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  1. mcphatty

    Motorized AT-TE free instructions

    Amazing work with this, I’ve also been following progress on Instagram, it’s been a real joy to see it develop! It’s a lot of fun watching it plod along, well done!
  2. mcphatty

    Updating Your Minifigs

    @Mandalorianknight thanks so much for the suggestion, I have a spare U-Wing pilot so that’s ideal! Much appreciated.
  3. mcphatty

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up this Anakin Skywalker from the 2018 Jedi Starfighter set 75214. I prefer his Clone Wars outfit to the recent Episode 3 style (I don’t like the burn marks) but I’d like to replace his Gold Headset style head with a regular one. The obvious choice would be the head from the 2020 sets, but neither are available in the UK on Bricklink, I was thinking of using this common head but do any of you have a better suggestion? Thanks
  4. Here’s some photos of my Razor Crest modifications, Instructions are up on Rebrickable. I’m in the process of strengthening and simplifying some of the mod, a couple of the pieces I used turned out to be rare-ish, oops! The mod features new engine intakes, engine exhausts, folding landing gear, a new nose and a lot of gap filling. All of it is easy to add to the finished Crest, I do my best to avoid a lot of rebuilding.
  5. mcphatty

    75301 MODs

    I haven’t built the set for myself yet but did some modifications and colour changes in Studio. It’s supposed to be a cheap mod but I think the rear end could do with being rebuilt so that it’s less chunky, I might try that one day. I also did some instructions and shared the Studio model, added them to my 75218 X-Wing mod page, just scroll to the bottom.
  6. mcphatty

    SW Microfighters Series 8

    I sympathise, it’s certainly frustrating to get all these repeated sets, but when you see the rate Lego discontinue old sets their strategy makes sense. We’ve had about a billion X-Wings, one is retired before the next is released, and half a billion Falcons but similarly, only one available at a time (excluding the UCS set). For kids who are getting their first Star Wars sets in 2021 there’s pretty good availability of iconic ships, so I’m pleased that we have another Falcon, my 5 year old daughters can have one! My only complaint is the number of vehicles in the series, I’d prefer 6 individual sets rather than the 1 and 1 double, if nothing else that ensures each set is equally cheap.
  7. @obijon Thanks you! No I don’t think I’ll bother with lights, I’d like to get a kit for my Tron set first as that seems the perfect candidate for glowing, I might do more if that turns out well and not too expensive. And thanks for the Kubrikkian speeder suggestion, I’ll admit I rushed it when I got frustrated so I’ll try to get the proportions better, Christ Deck’s does look good! @Mandalorianknight Thanks to you too and I’m glad you like the obscure stuff, there’s more of that to come before I tackle my big nemesis... the Tantive
  8. The Mos Eisley Cantina set is awesome, but too big, so I put together a micro scale version. The buildings connect together to make it one A5 sized display, or can be detached and opened out like the real thing! I hope to get all the parts together by Christmas, in the mean tim here are some Studio renders.
  9. Absolutely awesome, and it looks so good parked next to Han’s stolen speeder! I’m not a big fan of totally smooth builds but your use of bars, studs and modified plates for texture is really pleasing to look at. It’s very good, you’ve done a great job.
  10. @MAG85 I haven’t been able to test it for real yet but I think the panels will open to about 80 degrees (where 90 is straight out to the sides), but the ship will need to be held for this. I did try connecting some runners to technic plates which pushed against the sides of bricks, similar to my mod, and the one runner held quite a few books before it broke off so I’m fairly confident it will work, but I guess I’ll have to wait until someone tries it for real to know for sure :) @macaron35 thanks very much! I’m good at talking about interior mods and bad at following through, I’ll do my best to actually try this one... at some point haha
  11. I’ve been working on my own improvements, I haven’t built them for real yet (my kids are getting me the set for Christmas!) and haven’t tackled the interior but the exterior is all done. In summary, the nose area is all new, so are the engine intakes, the engine exhaust is a bit longer and shapelier, I’ve swapped some dark grey for light, moved the guns up by one stud, filled lots of gaps and tinkered with the landing gear so it folds away. I’ve avoided messing with the structure so the modifications should be very easy to do. I’ve also put together some instructions, broken down into chunks for each modified area. Hope they’re of use to someone :)
  12. It’s been much slower progress over the last two months, I’ve done some mod instructions as well as two more micro builds, the Otana and the Ebon Hawk! I’ve just realised that I never took photos of the Otana, oops, I’ll update these when I can. As always, the instructions are all here. The Otana is from the absolute classic X-Wing Alliance, if you’ve been enjoying Squadrons and have never discovered Alliance then it’s absolutely worth picking up this gem on Steam! The Ebon Hawk is Darth Revan’s gunship from the Knights of the Old Republic games. I think it might be the ‘oldest’ character ship in the entire Star Wars canon, predating everything by thousands of years. And lastly for a bit of fun, something I did in the run up to Star Wars Squadrons releasing and a render of eeeverything!
  13. mcphatty

    Galaxy's Edge: Millennium Falcon Smuggler's Run

    Absolutely stunning, the building and rock slopes are excellent and even with just a few figures in there you’ve brought the scene to life brilliantly! It’s the perfect way to display the Falcon, great job :)
  14. mcphatty

    75218 X-wing MOD

    Great mods, your X-Wing’s looking excellent! The engines look much improved and the curved nose is great, I’m gonna have to see how that looks on mine :)
  15. Good ideas and great mods so far, the dark grey stripe in the middle of the nose is a good place to start for everyone I think and the rest of your suggestions are good! There’s plenty of space for some surface detail on those big triangular wedge plates at the back, I think I’ll be nodding them too. Haven’t tried it yet but the engine gaps look like they could be closed up by alternating 1 and 2 stud wide curved slopes.