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  1. Haha, it's fiercely competitive! Glad you liked the arena, tried to find a decent balance with it Thank a lot man, very glad to hear! Starting to get the hang of Kali more and more hopfully
  2. Turned out fantastic man, love every little part of this build. The arches on the balcony work great . Fun story as well, looking forward to where this will end up...
  3. Thank you man, much appreciated! Was a bit tricky to convey the action going on so I'm very glad you liked it
  4. haha, nice one! Fun idea and very glad Tabib was able to attend the festivities
  5. Great work man, lovely little scene with nice presentation. And look at all them goats...
  6. adde51

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    Fantastic entry man, lovely architecture and a really fun (and well executed) form of entertainment.
  7. adde51

    Opening of the Prenmôr Quarry

    Great little build which works surprisingly well at this scale. Maybe try to make the photo a little less bright as the faces on the figs get a bit lost, but perhaps that's just my preference. Anyways, great job
  8. adde51

    Calcio in Illyrian [Challenge 2B]

    haha, I had a closer look and spotted him, nice!
  9. Thanks a lot man, much appreciated! Yeah, the ”pavement” does need to be a bit more tan to contrast better and as soon as the PaB-wall has those tiles again I’ll stack up for sure, haha! Glad you found it recognizable for Mophet!
  10. adde51

    Bath-house in Barqa [Ch II Cat C]

    Nice build and a really great story! The aesthetics is very Kaliphli-an (is that right..? ) and I enjoyed the floor. I agree that the colours unfortunately blend together a bit when using the same blue for the water as for the floor but aside from that great work!
  11. adde51

    Calcio in Illyrian [Challenge 2B]

    Nice work, great sense of action in the arena. I agree that it’s hard to balance the studs-up area as it unfortunately often makes it look a bit unfinished, but I get what you were going for. Also liking the houses as a backdrop. Best of luck man!
  12. Thanks! Appreciate it Haha, I figured as much . Thanks man, glad you liked the style. I sort of ran out of figs at the end but I see your point about that. Thanks buddy. I agree that the track does stand out more without the streets, absolutely. Still figuring out the roads but I'll probably go with a bit more rugged look in future builds. Cheers! Thank you buddy, I definately see your point about the road Haha, thanks man! Oh, I haven't really given the Desert King plot the attention it might deserve. Will have to get back to you on that one if that's ok Cheers man! The scale was a bit tricky for the size it had to fit within, glad you liked it though!
  13. adde51

    [MOC] Serenity (Firefly)

    It’s truly awesome and as someone who has been fortunate enough to see it in person I can tell you it’s even more impressive IRL
  14. adde51

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Got my entry in for category B
  15. Thanks buddy! Glad you liked the track and also the posing of the chariots, tried to give it some sense of action.