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  1. You earned 20 points. Fence reminded me of Jurassic Park!
  2. "With the security force responding too slowly to the call, Gloom did not pull off his deal. The BON already had HIM on their watchlist. Ahmed spilled the beans in order to save himself and informed the BON of the tracker that was placed on Gloom's plane The BON sent a team and wound up bringing him in. Vanguard is now on a BON watchlist for supporting weapon trade and possible links to terror."
  3. TheBeeze

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Missions are slowing down a little bit. Unfortunately a large portion of our base is still on holiday and unavailable so the same people are continuing to complete the missions. Things will be picking up as the weather turns a bit.
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    GBW Hot Zone: Mission Sign Up

    DUE 10/6/22
  5. TheBeeze

    GBW Hot Zone: Mission Sign Up

    Due 9/30/22
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    Filace - BON : Joint Force Development

    In due time I've been getting so many people asking what I'm building so I finally had to show it. I did so under cover of dark to mask the lack of overall detailing work haha. I haven't been able to do a lot of the details because I'm still sourcing parts to finish the main construction.
  7. Northeastern Filace - Top Secret Base - Tetin Test Range 1700 Hours Cobb: "These training sessions between our forces and yours are essential to continued successful cooperation abroad. A partnership that has been forged here will maintain everything we fight for." Looking at the BON Forces flown into Filace to conduct integration training with Filace Special Operations forces Cobb adds "What you will learn during these exercises, if nothing else, is just a level of comfort in working with our forces. We strive to have the smoothest experience possible whenever this actually has to be put to use. With everything we've seen happening around the globe, especially this situation with Paitan and Tosul, expect we'll be working together closely soon." Filace Special Operators move through the modular kill house quietly and efficiently as the BON operators look on. From the control room, leaders and trainees alike can review playbacks to see how the next run can be done better. The leadership rounds up the two teams for a debrief. Ericson: We hope that with each of these exercises we get one step closer to building a larger cohesive unit. Captain Reese: Gentlemen this has been a most rewarding experience. We'll be conducting air assault drills in a few hours since the sun is just starting to set. Get some chow and refit. You are... Cobb: Hold on guys, can't dismiss you yet. We need to get that Photo Op in for the politicians who made this all possible. Smile! Captain Reese: "You're all dismissed." Cobb: "Thanks for coming out Captain." Captain Reese: "Always Cobb, any excuse to hang out with you agency guys and get some trigger time." Ericson: "Hey! Maybe it's time you retire and join us Reese; best choice I ever made." Captain Reese: "Ericson, as much as I miss having you and Cobb around I know where I Belong." *PHONE NOTIFICATION* Cobb: "As much as I'd love to sit and talk about the old times, we have to go bud. Captain Reese: "Not joining us for the night OPs?" Cobb: "Unfortunately, no. BON Secretary is flying in tonight. We have to show him what their funding is helping build with this base. Captain Reese: "Always the politician Cobb haha. Another reason I could never join you. Take care guys." Departs. Ericson: "I assume we're showing him the goods tonight?" Cobb: "Yeah, head over the hangar early and make sure everything is tip-top for this guy." Ericson: "I gotchu" 2100 Hours - Landing Zone Golf Cobb pulls his rover on to the runway to meet the arriving secretary. Yelling under the Rotor Wash "Good Evening Mr. Secretary! Right this way Sir!" motioning to the truck. Secretary Joerns: "Mr. Cobb, this had better be worth the ridiculous restrictions and travel conditions I've had to endure to come here." Cobb: "Apologies sir. Given the satellite coverage, it is imperative we bring you in under cover of dark considering this facility does not exist. We don't even open the hangars without the sun being down. I think you'll be pleased to see the work we have put in and how you're money is being spent." Secretary Joerns: "I'd better be Cobb. There are those on the board who believe you are simply having us fund your own private war by carving the base out of this mountain. Don't think we won't shut you down if we're not happy. You intelligence guys think you are so many steps ahead of everyone else." Cobb: "On the contrary sir; we are usually the last to know anything and wind up having to clean it up when it comes to politics. Either way, with all due respect; do not forget my government's commitment here as well. You may be supplying the fund for the facility's construction, but we are manning it, training joint personnel like the BON forces out on air assaults with our SPECOPs right now, and supplying the hardware. Which I've been approved to show you the pinnacle of this evening." Hangar 18 - Top Secret Area Ericson mumbles to the guards outside: "Make sure everything is tight guys. We need to keep the money rolling in on this one." Secretary Joerns: "Is it standard practice to leave a highly sensitive and classified drone on the runway Cobb?" Cobb: "Sure, it helps hide what's ACTUALLY going on here that the enemy can't see. Our drones have already been seen by several peer adversaries; what I'm showing you HASN"T." Secretary Joerns: "You're not showing me the drone?" Cobb: "No. We're here." Pulling up to the hangar doors, the brakes on the rover grinded to a halt. Secretary Joerns: "Ah Mr. Ericson, I thought I smelled something familiar in the air. Nice to see you again." Ericson: "The pleasure is mine sir." Secretary Joerns:"Let's get on with it. Show me why I'm here Cobb." Cobb: "Mr. Secretary, this is highest classified top secret. You were never here and you never saw this." Yelling: "Open the doors!" The locks thud and the doors echo open. Cobb: "Mr Secretary, I present you with the SR-91 Aurora. The fastest piloted aircraft every built. Staring at the secretary trying to pick up his jaw from the floor, Cobb continues: "The aircraft is hypersonic. As of now, tests have achieved speed of Mach 7 and there is plenty to go. Purposes for the aircraft include ISR and Payload delivery. Boasting the latest and greatest in stealth tech and avionics, our engineers outdid themselves. We will be able to get eyes on and respond accordingly to any hot zone around the globe. Your funding has allowed us to create a test site for this aircraft outside of the prying eyes." Still stunned Secretary Joerns: "This is most impressive Mr. Cobb. I imagine a demonstration is in order?" Ericson: "Unfortunately, not tonight sir. The same storm that delayed your flight is headed directly this way. We are grounded until at least tomorrow. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the aircraft and show you the rest of the facility during your stay." Shaking Hands, Secretary Joerns: "I am looking forward to the rest of this tour and what the final construction of this base will look like Mr. Cobb. I'm going to use the restroom before we continue on" Cobb: "Of course sir, we'll be right here. The secretary is shown to the bathroom. Ericson: "You think we got him?" Cobb: "I think we are going to have funding here for quite a while after this."
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    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Map Updated.
  9. BREAKING NEWS The Brick of Nations recently announced they would be launching an expedition to Antarctica to recover what was believed to be a Tosul Satellite containing something less than legal. The multinational task force never came to fruition with only the KLR's PDSRE attempting the operation. Attempting to overcome a logistical nightmare, the crew bravely went off in search of the satellite. The international community dropped the ball on this operation from it's inception. We are just now finding out via a PDSRE news report: The PDSRE media is claiming their Task Force was slaughtered just prior to recovery. A Joint Task Force comprised of forces from Tosul and those of Paitan. The PDSRE revealed there was a memorial for the commanding officer this last week. Sure to spark outrage in the international community, these events are troubling. Tosul and Paitan are expected to receive a real lashing in the Brick of Nations. Paitan has largely remained neutral in international affairs the last few years but our experts indicate they have been going through a rigorous military buildup fueled in part by the aims of Tosul to spread their influence abroad. Largely a poverty stricken country Paitan is most noted for their tourism and exported commodities.