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  1. Haha! All great suggestions, mine would be Luke’s Ahch-To Dairy, complete with a milky green moustached Skywalker.
  2. Got the BrickHeadz Vader and Stormtrooper today. They’re great little figures and now I have a few of them lined up on a shelf the appeal is really growing. Vader is pretty good, I think the top of the helmet could be improved with a bit of modding, but displayed next to Vader’s Tie Advanced he looks the mutt’s nuts. The Stormtrooper is a the real gem though, the one I’ve wanted the most of all the BrickHeadz, despite his/her helmet being just as blocky as Vader’s he/she looks perfect and the details around the suit are very impressive! I really can’t wait for Boba Fett later in the year, it’s great that us mortals will be able to get hold of him now too.
  3. mcphatty

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    Really smart, good work!
  4. Very nice! It seems to work really well at that scale. There’s an unusual cone that might suit the cockpit better, I know I’ve got a couple in white but I think they’re known as ‘fez’ cones on Bricklink?
  5. mcphatty

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Great work, it looks even better made for real! It’s so solid too which is really impressive for a technic frame with panels all over. And I’ve just spotted that your nose cone is upside down! Such a clever way to get that ridged detail into the nose, I feel like I’m gushing now but it’s such a good moc, well done :) I hope it’s not too cheeky to ask but can you give us an idea of the Bricklink cost for the final build?
  6. mcphatty

    L3-37 moc

    Wow, that’s spot on! I’ll be surprised if Lego don’t steal your idea, she really couldn’t be done better! I just made her to go with my Lando minifig :)
  7. mcphatty

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    Can’t wait to see your videos :) I think the nose section is the most impressive, Lego did okay with Poe’s X-Wing’s and I’ve modified mine to give it more of a slope on top but rebuilding the whole nose is a much bigger job. Playability is important too so your moc looks great, personally I think a moc that’s so fragile you cant let your kids pick it up is no good, especially since mine are only two and a half! I’d definitely be interested in the LDD if you’re willing to share it!
  8. mcphatty

    [MOC] T-65 X-wing w/ LDD

    That’s a really beautiful moc! Great shaping and very simply done! I’ve been looking for a moc to build for myself after seeing the disappointing 2018 X-Wing and I think this is my favourite so far, I’m eager to see the real thing and hear how solid it feels. Well done!
  9. mcphatty

    MOC Batman’s Mini Tumbler

    Yeah you’re right it is a bit too wide for the length and scale of the wheels. I could probably shave a couple of studs off either side but then there would be no room for Batman’s bright green seats!
  10. Just bought the big U-Wing as it was on offer in our local toy shop. I was never interested in it but it was a really fun build, less repetition that a lot of Star Wars sets, it looks fantastic when finished and doesn’t look like it needs too much modification to get it looking just like in the films. Really pleased with it!
  11. mcphatty

    MOC Batman’s Mini Tumbler

    I know this has been done to death but this was my first moc and I found it whilst clearing out some junk this morning and was really pleased with it all over again! Based on Zeto Vince’s Tumbler, as I’m sure these things all were four or five years ago, I made this before I discovered Bricklink so sourced all the parts from Lego’s Pickabrick and eBay, so it was stupidly expensive to build. I might have a go at refining it but for now, here you go :)
  12. Brilliant work! The micro fighter cockpit is a great starting point, I’ve found it so hard to get enough detail in at that scale but the detail in this build is incredible! Great job :)
  13. Great job! The stud shooters are spot on and I really like the 2x2 turntable part in the centre and the bridge too.
  14. mcphatty

    [MOC] Mini Outrider

    Thanks! I like the size, it’s cheap to build at this scale and a good challenge to make the mocs solid enough to play with (which is what my kids do when I’m not looking!). That lipstick piece is great, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll get a few with my next Bricklink order to see if the coloured parts come out of the tube.
  15. mcphatty

    [MOC] Mini Outrider

    Hi everyone. I’ve tried to squeeze the Outrider into a mini scale build based around the cockpit from the Falcon Microfighters. Because the ship seems smaller than the Falcon this was tougher to refine at this scale and I’m not as pleased with it. I’ll probably come back to it a few times to tinker and especially to get some sort of engine vents on the back. Purists are going to hate me, I used a knife to cut an LBG lightsaber to make the turrets and also trimmed the binucular pieces so they fit the cones... sorry!! I’m gonna try to build a few more ships in this scale, my favourites from the old Star Wars games, and since I’ve got one more cockpit cone left I think the next should be the Otana :) Any suggestions for improvements on this build would be great! More purist rage bait ahead! I had a go at spraying the very old octagonal slope piece I used for the cockpit tunnel on the mini Falcon, here’s the result. Although it doesn’t match the LBG I think it’s a lot better than the original dark grey piece. The colour doesn’t scratch off, the vinyl dye seeps a tiny bit into the surface which is a great result, but sadly it’s not glossy. If anyone’s interested it’s the light grey vinyl dye spray by Brillo. I also sprayed the curved slope parts just to blend the slightly different colour into the build.