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  1. adde51

    Rankan - tripod

    Thanks a lot, yeah those "feet" are a bit bulky to fit into a build Thank you, glad you liked it! Haha, that would be something
  2. adde51

    Rankan - tripod

    A small build I made a while back after finding those large orange foot (?)-pieces.
  3. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Much appreciated, thank you! haha, thanks! it took a while...but I'm glad people seem to enjoy it! Thank you very much! Thanks! Glad you thought so
  4. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Thanks, yeah the cheese slopes took a while to get in order... . Glad you liked the colour-transition, appreciate it! I probably should write some more about the plants and flower, could make for an interesting read if all that info was collected in one place as you suggested. Thanks a lot! Haha, yeah the camel-collection is coming along nicely
  5. Otherwise we can just whip something together down in Skaerbaek Looking forward to it!
  6. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Thanks! Haha, yeah I've gotten my hands on a decent amount of camels (still no goats though...). Went back and forth a bit about adding palm trees but finally decided against it as I figured this was a rather small wateringhole Thanks a lot! I know it's a bit flat but trying to create this pattern with the cheese slopes, while also giving it elevation here and there, proved quite troublesome...there are tiles underneath to keep the cheese slopes level (using just plates underneath was impossible as the slopes kept falling over...) and adding another layer would make it look a bit wierd. But I get your point, cheers!
  7. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Haha, thanks man! Yeah, the cheese slopes feel like both a blessing and a curse at times Cheers man, glad to hear! Had some fun with the vegetation and figured some dried up ones ought to be there as well, glad you liked it.
  8. Really interesting to see where this story takes Z and his buddies, looking forward to the rest!
  9. adde51

    Dawn at the Cathedral

    great feel to the build and a nice story as well. The droidarms work well as vines/branches och the lighting is very nice in keeping with the story and atmosphere of the whole thing. Well done.
  10. Got 4 builds in so far for this free-build period, but looking around it seems like I'm pretty lonely in the desert . Anyone got anything on the way?
  11. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Thank you buddy, glad you liked it!
  12. adde51

    Tabib's study

    Thanks! Using tiles instead of plates would probably be a very good idea as it gives it even more texture, I'll probably try that at some point
  13. Thank you man, glad you enjoyed the story as well!
  14. adde51

    Desert oasis

    Just north of Mophet, the mighty Arkbri river makes its way across the barren landscape. As the city has grown, more and more trade routes have been established between the river and the city. Aside from the oilroad, the Arkbri river has quickly become the most important way the inhabitants of Mophet are able to aquire goods that had previously been out of their reach. One of the people that often frequent this area is Sayi al'Jamal, a well-built man who has made a rather decent living transporting merchandise between the river and the city. He is well acquainted with the desert and knows the location of the few waterholes in the area, a knowledge that is essential when herding his caravan of camels. A clos-up of Sayi with one of his camels So this is what a billion cheese slopes on the side, wedged, together, looks like... . Started with the middle section with the water and then just kept adding slopes and cheese slopes throughout the rest of the build to see what it would look like as a desert landscape, on a bigger scale. Underneath are tiles to keep everything level. Pretty happy with how it turned out, but a bit frustrating when one of the cheese slopes fell on the wrong side and I hade to slowly mover 100 others to adjust it...haha!
  15. adde51

    Tabib's study

    Thanks a lot, glad to hear!