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  1. I was lucky enough to get Kylo’s Tie Silencer for Christmas (my kids bought it for me!). It’s the biggest set I own, the wings are huge. Sadly the cockpit is as rubbish as it looks in all the pictures but with a handful of spare bricks i think I’ve made it look a lot better. I even found space for BB9E and a lightsaber or two...
  2. [MOC] YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

    That’s was brilliant! And your ship looked great!
  3. [MOC] Cinderella Castle

    Beautiful work, well done!
  4. [MOD] 2017 Guardians' Milano 76081

    Thanks! I like your idea for squeezing Nebula in the back, smart! Shame you couldn't fit Groot and Rocket in the cockpit together though, it's a tight little space.
  5. [MOC] The New Batman Adventures Batmobile

    That's really nice, good work! The front looks great, I like how the three parts are the same angle and the centre blends into the curve so well. I need to look up your 80's Batmobile now :)
  6. Hi all! First post from me, I've been hopelessly hooked on the new Star Wars Lego for a few years now, modding a few like Poe's X-Wing, but I wasn't sure about posting pics since that one especially has been modded to death :) I got the new Milano for my birthday (thanks kids!), it's an amazing little set but I think it just needs a couple of obvious tweaks to finish it off. Here's my effort, it's no movie replica but I've tried to build up the rear of the top to make it more substantial and added some fins. I also changed the main engine for a revolver stud shooter thing, added a couple of engines to the wings and turned the empty lower rear part into a hold for all the minifig weapons, Groot's boombox and Starlord's helmet. The annulax batteries went straight in the spares box with that horrible pink tentacle monster, yeuch! Lastly I filled in some empty internal gaps, like inside the ships 'chin', and changed those yellow hinge parts inside the wings for black ones. Hopefully the photos show off the big changes. I think it's a fun little set that was sadly missing some finishing touches, but with a few spare parts added looks so much better!