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  1. The legendary fighting elephants of Mophet have become a cornerstone of the army that protects the city. Large in size, and with thick skin, they are well equipped to handle the harsh climate and instill fear in anyone considering an attack on the now prosperous city.
  2. adde51

    Tabib's study

    Cheers dude, glad to hear
  3. adde51

    Sabishi Monastery

    Stunning work guys! The rock-work is superb and the colourscheme works perfectly. The snow steals the show though, just awesome.
  4. adde51

    Tabib's study

    Thank you man, glad you like some of the details as well
  5. Thanks! I figured it would be fun to go rather big with the hall so I'm glad you liked it. The only concern I had was to make sure it didn't look too abandoned given the scale, haha! Much appreciated buddy, thanks! More ships will follow, haha! Thank you! The floor-pattern was actually what started the whole build so I'm glad you liked it Glad to hear man, thank you! Always fun to dabble a bit with microscale Thank you very much, glad to hear! Haha, thanks! Glad you liked the interior as well Thank you very much! Haha, yeah it is a pretty big hall . Glad to hear you liked it! Thanks! Yeah I went a bit back and forth in adding more details in the great hall. Finally settled on this look to keep the focus on the table and the disussion that they are having, but I definately see your point
  6. adde51

    Mophet training ground

    Thanks buddy! Hopefully I'll be able to include those shields in some more builds later on
  7. adde51

    Temple of Afe'aa

    Thanks a lot man, very glad to hear you liked it . Gotta love those onion domes, haha!
  8. adde51

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: Själens Torn

    Nicely done, the water works surprisingly well and the tower has a nice worn-down look to it
  9. A really awesome build man, the colours work great and those onion-domes really work well with the rest of the build. It's a always a good sign when your first thought when looking at a build is "I sort of want to walk around there and have a closer look", haha! Great job!
  10. Love pretty much everything about this, the colourscheme, the attention to detail and the contrast between the smooth tree/plants and the architecture of the building. Just awesome work man
  11. Very nice work with both the story and the builds. Some really great landscape-work and the foliage and colours are very much in keeping with the feel of the story as well as the location where it's taking place. Nice job buddy!
  12. Impressive story as others have mentioned and some very nice builds to go with that. I like the first scene with all the small details like the queens chair and the sheild in the back. The most stunning shot (and build) is however definately the stone chamber. That first panorama-shot as @Kai NRG mentioned is just epic! Lovely work
  13. adde51

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    Finally found some time to finish my entry as well. Glory to the queen!
  14. As war had ravaged most of Historica, for what seemed liked eons, many of its inhabitants were weary of it all. Peace had been hard to come by, but appreciated by the vast majority. Turmoil still simmered at different places of the land but the queen had been a unifying force in bringing the guilds together. Trade was flourishing and the quality of life had risen dramatically for the vast majority – nobels and commoners alike. As rumors of unrest in parts of Historica had reached Kaliphlin, the collective opinion was one of frustration. Although accustomed to war and conflict, people in general were thankful for what Queen Ylspeth had achieved. Cities had been rebuilt and expanded, trade had enriched the land, and for the first time in ages, sons and daughters finally outlived the parents instead of perishing in war. Action had to be taken to ensure continued stability! As a step to ensure the queen’s continued rule, invitations had been sent out to several of the prominent leaders throughout the south, as well as some of the nobles from other parts of Historica. They were sent by Sir Na’Qud, a wealthy merchant who resided at the southern coast of Kaliphlin. He, as well as most of Kaliphlins lords and merchants, had benefitted greatly from the peace that had settled in the land in recent times. His fleet of ships had been put to great use and instead of transporting soldiers (which in all honesty was a terrible business), he was now able to import and export goods all over Historica. “Welcome my friends, so glad you could make it”, Na’Qud expressed as his guests arrived. “I have called this meeting to make sure we all see the benefits of the current stability in our great land”. The guests all convened at the big table in the center of the hall, and started discussing the matter. Na’Qud was not alone in his assessment of the situation. It quickly became clear that nothing was to be gained by more war, trade was by far more lucrative and less worrisome. Although there were still parts of Historica that felt ignored by the queen, the collective view was that she had been a unifying symbol and someone who deserved the support of her subjects. “Peace means trade, and trade means money!”, Ta’Mie shouted, and the rest of the table nodded their heads in agreement. “All hail the true queen, Queen Ylspeth!”. Thus it was settled, the rule of the queen must be maintained. This is my entry to challenge IV, category A. I divided the build into two parts, the first showing people on the way to Na’Qud and the second showing the imagined interior of the temple where the meeting is held. I hope you guys like it, cheers!