipped up today. I'd had the notion for a while, I was just waiting for the right head to come along. Thank you HP CMF Series 2 Dumbledore! :) The maestro... And posing with some of his most famous musical inspirations... One could perhaps wish for a better black tuxedo jacket with black bow tie. (If I weren't hoping to keep it "purist," Citizen Brick makes a decent one.) But this fits the bill!
  6. Hi Folks, some weeks ago I presented my Millennium Falcon Moc here on this page. ...but after a while I wasn't completely satisfied with the endresult, so I broke it down (which wasn't easy) and began a rebuild. The new version is larger and I tried to get the outer proportions more like the original Falcon, same with the the interior layout. Length: 58 cm (75257: 44) Width: 40 cm (32) Hight: 14 (14) Weight: 4,1 kg. First some exterior images:
  7. Rustinidiel

    [MOC] Trooper Mechsuit

    Designed in Empire era, this mechsuit was built in few models and destinated to annihilate enemies on the battlefield. despite there are a few prototypes, this mechsuit gives to the trooper inside a great stength without losing agility, Mechsuit_Trooper by Rusty B. The "Empire Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, or a tower shield, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Empire_Trooper by Rusty B. the "Death Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a big trooper lightsaber, with the other hand. Also, this infiltration model is equipped with a Jetpack. Mechsuit_Death_Trooper by Rusty B. The "Elite Trooper" mechsuit has a high powerful laser cannon mounted on one arm and the freedom to hold another weapon, like a electrostaff, with the other hand. Mechsuit_Elite_Trooper by Rusty B. instructions of all models are avaiable here: Empire Trooper Death Trooper Elite Trooper All pictures can be found on my Flickr. i hope you like this design, i really appreciate comments and criticism
  8. Hey everybody, I'm new to the community but I've been MOC designing for sometime now and I have finished my massive project. I've been working on it for just under two years, The ISD II The Eviscerator. It sits on a single removable stand measuring at 148 studs long with 19,225 pieces. I really wanted to capture that "It doesn't look like Lego" feel and try to give it a studio model vibe. One of my goals for this build was to have only one stand that the model sits on securely. This was an incredible challenge due to the size and weight of the model. In fact, it's what took the most time to develop through out the build. Overall, I'm satisfied with how the model turned out. This is more accurately representing an ISD II Destroyer. I tried to pay attention to every detail I could, based on a couple of star destroyer sources. It's a very modular build making it easier to assemble and disassemble. There is no interior in this model. Just pure structural integrity throughout the entire inside. Just the frame and stand are 6,000+ pieces, but this was my goal. Create as accurate of model as I could, displayed on one removable stand, and not having to limit detail because of weight and size. Anyways, enough rambling: You can view the rest of the photos here: Flickr Album Now here is some great news. If you want to build one yourself, you can! I have made instructions for this build that are available at
  9. Yet another LEGO TIE Fighter. How far can this classic design be pushed? How many ways are there to build an eye sandwitched by hexagonal solar panels? Is there a perfect design already? This is where beauty of LEGO as form of modelling strikes with full power, as answers to these questions are: Very far, infinite ways, and no, there is no perfect design available and never will be. In 2014 I have built this: It worked, and I think for 2014 and what was available back then, it was pretty good. It had obvious flaw though: no space for a minifigure, and it was also a little too small in scale. I was limited mostly by the fact there were no proper cockpit pieces, and my attempt with literally the only other one was... not spectacular, not to mention it needed painting with A LOT patience required. The new model takes advantage of this cockpit piece, which allowed me to push that original 2014 design further. I know, I am late to the party, years - literally - behind other designers of great TIE models, like Bricks Feeder or Rebel Builder, yet I hope I can bring something new into the T/F building scene. Originally I thought I would just stretch the build here and there but no, heheh, no way. Literally the only unchanged parts are the eight quarter (or one-eighter?) dome pieces, which are to me still the only way to have smooth and roughly spherical design without holes all around. Unfortunately when we look at a closeup of a real movie-filming model of the T/F we see how far are we from true modelling but I say we're collectively inching towards it pretty nicely. I have said this plenty of times but original designers of TIE Fighters really did all they could to make them unbuildable properly, naturally unknowingly - who would think adult guys 30 years in the future would try to recreate the design using perhaps the weirdest medium available?. The T/F is just a sphere, two struts and two flat hexes. Except: 6-diameter central cokcpit piece would require a 9-diameter ball, minifig-scaled TIE would require an 8-diameter ball and don't even get me started on sources for TIEs dimensions. If you think that Illustrated Guide To Star Wars vehicles is helpful, well, not much. I dare to say this book did awfully lot of harm to LEGO Star Wars MOCing scene. So is my TIE perfect? No, not yet. I promise though, I did all I could to make it as good as possible, with no compromises made. And this time it houses a minifig! The design is super sturdy to my standards, nicely swooshable - for a reason, but I will get to that later. Naturally having a T/F built opens a way towards the Interceptor, which for me is among the best looking spaceship designs in any sci-fi. While the core design is similar, the ball has some differences, mostly to accomodate longer struts. This is because LEGO curiously didn't develop 2x9 plates and for once I was in a situation where I can't really replace 2x9 plate with anything without compromising structural integrity. Having that solved I went onto the wing design and OH GOD INTERNET WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. If anyone knows angle on the panels and can prove it, gets a free beer. With shipping. Because the wings are angled in all dimensions, good luck guessing proper values from photos. Because of the IGTSWV book, half of the models (and I don't even mean LEGO models) existing are wrong. And then because of SW animated series, the other half of the models are also wrong... my source of reference was this: Then after having all that done, I experienced another unexpected problem: The ship is top-heavy and won't stand straight. I added tiny legs on the bottom edges of wings which help a bit, and because the design is quite sturdy, the T/I requires no stand. There you have it. Yet another T/F and T/I. I hope you like the designs and I hope I managed to introduce something new to the very competitive scene. Enjoy! ...but wait, there is more! I would not build these models if not a commission request from BrickVault: Originally it was meant to be just a few TIE models based on the 2014 design I had, just LDD files, but over time we developed a much more interesting designs and... instructions for each of them! The instructions are paid and please understand, it took weeks to develop them, error-proof, make the experience enjoyable and builds sturdy enough to be handled easily. Normally I do not make instructions, as I prefer to build with real bricks than to do electronic designs. The instructions are designed to have dozens of simple to follow steps with just few pieces per step, have submodels where needed, parts list for each step and a total bill of parts at the beginning. Additionally, in few places, there are notes to watch out for some particular details. I can fully understand now what LEGO designers go through and I can imagine amount of effort required for making instructions for larger and more complicated designs. I am pretty sure it took more time to design instructions for the recent UCS Millennium Falcon than to design the model itself. Thanks for watching and Happy New Year!
  10. Hey everyone, hope everyone has been doing well. I've been busy working away at expanding my minifig scale MOC collection (Still only digitally atm). And thought I'd bring you something that I haven't really seen around anywhere. A minifig scale Hyena-class Bomber. This one was pretty tricky, but I think it came together rather well in the end. The official LEGO Hyena bomber was alright, but left a lot to be desired. The overall shaping of the ship was kind of off and the walking mode looked nothing like the source material. My goal was to get mine as close as I could and keep it in line with my other minifig scale builds. This was a little harder than I had anticipated, and I had to make one sacrifice right off the bat. There was no way that I could get the legs to physically retract the way they do on the actual ship, even more so at this scale. So unfortunately there is a small bit of "parts-forming" required between modes, but I made it as little as possible. I was able to get the wing mounts to extend out of the main body to allow upper leg movement though. The other thing that always made the model look wrong was using the head build method established by LEGO. While the stickers used to make up the "face" look nice, the overall head shape is left extremely flat. It took a week or so of playing with parts, but I was finally able to come up with a brick-built head design I was happy with. While it may not be perfect, for the most part has the general shaping of the actual Hyena bomber. I then utilized variations of the technique to build the other head-like shapes on the ship, including the targeting head below. I've also included a couple photos with some of my other MOCs for size comparison. Prior to working on the Hyena bomber, I had built a minifig scale Vulture droid, but was unhappy with the stock LEGO style head. However after figuring out the head for the Hyena bomber it wasn't too hard to down-scale to get a suitable head for it too. So since they are fairly similar I'm including the pictures of it here as well. Both ships were designed to use The Clone Wars colour schemes, although it could be debated that they Hyena should be sand blue rather than DBG, but given that practically none of the pieces come in that colour, there wasn't much choice. There are scenes from the show where it does look more grey that blue anyways. As always, hope you enjoy! I'll be back soon with my minifig scale ATT and DDT.
  11. Hey everyone, today I bring you my take on a minifig scale LAAT/i or Republic Gunship. Firstly, this thing is complicated... I started working on this early last year, but took a break from it because trying to figure out how to translate the complex shape of this thing was driving my crazy. While there are a lot of really nice gunships out there, I really wanted to see if I could match the narrow profile of the front of the ship, as well as get the flare out to the back that it has. Needless to say, accomplishing that in Lego is not easy, but I think I came up with a decent solution. The entire upper part of the gunship actually tapers from 6 studs wide in the back, down to 4 in the front. The "floor" of the gunship also tapers, which is one of the most common things people seem to avoid in other MOCs, probably because it's a major pain to do and it messes with the door alignment. The doors utilize technic fig hands and mixel joints to achieve the sloping from the front to back of the gunship. The doors were a real challenge due to the angles, and my first go at it didn't have enough head room to allow for a fig to stand inside, so I had to take another go at it, but this version seems to hold up. As usual a pic with my Delta-7B for scale. And some other colour variants. I've also done some test building to make sure that this thing actually works, I was worried that with all the angles it would be extremely brittle, but it holds together better then I thought it would. Inspiration notes: Under wing supports as well as some frontal structure inspired by Caleb Ricks. Front nose roundness inspired by Maelven. Engine build inspired by Chef Aslopert. Engine cones inspired by Kit Bricksto. Flood/Search lights inspired by David Buchholz.
  12. Ross Fisher

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    "Brothers and Sisters; "We're done hiding. "Some say the galaxy doesn't need us any more; that the Empire did everyone a favour with its conquest of Mandalore. They say that a warrior culture has no place in a galaxy that's had enough of war. "But I say this; there will always be a place among the stars for those who are willing to fight for it. Those who aren't prepared to let someone else deny their right to exist. "So if you've got the guts to wear the armour, I say you've earned the right to be a Mandalorian. It doesn't matter who you are; where you came from; born or made. If you're willing to stand against the storm with your head held high, Clan Eldar will stand beside you." Faction: Clan Eldar (Mandalorian Remnant) Faction Leader: @Ross Fisher Faction Lieutenants: @n1majneb Members: @Merc4Hire, @SodorBricks, @Lamborghini Waffle Sauce, @jhaelego, @JShortForJay, @PandaQuil, @Moppo, @Miscellanabuilds, @JetBricks Studios, @_Josh_, @Sharkbrix, @Scorch93 Headquarters/Capital: Lantilles (P8) Planets: Lantilles, Gizer, Azure (P8), Kashyyyk (P9), Gigor (R4), Atchorb, Bonadan, Kir (S3) Grid squares: P8, S3 Description During the Great Purge, many Mandalorian families and clans were entirely wiped out. Some members of Clan Eldar were fortunate enough to escape by fleeing their homes - a hard act for any Mandalorian. These disparate groups managed to keep in touch and, now that the Empire has fallen, are tentatively making contact again. Soldiers Clan Eldar consisted of Mandalorian warriors that donned Mandalorian armour with black, dark green, and orange color. Nonetheless, Members of Clan Eldar, and their allies, wear a wide range of different-coloured armour, and some wear no armour at all. Times have not been kind to the Clan, and many new members still need to earn their armour. Clan Eldar does not expect its members to follow The Way. Removal of your helmet does not make you any less Mandalorian. Giving up does.
  13. Hello everyone, some weeks ago I bought and downloaded the manual of the classic - and for me best - Z-95 Headhunter of the Designer Moppo (MOC-30461) from Rebrickable (link to the MOC: After I had all the parts together and could start building, I soon realized that the MOC was not suitable to be placed next to all the others in my showcase on an acrylic display stand, as the photo of the bottom side shows. In order to present it next to my other models and MOCs, I ordered a suitable Medium Angled Acrylic Display Stand with a 4x4 Top Plate from Wicked Bricks (, so that I could consider and implement the necessary modification of the original model after receiving it. The idea was to construct an additional carrier and to modify the bottom side of the Z-95 Headhunter accordingly, so that it will fit the model and the display stand at the end. To do this, a sketch had to be made to determine the parts to be ordered. Modification of the Z-95 Headhunter (bottom side). For the necessary modification you need the following parts: (Structure: Designation | part number | quantity | comment) Plate 1x4 2 Knobs | 4599498 | 2 Flat Tile 1x3 | 4558169 | 2 Flat Tile 1x2 | 4211414 | 1 Flat Tile 2x2 | 4211413 | 1 Once you have all the parts together, start by removing the three flat tiles 1x4 from the bottom of the Z-95. The same applies to the Flat Tiles 2x4. At the gained space you attach the above parts from the parts list in the arrangement shown on the photo. This way we realize a mounting possibility for the carrier, which will be built in the next step and serves as a bridge between Display Stand and Z-95 Headhunter. We need the dismantled Flat Tile 1x4 for the carrier, which we will focus on in the next step. The carrier. The carrier consists of two parts. We need the following parts for the carrier Plate 1x4 | 4211445 | 3 Flat Tile 1x4 | - | 1 | From the dismantled parts from above. Half Bow 1x2x2 Inv. | 6144138 | 2 | Half Bow 1x2x2 | 6028813 | 2 | Technic Brick 1x1 | 4211535 | 4 | Plate 1x2 | 4211398 | 2 Profiles Brick 1x2 | 4211383 | 2 | The construction is very simple and can be seen in the following picture. The result. The result is that the carrier sits very firmly on the display stand and the Z-95 Headhunter is also solidly attached to the carrier, so that nothing stands in the way of presenting the model on a shelf or in a showcase. The modification of the underside has been designed so that the hunter does not gain excess weight in one direction or the other to prevent accidental falling. So everyone can decide for himself whether the hunter tilts into a curve, rises steeply or descends. Besides the possibility to show the hunter on a display stand, I also implemented a modification for the attachment of landing supports. The realization is also very easy and fast with a little disassembly and assembly. Here you need - besides the above mentioned modification of the underside - the following components: Technic Lever 3M | 6331723 | 2 2M Cross Axle w. groove | 4142865 | 2 Fric/Stump with cross hole | 4158848 | 1 Fric/Forc with cross hole | 4210695 | 2 Plate 1x3 w/Stub/Along/U.P. | 4210882 | 1 Roof Brick 1x2/45° | 4211614 | 4 Flat Tile 1x2 | 4211414 | 2 Landing skid front. The assembly of the front landing skid is shown on the following photo. In addition, the two Technic Lever 2M, which were originally mounted, must be replaced by the Technic Lever 3M in order to attach the landing skid to the fighter. Landing struts underside. The landing skids of the underside are realized by two Roof Bricks each, which are connected by a 1x2 Flat Tile. Both are then attached to the 1x4 Plate with 2 Knobs on the underside (see above). Just align everything nicely and the Z-95 Headhunter is ready for presentation inside a hangar MOC, since it is now standing on its own landing struts:
  14. Lego should do collectible mini figures for Star Wars. They would be great for The Mandalorian or other Star Wars. Do you agree. You can have your say right here.
  15. Hello everybody, I am new here and would like to present you my first Star Wars mini diorama. It's a diorama that can represent pretty much every desert planet in the Star Wars universe, from Jakku or Jedha to good old Tatooine. It certainly didn't use the most sophisticated construction techniques, which is because I was looking for a simple appearance. In the beginning, it should only serve as a presentation surface for two of my LEGO Star Wars models, and not distract the eye too much from them. The size was chosen so that it would easily fit on an IKEA Billy shelf. For this it was necessary to cut approx. ½ nubs away from the left base plate (32x32 nubs). In total there are 3 base plates with 32x32 studs each. In the middle there is a quite large but flat sand dune, as you can easily see. Originally this dune was planned to present the LEGO Razor Crest. But after some extensions with additional details in the background I have discarded this idea so that finally the Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152) found its place there. On the right side you can see Kuiils' hut, which is actually just a mirror-inverted version of Obi-Wans' hut (75270) - a spontaneous idea I had while building it. The hut is completed by an additional roof element so that it can be completely closed from above. That I integrated existing LEGO Star Wars sets you will notice elsewhere. Next you will see a small outpost of the Mandalorians behind the central dune. Part of it is the command post of the Mandalorian Battle Pack (75267). I designed the adjacent "building" myself. The same applies to the rocky outcrop with the maintenance platform on the left side of the diorama. It is the part that - in my opinion - has the most details of the whole diorama. Kuiils' hut. Inside, the brown box now contains numerous tools and serves as a workbench where Kuill does his many technical jobs, such as repairing IG-11. In front of the hut, you can see Kuill (a customized Ugnaught made of original LEGO parts) standing at the entrance of the hut. Next to him you can see Cara Dune (from set 75254), the child and the Mandalorian Din Djarin (the latter two are LEGO-compatible custom figures). Of course IG-11, who is doing his work in front of the hut, is also present. Finally, there is a radio mast incl. generator and a well for drinking water. Mandalorian outpost. The outpost consists of a command post on the left side and a two-story building on which a laser cannon is mounted for defense. On the first floor you can see individual weapons (a thermal detonator and a weapon box in which 2 blaster are hidden) and a control panel, while the first floor serves as a weapon control for the laser. Outside, we have a small courtyard with a power generator for the laser, a box with coaxium and a melting furnace for the processing of Beskar, to mention only a few essential elements. There is of course more standing around, but this is more to simulate a full yard. The yard is overgrown with a desert palm that could be used as a camouflage from the air. Also a tentacle of a Sarlacc was integrated into the yard. The outpost is occupied by three Mandalorians from the Mandalorian Battle Pack (75267) and the blacksmith from the series "The Mandalorian" (also a compatible custom figure). The rocky ridge. The first thing you might notice is the small cave under the top of the ledge, where a somewhat shady figure is sitting in front of a campfire. Above the cave, you can see power units of several LEGO Star Wars models (X-Wing (75218), Y-Wing (75249), and Swoop Bike (75215)) lying around on the platform. At the rear end of the platform there are three boxes of coaxium and a power nozzle under a small pavilion. Between the pavilion and the boulder you can see an old, broken Assassin Droid, the front rudders of a Swoop Bike, a proton torpedo and the KX9 laser cannon of a T65B X-Wing. Some may also recognize the laser emitter of a quad laser (as used in the current model of the Millenium Falcon (75257)), a hyperdrive unit and many other parts standing around. Under the floor grid in the middle of the platform there is a maintenance hole, with various installations. The platform is manned by a Mandalorian ground technician and is guarded by a Mandalorian Commando (all figures made from original LEGO parts). Further details. Among the - not yet named - details, the most important are probably Chirrut Imwe and Baza Malbus, which are located below Kuiil's hut in the area of the dark brown rock, as well as a Probot Droid, which hovers near the hovertank, and a Sand Trooper flanking it. Finally, olive-colored grasses and bushes give the whole thing the look and feel of a desert and complete the small diorama. In the meantime I found a nice MOC of the Z-74 Speeder Bike, which I have rebuilt, equipped with a Scout Trooper and the bag with The Kid (instructions for the bike can be found at and a white water vaporizer near Kuiil's hut. Copied from the LEGO Sandspeeder and found to be good, especially regarding the size and proportions of my MOC. I hope you like it!? Please let me know your opinion!It certainly didn't turn out to be a masterpiece right away ;-). PS: Besides the Razor Crest and the Assault Hovertank there is also room for an X-Wing (75218, 75102 or similar) on the central dune. So I can decide at will which model I want to present. Without the drive units, the Jakku Quadjumper (75178) fits comfortably on top of the ledge as well. How does it go on? I will rebuild the Mandalorian outpost. In the future it will be based on the outbuilding of the new LEGO Mos Eisley Cantina to better stand out next to Kuiil's hut. In addition the laser cannon with tower will fit perfectly on the flat roof and at the same time receive a new design and construction technique. Instead of an inner courtyard, the MOC of the Mandalorian Outpost will have second outbuilding – which has been reduced to a ruin – and serve as a gun emplacement. Instead of a sniper rifle, an E-Web Blaster will be used to protect the outputs even better. The smithy will move inside the building in this context as well.
  16. Henry Bricklider

    "Retro" Star Wars Minifigures

    Hello everyone! This weekend I purchased various Star Wars minifigure pieces from 2002-2003 and thought it would be a neat exercise to make some retro/modern hybrid figures. This was really fun and I've got some ideas for several more to make in the future. If any of you would like to do this, too, I would love to see what you all come up with! Thanks, Henry (From L to R): Tatooine Luke, X-Wing Pilot Luke, Dagobah Training Luke, Bespin Luke, and Jedi Luke (From L to R): Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ep, III) and Anakin Skywalker (Ep. III)
  17. Lego does Star Wars but they should they also do Star Trek which has been popular for many people in this whole world too. I would like the mini figures of the Captains Kirk and Captain Picard and The Klingons and the Borg and Wesley Crusher who is Wil Wheeton and Data and all the others. Even if Star Wars is bigger and better I would also like to have Star Trek as I like both. But what do you think. Comment below to have your say this time and make this happen.
  18. Ignatius666

    Moc Tower on Mandalore

    Hello there! I wanted to show my first real architectural steps in the Star Wars World - I got inspired by the Mega-Project from Solid Brix Studios. I really like the design of Mandalore, it's simple and beautiful and effective. But enough words, see for yourself:
  19. Hello everyone, as promised here are my AAT and DDT MOCs. AAT - Armored Assault Tank While LEGOs Clone Wars AAT is actually very close to minifig scale, many of the proportions just aren't quite right. I changed the front sections shape a fair bit, as the actual tank isn't quite so round. It sort of flattens out in the middle, I also added the scoop in the front. In cross-section images it shows that the front domed peace is actually also a hatch, so I added that functionality since it was already on a hinge. There is enough room in the turret for a full droid, even with the hatch closed, you just need to fold the head down. The rear hatch can also open, revealing the droid crew, 1 driver and 2 gunners. Also did a palette swap for the AAT Lok Durd rides around in. DDT - Defoliator Deployment Tank The DDT design-wise isn't too different from the AAT. Shaping the stabilizers wasn't the easiest, but I think they came out alright. The turret itself wasn't too difficult to design, but oddly enough getting the grated platform along the side proved rather annoying. I had to leave it for a while and come at it with different perspective. As always, hope you enjoy.
  20. JintaiZ

    75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    The new Star Wars set has been revealed - The Mos Eisley Cantina. I know I'm a bit late posting news like this, but I suppose it's better late than never... Photo: Brickset News It has 3187 pieces, a whopping of 21 minifigures, and it'll probably retail for $350. So, how do I feel about it? Well, first of all, this set is amazing, and there's no denying on that? But on the other hand, it feels a bit expensive. For example, if you compare it to NINJAGO City, which is a way bigger set that costs less, I simply feel cheated. Nevertheless, this is a superb set that will be long sought after its retirement. What are your thoughts? Comment below!
  21. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* log = tt.entry([DT-R&%]); run(log); output:; [DT-R65-BRAVURA SQUAD-MISSION STATUS]:; --The droid we discovered on Kalist VI has the most interesting data files… I haven’t seen anything like them. Our analysts have been working on him for ages, yet the scriptures within this hard drive are encrypted in a code we’ve never seen before. They could be ancient, but we don’t know. That would explain the somewhat erratic behavior of the droid when we first encountered it. IG-828 will certainly pose a challenge, and it is vital for us to uncover his history if we are to work with him further. Fortunately he has been cooperative enough to let us access his memory, however encrypted it is… It could be a trap. It could also be an opportunity… [end_transmission] “ Sir! The droid… it seems to be retrieving a transmission!” exclaimes a bridge officer through the comlink. DT-R65 turns his head towards Coda and Notturno, hinting that they should follow him. The three troopers head down the turbolift of the star destroyer. [location classified] “Do you think we will get any intel on the droid sir?” asks Notterno. “Yes, but it’s hard to say. Only an encryption key will help us reveal the droid's memory bank.. This transmission may be our only chance to discover its true origins... ” replies DT-R65. “We’ll know in just a moment…” smiles Coda. The blast door opens. Dolore and Feroce are waiting at the data center. The droid is sitting on the deck. Wires poor out of its central processing unit. It’s hooked up to the holotable it’s leaned against. The room is dark, apart from lights from the control panels, monitors, and the droid’s head which illuminates the area, alongside with the holotable. A momentary flash of a hologram pops up on the holotable. “What was that?!” asked Coda. They all look and listen intently at the holotable. The flash reappears… only to vanish again as quick as it came. A low pitched scrambled voice emerges from the droid, and a large hologram of the late emperor Palpatine stands on the holotable. The squad stands completely still, in awe, and shock… It was the emperor, prior to his ascendance to power. A young politician stands before them, cloaked and hooded in dark velvet robes. This droid is quite old indeed… The hologram flickers as Palpatine speaks. The speech is scrambled due to the droids security encryption. “This discovery will lead us to places beyond our greatest imagination…” says Notturno, still in awe of what he is seeing. DT-R65’s face darkens as he slightly tilts his head down towards the hologram, keeping his gaze centered on the hologram. His eyes are dark. He tilts his head up again. The blue light reflects off his face. A blue silhouette of palpatine mirrored in his eyes. “Only if we get the encryption key...” replies DT-R65. The hologram fades to blackness. The members of the BRAVURA squad look at each other, absorbing what they have seen. IG-828 begins to scramble again, but this time it’s speaking a language… “Get the computer language analysis to examine this.” says DT-R65. Notturno plugs one of the wires from IG-828 to a control panel. “What are we going to do?” asks Dolore. The translation from the computer pops up on the screen: Region. Mid Rim. Sector Chommell sector. Grid coordinates O-17 43∘06’13”N 88∘19’15”W “We are going to Naboo.” replies Coda. “Save the droid’s databanks, and pack our gear. Coda is right.” adds DT-R65. The squad lands on Naboo with bodypods. The coordinates take them to a large body of water. DT-R65’s pod depressurizes, and he activates his rebreather. The visor of his helmet glows green under the water. He spots the other squad members. The droid is already making its way towards the target. Bubbles burst from IG-828 as he regulates his descent. After a few minutes of swimming, they reach a plateau. A small sphere lay beside it. “Do you see what I’m seeing?” says Coda, a bit ahead of DT-R65 and the rest of BRAVURA squad. As DT-R65 gets closer, the sphere becomes clear. It is heavily corroded. He had been to Gungan city before, when he was a boy. It was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen. This sphere was crooked, ruptured and decayed. The gold that had once covered it had been eroded away by acid surging from the core. As the squad arrives on the plateau, IG-828 stands a bit further from the sphere. Coda takes him for a fool, and goes straight to the dome. There were old canisters of durasteel. A small luminescent light shined vaguely. “IG-R65, have you found anything?” asks DT-R65. The droid turns his head towards the squad. “(Yes.)” it replies. In front of IG-828 lay an ancient relic of a bygone era. A staff with ancient runes, with a hilt at the bottom… It is quite eroded as well, but has been made with such a quality, that it is preserved well enough. Well enough that an experienced high ranking imperial officer would recognize it from his days in the old empire. DT-R65 had seen holoimages of such an item on one of his missions to the emperor's observatories located on Pillio… “This cannot be any ordinary weapon.” says DT-R65. “(It is a sith lightsaber pike…)” says the droid...
  22. TheHarrower

    Custom Venator MOC

    Aloha! Im new here. The end. Just kidding. If you're willing, I'm in need of some help. So I'm attempting to build a custom made Venator Star Destroyer using 2x4 wedge plates instead of 2x3 wedge plates. Ive built part of the frame, however, I noticed when the plates are aligned with the central beam, the frame and plates do not align perfectly on the sides. They are off by a few millimeters, probably 1° or less. Is there a method, pattern or dimensions that would create a more accurate alignment between the 2x4 wedge plate and the frame that I have? Or would it be wise to scrap this and go with 2x3 plates instead? Note: the plates will have a slope when its near completion. p.s. eurobricks wouldnt allow me to submit a photo bigger than 102.4 KB. so i cant show the frame that ive built. Link to show the bow of the frame.
  23. What are some of your unpopular or niche opinions related to LSW? I'll start off with a few: - The 2009 AT-OT/dropship set is overrated - it's not a bad set but hasn't aged nearly as well as other sets from around that time, and parts of the AT-OT look like a MOC rather than a collectors' set. It could definitely use a remake. - I don't know why Lego makes Obi-Wan ginger - in 2005 they had less colours to choose from so it made more sense, but now it seems odd that every prequel Obi-Wan is ginger and Anakin is either dark or normal brown when they have a very similar hair colour in the film and honestly reddish brown would probably work for both. Similarly, I'm not sure why Luke's hair changes from tan to dark tan depending on which set he's in when the darker colour is clearly more accurate. - Assault on Hoth would be a good set if it were just the main gate, maybe with a Tauntaun bay and a few other parts for £90. - Midi-scale sets were a real missed opportunity and should make a comeback with figures to add more value. - More sets should include obscure characters - when I was a kid there were a lot of obscure characters in action figure form and I'd love to see more in Lego sets - the Neimodian warrior and Colonel Cracken from 2014 were great inclusions and I'd love to see a D2C Jabba's palace with some obscure characters in that. - In addition to that, a lot of people think Lego won't make another Slave Leia or Oola figure, but I think this is possible but probably only in a D2C barge or palace. Add your's below!
  24. whitswj

    Review: 75083 AT-DP

    This is both my first set review and post about a Star Wars set- (even though I have been collecting them since '99). I got this one early this year so I thought I would post a review on it. Please bare with me- I am not a great photographer. So with that in mind, here goes! Front of the Box: 75083 AT-DP Box-Front by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Back of the Box: 75083 AT-DP Box- Back by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Shot of the Bags: 75083 AT-DP Bags by whitesidewjw, on Flickr The sticker sheet (I normally don't apply them, but for this I am going ahead and putting them on): 75083 AT-DP Sticker Sheet by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Minifigs- I really like the two AT-DP Pilots, but the best Agent Kallus really does shine. Of course we get an extra stormtrooper: 75083 AT-DP Minifigs by whitesidewjw, on Flickr No new molds in this as far as I can tell, however these printed 4X4 domes are really great. I can see lots of uses for these in space MOCs. 75083 AT-DP New Printed Elements by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Bag#1 Complete- Nothing earth shattering here- an easy build: 75083 AT-DP Bag #1 Complete by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Bag #2 Complete: 75083 AT-DP Bag #2 Complete Cockpit Seats by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Cockpit assembly: 75083 AT-DP Cockpit Assembly by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Bag #2 Complete 75083 AT-DP Bag#3 Complete by whitesidewjw, on Flickr "Foot" Assembly"- I like how they positioned the slopes 75083 AT-DP "foot" assembly by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Complete AT-DP 75083 AT-DP complete by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Complete AT-DP-Side View 75083 AT-DP Side view (Complete) by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Complete AT-DP- Over View 75083 AT-DP Complete- overview by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Complete AT-DP Rear View 75083 AT-DP rear view by whitesidewjw, on Flickr Extra pieces 75083 AT-DP extra pieces by whitesidewjw, on Flickr The Verdict: Minifigs- 5/5- We get a total of four figs. I like the two AT-DP Pilots and Agent Kallus is a well done minifig. I can complain about another storm trooper either Parts- 3/5- Other than the dome pieces I commented on before, there is really not any new parts in this. If you build space, star wars, or machinery, this will still be a welcome assortment. Experience of Build 4/5- This really was a fun build. It came together fast but was challenging enough for its target age group. Playability 5/5- This thing is much more sturdy than it looks. The legs take a little bit of effort due to the double locking hinges but hold together very well.This is a very minor complaint. Value 4/5- Typical- $49.99 for 500 pieces- I must admit I paid a little more than MSRP due to shipping but I can't complain about the value. Overall: 21/25- I really believe this is one of the best walkers that Lego has designed. The only changes I would make would be adding real control panels in the cockpit and it would be nice if lego made a real widow to fit in with these types of builds rather than a transparent tile over another plate. All in all, I would recommend this set and I hope the rest of the 2015 Star Wars sets are on par with this.
  25. Hello all, I am currently working on the Malevolence as seen in the clone wars, this is the first big build I am doing. Comments and criticism are welcome!