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Found 7 results

  1. A_Goodman

    [MOC[ Tantive IV Hallway

    "I have traced the Rebel Spies to her." Tantive IV 0 BBY "I have traced the Rebel Spies to her." Tantive IV 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  2. Boarding of the Tantive IV Boarding of the Tantive IV, Above Tatooine 0BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Boarding of the Tantive IV, Above Tatooine 0BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Hello, Eurobricks! Today I bring you my first LEGO Ideas project! 2015 will be the 30th anniversary of Rocky IV, and you can help celebrate this awesome movie by supporting this set based off the iconic fight between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago! Set includes 212 pieces, 3 minifigures (Ivan Drago, Rocky Balboa, and The Announcer), a stand for said minifigures, and the quintessential boxing ring. If you any comments, suggestions, or criticisms, I will gladly listen to them and put them into consideration for any future updates. You can support the project here:
  4. If we're going to re-take our base on Sullust, it's vital that we secure the command post. To do that, our troops will need to fight through to the heart of the base, potentially giving the rebels time to escape. We need another way in. There are hundreds of miles of tunnels and old lava tubes forming a labyrinth under the surface of the planet. The odds of randomly finding the right one are extremely low. There is a vast amount of machinery dedicated to keeping our Sullust base habitable: air filters, purifiers and exchangers connect with miles of ventilation shafts and pipes to keep the air breathable. That’s good news for us; machinery requires maintenance, which means access hatches and schematics. Because we’re breaking into our own base, we can pull up the complete schematics from the Imperial archives. It doesn't take long for us to find a way in. As I follow Crash (the origin of his nickname is a whole other story) into a rift, I'm trusting that he's able to decipher the complicated diagrams and schematics. We walk through the pitch-black lava tubes, illuminated an eerie red by our optics; Crash leads the way at several tunnel junctions, and after about 10 minutes we arrive at a pressure door. So far, so good. We pass through the pressure door, and shimmy our way down a pipe. I'm thankful for the upgraded Shadow Trooper armor - I don't think I'd want to do this in a regular Stormtrooper outfit. As we reach the bottom, we find ourselves in another cavern. The tight spaces filled with pipes and the loud, low rumble of nearby machinery remind me of my first tour, on the Vigilant. Crash says it's not totally clear from the schematics, but he's pretty sure nothing horrible will happen if we pop open this maintenance hatch without turning off the machinery first. Once again, he's right, although it takes both of us to pull the hatch free. I follow him into the airduct, and then immediately wish I hadn't. Straight ahead is a double-bladed, industrial fan. Crash says not to worry. The trick is to take off our helmets, drop them down with our weapons, and then inch along on our bellies until we reach the next duct. No worries... Crash makes it. My turn. I want to clarify that the look on my face isn't fear; the lower blade is actually sucking the skin on my face downward, while the upper blade pulls my hair up. It's only a few feet across the shaft, but it's a long few feet. Finally, we make it into position. It looks like the rebels are using escaped prisoners to help guard the halls. They must be stretched thin, trying to cover as much ground as possible before our reinforcements overwhelm them. Imperial troops have entered the base. We're carrying slug-throwers. They're much heavier than blasters, and they carry far less ammo, but they can be fitted with sound suppressors. When we open the door to the command center, we catch the rebels totally by surprise. They assumed they'd hear a blaster fight if anyone tried to take out the guards in the hall. We neutralize the armed prisoner, and put the rebels in hoods and binders. It doesn't look like they had much success slicing into our systems. I keep an eye on the door while Crash logs onto the main computer. Something about the room feels wrong, and as I'm standing there it hits me: whoever killed the tech at this duty station must have been standing right about where I am. And the two Stormtroopers were killed by blaster fire from inside the control room. As Crash uses the computer to lock down the doors and get the security cameras back online, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I think the attack on Sullust was an inside job. -------- Once again, this turned into a larger and more sprawling build than I first intended. This time, though, it is more interconnected. All the pipes and caves that look like they attach in the pictures actually fit together. UPDATE: here are some pics of each individual level. Surface Upper lava caves Lower lava caves and ducting Halls and command center
  5. Mission Log: The rebels picked the wrong day to mess with us. We blew up one of their ships and are pushing them back. Time to make them pay for trying to free their scummy friends.
  6. Everything was normal at 18:00 local time on the planet Sullust. We performed the usual checks and everything seemed normal. Or so we thought... ​Suddenly, sirens flashed and we received a holocall telling us Rebels had entered the base. The captain activated the ray shields to prevent the Rebels getting to the detention centre. When they came, we were ready! It was over in seconds. Those Rebels really should improve their body armour. Here are some pictures of the build: And the lava that didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would as I've never built lava before.
  7. After the official release of AC4 I though there should be a discussion here. So far we know that the main character will be Edward Kenway, Connor's grandfather, and that the story will take place in the golden age of piracy! So go ahead and discuss!