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  1. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Skullcruncher and Grax

    Skullcruncher and Grax! (Grax is hiding inside Skullcruncher as usual...) It all started with the Nexo Knights battle armor torso piece... And there's Grax in the chest/toso cavity... Grax in robot mode... And as a head... Excuse the fingerprints... <<Head on!>> The tail becomes a sword/blaster like in the original. And another shot of the weapon. Thanks for watching.
  2. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Palpy

    Thank you for the comments. Yup, the face/head was the fist thing I designed - Fortuna's head growths make for a good old man chin... And I agree on BrickHeadz - they are great as a parts pack, but the build is too monotonous for me... Palpy has Batman's eyes BTW...
  3. Funky Koval

    [MOC] K-2SO

    Thank you. You're right - the hips are a bit too wide - something I plan to improve once I get my hands on some more slopes. Also, I find the chest area too short - making the abdomen look too long. Adding another layer of bow plates should solve that. Once I get some plates that is. Stay tuned. Again, thank you for the comment.
  4. Funky Koval

    MOC Podracer Microfighters

    Great looking pods. I like how you managed to keep Anakin's one looking round and organic despite the small size. And is that Windu's lightsaber blade doubling up as the energy beam between the engines?
  5. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Palpy

    It's Palpy! "I must be Frank, Your Majesty." For those who saw my Vader topic, this is where the rest of the two Kylo Rens went... "Your hat has made you powerful." The lightning is done using LightStax - that's the extension cable and powebox at the bottom of the frame. "Give in to your hunger!" Everything besides the Lightstax system is genuine Lego. Even the string. "Powder! Unleeeemited Pooooowderrr!" *autistic screeching* Thanks for watching.
  6. Funky Koval

    [MOC] K-2SO

    K-2SO "The probability of me making a probability joke is high. Very high." The main impetus for this was to try and get the down-sweeping shape of the shoulders/upper torso. Along the way, everything else got rebuilt. Despite the looks, he can stand on his own quite well. It's a shame that black friction axle-pins are so rare... Thanks for watching.
  7. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Darth Vader

    Darth Vader. Fully poseable, made from the Constration figure a good friend got for me in Malaysia. Two Kylo Rens died so that he could be built... Mostly for the tabbards... Totally worth it. The fabric used in the Constraction line clings to itself electrostatically, so even though there's only a single attachment point for the cape, it can be shaped. Lightsaber and belt details. "Come with me." Thanks for watching.
  8. Funky Koval

    MOD 30611 R2D2 Polybag

    The most famous R2 unit from Industrial Automaton: The title say "MOD" because both the dome and front panel are indentical to stock 30611 - the rest is all new. When I started this, my goal was to simply replace the legs - they were the weakest part of the original set - and it snowballed from there. The middle foot is now retractable and extendable because of the Technic T-piece. A frontal shot with middle leg retracted. The binocs mimic the cabling R2D2 has at the bottom of the side "feet". Back view with leg collapsed - due to space constraints, there's no back "cover", but the retracted leg mimics the port that R2 has in that are quite well, I think. Thanks for watching.
  9. No relation to the boat. Really. TWO FIRE DEMONS Melty's on the left and Smashy's on the right. MELTY MELTY 2 SMASHY SMASHY 2 Yup, that's Batman's cape... Thanks for watching.
  10. Funky Koval

    Mini Imperial Starfleet

    Very nice. I like how you made the "fins" on the sides of the Victory-class.
  11. Funky Koval

    Micro space collection

    Nice. The carrier reminds me somewhat of the original Carrier Command game.
  12. Funky Koval

    [MOC] Mini G1 Galvatron

    "Megatron? Is that you?" HERE'S A HINT! CANNON MODE PROFILE I modified the altmode to look more like an artillery emplacement. I was never that fond of the original. CANNON MODE BACK VIEW CANNON ELEVATED The cannon can be raised/lowered. ROBOT MODE "What did he say his name was?" "GALVATRON!" ROBOT MODE BACK VIEW The back "fin" can be swiveled up for toy accuracy. I prefer it tucked in. "DECEPTICONS! ATTACK!" "DECEPTICONS! RETREAT!" Thanksfor watching.
  13. Funky Koval

    The Iron Bull

    Magnifique! The profile brick used for the brasier is a wonderful touch.
  14. Funky Koval

    2x2 turntable?

    Damn. You are right. It's only in the advanced mode, as far as I can tell. Searching by part number also yields zilch.
  15. Funky Koval

    2x2 turntable?

    It's under the "winch" icon. After the tracks and before the minifigure.