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  1. Not the Capital. We wouldn't wanna destroy that...
  2. The Brick of Nations

    Filace Ambassador to the Brick of Nations, Curtis Larkin "This is a sad day when the nations of this world are so unwilling to help their fellow man. May God be with the people of Carrefour as the world sits back and watches it tear itself apart from within"
  3. The Brick of Nations

    Filace Ambassador to the Brick of Nations, Curtis Larkin "The people of Carrefour are stuck suffering due to their own alliance's aggression. Countries and borders mean nothing when trying to help our fellow man. Filace is calling for all able and willing to nations to organize and work on a humanitarian relief effort for those effected by this unfortunate and avoidable tragedy in the harbor. We ask for (3) Motions for resolution. "
  4. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the following news. With the withdrawal of the COAC forces to Carrefour local populations have been encouraged to evacuate the city and surrounding areas for fear of collateral damage. With Carrefour being a large industrial city, there are concerns regarding the biological and chemical consequences of warfare within the city. Several nations have spoken vocally in the Brick of Nations regarding the situation but no resolution has passed. Last night a pharmaceutical shipment arriving in the harbor was sunk by an RON Submarine for fear that it was a COAC supply vessel. Toxic material has seeped into the harbor and some leading scientists believe this may effect the local population to some extent. We will keep you up to date on this issue. For now we must echo those before us who have told the local populations to evacuate that area.
  5. GBW - Balahfi -Media - 13 Hours

    I laughed at this one hard hahaha nice
  6. Cheat codes for the actual euro players....
  7. F4 is Briolui Territory
  8. This is one large city and I suppose it is only fair for the players from that country to name it.
  9. Campaign 4 Fighting for the City Map Name: Studica Grid: F4 Time: 0630 Hours After narrowly stopping the COAC Advance, RON forces are now trying to push the COAC back out of their territory. COAC Forces have dug in rather than completely withdrawing out of the city. Both sides have hunkered down in tight Close Quarters Combat with each side fighting from building to building engaging in small skirmishes to try and maintain control of a city block. And we're back after a much needed break so that no one would get worn out. Thanks for sticking around and we hope you enjoy this round. More to come! Campaign Guidelines Both sides are to show their forces engaging in Close Quarters Combat in a city. (Failure to do this will result in a loss of points) The goal for both sides here is to show coordination with each other across your builds. Stories should intertwine and share details. Be creative. This will be a big part of your score. Nations that currently have not declared war will need to do so before submitting combat builds or find other creative ways to build something to fit in with the guidelines. All builds must be posted as a new topic in the “Great Brick War” subforum, the title prefixed by, "(GBW- CP4)" followed by the Country you’re representing, and then your MOC’s Title. Example "(GBW- CP4) Filace - Fueling up the Jets") Neither side should show their forces definitively destroying the opposition. Showing successes is okay, but not total domination. The winners of the campaign will be decided based on the points awarded from judging. This means if your team doesn't score well, it's possible for your forces to be beaten back. MINIMUM SIZE BUILD IS 32 X 32 All LDD Builds must be labeled- Example: (GBW- CP4) Country - Title of build (LDD) All builds must be new MOC’s and not prior builds. Photo Editing is to be kept to a minimum with only real edits of lighting and color correction. No special effects. Players may crop one picture of their MOC onto a background picture to help with their landscape if they’d like. Pictures cannot be bigger than 800x600 Players may post a link to an offsite host such as Flickr where Higher Res pics are located. Be cool and share your photos in the GBW Flickr Group! Please refer to the General Rules Topic for limitations based on your Point Level. Upon completion, players must also post a link to their build in the AAR Thread as well letting the judges know that it is eligible for scoring. Campaign Duration 9/20/17 - 10/29/17 All builds will not be finalized until the closing date for the campaign. Players can edit their posts up until that point. As long as it is 10/29/17 somewhere in the world, you can submit. Use this as a deadline The Outcome If the COAC wins, they will maintain their foothold into the next campaign. If the RON wins they will be assaulting into COAC territory in the next round. All players who participate will be awarded the points they earn for each build. The winning team will earn a special tag. Players can have only (1) GBW Tag in their profile at a time. If you would like this tag, please let a GBW Staff Member know.
  10. New MOC builder

    Our roster is currently open and available. Please refer to the World Map and sign up threads to see which countries are available and where you would like to sign up. Our next campaign is just about ready for launch so now is a good time to sign up and get yourself locked in for it.
  11. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I've been away dealing with some personal matters... But the good news is the staff has been working feverishly in my absence on the next campaign and it is going to be released very soon. We apologize for the delay, but we also thought it would be best to slow down a little bit so nobody got burned out.
  12. Campaign 3- Taking Ground 6/15/17 - 7/31/17

    You can only have (1) GBW Tag at a time unfortunately. It's outside of our control. Sorry.
  13. Campaign 3- Taking Ground 6/15/17 - 7/31/17

    Just wanted to point some thing out. The above, though lenient and allowing for a lot of creativity, are still guidelines. Some of you did not follow this and it will be reflected in your scores as we get closer to finishing scoring. Please pay attention to the guidelines moving forward as we are going to be getting harder on scoring as we progress. Those of you who did these things, did so beautifully. Keep up the hard work!
  14. [GBW] - Patrol - CosT: Harbour Party

    Nice! I would have left the missile in there to ruin the party