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  1. Campaign 3- Taking Ground 6/15/17 - 7/31/17

    Just wanted to point some thing out. The above, though lenient and allowing for a lot of creativity, are still guidelines. Some of you did not follow this and it will be reflected in your scores as we get closer to finishing scoring. Please pay attention to the guidelines moving forward as we are going to be getting harder on scoring as we progress. Those of you who did these things, did so beautifully. Keep up the hard work!
  2. [GBW] - Patrol - CosT: Harbour Party

    Nice! I would have left the missile in there to ruin the party
  3. Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    I'll go ahead and get you added to everything once you make your AAR post. Be sure to read the intro and the rules. Familiarize your self with the current situation by looking at other people's builds. Have questions? Post them in the general discussion area where we can help you out. Welcome!
  4. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Looks like COAC put in 8 builds and RON 9. I know several of you have voiced concerns about scoring the total score versus an average. This round will be judged just as others were, but we may address the issue before the roll out of CP4. We'll see how this turns out. Stay Tuned!
  5. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    We've been very busy behind the scenes but wanted to take the time to announce @Captain Genaro will be joining the staff to help us move forward in a great direction.
  6. Campaign 3- Taking Ground 6/15/17 - 7/31/17

    Campaign 3 is now closed! Thank you everyone for participating!
  7. Somebody got some new FALs..... Mine are in the mail haha
  8. Filace CP3- Uphill Battle Map Name: Studica Grid: E4 The RON countries never did anything to try and thwart the COAC attempts to use the river leading into the Basin in Briolui leaving the gap wide open for an amphibious assault. Immediately after being dropped on the beach by the Plantasea Navy, the First Division of the Filace Marines stormed up the river banks to engage the fortified positions there. They were met with fierce resistance from a company sized element of Various RON forces spread throughout a number of defensive positions already set up. Captain Beeze was extremely dissatisfied with their orders from command. Their task was to get mobile once the Marines had cleared the beach and start forward reconnaissance to find defensive positions further back from the beachhead to engage in a joint raid with the airborne. The only problem in the scenario was that the marines were taking a toll fighting up the hill and the Army Theater commander, Colonel Kilgore who was also inserted with some rangers during the marine assault, would not let Captain Beeze's team move until the Marine's cleared the beach often yelling "We ain't moving till its safe to surf this beach captain!" As the Marines continued to fight on through constant artillery and rocket barrages slowly making headway, the Captain brought his team in to discuss their options. Reports flashed out over the Comm Net that stated a tunnel complex had been found in the side of the hill. Captain Beeze and his team made the decision to "Recon" the tunnels in hopes they might run into some bigger targets to call in the paratroopers.
  9. Perfectly clear, thanks!
  10. Elaborate Please????
  11. The flag built into the bridge.... nice touch
  12. Thanks for the pictures. I will probably post it here when completed.