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  1. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Seconding everything @Stash2Sixx said above. The focus really is on your building and getting better at it while sharing a mutual passion for military themed builds. Phase II of our game will be rolling out soon and will be grounded more so in a real world context where people will not be perpetually at war with other nations, but handling certain situations as they arise. Joining now would be a good chance for you to get your feet wet before phase 2 rolls out. Hope to hear more from you!
  2. Beer Ready to go haha
  3. The Final Battle Campaign Guidelines With the recent influx of intelligence gathering being carried out around the world, the Servants of Freedom have been tracked all around the world. Forces from all nations have uncovered what appears to be one of the largest conspiracies in history. The Servants of Freedom has been outed as a front organization used to do the bidding of several rogue nations. Tosul, Nak-Hu, and Fulkasho have been hosting and acting in conjunction with one another to try and destabilize the world's alliances through the Servants of Freedom. Countries around the world have found a number of facilities in the host countries that need to be destroyed. In Tosul, a training facility and housing barracks was spotted in the Forested mountains. Nak-Hu has been revealed to be using religious missions as fronts for weapons depots. Several factories inside of Fulkasho have long been suspect of being arms manufacturing plants; this turned out to be true, but for the SoF. Players are to show their forces attacking these facilities inside of the host countries in order to try and eradicate the SoF Threat Globally. You can use any one of the loosely described theaters listed above. Neither side should show their forces definitively destroying the opposition. Showing successes is okay, but not total domination. The winners of the campaign will be decided based on the points awarded from judging. This means if your team doesn't score well, it's possible for your forces to be beaten back. MINIMUM SIZE BUILD IS 16 X 16 All LDD Builds must be labeled- Example: (GBW- CP9) Country - Title of build (LDD) All builds must be new MOC’s and not prior builds. Photo Editing is to be kept to a minimum with only real edits of lighting and color correction. No special effects. Players may crop one picture of their MOC onto a background picture to help with their landscape if they’d like. Pictures cannot be bigger than 800x600 Players may post a link to an offsite host such as Flickr where Higher Resolution pics are located. Be cool and share your photos in the GBW Flickr Group! Please refer to the General Rules Topic for limitations based on your Point Level. Upon completion, players must also post a link to their build in the AAR Thread as well letting the judges know that it is eligible for scoring. Campaign Duration 10/9/18 - 11/26/18 All builds will not be finalized until the closing date for the campaign. Players can edit their posts up until that point. As long as it is 11/26/18 somewhere in the world, you can submit. Use this as a deadline The Outcome The (2) Players with the highest scores will receive special items for Round 2. All players who participate will be awarded the points they earn for each build. Minifigs outfitted courtesy of one of our sponsors, Be sure to check out their site and all of the great products they offer to build up your armories!
  4. You’ve been awarded (8) points. Judges’ comments… Favorite thing about this, the fence. I really like how you took the radiator tiles and snapped them into the baseplate to create a fence line! I thought the buildings were good, but you have a lot of empty wasted space inside the fence line. Maybe another few buildings to create teh illusion of a street system within the base? Your pics were great, but watch out that the base is flat or at least doesn't bubble up in the back right corner. We all had a kick with the microscale theme and yours was just as nice of an addition. Your perspective photos looks great and it shows you built this with a clear image in mind. Some of your ideas here are so clean and basic, but in a way that compliments the build quite nicely. Your assembly with the grated bar pieces looks really cool and was a very nice touch. I think this is a great build and this microscale stuff has some strong potential for the future. Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  5. You’ve been awarded (7) points. Judges’ comments… You've got a good looking assembly room here. I noticed a few details, but all of that open, white tled floor is very distracting, almost like it needs more junk (details) on top of it. I like where you're going, please don't read into that! There just feels like a lot of empty, unused space in this build. I would also suggest placing a light over your shoulder on an angle or directly above your build as it comes across a bit dark the further back into the build we go. Love that you built a scissor lift. Don't see that too much in LEGO. I like the layout here. Good use of space, your satellite looks great and I sat looking at the design for a bit to try and figure it out. The chains, pulleys, jack/lift all compliment everything very nicely here. My only complaint here, honestly, is the use of the dark colors for the building itself. Most satellites and things like that are built in clean rooms and everything is super bright. I didnt dock any points for this as it is simply a personal preference but I do think some of the details could have benefited from a little more lighting. Nice work! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  6. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Apologies for the delay all, I had a personal family matter to deal with last week. Hoping to have some stuff out to you all shortly for the next campaign.
  7. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Welcome. I saw your posts. Make sure you read everything over before jumping right in. Contract missions have been placed on hold until the next phase of the game. Additionally, you will want to look at what others have done in the past and make sure you are ready for that. Lastly, you'll need to post any of your pictures on here, I highly recommend using flickr or some sort of related service to host your photos that you post up. Good luck and again welcome.
  8. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    That was one of our earliest concerns when we started working on Phase 2. We've worked out a system that we feel will be beneficial to those who have participated more, but won't put them too far out in front of others for a huge advantage. Phase 2 will be much more independent than Phase 1, so it will be interesting to see how you guys handle it...... provided everyone still wants to proceed with it.
  9. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Campaign 9 is just about ready to go. However, with the less than ideal turn out for campaign 8 I would like to know what the pulse of the game is right now? A lot of work is going into developing the future iterations of the game. If there isn't much interest right now, we'd like to know so we can set a more realistic time table of events.
  10. TheBeeze

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    We are closed. This is very disappointing, we only have 2 entries. What happened to the rest of you?
  11. TheBeeze

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    It's okay, these things happen. Seems like this has been a very slow time for everyone.
  12. TheBeeze

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Everything should be up to date. Welcome! I look forward to seeing you jump in here with us. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to ask us.
  13. TheBeeze

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    A little more than 2 weeks to go!