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  1. TheBeeze

    Contract Missions

    Contract 2 assigned to ODA401. You've been charged 5 credits.
  2. TheBeeze

    Contract Missions

    Contract 1 Assigned to @paintballman
  3. TheBeeze

    [GBW - Media] - Toohati - An Unexpected Loss

    "Cut off one head and two more shall take it's place" - The Red Skull, 1942
  4. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

  5. TheBeeze

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    There has been some talk about confusion of all the mission types and what people can do. I've slapped together a quick list for all of you. Any questions, comments, concerns - discuss here. Types of Missions: Monthly Campaign Side Missions: - Supporting the war effort- Players can depict scenes from their country where people are doing things to aid the war effort. Everything from military training to factory production of goods is fair game. - Sabotage- Players can build scenes showing local resistance sabotaging the war effort of their enemies domestically. This is not a SPECOPS mission so there should be NO High Speed Tier 1 NVG guys running around with tricked out guns and Semtex. These are underground resistance fighters that your country might be arming or supporting. This is your build, but you're building in someone else's country. Don't build something that you would hate to see done to your country. - Media- Players can build scenes showing the media covering outside events that are going on to enhance the game. - Troop Build Up / Movement- In order to move large concentrations of troops to other regions for the next campaign, players can build scenes showing their forces moving into a new position. (Air or naval travel to a friendly a nation, ground movement along main roadways through allied nations). - Reconnaissance- Players can depict their armies or resistance conducting RECON of their enemies. Everything ranging from field positions to manufacturing plants is fair game. (These can be unlocked when your character achieves level 21.) - Lord of War- Players show their country acquiring new vehicles, guns, or other weaponry from an arms manufacturer or trafficker. It is important to note, this build is not just to show off something you have purchased or a specific vehicle you have made. You must build an environment, develop a story, have something to do with a manufacturer or trafficker. Players who just put things on display with these builds will not score well. - Escort and Patrol- Players are to make builds showing their forces either A. Escorting someone or something of a level of importance or B. Patrolling an area currently under their control. Obviously combat is acceptable in a build like this, but 1. It Is Not Required and 2. Should not be a whole large scale battle. FRAGO Missions- Randomly distributed by the Staff SPECOPS Missions- Custom Tailored by the Staff for players who have achieved the proper rank and request one. Solo Campaign- Custom Tailored Story Line from the staff for any player that purchases one. Contract Missions- Players work to complete a list of targets monthly- does not affect side build count.
  6. TheBeeze

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

    I would ask that this be kept to a minimum. If you wanna show people with radiation problems fine but this is still a realistic game. No mutants.... Yet...
  7. TheBeeze

    Contract Missions

  8. TheBeeze

    Contract Missions

    Contract Missions -A list of known / suspected insurgents and their affiliates will be put out once a month with an award listed for each. (Points, Campaign Intel, Etc.) -Each target will have a description listed with criteria needed to capture them and what the cost is to take on the contract. -Players post in this thread publicly to take on a contract. -Players have to do a build showing their team taking the target out with the above criteria. -Missions are Pass or Fail based on meeting the criteria required for the build - Extreme detail required for passing regardless of size. -First come, First Serve. -Each player can only do (1) Per Month. -If one player fails to complete the mission, another player can attempt the same mission. -Build does not count towards side build limit. - Build title should be formatted as (GBW) HUNT - YOUR NAME - MONTH/YEAR - TARGET #. EXAMPLE (GBW) HUNT - BEEZE - JUNE 18, TARGET 02 -If the whole list is completed by the end of the month, a piece of intel is revealed to all players from taking down that cell. June 2018 List
  9. TheBeeze

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

    One piece of Intel remaining.
  10. TheBeeze

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

    In the interest of preserving my sanity and inbox, Eastern Standard Time Zone.
  11. TheBeeze

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

  12. You’ve been awarded (9) points. Judges’ comments… Very cool design here. The little things spread throughout the build really breathe life into it. It is obvious that this build was constructed with a certain image and photography in mind. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because your pictures look great, very well thought out and executed. The negative side of it is that the overall building structure is lacking that finishing refinement (Closed walls, Roof, Gap outside between plate with Helo and other exterior grounds) but this is minimal, I need to find something to critique. Great Job, I think maybe your best one yet. Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  13. TheBeeze

    [GBW-CP6] New Brickika - Research Plant Golf

    You’ve been awarded (7) points. Judges’ comments… The appeal of this build is in its originality. The concept of the facility breaks the mold from what is normally seen. Your detailing in the floor definitely took you some time to complete. The lava river was a little over the top, but you pulled it off. Biggest suggestion would be to approach some of your phots at level with the build. Top down shots are nice, but when you're level with build it allows you to see the details at a better perspective. You're builds keep getting better, keep it up! Interesting choice, although the mission was to secure the weapons, you changed that, and it did affect your score in my opinion. Great overhead shots, but would have liked to see some at the minifig's perspective. This gives an impression of realism, which I know may sound silly, but it can really give a different view of your build! The lava detailing was good, but then as I move up throughout the rest of your build, the build felt bland. Simple floors and simple walls aren't bad, but when you stay with a 32x32 build, this leaves a lot of room for details. I feel you could have added some more. Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  14. You’ve been awarded (7) points. Judges’ comments… This build is massive. I like the overall layout of the defenses that you have setup here. I was very disappointed we did not get to see inside the building as that could have really been your chance to shine. Overall this build is decent but you still need to try and focus more time and energy on your landscaping. Seeing your other builds, I know that you can conquer this aspect. If your worried about having enough pieces to do proper landscaping, perhaps consider sizing down your build. Nice job as always! Big build here. Considering you didn't use the left half of it, might be an idea to cut back on your next? I thought your sea barriers/defenses were awesome! I love how you put the netting over that framework, those looked great! This was an excellent detail to this build. Your terrain continues to be flat. A plate here or there is nice, but it is always just...bland! Please, take the chance and add some hills, pits, and more vegetation. It looks like your troops mow the lawn right along the edge of the building, and then that's it. Add that plant life right up along the building. Your building is also very clean. Not sure if this was what you were going for, but it's just a big gray wall...with a door. Pics looked good! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!
  15. TheBeeze

    [GBW- CP6] Plantasea - Charlie Air Force Base

    You’ve been awarded (8) points. Judges’ comments… This could possibly be your best build yet. Awesome job with the landscaping and floral arrangement. Things that stuck out to me were the raised rail track, the AA Gun, and the pill box bunker. The base was well detailed and articulated inside, well covered by your rock wall. I feel the weak spots to this build were the ordnance lifter and the futuristic jet (reminded me of X-Men). I am very glad you decided to start using regular photos instead of the comic strips because I feel as though your images are much more focused now. Really a fantastic job all around here. Details, details, details!!! Way to go PBM! It almost feels a bit cramped with all of the details you included. I remember a previous entry you did with a tunnel and there were some concerns with the build and the lighting. I can tell you made some changes based on that feedback and this looks great. Just be careful with all of the prototype items, this is supposed to be in the real world, even though it's fictitious, so try to base more on realism for vehicles and weapons. The black jet is a stretch, but hey, it's the enemy so I won't sweat it! You did a great job with this, one critique though. Please, get a solid color backdrop please, no one wants to see your floors and walls! Good job! Be Sure to Update Your AARs. Thanks for playing!