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  1. TheBeeze

    Contract Missions

    First post updated for August. Players who have no solo operations stored may apply. This is a great way to build yourself a foundation for Phase 2 of the game. I apologize for the delay in getting this posted, real life has been extremely hectic for over a week now.
  2. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    So as you all know, we are working our butts off on getting phase 2 planned out and ready. We're hoping to have at least 1 more campaign after the current one before we do phase 2. But we wanted to share a little preview for you guys of what we're working on. One of the big things was a completely redesigned map we're now using dedicated software to create so we have tons of detail from a global level down to city scale. Here's a preview of a country map of one of the new countries we will be using in the next round, Val Verde. Hope this gets the gears turning for some of you.
  3. TheBeeze

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    Nice to see you again my friend. The description is very wide open, so you can do as you feel it fits "Players are to show their country either Designing and Developing, Launching / Assembling, or Retasking an existing Satellite or Space Station for Reconnaissance purposes around the globe. "
  4. TheBeeze

    Campaign 8- The Space Race - 7/25 - 9/13

    I'd be lying if I said your build didn't give me the idea....
  5. The Space Race Campaign Guidelines With it becoming increasingly evident that the Servants of Freedom (SoF) have a much further sphere of influence than Xenor, nations in both the RON and COAC are ramping up their efforts to conduct surveillance of suspected nations harboring them. After the fallout of the Battles in Xenor, governments have started peering into the depths of Tosul and abroad. Recent photos from a reconnaissance flight carried out by a Filace stealth aircraft have revealed that Tosul is keeping up with the times. They have been developing everything from fighters to Ground attack aircraft and most troubling, a stealth bomber housed in a hardened hangar and what looks to be an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle of their own. With the current conflict having a global span, satellites have become the best way to try and observe their enemies. Defense budget spending across the globe has shifted a lot of money toward space exploration and technological advancement. With Tosul thought to be using outdated technology for all of these years, nations around the globe can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to these secretive nations and must increase their intelligence gathering capabilities. Players are to show their country either Designing and Developing, Launching / Assembling, or Retasking an existing Satellite or Space Station for Reconnaissance purposes around the globe. This campaign is not a team based effort. Neither side should show their forces definitively destroying the opposition. Showing successes is okay, but not total domination. The winners of the campaign will be decided based on the points awarded from judging. This means if your team doesn't score well, it's possible for your forces to be beaten back. MINIMUM SIZE BUILD IS 32 X 32 All LDD Builds must be labeled- Example: (GBW- CP7) Country - Title of build (LDD) All builds must be new MOC’s and not prior builds. Photo Editing is to be kept to a minimum with only real edits of lighting and color correction. No special effects. Players may crop one picture of their MOC onto a background picture to help with their landscape if they’d like. Pictures cannot be bigger than 800x600 Players may post a link to an offsite host such as Flickr where Higher Resolution pics are located. Be cool and share your photos in the GBW Flickr Group! Please refer to the General Rules Topic for limitations based on your Point Level. Upon completion, players must also post a link to their build in the AAR Thread as well letting the judges know that it is eligible for scoring. INTEL WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ON 7/28/18. (1) PIECE AVAILABLE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. LIMIT OF (1) PIECE OF INTEL PER PLAYER. CONTACT @TheBeeze VIA PM. NOT AVAILABLE TO STAFF. Campaign Duration 7/25/18 - 9/13/18 All builds will not be finalized until the closing date for the campaign. Players can edit their posts up until that point. As long as it is 9/13/18 somewhere in the world, you can submit. Use this as a deadline The Outcome All players who participate will be awarded the points they earn for each build. The Satellites will hopefully provide intelligence that will shift the focus of the next campaign.
  6. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    A little bit of an update and some questions: The next campaign will drop any day now. Just putting the finishing touches on it. We are working on the game revamp and have a real treat in store for you guys with the map. But we need to know now, is there anyone who wants to change country for the next iteration of the game?
  7. You’ve been awarded (2) points. Judges’ comments… I am glad to see further development of your submarine, but I feel this one is just lacking with the quality of the images and really giving a good insight into the vessel. Your stories are great, but you need to focus a little more on showing us the quality of your builds. I like your story and it was good to see a bit more of the inside of your submarine. I believe a submarine has TONS more gauges on the interior walls, yours looked a bit barren. For a basic builder, or someone starting out, I feel this would have been suffice, but as you are an experienced builder, I feel this wasn't one of your better builds, but that's just me. Careful with your pics, there were a lot of differences between all of them. Some had lots of light, some didn't, some looked slightly blurred, while others were perfect. This IS the presentation portion of your build, and even if a builder builds an amazing build, if it cannot be conveyed in clear concise pics, it makes it difficult to see the quality throughout. Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  8. You’ve been awarded (0) points. Judges’ comments… Your usage of official LEGO set #31050, Corner Deli, was clearly visible in the first pictures. Even if you did build an interior, no existing sets of LEGO are to be used, and you used one. Along with this being a sidebuild, it felt to be a quick grab at points, which is disappointing. Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  9. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! After a recent round of battles in Xenor, it looks like fighting has finally come to an end there. The Xenor military has been disbanded and defeated in pockets of resistance. RON and COAC forces engaged both each other and the Xenor forces. By a very slight margin, RON forces have edged out the COAC and assumed control over the battered country. COAC forces have begun withdrawing from the area in bitter defeat. Reports have also been trickling in that Erotema did not participate in the battle as they received intelligence that in the final hours, the Servants of Freedom had managed to sneak a Xenor nuclear weapon onto a freighter bound for Tosul. Xenor diverted its attention away from the battle and sent their forces to intercept the freighter. Eroteman forces were successful in their raid of the freighter and managed to recover the weapon. We have received reports that the seized manifest indicated that the freighter was sponsored by the Tosul Government. An interesting development that we will continue to follow.
  10. TheBeeze

    [GBW-CP7] New Brickika - Fallout at the Docks

    You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points. Judges’ comments… Lighting can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, your details seem to really pop with the lighting you have. On the other the shadows really hide some of the other things making it a little hard to see. In terms of your build, its solid. Good job detailing everything from the little things floating around in the water to the floor surfaces. I would have liked to have seen a little more battling and maybe just a little bigger in size as it feels a little cramped. One of the first things I notice about your build is the background. No one wants to see what your concrete looks get your self a sheet or two, in neutral colors, and use those. I have one in white and one in a shade of gray. Good lighting, except that second shot with all of the shadows..but if you rotated the build, the shadows would b gone. In today's digital age, feel free to always take 3-4 shots of each of your scenes. This way you can look back at them later and see which one looks best. Also, be sure to check them as you go. By doing this, you can see all of the shadows and realize that this might not be best, lemme get rid of these shadows because it hinders the detail I worked so hard to create! Good that your team wore protective gear for the location they were in. If anything, from a builders perspective, I think it was a little bit crowded; there was a lot going on in such a tiny space. Feel free to build a bit larger than the minimum if your idea needs it! Otherwise, your skills are improving since when you began, continue to develop those skills and start to work the presentation. Great job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  11. You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points. Judges’ comments… The first picture with the overview shot gave me a bad taste for some reason. I don't know if it was the perspective of the shot or what, but it didn't really feel like a freighter to me. As I looked on at your detail shots, it got a lot clearer. I liked the containers and would have maybe liked to have seen one displayed on its own perhaps in an open area of the deck or something to get a better view of it. You have a good amount of detail throughout the build with the railings, levels, drums, etc. Nicely done. Not bad! Personally, I think your build could have almost been a smaller section involving some of the ship's hull, and two levels worth of decks. This way, you could have focused on many more details to the ship; vents, tie-downs, life preservers...little items like that can really make the display stand out above all the others! The background wa good, very good as it showed a water line and a horizon/sky behind. I liked the choppy water surrounding the ship, nice touch. Good that you called out the original builder of the containers, showing credit to others is a big deal in this community and glad to see our builders/participants in this game are so respectful! All in all, I enjoyed this; you changed up the scenery entirely and went a different route with your build. Good job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  12. TheBeeze

    [GBW - CP7] Plantasea - Bank Withdrawal

    You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… The bombed out building was very nicely done and a great model for how you could do ruins without just dropping parts on a base plate. The Armored vehicle, though a little futuristic is pretty cool too. I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of the 3D Printed Vault door. That could have been a real opportunity for you to shine by figuring out a way to build one so a small missed oppurtunity there. This is a nice build with a lot of solid qualities throughout. Well, if you don't have what you need, you make your own...and I like that you explained all of that. Next time though, explain the painted gold bars and the 3D printed elements in a spoiler section at the end of your build post. No points taken off for that, just a suggestion. Be careful though with some of your details. If they are protecting themselves from savage chemicals in the air, they should ALL be wearing gloves, no one should be bare handed. Your build looks...destroyed, and I thik that's exactly what you were going for, so great job on that. The remaining beat up brick walls of the bank and all the debris were a great offset for each other. My only concern is the looting of the riches. This can carry a very negative connotation, which you were good to explain. Obviously, I'm sure any organization/military/group would confiscate these riches. When I saw the pile of gold and cash, I was slightly concerned (think European military circa 1940's) but again, the explanation was well done and a great detailed build to view. This was a good build for you, and your details being confined to a limited size build, which were on both sides of the road...great job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  13. TheBeeze

    [GBW-CP7] Plighia - A Kink in The Hose

    You’ve been awarded ( 7 ) points. Judges’ comments… So your APC looks great, even on its side. Your detail work around the build is okay. It feels like it was just sortof thrown together a little bit but it still kinda works showing the wreckage of battlefield. A little more of a sense of structure (like where the road goes) might have been nice to see. Good work. I like your incredible mess of a confrontation! I see the remains of a bunker/base along with some serious destruction. The crater is great along with the flipped M113. Is the M113 your design or did you borrow/use someone else's? Be sure to give credit to others if you use their design, either at the end of the buid topic as a foot note or use a spoiler tag to hide the info so people can look at their own discretion. If this was the outer edge of a military base, I'm sure that the terrain would look slightly different, maybe as if it was a finished spot, maybe paved, and then the area is destroyed? The lit barrel on the .50 is a subtle, but solid detail to add, shows action! I enjoyed how your troops were traversing through the terrain, trying to use cover. I also enjoyed seeing the troops in different situations; standout shot is the one soldier with the shotgun reaching through the wall debris. The bloody face may have been a bit much, and I thik actually cartooned up your build by using that...but I won't remove any points for that. This was a good build, just beware of your lighting as a few of the pics wereshadowed, and a few were slightly blurred. You don't want to hide your build behind a poor pic. Great job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  14. TheBeeze

    [GBW - CP7] Toohati - There Is No Escape! Or Is There...?

    You’ve been awarded ( 8 ) points. Judges’ comments… You took this concept a little further from your last build and it really blossomed into something else. I've never really been a fan of microscale stuff, but this just works. Your terrain is simple but at the same time it works over the rest of the build nicely. I sat staring at some of the vehicles asking what you used to do them and again that's what it's about- being creative with what you have. Great Job I have always felt that microscale really limits what can be done with bricks. That being said, it takes come creative ingenuity to use the parts that exist and create something in such a smaller scale. Well done. Your lighting was superb for a morning pre dawn raid. The terrain looks great, I think a few trees would have helped to put this over the top. Of course, a misle trail would have done the same as well so you've got a couple of ideas for additional details to consider for a seperate build. Everything is recognizable and streamlined. Good build! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  15. TheBeeze

    [GBW-CP7] Tyera-Clearing the Way

    You’ve been awarded ( 6 ) points. Judges’ comments… You're definitely getting better. This build is a good sign of progress. Your landscaping and detailing are coming along and it looks like you've really taken some cues from others. Keep up the progress! Well, your pics look good. Just don't overwhelm us with the "spoiler' section. Feel free to add a few more and an overall, but there is no need to put EVERY pic you took out there. We can always check your flickr to see more. Don't worry though, you did not lose points for slapping me with 4 million pics! I think if anything, you could have gone a little bit bigger, maybe 48x48? It feels a bit cramped on the ends, but a little light in the middle. And it's not, but with so much on both ends, if the middle isn;t the same, it will look balance is something to work on now. Your bunker looks a bit ragged, but I think that was what you were going for; attacked before and these troops are just hiding out there for as long as they can? What I think may have gained you more build points would have been chunks of the wall still in tact, and chunks of fallen wall, with some bits, on the ground. The extreme spacing in the walls felt that it was a bit weak. The terrain though is outstanding, with slight adjustments in the terrian, two trenches, and some plant life growth. You have taken what the judges have suggested to you and I can see that you are starting to use this advice in your builds. IT SHOWS! Great Job LegoRacer1!!! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!