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  1. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    While I sit onboard my aircraft and work on writing our next campaign and also continue our planning for the next phase, I'd like to open the floor to all of you. Below are some points I'd like to accomplish with phase 3. I'd like your input on those points, how we accomplish them, and what else you'd like to see. -Smaller Scale Theater of Battle- the next phase will not focus on a global theater but will be relegated to a smaller zone. - Territorial Conflict- Players will play for control of the map. Whomever has the most space wins. - Factions- The next phase will feature 2 factions that players will join and work together towards their goal of owning territory. - Have an option for more players to participate in a casual role. How do we draw more players in to join us, even if they don't build for every event? Tell me your thoughts and let's all talk.
  2. TheBeeze

    Operation: Island Rush - 5/14 - 7/26

    Island Rush has wrapped up! Congratulations to all who participated and be sure to use those participation codes at EclipseGrafx! Congratulations to our winner @SATSOK! Please PM me to coordinate your prize!
  3. You’ve been awarded ( 5 ) points. Judges’ comments… Nice to see you back here building. This build seemed a little impromptu but still welcome nonetheless. The plane was nicely done and the highlight here. There were several glaring gaps in things you had going on like the submarine shot that just had white board exposed. A little more time on this and it could have been much better. PROS: The whole idea is clever as we never saw in GBW something like that. Also the plane in (probably) microfig scale in very interesting -- CONS: The idea of the part of the submarine being out of water is smart, but I would like to see more of the submarine in length and not just a small part of it. And overall, this partial presentation greatly spoils the effort in the builds -- SUGGESTIONS: If you could expand the sea, make the submarine bigger and combine them with the plane in one picture, the final build would be the least, impressive Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  4. TheBeeze

    Island Rush - Bandaud - 3 of 4

    You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… This is a very different build with the use of the horizontal bricks to do your texturing on the landscape. Love that technique! Great job with the ship too! Things were a little tight so I might have either slimmed down the project or used a bigger base. PROS: Nice small details and overall a nice vignette with beautifull colors in the veggetation -- CONS: The design of Patrol Boat even is good, it seems a little too small for all this structure -- SUGGESTIONS: Use hair lac to keep down the fabric of the sniper and try to use Lego birds insead if these you builded. Even if they have a smart and nice lego design, they looked kind of bulky Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  5. TheBeeze

    Island Rush - Bandaud - 2 of 4

    You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points. Judges’ comments… There was a lot going on here in a very small amount of area which was cool. The primary focus and shining star here is the missile truck which is awesome! The only thing I may have done differently would have been to use different colors from the road and the ruins for a little bit better contrast.. Great work! PROS: The design of the missiles is strange yet interesting. Τhe vehicle also has small nice details -- CONS: the pattern of the road is very distructing. It makes difficult to see other details. Even a damaged road don't have so many colors. Υou could not put asphalt at all and make a dirt road -- SUGGESTION: when you want to show dead (or not dead) minifigs without helmet or hat, try to put on hairs as not everyone can be bald Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  6. TheBeeze

    Island Rush - Bandaud - 1 of 4

    You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… Awesome job! Everything from the UTV Vehicle to the light house are very well done. The custom made rope bridge from end to end is really nice touch. Great Job here! Pros: -the UTV is a nice original build -the lighthouse build technique to make the curved wall is very interesting. -I like how you build the bollards in the platform -birds on the rock is a nice touch -Nice photoshooting........Cons: -Not like very much the cubic base of the lighthouse. It's like something strange -I can't understand the use of the flames in the bridge. .....Suggestions: -Even if I prefer everything to be cylindrical in the Lighthouse, it would be better to choose between the completely cylindrical or square. Also you can use the compination of cylindrical and square, but in larger build where thw base would be at least 2 studs wider in each side Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  7. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… So the biggest thing here was your use of the red plants for explosions as others have pointed out. Quite awesome really. Glad you did a custom mashup up with the (2) Sanctums so we did not have to flag you there. I also really liked the simple divider pieces you created, they just look great. I am curious if all the vehicles are your design ground up or some modification to others? Great job here though. For a build so detailed I would only suggest maybe cleaning up some of those sidewalk studs a bit. PROS: Beautiful battle scene with building and vechicles and lovely story with the scinentist. Many times there is a beautiful build but with a poor decription and α incomplete story. Also, even if you used a ready Lego model (Dr.Strange's hous) I loved how you compined two of them and make a beautiful corner building. My favorite part is the Mexican standoff between the two tanks -- CONS: in the road plates, you left the studs uncovered and that -- SUGGESTION. You could cover the studs in the road plates with light gray tiles, and the create damages on them and put some scattered ruins and trush Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  8. You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points. Judges’ comments… Another user of the horizontal landscaping technique very well done. Also, another build showing various parts to build on the story. Suggestions would be maybe show a little more of that helicopter, didn't really get to see it. Also the Scud Truck felt a little cramped on that size board, you could have really benefitted from the build being a bit wider. Scud truck was nicely done. Great job. PROS: The SNOT use of the small rock piece is great. Even if it is much flat, it reminds me the big slippery rocks in the shores. Also the MILP have many small details that shows the efford you put on it. And the design of the large Zodiac is noticeable -- CONS: The mix of the colors in the rocks distrract the attention -- SUGGESTION: Try to use singel color for rocks, tan for sand and dark tan for wet sand Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  9. You’ve been awarded ( 9 ) points. Judges’ comments… Awesome job. Everything here looks perfect. The perspective of being under the rail bridge is super cool. Great job in building in the frame of the bridge to the landscape. Pictures look awesome and well planned. The little drone was nice touch too. Great! PROS: I like the addition of the rare red bushes as explosion effect. Never saw some, just heard of them. Also the unique design of the ISUV is notable and of course the three dimensional build with the pendulous train rails -- CONS: The mountain pattern seems al little scrambled deppendng the colors and angles -- SUGGESTION: Building rocks, try to use solid colors , usually dark gray (or tan-dark tan in desert enviroments). The BURP (big ugly rock piece) is perfect for mountain sides, but need to be in solid color and with the addition with differend sizes slopes to brake the flat sides Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  10. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… Great Build(s). The microscale naval spots were very well done. Particularly loved the missiles off the cruiser and the drone off the flight deck. Regarding your full size build, this was nice too. A few points to work on here: Capturing the darkness a little bit better- the images were a little hard to make out so play with your picture editing settings. The helicopter looked a little bit squished and we did not get to see too much of it proportionately from the photos. Overall, very well done! Pros: -microbuilds and minibuilds are nice, especially the aircraft carrier -You used well the map information in your story. -The "GLA was here" sticker is a nice touch following the landmark of the map ......Cons: -There is just one picture with normal light. The others are too dark (i understand you wanted to show night) -The ground is kind of empty. -The helicopter is probably a nice build, but there is no picture where we can see in complete.......Suggestions: - When you want to show night, do the opposite. Just one night photo (reduced visibility or green from night vision gogles) and all the other photos in normal light so to show as more as details you can from your build - Even in a desert ground, try to use some plates in same colour (2x4, 2x6) scattered around and many 1x1 plates in same and in one or two similar colors. In this case, you could use dark tan and reddish brown Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  11. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… Awesome job here with the tunneling technique. That never gets old. Before reading the build and looking at the pictures, it almost looked Indiana Jones like and then....well haha. Great work! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  12. You’ve been awarded ( 9 ) points. Judges’ comments… Great perspective in the layout of your build here. There is a clear depiction of which way the battle is flowing with the details wrapped around everything through out. Very nicely done! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  13. You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… Another great example of your free flowing border technique. Particular attention to the terrain and bunker here. Awesome job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  14. TheBeeze

    Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey 42113 Petition

    I saw this has been floating around instagram today. Kind of unfortunate as it looks like a decent kit. I'm not into technic personally, but I can still appreciate the work that goes into the design.
  15. Ohhhhhh that SCUD Truck definitely gave me some ideas!