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  1. Tabib had grown increasingly annoyed with the increased number of slavers that had made their way to Mophet recently. Although the badlands wasn't exactly known to be a gentle place, Tabib had very little love for this so called business. On this particular day, he found himself expressing his frustration to one of his crows. A little known fact about Tabib, at least for people outside of Mophet, was his somewhat unusual ability to sometimes communicate with animals. Tabib himself had never really thought about it as his father was said to have had the same gift, but he had come to understand that this ability was mostly reserved for people of Nocturnian decent... A little intro-build for an upcoming collab with @Zilmrud where his sigfig is coming to Mophet...
  2. adde51

    Fa-Nad'iq Hotel

    Cheers! Thanks man, appreciate the feedback as well . I did this as part of an upcoming collab so it should fit with the rest of the builds, but I see your point. Thanks! Yup, books and lassos Thank you very much! Pretty happy with how the windows turned out so I'm glad you liked them (always challenging to not go overboard with details on them...) Thanks a lot! Glad to hear. Cheers dude! No interior at this point, might add one later on though...
  3. adde51

    Kumi'dia residence

    Haha, thanks! Thank you! Thank you, yeah the ingots are awesome for a lot of things Cheers! Glad you liked it. Hahaha! thank you very much, appreciate it! Very glad to hear man, thank you so much!
  4. adde51

    Mophet armory - Al-Asliha

    Thanks a lot, glad to hear!
  5. adde51

    Fa-Nad'iq Hotel

    Located near the entry of the city, Fa-Nad'iq hotel is one of the older buildings in Mophet. Travellers come and go and the local jester Mah'raj spends his days entertaining them. On this day Ta-Yir is outside the hotel trying to sell some of his doves but Mah'raj seems to be scaring away customers rather than luring them in... So yet another addition to Mophet :) Pretty happy with the design of the window-arches on this one, hope you guys like it.
  6. adde51

    Kumi'dia residence

    Just a small scene depicting the home of Mophet's most famous jester. As a street preformer, life in Kali can of course be challenging. It is however possible, through hard work and some good connections, to create a rather pleasant life for oneself. So I got a hold of a bunch of tan ingots and....well...I love them! Haha!
  7. adde51

    Mophet armory - Al-Asliha

    Thanks a lot! Thank you very much! Glad to hear, I have some ideas for the interior... Appreciate it, thanks! A bigger shot of Mophet is on the way...haha! Thank you so much! Haha, the soldiers travel light so that they will be able to carry all the new armour and stuff that they intend to buy
  8. As the city has grown, so has the need for a proper armory. While the old one served its purpose, it was simply put an armory fit for a smaller settlement, and not enough to supply the increasing number of guards that now kept the peace in Mophet. The old armory had therefor been torn down to make room for a much grander building and something that was well equipped to arm the city guard with more than just the bare essentials. So I decided to update the old armory, will probably build an interior to match it at some point but right now you'll have to settle for the facade. Hope you guys like it, cheers!
  9. adde51

    Eastern gate of Maj'hiri

    Thanks man! Love using those pieces for tiny palm trees. Haha, thank you! Thank you very much, those ingots are going to show up quite frequently in coming builds...haha! Thank you very much!
  10. adde51

    [MOC] Frøstdjur, The Frozen Beast

    Very nicely done! Especially like the chest and head (where the eyes are really well done). Great job.
  11. adde51

    Buğra Quarry

    Very nicely done man, especially given the scale of this MOC, keeping it to just three colours and yet making it feel natural. Well done!
  12. The eastern gate of Mophet is one of the most recently built additions and as such, the aim for the rulers of the city was to illustrate the wealth that now flowed through the city. Because as any good salesman knows, image is everything... So this build started with me getting a hold of a bunch of the tan ingots from the local pab-wall and thought it might make for a cool border. So I started playing around a bit with it and decided to build a microscale gate. This is also my second entry to the 12x12 category for summer joust. I hope you guys like it, and thanks for having a look
  13. adde51

    [DoM] Yngvi's New Dwelling

    Great work with the snow and I also really like the shaping of the house with the angled roof. Well done dude!
  14. adde51

    Kiruna watchtower

    Thank you all very much, very glad you liked it! @Aurore of course you can add it to the Mitgardian flora thread
  15. adde51

    Kiruna watchtower

    A few years ago, on one of his travels, Tabib D'Odo found himself in the frozen land of Mitgardia. He had made the journey to try and establish some relationships with the northern people as he knew it might come in handy in the future. This was before Mophet had grown to the city it is today, but Tabib had already started to prepare for what he hoped would come. He knew the resources from the northern forrests and mines were instrumental to what he hoped Mophet would one day become. Accustomed to the warmer weather in the glorious sand pit that was Kaliphlin though, he did not enjoy the rugged climate...nor was he too fond of the short-in-stature, and grumpy dwarfs that inhabited the land...But sometimes one must do what is required. He found himself in the southern parts of Mitgardia, west of the Winterlakes, before deciding that he had travelled far enough. On his way to Mitgardia he had passed through some very pleasant villages and made some good aquaintances which he hoped would be beneficial in the future. Had had also heard wispers of a magnificent city in the sky but failed to really grasp where this place was located. As he walked through the forrest carrying a bag of Kaliphlian spices and herbs intended to ease any negotiations, he came across a watchtower near a place called Kiruna. He was greeted by a short and very sturdy man that called himself Sten Håård. He was the captain of the watchtower and along with two of his camrades it was his responsibility to watch over the region. A small, nearly frozen river ran alongside the watchtower and around it, a few chickens slowly walked about. Tabib and Sten got along surprisingly well and after a few pints of ale, Tabib was informed that trade with the northern tribes in the area would not be a problem. He left the frozen land with a smile on his face, and started the long journey back to his beloved sand pit, of which he was very proud to be a part of. So this is another one of my entries to the summer joust, this time in the frozen north category. Hope you guys like it!