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  1. mcphatty

    1:125 scale lego falcon

    This is excellent! I love that you’ve done an interior, and a good one too, plus the studs-down underside looks great. Beautiful job, well done.
  2. mcphatty

    NEW Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter - Minifig Scale MOC

    This is really well done, just a bit smaller than most Delta-7 mocs but the perfect size, overall small flat and sleek like it appears when Obi-Wan is standing beside it on Geonosis. Great job :)
  3. mcphatty

    Friedies Millennium Falcon Moc/Mod 2nd Edition

    Incredible job here, the tunnel padding and 4 man cockpit are the cherry on a very well iced cake! It’s a very complex and aesthetically pleasing MOD, I love it.
  4. Excellent work as usual. I really love the Bongo, it’s great to see it in your collection!
  5. mcphatty

    millenium falcon (75257) missing bags?

    @youreabrick, glad you’re reassured and can enjoy the set now! Just watched the video and I recognise the weird labelling. Have fun with the build!
  6. mcphatty

    millenium falcon (75257) missing bags?

    I built my 75257 Falcon last week, from what I remember the bags look correct! There are a lot of tan and dark tan pieces for the interior, there were definitely two bags with the black/white numbers that look different (one of them could have been ‘5’). There were two of a couple numbers as you’ve got, I guess this is because there are too many pieces to squeeze them all in one bag, it’s common in bigger sets. I think you have all the right stuff and would suggest keeping hold of the picture and building it! If you have any missing or incorrect pieces you can always contact Lego directly, they are able to provide whole spare bags of parts if necessary. One other way to check would be to look at a few unboxing or speed build videos on YouTube, they sometimes show the box being emptied so you may be able to check someone else’s bags compared to what you have? I’m still sure yours is fine :) Here’s a clear looking unboxing video, haven’t got time to check it for you but worth a look!
  7. mcphatty

    Razor Crest gunship WIP MOC

    I love the shaping and detail around the front end and engines, the rest is very impressive too. The small bits of greebling in the mostly smooth panels are a nice touch, well done it’s a great MOC!
  8. mcphatty

    [MOC] General Grievous' Belbullab-22 Starfighter

    Great work, much better looking than the new set!
  9. mcphatty

    nano-Snowspeeder, 2020 edition

    Your Snowspeeders are great, very nice job with all of them! I personally like 6 the best, despite the lack of colour stripe the ‘wings’ look better for being solid all the way to the back, and those pieces come in orange. Those pieces along with the slopes give the rear such a satisfying shape, the greebling at the back looks very nice and your connection method for the lasers all the way through to the rear is very smart.
  10. mcphatty

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Beautiful work again! The dioramas are excellent and the photography is very impressive, so consistently lit and composed. I really can’t wait to see the battle now!
  11. mcphatty

    [MOC] Friedies Millennium Falcon

    Great mods Freddie! The interior is very impressive, like Stifos said squeezing that into the model is a real achievement. I also really like how you’ve added shape to the underside, it’s a shame it was so boring on the original model so it’s great to see some effort put into it. Excellent work 🙂
  12. mcphatty

    75218 B-model

    That’s really smart, I like how you’ve arranged the cockpit piece and built into the cylinders at the wing roots. Nice job!
  13. @obijon I’ve been in stitches reading all that, it sounds so familiar! I’m absolutely not allowed a cabinet but I can get away with one or two sets on the book shelf. I’m okay with that though, my little monsters can already reach interesting high up things. Wife might not be so pleased with the Star Wars IMAX posters I’m planning to get framed but luckily she is into Lego and accepts bribes.
  14. @obijon I’m sorry to disappoint 😉 I’m stubbornly sticking with the same scale, there’s not I could tackle a ship that size, the prospect of doing a 60cm long Tantive IV is scary enough! I like the idea of the micro Coruscant chase through the industrial area, you should definitely tackle that! I might try the speeders, if they go well enough I’ll attempt the scene too. Talking of your stuff though, are you currently doing much aside from your minis?
  15. Micro Home One (a tiny set 7754) - May 2020 I threw this together this morning in a few hours, I’ve longed after this set and finally have a desk-friendly version for real! If anyone has any suggestions for miniaturised playsets with vehicles I’d be happy to give them a try, I’m terrible at lego dioramas so this kind of this will be good practice :)