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  1. czbotond

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    You're welcome. Yeah, too bad they rejected it, but from a certain point of view, its understandable (not that I agree with it, but I can see their reasoning). Our Stranger Things MOC was pretty small, but if we ever decide to build another one, we'll draw inspiration from you!
  2. czbotond

    [Moc] Dwarf lonely mountain

    I really do! We're working on a MOC with a very rough terrain (solidified lava field); and thought that this technique would be ideal for it. Unfortunately it would be super hard to transport it, because basically every time its moved, the slopes fall out of their place.
  3. czbotond

    Bricklinking Death Star II

    Thank you so much; this will also be very helpful!
  4. czbotond

    [MOC] Galaxy Viper - Law Enforcement Interceptor

    You're more than welcome!
  5. czbotond

    [MOC] 2001 A Space Odyssey

    Thank you; so glad that you like it! Now I'm envious; we've only seen the movie on TV/monitor.
  6. czbotond

    [MOC] Red Robot

    Thank you so much! I'm really proud of him, and playing/building w Lego for us is a dad-son bonding experience. Luckily, he didn't enter his dark ages; and hopefully he wont :D
  7. czbotond

    [Moc] Dwarf lonely mountain

    I really love it! We'll have to try it too!
  8. czbotond

    [MOC] Red Robot

    Thank you so much! Glad you like it. I have no idea how the kid came up with the style, from where he took the inspiration; we haven't watched that much retro scifi (discounting the Chaotica episodes of Voyager). My contribution was mostly limited to "Dad, can you find me an x, y, z piece?" "Yep... Here it is, buddy" ; and the post processing of photos
  9. czbotond

    [MOC][Instructions] Star Wars Skyline Architecture

    It looks awesome; so many instantly recognisable scenes
  10. czbotond

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    Man, that is beyond amazing!
  11. czbotond


    Those vehicles are awesome!
  12. czbotond

    [MOC] MTron magnet container transport buggy

    That's so cute!
  13. czbotond

    [MOC] Red Robot

    Hi everybody, We built this little robot/mecha, hope you'll like it: