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  1. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Got asked a few questions so I figured I would post here: 1. Do I need to build something just like what's on the map? - Exactly? No, but you should build within reason. We worked hard to bring you a solid map (final to be posted in a few days) so you should use it. So don't pick a grid square to attack with a jungle swamp on it and then show us a snow fortress, you won't get any points. Also want to note, that if you see something on the map that sticks out, it's probably for a reason. There is nothing random on this map, everything has a purpose whether it be perks, side missions, or extra points. So the map is going to be uploaded in very high resolution, study it with your team. 2. How do I hire third parties? - You contact them via their for hire posts in the For Hire Thread. From there, you can try and work out a deal with them for their services. These players will also be playing for points and money themselves so keep an eye out for them as they are not limited to the supply chain rules. 3. How can I help? - Spread the word about the game on instagram, flickr, facebook groups, etc. Make sure you tag us on instagram if you post pictures of your builds and send other builders here to join us. 4. When will the game end? - In theory, we don't want it to end. We would love to continually expand on it because it's more so for the fun of it than winning. As players come and go we hope to grow the game to the point where we need to adjust it. 5. Are you playing? - Yes, I will finally be returning to play this time around in a third party position. @paintballman will also be playing in a third party position as well. We are ineligible for any prizes or winning the game but we intend to mess with all of you!
  2. TheBeeze

    Weaponized vehicle help

    Hello, you might want to post this in the technic thread for assistance with power functions. Try to add a little more description and see if you can use a flickr account or something to host your images!
  3. Totally gonna spam you here too and tell you to check out great brick war. These kinds of builds would fit perfectly. This is really awesome work!
  4. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    FYI, the game is likely going to start next week. Hashing out a few other points and still waiting on a few people who indicated they wanted to sign up.
  5. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    We are going to have all transactions done through the forms. From there, the staff will update our own banking sheet we have created on the back end. This will have its own formulas and such. Only troop movements to defensive positions on squares, attempts to capture new squares (whether occupied or not), and transactions will be on the forms. All side builds and presentation builds do NOT require a form. We will discuss the submission part with you individually when the time is right.
  6. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Your goal is to reestablish your supply line. Your controlled squares will need to be connected to each other whether vertically, horizontally, or connected with one of your teammates. If a square or squares get cut off, your goal is to conquer whatever square you can to reestablish your supply line. No, you should create individual builds. These are easy enough to earn quick points. Mocs- No. Vehicles- Yes. Minifigs - Yes.
  7. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War Update

    Great Brick War: Reloaded! is Announced! Sign ups and Rules have been posted! Drop into the fight and join us now! Weapons and Gear courtesy of our sponsor
  8. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Main "how to" and rules posted. Take some time to look these over. Any questions should be posted here. There are a few more players who expressed interest in signing up so be sure to do so if you haven't already. We are hoping to get things moving soon.
  9. Welcome Troops! The Great Brick War is a brick built Military Lego Adventure Game. Before we come under fire, let's go over some rules that'll keep you alive! Choose a country - Pick a country. Your country can be one from previous game phases or a brand new one of your own fiction. In that case you can choose a name and any other information you like. That may have something in common with your build style, minifig accessory types, or parts availability for landscaping. It is important to stay true to the description of the country. Choose a Faction: Peace Securing International Coalition- (PSIC) - Coalition of Allied Nations that recently waged a humanitarian relief effort in a neighboring country. Called upon by the international community to help de-escalate the region and return it to peace. PSIC nations also see an opening in Soalon to not only institute a newly formed democracy, but to also exploit several of the countries resources and wealth Kriviyat League of Republics- (KLR) - A collective of socialist nation states looking to spread influence throughout the world by one ideological shift at a time. With Soalon right on the border of two of its members' states, the KLR sees Soalon as ripe for the taking. For years they have had everything from deeply embedded spies in the Government, to corrupt officials on their payroll. Their influence in the region is easily recognizable, but not welcomed by the population. Post an Introduction HERE-. This should not only be a post introducing yourself, but also introducing the country you’ve chosen and displaying your main character for your journey in the signup topic. You will tell the story of your country’s war effort during each campaign through the experiences of your character. Your character should reflect their military. Obviously different militaries around the world share some similar uniforms so not everyone will have different looking figures. Your figures should share uniformity amongst them (ie. you should not have (2) soldiers in a squad with 1 wearing blue and then another in yellow.) With regard to color tones of minifigs - You can use yellow or flesh colored. This is a game, for fun. Do not misconstrue or attempt to make an issue out of anything with "race". We are depicting warfare with toys. Start Strategizing for the future - You will be broken off into your team’s private chat where you can plan for the future. The more involved you are, the more there is to do. We have something for everyone here. How to play the game: Presentation Builds These builds will not be judged but will be deemed “pass” or “fail”. This means that poorly made builds for just earning money, will earn nothing. These are simpler builds at giving players an oportunity to earn some points early on without having to do any big builds. National Flag (brick made) - 5 BB National Leader - Build a small MOC showing your National Leader 5 BB Military Commanders - Up to a maximum of 5 will be allowed. 2 BB each Squad Introduction mini diorama (5-7 minifigures)- Players build a small diorama to introduce a new squad of troops - 5 BB each Establishing a Headquarters- Each player will need to build their main headquarters inside of Soalon- 15 BB Tank with crew diorama- Allowed 1 Per Unique Tank Design- 10 BB each Presentation Builds should be Titled as: [GBW] - Presentation - Nation - MOC TITLE Side Builds This is a free category of builds, where players can build whatever they want to earn more money and develop their presence in the game. Such builds can be life in camp, a MASH, a POW camp, a sea platform, a unit out on a patrol, a communications station, a forest outpost - anything the players like. These builds will be bigger and more detailed of course and can bring more money to players. There is no limit to how many of these a player can do per build cycle. Side builds will simply be judged on a pass or fail basis. Poor quality builds put together in haste for quick money acquisition will be failed with zero credit given. Quality over quantity. Worth 15 BB Each Side Builds should be Titled as: [GBW] - Side - Nation - MOC TITLE Territory Battles Territory Battles are just that, a battle between 2 players. When a player decides they want to conquer a square from another player who has a defensive detail on it (Troop Garrison) or Forward Operating Base (FOB). Please note that when taking over territory, you need to pay attention to the map. We went to great lengths to provide you with a very detailed map so you should use it. We do not want to see a grid square that has tropical trees on it being depicted under snow. Same thing goes for features like buildings and landscapes. Please build within reason. The rules for this are as follows: A player has a choice to leave a troop garrison on no more than (3) of their controlled squares. Players will also have the opportunity to build/purchase an FOB on squares as well. If an attacking player decides they want to conquer a square that has a defending force on it, it will initiate the battle. Each player will be required to create a MOC showing the battle happening. The player with the higher scoring build will win the battle and control of that square. If the defending player does not build a MOC showing the battle, they forfeit the square. The winner will receive 25 BB. If the losing player scored above zero by the judges, they will receive 10 BB. Territory Battles should be labeled as: [GBW] - Battle of (GRID SQUARE) - Nation - MOC TITLE The Supply Line Similar to conflict in the real world, players will need to maintain a steady Supply Line back to their starting position. In terms of our game, that means you can only take over squares directly next to yours (no diagonal movement). If at any point your connection is broken, you will not be able to make any forward progress until the supply line is reestablished. As far as the staff is concerned, as long as your squares make it back to the starting point on the map (whether by connection of your own squares or through those of your teammates) your supply line is still intact. How your faction decides to work out use of teammates squares is up to all of you. If there is a player who wants to charge for use of a square, your team will need to discuss that. Also, during the game there will be Certain Grid Squares will have things on them allowing for income (Businesses, Resources, Etc). Does not apply to Brotherhood or Third Party Players. Currency The newest version of Great Brick War is introducing a currency module to the game so players and factions can earn points to purchase and do different things. Everyone begins with zero money. The official currency of the game is BrickBuckz or BBs Players can start building right away and earning money. thank you Satsok for the graphic W.A.R - War Action Report The game is based in rounds. Each round will last for 1 month. In that one month, players can maneuver their defensive troops 1 time, they can attack 1 grid square, and they can make purchases for the next cycle. All forms must be submitted prior to the start of the next round when the actions are set to take place. Players will advise their team leaders privately on which actions they would like to take. Using the W.A.R Form, ONLY team leaders will inform the administration about their team’s movements, attacks, and purchases. Staff Confirmation will be given prior to the start of the next round. At the same time, each player will be able to freely to make a presentation builds or a side builds. The results of the move will be reported in a post called "Brick Build News" (or BBN), in essence an media organization used as the mouthpiece of the Game Administration. WAR FORM - Player Purchases As you earn money doing things in the game, you will earn the ability to unlock other features and purchase in game perks. In addition to buying in game perks, players are encouraged to work out their own in game transactions with other players. All requests for Credit Expenditures must be handled via the web forms. There is the WBB (World Brick Bank). The bank will have hidden accounts for each player, where their earnings will be added and their expenses will be deducted. Move troops to any square 5 ΒB Attacking an occupied square 10 BB Mercenary Hire (Can attack another square anywhere on the map) Rates determined by each Mercenary. Air Bombing (Requires a side build and control of an airport/airbase) Can bomb a position on the map and knockout the defending troops there but does not capture the square. 200 BB for each square Anti Aircraft Position - can stop an air bombing. (Requires a Side Build) 165 BB Building an FOB - Serves as a defense for a captured square 300 BB Smuggler Use / Arms Dealer Use Rates determined by each Smuggler / Arms Dealer. Spy Satellite to reveal troop garrison/FOB 600 BB The Brick Built News Channel This is the place where staff members will create story lines and show events that are taking place in the brick world. Players will need to keep an eye on this thread as events may be covered that affect their country and faction. Also the results of both revenue and battles will be reported here
  10. TheBeeze

    [MOC] Sdkfz.251 ausf.D

    That is phenomenal, beautiful design and solid work!
  11. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Focus has shifted a little bit and we've decided that the Brotherhood will be Third party and Staff Driven. This will will allow the main player base to really focus on each other and also gives us (the staff) a chance to participate and play as well because I know I miss playing. Our official signups will be coming later. I'd like to note that staff players are not eligible for any prize giveaways that we do. We're simply playing for the fun of it and to enhance the game.
  12. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Not exactly where things are gonna start. You will find that out the day the game opens.
  13. TheBeeze

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    This is phenomenal work! Great Job! Would love to see you building stuff like this with us in GBW.
  14. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Ask and you shall receive. Map is still in progress and subject to changes, but nothing major at this point. Click the link for the super Hi-Def version. GBW Reloaded Map Preview by Jesse Beeze, on Flickr Factions are welcome to work out their own flags/insignias.
  15. TheBeeze

    Phase 3 Discussion

    It is exactly this. As the descriptions says, it is a collective of the religious extremists, crime figures, and disbanded soalon military. This faction is the Soalon insurgency force, they are the native people that live here and are fighting occupation by the foreign invaders as they see them. Nothing to say they can't recruit people sympathetic to their cause from outside, but they are not other countries in general.