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  1. Finally got around to posting pics of this build that I made back when the contest was first announced...haha! As Mophet grew and traderouts became more established, the next logical step was to establish a port to the north/west of the city. The Arkbri river was fairly near as it was, and continuing to grow the relationship with nearby Barqa was essential to Mophets security. Thus, the city council decided to make the necessary investments to make it a reality. http://Port of Mophet by Andreas Lenander, on Flickr So this build is part of a collab of sorts between a few of us Swebrick members, depicting ports in different parts of Historica. Hopfully we'll all be able to display them together later this spring. Hope you like it, thanks for stopping by!
  2. adde51

    CDC1 Tower: Burj Thl'ath

    Thanks! Thank you very much! I went through almost my entire stash of 1x4 coral plates with the big tower... Appreciate it, thank you! Haha, thanks! Took a looot of coral plates... Right?! Haha! Thanks dude. Glad to hear, thanks! Thank you very much! Thank you very much man, really appreciate it. Always fun to add new sections to Mophet, glad you liked it! Thanks! The top of the palmtrees are made using @Full Plate old tutorial with a travisbrick and lifevests (?) to hold the leaves. Glad you liked it man, thanks! Cheers! Figured Ashoka fits fairly well in Kali, nice catch
  3. adde51

    CDC1 Tower: Oil Road Waystation

    Great entry buddy, the roof turned out great, really fits well with the rest of the tower. And some awesome closeups of the figs!
  4. adde51

    CDC1 Tower: The Last Eye

    Great entry! The story is captivating and well written, and the build is just stunning. The tower fits great with the surrounding and the base is interesting without taking away from the tower itself. And that is some really sweet looking snow you got there. Great work man!
  5. adde51

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    I have a confession to make, the flag-question wasn't for my was for me.... I know, super-surprising but it's true. Feels so good to come clean about it, haha!
  6. Awesome to have another challenge to build for! So when the task called for a tower I had quite a few ideas. I fairly quickly came to the conclusion that I didnt want to go with a watchtower, but rather a tower placed in a more city-like setting. So I present to you Burj Thl'ath, the financial center of Mophet. As you may notice there are a few more towers peeking up in the background but I just had to much fun, so I couldn't really quit after just one tower... Thanks a lot for having a look . Still damn happy to be part of the sand pit!
  7. adde51

    CDC1 Tale: The end of Kaligem...

    Thank you, glad you liked it! Thanks! Fun to research a bit on Historica's old lore. Thanks dude! Skol yourself, haha! You ask a lot of very interesting questions, I guess it's up to us to figure it out . Perhaps Mophet has some connection to that old city... Thanks a lot, had to go with something Kali-related, haha!
  8. adde51

    CDC1 Tale: The Hiding of the Druid Shrine

    Nicely done with a very immersive scene as mentioned previously. Great use of colour on the trees which contrasts well with the rockwork. Overall a great entry, nice work man.
  9. adde51

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Entry number one as I await the decision on the tower-question...
  10. Every child in Historica knows the story of Kaligem. The great city which was once the center of the whole continent, only to one day suffer the wrath of the gods... So for this challenge I had to do some research and finally decided to go with one of the most famous tales of old. This scene depicts the final moments of Kaligem, as the god Bonash called down his greatest fury. An enormous wall of sand that swept in and engulfed the city, forever burying it and transforming the surrounding environment to the huge desert we all now love! Thanks for having a look
  11. adde51

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Just a technical question. If say some had built a fairly large tower and some surrounding, put everything together and taken pictures of it, but somehow forgot to put a flag with the guild-colours on top, how much of an issue would that be? It’s pretty obvious which guild the build represents so that itself shouldn’t be an issue. Just don’t want to stumble on a technicality. Asking for a friend of course... Maybe @Ecclesiastes has the answer?
  12. adde51


    While most of his time is spent inside the Temple of Afe'aa together with his wife Kahina, Al-Zawj does enjoy travelling to a small temple on the southern shores of Kaliphlin to find peace and meditate.
  13. Deep in the Akhenaten delta, some tribes live almost entirely separated from the rest of Historica. One of those tribes are the Jakw-ar. Not much is known about them as few have encountered them and lived to tell about it. They are believed to be fierce warriors that use the swamps as their hunting ground.
  14. Captain Qa'Yid on one of his many journeys along the Arkbri, transporting some of the finest spices in the region to Barqa. His travels have made him a wealthy man but as we learned before, it does mean that he spends a lot of time away from home...