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  1. adde51

    Kiruna watchtower

    A few years ago, on one of his travels, Tabib D'Odo found himself in the frozen land of Mitgardia. He had made the journey to try and establish some relationships with the northern people as he knew it might come in handy in the future. This was before Mophet had grown to the city it is today, but Tabib had already started to prepare for what he hoped would come. He knew the resources from the northern forrests and mines were instrumental to what he hoped Mophet would one day become. Accustomed to the warmer weather in the glorious sand pit that was Kaliphlin though, he did not enjoy the rugged climate...nor was he too fond of the short-in-stature, and grumpy dwarfs that inhabited the land...But sometimes one must do what is required. He found himself in the southern parts of Mitgardia, west of the Winterlakes, before deciding that he had travelled far enough. On his way to Mitgardia he had passed through some very pleasant villages and made some good aquaintances which he hoped would be beneficial in the future. Had had also heard wispers of a magnificent city in the sky but failed to really grasp where this place was located. As he walked through the forrest carrying a bag of Kaliphlian spices and herbs intended to ease any negotiations, he came across a watchtower near a place called Kiruna. He was greeted by a short and very sturdy man that called himself Sten Håård. He was the captain of the watchtower and along with two of his camrades it was his responsibility to watch over the region. A small, nearly frozen river ran alongside the watchtower and around it, a few chickens slowly walked about. Tabib and Sten got along surprisingly well and after a few pints of ale, Tabib was informed that trade with the northern tribes in the area would not be a problem. He left the frozen land with a smile on his face, and started the long journey back to his beloved sand pit, of which he was very proud to be a part of. So this is another one of my entries to the summer joust, this time in the frozen north category. Hope you guys like it!
  2. adde51

    Mophet square

    Haha, thanks dude! Yeah, I completely forgot that I hadn't tiled that part so I'll probably get around to fixing that shortly Cheers buddy! Thank you very much! I'll try to get everything together at some point to take some shots of all the mocs I have saved (which are at least most of them...) Thanks! Glad you liked it Got some more window-arch-techniques coming along shortly...
  3. adde51

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    Thanks a lot! Borrow away, haha
  4. adde51

    Pizza to Go

    Great one man! I gotta admit I had some trouble figuring out what this category was all about but your entry really cleared things up so thank you for that! Best of luck to you
  5. adde51

    [EBFS] Herbalist's Garden

    Another lovely build, great work with adding to the flower/plant info for us all
  6. adde51

    Mophet square

    In one of the many gathering-places in Mophet, Ma'Zarie is selling some of his crops as part of the Mophet city guard rush to quell some unrest...On one of the balconies, the local fortune teller/con artist Eira'fa, is smiling with her usual smug look... More Mophet, haha! Had som fun designing the window on the tower for this one, hope you guys like it!
  7. adde51

    Floating temple of Ya'Hum

    Hahaha, yeah that took some trying... . Thanks again man! Thank you very much! Thanks, I was hoping the layers would add a little extra Haha, thanks a lot man! Fun to do some microscale every now and then. Much appreciated, thank you! Thanks! Yeah I tried a few different looks for the water but the scale does make it a bit tricky
  8. adde51

    Ab'Yad temple

    Haha, very much appreciated man! It was fun to try and create something using such a limited amount of colours (especially since I decided on the window-look pretty early which left me with one colour...haha!). Gotta love arches, right Thanks a lot! Very glad you liked the mosaic! Thanks again, haha! Glad you liked the green as I thought it worked pretty well with the white, cheers! Thank you very much! Thanks! Very glad you liked the window especially Haha, thanks a lot man!
  9. adde51

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    Thank you very much! I was a little concerned about the salmon as well but tried to keep it sort of subtle. Cheers!
  10. adde51

    Ab'Yad temple

    One of the more serene places in the otherwise busy streets of Mophet, the Ab'Yad temple offers calm for all those who seek it. So this is my second entry to the summer joust, this time in the tri-color category. A lot of arches...
  11. Outside the southern coast of Kaliphlin, on the mythical island of Mubarazat Al-Sayf, the temple of Ya'Hum towers towards the sky... My entry to the 12x12 category for summer joust. The idea of using the wheel piece over the doorway of one of the buildings is insipred by an old build by SimonNH.
  12. adde51

    Qa'Yids residence in Mophet

    Thanks a lot everyone! Very glad you liked it. Been on a bit of a roll lately with my Mophet builds so very happy people seem to appreciate them!
  13. adde51

    Elon's Retreat.

    Nicely done man. Clean architecture with some interesting texture and very nice colourscheme. Well done!
  14. Hahaha! Love this . Great colours overall and those olive green plants in the back work great
  15. NIce work buddy, glad Z's journey took him to Mophet . This should be fun!