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  1. TheBeeze

    [GBW] - Side - Plighia - Arkangel of Death

    Ahhh so that was your plan for them! Nice!
  2. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Reminder to team leaders that I have not been notified about or approved War Report Submissions so players shouldn't be putting up next round builds yet.
  3. You earned 5 Points for this build.
  4. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    If I've missed anyone's builds for scoring, please tag me in your posts.
  5. You earned 24 bucks and will earn 12 bucks per month.
  6. TheBeeze

    [GBW] K13 - Romgaria - Undercover

    You earned 21 bucks and will earn 6 bucks per month for this square. INTEL Mission inbound via PM
  7. TheBeeze


    You earned 18 bucks and 4 per month for owning this square
  8. TheBeeze

    [GBW] - Battle of H3 - Plighia - Bad Dream

    You earned 23 bucks and will get 7 per month for owning this sqare
  9. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    When it rains, it pours. Just wanted to let you guys know I've had a few things going on so I apologize for the slow responses. I promise I will get to you.
  10. TheBeeze

    [MOC] German checkpoint Paris 1941

    Very Clean!
  11. TheBeeze

    Batterie "Longues sur Mer"

    Very Nice!
  12. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I want to point out that there are 4 Side Missions currently unlocked and out in the open. These missions not only yield a lot of $ and perks but they provide a lot of intel for the future of the game and making moves. Anyone who has one of these missions might want to discuss and share the intel within their team. Additionally, I will extend the deadline on all of them indefinitely as only 1 prior was completed by @French Man
  13. You earned 20 bucks and 5 per month for this square.
  14. You earned 30 points and 8 per month for this square. Awesome build!