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  1. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    You're not blind. They have been removed as we've been updating the post in the background with the rules for phase 2.
  2. Anything that carried over from the previous phase has been turned into a Solo campaign which is worth more points and gives you a little more to do with more flexibility. The rules on solo campaigns are not going to be changing much from last round, just no one capitalized on one to make it worth while. Each one is custom tailored to the player and their situation.
  3. Update: We currently show the following people have earned these specific things for phase 2. Please confirm and if we missed anyone, please speak up! @ODA 401 - 1 Solo Campaign @Faladrin - 1x Solo Campaign @sigpro- 1x Solo Campaign @paintballman- 2x Solo Campaign
  4. Happy New Year! Roster has been updated. With the holidays now in the rear view, we will be moving forward soon. Keep your eyes here for updates.
  5. TheBeeze

    Monastery Brewery

    Wow, nice work! I'd be lying if I said I didn't intend to steal that technique at some point!
  6. Great, keep your eyes on this section for more specific info as we go. I think you'll find the new format a little more accommodating in terms of working at your own pace. Most unfortunate, best of luck!
  7. Well there are no teams for the next round so this one is purely up to you.
  8. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Merry Christmas to all of you!
  9. Game is filling up quite nicely. Still waiting for confirmations from: @Captain Genaro @Leonardo da Bricki @Maxim I @Mesabi @Spud The Viking Birckmasterben and silvasio have been removed.
  10. Done Done We were wondering what happened to you. Isla Sorna is not a playable country in the beginning. Please see the list in the first post. Let me know what you wanna pick! Glad you're back Done
  11. TheBeeze

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Check out the Phase 2 thread for the list.
  12. I've updated the first page. Hello and welcome, unfortunately that country is not going to be playable in the beginning of the game. The first post has been updated with all players and countries. There are a lot of openings. Still waiting on confirmations from others.
  13. Updated MAP and link to HiRes if you click on it added to first post.
  14. Here is our current list: Adamsons New Brickika BobKid ----? Brickmasterben Refnor Captain Genaro Filace Faladrin Deland Republic Frenchman Deland Republic jansued Common Wealth of Southern Territories Johannsued New Selussia LegoRacer1 Tyera Leonardo Toohati Maxim I Swintoc Mesabi Briolui ODA 401 Plighia paintballman Plantasea Sigpro Erotema Silvasio Swintoc Spud the viking New Brickika Stash2sixx Common Wealth of Southern Territories @BoBKiD - as of now the (2) Countries you requested have players (though they have not yet confirmed). You can either wait for them to confirm or pick another country now. The following people need to confirm their country or if they do not plan to be involved this round (If there is no answer by 12/28/18 you will be removed from the game and will need to reregister as a new player and lose all prior progress) If you don't want to play just let us know so we don't have to track people down: @brickmasterben11, @Captain Genaro @Leonardo da Bricki @Maxim I @Mesabi @Silvasio @Spud The Viking @Stash2Sixx
  15. TheBeeze

    Introduction and Country Selection Thread

    Hello and thank you for your interest. I will be getting a total list posted in a day or so with which countries are taken and which are available. Keep your eyes in this section!