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  1. TheBeeze

    Post up your vehicles!

    Very Nice! Flickr gives you the image code so you can embed the picture here for people to see. Just click the share button and then the BBCode. Thanks for sharing!
  2. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Sign Ups - NOW OPEN!

    Yes, We're doing something a little different this time. Each side has it's own private planning subsection. Once people start signing up and we get a few people from each side, we'll start putting people in their sections so they can talk, plan, etc.
  3. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Sign Ups - NOW OPEN!

    Yes, you can post your sign up in this thread.
  4. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Sign Ups - NOW OPEN!

    Sign Up is now Open!
  5. Great Brick War Phase 3! So you've decided to finally take the plunge and join us? Phase 3 is going to be a great and new experience for players from prior versions and those just deciding to try it out for the first time. Sign Ups Go Live on 11/20/20
  6. Welcome, So you've decided to finally take the plunge and join us? Phase 3 is going to be a great and new experience for players from prior versions and those just deciding to try it out for the first time. There are three different organizations you can sign up for: Peace Securing International Coalition- (PSIC) - Coalition of Allied Nations that recently waged a humanitarian relief effort in a neighboring country. Called upon by the international community to help deescalate the region and return it to peace. PSIC nations also see an opening in Soalon to not only institute a newly formed democracy, but to also exploit several of the countries resources and wealth. Kriviyat League of Republics- (KLR) - A collective of socialist nation states looking to spread influence throughout the world by one ideological shift at a time. With Soalon right on the border of two of its members' states, the KLR sees Soalon as ripe for the taking. For years they have had everything from deeply embedded spies in the Government, to corrupt officials on their payroll. Their influence in region is easily recognizable, but not welcomed by the population. The Brotherhood of Soalon- (BS)- after the collapse of the Soalon Government, those with any level of influence began to fend for themselves. Very rapidly, powerful figures in the country realized they would need to prepare to defend themselves from invaders as opposed to fighting one another. An underground was formed between the key figures of big crime syndicates and religious extremists. The group extorted businesses on all levels to join the fold and it is largely believed the once booming economy of Soalon is at a finger's reach for the Brotherhood's network. *Note* The pictures used above or purely for a rough form of reference. You do NOT have to make your builds exactly the same as shown in the pictures. These factions are open to interpretation within reason. Each side will have it's own advantages and disadvantages when the game is underway, but we are electing not to post that during the sign up period as we want players to choose sides based on what they like to build and not purely for an edge in the game. There is a 4th option that is available to players on a limited basis who are looking to play a little bit more casually and leisurely. *NOTE* Players who sign up for this option will be limited not only in the types of builds that they can do, but also in options that become available to them in the game. If you are interested in this option, please send me a PM. --------------------------------------------------------------- Once you've decided on your side, you will need to make a post in this thread with the following: declare your side to the world a picture of your sigfig- this character will follow you throughout your adventure in the next part of the game. Though your fig does not need to be in every build, it should be prominently integrated in what you're doing. a backstory regarding your fig. With the exception of the Brotherhood, the other two organizations are basically alliances of multiple nations. You have the choice to explain the nation you are representing if you choose and also to provide some information about that nation. Players coming back from previous rounds of the game may elect to use their old countries if they'd like (though it will not be directly impacting the game). Just be sure to look out for other players who may have shared that nation in the past to ensure it is not being used twice. Rules and Gameplay guidelines will follow soon.
  7. TheBeeze

    [MOC] - M1126 Stryker ICV

    This is excellent! Very nice job. As stated above, the angles are just perfect.
  8. Scores have been posted. Thank you to everyone who participated in the campaign and a congratulations goes out to @ParmBrick on a win well earned. We will be announcing your winnings shortly. Thank you to everyone who participated in this round of the game and for all of your input and patience throughout. Please feel free to post in the Phase 3 Discussion Thread any of your ideas, concerns, or hopes for the next part of our game. Signups will be starting for the different factions shortly. We're taking a short break as we prepare everything on our end and will be back soon.
  9. You’ve been awarded ( 6 ) points. Judges’ comments… I really wanted to score this build higher. I loved the radar building, the Missile Trailer, and the Helicopter. Those items were really nicely done. The terrain just didn't do it for me though. Next time maybe focus on a slightly smaller build so you can do a little bit more with your terrain. You'll get there! Nice job! PROS: The well built assault helicopter is the one that dominates the scene. Also the massive mobile SSB launcher is very nice and noticeable is the barbed wire CONS: The effort in the build of the helicopter, and the other constructions is diametrically opposed to the minimal importance you gave to the ground and the coast. Too many straight lines amd flat ground from earth to sand and to the sea SUGGESTIONS: You could raise the back of your build and decendting it to the sea. The sea should be the lowest point, with the shore rising at least 2 to 3 plates, and which should be scattered with 1x1 plates (some of the in dark tan) so to give the feeling of sand. Above if you want to keep the straight line, you have to lift the ground at least one brick. Otherwise you continue the ascent with 2-3 plates and in no case in a straight line, thus giving the feeling that the real ground has. Finally, both the earthen and the rocky part of the soil, to be filled with 1x1 or 1x2 plates to look more natural" Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  10. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… I'll start by saying that there is a LOT going on here. Everything from the bullet holes in the walls to the small curved snow slopes going up the stair cases was a nice touch. I would have really liked to have seen a little more of the vehicle and maybe a clean top down shot. Very nice build overall! PROS : A nice build with a lot of action and many details for someone to explore. I liked the detailed build of power pole CONS : the ground seemed not snow covered but cut paper covered SUGGESTIONS : When you want to show snow, try not to use so much tiles but plain plates with some slopes Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  11. TheBeeze

    [GBW] Justice Served - Plighia - Endgame

    You’ve been awarded ( 6 ) points. Judges’ comments… Okay so I'm going to start by saying your real effort here was put into the vehicles. The terrain and building seemed more like they were quickly thrown together. That said, your vehicles are outstanding! Great detail to every inch. Your score was docked a little for your effort on the overall build, but dont let that come as a negative with the work on those vehicles! You didn't need to do this many builds so, perhaps you could have wrapped a few of them into one more solid effort with the vehicles? I hope we'll see in the future. Great job! PROS: A nice story with a well continuity in your sum of your builds. Also, the vechicles are much detailed and gives a strong dosage of action and same is the feeling of the helicopters dogfight. Of course for another one time, the building is well builded with alot small playable details to watch CONS: the helicopters although are a nice idea, I think they needed more eford about their details and needed to be a bigger size UGGESTIONS: Even if your builds overall is much above the average speaking for quality, the repetitive same building style may be tiring. Maybe you should try something different, like a building with less high and more wide or a higher ground Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  12. TheBeeze

    [GBW] Justice Served - Plighia - The Acorn

    You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… The first thing I thought of when I looked at your photos was that you made the building almost like an old movie set piece where its basically a shell. From the front it looks like a really well designed structure that subtly breaks the rules with the split down the middle. Once you get behind it, you see there is nothing really to it. This is not a negative, it works! Terrain felt like it might have been a little bit reused from the prior build. Nice job overall! PROS : I love good stories following a build. And you developed a series of good stories for your builds that actually did not see it often. Also you have a nice setup in your build with correct color combination, layered ground, operators ascenting to the roof, broken windows and alot details in the tech gear inside the building CONS : the scattered tiles you used on the snow. Probably one or two is ok, but more of them don't look so nice SUGGESTIONS : Better use plates insted of tiles on the ground (snow, dirt or mud), so to be able to use tiled for showing icy or moist surfaces. Also, even detailed stories and conversations are nice and develop the story, try to reduce their size, as most of the people don't read, so, many times they can not see or understand some of the details of your build Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  13. You’ve been awarded ( 9 ) points. Judges’ comments… Okay so I like what you did with the snow here and how you managed to blend not only the terrain, but the buildings into the snow detail. 3rd build with that long and narrow approach, time to switch things up a little to afford yourself some more room to work with in other directions. Another great job!. PROS : Beautiful snowy environment. And once again I like the inside building view that give us the overall actions of the story CONS : the pine tree in the right. It's like a christmass tree but not so weel build SUGGESTIONS : Even if your three last builds are nice, they seemed very similar: A build with a tower in the right that is attacked from the front. In games like Great Brick War, try to use different perspectives in your builds Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  14. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… Beautiful landscaping here. There is nothing really complex to it but you just blended the features and colors so nicely. The fence/gate concept was pretty cool too. Things got a little fuzzy at the end with the close up shots since it got a little tight on space. Great Job! PROS: Very nice the colors combination, the minifigures posing and the damaged door with all the details. I also like the design of vehicle and the use of thsese castle wall parts CONS: As you create nice trees, avoid the use of those ready-made pine trees SUGGESTIONS: Technicaly speaking, try to use some kind of defuser to your light during photoshooting Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  15. You’ve been awarded ( 6 ) points. Judges’ comments… I liked the details that you had here. The narrow landscape did not afford you too many details to build in too much detail but there was plenty where you could get it. The little road dividers were pretty cool too. Nice Build! PROS: well detailed inside and outside of the control tower and I like the structure of the radar much. Also the build of the concrete barriers is very interesting CONS: Too many studs without cover. You used the yellow tiles beautifully as painted lines, but next to empty studs they seemed not to well SUGGESTIONS: You 've got very nice details but your whole build is kind of empty, and not because of the road plate but because of the empty studs" Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!