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  1. Great job! The stud shooters are spot on and I really like the 2x2 turntable part in the centre and the bridge too.
  2. [MOC] Mini Outrider

    Thanks! I like the size, it’s cheap to build at this scale and a good challenge to make the mocs solid enough to play with (which is what my kids do when I’m not looking!). That lipstick piece is great, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll get a few with my next Bricklink order to see if the coloured parts come out of the tube.
  3. [MOC] Mini Outrider

    Hi everyone. I’ve tried to squeeze the Outrider into a mini scale build based around the cockpit from the Falcon Microfighters. Because the ship seems smaller than the Falcon this was tougher to refine at this scale and I’m not as pleased with it. I’ll probably come back to it a few times to tinker and especially to get some sort of engine vents on the back. Purists are going to hate me, I used a knife to cut an LBG lightsaber to make the turrets and also trimmed the binucular pieces so they fit the cones... sorry!! I’m gonna try to build a few more ships in this scale, my favourites from the old Star Wars games, and since I’ve got one more cockpit cone left I think the next should be the Otana :) Any suggestions for improvements on this build would be great! More purist rage bait ahead! I had a go at spraying the very old octagonal slope piece I used for the cockpit tunnel on the mini Falcon, here’s the result. Although it doesn’t match the LBG I think it’s a lot better than the original dark grey piece. The colour doesn’t scratch off, the vinyl dye seeps a tiny bit into the surface which is a great result, but sadly it’s not glossy. If anyone’s interested it’s the light grey vinyl dye spray by Brillo. I also sprayed the curved slope parts just to blend the slightly different colour into the build.
  4. [MOC] MINI Supremacy (Ep. VIII)

    Lovely little build, despite the shortage of engines you’ve captured the look of the ship really well. It’s a great accompaniment to the Snoke minifig too, have you done any others to go with this and the Tie Silencer?
  5. Brilliant! Great work blending it with the UCS Falcon, it must be a huge chunk to add to the set.
  6. (MOC) MINI Tie Silencer (EP VIII) - UPDATED

    Really good job! I’m loving option 7, great work putting the round plate on top that finishes the cockpit nicely. It’s a really great little build.
  7. [MOC] Outrider

    Great job! I love the cockpit inside and out, the plates on the outside are really clever and add so much character! The overall shape is great, just like I remember it from the game, and the interior is really well done. You’ve also managed to make the opening top look infinitely better than Lego’s own effort on their Falcons :) Looks like you might have some room for some interior and engine LED lighting?
  8. [MOC] Mini Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Got the extra parts to rearrange the Falcon with it’s original colours, I think I prefer it like this :)
  9. (MOC) MINI Tie Silencer (EP VIII) - UPDATED

    Probably option 2! I think you’re right about looks over accuracy but it’s really hard with so few studs to play with. The microfighter is bigger than your moc but what about something like this? The pipes in the back of the 1x3 are fitted onto the studs with holes on the front of the bracket for a cheeky jumper... And just to show off, here’s my mod of the big Silencer’s cockpit, more about shape than accuracy. I can’t find the blog that I took inspiration from but some clever guy out there deserves a lot of credit for sorting out Lego’s horrible effort on the front of the cockpit :)
  10. SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    That’s incredible, great job! The surface detail on the body is amazing, I could stare at that all day. You’ve done a really good job with the cockpit too and the interior and engine parts look wonderful. Even the stand is impressive! I really like the Silencer, I love my Lego set is great despite a poor effort on the cockpit. It’s great that you chose it to work on, can’t wait to see it lit up!
  11. [MOC] Mini Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    Here’s a link to the files for the MOC! I’ve only ever used Bricklink’s, I’ll have a go at exporting an LDD but my laptop isn’t up to much. I’ve also changed a few pieces around the octagonal tunnel, there’s more of the round shape of the Falcon surrounding it now. Thanks for the tunnel suggestion Obijon, I’ll have a play and see how it looks!
  12. [MOC] Mini Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

    That’s made my day :) Thanks for the comments everyone. Orange Thing, I tried black exhaust ports originally but they stood out a bit too much, the LBG with holes give a dark effect which looked good enough for me but ideally I’d have DBG with holes. You should definitely go with white! Maybe you could slice up some black electrical tape to make a white cone into a stickered cockpit? And then white tape over the octagonal pipe, that would look smart. I’ll finish up the LDD and post a link to it tomorrow for you. I’ve made a couple of changes since taking the photos, I don’t know if you guys have this problem but I just can’t stop tinkering!
  13. I’ve been busy with this little guy since I saw the leaked Solo poster, the one with the four characters and the tiny, pixelated hint of the new Falcon to one side. At first didn’t like the look of the new Falcon in that leaked Lego set image but on the poster it reminded me of the ship from Flight of The Navigator, and who doesn’t love that! But I guess if you’re going to mess with an icon you’ve got to do a really good job, we’ll find out soon enough how popular it is but I think this could look pretty sleek in the film. However they explain away the change of shape I took it as something bolted on the front (or just there originally and eventually removed) that is more or less a spoiler with a really nice GPS. I've always wanted to make a mini Falcon using the cockpit from the micro fighter and here it is. The gps-spoiler just slots in, so apart from the colours and dish it’s a quick job to change it between its original and Kessel Run look. I built the top and bottom separately, studs-out so I could add those Tie cockpit turrets (big thanks to RickJockey whose idea I’ve shamelessly pinched!) but I think it adds to the rounded the shape overall and turned out to be a neat and solid way to build anyway. I was really pleased with finding the 90’s octagonal slope part which I originally just bought in dark grey because it was really cheap, but last week I discovered that there’s only one person on Bricklink selling it in light grey and they won’t take orders for less than £100, so annoyingly the dark part stands out a bit. If anyone’s got any suggestions for different ways of building the tunnel I’d be grateful to hear them, otherwise it will just be great to hear what you think of the MOC!
  14. (MOC) MINI Tie Silencer (EP VIII) - UPDATED

    That looks really nice, well done! The guns on the wing tips do a great job of making the whole thing look a lot longer, as a whole it’s a really convincing mini. I really like the Tie Silencer, my big one sits on a shelf with the micro fighter in front of it, it’s a shame the official sets have such rubbish cockpits but then it’s a really hard shape to replicate in Lego and a bit of customising did the trick for me. Have you tried using 2 more cheese pieces instead of the 1x2 tile for the bottom of your cockpit? Also, you should grab yourself a micro fighter set for a spare Kylo!
  15. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    This looks really good, well done! Its much nicer than the recent set with the top that opens up, the proportions on that seemed all wrong and the surface details weren’t great. The LEDs look lovely too, it’ll be great to see what you can do with the interior!