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Found 12 results

  1. NEW MODELS WILL APPEAR IN THE REPLIES TO THIS THREAD - consolidated in to one thread for when further models are added Models in this thread: SNOWSPEEDER REBEL TRANSPORT OUTRIDER TIE SHUTTLE A-WING (MOD) SUPER STAR DESTROYER (MOD) SENTINEL-CLASS IMPERIAL LANDING CRAFT IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER SNOWSPEEDER Hello again everybody With the emergence of pictures of the 20th Anniversary Snowspeeder Polybag I realised that I had not published my own (and if I do say so myself superior! ) MINI Snowspeeder model! This little model has been lurking around for a while continually being tinkered with. It started off as the unreleased LEGO set 8029: However, as you will see from the pictures it has almost entirely been rebuilt. The wings are still attached using the hinge bricks but everything else has been stripped down and rebuilt. As new pieces have been released I have updated this little model. Gotta love Snowspeeders! Anyway I will let the little model speak for itself. Jon
  2. A long, long time ago I started working on a micro scale Millennium Falcon. To begin with all I wanted to do was add detail to the Microfighter but I kept tinkering and before I knew it I had a growing collection of micro Star Wars freighters and fighters, and here they are! Instructions for all these little builds are on my Rebrickable page. Since this all started with that Falcon Microfighter the cockpit piece (a light blueish-grey 2x2 truncated cone) became my yardstick for scale. Luckily trans-black 1x1 slope pieces work as fighter cockpits at the same scale so all the ships are, and will continue to be, as close to scale with each other as I can manage, at least based on these pieces and whatever reference images I can gather from Google. My Blockade Runner (April 2021) is the last ship on my micro Star Wars to-do list, although it’s hardly micro! The size and weight were a new challenge for me, I’ve never had to worry about a moc falling apart under its own weight before, but I enjoyed the challenge and managed to make it pretty easy to pick strong. I’ve put together instructions for the Tantive IV as well as the Liberator from Star Wars Rebels, which I couldn’t resist building for myself. Rather than doing new posts for each new ship I’ll edit the very long post below. All the instructions are on my Rebrickable page and there are photos and Studio renders some photos of the ships in this post, plus a few more on Flickr and Instagram. Thanks for looking!
  3. shadefoundry

    [MOC] Better 76022 Sentinel

    So recently I got my hands on the torso and head piece from the terrible looking sentinel in 76022. I wanted to put something together that was larger and more accurate than the original, but not as large as @I Scream Clone's wonderful moc since I don't have the space for something of that size. I based it off of the design from this image, since the print seemed closer to that design than the traditional one. Criticism and suggestions are welcome. I'll upload images of the finished model when I have the physical parts.
  4. Hello, After a little dark age, I came back to train creations, but at this time a little bit bigger than 6/7/8wide :) hope you like it :) LEGO CP1150 Sentinel by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr Lego CP1150 Sentinel Motor by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO CP1150 Sentinel Open door by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr LEGO CP1150 side by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr
  5. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Days of Bricks Past

    After a year of building, my X-Men Layout was completed and displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2015 this past weekend, and was a rousing success! Days of Bricks Past The layout covered the bulk of my display table, and featured three large scale, fully lit, brick-built Sentinels--the X-Men crew, the X-Jet, and a ruined city landscape. FYI in the background you can spot builds by our very own ZCerberus. This layout has been a long process, and I'm really happy that I'm finally able to show off all the work I put into it! The Sentinels Easily the most memorable portion of my layout, the Sentinels added a splash of rare dark purple and magenta color to an otherwise destitute landscape. Although only three Sentinels were used on the layout, I actually constructed five in total. The remaining two were slightly unique, and were given as gifts to friends. A third was sold at the Brickworld Chicago 2015 charity auction. Each of the Sentinels featured immense detailing and electronic work. Interestingly, if you were to extract all of the wiring from just one Sentinel, and lay it end to end, it would stretch over seven feet! The Sentinels, each numbered, feature four lights on their feet, two on their hands, one on their chest, and two for their eyes. They also all reach 36 bricks in height, 14 inches, and thus are very capable of squishing any mutants they come across! *From the Left, the second Sentinel features unique arm bands (that of three frogs hopping), and Sentinel five is Dr. Who themed, with a TARDIS heart and Screwdriver right hand. Sentinel Design Sentinel number one was designed first, and built over the course of a year (June 2014- June 2015). It was an immensely stressful and difficult build to complete. I meticulously designed every portion of the robot, rebuilding sections dozens of times to get the perfect look. Initially, I intended to use ball joints throughout, to allow the maximum amount of articulation, but I later switched to various forms of click joints to increase stability. A significant issue was the LifeLites battery pack, which located in the Sentinel's spine, that caused constant balance issues. Other dificulties were grip, as the Sentinels have trouble standing on smooth surfaces without starting to slide around. * Early Designs Other notable changes include the attempted use of large dark purple cylinder pieces. I had initially intended to use these parts for the Sentinel's shins and forearms, and so I actually acquired a large amount of them (some forty or something)--but soon after I found these both too troublesome (their connection points being tremendously weak) and ugly (because the purple seemed a different shade when compared to the purple of flatter less curved bricks of the same color). These early images above show some of the changes that occurred. The first image depicts my first attempt at the Sentinel boot, only days after Brickworld Chicago 2014. It was a far more detailed design that I'm happy was changed! Other alterations included the use of tubing, which initially held a more significant role, as I had (for some reason) designed it was perhaps a good idea to use it to sure up the ankles and essentially hold up the entire Sentinel...Anyways this was phased out, and the metallic tubing was later only used decoratively, in addition to housing and protecting the wiring of the robot. Another change the was heart design, which went from a small trans clear ball design to that of the Galaxy Squad trans-pink pods--incidentally one of my favorite pieces. Features: Each Sentinel was fully equipped with lights to show off their most dramatic of powers. This included flight, in which each Sentinel contained four red LED lights in their feet, to give the impression of engines. Ironically however, this lighting affect was almost moot in person, as the lighting here is not very viable when the Sentinels are simply standing, and not being held up. More noticeable however is the lighting in the eyes and hands, which act as searchlights to spot out mutant threats. Additional Views: The Sentinels were all clad in dark purple, magenta, and dark pink--and were designed as essentially large versions of the official Lego Sentinel--which while I do in fact love, is of course...not so accurate in size. The X-Men: In all actuality, the Sentinels are only half of the layout itself. The other important portion was that of the mutant X-Men, banded together not only to save the world, but their own lives as well. The layout included ten X-Men characters, all created by myself, with the majority of them being purist minifigures. *Left: Nightcrawler, Rogue, Iceman, Professor X, Magneto, Gambit, Wolverine, Bishop, Storm, Kitty Pryde In addition to the X-Men, I also included their famous X-Jet. My own version, this jet featured a light up cockpit and engines. Mutant Powers: Storm An advantage of building in the X-Men theme was that it allowed me to show off multiple power sets, all of which created sunning visuals. The most notable was that of Storm, who created a massive tornado and summoned lighting to defend herself against a Sentinel. The tornado featured Power Functions to spin, and was light by blue LED lights. This was my first time using Power Functions, and I was very impressed with the results. A video of the tornado in action can be found here. To show the lightning affect, I developed a new technique, by which I chained individual lightning pieces by weaving them together with a Lego trans-clear fiber optic cable. Storm herself is mostly official, but she utilizes a different white hair piece, that found on Quicksilver--and a custom arm, by Crazy Bricks, to allow for the sideways angled attack. Wolverine Perhaps the most simple of powers, I depicted Wolverine simply, and characteristically, jumping into the fray. His hair piece is custom, and is made by Christo for a Ra's al Ghul minifigure. The dark blue torso, which is used also on Professor X and Gambit, is new and from the Jurassic World line. Nightcrawler: One of my favorite mutants and power sets, Nightcrawler's teleportation power was depicted through the use of trans-pink flowers. He is a combination of various pieces, from Ronan's head to Ant-Man's body. His blue tail is a rare custom piece by BrickWarriors. Magneto & Professor X: The mutant Magneto, here shown working with the X-Men, uses his powers to move metal to protect himself and Professor X from a Sentinel attack. On Site Images: Admittedly, I didn't take too many pictures of my own layout on site at Brickworld Chicago...woops. Although there are already many good photos of it circulating around, to which I now show you some of: * Photo by Hinckley * Picture by Victor Fernandez *Photo by Bill Toenjes *Photo by Pete Strege Additionally, here is another photo I took--that of the Award my Sentinel won. The Sentinel was voted "Best Mech" of Brickworld 2015--an award I'm extremely excited it won. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  6. Darkrattyop

    X-Men Team up [Moc]

    Something I threw together with my Sentinel It had to be snakes For those interested, here is a video on how to make my Sentinel
  7. Hi everyone, Let me introduce you one of my latest creation : X-Men vs one of their iconic enemy - the sentinel : X-Men are ready to battle : There are different color codes for these mighty robots and I chosed the magenta / dark blue combination like this kind of sentinel. (and also because I had these dome parts in magenta that where perfect for the top of the head ^^) Well, it's not easy to deal with magenta as there are not many different parts in this color (and it can quickly become expensive) but I'm quite happy with the result. The creation will be displayed in an upcoming event in France (Fanabriques) as I saw that super heroes creations are quite popular with the audience A last overall picture to conclude : Hope you'll like it. Comments & criticisms are welcome :)
  8. This is Daniele Benedettelli’s SENTIN3L…in an extensively upgraded form! I programmed an entirely new program for Blast3rDroid (mySENTIN3L) that enables Remote-Control of the robot! This robot is about 22% quicker than the original! The RC program has two channel modes: Channel 1 for regular usage, and Channel 2 for upgraded usage modified for quicker speed and more accurate turning! The color scheme has been revamped, featuring a lot of bold coloring (most of the black has been replaced with red and white). I added more panels and wider panels for improved aesthetic appearance. The COLOR CUB3 has been revised and now has four colors: black, red, white, and yellow.
  9. This is an unofficial review of Daniele Benedettelli's SENTIN3L from his book THE LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 LABORATORY. It serves as a guard/patrol type robot and features 2 Large Motors, 1 Medium Motor, 1 Color Sensor, 1 InfraRed Sensor, and 1 Touch Sensor. These function for synchronized front legs, synchronized laser arms for blasting/shooting, autonomous behavior, color-programming, and more. Also featuring the COLOR CUB3! Since the stickers aren't specific in the book, I added them in the most aesthetic design I could. Please let me know your thoughts on my review style; I gladly accept any advice and suggestions for improvement!
  10. Ephseb

    Question regarding 76022

    Dear X-Men-Fans, I got set 76022 X-Men vs Sentinel on a 30% sale as a parts pack. Do you think I should keep Bag 1 (Magneto, Wolverine figures and the Sentinel) sealed and sell it later or do you think the parts are useful enough to justify opening it? (I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question to you) I appreciate any thoughts and will consider your advice and it will play into my decision. Ephseb
  11. Siercon and Coral

    The Matrix: Welcome to the Real World

    You've been living in a dream world Neo... Welcome to the real world. Here's a detail shot with display stand, of one of the Sentinels. These works were greatly inspired by Bart De Dobbelaer, so check out his photo stream :) Thanks and enjoy!
  12. What an absurd mission we’re on. Giving a “thank you” card to Boba Fett. Has the Empire really lost its mind? But I won’t complain. For once, we’re on a peaceful mission with a positive vibe to it. For once, no killing, voluntary or involuntary, on purpose or by accident, significant or insignificant. Just crossing the galaxy to say thank you. It’s a pity that such a nice act comes forth from a whim of insanity. But a lot of beautiful things are born in disease… “We’re approaching the surface. Landing gear stand-by” The Sentinel-class landing craft I’m piloting has one of the few cities at the surface of Mon Cal as destination. This planet is probably the easiest one to find the bounty hunter, since I don’t see that craft of him going under water. So only a troopers were needed per city. [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr They’re in the back now, talking. They seem quite excited. Not only to be practically on leave. Not only to visiting a nice peaceful planet (and way better than looking for droids in the desert). No, most of them seem to be excited to meet him. “Have you heard he has tamed a Wampa to be his pet? Really. Or that all of his pillows are made from Ewoks? Really. Or that he once killed a Gorax with nothing but a mouse droid? Really. And o, that mouse droid! Did you know he stole it right from under Vader’s nose? Really. Really, that man can do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived getting eaten by a Sarlacc…” “Yes, he can do anything…” (that one wasn’t much of a talker) “But he’s quite frightening too. Who knows what his next target will be. Maybe my head will be the next trophy on his shelves, in between the pink of the ambassador of Alderaan and a tooth from as space slug (that he killed because he helped captain Solo escape)… Maybe I don’t want to meet him after all.” “Are you mad? You’re might meet the most feared person in the galaxy – after Lord Vader of course (you never know who’s listening) – and you want to run away in fear. You don’t make sense.” “Yes, imagine meeting the man who did all of those great deeds. I think I will faint.” It just keeps going on. They seem Fett’s personal groupies. And for what? What has that foul bounty hunter ever done to become such a hero? Sure, that Wampa, Gorax and space slug stuff… But since when did a killer become the hero? Is murder the new cool? He might be skilled in what he does, but so is a trash collecting droid. He’s just a diva. I hope the others will see that when they meet him, but I’m asking too much of them. Let them adore him. What harm will it do? Let them adore the killer instead of becoming him. Let us all enjoy war instead of making it. It are our deeds that define us. I feel lacking. What are my deeds? I have only done things I regret. Do I regret myself? I wish those deeds never took place. Should I stop to exist? Isn’t there more to me than my deeds? And what more can there be to that bounty hunter? He has done enough deeds. But does that make him superior to me? “Stand by for landing” Let’s just give him the card and let’s go. _____ LXF File here. The whole thing actually fits on a 16x16 plate. It is build in such a way as to stand upright, and there's no limitation on height [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - The proof! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And I know, it looks bigger on the inside. And it looks ugly on the outside...