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  1. TheBeeze

    Post up your vehicles!

    Please put up the pictures, not links to them. Thanks!
  2. TheBeeze

    Post up your vehicles!

    Someone asked me why we don't have a thread to highlight all of the different custom vehicles we've created of the course of the game. So it sounded like a good idea. Players can feel free to post vehicles of new and old that you've posted in builds or just have in general pertaining to this theme. This is not for points just a show and tell kind of thing.
  3. Hmmmm wonder what they're being used for?
  4. Here is the breakdown for your Solo Campaign Scores and feed back: Average for Build 1: 13 Feedback Great build going here, but with all the light, I would lose the NVG top the helmets; no need for them. Your field terrain is looking much more varied and that's a good thing. I also appreciate the extra vegetation you dropped in the field as well; the effort shows! The rocks look good, if anything, maybe add a lil bit more change to the surface, it almost looks like they were prefabricated and dropped on the earth. Good job with giving credit to Katie Walker, just do it at the end in the spoiler tag. Looks like you have hit all of the requirements for this part of the build, so good job! Average for Build 2: 12 Feedback To me this one was lacking just a little bit. It was too plain and nothing really going on. With a situation like that, it would have been better to either really build in some intricate detail, or have multiple points of interest in your build. That said, for what you have you did a good job. Glad to see the build has some elevation change in it. The cows felt a little boxed in with your build. The water was a nice touch. Good Job Average for Build 3: 9 Feedback This felt very very rushed and not planned out at all. You had potential to do something really nice here but it really fell short. Never really a fan of the LDD builds, but if you're going to do one you really need to make it good. Total Overall Score: 11 Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  5. Here is the breakdown for your Solo Campaign Scores and feed back: Average for Build 1: 16 Feedback This is a good, solid build! You met the requirements and completed exactly what you needed to. I think the build is filled with details, both terrain and figures. The time it can take to design scenery, especially rock faces, takes a considerable amount of effort...maybe throw a lil more vegetation in a few spots? I did not remove points for this, but something to consider...when you build your base, try to maintain it as one solid color. I know at times, pieces available can come into play and this could have also been an afterthought...but having the base seperated from the build itself really raises the level of the build. No pun intended! It seperates the two; I found myself looking at the base and noticing what you did there with some of the slope bricks. A simple repeated brick pattern in a seperate color would make the viewer glance, but not spend time looking over everything. I appreciate the solid color background, but consider using a solid color sheet next time...and in a color other than white. Light colors aren't bad, but you wanna base your background against the build. Light color build and a light color background, the build's colors can look washed out and faded. Overall though, this was a great build, considering how mauch detail you crammed into the space you used, great job! Average for Build 2: 14 Feedback Wow I dont even know where to start. This was just fantastic. I really enjoyed this build a lot. Everything from the top level down to the air vents in the lower portions. So nicely done. A lot of time went into this and it shows! My only suggestion (if any) is that being that this is a build of such scale, there is a lot of wasted space. More of your real estate could have been used. All in all, this is superb! Average for Build 3: 12 Feedback Very original idea here. I can appreciate the time that also went into the LDD stuff. This did come up a little short for it being your finale build as I would have liked to have seen something on a little bigger scale or more detail in the actual built part of it. Pictures could benefit a little bit from some more lighting and better angles, everything looks squished. Total Overall Score: 14 Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  6. TheBeeze

    [GBW] - Solo Operation 3/3 - Plantasea - BURN !

    Here is the breakdown for your Solo Campaign Scores and feed back: Average for Build 1: 16 Feedback Wonderful build! The cave stays dark until you want it shown. The jungle is covered, and I know how much of a pain in the megablocks that can be! The vehicles are there, the figs are there, the detail and effort are both here...AND you hit all the requirements of your mission. Really great build, and also, thank you for the overview of your mini studio; I may use that to show other members as a start to their photo shoots. Average for Build 2: 17 Feedback Very Well Done! I love everything about this and how your build flows from the top down. Detail galore (Everyone pay attention). The coolest point for me was your inclusion and use of the ventilation system. Something like that is very evident that you put extreme planning into this. Great Job! Average for Build 3: 18 Feedback Great way to top off a solid run of builds here. This one looked like a scene straight out of Ghost Recon Wildlands (minus their hi-tech crap haha). The single most defining features here are the roof tops on your building, you really captured that third world broken down feel. The off center boards of wood on the watch tower are awesome too! Great work my friend, I look forward to your next run of missions Total Overall Score:17 Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  7. You’ve been awarded ( 2 ) points. Judges’ comments… Though not much to this build, you earned 2 points because this was a really great original idea. Thinking outside the box like this is something we really like to see. Keep it up with your other builds moving forward! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing
  8. You’ve been awarded ( 4 ) points. Judges’ comments… I liked this build as it brought in a new perspective of something we haven't really seen yet. There were plenty of little details spread through out. The only thing I would say to improve on something of this size would be cleaning up the interior a bit. A lot of the exposed studs took away from some of your other details. Great work! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing
  9. I have been having trouble reaching both of the other judges for some time now and that accounts for some of the delay. I apologize to all of you. I will likely release your scores solely from myself to keep the game moving.
  10. Didn't realize we never posted this one, sorry! You’ve been awarded ( 3 ) points. Judges’ comments… By far your nicest build yet! Very well done. You were able to capture a lof of different points in a very small space. One suggestion for the photos would be to cut back a little on the HDR or whatever sharpness function you used as it got a little too much in your last photo. Otherwise, your presentation is leaps and bounds above where it was. Great work! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  11. Out of character: All members are encouraged to take part in this discussion.
  12. TheBeeze

    The Brick of Nations

    Edward Cortez- Walara Ambassador We will not be participating in any political grandstanding fake forum to save face among the international community. This is a sham. You allow these degenerates to run free inside your borders. The answer is simple, you allow it and have done nothing, now you want the world to clean up your mess for you like you've done nothing wrong. Not going to happen.