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  1. mcphatty

    75257 - 2019 Millennium Falcon MODs and MOCs

    @Bigdwazda That’s a very nice Mod! Good use of the set, it’s always nice to see superficial improvements that add a lot without needing a rebuild. Especially like the details at the back, great work.
  2. mcphatty

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    These are wonderful, well done!! That hidden mirror on the last one is extremely clever and as a fan of micro builds I absolutely love the Sarlacc pit. And that Bantha is just mind blowingly good.
  3. mcphatty

    [MOC] Micro Millennium Falcon

    I’ve had the pieces sitting in a box since December, this week I finally made the time to rebuild my Falcon and take a few photos! Big thanks to Seejay over at Rebrickable (not sure if you’re on here too mate?) for his help refining the instructions and correcting a few mistakes. I’ve got this little guy displayed in my living room, my wife is much happier with this over a UCS Falcon, which I haven’t got the balls to splash out on... yet. I updated the top of my post with the photos, here are the original Studio renders, plus a bit of nostalgia :)
  4. mcphatty

    [MOC] MINIs from Resistance NEW RED ACE

    Great work with these! Red Ace and Fireball are particularly good, but are the quarter-circle tiles on the wing tips the correct way round? I’m no good with minifigure parts but have recently been playing with the white boarders on leftover used sticker sheets, the glue goes soft (great for removal/repositioning) if you warm them with a hair drier and they warp slightly if you keep the heat on and get them a bit hotter. You may be able to cut a tiny white triangle and a square and get them to stick firmly and warp to the curves on the helmet. The triangle at least would definitely work, hold the sticker down with tweezers while you heat! I can’t say I enjoyed what little I saw of the series, it didn’t compare to Rebels but then I haven’t given it much of a chance.
  5. mcphatty

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    @Valentin Mumble You’re welcome! I’m not sure if I corrected the axle length mistake in the file so definitely check that before you order, I’ve had a busy few months and forgot all about the mistake but I’m the new year I’ll do some proper instructions for the mod!
  6. mcphatty

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    @Valentin Mumble, looks like he’s used an 11mm wheel, fairly common so shouldn’t be hard to source :)
  7. mcphatty

    [Review] #75273 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter

    @Flandy I think we might have bought from the same guy, hopefully he comes through! The retail price is far too high for this set and the perceived value of the whole wave is all over the place but this X-Wing does look great, I probably would’ve spent £90 at the end of January because I’m weak willed. @Bob De Quatre great review and very nice photos, thank you!
  8. mcphatty

    [MOD] Poe's X Wing 75273 Colour Swap

    Very well done, it looks great! And thanks for the Studio file too. I’m tempted to mod my old black X-Wing, it’s a beauty but has been packed away and forgotten for a while now, do you reckon you’ll build this version for real? I can imagine it’s a substantial mod but just about doable, comparing parts lists won’t be much fun though :)
  9. mcphatty

    [MOC] Micro Millennium Falcon

    One thing I’m terrible at is building settings, so I thought I’d see what I could do in with a 32x32 base plate for this Falcon.
  10. mcphatty

    [MOC] Micro Millennium Falcon

    Thanks! The shape gave me headaches for so long, discovering that those 2x2 wedge pieces were the best angle for the mandibles was a blessing and a curse. For a while the insides of the mandibles were mostly made of them too and I’m sure you can imagine they were so weak and that parts order cost a lot on Bricklink too. It’s much simpler now :)
  11. “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts, kid.” Instructions are over on Rebrickable I’ve been working on this Micro Millennium Falcon for about three years now, in that time she’s evolved from a simple modified Microfighter into a chunky little micro build. I wanted to get the proportions as accurate as possible but couldn’t resist throwing in an interior. I tried to incorporate as many of the Falcon’s distinguishing features as I could, like the exterior holes, coloured panels and vents, interior layout and most importantly the Dejarik table (I always let that Wookiee win). I built it so that both halves are studs-out and there is as much detail on the underneath of the hull as there is on top. The upper and lower hull sections interlock in a complicated way and are held together by the side docking rings. The sandwiching adds a surprising amount of strength to the the weaker areas of the upper half as well as adding a fun challenge mid way through the build, there’s no room for mistakes or wonky 1x1 plates! This MOC is a final update to the Micro Falcon I posted earlier in the year, it still looks similar but has a much stronger structure and some improved cosmetic details in a ridiculous attempt at movie accuracy. My biggest sticking point over the year was coming up with of a better way to represent the tunnel. The 2x2 round-topped brick only ever fit at a 45 degree angle (not quite right for the ship) and because of this the cockpit was too far forward. In the end I just gave up and replaced it with some wedge plates which I think look good enough and if nothing else help to improve the strength in that corner. And this is one of the many dirty render and research collages I’ve stared at thoughtfully and scribble illegible notes on. So that’s my Micro Falcon done and dusted. It’s been a fun project and I’ve learned a lot about putting together instructions along the way. I hope you get as much joy from this little Falcon as I have from working on it. Now, Chewie, punch it!
  12. mcphatty

    [MOC] MINIs from Resistance NEW RED ACE

    More great minis, really well done! I still want to see the whole lot displayed together, I personally think tiny builds like yours look very good alone but great as a collection! I’ve just been playing catch up on your minis since Outrider, more great work but I especially love Han’s stolen speeder, very clever indeed.
  13. mcphatty

    [MOC] Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian

    Very nicely done, he’s beautiful! It’s a very clever build too, thanks for sharing the instructions. And thanks for the D-0 instructions too! I built him a few weeks ago, he looks truly excellent.
  14. @Jobi Thank you! The cockpit does rotate actually, the front half (trans black pieces and ingots) attach to a 1x1 brick with studs on all sides an that is connected to the back by one stud, so it spins. The semi-circle plates on the back half need rearranging to match the front though, unfortunately I couldn’t find a better way to build the cockpit, I’ll keep working on it though and when I get a chance I’ll add a picture of the B-Wing flying vertically. @obijon Thanks very much! I had a few of the poly bag and advent calendar fighters too but the lack of detail was always disappointing, so in typical me-fashion I tried to do better. I’d be keen to see if you could do better too 😉