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  1. Thanks! Apart from needing the mod this set seems much cheaper than average for Star Wars and if nothing else it’s a good pile of parts for your own moc, I think you might need to get this one :)
  2. Hi everyone! I was a huge fan of the X-Wing games growing up and the A-Wing was by far my favourite ship to hoon around in, I was definitely a pew-pew-pew... oh no what have I done, run away kind of guy! Being a bit disappointed with the 75175 A-Wing I modified my old set a while ago to widen it and subtly improve the shape of the body to be a bit more of a convincing 'A'. Following on from that I've given the new Resistance RZ2 A-Wing a similar shaping treatment! As with most of my mods I've tried to reuse all of the parts that I take off and then add the fewest number of common pieces possible. The modified ships aren't movie-accurate but do remain solid. I really don't want to get into the situation again that I did with my TFA Millennium Falcon where I'd changed so much that the structure was compromised and added so many pieces that there was no way to replicate it... with that in mind, here are some visual instructions that I hope will help others who are also mostly happy but a tiny bit disappointed with the 75175 and 75248 sets, but still want their A-Wing fix :) Snap Wexley's Reistance A-Wing RZ2 I stripped back the wings, removing the 2x3 inverted slopes from next to the guns, and removed the upper area of the nose as well as the black plates with dark green decorative parts next to the cockpit, the remaining ship was fortunately still fairly solid. The 2 white 1x2 plates and 2 white 2x6 plates (4 2x3s will work too) were the only essential extra parts for the wing shaping, these are structural and all the other extra pieces are all cosmetic. I originally repurposed four of the dark blueish grey 1x2s from the nose internals for the modified longer top of the nose as they’re weren't originally structural, they looked okay but then I had some luck found some spares of the plates in dark green in my spares.There are 2 white 1x8 plates to boost the top fins up a bit and 2 white 1x1 slopes for the leading point of the top fins, these slopes replace 2 white 1x1 plates which I needed for the modified wing internals but I think aren't structurally essential. As mod to hold the engines at the correct angle with no movement I jammed 2 1x1 plates into the underside of the light blueish grey 2x6 plate that sits above the Technic links (with blue friction pins) connecting the engines to the rear of the ship. It was tricky, a real squeeze and definitely an illegal technique but it does a solid job. There’s also an extra 2x3 inverted slope under the nose, I forgot about that in the parts list picture, sorry! And finally I swapped around those green tiles with the white stickers on so the green area tapers towards the back of the cockpit, I'm pretty sure that how they're supposed to be. Arvel Crynyd's Rebel A-Wing RZ1 I like to think it's the one that finished off The Executer! I similarly stripped away the wing area and rebuilt the mod with a few extra pieces. There are 2 extra 3L Technic axles to extend the guns out by 1 stud, these are I suppose the least common extra parts but I've struggled to work out a structurally solid way to extend the guns without them. The rest are easily sourced and hidden away under the upper fins are 2 dark blueish grey 1x2 modified plates (with rails) that help keep the wings at the correct angle. Tallie Lintra's Resistance A-Wing RZ2 I really loved the opening scene of The Last Jedi and Tallie, despite being in the film so briefly, was awesome. Luckily she was included in Battlefront 2, as you can imagine her hero ship became my new favourite for hooning! I'm still waiting on a few parts for this major overhaul of 75175 and I'm also working on instructions (which I’m not very good at, but I’m learning!). I'll post them all here when I'm done but here's a render for now. @Gumbinger deserves a lot of credit for his amazing recent MOC, it was my inspiration for my MOD and I stole his excellent idea of using the blue 2x2 round tiles for the blue stripes, so thanks!
  3. mcphatty


    I’ve been meaning to post a comment for a while too, you’ve done such an excellent job of capturing the look and proportions of the RZ-2, and thanks for doing instructions for the three colours, brilliant work! I love the shaping around the cockpit, very smart move mounting it all on the upside down base, that’s the sort of problem solving I enjoy seeing on eurobricks. I also really like the blue curved tiles on the hull, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve borrowed your idea for my RZ-2, I’m trying to mod 75175 (and the new A-Wing when it’s out) in as few pieces as possible and little details like this have helped a lot.
  4. mcphatty

    Fraud MOC sellers.

    This is megablocking terrible. I really feel for you both and I can hardly believe the audacity to use your original photos. Such a shame that intellectual property doesn’t get the respect it deserves.
  5. mcphatty

    Death Star Hangar Bay MOC

    Very nice MOC and a perfect way to display the Tie! It would look perfect as a book end with the Tie, a few imperial engineers and inept Stormtroopers mulling around, maybe an exasperated Vader yelling at them to do some work. Great job.
  6. mcphatty

    [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    Looking great! It’s a very clean and solid looking design, good luck adding the interior no doubt it’ll be worth the effort. I can help you out with the Chewie headroom issue, here’s a file for a silly mini Falcon build I tried that has a full cockpit interior. This started as a mod of TFA Falcon, I lowered the cockpit floor by 1 stud, left some room behind the pilot’s seat for Chewie’s arm and also left out Chewie’s seat so he sat as low as possible. Sorry the picture isn’t clear but the model should be :) Minimum Fraction
  7. mcphatty

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Thanks bud! I try not to rebuild the structure anymore, it’s too hard to keep track of the changes and store the modded set, plus superficial mods are cheaper and the sets stay in a playable state. Here’s a sneak peak of (or just me showing off) my micros, I’ll share the file later in the year when I finish everything on my list!
  8. mcphatty

    [MOC] First Order TIE Whisper

    Great! I love the different colours on the wings too, and the shaping around the cockpit is excellent. It’s always good to see a perfected and convincing moc of a new ship before the movie/set some out, well done :)
  9. mcphatty

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    I post this on Facebook every Christmas... Love that Jawa Houdini one ;)
  10. @stifos Thanks for the mention! The model is incredible, I’ve spent a couple of house looking inside and out at the file, very impressive! Apart from the overall shape I think my favourite details are the padded tunnels, they look so good. I can’t afford the £800+ for all the parts so I think I might try to rework the retail Falcon to support your exterior, it’s going to be a very long project.
  11. Amazing work, congratulations on completing it, she looks truly excellent! I wondered if you’d post the model today, Im happy you did and I have to say it’s the best Star Wars day present I’ve ever had. May the 4th be with you!
  12. mcphatty

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    @moebiuss thanks! Its 5L axles in each of the engines, I can’t remember if I corrected the file, sorry for the confusion!
  13. Incredible! The colours, angles, greenling and overall shaping are just superb. I’m looking forward to the final product, I’ve run out of superlatives though so when I finally see it I might just explode!
  14. @stifos It’s looking brilliant! I’m glad the cockpit interior helped you, I’m proud to have contributed! I’ve added bucket handle pieces for steering controls and also on the vertical handle to the side of the two levers (hyperspace throttles) I added a black 1x1 round plate with a hole, upside down, which makes that area look a bit like the black screen in the Falcon’s centre console. Sorry it’s hard to explain, I’ll add a picture later if I get time. the underside is looking really good, it rarely gets as much attention as you’ve giving, and good to hear it’s fairly strong! Can’t wait for the next update.
  15. @stifos thank you and I’ll be flattered if you use it! It’s a very tight fit but seems to work well, the white 2x2 plate can be replaced with a seat and a second feet can go where Chewy sits if it’s a shorter figure. I’ll be watching your posts hopefully, I really want to build your ship! How is the strength? With all the details and angled plates it’s hard to see how it’s held together.