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  1. adde51


    While most of his time is spent inside the Temple of Afe'aa together with his wife Kahina, Al-Zawj does enjoy travelling to a small temple on the southern shores of Kaliphlin to find peace and meditate.
  2. Deep in the Akhenaten delta, some tribes live almost entirely separated from the rest of Historica. One of those tribes are the Jakw-ar. Not much is known about them as few have encountered them and lived to tell about it. They are believed to be fierce warriors that use the swamps as their hunting ground.
  3. Captain Qa'Yid on one of his many journeys along the Arkbri, transporting some of the finest spices in the region to Barqa. His travels have made him a wealthy man but as we learned before, it does mean that he spends a lot of time away from home...
  4. So I know it was waaay to long since I posted anything here, but thankfully I have built a few things so time to post and make sure Kali is still the place to be in Historica . I believe @jtooker has kept us going and I hopefully I'll be able to lure @Gideon back sometime soon . Anyways, here's a build I made a while back for Bricknerd. It depicts the castle gate of Brik'neerd (super-clever name, I know). The castle is located south of Mophet and has been used as a trading post for centuries. Before Mophet grew, settlers in the area would take refuge inside the castle walls in times of peril. Thanks for having a look, hopefully I'll be a little more active going forward.
  5. adde51

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Awesome, I needed a challenge to get back to posting here. Been way to lazy lately with GoH-builds...Started working on a tower now so this should be fun . And I’ll continue to push @Gideon to build so Kali can rise to its proper place as the number one guild!
  6. Great story buddy and that tunnel turned out great! Looking forward to more chapters...
  7. Hahaha! Be very afraid of the massive amounts of builds fram Kali Which unfortunately seems to have about one or two inhabitants Come on people, where are my sand-loving-buddies?!?
  8. Thanks a lot everyone, very glad we were able to put all of this together and take som decent photos (it's not easy at this scale...haha!). Very happy with the way everything turned out and the additions to Mophet made by @Zilmrud. We talked for quite some time about his character coming to the city and I'm glad Tabib was able to play a part in Z's escape . More things will follow as Z's not out of Kali yet (who would ever leave the sandpit for those tree-huggers, come on...), so stay tuned!
  9. adde51

    Pondering misfortunes...

    Thanks a lot everyone! It was a bit of a pain to get everything to stay in place and I may have cursed once or twice...haha! The floor fits pretty nicely, the window is significantly more's lit up from behind using my iphone which is hidden behind the window. Glad you guys liked it!
  10. Although Mophet had grown, and become a place of increased wealth, not all of its inhabitants had mastered the ability to hold on to money... Al-Khuraq'a had just bet a substantial part of his surprisingly profitable cheese-shop on the ostrich-races and the outcome had unfortunately not been what he had hoped for...he wandered anxiously around his study while trying to figure out how to explain this little misfortune to his wife... Saw some amazing patterns by "the queen of cheese" Katie Walker and decided to try and make a little scene with some different mosaic patterns. I can assure you that making something like this fit within a certain border was tricky...making it stand in a window was...trickier...haha! Anyways, hope you like it ;)
  11. adde51

    Midhana minaret

    One of the more prominent landmarks inside the walls of Mophet is the Midhana minaret. Built a long time ago, it has been the focus of repeated renovations through the years which has given it a somewhat unique look in terms of the colourscheme. Another Mophet build, I know...haha! Got a bigger collab with @Zilmrud coming up in a little while so I gotta catch up on posting here
  12. Is it still the same free-build period? Seems like a long one, or did I miss something?
  13. Tabib had grown increasingly annoyed with the increased number of slavers that had made their way to Mophet recently. Although the badlands wasn't exactly known to be a gentle place, Tabib had very little love for this so called business. On this particular day, he found himself expressing his frustration to one of his crows. A little known fact about Tabib, at least for people outside of Mophet, was his somewhat unusual ability to sometimes communicate with animals. Tabib himself had never really thought about it as his father was said to have had the same gift, but he had come to understand that this ability was mostly reserved for people of Nocturnian decent... A little intro-build for an upcoming collab with @Zilmrud where his sigfig is coming to Mophet...
  14. adde51

    Fa-Nad'iq Hotel

    Cheers! Thanks man, appreciate the feedback as well . I did this as part of an upcoming collab so it should fit with the rest of the builds, but I see your point. Thanks! Yup, books and lassos Thank you very much! Pretty happy with how the windows turned out so I'm glad you liked them (always challenging to not go overboard with details on them...) Thanks a lot! Glad to hear. Cheers dude! No interior at this point, might add one later on though...