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  1. czbotond

    [MOC] Lego World of Warcraft

    Thank you! Yes, they are instantly recognizable (and very cool looking). Although this is a generic orc camp, we tried to create the buildings as close to the source as possible.
  2. czbotond

    Jabba's Palace Micro

  3. Hi everybody, We built this last year, but have forgotten to post it here. It's a pretty simple MOC of a Horde outpost being attacked by the Alliance. Hope you'll like it. Here is the link to the flickr album:
  4. We've updated the base, hope you'll like it:
  5. czbotond

    BuWizz Small car competition - Voting

    15: 10 points 16: 6 points 5: 4 points 7: 3 points 3: 2 points 8: 1 points
  6. czbotond

    [MOC]Vader's Castle on Mustafar from Rogue One

    Thank you! Thank you! Yeah, I should have organized differently the album; at the moment the more epic pics are at the end.
  7. czbotond

    [MOC]Vader's Castle on Mustafar from Rogue One

    Thank you! We're glad that people like it. The scale of the castle went through several iterations in the planning phase - our main concern was to get the proportions right between the sloping top half and the rest (actually we designed it from top to bottom); the one we finally chose made it possible for the micro shuttle to be included (well, its way larger compared to the landing pad than in the movie; but still, it's there). The booklet is a recent addition; last place we exhibited the castle, we weren't sure if ppl were familiar with the movie or not, so I threw together the booklet: it has the same text as the UCS sticker; a few concept arts, WIPs, and behind the scenes from the movie; several movie stills and last but not least a side-by-side comparison of the movie stills with the corresponding details from the MOC (it beat having the scene play on loop from youtube on a tablet).
  8. Hi everybody! Together with my son we built our version of Vader's castle on Mustafar from R1. We tried to make it UCS style complete with a micro build, UCS style sticker and a booklet. The base (the lava field) is 96x96 studs; the total height is approx 125cm. It includes six minifigs: two imperial guards, Vaane - Vader's servant, Krennic, and two versions of Vader - one in armor, and one in the bacta tank. For the bacta tank version we used the torso from the collectible minifig gargoyle. We built it last autumn, but worked on it since; and now got around to take some decentish photos. Hope you'll like it. Here's the link to the flickr album
  9. We thank you! It was great fun to build! Also, we were debating with my son how to best create the xenomorphs: completely brickbuild, or using the black skeletons, or even using some custom figs; he chose the skeleton version.
  10. Hi! I hope you don't mind, we reverse engineered the power loader, and based our model on yours: