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  1. The marketplace in Mophet is without a doubt one of the busiest places around, a true melting pot with people and creatures from all over Historica. It is located in the center of Mophet, inside one of the old walls that used to protect the settlement before the expansion. The old barracks, which were connected to the wall, had now been renovated by followers of Tabib D'Odo and converted into a small temple. Tabib often stood on top of it, looking down on the market and all the people, and at times held small sermons to offer inspiration and guidance. The most recent addition to the marketplace was a tall observatory, which had been placed on top of the old fountain. The fountain now had guards around it since it was not uncommon for tired travellers and merchants to get into conflict with each other in the Kaliphlin heat. Overview of the whole marketplace. Tabib D'Odo on top of the little temple. Closeup of the fountain beneath the observatory, guarded by some of Mophets peacekeepers. Refreshment stand Potion vendor trying to peddle his goods to a less than convinced nobleman. Hid'ad the blacksmith cheerfully walking by on his way back to work. My seventh (and final) contribution to this collab. Had a blast building all of this and figured I would try to go out with a somewhat bigger build. This was actually the first build I started on when Gideon lured me into this whole GoH-thing. Hope you have enjoyed what I've brought so far and I look forward to trying to expand this place as best I can. I'm in the middle of a move right now so not sure when I'll be able to get building again, but hopefully it won't be that long. If anyone wants a closer look at Mophet I made a little Wiki-page for it Just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone that have taken the time to comment on my builds here so far. Really appreciate all the feedback I have gotten. Cheers guys!
  2. Thanks . I'm still figuring out the roads, etc so it's been a real mix with these builds. In this one I did try to go with a somewhat unfinished look but still wanted to make it a clearly different from the surroundings. Glad you liked the log-columns. Cheers!
  3. Haha! Got in a nice groove so I just kept going with the Mophet builds , thanks man! The building is new so that's sort of why I went with a less textured look, well spotted. Thanks again man!
  4. Haha, it’s been a fun collab and still some builds left . But I think we’re nearing the end at least, so the rest will have a chance to catch up .
  5. adde51

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 14: Wahah Oasis

    I really like the lower part of the build, works great and the addition of the tan quarter round tiles (is that what they are called..?) shows great attention to detail. The waterfall looks a little lonely but I know it's hard to make it look great without building a whole mountain around it. The water is probably where I think a little improvement could be made, it does look a little too smooth given that it's falling straigth down. Having the studs facing up instead of out might have helped give it a little more natural look (here's my example, although at a larger scale which makes it easier). The roots hanging down at the top looks great though! Overall a very nice little scene
  6. Thank you! Hopefully I can keep my good relationship with gideon and Barqa so the need for a defense isn't that great, haha! Glad you liked it!
  7. Thanks a lot! I think dark orange might be my new favourite colour, haha!
  8. Thank you man! I guess you and HQ agree about the columns (although in different ways), haha! They might have worked better with a smoother transition towards the tan (or being tan as you suggested), cheers dude!
  9. Thanks man, always nice to hear some feedback . The road was somewhat of a test and I agree it needs a bit of work. Cheers!
  10. adde51

    Eldford Barracks

    Great colourscheme and nice texture. I like the composition of the whole build as well, works great along with the base which is angled up. And that little lamp is great! Nice one!
  11. Had another look at your reference-pic and it’s looking very good (the window makes more sense now, haha!). Having some darker plants at the bottom, especially around the dark tan section, might be an idea to give it even more of an underwater-feel. Love the plants and crystals! Great progress.
  12. Looks really good so far @LittleJohn, actually really like the water the way it is, great shimmering action. I’m not loving the vine as it is right now, looks a little too ”lumped together” so maybe thin it out a bit? Also a little curious about the window like @Gabe, maybe raise it by 2-3 plates, or maybe the idea is to make it look like it’s about to be submerged? Anyways, great look overall and I’m sure it’s gonna look awesome when done!
  13. Just fantastic man! The shaping of the dude as well as the sculpture is top notch. And all the details with the tools, the cloth, just great overall.
  14. Really stunning shot and the lighting is top notch! The height of the room works great and even though the walls are fairly ”basic”, it somehow feels appropriate for the whole scene. Having the shelves in the wall also works very well as it does not take over, but rather it makes it a bit more interesting to look at. Overall a very nice build with excellent presentation. Great job man
  15. Thanks again for your feedback HQ, much appreciated! I agree that the walls could definately use some more texture to make it a little more interesting. Completely forgot to give him gloves or something . We’ll go with the fact that he’s just putting some finishing touches on the sword so it’s not that hot where he’s holding it, haha! Still have one more Mophet-build coming up so will probably check off some more boxes in HSS with that. Thanks! Haha, pigs for the win! Thanks man, glad you liked it . Thank you very much! Thanks! More fun than I expected to create a somewhat lively scene, glad you liked it. Haha! We’re a little behind at this point so more freebuilds was needed! Glad you liked the red touches, and I agree with both of your comments about the texture. Still working out a ”look” for the streets so I appreciate the feedback. All of these builds are my first crack at this theme so still have some things to work out but it’s been a lot of fun. And the feedback is great so keep it coming Thanks man, and appreciate the feedback. The base could absolutely have been given a bit more love, hopefully I’ll be able to fix some of the stuff you guys have mentioned as I plan on connecting most of the builds at some point. Cheers! Thank you very much!