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  1. adde51

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Haha, that's awesome . Great idea man!
  2. Great looking scene with lovely colours (and nice job with the photography on this one ). The little carriage is my favuorite part though, great job!
  3. adde51

    A day at the Town hall in Mophet

    Thanks! I'll try to keep the architecture somewhat consistent for my Mophet builds, glad you liked it! Haha, glad to hear you liked the oil cargo Thanks man! Went a Little back and forth with the sand green but I actually like it . Appreciate the feedback though, cheers! Thanks a lot! Had some fun trying to create a more vivid scene this time around with all the figs . Cheers man! No concept art for inspiration, though I have of course been looking at other Kali-builds for inspiration (especially Gideon's, haha!). Thanks man, appreciate it! Glad you liked the ostriches as well Thank you man! The ostriches seem to be a hit, haha! Thanks! Glad I could finish it off the way I wanted it to look all along. Glad you liked the fountain as well!
  4. adde51

    Kashgar Theater [Ch II Cat B]

    Fun little scene with nice details. Really liking the curtains, nice job!
  5. After the build of the town hall was finished, it became one of the more central places in the city. Roads had been established and more and more travellers came through. Caravans of soldiers, workers and merchants frequently passed through hauling the black oil, and with it came opportunity. It was now common to see people from all walks of life passing beneath the town hall, which stood as a testament to the accomplishments of Tabib D'Odo as well as others who had helped transform Mophet into what it had now become. Trade with other parts of Historica had also begun to take off, as word spread about the city. A caravan carrying the precious black oil passes aoutside the square in front of the town hall Merchants using ostriches, one of the most common animals in this part of Kaliphlin, carry their goods on the way to the marketplace in hopes of making a decent profit. So this is what I had envisioned the town hall would look like when the build was complete and a bit of wear and tear had begun to set in. I redid quite a bit of the walls to give them a more "aged look" and tried to give the whole thing a more finished feel. I realize the original build, showing the building process, did look a bit too simple so it was fun to show it the way looked in my head as the finished article. Thanks again for the feedback I recieved during my first stage of establishing Mophet. Cheers!
  6. adde51

    De Fiori Armory

    Nice one, some great detail-shots and interesting partsusage. Would love a slightly bigger shot to get a little more of an overview of the whole build but I guess that just shows that I want more of this great build, haha! Well done.
  7. adde51

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Great! I’ll try to get building again as I’m now at least somewhat set up in the new house A question, is it permitted to use an older build (which then would be renovated, etc) as part of one of the entries? For example a building that now has a theater-scene in front of it or something like that?
  8. adde51

    Prelude: The Long Discussion

    Very nice work, especially like the scene in the "hallway", beautiful lighting. And those BB8-bowls are perfect
  9. Thank you . Gotta keep it peaceful in the neighbourhood so that the honorable Lord Gideon can come and visit later on, haha! Glad you liked it buddy. Thanks man! Finally moved to a new house (with my own Lego-room!) so I should be able to get building again fairly soon
  10. adde51

    Kaliphlin at Work Collab

    Definately a lot of fun . Hope to get something like this going again later on for sure, great job organizing everything!
  11. adde51

    Grevling Manor's Great Hall

    Nice work. I like the floor and also the walls, works nicely. The mosaic-ish section in the center of the floor looks a bit wierd to me and giving that a bit more attention would probably elevate the build a bit, so that might be something to consider. Overall nice job though!
  12. adde51

    AoM: Inn Phase 1: Alehouse

    Another very nice addition, well done. Maybe a few more white pieces on the roof would have made it look a little more natural but aside from that it’s a stunning build. Those chicken-boxes are a very nice touch, great job!
  13. Thanks for the suggestions man, I agree the armory could have used some more work to make it more interesting. Cheers dude!
  14. adde51

    Mitgardian Farmhouse

    Nice work man . The colourscheme is spot on and pretty fond of that roof. Favourite part is the little hen-house though, awesome!
  15. Thank you again man! The ground is something I'll continue to give more attention to when I get building again. The piles were a way to make it a little more interesting as I felt that I needed to give the scene a bit of a barrier. I may have gone a bit overboard with the round 1x1 plates (flowers), haha! Thanks again for all the useful feedback during this stretch of builds and I'll be sure to take note of what you and others have said. Still have ideas popping up so I can't wait to get a hold of all my lego again as soon as we're done moving, haha! Cheers man!